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Hi everyone, @vstolbunovhere again. Today I am sharing some of my astro timelapse work here on @universetoday!

This second one is from Ojochal, Costa Rica. I shot this among the palm trees, facing directly up. The three different rates of motion (stars, clouds, trees) are my favorite part of this timelapse. To avoid the typical quick-moving astro timelapse, I shot this at faster shutter but higher ISO.


Waterfall in the Costa Rican rainforest


Latin America + capital cities  (North and Central America + Caribbean)

Alphabetical order (by country) - part 2/2

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I found this beauty last Saturday while I was at Río Conejo, Aserrí. I love it so much 😍 not just for reusing a toilet but because I love succulents! ❤️🙌🏼

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Funny story about my internship in Costa Rica: Today at work someone sneezed so I said “Jesus” quite loudly, which is the Spanish for “bless you”, Everyone started to give me strange looks and it’s only when the person sneezed a second time that I understood that here in Latin America they do not say “Jesus” but “Salud”! So basically I ended up having to explain to all my coworkers that I was not a crazy person saying “Jesus!” for no reason but that it’s just how people say bless you in Spain!

as a latinx/latine…do you ever think about those countries that are completly alone? like fucking usa, i mean they have a relationship with canada i guess??…europe is too far away (also, europe has their own squad)….and well, let’s not talk about their relationship with México. As a latinx, for me is impossible to imagine being so alone. I mean, i’m from Argentina, that’s literally the Slytherin of Latinoamerica but even then….that means always fighting with Uruguay like siblings (’you’re so small…’ ‘shut up argentina!! i’m a grown up!!’ ‘aaww’ / ‘that WAS MINE, u bitch!!!’ ‘shut up Uruguay, that was mine first!!’ we are the older ones because we are meaner and they hate us, but don’t you dare to touch thEM!!) or talking/fighting about fútbol with Brasil but singning the same songs even when our languages are different, literally just talking shit about/with Chile (it’s complicated), saying ‘hey. hi. you’re cool’ to @Perú without any fucking reason…and so many other things. Like, i know that i can go anywhere in latinoamerica and i’m going to find people with the same traditions, or the same way to be raised, or the same fucking music that i grown up with!! (the music!! like, im from the south of latinoamerica but i know that if someone puts some latin song, me and mexicanos or people del Caribe would be like “HEEEEY!!!”) even if we have our differences, we will share our culture because we are fucking proud of it: that could mean a cute ‘hey! you want some of our traditional food??’ or just being dicks like ‘…you know…you used that word all day talking about that innocent thing, but in here it really means penis so lmao”.

In hard times, we hold each other. Even if the world is looking to other way, everyone in latinoamerica is looking at Venezuela right know, just fucking worried about them. We know the pain of dictatorships, of our people, of the forced silence. Seeing Venezolanos, crying and screaming for their rights, for food, for justice, hits in the hearth of every latinx/e. We are with you, Venezuela, con tu gente. Lloramos contigo tus fallecidos, tanto ustedes como nosotros vamos a seguir pidiendo justicia por ellos y por muchos más. And let’s not forget about Cuba, please. Even when is about natural disasters: we remember your people, Perú. We remember your people, Colombia.

Yes, we are not perfect, we can be xenofobos/racistas/etc. Let’s don’t deny that. But….we also have something so beautiful and we have to appreciate that.

If you want something being remembered about your latin country (music, foods, traditions, history, etc) please share them in this post!!