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For the fic name thingy: A Drop Of Liquid Sunshine

okay i’m gonna try and get back into doing these, so if you’re new (hello!), these are synopses of fics that i would write based on the titles people sent to me. and with this one, literally the only thing i can think of is felix felicis, so this could only really be a harry potter au. 

so. harry’s a sixth year ravenclaw hell bent on creating potions to cure – not just ease – muggle diseases and cancers. he’s muggleborn, and the moment he learned about magic and found out that he had that power in him, he wondered why everyone didn’t just, y’know, use it to help others. he gets the whole statute of secrecy thing (because he read the whole thing as an eleven-year-old), but he doesn’t understand how anyone could see the suffering of others (magic or muggle or anything in between) and be okay with it. 

he’s been locked out of the common room for arguing with the door knocker about her logic again (she said that the answer to “what flies without wings?” was time which, yeah, harry gets that, but also he learned a spell in his very first charms class ever that proves that clever bit of wordplay wrong so, because wingardium leviosa is a thing that exists, everything has the potential to fly without wings and if she can’t accept that then fine) and so he’s down in the library, compiling texts from the restricted section about early wizard-muggle relations before the statute of secrecy was adopted. he opens the first one, sees a graphic illustration of a witch being burned at the stake, flips to another page and sees a muggle being burned at the stake instead, and closes it, realizing why the books were there in the restricted section in the first place. 

for a while, he just sits there, his head against the pile of deeply disturbing books, considering going back up to the tower and apologizing to the door knocker. it’s not her fault he was in a bad mood, he’s just stalled on the progress of his potion to cure heart disease and can’t move forward until he figures out how his latest attempt reacts to niffler hair, which just went on the ministry’s restricted materials list and is now impossible to get ahold of. 

suddenly, someone takes a seat across from him. 

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Barrisco Month - Day 13 - “Our Suit”

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“Absolutely not.”

Barry whined, draping himself dramatically over the chair beside Cisco’s. “Why not?”

Cisco pushed himself back from the desk to face him fully, because this matter required the strictest attention. “So many reasons, take your pick. The list starts with the fact that hero tech is my area of expertise and ends with why would you even want to? There is no way I’m letting you design my own superhero suit, dude.”

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MMFD Fanfic: A Shady Lane (Ch. 5)


Rae looked herself up and down in the bathroom mirror, reapplying her lipstick. She was wearing a tight-fitting black mini dress that made her tits look more ridiculous than usual, if that was possible. She’d let Chloe curl and tease up her hair only to give her something to do with her nervous hands. Chloe was taking her role as Maid of Honor very seriously, having custom ordered Izzy a custom tiara and matching party favors covered in penises. To Rae, it seemed deliciously tacky, but she could see some of Izzy’s more conservative cousins and friends were a little put off, which completely frazzled perfect Chloe.

As a result of Chloe’s anxious attention, Rae looked like she was off to go sing in a sixties girl group, complete with knee-high go-go boots and winged eyeliner. She tugged on Finn’s ancient leather jacket and tried to let his smell comfort her. She felt like an absolute twat and had been calling him for hours when Izzy reminded her that they wouldn’t get any reception in the countryside.

She hadn’t meant she would never marry Finn. She thought that was a given, an unspoken eventuality. She just hadn’t really given any thought to a timeline. And now what? Finn thinks she’s not serious? If there was one thing he was sensitive about, it was feeling rejected by her. She’d made a right mess of their relationship back in the day, and he’d always harbored a bit of anxiety about it. That she’d just turn on a dime and no longer fancy him. Always have to open my stupid gob, the thought angrily as she dragged herself back to the dance floor.

No one would be able to tell Izzy wasn’t drinking, judging by her frantic dance moves and constant laughter. Chloe was pleasantly trashed like the rest of the girls, sipping margaritas and fancy drinks with little umbrellas. Rae hadn’t been able to stomach a drink. Her stomach felt like it was made of lead.

Around 2am, the girls arrived at the hotel suite Chloe had booked. The suite featured two connected rooms with two large king size beds in each and a shared living room. Rae immediately flopped onto a bed and was surprised when Izzy joined her, curling up next to her. Izzy played with Rae’s hair for a bit before sighing.

“I’m just so happy, Rae.”

“Yeah,” smiled Rae. “Chop’s a lovely bloke.”

“No, silly. Obviously I’m happy about that. I’m just happy you’re here. I’ve missed ya.”

Rae turned to consider her tiny ginger friend. Izzy had always been the sweetest out of the three girls in the gang. She’d had it as rough as the rest of them, but she’d always had the sweetest disposition. Were Izzy anything other than perfectly lovely, Rae felt she’d have been irritatingly jealous of her.

“I’ve missed you too, Izz.”

“It’s just amazing how it all worked out, innit?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, me and Chop are getting proper settled, starting a family. Chloe is happy with her bloke. You and Finn have finally got it together. I just…I’d hoped we always stay friends. As a gang. And that we’d all be happy.”

Rae felt her cheeks dampen as she wrapped her arms around Izzy and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Especially you, Rae. You’ve fought the hardest and I’m just so glad you seem…really good. You are alright, aren’t you?”

Rae sputtered and smiled, wiping her face and whispered, “Yeah. I’m pretty good.”

She knew she and Finn would be fine. She’d see him tomorrow, explain her whole cock-up and they would dance and laugh and cry watching their best mates get married. Because things had worked out for them. It looks like they’d made it, despite all the bullshit life had thrown at them.

“Cuddle Puddle!” screamed Chloe, who stumbled into the room with a bottle of brut in one hand and her six-inch heels in another. She collapsed beside them and Izzy and Rae readjusted to welcome Chloe into the hug.

“I just fucking love you slags, you know that?” said Chloe.

“Yeah, we know,” said Rae.

The three girls giggled and reminisced until Chloe reminded Izzy that tomorrow was the biggest day of her life. The three of them crawled into the bed and slept in a giant spoon formation. Rae was tickled that for once, she was the little spoon.


Rae had arrived back at Finn’s dad’s house and was disheartened to find that Finn had gone off to pick up his suit and get ready with Chop early. She showered and readied herself, staving off the fear that Finn was avoiding her. She pulled on her gold party dress with matching headband and stopped to check out her reflection. She grinned in spite of herself and said aloud, “It’s fucking embarrassing how good I look some days.”

“Right-o, love,” said Finn’s dad, laughing. Rae wanted shove her foot in her mouth and swallow her entire body into oblivion.


“Fancy a lift, then?” said Finn’s dad, winking at her.

“Oh no, I’m supposed to meet over at Izzy’s mum’s house and help them get ready.”

Rae turned and fished around the turntable, before finding the copy of The Woods that Finn had given her for Christmas and tucking it under her arm.

Rae grabbed Finn’s jacket and slipped out of the apartment as fast as she could. She slipped on a matching pair of gold ray-bans and practiced a confident strut as she made her way down the street. Stamford didn’t scare her like it used to. She’d sort of meant what she said when she looked in the mirror. Her hair was fierce and sleek and her legs looked perfect in her black stockings. She was ready to show Finn exactly how devastatingly sexy she looked and let her imagination of how the rest of the evening would play out carry her all the way to Izzy’s.

She knocked on the door and was immediately dragged by her arm, a tad violently by an extremely elated Chloe (who was clad only in a fluffy blue towel). Rae allowed herself to be dragged up the stairs and into Izzy’s mum’s bathroom. Chloe had a full face of make-up on and her hair in curlers, with a cigarette dangling precariously on her bright pink smile. Rae stumbled in behind her and was floored to see how beautiful Izzy looked. Her cream colored dress was delicate, with lace that hugged her body with a clean elegance the suited a bride. Her red hair hung long with a gorgeous crown of fresh flowers resting gently on her head. She looked otherworldly.

“Izzy, you look bloody gorgeous,” exhaled Rae. Izzy smiled up at her nervously.

“I feel bloody ridiculous,” she said, as she scrutinized herself in front of the mirror.

“Come off it, you silly moo,” cooed Chloe, who was putting the finishing touches on Izzy’s make up. “Chop’s gonna have a fucking heart attack when he sees you and all the blood rushes down to his trousers.”
Rae felt a bit useless on the beautification front so she slipped the vinyl from it’s sleeve and put it on the turntable that Izzy had set up in the bathroom. A bundle of paper fell onto the floor that had been stuck to the inside of the album. As the opening chords of “The Fox” rumbled from the speakers, she turned the rather thick note and held her breath as she recognized Finn’s handwriting. She was torn – had me meant for her to read it in his presence? She snuck a glance at the girls and saw they were pretty entranced with what they were up to.


If I try to say this out loud, I know I’m going to cock it up.

I feel like when we’re together, I am so much more than just myself. I feel like I can do anything when you’re with me. Like we can just tell the whole world to piss off. You’ve always seemed to transcend a lot of the superficial bullshit in life that everyone else gets burdened with. I think that’s because you always had to work a bit harder than the rest of us? But what makes you so absolutely amazing is that throughout everything that’s happened to you, you’ve always been a good person. You’ve always been funny and clever and all the things I was afraid to be. At 16, you’d already experienced an entire lifetime’s worth of grief that felt like an impassable ocean for the longest time.

Christ, this is becoming so fucking cliché, but Rae, it’s all true. I still get a bit funny when I look at you, like I can’t believe you’re actually with me after everything that happened. It makes me feel like I must have done something right. But more than anything, Rae, I want to make you happy, truly and bloody well happy…

Rae quickly folded the letter before finishing it. Fucking hell, she thought. No wonder he was so upset with her. She tucked the note into her handbag and turned to check if her eyes were running. Little streaks of mascara traced down her face. She turned to Izzy, and just lost it. Izzy was positively ethereal and Rae could not stop herself giving in to the emotion welling up inside of her.

Chloe reached over and pushed Rae out the door. “Don’t you get her started, or else I’ll have to sort you both out.” Rae sat down on Izzy’s mum’s bed and allowed Chloe to wipe her face with a tissue and reapply her make-up.

“You look beautiful, Rae,” said Chloe, tongue between her teeth as she carefully applied more mascara.

“Thanks,” sniffed Rae. I’m too fucking emotional for this shit.

Chloe pulled back and looked her dead in the eye before breaking out into a face-splitting grin.

“Do you realize, that in all our years of knowing each other, that is the first fucking time you’ve accepted a bloody complement from me?”

Rae laughed. “Well, when you’ve your blessed with this…” gesturing to her body.

“Oi,” said Chloe, slapping her playfully. “No sarcasm. Just accept the fact that you are a sexy piece of arse, babe.”

Rae caught herself in the mirror and smiled.

“Yeah, pretty sexy, if I do say so myself.”

Chloe slipped into her gold dress that showcased her perfect body. It skimmed Chloe’s curves where it hugged Rae’s. The old Rae would have rather played in traffic than stand next to Chloe in front of an audience, let alone in a matching dress. But the new Rae was proud to be a part of it; proud to find herself still a member of the gang after all these years. You are the gang, she thought, remembering Finn’s words from what seemed a lifetime ago.

A few moments later, the cab that was taking the girls to the ceremony honked from the street. The girls rushed into the back of the cab, shoving Izzy and her dress in before throwing back a few shots of vodka (Izzy sipped water with a straw so as not to mess with Chloe’s masterful cosmetic application).

“Well, this is it! Isn’t it,” squealed Izzy.

“Yeah,” said Rae. “It really is.”

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Alright it is here! TWIT pt 5! The final part :)

[Thank you fan-dem for being so supportive during my first ever fanfic! this isn’t the last one I am going to do either! I will starting a new one next week, I don’t think that one will be a multi-chap though. I haven’t decided yet but one thing I do know is that there will be rinn smut!! ;) so be gentle because it is extremely awkward for me to write naughty things haha….ok I hope you guys like the conclusion.

tagging kneekeyta hewittgolightly anis-e and theblanknotebook for your drafts! also, myfinnnelsonpls it still won’t let me tag you?? so i hope you happen upon this anyway]

[[AU- finn is crazy about Rae, the gang falls apart, and then what happens!!!???]]

(part 5/5)

you can find other parts here

Izzy was heartbroken but she couldn’t cry anymore. It was all she had been doing for days, and there were no tears left in her now. She slumped in her chair, she felt heavy and there wasn’t enough strength in her to hold herself up. She was supposed to meet the gang at the pub later, Rae had begged her till she had agreed to come, but she was already contemplating staying home.

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