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@artofcrows first event → favorite characters week : inej ghafa 

hm i tried to finish my inej portrait but i was barely able to draw one (1) eye and i gave up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so here have a panel of me trying to figure out how to draw my babe inej ghafa treasure of my heart

also much credit to burdge tbh because i use her art as reference way too much (one day ill figure out how to have my own style but today is apparently not the day)

I decided to post those together.

I’m trying my best to portray skelebros as in character as possible. I’m failing many times, because sometimes I like them extra mushy and lovey dovey with each other, but I love the fact that they are/can be both jerks XD

Because they’re bros, they got used to each other over the years, and I love that they keep pushing each other’s buttons. I do need to remind myself of what their behaviour often is, but I love doing it every single time, because each time i discover something new, and this something turns into comic idea XD

anonymous asked:

Text meme: #3 from Shiranui to Amagiri; Tokugawa mobile!

A scared text from Shiranui to Amagiri on TokoMob™ - which begs the question, what happen to his iOniSys™ phone?  Hmmm…

(Don’t worry, just the Editor being deliberately annoying. I’m sure she knew what you meant!)


I’m sorry I hacked your phone.  

I’m sorry I used it to send that message to Kazama.   Moushiwake gozaimasen and all that.

I was drunk and I didn’t think he’d take it seriously. [Ed.’s Note:  Given what is known of Shiranui Kyo and Kazama Chikage, at least the second part of this statement is of dubious probity.] Besides, the guy does need to get a sense of humour (or get laid, preferably both).

I know you’re p*ssed but you’ve already made sure my phone’s so busted that its ghost is going to need crutches to get to the afterlife. That’s why I’m using Harada’s TokuMob™ piece of sh*t.  I kind of borrowed it to send this.

(Sweet gods it just autocorrected in a TM AND fixed my language - how do people LIVE like this?)

Can we PLEASE call it quits now?  

I DO NOT want you following me around any more lecturing me on responsibility and Duty to the Oni Clans.  You are wrecking my life. 


What the h*ll?! Is *this thing* for real???

See - I’m SUFFERING here! So call off the lecture circuit okay?

Gotta go.  I guess Harada’s actually attached to this THING.


Editor’s Note:  The Editor chooses not to speculate what text Shiranui-san sent to Kazama-san in Amagiri-san’s name.  It was no doubt scurrilous and apparently highly offensive.  (Actually, the Editor discovered that every possible trace was deleted beyond recall.  Amagiri-san was thorough.  Fortunately, the Editor is a woman of upright character and was not disappointed to be spared such material.  😭 😭 😭]

impracticalOni’s Note:  Still (trying to be) on vacation, but thought I’d put this one out there…  Thank you to all for your patience.

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good for them for having magic but does anyone in the wiz world understand how like, the medical sciences work? so that they can deliberately make advances in the field vs just throwing things at a mysterious new malady like its europe in the dark ages. so they can tell the difference between someone who’s been hexed or something and being sick. do they know what germs are. cells. how are potions even legal, also? beyond the most everyday cures type shit. why is that taught like wizard math when it ought to be treated as a specialty and nobodys even learning math. why is there magical capitalism, why can you magically produce drinkable water but apparently not food and thats also illegal?? i mean i know theres the idea that the wizarding world is actually regulated by the muggle world but i dont see how “magically producing food” would be a problem for anyone