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relationship status: single and probably not interested in anyone for a very long time

lipstick or chapstick: neither, most of the time. Hard to play clarinet with either on. 

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top 3 fictional characters: oh dear. Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Princess Nihuang from Nirvana in Fire, and Quentin from the October Daye series

top 3 ships: I’m not much of a shipper but Terra/Aqua, Jingyan/Lin Shu, and Mitsuha/Taki are good. 

books i’m currently reading: Out of Africa by Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke for class (gross subtle racism as opposed to more blatant racism in Heart of Darkness. I hate my lit teacher.) Also rereading Games Wizards Play by Diane Duane which is much better and more fun. 

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The instruments the night before a concert
  • Violin: Practicing their ass off if they're concertmaster. Associate concertmaster is spying on them.... watching... the rest.... idk they are a weird species.
  • Viola: Eating popcorn, texting the cellos 'oh my gosh I haven't practiced my music since our conductor gave it out four month ago lmaoooo'
  • Cello: In bed, no lights on, phone glued to their face, texting viola back 'same' and goes on tumblr for the next four hours, to come to the concert exhausted and grouchy
  • Double Bass: At a bar taking shots with strangers and accidentally hooks up with a violinist. Both are hungover and angry the concert day
  • Harpist: probably rambling on how expensive their harp is for the 500th time
  • Pianist: Gets a fear that they will suddenly forget how to play chords. Practices through the night and comes to the concert sore and groggy
  • Percussionist: Throwing a huge end-of-the-semester party and all the brass section is invited woohoo!!
  • Trumpets: Goes to the percussionist's party and brings their trumpet along with them and is the center of attention.
  • Trombones: doesn't go to the party bc they have a secret grudge against the trumpets and instead is watching Netflix at home
  • Horns: at a grocery store, curled up on the floor, with boxes of cheerios about them, growling 'must remember to play forte' over and over again until they fall asleep there and employees escort them out
  • Tuba: eating pizza, obvs. didn't get the memo for the percussionist's party
  • Flute: looking through their sheet music with the actual music that they'll be playing turned on softly, clutching the sheet music and whispering, 'i'll miss my pieces so much~~~'
  • Clarinet: sleeping. either that, or studying. I bet that there's a 80% possibility that they forgot there was a concert the next morning.
  • Oboe: Making a reed because they broke their good one and SCREAMING CONSTANTLY AS THEY'RE MAKING IT
  • Bassoon: on the floor crying because life. life life life and music. And also tests are coming up and juries and auditions and they're not readyyy.
Personalities of the instrumentalists, from what I noted. (Copied from my main blog)

Flutes-Either the most basic bitch or coolest nerd, or just there. No inbetween.

Clarinets-Just… Either a bit of a jerk or very, very quiet.

Saxophones-Huge ego, some may be nice. RUINS YOUR JAZZ’S GROUP TO GO TO STATE SOLO ENSEMBLE! Jerks.

Trumpets-Like saxophones, but more narcissistic of their ego. Tight group, call each other family. Doesn’t talk to other sections except other brass. Biggest ego in the whole band.

Trombones-Either really quiet or loud. Not afraid to state opinion. Doesn’t have as big of an ego as trumpets do.

Euphoniums- Like trombones, but personality, they are louder.

Tuba-Quietest person you’ll meet. You never notice them unless they have a solo.

Percussion-Pretty cool people. Don’t touch their equipment though. But, nice people.

Violin-Really quiet people. Orchestra equivalent of clarinets.

Viola-The sweetest people you’ll ever meet!

Cello-Pretty cool people. I don’t know them well except for one and he’s cool.

Bass-Also the sweetest people you’ll meet!


The Instruments
  • Flutes: Despite being small girls (and the occasional boy) with small instruments they won't hesitate to kick your ass
  • Clarinet: either full on geek or full on royalty. No in between
  • Saxophone: very popular with some really nice kids and some really drugged kids.
  • Trumpets: there are those who are the best, those who believe themselves to be the best, and those who people forget exist.
  • Horns: on the outside they are quiet nerds but when by themselves they are very sexual and likely to kill you.
  • Trombones: they exist, they are weird, they cannot be described
  • Euphoniums: either incredibly devoted or could not give one fuck
  • Tuba: they are chill
  • Percussion: incredibly weird but you got to love them


ed would be a trumpet player b/c trumpet players tend to be flashy (like w/ his red coat) and a little bit egotistical as they are kind of know-it-alls and think they’re the superior instrument

winry would play the flute b/c flutes are cool and flutists tend to be pretty smart and cheerful but a bit dramatic. she’s also really good at helping people tune their instruments and fix broken reeds/mouthpieces/etc

also the trumpet players and flute players fight all the time but secretly have crushes on each other

al is either a clarinet or french horn because he is quiet but very hard working and friendly when you talk to him

he sits right in front of ed and gets annoyed b/c ed always forgets to empty his spit valve and ends up spraying spit all over al

ling and lan fan both play two instruments and get teased about perpetuating the asian stereotype but they’re both so good people stop making jokes (also lan fan threatens to impale them with her bow if they keep making fun of ling) also they’re both super fit so they can carry two instruments to practice lol

ling plays contrabass and tenor sax, b/c he’s pretty chill and tall and talkative and more clever than he seems…he goofs off a lot in practice since he’s naturally good enough that he gets bored

ling likes to tell ed that he could never play the contrabass because he’s too short

lan fan is the strings queen! she could probably play any strings instrument well but she mainly sticks to cello and viola, she’s really good at playing by ear…

mei plays piccolo b/c she’s tiny and energetic

winry sits pretty close to her and catches her looking at alphonse a lot