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19 Fanfiction Reader Reactions

As Demonstrated by Chris Pratt Gifs

1. The “Reading a Perfect Summary” Reaction

2. The “Reading Fluff” Reaction

3. The “Trying to Read One More Chapter at 3am” Reaction 

4. The “Unexpected NOTP Hook-up” Reaction

5. The “ I Don’t Read Smut” Reaction

6. The “ I …..Don’t…Read…Smut” Reaction

7. The “Reading Smut” Reaction

8. The “Accidentally Clicking the Wrong Chapter” Reaction

9. The “Trying a Different Genre/Tag” Reaction

10. The “Reading Unexpected Angst or Character Death” Reaction

11. The “Trying to Read a Summary in a Different Language” Reaction

12. The “New Chapter Notification for an Author’s Note” Reaction

13. The “Trying to Converse with an Author Without Being Weird” Reaction

14. The “Trying to Make Friends With an Author” Reaction

15. The “Deciding Whether to Follow/Subscribe to Story/Author” Reaction

16. The “Reading OTP Married and Growing Old Together” Reaction

17. The “Not Knowing What Popular Abbreviations Mean” Reaction

18. The “Reading a Perfect Story Without Knowing It’s Abandoned” Reaction

19. The “Feeling Like You’re the Character” Reaction


20. Look up any Chris Pratt gif and it probably fits in this list. 

Supertuned 2 - Sneak Peak

He kissed her gently, pulling her in close. His lips softly caressing her neck as she spoke softly in his ear. His mumbled response in her own ear only sealed her future.

To read Supertuned click here

If you want to be tagged in Supertuned 2′s release (tomorrow morning- Adelaide, Australia time) shoot me through a message or put a note here. 

I seriously cannot get over how much you all loved Supertuned. Seriously, I’ve had the idea in my head since this blog started, and I was so worried people would hate it. I had no plans on a second, as well I struggled to pick. I had a couple of really good ideas thrown at me :) and there was one I almost went with lol. 

But thank you all so much for the love. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Let’s hope you enjoy part two when it’s posted. It’s kinda long and I’m not sorry. 

Thank you again, My Lovelies


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Just fixed the “gallery” tab in my desktop theme to have a full list of tags you can click on! You can search by doll type, company name, year completed, and type of customization. I’ve only listed the most popular companies, but if you know of a sculpt that you’d like me to work on and want to see if I’ve done a faceup on it previously, you can always use the search bar to the left.

anonymous asked:

Hey! clicking through your ask tag to try to find info, but do you have a link to any of the fitness stuff/routines you currently do? Do you have a fitness tag? Sorry if you've answered this question before - Im going thru the 130 pages

i didnt get my routine/diet plan online, i have a friend whos really into physique thats been helping me out. i dont have an organized fitness tag actually? ah thats a good idea ill fix one up. for now im open for questions

also refer to last ask for what i have posted about my fitness routine 


Odrus One.

Lilac Alley @ 24th St in San Francisco, Ca

Odrus of PN Crew was here in the fall for the 2016 SF Meeting of Styles that was cancelled at the last minute. Many traveling artists ended up painting in Oakland Chinatown as did Odrus who painted a piece on 7th St at Harrison. He also painted this one before he left town on Lilac Alley at 24th St in San Francisco Mission District. You can click on tag #sfmos2016 to see the other art painted by artists from other states and countries.

the signs as shinee moments

Aries: kibummie catching jinki’s eye, touching his hand and telling him to “baby, baby breathe!”

Taurus:  taemin touching jinki’s thighs no matter what since forever

Gemini:  minho wrapping his arms around sobbing jonghyun and giving him the warmest hug ever

Cancer: back hug addict lee jinki’s favorite victim minho and minho loving him more for it

Leo: jonghyun staring at jinki while his eyes scream that he loves every single particle of him

Virgo:  “he’s my best friend and he had something interesting to say!”

Libra: taemin smacking kibum on the chest to show he loves him

Scorpio: this kinky ass moment

Sagittarius: jonghyun whispering the dirtiest shit in the world into jinki’s ear

Capricorn:  sleepy jinki clinging to kibum at the airport and kibum taking care of him

Aquarius:  jonghyun sniffing taemin’s neck and hair 

Pisces: choi tenderheart gently touching jinki’s hair and jinki closing his eyes to the feeling

I'm sobbing. This is the most vmin we got in any mv. It was so indirect but in your face at the same time!

it’s all winter here even in August.

my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer

i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter.

how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

snowflakes fall and get away little by little.

i miss you i miss you 

how long do i have to wait and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend to see you to meet you

passing by the edge of the cold winter until the days of the spring until the flowers blossom.

please stay, please stay there a little longer

you know it all, youre my best friend.

the morning will come again no darkness, no season can last forever.

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over

I miss you i miss you. 

wait a little bit, just a few more nights.

ill be there to see you, 

ill come for you

I made a theory about this but I should have read the lyrics sooner. I’m so happy!

I cant believe they actually went and said:

“You like their friendship so much? We’re gonna make a mv about it.”