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I think Jack likes to talk about his feelings a lot, but the problem has always been that no one is patient enough to listen to him. And it’s not always their fault. Sometimes they don’t even know that they’re interrupting him because he’s been silent for five minutes trying to think of the right words to say. His parents are too desperate for answers, or too sad to listen to the silence. His therapist will ask him another question if he doesn’t give him an answer fast enough, thinking that he just doesn’t have one yet. And Shitty will say that Jack doesn’t have to explain why he’s feeling down and Jack doesn’t even have the words to explain that there’s so much he wants to tell him.

Eric didn’t get it at first either. He would always try to fill the silence with something because the cold look in Jack’s eyes when he talks about the things that make him have bad days is something that still haunts him. But with time, with too many nights of being there and not knowing what to do, he starts to understand Jack’s need to take his time - just like he does with all his other emotions.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Eric will ask when he sees something bothering him. And Jack will nod, because he does, and then maybe not say anything for a few minutes. And Eric will hold him, run his fingers through soft hair, and listen to the silence until it’s ready to not be there anymore.

AO3 Filtering and You!

So I’ve seen a couple people talking about hating to see certain pairings and characters when searching on AO3, and I thought I’d take a moment to teach everyone A Thing I Love To Do. You can absolutely and very very easily filter out pairings and characters when you search for fics!

Step one: Find the tag for the character/pairing you want to filter out.

You’re gonna have to click on it (I’M SORRY I KNOW BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND).

Step two: After clicking on that tag you hate, find the RSS Feed button up on top and click that.

This is gonna bring up a screen full of gibberish. But it’s okay! This is good gibberish.

Step three: In the address bar, find the numbers that appear after tags/

That’s the numerical code that AO3 has attached to that tag.

Step four: Copy that number, then paste it in the search bar with a - in front of it

Step five: Success! Pressing search will remove that tag from the search results.

For best results, save all the tags you hate in a document and copy/paste when needed. You can totally stack these filters as much as you want, just make sure there’s a - in front of each tag code.

But Lady, you ask, how does this work? Well, the AO3 search engine, like every single search engine you will ever use, uses something called boolean searching. Putting that - in front of what you don’t want will tell the search engine “show me everything that fits this criteria, EXCEPT NOT this other criteria”.

The problem with AO3 is, if you search “-Character1/Character2″, it will fail to filter out stories tagged with “Character2/Character1″, or any stories where the tag uses a character’s nickname. But thanks to something that AO3 calls tag wrangling, both of those options will be stored within the same numerical code, so that a search for one will also bring up the other. You can use that in your filtering to ensure that all iterations of that pairing you hate will be removed.

WARNING: this currently only applies to character and pairing tags, and only the tags that have gotten enough fics to have been “wrangled” by AO3 and given a tag code. It also won’t work on stories where the tag has been misspelled.