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10 Eras & 10 Canons

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 10 Eras and 10 Canons ficlet project for the 10 Years of Steve/Tony celebration. This post is a masterlist of those 20 works spanning and celebrating the breadth of Steve and Tony’s relationship. But sure to also check out the other works posted to the Anniversary Collection

Ten Eras

Ten Canons


It seems like a good day for some fic recs (Friday Fic Recs!!) featuring my favorite trope: young!Tony Stark/Steve Rogers. Check out:

Living in The Future by Closer (a fandom classic!)
Hard Rock Swing by copperbadge (so, so lovely)
My Waiter in Shining Armor by  Akira_of_the_Twilight (too cute for words)
Full Disclosure Not Required (but Appreciated) by Potrix (angsty but in the best way)
The Lengths That I Will Go To by Politzania (an awesome WIP)
I Said “I Love You,” What Does it Matter if I Lie to You? by me (Lelantus -shameless self-promotion)

K-Pop side of Tumblr...we need to talk.

In a weird turn of events a Facebook meme group I’m in posted pics of Hyungwon from Monsta X, and one person included the link to this…

A palm reading. By this dude, who has a channel dedicated to palm reading:

I thought it was weird, but then I saw that Monsta X had two other members posted: Wonho and Minhyuk. And when I went deeper, I saw he has playlists of people he’s done palm readings for.



But yeah go check out Tony Leggett’s Kpop idol playlist and see if your bias had their palm read!

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i spent roughly 4 hrs putting this powerpoint presentation together i regret NOTHING

many thanks to tonystarksredthong for providing the sources for a lot of these. check them out for more updates on naked tony (and others!).

It’s a completely normal meeting for the Avengers, but when Steve’s giving the mission debriefing, it gets slightly… off-topic.

“And then Sam here–The Falcon–really saved my ass.”

“Your ass is worth saving.”

And there’s just this dead silence and Steve and Sam look at each other, and Steve goes: “But, seriously, that was a death-defying stunt you pulled. You’re amazing. I owe you.”

Sam can’t take compliments, ever, and especially not in front of the other Avengers. “If it wasn’t for your improv, we’d have scrubbed the mission.”

“It was your flying skills that pulled it off–”

“You leaped almost 500 yards–”

Meanwhile, Natasha is cringing at the fact that neither Sam nor Steve knows when to shut up about each other, and their compliments are starting to look suspiciously like flirting.

Tony is completely checked out by this point and is reading emails.

Clint is really, really super jazzed because part of the mission fuck-up was one of his bad calls and nobody is talking about that.

And Thor is nodding along with each compliment exchange, muttering mostly to himself: “I agree wholeheartedly” and “A great feat, indeed” because Thor can appreciate the fluff fest.

Bruce is pretty damn sure he can create a device to detect human pheromones based on Sam and Steve’s conversation alone because it’s that damn potent.

“Anyway,” Steve says after a frustrating five minutes, “did anybody have any other questions?”

“Yeah,” Natasha says, pointing a finger between him and Sam. “When’s the wedding?”

  • Person: so hey what did you think of Civil War?
  • Me, sweating nervously: Hmm? 'Civil War' you say?? Never heard of it. Last time I checked, Steve and Tony were making out at the Avengers Compound. Nothing else happened at all, not ringing any bells, I don't recall-
  • Person: But-
  • Me: *crying* shuT yoUR WHORE MOUTH

(A/N): I loved this request so much

Request: Hey, bab! Can you do a Marvel one-shot where reader is in the modern-day navy and just gets back home from bootcamp so Tony throw her a coming home party but she gets tired of the noise so she goes outside, and Bucky follows her and he talks to her about how weird it is coming back and then there’s just a lot of heart-to-heart talk and fluff? Thankies :))

Warnings: mentions of war and ptsd, some swearing

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   You sigh shakily as you check yourself out in some mirror in one of Tony’s halls. You looked…presentable at least. 

   Ever since returning from war you hadn’t been the same, not that anyone expected you to but it was just a bit harder to deal with everyday life now due to said war. You didn’t ever feel like leaving your room much less go to one of Tony’s fancy ass  parties with hundreds of people. So yeah, you were dreading this whole thing, having to go socialize and act like you were fine even though you really weren’t, having to dress up, most likely having to talk about the horrors of war to people you didn’t even know. 

    Why had you even agreed to this in the first place? You found yourself asking as you walked down the hall to the thump of some music Tony had blasting some floor below. That’s right, the man manipulated you into it that’s why. With another sigh you push the button on the elevator, listening to its quiet ding as it made its ascent to your floor. 

    “You wouldn’t mind If I tagged along, would ya?” God, you hadn’t heard that voice in months, that sweet voice that was always able to make you melt no matter the circumstance. 

   “’Course not Buck,” The man slides up beside you, wearing that all too famous smirk upon his face. You couldn’t help but cast him a side glance or 3, the man cleaned up well. With his hair back in that messy bun you adored and that fine suit hugged his body deliciously. 

   “You know I can see you staring,” Bucky whispers, an almost cocky smirk upon his face. You immediately tense up and redirect your gaze, deciding that the floor was a really good option at the moment. 

   “Sorry,” You murmur, your voice a bit too quiet to really decipher, or so you thought. 

   “It’s okay,” Bucky tilts his head to give you a small smile, one that nearly stopped your heart. “You’re quite a sight for sore eyes yourself,” You blush at his words, attempting to reign in your small squeal that threatened to escape your lips. 

  “Thanks,” You whisper. You’re sure one of you was just about to say something a bit risque or even awkward when the elevator chimed, the doors opening into the rather posh cabin. You quickly step in, Bucky not too far behind, in fact he was standing rather close to you if you thought about it. 

   “So,” Bucky begins, casually leaning back against the wall and folding his arms over his chest. “How’re you feeling about all this?” Bucky waves his hand around a bit, nearly putting a smile on your face. 

   “A little nervous I guess, It’s gonna be my first time interacting with anyone in…” You counted off the months in your head, trying to decide how long you’d been gone. 

   “8 months,” Bucky nods, his gaze dropping to his feet. “You’ve been gone 8 months,” 

   “How did you-” But before you could ask the question that was on the tip of your tongue the elevator dings, opening once again to this time reveal a larger floor, cram packed with people. “Oh god,” You whisper to yourself, attempting to reign in your oncoming panic attack as you do so. 

   “There’s our little soldier!” Tony calls to you, obviously very intoxicated already. “Let’s give a warm welcome to (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” He sways on the spot as he takes another swig of whatever was in his hands. Everyone in the room begins to applaud, their attention solely on you.

    You felt more than uncomfortable as you give everyone an awkward little wave, no doubt looking like a huge nerd as you slowly make your way into the room. Immediately you’re bombarded with tons of people, most of which you didn’t know, all asking questions about your time and what you did. You politely answer each question to the best of your ability, some being harder to answer than others. 

   The swarm of people around you was starting to get to you as you felt your heart rate steadily increasing and your palms beginning to sweat. Perhaps if you just had a drink to settle your nerves you’d be good for the rest of the night? It was highly unlikely but you decided to do it anyways, maneuvering through all the people, muttering quiet ‘excuse me’s’ as you slowly make your way to the bar. For such a large party it was relatively empty, thank god, and you immediately take a seat on the furthest end of said bar, away from most of the party goers. 

   “Can I get just get some Tequila?” You ask the bartender. “Like, the entire bottle?” The bartender gives you a shady look but nonetheless grabs an entire bottle for you. You mutter a quiet thanks before placing some money down on the counter and all but ripping the top of the bottle, desperate for the liquid to burn at your throat. 

   “(Y/N)!” Came the slurred voice of Tony as he staggered over to where you were, interrupting your almost peaceful moment. “I haven’t seen you in ages!” He hiccups slightly, swaying as he slumps down beside you, waving his hand as he attempts to usher over the bartender. 

   “Get me- get me-” He begins, waggling a finger at the bartender. 

   “He doesn’t need anymore,” You smile lightly as you stand to support Tony. “Cut him off for the night-” 

   “Didn’t you just order an entire bottle of Tequila? Who are you to talk about alcohol control?” You groan inwardly as Tony nearly falls out of his seat, had you not been there he probably would have. 

   “You give him one more drink and I’m billing you for the hospital visit,” You all but growl, already so done with this party, with this bartender, with everything. “Screw it,’ You mutter as you situate Tony correctly before storming off. You had no clue where you were going but as you looked outside the window and got a perfect view of New York you had already made up your mind. 

   Everyone was so preoccupied with the party that they didn’t even see the large window like doors open and shut, nor feel the cool draft that it let in. You were glad to have a moment to yourself at least, it was easier to focus now that you were out in the open, breathing in fresh air. You sigh deeply, taking another swig of the tequila you had brought along smirking softly as you do so. So much for your first social interaction-

   “Hey,” Comes a soft and consoling voice behind you. “Mind if I join you?” You turn to look over your shoulder only to be met with Bucky ‘I’m the literal definition of a grown puppy’ Barnes. On any other day you’d have said no, shooed him away, but you hadn’t seen the man in 8 months and really he was the only person you could tolerate at the moment. 

   “Sure,” You whisper, giving him a small smile. He smiles back at you as he slides up beside you, resting his hands on the balcony as he looks out beyond all the city lights. 

    “I know how you feel,” Bucky whispers softly, not even casting you a side glance as he does so. “It doesn’t feel right, like you don’t belong here, huh?” Your mouth runs dry as you nod, Bucky having put your feelings into words exactly. “You feel like you don’t deserve any of this, any of this kindness and love, all this attention,” 

   “Y-yeah,” You agree quietly, setting your bottle down as you listened to Bucky’s little explanation. 

   “It’s hard to come back to all this, to a nice bed, to normal food, to a working shower, to the sound of birds rather than gunshots. I know it’s hard to sleep at night, the nightmares won’t let you, that’s why you’re always up at such early hours right?” You meekly nod your head at his words now knowing that he had discovered your secret. 

    You did have a bit of difficulty sleeping at night, the nightmare did haunt you. All those screaming faces, the sounds of bullet after bullet, the sight of bloodied hands and bashed in skulls. 

    “I was counting down the days until you came back,” Bucky whispers, nodding his head a bit. “That’s why I knew how long you were gone. God (Y/N),” Bucky suddenly sighs shakily, bowing his head to rest it on the balcony rail. “I was so worried about you, I didn’t know if you were okay or how damaged you were gonna be, I didn’t know what you were going to see out there, I didn’t want you to-” Bucky sighs, slowly rising from his previous position, instead turning his head to look back at you. “I didn’t want you to end up damaged and broken like me,” He whispers, his chest  shakily falling as he breathes the words out. 

   “Bucky,” You whisper, a little too stunned to say anything else. 

   “I know how weird this must seem but I just- I needed to tell you,” Bucky whispers, his gaze falling down to the balcony floor. “I needed you to know what you meant to me before you go back out again. I’ll- I’ll leave now, I get how awkward this must be-” Bucky begins to walk away, almost leaving you all alone with nothing but your thoughts and your tequila.  

   “Wait!” You suddenly find your voice again, as well as your movement as you reach out to grab him. Your hand barely brushes his, your fingers grazing each other, just enough to send sparks of something through your body. “I-I don’t want to be alone anymore…” You whisper, staring down at your almost laced fingers. “I can’t be alone anymore,” To this Bucky nods, a look of fondness upon his face as he yanks you to his body, wrapping you up in his arms as close as humanly possible. 

   “You don’t have to,“


Two things…they’re competitive boyfriends, and Tony totally uses science excuse to check out Steve’s biceps…possibly explore this role play multiple times in bedroom for scientific method to be true. Tony is Gladiator Steve’s blacksmith and take care of his sword.

Bonus thing: Steve has come so far from civil war in accepting Tony’s robots. And they look so good.