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can u do monsta x and hugging?? 👀 also ur writing style is 13/10

!!! thank u so much tht means a lot


• literally so big and warm and soft
• like hugging a nice large bear
• and he hugs so gently too bc he doesnt wanna suffocate u
• he’s warm to the point where u start sweating if u hug for a prolonged period of time
• has a perpetual smile when he hugs u. never leaves his face
• he’s just so happy he can hold u like this


• likes long hugs, will trap u in his arms if u try to leave
• nuzzles his head in the crook of ur neck or ur chest if ur a lot taller
• likes to cup ur face and kiss u first, then hugs u
• will probably hug u so tight u have to tap his arm to get him to realize he could be killing u
• smiles so big u dont even know


• another tight hugger
• he gives surprise hugs
• like he comes up behind u and gives u a back hug, proclaiming his love for u
• if u were near the couch or something he’d roll u two over and playfight
• eskimo kisses all around
• gets really close to ur face he loves looking at u


• a very emotional, romantic hugger
• always has his arm wrapped around u in some way so when he hugs u its extremely comforting and loving
• strokes the back of ur hair and kisses the crown of ur head
• closes his eyes so he can cherish the feeling of u in his arms


• big lazy hugs
• likes to stroke ur back, it’s soothing to him
• LOVES putting his head on top of urs it doesnt matter if ur taller or shorter
• another hair stroker, if ur hairs long enough he’ll twirl it in his fingers
• likes the warmth from ur body


• smooshes his cheek into urs
• has the biggest and most beautiful smile to grace this earth. u can feel his dimple against ur cheek
• wraps his arms under ur arms and keeps his hands on ur lower back/butt
• pouts if u pull away, probably pulls u back in


• will probably bite ur shoulder as a joke
• presses his forehead against urs to look into ur eyes, bites his lip in a shy smile
* then he contorts into a wrinkly meme
• holds u so close to him bc he loves the feeling of ur body against his
• very cute, sweet hugs

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Hi love! Can I get some jealous NSFW for Ace and Law please!

Hello my little sinner~ Sure you can!

Jealous NSFW


  • Ace isn’t really a man who gets jealous easily
  • But if he does, holy mother get a fire drencher.
  • He will drag you to his stong chest and give you a look which says “You’re Mine. M I N E.”
  • Ace will show you, that you’re his love, and only his love.
  • How will he show you? This fireflame, will lift you on his shoulder and go straight ahead his room.
  • First thing, closing the door. He won’t let anyone disturb you two.
  • He will let you on his bed, and look at you with fire in his eyes.
  • Little flames on his shoulders, hella this man wants you.
  • Somehow his own ap­pro­p­ri­a­ti­on turned him on.
  • He will pin you on his bed, and lean over you.
  • With a rough voice, he will whisper into your ear.
  • “You’re Mine.”
  • “I’ll never give you away.”
  • A loot of hickeys and softy bite marks will mark your body.
  • In jealous mode, he won’t be soft.
  • This man, will show you who you belong to with rough sex.


  • This man, is a jealous as hell.
  • You own him, and no one else.
  • You’re his. Only his.
  • He’ll show you that often enough in bed.
  • But if he gets jealous, be aware for a long night.
  • He will drag you in a room, doesnt matter where. Libary, Kitchen, OP-Room. He doesn’t give a fuck.
  • Not even closing the door, Law will pin you against a wall and come really close to your ear.
  • He’ll press your body against him, and grunt in a deep voice.
  • “Who you belong to?”
  • “Right. Me. Only me. Trafalgar Law.”
  • With his smoke grey eyes, he will look in a serious way at you.
  • His glace will rove down your lips, and before even realizing it, he will deepen you in a rough kiss.
  • With ease, he will lift you up his lap and continue pressing you against the wall.
  • This night, will be long. Because this man, will cover your body in hickeys, till he heard it enough times.
  • “Say it again. Who you belong to?”

leave jack grazer alone

it literally does not matter if jack is gay or had a crush on finn bc you still dont know him personally to be able to say that AND it doesnt matter bc he has a girlfriend who’s being harassed by strangers and every tiny interaction he has with his close friend is interpreted as them being together despite it all being entirely their business lmao Enough

no but like…magnus seeing alec with his eyes closed on the balcony…do you know how sad that is? because alec just wanted to feel safe, but maybe felt like too much of a bother to actually go through the front door of the apartment. alec maybe wanted to give magnus time to mourn camille, and he might have said to himself, let me just stand here, and feel safe, just being close is enough, being in a safe place is enough. but i cant imagine the relief in alecs heart when magnus does go outside, and the relief in magnus heart when alec says he doesnt care about magnus past with camille, what matters is hes okay. theyre both there for each other, and alecs hand is hurting, but maybe he will let magnus fix it now 

A man in our safe and inclusive scene
is outed as an abuser and everyone claims
to not have saw it coming
or believed him capable. 

In quiet huddles they insist 
they never heard about his hands before.
How to them, they were such comforting,
hard-working hands, capable only of building.
They are shocked by the tricks those hands tried to turn
when the bands had packed up
and the collective members gone home. 

Meanwhile my mouth foams 
with the times I said his name 
and everyone shrugged.

The stories I told
and she told
and she told
and she told
and they told
and they told
and he told
were not enough,
they lacked “proof,”
needed more punch.
The were just “drama”
or “personal matters”-
until the space closed
two years later.

Then suddenly it was “I never saw it coming.”
It was sympathy. It was, “I didn’t know he was like that.”

Ask me why I am not surprised. Why my mouth
does not hang open in shock.
But this was not news. 
It’s not like the warning signs weren’t there.
People just refused to look.
—  Your Safe Space is Not Immune, Lora Mathis 

Okay, so I’ve got a potentially dumb question… 

Because the word ‘professor’ wasn’t used until the 14th century… how would students have addressed the teachers during the founders era? Like, what was the title used in the 10th century? I mean, would it just be sir or madam? Those didn’t pop up until the 1200s, but like, close enough? Lady/Lord? But then, they’d have been speaking old/middle english, right? So would the term ‘professor’ be acceptable as a modern english translation? Am I making this far too complicated? Any etymology nerds out there?

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Andreil: someone doesn't understand Neil's no to their advances. Andrew protects Neil and teaches the person the meaning of consent.

  • The twins, Nicky, Kevin and Neil are in columbia one weekend
  • They’ve all been drinking, even Neil, although not too much, just enough to feel warm and say yes to Nicky when he takes his hand and drags him to the dancefloor
  • Nicky and Neil dance for a long time, doing silly dances that don’t even fit with the rhythm, or just moving along with it
  • At some point Neil looses sight of Nicky, but he just assumes he went back for drinks and he’ll be back soon, so he continues dancing alone
  • It takes him a while to realise that someone has begun dancing with him behind him because he was too caught up in the rhythm and the dancing
  • But someone brushes up against him and Neil stiffens, then tries to put some distance between them
  • The stranger doesn’t take the hint and keeps following Neil, at one point he spins him around at which Neil shoves him as hard as he can so he can get off him 
  • The guy just grabs on to Neil and starts grinding onto him
  • Neil is basically immobile at that, having flashbacks to different hands holding him in place, all followed by sharp pain
  • But then suddenly Andrew is there, he wrenches the dude of Neil, onto the floor and climbs on him and starts puching
  • Not unlike what happened to Nicky, only now he stops himself in time, because Neil needs him more than he needs to punch the life out of this asshole
  • Because Andrew never takes his eyes off of Neil for too long, and he’s been watching the scene play out
  • He started for Neil the moment he realised the guy wouldn’t leave Neil alone, but the crowd made it difficult to reach him, no matter how deadly the stares he shot them or how aggresively he pushed
  • So he saw Neil doesnt move and up close he can see Neil is shaking
  • He just shoves Neil into a wall, pulls his face down to level it with a hard stare and he tells Neil he’s in Columbia and he’s alright
  • Neil takes a moment to come to, but he always comes back to Andrew
  • After that Andrew takes him home, but not before he puts him in the car with the rest of the boys (who are smart enough to stop their complaining after Andrew’s threatening glare and seeing Neil so shaken up), dissapear for ten minutes and then drive them back
  • Neil never sees the guy in the club again, but he hears Roland say something about an idiot who got his car wrecked in their parking lot the same day 
blurb: co-sleeping with dan and phil

DAN i think really needs his space like sure sharing a bed is fine but he needs his own duvet and pillow and everything which is fine but he likes to have some kind of physical contact his favorite is to just sneak a hand under ur shirt and cup ur boob bc who doesnt like boobs,, am i right ladies,, anyway youve gotten used to it now and his hand is so big on your chest and he’s very warm and you love him so

PHIL is such a koala dont even get me started if he would choose he’d probably have a single bed with a single duvet like Whats The Problem babe i just like being close to you so you sleep with the window open and he’s got his face in your armpit for some reason or maybe he’s snuggled his face into your belly it doesnt even matter as long as enough of his skin is touching yours its fine