or could it be a danger dive off a cliff

Holiday at the seaside

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, make out session, fluff and stuff:p

This fanfic took me really long because I just got home from my vacation( in Dubrovnik haha) and currently I have a lot to do for school and stuff:) This is also my first fanfic ever, so please dm me and let me know what you think about it! I`m open for any suggestions, criticism, tips etc.:) I as well want to apologize for my bad writing skills and language, `cause English is not my first language:)

Tom and you are on vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia and having a lot of fun exploring the beautiful locations there.

I turned the page of my book as I heard a familiar voice shouting my Name. “Y/N!” With a smile on my face, I looked up and saw Tom running towards me. As always, my heart melted away as I continued watching him. Jeez, I love everything about him. His curly hair, messy from the sea breeze. His bronzy skin that underlines his natural golden beauty, as he once said in an interview. I started laughing. What a dork. And of course I love his humour, no doubt. His never ending jokes, his ability to make me laugh in every situation… I love it. He started smiling as he reached our spot. Did I mention his smile? God, I love it so much. It`s brighter than the sun and oh man, I love it.

“Why are you laughing, love?” he asked me with this bright smile on his face.

“Oh, it`s nothing, I just thought about your silly jokes” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh really… silly jokes yeah?” He reached down to my stomach and started tickling me. I bursted out laughing as I tried to push his hands away. Unfortunately without success.

“No Thomas stop it, please!” I wriggled like an eal as I tried to push myself away from him, and that encouraged him even more.

“Tell me, Y/N, are my jokes silly?”

“For God`s sake Tom, no, okay no they are not silly!” A few people turned around. Perhaps they wanted to see why a 20 year old girl starts giggling like a 6 year old.

“Tom pleeeeeaaaaase!”

“Did I hear right? You admit my jokes aren`t silly?” He`s enjoying this way too much.


“There we go, love”, he said with a smirk on his face. “Thomas Stanley Holland, I really hate you.” I propped myself on my elbows and looked into his eyes.

“And I really love you, Y/N.”

Tom layed himself down next to me, rested his head on his left hand and stroked my cheek with his free hand. Enjoying this little gesture for a few seconds, I started speaking. “I`m curious, babe. Why did you shout for me?”

“You remember the place we were at yesterday?” he began.

“Tom, Dubrovnik has many places.” His hands moved once again to my stomach, but I could stop him timely. “Okay okay sorry babe, I`ll stop making ironic remarks. Go on” I said with a giggle.

“You`re lucky I love you” he said with another smirk on his face.

“Very lucky, handsome” I whispered as I leaned myself to him to give him a quick kiss on the top of his nose. He gave me another beautiful smile, which caused again a irregular heartbeat on my side, before he continued speaking.               

“I jumped off this cliff” he pointed his finger to a really dangerous looking cliff, “and as I dived into the water - babe, what is it?” he asked with a innocent face.

“You. Jumped off that cliff. That dangerous looking cliff” I said in a ominous voice.

“Y/N, it`s not dangerous at all. You may have forgotten that I was a gymnast once.”

“How could I forget that? You show me your skills… often enough” I mumbled with a big smirk on my face. My fingers stroked over his lower abs, as he started laughing. “Oh Y/N, you`re oversexed!”

I joined his laughing, but not without thinking back to last night. The heat, the passion… damn I need to concentrate. “Okay, go on. So you nearly died jumping off this stupid cliff. Got that.”

He smiled at me yet again. “Right. As I dived into the water, I saw our little picknick spot we were at ysterday. Remember that there was a beautiful coral reef?”

“Yeah, I remember. But we couldn`t reach it tho”

“Yes, that`s what we thought yesterday” he continued, “but if you jump off that cliff” he pointed once again to this goddamn cliff, “and swim for a little bit, you`re directly swimming in the coral reef.” Someone was really proud about his discovery. Good for him.

I reached for my book. “That sounds amazing babe, have fun.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his big smirk. Absolutely not, Thomas. I continued reading, the book was definitely more interesting than this stupid coral reef.

“You know what, Y/N?” he breathed, “You`re so vigorous, it`s unbelievable.”.

“I`m vigorous? Are you serious?”

“Dead serious, love” he whispered as he reached for my hand and strewed it with little kisses.

“Oh I`m really sorry if I don`t wanna die a horrible death by jumping of that fucking cliff!” I said hysterically.

“Oh darling” his kisses moved up my arm, “you know that I`ll protect you”, he kissed my shoulder, “for ever”, another kiss on my jawline, “and ever”, he finished as he started kissing my sweet spot. God, it felt so good… no no no, concentrate Y/N. Not with me, Holland, not with me.

“Tom that`s unfair, that`s out-and-out bribe!”

I felt him smiling on my neck. “Oh really?”, he whispered as he started sucking my skin. He would definitely leave a hickey, as if I hadn`t any from last night.

“Forget it, Tom. Not with me” I said strict.

“Mhm”, he mouthed, his hand took the book out of my hands and placed it by my side. His kisses moved down to my collarbone, and his index finger stroked the skin of my hips, where the bottom of the bikini began. My breathing was already heavy. Why is he having so much power about me?

“Tom, please behave. This is a public place, and if you don`t want me to rip your shorts off your body, than-”

“Than jump off that cliff with me”, he interrupted, “and I`m all yours.” He moved up and ended our little disagreement with a passionate kiss. My hands found their way to his fluffy curls and started playing with them. A little moan escaped from my mouth as I pulled him closer. His tongue entered my mouth while his hand stroked my left side. “Oh Tom” I whspered as he suddenly pulled himself away. Another grin appeared on his face as he pulled me up carefully.

“Don`t look at me like that” he laughed, “I said I`m all yours, yes. But first you have to jump off the cliff”.

“Oh fuck you, Holland” I grunted and stamped away from him.

“Tom, you`re crazy. Absolutely crazy. I`ll definitely die jumping off this fricking stone” I shouted.

“You`re overreacting, love. I jumped 10 times off this while you were reading and see, I`m perfectly fine” he said, trying to calm me down.

“Let alone for your world-weariness” I mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Nothing”. I took a deep breath and looked down. Holy shit. “For fucks sake Tom, these are at least 10 meters!”

“Don`t be deceived, darling. The cliff is not even six meters high.”

“Very comforting, Tom.” Idiot.

“Oh come on Y/N… okay, I`ll jump first” he came to me and placed his hand on my right shoulder. “Trust me, love”, he whispered as he kissed my right cheek, “and see ya!” he shouted as he started running towards the steep hillside. Shortly before that, he jumped off. And he was gone. I heard the water patter, but not a murmur from Tom. Oh my god. My body slowly walked itself to his jumping-off point, breathing heavy.

I looked down and saw a even water surface. Oh. My. God. Just as I was about to panic, a familiar face bursted through the water surface. Of course with a big grin.

“See Y/N? I survived” he declared happily.

“You´re dead, Holland!”


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Breathe (Negan/Group x Reader)

Word Count: 5,084 (Yeeaahhh…)

Warnings: Cursing

(Part 1, Part 2)


With a forceful push to the wooden double doors, Negan revealed my new living quarters. Needless to say, it was huge. No words came to my mind and my mouth fell agape as my eyes danced around the luxurious room. Coincidentally, it was decked out in (y/f/c), my favorite color. My room back in Alexandria was the exact same color, but fell short in size comparison.

“Like it?” Negan asked from behind me.

“Uh, yeah,” I stammered, struggling to find the right words to describe how I felt. In the normal world, I wouldn’t have even been able to afford looking at a room like this. “It’s, it’s… Wow!” I finally breathed.

“Furnished it myself,” he proudly claimed, standing beside me and joining me as I continued eyeballing the room. “I had a few of my wives decorate it to give it a little -er- ‘flair.’”

“'Flair?’” I snorted at him, amazed that I heard him use that word.

“What? Isn’t that what you’d call it?” He innocently wondered.

I’ll admit, that was kind of cute.
What the hell am I saying?!

“I mean, sure,” I shook it off. “I’ve just never heard a guy use that word before.”

“Me either, but that doesn’t leave the room,” he whispered.

I stifled a laugh, wandering around the room. “No kitchen?” I pondered out loud.

“The people here cook for and, let me tell you, I was lucky to find 'em. We’ve got some damn talented chefs here!” As I listened to him, I brushed my hand over the silk, (y/f/c) comforter. “Bathroom’s through that door back there,” he directed my attention with Lucille to the back right corner, “and my room is right across the hall.”

I couldn’t think of what else to say. “It’s amazing.” I turned back to him and looked straight into his dark chocolate eyes. “Thank you.”

“Anything for my sweet fiancée,” he smiled, sauntering up to me and brushing a careful finger across my cheek. I never thought this man could have a soft side, and I could’ve sworn that I saw him let his guard down. Something in his eyes and his gentle touch had me captivated and I stood there, helplessly petrified. I can say one thing: he’s so dangerously charming that he could convince someone to dive off of a cliff.

“So,” he purred, his enticing brown eyes holding me captive as his finger traveled under my chin slowly tilting my head back and bringing my lips closer to his. “Why don’t you make yourself at home, and I’ll come later with a little surprise?” My heart felt as if it was going to explode as his unexpectedly soft pink lips teasingly brushed against mine.

“O-Okay,” I stammered.

“That’s my girl,” he grinned. He released me from my trance and sauntered out the door. “Be ready as soon as I get back.”

“Right,” I breathed, quickly nodding. With an evil wink, he closed the door behind him. Before my knees could collapse beneath me, I stumbled to the bed cautiously lowering myself down. The breath caught in my throat rushed out in frantic, quick puffs. My fingers raked through the roots of my hair as my heart pounded in my ears and made my stomach churn.

Breathe,” I thought to myself. “Just breathe. It’s almost over.” The hope for Daryl to successfully escape this place and round up the rest of the group to overthrow the Saviors is still in me, but Negan’s deceit and charm is practically drowning me. I want to get out and stay loyal to my family yet I’ve succumbed so easily to this sociopath. Taking a deep breath, I decided to take a shower and calm down.

“Hey, sweetheart!” A familiar gravely voice called from outside the door, “it’s me! I hope you’re ready!”

Coincidentally, I had just finished drying my hair. With a sigh, I trudged to the door and allowed it to creak open. There he was, leaning against the doorpost clad in leather but no Lucille.

Huh. That’s different.

Instead, he held a medium black box wrapped with red ribbon. “I gotcha somethin’.” He grinned from ear to ear, holding it out to me. Confused, I took the box from him and placed it on my bed, carefully tugging off the ribbon and lifting the lid from the box to reveal a black dress. Grabbing it by the sleeves, I gingerly lifted it out of the box. It definitely wasn’t a dress you’d wear just to wear it, and it was not the kind I’d want to wear in front of my grandmother. It almost looked too small.

“Where did you get this?’ I curiously asked, holding it up to my body.

"Like I said, I’ve got some pretty great scavengers around here,” he shrugged. “Why don’t you go try it on for me?”

I whipped my head in his direction. “What?”

“I mean, I figured you’d want some fresh clothes,” he said pointedly, stepping towards me. “Plus,” he added softly, “it’ll make me very happy. You want me to be happy, dontcha?” Gulping, I nodded and lit for the bathroom. “Wait.” I froze in my steps. “You don’t have to go all the way over there to try it on.”

My face turned beet red at his suggestion. “Wha-what do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean, baby,” he chuckled. I blinked at him. “Aw, come on. It’s no big deal, right?” Actually, it’s a HUGE deal. I’ve spent only about three days with this man, and he’s already asking me to change in front of him?! “Tell you what,” he bargained, “how 'bout I turn around and let you do your thing? I won’t look, I swear.” Clamping a hand over his eyes for emphasis, he dramatically turned around to face the door.

I rolled my eyes but took quick advantage of the time to turn from him, strip off my old clothes, and wiggle into the small, skimpy dress. The fabric was tight enough to perfectly fit my form, the sleeves were about three inches wide and hugged my shoulders, and it stopped just above my thighs.

Sighing, I cleared my throat clarifying that I was dressed as I turned back to him only to see that he was already eyeballing me like a famished lion. I looked down, avoiding his eyes; I knew he didn’t have the decency or control to give me some privacy. He blew a low whistle through his lips and bit his bottom lip. “Hot damn, girl! Just look at you! I mean, this is just downright sexy but seeing you in almost nothing had me pretty antsy.”

Of course he looked.

 He laughed loudly as my face turned a deeper red. Upon realizing my embarrassment, his teasing subsided. “Oh, I see. Uh, sorry about that.” He paused, gesturing to me. “You really do look nice, and I mean that.”

I offered a half-hearted smile. “Thanks.” A moment of silence passed before I spoke again. “Er, Negan?”

“What is it, sweetheart?” He answered gently.

I turned on the charm, walking up to him and brushing a hand up his arm. His eyes glazed over with lust. “Would you happen to have any–I don’t know–extra clothes? Like, this is nice but I don’t want to wear it all the time and get it ruined, you know?” My hand swept across his broad chest.

Instantly, his face lit up. “You know what? That’s a great idea!”

My hand stopped at his neck. “What is?”

“You have extra clothes at home, right?”

“Yes,” I answered slowly, still not following.

“So, why don’t we stop by early, get our shit, and you can get some of your stuff to bring back?”

Oh no.

“Yeah! It’ll be a BIG surprise for your family! I’ve missed seeing them, anyways.”

Oh God. I stepped away from him. “B-but you said you’d return in a week-”

“Hey, they’re generally ahead of schedule, right? Resourceful?”

Of course. “Uhh-”

“Perfect!” He threw an arm around my waist and led me out the door. “Let’s round up the troops 'cause it’s time for a little road trip!”


I silently sat in the passenger seat of the gigantic truck as Negan sped to Alexandria. I wasn’t exactly sure how he knew the way there but it didn’t take much effort. As soon as we got to the gates, he put on the air brakes and parked it. I could hear other vehicles stopping and turning off their engines as he pressed a sloppy kiss to my cheek. “Time to meet the rest of the family!” He cheerfully exclaimed as he hopped out of the truck and slammed the door shut.

Before he could reach the front of the gate, I stepped out and followed him at a distance. I watched as he whistled brightly swinging Lucille in his right hand and sang the first four notes of Beethoven’s 5th. Lucille banged loudly on the gate three times. “Little pig, little pig, let me in!” He called in a sing-songy tone. The gate rattled as it was rolled open to reveal the entrance to Alexandria and a confused Spencer, a frightened Eugene, and an irked Rosita.

“Well?” Negan inquired as Spencer blankly stared at him.

“Um, who are you?” I guess Rick hasn’t told anyone yet.

He bounced on his heels in amusement. “Oh, you better be jokin’. Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong impression.” As Negan subjugated Spencer, Rick marched up to the gate with a scowl. “Well, hello, there,” he mockingly greeted him. I gulped as Rick stared him down. “Do not make me have to ask.”

“You said a week,” Rick answered, moving to open the gate. “You’re early.” The gate creaked as Rick opened it up.

“I missed you,” Negan answered with a ridiculous grin on his lips. A familiar, raspy growl sounded from behind me and, sure enough, a walker came squeezing through the many vehicles parked in front of the gate. “Oh, Rick, come on out here! Watch this!” I moved away from the walker as Negan advanced. “Calling it!” With a single blow, the walker fell to the ground as Negan laughed. “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Ain’t that right, beautiful?” He grabbed my hand and brought me into him with an arm wrapped around my waist. With a half smile, I nodded. I met Rick’s blue eyes that suddenly swam with sadness.

“All right, everybody,” he announced to the Saviors who stood behind us. “Let’s get started. Big day.” Rick’s eyes scanned the rest of the crowd until they landed on Daryl. “Hey, Rick, you see that? What I just did? That is some service! I mean, we almost get turned away at the gate. 'Who is that guy, anyways?’ Do I get mad? Do I throw a fit? Do I bash some ginger’s head in?” Well, he did. “Nope. I just take care of these dead pricks that could’ve killed one of y'all.“ He flashed a theatrical grin and bowed to Rick, circling his arm out and bringing it down. "Service.” Chuckling, he held Lucille out to Rick. “Hold this,” he mumbled, swaggering his way into Alexandria while I stood back and watched as Rick took a long, distasteful look at Lucille who taunted him with the blood stains still on her wooden skin.

“How’re you guys holding up?” I asked, cautiously walking up to him. His blue eyes, lacking of their usual intensity and clarity, met mine and softened.

“We’re all right,” he whispered. “Just…y'know…”

“Right,” my voice wavered.

“Hot diggity dog!” Negan exclaimed. “This is magnificent! An embarrasment of riches, as they say.” He turned back to us. “Hey,” he snapped his fingers, “up here with me, gorgeous.” I glanced appologetically at Rick as I briskly made my way next to him. His strong arm wrapped itself around my waist. “Yes, sir, I do believe you are gonna have plenty to offer up.”

Rick looked back at Daryl who stood silently behind him. “Daryl, hey–”

“No,” Negan said sternly. “Nope.” He walked between the two of them. “He’s the help. You don’t look at him, you don’t talk to him, and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.” Rick stared incredulously at him, then took his advice and turned away from him. With an amused smirk, Negan turned to Rosita who stared worriedly at Daryl. “Same goes for everyone,” Negan claimed in a sing-song tone. Crossing her arms, she avoided his glaring and continued to look at Daryl. I shook my head as Negan lead his head closer to her ear. “Right?” Tightening her jaw and glowering up at him, she obeyed and calmly moved away from him.

Negan snickered, bouncing in excitement with a wide grin. “A lot of suspense there,” he chuckled as he exhaled sharply. “I don’t think she even knew how much.” He blew out another breath. “All right, let’s get this show on the road. See what kinda goodies you got in the cupboard.”

“We put aside half the supplies-” Rick tried to explain.

No, Rick.” He turned back to him with a disapproving look. “No. You don’t decide what we take. I do.” Rick cast his eyes to the ground, tightening his hands into fists. “Arat,” Negan called to the scrappy young woman next to me.

“You heard the man,” she barked as they stood there and practically drooled out the corners of their mouths. “Move out!”

As the Saviors made their way around Alexandria, the residents stood utterly confused outside as they watched the scene. Negan mockingly clapped his hands for his followers obeying orders like dogs. Rick glanced at him for an explanation. “They’re just gonna search the houses a bit, keep the process goin’.” He drew out a long breath. “All right. You gonna show me around or not?” Rick’s face twitched angrily. “Well?” Without even looking up at him, he led him into Alexandria.

“And where have you been all this time?” I turned to Spencer who was subtly eyeballing me.

“Where do you think?” I retorted, rolling my eyes.

“What, you decide to abandon us and join the winning side?” He sneered.

“It’s not like that,” I groaned, running a hand through my hair.

He snorted. “Sure as hell looks like it to me. He’s seduced you with his brute strength and lavish clothes, and you came here to rub it in?”

My nerves snapped as he continued to nip at me. “Say another word, Spencer. I dare you.” A hand grabbed onto my wrist. I looked back to see Daryl shaking his head.

“Oh, so now you’re threatening to kill one of your own?”

My breaths turned into short puffs of anger as I ripped my arm out of Daryl’s grip and advanced towards Spencer. “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Dwight got between the two of us, placing his hands on my shoulders.

“D!” Negan boomed as he quickly grabbed my waist and tore me away from him. “That’s two, man. I’ve said it before,” he turned to where everyone could hear him, practically showing me off like a prize, “this one is mine! NO ONE messes with her!” I looked down as all eyes and ears were on me. Now, everyone knows.

Breathe,” I thought to myself. “Just breathe. It’s almost over.”

“You see this?” Negan asked as we walked past some of the Saviors dragging out furniture. “This is the sort of thing that just tickles my balls. A little cooperation, and everything is pleasant as punch.”

Except for your vulgarity,” I thought to myself.

“You see, we really are reasonable people once you get to know us. Honest.” He reached into a cooler, whipping out a soda can with a gasp. He clicked it open, took a long swig, and finished with a sigh. “Here, babe. Have some.” He held it out to me but I shook my head. “Oh come on, hon,” he leaned in close to me but said to where everyone could hear, “it’s not like we haven’t swapped saliva before.” Pressing my lips into a firm line, I took the can from him and took a good sip as he howled with laughter. After I finished, he took it from me and threw it into the grass. “Damn, I love this place!”

“Negan,” one of the men called to him holding a video camera. “Somethin’ you might want to see.”

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” He took it from him, looking over it. I recognized that as the camera Deanna used to interview us whenever we came to Alexandria. “I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-deaky!” I sighed quietly, shaking my head. I cannot believe I agreed to marry this man.

With an audible beep, the camera turned on, and Rick’s scraggly beard and dangerous blue eyes appeared on the screen. The Rick who was unafraid and would effortlessly take care anyone who threatened him.

“I’ve killed people,” he admitted in his low, gravely voice. “I don’t know how many by now, but I know why they’re all dead.”

“Jee-hee-sus!” Negan gaped. “Is that you, Rick, underneath all that man-bush? Shee-ot! I would not have messed with that guy!” He turned off the recording, stepped back and started recording Rick as he blankly looked at the ground. “But that’s not you anymore. Is it?” He sniffed, turning the camera to his face. “Nope!” He turned the camera off, looking at me and running a hand over his fairly-bearded chin. “I really got to shave this shit.” He looked around, puzzled for some reason. “Whatever happened to that sick girl? That seemed like a hell of a stressful night for her.”

“Maggie.” My heart clenched at the memory of that night. “Poor Maggie.”

“The way she carried on, she was married to number two, right?”

His name was Glenn,” I thought to myself.

Rick’s eyes matched up with Negan’s in an intense, hateful glare. “Careful,” Negan reminded him. “Careful how you’re lookin’ at me, Rick.” He backed down, glancing away from him. “Widows, especially ones that look like that…” He sharply exhaled. “they…are special. I love 'em. Right after their husbands go, they are just…empty inside. But usually not for long.” My nostrils flared in disgust as he carelessly laughed suggestively. “Ahh. Where is she? I would love to see her.”

I’d had enough. “You’re not gonna lay a-”

“Do you care to pay your respects?” Thank God for Father Gabriel.

“Ho-ly crap!” Negan jumped. “You are creepy as shit, sneaking up on me, wearin’ that collar with a freaky-ass smile.” I snickered to myself. Good ol’ Father Gabriel and his perfectly poor timing.

“My apologies,” he replied. “I’m Father Gabriel.” He looked over at me with a warm smile. “Good to see you, (Y/n).”

“'Pay your respects?’” I repeated hoarsely.

“She didn’t make it?” Negan asked. Rick sighed, shaking his head. My hands flew to my mouth. Not Maggie, too. That’s three too many.


“Damn tragedy.” Negan sighed. “That’s what this is. Well, this must really suck for you guys.” No shit, Sherlock. “Number one? That was on me. No choice there. Lessons had to be learned. But number two? That didn’t need to happen. Daryl, there, he forced my hand. Probably put her right on her back, huh? Damn.” Rick and Father Gabriel exchanged a glance.

It must be a trick.

“I was gonna ask her to come back with me.” We all glared daggers at him. “Oh, I know what you’re thinkin’. How could I have a shot, guy that just bashed her husband’s head in? You’d be surprised.” He snuck a side glance at me. “Take this hot piece of ass for example. She finally agreed to-”

A gunshot and glass breaking stopped him from finishing his announcement. It sounded like it came from Rick’s house. Rick led the way into the house, but before I could enter Negan stopped me. “Why don’t you go get your stuff from your place and put them in the truck?” Without arguing, I nodded.

“Can I bring Daryl to help me?” I carefully asked.

With a stony expression, Negan glanced back at him and right back at me. “No.”

“Please?” I batted my eyes at him, dragging my finger up his arm, making him squirm a bit.

“Only if I get a reward whenever we get home,” he purred, waggling his eyebrows at me.

A sickening shiver went up my spine. “Whatever you want.”

“Fine.” He pointed at Daryl. “Not a word, and no funny business.”

I thanked him, then he swiftly smacked my rear and sent us on our way. Biting my tongue and clenching my jaw, I went across the street with Daryl in tow. We walked through the front door, and there were already people raiding my stuff. I decided to take advantage of my authority then and there. “Excuse me, but what the hell is this?”

One of the men who had a scraggly beard turned to me. “Negan said for us to search every house-”

“Every house but mine. Correct?” I snapped.

“Uh, well-”

“If you two don’t put everything you’ve taken back in their original places, you will be at the mercy of Negan.” I looked between the two of them; their faces were pale as ghosts. “Any questions?” They shook their heads. “Good. Now, get out!” They lit out of the house in under a second. “Huh,” I giggled. “Cool.” I turned to Daryl who looked like a kicked puppy. “The coast should be clear. Go get yourself something from the fridge.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he mumbled.

“Please,” I begged, carefully placing my hands on his shoudlers. “You need it.”

“You can’t seduce me, (Y/n). I ain’t gonna eat out of your hand.” He suddenly sneered as he brushed my hands off of me and moved by me to my room.

“Daryl,” I groaned. “Don’t do this. I’m not doing it for my sake, and you know that.”

“You didn’t have to throw yourself at him,” he grumbled.

“Accepting his offer is what’s keeping our group, and us, alive!”

“No, you did it for yourself!” He accused at the top of his lungs. You didn’t have anyone to do it for which makes you selfish!”

“I did it for you, Daryl,” I snarled through my teeth. He opened his mouth, but abruptly stopped. “I didn’t have anyone there but you, okay. I can’t watch you die. It’s hard enough watching you suffer everyday just to keep our family alive, and I’ve lost the closest thing I had to a brother.” I got up in his face, pushing my finger into his chest. “Do not tell me my decision was selfish.”

He stared incredulously at me, not knowing what to say. Shaking my head, I walked past him to my room, whipped out a suitcase, and started throwing clothes into it. “M’sorry,” I heard him mumble from behind me.

“It’s fine,” I responded, keeping my focus on fitting most of my clothes into the suitcase.

“D'ya want me to help out?” He offered.

“If you want,” I shrugged. “I still want you to go eat something.” I heard him breathe a laugh from behind me, then he came next to me, and started grabbing some of my things. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

After about 10 minutes of loading up my things, I saw Rick, Aaron, and Father Gabriel run to Spencer’s house. “What’s goin’ on?” Daryl pondered.

“Maybe we should go check?” I assumed.

“I can’t. You go ahead, and I’ll stay here and load your stuff.”

I smiled at him, standing on my toes to peck his cheek. “Thanks again, Daryl.” I ran straight to Spencer’s house to see Rick practically tearing Spencer’s living room apart while Aaron and Gabriel stood idly by.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“They’re taking all of our weapons,” Aaron answered.

“They said they’d only take half!” I shouted as anger rose in me.

“Carl threatened him,” Rick explained, “and Negan says we’re short two guns.  He’s gonna kill Olivia if we don’t find them.”

My eyes widened. “So who has them?”

“No one spoke up,” he sighed. “Spencer isn’t here, so we’re checking for them.”

“I don’t blame you,” I muttered.

“Spencer’s done this kind of thing beforfe. We keep looking. Maybe today works out.”

“I’ll check the garage,” Aaron affirmed.

“I’ll look in Deanna’s office again.” Gabriel said. Rick slapped him on the shoulder, and went on his way.

“I’ll help you, Rick,” I suggested. He looked back at me with a gracious smile and a nod, so we continued our search.

“Are they treating you well over there?” Rick asked over his shoulder.

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “No one’s really allowed to mess with me but Negan, so…” I trailed off.

Rick straightened up, turning to face me with a serious expression. “Has he…has he tried to, I mean-”

“No,” I answered. He breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. “I won’t let him take advantage of me.”

“Good,” he grunted. He then noticed the vent, curiously taking the cover off. Lo and behold, he began pulling out several cans of food, a liquor bottle, and a black silk bag with the two handguns.

My blood boiled as Rick looked up at me, showing the guns. “Kick his ass for me whenever he gets back, okay?” He half-heartedly chuckled, gathering them and running outside to give Negan the guns. “Hey,” I called before he could run out of the house. “I still have food in my kitchen. It’s free game for y'all.” He nodded gratefully at me and made his way out while I went back to my house to help Daryl and get the rest of my stuff.

“Got whatcha need, sweetheart?”

I tossed my final suitcase in the truck and slammed the door shut. “Yeah,” I mumbled, joining his side as Rick and Michonne came walking towards us. Across Michonne’s shoulders was a white tailed deer, and Rick held Lucille in one hand and a rifle that didn’t look like one of ours in the other.

“Look at this!” Negan mused as Michonne walked by him, avoiding his eyes.

“I thought she was out scavenging. She was out hunting,” Rick admitted. “This one never came inside. We kept it near the line.” He handed Negan the rifle.

“Look at this,” Negan repeated stepping towards Rick. “This is something to build a relationship on. Good for you, Rick,” he beamed. “This is readin’ the room and gettin’ the message. I’ve said it before, I’m gonna say it again: You, sir…are special.”

“Now that you know we can follow your rules…” Rick spoke up.

“Yes?” Negan replied unctuously.

“…I’d like to ask you if Daryl and (Y/n) can stay,” Rick finished.

“Not happenin’,” Negan immediately answered. Rick turned his head, glancing sideways at him. “You know what? I don’t know. Maybe Daryl can plead his case. Maybe Daryl can sway me. Daryl?” He looked back at him, but Daryl kept his eyes glued to the ground. I wanted to scream at him to just give in and say something yet I was glad the fight was still in him. Negan laughed, facing Rick again. “Well, you tried. Now what you gotta do is get over that tall wall of yours and try harder out there. Earn for me because we’re coming back soon, and when we do you better have something interesting for us or Lucille, she’s gonna have her way.”

“W-what about (Y/n)?” Rick asked.

“That fine piece of ass I decided not to kill that night?” He howled with laughter. “Not a chance! At least, not after she agreed to marry me!”

Rick’s head snapped toward me, his eyes wide open. “In fact, she insisted!” I gasped as Negan grabbed me by the waist and pulled me against him. “She practically threw herself in my arms. Ain’t that right, baby?” He forced his slobbery lips to mine, kissing me as noticably sloppy and deep as possible, and my face turned red in shame as he pulled away. “She is gonna be my lawfully wedded wife, and has pledged her allegiance to me. Ain’t that a treat?” I cringed as everyone had their eyes on us.

“Now, Rick, I want you to hear that again: If you don’t have something interesting for us, somebody’s gonna die. And no more magic guns.” He turned to the Saviors. “Arat, grab that deer. It’s getting late. Let’s go home. The missus and I have a dinner date tonight.” He squeezed my side and released me, pushing me towards the truck.

I looked back at Rick who seemed as heartbroken as ever. I wanted to run back to him and let him know I was all right and that everything will work out. Alas, Negan had already hoisted me into the passenger seat, grabbed Lucille from Rick, and gotten into the driver’s seat.

“You called that pussy your leader?” Clenching my fists, I slowly nodded keeping my eyes on Rick who continued to stare at the ground.

“He’s not a bad leader either,” I retorted.

“Sure as hell seems like it to me,” Negan snorted.

Before too long, we were back at the Sanctuary and Negan had walked me to my room. I kept in mind what I’d said earlier about his “reward,” but, as long as I keep my mouth shut, he might forget

“So, I guess I’ll see you in the morning,” I mumbled, aimlessly trying to shut the door before Negan stopped it with his foot.

“Hold up, sweetheart,” he purred, pushing it back open. “Remember whenever you said I’d get a reward for allowing you to borrow Daryl?” I gulped and backed away as he advanced towards me. “I mean, getting to see you in that thing is reward enough, but,” I suddenly fell back on the bed behind me, “I’d rather see you without it.”

I was not willing to go through this, but something clicked in my mind. “If I allow you to do this, will it guarantee the safety of my family?”

“It could,” he whispered, dipping his head down to softly press his lips to my neck.

“Daryl, too?” I asked as my breath hitched.

“Depends on how well you respond, baby.”

Breathe,” I thought to myself as his face leveled with mine. “Just breathe.” His lips cascaded demandingly onto mine.

It’s almost over.”

I have no idea how to feel about this one.

I’m so sorry for the delay, guys! College has been pretty tough, but I’m more than willing to take time out to write for y'all!


Well, it’s pretty late here (2:15am) so I’m gonna leave this here. Thank you all SO much for the love and support! You guys are the best! -LGN


The Sun and the Moon: Chapter 1

WARNING: may include cursing, angst, depression, fighting, blood, suicidal thoughts


It’s August 28th already. August 28th. Where the fuck did summer go?

Ethan was just drawing random patterns on her legs during one of their many long car rides that summer, just a few days ago. Or was it weeks? Has the summer receded like oceans after they crash down that quickly?

A lot happened this summer. For her. For him. For them.

Most of it was spent in the sun, adventuring and doing stupid and mostly dangerous things. Ethan always found some down time to get his gorgeous tan while she was too busy actually doing something fun like cliff diving or throwing water balloons at the boys.

They loved it, though. Even when Ethan was slightly annoyed at her because he finally managed to get away from her and Grayson’s intense water fight and dry off, he loved how she included him in the activity.

They could all recall a handful of moments when they got badly injured due to their own stupidity. Like how she didn’t listen when they told her not to do flips in the house and she accidentally gave herself a concussion. It was her fault, she was not in anyway a pro at backflipping like they were but it was their fault that the bed looked so tempting.

Back to school items are already on display, which confirmed that the summer was over, putting the bunch in a terrible mood.

“Ugh, I don’t want to go to school”. Ethan laughs at her.

“We don’t go to school, Sun”. She smiles with amused eyes as she remembers she goes to school online now. It was easier, she could work at her own pace without having to feel rushed or wake up at ungodly hours. It was helpful, more peaceful, and way better than the awful public school system.

“Oh yeah”.


There’s that word again. A nickname he gave her over the summer. She asked why he called her that occasionally and he replied with a sarcastic and-what he thought at the time was a- hilarious answer: “cause you’re hot”.

This resulted in him turning red as he laughed against her. He laughed so hard, he physically couldn’t hold himself up. She laughed too, mostly at the ridiculous accusation, but not nearly as hard as him.

“Oh, fuck off” she laughs and lightly shoves his shoulder. Ethan wheezes and pecks the side of her head.


They were all back in Jersey, where the boys were happier. They didn’t like LA, but there were more opportunities there for them so they stayed, as much as everyone knew they didn’t want to.

They missed their friends, their family, which was also her family. She was a… troubled kid to put it in the best terms. Didn’t have much family or any that wanted her, was bullied at school her entire life.

That’s how she met them. Her miracles.

Ethan and Grayson were miracles to her. They knew what she was going through. They were kind to her when no one else was, they gave her a place to stay and people to call family. She felt like a burden on them, but they assured her that they’d do anything for their friend.


She never had many friends. Kids always thought she was weird. She was considered to be ‘too dangerous’ to play with the girls and too weak to play with the boys. She was the unhealthy middle. She always liked to call it Orphan-town. Where there’s no parents and no possibility of thriving.

Ethan and Grayson saved her life. They adventurous and reckless, just like her. She owes them everything, but they can never know that. So for now, she takes in the moment with a deep breath and thinks of how grateful she is for the two boys.

Messy, Romantic Poetry For The Signs
  • To, the signs
  • Love, Aquarius <3
  • Aries: You were bubbly pink, laughter that could echo inside of you and never stop. You were a dangerous kind of safety. Being with you was diving off a cliff and knowing you'd float, and your embrace like meeting a river current. You captured me with the intensity of a lightning storm, and loving you makes the moon reverse its orbit.
  • Taurus: You shake the world quietly and shroud yourself in clouds of gentle mystery. Then, on those rare moments when the fog clears, you're vibrant. Your eyes are late nights and soft lamplight, your arms, spilled tears and hot chocolate, your bearing like a forest rendezvous at first daylight.
  • Gemini: You are lightning when it meets spring air. Your heart is an ever-floating balloon, and knowing it is like an exhale in a rain forest. Locking eyes with you turns mist to rain, and you smirk through the downpour as you set it all on fire.
  • Cancer: Pastel sunrises and snow flaked lashes gather in your smile. You're like the last wisps of some fantastic dream, and yet you're an intense reality, the kind that paints life outside the windows and distracts you. You matter like the sun, without you nothing would breath.
  • Leo: Victorian waltzes and dripping sun rays live in your skin and reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. Danger breathes in your shadow, but your aura says it's worth it. A moment in your sights is a gust of wind to a bird and the craters in the moon. Everyone is a sailor, and you're the one who stole the northern star.
  • Virgo: Your footsteps fall with dusty books in heavy wind, and golden sunlight sleeps in your hair. Your voice is sweet like flower petals when your fingernails scrape at a future of stolen kisses and tongue-tied wishes, and your speeches smile in my dreams.
  • Libra: Palm trees sway in our memories, sending warm waves of purple sunsets into our present. The future is cultivated by your Caribbean eyes that swim with cherry gardens and summer breezes. You were like life and death, and neither made sense without you.
  • Scorpio: Love is something you create, like smoke to a wildfire. Your cigarette smile is smothered by the crystalline tears that rage underneath your skin, and dreams stick to the backs of your eyelids. Ice shards freeze your handshakes, but daisies melt your winter embrace.
  • Sagittarius: Fire. That is all. A love with you could turn heaven to ashes and hell to ice. You were incensed, psychedelic dreams in smoky water, weaving yourself through history. You were eternal, your eyes caught divinity, and together we broke the world.
  • Capricorn: 296. That's how many times I dreamed of meeting you last year. Multiply that by the weight of your gaze and you get how much I want to love you this year. 177,600.If you throw your lemon-zest laugh and nebula eyes into the equation...you'll have lost count because you're too easy to get lost in. You remind me of snow capped mountains and angel wings, and every other indescribable beauty that got lost in the weight of this world.
  • Aquarius: You were everything new. Whether it was frostbite in summer or heatstroke in winter, you breathed every second and spare molecule. You lived in spring run off, but winter yearned for you. If I hadn't settled into your light, If you hadn't reached for my shadow, life would still be a cold, hard place. Now it's become a galaxy of surprise, and death is like a cold, hard kiss of wind and stars.
  • Pisces: You brought the world in your inhale, and exhaled its darkness. All the world's light stayed trapped inside you, only to be seen through your laugh, saturated in sun. Together we were breathless, because you were the long drawn exhale of life to crushed winter lungs. You were beauty and rain and stars and purple clouds, but mostly, you were alive.

funk-me-up-inside  asked:

Any new underestimated!stiles fics by chance?


I Am Death Become Ye by OneSmartChicken (1/1 | 4,596 | NR)

He wasn’t just useless; he was a liability. He was half-crazy, on medication for a whole list of mental illnesses, and physically crippled. He walked with a cane carved from old wood and sources referred to his left eye as “unreliable.” Poor, fragile little human. They left a rabbit on his doorstep, just to make sure he got the message; he wasn’t necessary in this game. He was boring. Oh he sounded interesting at first: humans who ran with wolves always did. But he was just another stubborn fool, and a broken one at that.

OR some fae make a mistake; Stiles teaches them the error of their ways.

The Immortal Phoenix by Deasperuax (3/? | 4,119 | PG13)

Stiles couldn’t believe what was happening. They were abandoning him. Kicking him out of the pack. He thought he was out of game for good but when his father told him he was half angel half warlock, well he couldn’t leave that story unresolved. Traveling through different dimensions Stiles comes back with a new attitude and power. Maybe the pack misjudged when they said he was weak. Because from what they could tell this man could be the one to save Beacon Hills from the Clan of Vampires and the Darach moving in on the Hale Territory

It’s so dangerous (you’ll have to sign a waiver) by ElisAttack (1/1 | 5,145 | PG13)

“Do you have the cash?” A harsh guttural voice asks through the line, ending the question with a hacking cough.

“I have the fifty grand.” Stiles confirms in a clear, concise voice, the total opposite of what he feels at the moment. He’s like a lemming right before it takes a nose dive off a cliff. He’s just hoping the waters below aren’t dotted with sharp rocks, sharks, or, you know, guns.

“Excellent.” The now wheezing voice says, a smile evident in his tone, “We’ve left the door open for you, Bertram will take your coat.”

Or the one where Stiles is so far out of his depth, it isn’t even funny.

Training by Shippings_galore (1/1 | 2,777 | G)

Written to make a writer feel better… This was written in a week because of school in my life… Here’s the summary:

Stiles was dragged into training by Scott. Now he has to be taught by his Alpha crush to kick ass. And then fight a rich snob. He can do this. He can so do this.