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A photo of deformed daisies reportedly found near Fukushima, Japan, has gone viral. But don’t panic — they almost definitely aren’t radioactive mutants. It looks bad. But Beth Krizek, a biologist at the University of South Carolina, told The Huffington Post that the deformity you see here is called fasciation. She explained that fasciation happens when something affects the way plant cells replicate, leading to the over-proliferation of some cells. It can be caused by naturally occurring mutation, hormonal changes or environmental stresses. (Source) @sixpenceee

Washington: Christmas is cancelled.

Jefferson: You can’t cancel a holiday.

Washington: Keep it up, Thomas, and you’ll lose the Fourth of July.

Jefferson: What does that mean?

Washington: Alexander, take the Fourth of July away from Thomas.

  • Rachel: I will be spending February 13 with some lovely single ladies from camp who could care less about Valentine's Day. And we will be celebrating the fact that we don't have to spend it with some dippy guy carting around roses and stuffed toys all night. Oh, no offense, Leo.
  • Leo: And none was taken until just then.