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Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.

  • Louis: *laying down on his stomach, playing fifa or something*
  • Harry: *lies down and places his head on Louis' bum*
  • Louis: *wiggles*
  • Harry: "Don't you dare fart on me, Tomlinson."
  • Louis: *farts*
  • Louis: "Too late, Tomlinson."
  • Harry: "I want a divorce."
my AO3 fic!

so, i FINALLY grew some balls and forced myself to post the beginning of my winter 1D fic online. 

I actually started it in January 2016, but stuff came up and I wound up losing my motivation somewhat. Before I knew it, it was summer and writing a snow season based story just felt weird. Plus my intention had been to release it during winter, as something to read on a cosy night in! Clearly that wouldn’t have worked in summer!

My next excuse was that i had intended to write a one shot. Well, that left me way too many opportunities to excuse myself from writing. So today, at the beginning of the new year where i am trying to mentally clear the rubbish out and move forward as a person, i decided TO HELL WITH IT. 

I’m gonna post some of what i’ve already written. Then, if it gets some positive feed back, it will be an incentive to keep going. And a mood booster for those days when i still feel a bit anxious and wobbly :)

so yeah. If you like Ziam, Larry, C’ptn Niall, winter, snow, snowboarding or skiing, hallowe’en or spooky stories - please dive forth and check this out! 

Fools, and Worthless Liars. (titled stolen from the Deaf Havana album for reasons!)



Harry AND Louis first word was “cat”. THE. SAME. FOKIN. FIRST. WORD. My life is a lie. I’m about to die, it was a pleasure to meet you, never forget me, please. All the love, Morg x