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#RememberingMGP PART 1: Most of you guys only know MiniGuineaPig as Fuzzberta’s big sister, but the biggest piggy relationship of her life was with her original buddy Patches. MGP was our first peeg, and Patches was our second. We got them as tiny babies, and they grew up together, and lived together until Patches suddenly passed when they were almost 3. They were only a few months old in this video—younger than the jelly babies are now. In January 2011, I decided I wanted a pet again. I’d had hamsters since high school, but their short lifespans made me too sad. After some research, we decided to get guinea pigs. We scheduled a visit our local cavy rescue that weekend. But while we were at the pet store getting supplies for our future piggies, we saw some baby guinea pigs for sale. I told the other human that it seemed weird that we were about to get guinea pigs when neither of us had even held a guinea pig before, so we decided to hold the pet store babies “just to see what it felt like”. Two of the babies squirmed and freaked out like regular guinea pigs, but the tiny orange one simply glommed on and melted into our arms. Even though we had fully intended to adopt, we COULD NOT put her down. And that’s how we met MiniGuineaPig. We decided we would at least adopt her cagemate, and spent a lot of time trying through rescues and Craigslist. But after driving all around the Bay Area with no success for a week, we felt bad about our mini guinea pig living all alone. So we went back to the same pet store and got the last, patchey baby—Patches—to be her friend.