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It’s All My Fault

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Shin Hoseok (Wonho) x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word count: 581

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He was supposed to come back 2 hours ago. You were starting to get impatient when you heard voices coming from the first floor. You rushed downstairs. They were talking about something and you could feel how tense the atmosphere was. When you got near them they all fell silent.

“What happened?” you asked. Hoseok just glared at you and brushed past, going up the stairs to his office. You followed him with your eyes and when he was inside you turned to the members.

“What’s up with him? Why the gloomy faces?”

“Don’t mind him, you know that you’re the last person he would do anything to.” Kihyun told you.

“The deal didn’t come through, it was a trap.” Changkyun interrupted.

“What?” only now you noticed that there was one member missing.

“Where’s Minhyuk?” you questioned but the members stayed quiet. “Tell me!!” you shouted grabbing Kihyun by the collar.

“I think you should hear this from Hoseok.” he said. You let go of him and quickly ran up the stairs, slamming the door to his office open. He was standing near the window, his back to you.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Close the door.” he said in a harsh tone.

He never talked to you like that so you were reluctant to comply. He turned around and looked you straight in the eyes.

“Close the god damn door!!” he ordered, practically shouting at you. You have never seen him this angry and you could feel a shiver run down your spine. You didn’t want to make him more mad and finally got the door closed. You stood still for a minute and after a while decided to approach him. Maybe you will get him to calm down.

“Hoseok-“  you started putting your hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!”

You pulled back and waited for him to tell you something. He turned to the window again.

“Minhyuk is dead.”

It seemed like the world stopped at that moment. You could feel the tears starting to build up in the corners of your eyes.

“How?” was the only thing you dared ask him. He punched the wall near him, startling you.

“It’s all my fault, I should have known this would happen. How could I trust those bastards…”

“How can you say that? Are you really going to blame yourself for this?” you were about to ask when he slapped you hard across the face. Holding your cheek you immediately took a few steps back.

“And what do you know?! You weren’t even there!!” he shouted but then realized what he had done.

“Oh my god, baby I’m sorry, my emotions took over me.” he begged you to understand as he approached you. But it was too late, you couldn’t look at his face right now because the sweet Hoseok you knew disappeared the moment you walked into this room. Avoiding his grasp you rushed out of the room.  You ran downstairs where the other members were still gathered.

“Y/N?! What happened?” Hyungwon asked.

“Move!!” you just shouted going out the door to your car.

“What did you do Hoseok?” Kihyun tried to stop him as he chased after you. He pushed him away and ran outside.

“Baby, please wait!!” but you had already started the car’s engine you looked at him through the rear view mirror meeting his gaze for the last time before you drove off.

“Fuck!!” he screamed slumping down at the ground. “What have I done?..”

!!! Part 2 !!!

A/N: Aggressive behaviour = perfect opportunity to write a mafia au 😃 But getting serious aggressive relationships is a big no no and should not be tolerated. Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😉

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Pretty pretty please can you write something where Alex and Kara see Maggie when she's on the heavy bag or upset and Kara goes to comfort her but Al's like 'sweetie, I've got this' and it's sweet and comforting and amazing and I've been crying since I woke up this morning please give me something fluffy!

Kara knows something’s wrong the moment she enters the building.

Maggie’s heartbeat is steady, but elevated, hard, and while she’s generally learned to avoid walking into Alex or Maggie’s places – or her own bedroom during game night – when their heartbeats are quick and rapid, Maggie is alone.

She’s alone and loud hip hop that Kara can’t identify is pounding along with a rhythmic thudding.

Kara sighs.

Maggie’s working on her heavy bag.

Normally, Kara wouldn’t give it a second thought – Maggie loves that thing – but she’d had breakfast with James this morning and he’d regaled her with tales of how hard Maggie had just pushed him – and herself – in the gym.

So this probably isn’t her regular workout.

She gives up on the door after it becomes clear that Maggie’s not going to hear it, so she jets around the building and raps, instead, on the living room window.

Maggie’s face – sweat-streaked with focused, furious, intense eyes and messy hair swept off her neck in a high bun – doesn’t change when she sees Kara, and she doesn’t stop bouncing on the balls of her feet.

But she does tug at her gloves with her teeth, and she sheds one to yank the window open for her girlfriend’s little sister.

“Need something, Little Danvers?” she yells over her music, glad she doesn’t have to turn it down because of Kara’s superhearing. Without waiting for an answer, she replaces her glove and goes back to slamming combinations into the bag, working on her breathing and hip rotation with singular focus.

Kara watches her for a long moment.

“How do you do that? Alex says I always drop my left shoulder before I throw a punch, that it gives me away.”

Maggie sighs and gestures Kara in front of her, still weaving up and down on the balls of her feet.

“You shouldn’t have to drop your shoulder because it shouldn’t be up like that to begin with. Keep the tension in your core, not your shoulders.”

She reaches around Kara’s body and hesitates before touching her. Kara nods, suddenly breathless, suddenly shy, and Maggie is somehow both gentle and firm as she shows Kara with a splayed hand on her stomach, how to brace her abs, with gently tapping fingers on her shoulder, prompting her to relax it.

“Good, Little Danvers. Now when you punch, try not to send my bag through the wall, okay?”

Kara grins and pulls her punches, and Maggie surveys her with sharp eyes.

“You seemed pretty in danger of putting it through the wall yourself, Maggie.”

She catches the question in Kara’s voice, and she grunts and shifts Kara by the hips to the side so she can go at the bag again.

“It’s nothing, it’s whatever. Just a workout.”

“I heard you already had an exhausting one this morning.” There’s no judgment in Kara’s voice, just concern, but Maggie launches a rough roundhouse kick at the bag anyway.

“Our line of work, you can’t train too hard.”

“Actually, you – ”

“I’m fine, Kara. What did you need, anyway?”

Kara slips her phone out of her pocket and texts Alex as Maggie launches a new assault on the bag.

“Winn and I are in the mood for pool, and we wondered if you wanted to come.”

“No phone?” Maggie asks without looking at her, and Kara’s heart threatens to break, because she knows her sister’s girlfriend is breaking, but she doesn’t know why.

And her worst nightmare – both of their worst nightmares, she imagines – is not knowing how to help.

“You weren’t answering.” Kara finally reaches over and turns down the music, because her own senses are starting to overload. Maggie opens her mouth to object, but glances at Kara’s face and nods immediately, silently, like she understands without needing an explanation. Because she does.

Kara finds herself hoping that her sister marries this woman.

Maggie keeps her gaze on Kara’s face and her eyes soften somewhat. She stills for the first time since Kara flew in and rips off her gloves with a sigh.

“You ever just… for no reason, everything feels like the world’s ending? Except it’s not actually?”

Kara nods softly, slowly. “This one of those days?”

Maggie just stares at her face for a long moment, like she’s evaluating how much she wants to risk, and before she can decide, Alex’s key scrapes the lock.

One look at Maggie’s somehow both guarded and open face, the sweat pouring down her body, the slow swiveling of the heavy bag, and the concern in Kara’s eyes tells her everything she needs to know.

“Oh sweetie. I got this.” She strides over to Kara, squeezing her hands and kissing her cheek gratefully. “You wanna go get us some takeout?”

“I’ll go to that organic place in Austin, okay?” she tells Maggie, who fights tears and shakes her head, struck silent by the way the Danvers girls just… want to care for her. For some reason she can’t fathom.

“You don’t have to, Little – ”

But Kara’s already kissed her cheek, smiled softly at her sister, and flown back out the window.

Silence rises in her wake, and Maggie goes to put her gloves back on.

“Whoa whoa, okay,” Alex reaches out with gentle hands to stop her. “You don’t have to talk, babe, but you need to be gentler with your body, okay? Can you do that for me?”

Maggie stares at the ground and Alex kisses her forehead.

Maggie backs up.

“I’m all sweaty and gross.”

“Sweaty, yes. Gross? No. Never.”

Maggie sighs and Alex waits until she knows Maggie’s ready for a tiny push.

“One of those days?”

Maggie nods, humiliation written everywhere on her body, and Alex’s heart shatters.

“Well, Kara will be back in a little under an hour. You know what that gives us enough time for?”

“I’m not really up for sex, Danvers.”

Alex pffts. “No! Here, you shower. It’ll help. I’ll warm the towels for you. And I’ll have a surprise waiting when you come out, okay?”

Maggie sighs skeptically, exhaustedly.

“Do you trust me, babe?”

Maggie nods, because if she’s not beating the life out of something, it’s about all she can do.

“Good. So go. Shower.”

She does. She does and she hates every moment of it, especially the parts that make her feel somewhat, somehow, better.

But her throat unsticks and when she steps out of the bathroom in the tank and boxers Alex had slipped in and left for her, she speaks, because she panics.

Because her studio isn’t all that big, yet she can’t see Alex.

Alex, who told her to trust her. And yet she couldn’t see her anywhere.


“Down here, babe!”

Alex’s voice is muffled and the smile in it, the barely restrained, bursting enthusiasm, is so clear that Maggie’s lips start tilting upward of their own accord.

“Danvers, what – “

Because as she rounds the couch, she finds Alex buried in a fort made, it seems, of every single pillow and blanket Maggie owns.

“It’s the Bad Day Tunnel. Or hole. Or fort. Or burrow. I can’t decide what it should be called. Kara would always call it the Fortress of Sistertude, but I very much don’t want you to be my sister, so I figure we should come up with something else.”

In spite of herself, Maggie plops down in the fort next to Alex, who tosses a blanket over her shoulders and lets her lean into her body.

“What does one do in the Bad Day… thing?” she asks in a monotone, because she’s scared that if she allows any emotion into her voice – like the overwhelming feeling of being cared for, being heard, being seen, that Alex is giving her so perfectly – she’ll break.

“One has a bad day. It’s where you go when you’re extra sad. You can do anything you want in the fort. Drink scotch – don’t worry, the scotch is for you, I brought myself root beer – ” And sure enough, there are bottles and glasses in the center of the fort – “and when Kara gets back, eat food. There can be music and there can be crying and there can be yelling and there can be cuddling, and I brought tissues and your favorite stuffed animals and your phone in case you want to just zone out and scroll through Instagram or something.”

“So basically you made me a depression tent. Where I can be depressed and it’s okay.”

Alex’s eyes fly wide, thinking that Maggie hates it. Thinking that she’s messed up, thinking that she’s hurt her more, offended her, been insensitive to her, not heard her.

“Yes?” Her voice is small and her voice is terrified, but then Maggie’s soft lips are on hers, and it’s one of the softest kisses they’ve ever shared, because Maggie has the energy to beat a heavy bag senseless but she doesn’t have the energy to sustain a passionate kiss, so Alex lets it stay soft, stay gentle, stay tender, stay perfect.

“I love you, Alex,” Maggie whispers into her lips, and Alex swears she won’t cry.

“I love you too, Maggie. However you feel, whenever you feel it.”

They’re both asleep in the depression tent when Kara returns with three heaping bags of takeout, and she smiles and sets the bags down and crawls into the fort, the tent, the safety, with her sister and her future sister-in-law. Alex feels Kara’s warmth and hums happily, shifting in her sleep so Kara can slip onto Maggie’s other side and help Alex hold her safe, hold her steady, hold her loved.

It’s about that time again. After asking twitter when I should share it and an overwhelming vote in favor of “now, you asshole,” I’m excited to share the official playlist for THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS!

Like last time, I’ve included a note about what each song is there for, and the songs are roughly in story order. This, of course, leads to a caveat: while I’ve done my best to keep things vague, the deeper you go and the closer you read, the more you wander into potential spoiler territory. 

This playlist grew alongside the book—some songs corresponding to certain scenes, others lending themselves more to the overall vibe. Those of you who’ve read already can probably see their influence and the ways they reflect the story. Those of you who haven’t… buckle up.

  1. So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather // there’s a bullet in my pocket burning a hole / you’re so far from your weapon and the place you were born // a song for lookout duty
  2. Winter // Daughter // drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love / frozen hearts growing colder with time // a song for three weeks of silence
  3. Blame // Bastille // fall upon your knees, saying ‘this is my body and soul here’ / fall and beg and plead, saying ‘you’ve got the power and control’ / don’t pin it all on me // a song for swift at the door
  4. Gun // CHVRCHES // who are you to tell me how to keep myself afloat? / i tread the water all the while / you stuck in the knife that you held at my back // a song for bleeding lips and finding balance
  5. Get Home // Bastille // how am i gonna get myself back home? // a song for a question
  6. Mother & Father // BROODS // ever since i left my mother, it’s much harder to know / how to make my own life here, how to make my own home // a song for a heart too empty
  7. We the Common // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down // all they wanted was a villain, a villain / and all they had was me / all they wanted was a villain, a villain / so then they just took me // a song for cas and the salt
  8. Beggin For Thread // Banks // strapped down to something that you don’t understand / don’t know what you were getting yourself into / you should have known / secretly i think you knew  // a song for cas and the bind
  9. Ships in the Night // Mat Kearney // turn the lights down low / walk these halls alone / we can feel so far from so close // a song for trying to make it work
  10. Black Water // Of Monsters And Men // swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea / darker days are raining over me / in the deepest depths i lost myself / i see myself through someone else // a song for cas
  11. Trouble // Neon Jungle // they say here comes a hurricane / trouble is her middle name / but i don’t look for trouble / yeah, trouble looks for me // a song for swift at the helm of a needleboat
  12. Hell and Back // The Airborne Toxic Event // and you took me to hell and back / how many times can i walk away from you? // a song for a new year
  13. I’m So Sorry // Imagine Dragons // so you gotta fire up / you gotta let go / you’ll never be loved ‘til you’ve made your own // a song for meeting an old friend in the middle of a storm
  14. Bullets // Rebecca & Fiona // don’t make me show you how weak you are / hurts like bullets between these walls // a song for a punching bag
  15. The Draw // Bastille // in my left hand there is the familiar / in my right hand there’s the great unknown // a song for cas’s turmoil
  16. Leave A Trace // CHVRCHES // i have somehow got away with everything / anything you ever did was strictly by design / but you got it wrong / and i’ll go anywhere but there // a song for cas, the knife
  17. Ghost Towns // Radical Face // but i miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home with a name like mine // a song for cas and tom
  18. We Sink // CHVRCHES // we are / i’ve come apart and you made me / float like / a pretty box of your evil // a song for young leadership
  19. Cliffs Edge // Hayley Kiyoko // cliff’s edge, you turn me on / you lead me on / you’ve got me on a cliff’s edge / where i belong // a song for a cold bottle of beer on the trainer deck
  20. Everybody Wants To Rule The World // Lorde // help me make the most of freedom / and of pleasure / nothing ever lasts forever // a song for second times
  21. This Is Why We Fight // The Decemberists // so come to me / come to me / lay your arms around me / this is why / this is why we fight // a song for the last stand 
  22. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons // i know i took the path that you would never want for me / i know i let you down, didn’t i? // a song for new ships on the horizon
  23. Home // American Authors // i’m not trying to part the ocean waves / i’m not trying to overthrow the throne / i’m just trying to find a way to make it back home  // a song for the end in sight
  24. Monster Lead Me Home // Sara Hartman // where there is nowhere to hide / stranger on the other side / we walk in shadows / monster lead me home // a song for cutting a deal
  25. Love Me Again // John Newman // i need to know now / know now, can you love me again? // a song for new beginnings in the bones of old ones
I want to cry and scream until my lungs hurt or I run out of tears. I want to throw things until they break and punch walls until I can no longer feel my hands. I want to kick down my door or throw myself onto the floor until my body stops shaking. I have so many pent up emotions, anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal. I want to hurt everything because everything is hurting me.
—  but all i’m going to do is pretend that everything is fine ( 11:15 )
Anger - Ethan Dolan

Request: OMG! Welcome back! Can I please have an ethan dolan imagine were he’s super jealous and it causes a heated arugment making u storm out and just gray having to calm him down pls xxxxxxxx

Word count: 461

Requested by: Anon

Thank you! I’ll be staying for good now ;) x

“Ugh, you are so infuriating Dolan!” I shout, turning away from him. He takes quicks steps towards me and grabs my arm, turning me around to face him.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes!” he yells back, the veins in his neck popping out.

“That doesn’t mean you can hit him! You punched him, you could have seriously hurt him!”

“I told him to back off, I was just protecting what’s mine!” Ethan yells, backing me up into a wall.

“I’m not a piece of property, you don’t own me.” I growl, as he closes the space between us. Ethan’s breathing is heavy, he’s face is red with anger and his hair is messy from the amount of times he’s pulled it. Now, this would be a beautiful sight if I wasn’t so mad with the kid.

“I’m not dealing with your jealousy right now.” I say, climbing out of his grip and making my way towards the kitchen.

“And I’m not dealing with you wanting to fuck other guys!” he shouts loudly, causing Grayson to walk out to make sure everything’s okay.

“You okay y/n?” He questions, worry lacing his tone.

“Fuck off Grayson,” Ethan growls, “this doesn’t involve you.”

“I’m fine, thank you Grayson, I was just going.” I say, greasing Ethan off.

“Hell fucking no you aren’t.” Ethan protests causing me to let out a laugh.

“Like I said Dolan.” I pick up my bag from the floor. “You don’t own me, you can’t tell me what to do.” I make my way towards the front door, Ethan hot on my heels.

“y/n!” He shouts, “don’t just leave! We’ll take about it.” Grayson pulls Ethan back before he can grab my arm which doesn’t please Ethan at all.

“Get the fuck off me Grayson!” he yells, turning around and getting in his twins face.

“Just let her go, let her cool off.” I smile at Grayson and slam the door before Ethan could turn around.

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Graysons POV:

Before Ethan can try and convince y/n to stay, she leaves. He lets out an inhuman growl and throws a punch at the wall.

“Ethan!” I scold him. But it doesn’t stop him, he continues to throw punch after punch. I pull him away and notice the blood trickling down his knuckles.

“I can’t help but get jealous because I get so worried about losing her to someone else.” He says, breathing heavily. “You need to cool down, let her relax too.” Ethan starts pacing back and forth in the room. “She’ll come back, and if she isn’t back within the hour we’ll go looking for her and your dumbass can apologise for being a dick.” Ethan lets out a small laugh.

“Anything to get her beautiful ass back.”

Soooo first imagine back and sorry if it’s not how you wanted it or not very good I haven’t written in over a year ahahah x

(D) Anger

Who: Tom Holland
Quote: And then I think that maybe I was designed to be alone.
{I seriously feel like this is not Tom at all but this is the only direction I could go}

[Y/N] had never been the jealous type until she started dating Tom. Any of the other boys she had dated, she never minded if they hung out with their girl friends. Because she’d hang out with her guy friends and not think anything of it. But, when she saw Tom with other girls, it made her blood boil and her body becoming a home to the ugly green monster. 

It would cause fights. The kind of fights where glass would be shattering and tables would be flipped over. It was a toxic kind of relationship. But it was so toxic that they didn’t even realize that it was slowly killing both of them inside. No one other than the two of them knew about their ugly fights. Tom never told Harrison and [Y/N] never told [Best Friend]. It was a terrible secret the two of them kept because neither of them wanted to admit that they could get so hateful. 

So, here they were. In the middle of [Y/N]’s living room, with the coffee table splintering from the day’s fight over Tom flirting with a random girl during an interview. [Y/N] could have broken her phone in two when she watched the clip of him touching her shoulder and hugging her throughout the short thirty seconds. 

“I swear you are the only person who brings this side of me out.” Tom growled, he was heated. Never would he ever deliberately try to hurt or upset [Y/N] in any way when he wasn’t with her. It was who he was. He was a friendly guy with a loving side. Everything he did was absolutely unintentional. 

“What a shame,” she spat. “Then maybe these girls wouldn’t throw themselves at you if they knew how you can get.” 

“Bloody fucking hell, [Y/N].” Tom raked both his hands through his hair, “You’re pissed all to hell because of me hugging someone. Do you not hear yourself?” Squinting his eyes, his voice got deeper as the anger fueled his words. “Do you not hear how ridiculous you sound? You’re on a whole different level when it comes to being a jealous girlfriend.” 

[Y/N] was fuming, stepping over the broken coffee table, she poked his chest, hard. “And how the hell would you feel if I was hugging and touching up on a random guy, Tom? You’d be pissed too.” 

Firmly grabbing her shoulders, he gently put space in between them. Tom would never lay a hand on her but he didn’t want risk her going into a blind rage. They had both seen each other’s demons when the anger consumed their thoughts and it wasn’t a pretty sight. 

“Yeah, I’d be pissed but here’s the key, [Y/N].” Tom gritted his teeth, “You get over it.”

“Get over it, you say?” [Y/N] scoffed, “Can we go back to last month when you punched a hole in my wall because I was getting too friendly with [your pick]?” Scoffing again, her jaw tightened. “You call me ridiculous but have you ever stopped to listen to your own words?” Stepping over a broken vase, she pointed to a patch of her wall that hadn’t been painted over. “Because that really seems like a ‘get over it’.” 

Tom closed his eyes and counted to ten. He couldn’t do this anymore. Just like [Y/N], he had never been a jealous person. She was right. He was being hypocritical because their fights hadn’t always been her fault. Tom was to blame too. “I can’t do this with you anymore, [Y/N].” Biting his lip, he opened his eyes. “It’s been three years of nonstop fighting and it’s getting out of hand. How many times can we keep buying the same coffee table over and over again before we realize that we’re the problem?” 

[Y/N]’s jaw clenched.

“This whole angry side of me is not who I am and it’s not who you are. Instead of bringing out the best we bring out the worst.” Sighing, he tried to calm down his blood pressure. “Anger is one letter short from being danger and if we keep going down this road, it’s going to end very badly. I think you know that.” 

“So what? We just act like we never knew each other?” Her entire body was shaking, “That we didn’t spend the last three years together? Make up some lie on why we decided to break up?” 

“I don’t know, [Y/N]. All I do know is that we can’t do this. We can’t be together.” 

Pointing towards him, she growled. “Careful what you say, Tom. Because once they’re said, there’s no going back.”

Nodding, he picked up his jacket. Looking around the room, he shook his head. “No matter what I do, I won’t be able to look at you and pretend to feel nothing. I do love you, [Y/N]. It’s just….” Running a hand over his face, “We’re not good for each other. We never were. You literally bring out the worst in me and I know I bring it out in you too.” Turning towards the door, “And then I think that maybe I’m designed to be alone because I can never keep a relationship alive. It falls apart. This is the first one that has fallen apart due to jealousy. But who’s to say I won’t cause another one to die because of the same thing?” 

[Y/N] took a deep breath, trying to level out her trembling. “Get out.” 

You Deserve Better-Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Description: Reader’s boyfriend is abusive and Ethan’s thinking he’s ready to get shit stomped
Requested: 38, 81, and 84 for Ethan? I love your writing btw
Send me numbers and I’ll write imagines with THIS dialogue list!
Warnings: Domestic abuse, domestic abuse mentions, angst

As alsways, the fic for Ethan will be under the cut, and the warnings are above. If you feel this piece will be harmful to your health or triggering in any way, please skip it, and if you’re Ethan, skIP THIS THANKS K BYE LOVE U

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Problem (Jace Wayland x Reader) *smut*

Request: Jace smut pls! -Anon


Word Count: 800

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, Language

You were punching the life out of the punching bag when you felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist and pull you closer to the person behind you. You knew it was Jace because as you looked down you saw his runes running up and down his arm. 

“Good morning love.” He kissed your cheek and gave your waist a light press. You smiled and threw your head on his shoulder. “Morning.”

“You’re up early.” He moved around you and held your punching bag still from swinging. “Well Hodge said that he’d help me and by that he meant that I must wake up at 5am, run around the building at least three times and start punching.” Jace stepped back and cocked an eyebrow.

“Punch who?” He asked.

“You.” You laughed. Your fists met his shoulder, gently not to hurt him. You giggled as you saw Jace holding his shoulder and making a pouty face. “That was not nice.” He walked towards you with a seductive smirk on his lips. He leaned next to your ear and whispered “You know, this morning I had a bit of a problem and you weren’t there to help me out. I had to do the job myself.” You bit your lower lip to stop the moan from escaping your lips.

“What now?” You kissed his sweet spot on his neck, making his head drop on your shoulder. “Now my problem got even bigger when I saw your ass in those leggings.” You removed your punching gloves and followed Jace to your room. But you were both interrupted by Hodge. With his arms crossed over his chest, he gave you a grimace look.  “Where are you going?” He asked.

“My room…” You looked at Jace. “With Jace.” Hodge rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. “Fine.” Hodge knew what was up. “You know what…you can take the rest of the day off.”


Jace pushed you against the cold black wall of your bedroom, pressing his lips to yours and grinding his hard cock against your crotch. You removed his jacket to feel his muscles pressing you against the wall. Jace’s lips sucked on your chest leaving a mark. He ripped your black top in two and your black pants, leaving you naked before him. You got on your knees and pulled his pants down. His member sprang free from their restraints. 

You licked your lips in satisfaction; you wrapped your hands around his throbbing cock and licked a long line along his prominent vein that was about to burst from the blood pumping. He gasped at the warmth of your tongue. You took him in your mouth, sucking on his head. “Fuck Y/N.” He cursed. His thighs went stiff and began shaking as his orgasm was slowly approaching him.

You hollowed your cheeks as you felt him twitching inside your mouth. He leaned towards the wall, his arms supporting his body as he pushed his member deeper in your mouth, making you almost choke. Some of his precum slid down your throat, giving you a taste of him when he finally released in your mouth.

His legs trembled, almost giving him away. He put one finger under your chin, signalling you to get on your feet. You connected your lips to his, letting him taste himself. It was then when he knelt in front of you and put his tongue flat against your wet lips. You shivered, making your body hair rise. “Fuck…Jace please!” You pleaded but your pleading fell on deaf ears. He flicked his tongue over your clit while his thumb slid in your entrance.

“Shit! Jace just..fuck me. Now!” You cried out as your orgasm washed over you. Jace licked his thumb and positioned his member at your entrance. “Ready?”

“Jace, you don’t want to-” You gasped as you felt Jace slamming into you. Jace looked at your facial expression and smiled. “You were about to say something.” You threw your head back against the wall trying to collect yourself. “Mess with me.” You groaned through your clenched teeth. He started thrusting inside you merciless, not giving you time to adjust to his size. “This is what you get baby girl.” His blue eyes met yours, making you melt right on the spot. 

A familiar knot began forming in the pit of your stomach. “I’m gonna come baby!” You cried out. Jace had sweat dripping off his forehead. “Come on then!” He grunted and with one last thrust you came all over his cock. Jace bit down on your shoulder as he came too, spilling his seed inside you. You pressed his forehead against yours and chuckled.

“Is your problem solved now?” You asked between breaths.

“I never had one.”

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Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 4

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

a/n: OKAY GUYS!!!!! This installment dives a little into Fp and Y/N’s, I don’t want to say relationship, but that is really the only way to put it. Now, this story can go on for quite some time. That being said, I could also go more into what happened in the month leading up to Y/N finding out Jason was alive in maybe a spin off?!?! I also might put this up on Wattpad should I do enough parts!!! You know what to do: send feedback, like and reblog the shit out of this part! and as always I love you guys. xx, aubree.

(p.s. I might do a little contest for this fic….I’ll keep you posted.)

warnings: an attack leading to an almost sexual assault (READ WITH CAUTION) 

word count: 1,012 (it’s short…sorry guys)

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


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Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 10. Baz.

It’s him. Simon is Snow. Simon Snow.

How could I have been so stupid? How could I have trusted him? Fuck. (How could he have made me fall for him?)

It makes so much sense, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. His mother died when he was born. Lucy Salisbury. Of course. He’s always coming back to the room with scratches and bruises that he explains away with the most inane stories. Which might not have been such a huge clue in itself if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been doing the exact same thing. Fuck, that should have clued me in. How could I have missed that?

His family is responsible for my mother’s death. And I’ve been snogging him and sleeping in his arms for the last week.

I hate him. I hate him so much. Why does he have to ruin everything? I should have known Simon was too good to be true. Why couldn’t I have this one thing in my normal life, that should have been completely irrelevant to my alter ego, that should have had nothing to do with Snow, and of course it turns out to be him all along. That’s just the way my life goes, isn’t it? All I do is lose.

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Undercover Part 2: I’ll Always Be by Your Side

Summary: You sacrifice yourself to the Hydra agents that want Bucky.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, some sexual assault (done by kidnapper), and then some smut (oral and penetration sex done by Bucky to reader)

A/N: People requested it, so I provided! 

(Part 1)

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Seduction- Natasha Romanoff Smut

Pairing- Natasha Romanoff x reader/O/C

Words- 2213

Summary- after an unsuccessful mission, you and Natasha decide to lounge at your place, only to give into your deepest desires (I kinda fucked up the first summary coz I was planning a different plot but yeah, and as I looked at it today I realised that the summary was wrong)

Warnings- smutty smut, girlxgirl, swearing, unprotected sex (yes girlxgirl can end with bad shit but glove it before ya love it)

A/N- this is my first proper fic on this account, and me being me, I decided to make it hella smutty

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  • “those firsts that you talked about? i want to have them all with you. i never want to stop having firsts with you.”
    • okay yes also the i love yous, but damn that was a good line.
    • i don’t even have the words, i’m a pile of mush.
    • as creepy as it was that that guy was watching them, and manipulating the fuck out of maggie, he really did nail that maggie’s heart eyes can be seen from space.
    • alex wants to name a dog gertrude. okay girl, you almost died so you get a free pass.
    • floriana was clearly sick the weeks they filmed this, and her sick little voice just made everything hurt.
  • “i’m listening for her. i can’t hear anything. i can do all these incredible things but i can’t punch my way out of this or fly fast enough and turn back time. and i’m afraid that i’m going to lose the person that’s most important to me.”
    • this was, man. dreamy sigh. almost* perfect. when this show is good it’s just so very good, and this line reads cheesy on the page, but melissa nailed it to the wall like the 2x4 that it is. kara is at her best when she’s an observer of humanity. that’s always been true.*
    • “to us, kara.”
      • this, all on its own, was enough to draw out how single minded to the point of selfishness kara sometimes is, but how easily she can be pulled back from that. this entire scene was masterful and reminded me how much i love and miss kara and j’onn together.
  • “what?! no, get in here.”
    • one day kara and maggie will realise that they’re so incredibly alike, and alex is going to be in big trouble.
      • kara punches first, and if that doesn’t work she uses her words. (she should probably at some point for real learn not to do that.) maggie uses her words, and if they don’t work then she busts people out of prison or sends her gf off to her possible death. (this is not actually a good thing either!) honestly.
  • “and just in time for dinner.”
    • kara danvers endorses pineapple on pizza because she understands what is good about this planet.
      • kara’s dinnertime cardigan: CONTENDER #1 FOR OUTFIT OF THE EPISODE.
    • that guy was clearly into teenage alex and probably still was, and yet they 100% resisted the temptation to make him a homophobe and honestly THANK YOU.
    • will gregg henry ever be anyone but russell fabray to me? i guess we’ll have to check in again in another five years.
    • who knows that kara danvers is supergirl? “the DEO.” oh, kara, honey.
      • (oh for there to have been a, “and maybe cat, but…?”)
        • (i’m never letting this thing go. i demand explanations. i must be furnished with enough informations to be able to make an actual call on where lena luthor stands on what constitutes the fundamental rights of an individual.)
      • that was a date lena and rhea went on. they can talk about mothers and children all they want, that was a date. a very gay date.
      • lena knew rhea was an alien after a single slip that would not be out of place amongst lesbians over the age of 40. either lena is a terrible baby gay or she knows kara is supergirl. there are no other options here, THEY MUST CHOOSE ONE.
      • i’m 500% spoiled for where this plot is going, and after this episode I REMAIN EXCITED.
      • kara and lena call each other on the telephone to talk to each other with words from their mouths. according to the laws of communication between peers under the age of 30, they’re married now. marrieds who go on brunch dates that sometimes involve kale and sometimes do not.
  • *with a few season-long tweaks this episode could have been perfect.
    • because up to the water’s edge (PUN INTENDED) it was. at the very least it was the best episode this season, and it was the rest of the season that let it down.
    • it could have (should have) been the culmination of kara losing her job, losing her sister, losing herself in being the public perception of supergirl. their misstep was not laying the groundwork and expecting two key pieces of backstory to simply be accepted.
      • the supergirl defence? okay???
      • maggie not being 100% team supergirl? okay????????
    • if only they had used kara’s period of funemployment to actually have kara leaning into a life of only being supergirl, instead of setting that up and then never following through. if only they’d actually ever shown her alienating herself from the people she protects, because tbh this whole supergirl defence thing sounds like it should have been a multi-episode arc all on its own, and one that i really would enjoy the heck out of. if only for one second before this episode they had shown maggie to have any kind of disagreement with kara’s superheroing. (context didn’t make this disagreement any more tolerable to me. in fact the concocted backstory made it worse because they had the chance to show it and then never did. so instead, much like it did to kara, maggie blurting this shit out seemed to come out of nowhere, and just made it seem like she was pissed off that she didn’t get to save the day. maggie sawyer’s one true characteristic is being a communicator. that is literally her whole thing this episode again. that shit is her jam. but it’s also kara’s. supergirl talks people down in the end far more than she punches their lights out. kara is a reporter. kara is a person who uses her words, just like maggie. not laying the groundwork here did both maggie and kara a huge disservice.) if only kara hadn’t been absent from so much of the plot all season that these threads were there to pull together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • (this could honestly have been a season finale. but that would have made me actually worry for alex’s safety and tbh i’m very glad not to have had to live through that. #LESBIANLIVES.)
  • i could have gone my whole life without watching alex slice her own arm open to pull that tracker out. alas, i will not get to live that life anymore.
Mafia AU- fic idea

I don’t know if anyone has written this, I would but I don’t have the time, skill, or background knowledge about the mafia/yakuza to do it justice… BUT…

- Viktor as the heir of a prominent Russian Mafia family, goes to inspect an overseas operation in Japan and falls in love at first sight with the shy heir to the Hasetsu Yakuza clan (Yuuri).

He decides to run away indefinitely to Japan “to improve foreign relations with the families we do business with,” leaving all of his duties to his annoyed little brother (Yurio).


— Russia —

- Mob boss Yakov and his right hand man Georgi. Georgi is Viktor’s cousin and well-used to picking up after his stupidity. Brings a bottle of Vodka and two glasses when he goes to tell Yakov about Viktor’s disappearance.

- Pissed-off mafia heir Yuri Plisetsky and his quietly pining bodyguard Otabek. Yurio has a pet tiger because of course he does.

- Chris runs brothels and the drug trade for the Russians. He’s Viktor’s best friend, and helps him get out of Russia secretly “in the name of getting your sad ass laid.”

— Japan —

- Katsuki Mari- should technically be the heir but she’s having too much fun being the Hasetsu family’s chief enforcer instead. Will punch you through a wall.

- Phichit as Yuuri’s bubbly but terrifying bodyguard - he’s got three pet hamsters and a knife collection.

- Minami as the adorable mascot of the Hasetsu family. Possibly also a ninja assassin.

- Tiny Chinese hitman Guang-hong and his partner Leo (AKA the initial inspiration for this whole fic, thank you Guang-hong’s free skate). They and Phichit are bros.

I’m not sure about the other characters but I can’t get this idea out of my head… If anyone feels like writing this go for it. Shoot me a link so I can read it ;)


Pairing: Jake Peralta x Reader.

Warnings: mild sexual content.

Word count: 650

Summary: Jake and the reader sneak off to handle some “urgent” matters…


My server has crashed like eight times, each with an edited version of this i’m so sick of this shit :))

Very short, I know, but I’m only testing the waters with this fandom and writing for this character. I really enjoy the show and so far I’m deeply obsessed with Peralta, so this was my go to cathartic experience for all the feels.



Y/N can barely contain herself.

In the silent confines of the closet, her breathing is labored, a jagged mess of pants and heaves. Her chest stutters up and down, falling as fast as it rises, and she struggles for breath. There’s none left in the tiny box. There’s nothing but the sound of clothes rustling and sweaty skin sticking together like glue as she goes in for another kiss. His hand slides down her side then to her waist, to the y/s/t skin peeping out from a lilac dress shirt, to her back and down to her ass, because, yeah, this is definitely more fun than filing paper work.


It comes as a whisper. A soft, sweet whimper dredged up from the deep, but it quakes the walls of the building with the weight it holds.


He groans, teeth clashing, tongue scavenging for hers, heart beating like a bomb ticking. God, it’s ticking. It has been since they stumbled into this closet, as though waiting to detonate and it’s so intense and a little bit disorienting, but heaven be dammed if he’s going to subdue it.

Jake’s hand slithers beneath her shirt and Y/N shivers at the contact. “Y/N…” He manages despite his nebulous mind.

“Jake…” she pants, lips screwed to his and muffling her speech. He flicks his tongue along her bottom lip and she let’s him, his hand clasping her cheek tight like a ripe apple.

“Uh-huh? “

“We shouldn’t be doing this…not here. “ Y/N leans back against the wall and he attacks her neck with his tongue, trailing wet kisses down from her jaw to behind her earlobe. She clamps her eyes shut, stifling a moan. She can’t. She shouldn’t. This is beyond unethical, breaching into pure sin she ought to be repentant for—but, dammit, it feels too good to stop.

Tipping her head back, she stutters a shaky breath as Jake goes to town, working his tongue down to the collar of her shirt and then back to the curve of her jaw. He’s attentive and precise. Within a second his lips are back on hers and Y/N feels the knot in her stomach coil tighter. Peralta .

Only Peralta.

Having been with him for six weeks now, she knows just as well as the sky is blue that only he can spark the fire burning in her belly. Only Jake can make the pulse of her blood run like a river, stir up a tsunami behind her ribs that makes her wonder if she’s sane. She can’t possibly be—the decision to be with him is enough of a an alibi, because who is crazy enough to date their colleague, let alone get steamy with them in the paper room?

“You okay?” His voice cuts through Y/N’s reverie, causing her to flutter her eyes open, meeting the deep brown ones a few inches away almost immediately. Her lips are wet and plump and there’s a heat pulsing in the pit of her stomach she can’t satiate.

Hooded eyes regarding him, she nods frantically. “We should get back. Terry’s probably looking for us.”


“And I don’t want my uncle blowing his top because he caught me making out with my colleague.”

“Well, they don’t call us partners for nothing.” Jake grins. Y/N punches him in the shoulder and his expression immediately consorts, a pout surfacing. “Ouch. Uncalled for.”

“Can we go now?”

“Nope. I’m not done with you yet.” He states. “Nor will I be until our desires are both satisfied. Now….” A mischievous smirk stretches across Jake’s face and, grabbing her hips, he hoists Y/N up against the wall.

Her resistance falters; a smile manages onto her face, and she shakes her head softly. The room is getting smaller and smaller and the temperature is rising, but it’s okay. Jake leans in, his face inches away, warm breath fanning her heated skin.

“…where were we?”


This is the closest thing to smut I’ve ever posted my face us still burning hot

As always, thank you for reading, likes/reblogs and follows are much appreciated. more B99 to come seeing as it is my current consuming obsession. I love Jake Peralta, he is perfect, I want him to be my second husband

Have a nice day!

Reign Supreme Chapter 3

I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME THREE DAYS TO PUBLISH! I actually waited because this chapter has a lot of smut and because I am not a great smut writer I went back and took some things out and added some things. I also added some better descriptions and words. I wanted to feel good about releasing it not nervous and somewhat bad because it wasn’t up to everyone’s standards.

Another thing my tags are not working for some reason so if i missed anyone who asked to be tagged please let me know and ill add you.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Please like and share with your followers. Let me know what you think as well. Oh and one more thing there is going to be a part 4 ;) I had to make up for the late posting. So be ready for that. With that here we go.

Synopsis: Shae is about to have he world conquered then obliterated by The Emperor.

Warnings: SMUT! Holy shit there is a lot of smut! Also some fluff :)

Tag Squuuad: @blumisty @starstar1012 @rocketgirl2410 @lavitabella87 @ii-love-roman-reigns @roman-empire-will-reign-again @m-a-t-91 @builtonsin91 @thiickreigns @greatbreadwizard @x-fivefoot @pittiemommy22 @roman-reigns-empire-1996 @macfizzle @vivalavonvon @niazha16 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @alexahood21 @captainrogersbucky @jraesmith12


I moaned at his words. How can one person affect me so much? How can he make me want him the way I do. How does he know exactly what I want to hear?

The most important question is how does he know I want to move on?

I can ask myself all those questions later right now I need to focus on the sexy ass Samoan in front of me.

Roman smirks against my lips and then immediately pulls back. He doesn’t just pull back he takes a step back. All the while still smirking.

“Oh baby girl I’m going to have so much fun with you. You have no idea.”

I stare at him for a split second before speaking.

“What does all that mean?” I damn well know what it means. I just want to hear him say it.

“You know what that means. It means what I just said.”

With that he turns and walks away. But not before calling over his shoulder to me.

“I’ll see you after the show. Don’t try to run or hide from me. I’ll find you.”

Oh my god… that’s so fucking hot. Goddamnit Roman you’re killing me here.

I just stare at his broad muscular back as he walks away.

I stand there for a few moments before falling backwards against my desk and placing my hands behind me to catch my fall.

I’m in utter shock. Complete and utter shock.

Roman wants me. He wants to break me. And claim me.

I wasn’t the least bit mad by that. Surprised? Yes because this whole time I thought he never knew who I was. But mad? Never. Not even if I wanted to.

I reached over to my bag after a few moments trying to get my thoughts together and texted Nia right away.

-S: Nia I need to talk to you now! Please come to the trainers room. SOS!!!!!

Nia replies back immediately.

-N: I’m on my way. Be there in less than a minute. Just got done with my match.

-S: See you in a second.

I put my phone down on my desk and stand up to pace the room.

I wasn’t nervous about what he said. I accepted it and wanted it. I was nervous because he wanted me. Me! I wasn’t expecting that. And he was so fucking dominating it was criminal. Like that was intense. But it made me soaking wet. It made my heart race and it made me want him so much more.

I know he could be dark and powerful because I’ve seen him do it in the ring but never outside of it. I had never seen him like that with anyone. But then again I had never talked to him before so how would I know? I only saw him at work. Never outside of it.

Someone cleared their throat. Immediately my snapped up and saw Nia standing there. I ran over to her and grabbed her hand. I pulled her into the room and closed the door. She looks at me with a look of fear and trepidation.

“Babe what’s going on? Why are you pacing around looking distraught?”

I just look at her with a look of confusion.

Is that how I looked? “I’m not distraught. In fact I’m ecstatic. And also nervous. Oh and so damn horny. Roman came in here a few minutes ago. He cornered me and well he wants me.”

She looks at me for a few seconds with a blank expression before smiling and clapping her hands together.

“Finally! I thought I’d take forever.”

“Wait, you knew what happened?”

She looks at me with a smile and shakes her head no. “I didn’t know he would come in here and talk to you but I figured he’d be pretty upset at the news of you rejecting the idea of loving him.”

“Nia what did you do?”

“Shae I told him how you felt. I told him how you cared about him even though you hadn’t ever talked to him.”

I stare at her in utter shock. “Nia how could you? I didn’t want him to know that. I was trying to work through my feelings. I was trying to move on.”

She looks at me expectantly. “But…?” She says this while placing a hand on her hip.

I take a deep breathe and smile. “I’m glad he knows. And I’m glad he somewhat shows he wants me too. How did you convince him to do this”

It’s her turn to look at me in confusion. “I told him, yes,  but I didn’t convince him to come talk to you. But I figured he wasn’t happy. I told him and his face dropped. He looked lost for a moment before he became a bit mad.”

I look at her with a look of pure shock. “Uh, Nia what is a bit mad?”

“Uhh well,” she reaches up and scratches her head “He punched the wall then stormed off. But not before telling me and everyone in earshot and I quote “She isn’t going anywhere if I can help it. She’s mine.””

I just stand there absorbing that information. I’m his? He wanted me. He wants me. That’s the only thing that I can think about.

“Nia he said some things.” I look down as my cheeks start to burn. Not out of shame but embarrassment. I don’t think I can say nose things to her while looking into her eyes.

“What did he say?” She sits across from my desk. I sit as well and start from the beginning. I tell her everything because well it was still fresh and like a high school girl I needed to tell someone. That someone being my best friend.

She nods and even gasps at some of the story. When I’m finished she looks at me like i’ve grown another head.

“Oh shit. Ro is so serious. He’s always been like this. Once he sets his eyes on something he doesn’t stop until he has it. And I know he acts like that in the ring but it’s his nature. Shae he’s coming for you.”

I gulp. My tummy is doing somersaults. I’m so excited on the inside. I want him to show me how bad he wants me.

*****Later that night*****

RAW is officially over. Roman didn’t come back to the trainer’s room. I ended up watching him cut a promo declaring he was coming for the Universal title at Wrestlemania. And when he said that it made it so much more real that he was comin for me. And it made me so wet thinking about it. My body wants him no matter what happens. And my heart wants to be his. I just hope I can handle this.

I’m in my office finishing up paperwork and cleaning up used supplies when I feel hands on my waist. I don’t flinch or pull away. I don’t even look behind me to know it’s Roman.

No one else has ever simply touched me and made me feel so safe or wanted. His touch is warm and sure. It seeps into me and makes me melt.

He steps up behind me and wraps his arms around my middle. I am feel his torso on my back. I can feel his cock directly in the middle of my lower back. And it’s rock hard.

He leans down and chuckles into my right ear. “I love that you listened to me. You didn’t run. Why is that? I thought you wanted to forget me… forget your feelings for me.”

I take a deep breath and speak. “Roman I didn’t know what else to do. Why keep fantasizing over what could never be? It felt like a pipe dream. I never imagined I’d be here with you, like this. It just felt wrong to want something like this with someone I was sure didn’t know who I was let alone my name.”

Roman steps back and turns me towards him. “Why didn’t you come to me and tell me?”

Wow. “Tell you? Tell you what? That I loved you? I wasn’t sure you even knew who I was Roman. I couldn’t tell you that. I couldn’t risk the rejection.” As I say that last part I stare at the ground.

“Baby girl look at me.” When I don’t he places his big hands on either side of my face and tilts my hands up. “ Baby I had a right to know. I had a right to know that I had a women as beautiful as you wanting me. How would you have known whether or not I would’ve rejected you?”

“I don't” I say while staring down.

“I don’t like you doubting yourself. I’ll show you how much I want you.” He steps into my personal space and leans down to nibble on my right earlobe. “Go and lie on the exam table baby.”

I can’t breathe. I don’t know exactly what’s he’s going to do but I have a feeling and it is making me so wet. Turning , I walk towards the table and somehow get onto it without embarrassing myself. I hear a click and the turning of a lock. Roman is leaning on the door with his back against it. His eyes are solely on me. His tongue flicks out between his teeth and he licks his lips.

“Hmm baby I was going to wait to fuck you till tonight when we were on my bed. I had a whole plan. I would come in here and take you back to my suite. I would tell you how you were mine and how I was going to claim you. Then I was going to fuck you into oblivion. But not before I played with that pretty little pussy of yours. I was going dive in head first and taste you on my tongue and fingers before I pushed my cock into you and filled you. But now..”

Roman started to walk towards me slowly with the look of a predator on his face. He looked like he was about to feast on his prey… me. He looked absolutely dangerous. But I know he’ll never hurt me. I don’t know how I knew but I did. And I trusted him to keep me safe even from himself.

As he walked he removed his glove and wrist bands. Then he reaches up to unzip his vest but not before unbuckling it from the bottom.  And my god it was glorious. As he he undoes the clip then pulls the zipper. Slowly he pulls it down while revealing his amazing chest. His pecs are so smooth. His nipples are so smooth and dark. His right pec is covered with the same tattoo his right arm is. Once he pulls his zipper completely down I can’t help but drool a bit. The emperor is so goddamn fine. And right now hes all mine. He drops his vest

“But now I have a new plan. To show you how beautiful you are to me. To show you how much I want you. To show you how much I need you.” He stops in front of me and places his hands on my knees and spreads them apart to step between them.He places his left hand on my cheek and rubs his thumb across my lips. “I want to show you how much I love you.”

I’m shocked. I’m just in utter shock. I can’t believe this. I don’t think I heard him correctly. “..Ro what was that?” He smiles at me and captures my lips in a sudden heated kiss. I can’t believe this. It takes me a moment to kiss him back but once I do I grab his face in my hands and kiss him back with everything I have. After kissing for what seems like forever Ro pulls back but not before nibbling my bottom lip.

“Baby lie back. Let me take a look at you.” I lie back while still reeling. I can’t believe he loves me. How? How can he love me? Me?!

Roman comes up to my left side and trails his hands over my body. My chest, tummy, thighs and legs. He doesn’t linger too long just long enough to let me know he’s touching me.

He grabs my shirt and tugs it free of my cargo pants and starts to unbutton it from the bottom. I’m glad I wore a button down shirt and a front clasp bra today. Once he has it unbuttoned he pulls it apart and starts to touch and rub my chest and tummy. He bends down and kiss along the tops of my breast. I arch up into his mouth and grab handfuls of his hair. He chuckles against my skin.

“Baby girl take it off for me. Take off your top and bra.” He grabs my hands to loosen my hold on his hair. He steps back to watch me. I sit up and shrug out of my shirt. I reach up and undo the clasp of my bra and pull it off. I am completely bare from the waist up. My nipples are pink and erect from the arousal that is coursing through my veins. I reach up and decide to give him something to watch. I run my fingers over my tummy and the bottom of my breast. I then tweak my right nipple and a moan escapes my lips. I then reach over to do the same to my left nipple. My head falls back and I can feel myself start to soak my panties. I tug on both of my nipples and I can feel a sharp tug in my lower half. It’s so delicious. I start to forget he’s watching me and lose myself.

But before I can get to worked up on my own Roman is there. He grabs my hands and pulls them from my nipples. His mouth captures my right nipple and bites it. I scream out and arch into his mouth. He releases my hands and wraps his fingers around my left nipple, tweaking it while still sucking on my right. He swirls his tongue around my nipple before leaning back. He leans down once again and repeats the process with my left one. This time I detonate when he bites me.

“Ohhhhhhh Roman! Fuuuuuuuck!” I scream out his name and arch my back to get a better feel of his teeth on me. My orgasm rushes through me and I’m soon coming down from my high.

Roman wastes little time and pulls at his pants. He drops his belt after pulling through the loops on his pants and starts to unbutton them. He then pulls his zipper down and pushes his pants down those thick thighs.

His cock is magnificent. Its long and hard. It has veins running along the length of it. The head is nice and large like the head of a mushroom. My god he is going spear me to death.

In that moment I knew exactly what I want to do.

I run my fingertips around the head of his cock and down the velvety skin of his length. So hot, thick and impossibly hard. I run my fingers from base to tip, stopping to trace the tiny eye with the very tip of my index finger before moving back down, hypnotized by the feel of him.

I want to taste him. No. Need to taste him. I lean forward and slide him into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the tip, stretching out to trace the pattern her fingers just made. Roman lets out a deep moan and jerks his hips. I smirk around his cock and focus on the task at hand while listening to him moan. I work my tongue hazardously up, over and around the rigid length of his cock in wide strokes, soft feathery caresses, light teasing licks and then down the underside. Drawing him deeper into my mouth she felt the beat of his pulse, a steady beat against my tongue.

“Babygirl that feels so good.”

“Fuck swallow this cock.”

Hearing him come undone makes my body ache. I want him inside me so fucking bad.

He runs his thick fingers through my hair, stroking my earlobes and sides of my head. For a moment I think he’s about to use his hands to hold my head still and fuck my mouth to his own content, but he doesn’t. I take that as a sign that he wants me to continue and take him where I want to go, as far as I want to go. I take him, inch by inch, as far inside my mouth until I can’t take anymore. My mouth and throat are completely full of him. As I lean back to suck him, I slide one hand up and down his shaft twisting and squeezing lightly, as he moans louder, stopping once in awhile to cup his balls in the other hand, I fondle them and marvel at the velvety smooth skin covering them.

I want him to come for me. Plain and simple. I want to make love to him with my mouth, I want to feel the moment that he comes. I want him dazed unable to think straight, seeing stars.

Raw. Powerful. Uninhibited. Head thrown back, eyes, closed, body wracking with his orgasm. Roman. I want Roman to give it to me. I want to taste it, feel it, revel in it and lock that memory away.

He had tried to warn me he that he was about to come. “Baby stop or in going to c-come in your mouth.” He’s breathing hard and even stuttering a bit. He tried to push my mouth away. He was trying to wait until I had mine before he got his. It was sweet. But I didn’t want that. I didn’t want sweet or nice. I wanted Roman to take me and let me take him too.

Slowing down I mouthed him for a moment and waited for it, watched him through half-open eyes throw his head back, stifle a scream, lift his hips and come hard in my mouth. Swallowing and looking up, into eyes wide and disbelieving. Bright soulful eyes that belong to the object of all my fantasies turned reality, my crush, my desire. Licking my lips I smile up at him.

After a few seconds Roman pulls his hips back and his cock pulls out of my mouth with an audible ‘POP’. He bends down and takes of his combat boots and then pulls off his cargo pants. Hes gloriously naked.

He looks up at me and leans into me capturing my lips in a heated kiss. He breaks the kiss to look me straight in the eyes and tells me, “I’m about to make you feel so good, and I cannot wait to savor every drop that is a result of what I’m going to do to you.”

He slowly snakes his way down my chin and neck nibbling along the way. He gets to my chest, using the tip of his tongue to trace his way down between my breasts. He licks and nibbles on my tummy, stopping at my belly button, flicking his tongue in and out, and sucking. I start to moan with delight at the sensation. I need his mouth on my clit. My hands tangle in his hair and I start directing his head, trying desperately to push him lower, but he resists, wanting to make me wait for it. He pulls at my shoes first and them come off easily. Then he tugs on the ends of my pants and they come off with the action. He finally reaches up and pulls off my thong too. I am now completely naked for him. Looking completely satisfied with his work he smirks and goes back to kissing on my tummy and belly. After a minute he makes his way down to my lower half, inhaling deeply at my scent. By now my pussy is drenched, ready to be taken, ready to be claimed by him. He plants small sucking kisses around the perimeter of my clit, sending sparks of electricity all over me as he grazes my drenched pussy. He works his way closer, closer, and as I think he’s about to kiss on my clit, he pulls back a bit and breathes on my clit. I moan loudly almost screeching at the action. He’s teasing me. It is a bit annoying; I love the tease, the buildup, but at the same time I would love for him to just fuck me with his tongue and make me come as fast and hard as possible.

It seems like it takes every ounce of his self control not to dive into me and do just that. He works his way down one side of my pussy, as close to my opening as he can get. Firmly licking and sucking. He works his way toward the bottom and underneath my pussy, and like a magician, beckons more blood to my erogenous zone, he wants the sensations to be as intense as they possibly can. He then deliberately slows as he reaches the top, firmly pressing his tongue into me as he approaches my clit. Time seems to be in slow motion for me. I’m on fire and I need his mouth and tongue on me NOW!

Roman’s tongue seems to disappear under my clit’s hood, making direct contact and curling upward. Arching my back in absolute approval, I try to say “I love that” but all that comes out are moans. “Ooooh my Goood. Please don’t stop. Roman please.” Thrusting my hips into his face, I try to bury his face there. He starts kissing and sucking, flicking his tongue exactly on the spot I love. Im gushing for him, and the sounds of him consuming every drop only adds to my  excitement. My orgasm starts to build.

He seems to like the taste of me. It is a beautiful moment of sexual bliss. As he ravishes on my clit with his mouth, he slides two thick and solid fingers into me. Immediately I start to scream, “I’m going to come!! Can I come?!?! Please Ro I need to come!”

He slows his pace just a bit and says, “Not yet babe. Ride it out a bit longer. Don’t come yet.” I can barely hold my orgasm. I want to come and my body wants to give it to him. Roman increases his pace and intensity, making me peak once again. His fingers move in and out of me with a intensity only he could give. His mouth continues to suck and lick me. He buries his fingers inside of me deeper than before and when he comes back out, he curls them up, finding my g-spot.

“I HAVE to come, PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!” My body is on fire. I’m becoming feverish with the desire I have coursing through me I need to come. I don’t think I can hang on much longer. I’m shaking with the restraint I am using trying to stop my body’s reaction.

He pulls his fingers out as he replies to me. “Almost babe. I will tell you when you can come.” He buries his fingers in me again.This time he forcefully presses his fingers into my swollen g-spot, almost lifting my hips fully off the table. “Go ahead and come for me”, he demands in a rough and husky voice. I scream out and unleash the tsunami of pleasure that i held back and it drips down his arm and unto the table. I’ll have to remember to disinfect the table later. I clamp down on his fingers, locking them there, my contractions fill and ripple throughout my body. My back is fully arched and I am  rigid and fully under the spell of my orgasm, I can’t hear anything, see anything. I am utterly lost to the pleasure that is consuming me. I ride the waves. I can’t be bothered to come back down. Not when my body and mind are completely and utterly consumed. I don’t even realize I am screaming moans of delight as the orgasm works its way to the tips of my toes and bounces back to my pussy. He’s broken me. Ruined me for anyone else.

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Gravity Falls Starter Sentences #1

  • “I’m telling you, something weird is going on in this town.”
  • “Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed.”
  • “A human-sized hamster ball? I’m human-sized!”
  • “Wow, your little knees must be sore… from jumping to conclusions!”
  • “I successfully bedazzled my face!”
  • “I think I’m gonna go stare at a wall for a while and rethink everything.”
  • “I wanna put her in a headlock and make her feel pain!”
  • “The only thing we have to fear is gigantic, man-eating spiders!”
  • “Man, revenge is underrated - that felt awesome!”
  • “Come on, no one even uses millimeters! That only makes you taller than me in Canada!”
  • “I ate a man alive tonight.”
  • “You can run, but I’ll still be in your nightmares!”
  • “Is life just some kind of horrific joke without a punch line?”
  • “Come on, my Mom’s age-inappropriate romance novels aren’t gonna read themselves.”
  • “Finally! A good reason to punch a teenager in the face!”
  • “Dinosaurs aren’t magic, they’re just big lizards! Get off my back.”
  • “Hey, is the kitchen supposed to have that much fire in it?”
  • “I will pay you to put your shirt back on.”
  • “I just wrestled myself. That was awkward.”
  • “Pain is hilarious!”
  • “Every time you compliment me, I get another highlight in my eyes!”
  • “Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl, the girl snuggles up next to you, next thing you know you gotta raise a kid, your life falls apart… Forget that last part.”
  • “There’s no cops in the forest. We take this to our graves.”
  • “Today I learned morality is relative.”
  • “I just wish summer could last forever…”
  • “I hate my dumb heart for making me feel things!”

Greetings From The Dead -  Part 2

(Part 1)


Pairing: Kol x Reader

Summary: Kol getting un-daggered and visits you, only to find that you’ve moved on.

Ever since Kol visit you had become more altered and that didn’t go unnoticed by Y/B/N. There was no way you could explain Kol’s return, much less that he was a 1,000 year old vampire. So the only option was to keep it a secret and as much as that was a dangerous thing to do, it was way you could think of to keep Y/B/N safe.

Walking hand in hand with Y/B/N through the busy streets of New Orleans. It was a warm, sunny day. Suitable for a stroll, lunch at a cafe or to just enjoy the wonders that New Orleans had to offer. Out of nowhere you got a slight shiver.

“Are you cold, babe?”. Y/B/N asked.

Shaking your head, the shiver wasn’t from coldness, no it was from something else. Scanning the area, the course of the shiver was standing right across the street - Kol. Not being able to pull away, the two of you continued to stare.

Feeling Y/B/N nudge your upper arm, you gave him a light smile before quickly looking back at the spot Kol was. Expect he wasn’t there anymore and the first cycle of history repeating itself had started….your heart dropped. Those few seconds weren’t enough, you so desperately needed to see him again.

Returning back to the apartment, a big vase of flowers sat on the bench. Y/B/N walked over and read the card. “Who’s Kol?”, he asked holding up the card.
That same shiver radiated through your body.

“His that ex-boyfriend of yours, isn’t he?”. He walked in front of you and waved the card in your face.

“How do you know that?”. Perhaps it wasn’t the right question to lead with, but you took ever measure to make sure that Y/B/N didn’t know about past history. Not because you didn’t trust him, but because it was far too dangerous for him to find out.

He threw the card onto the bench and stormed in the living room. “I was cleaning out the closet when a box fell from the top shelf, which contained some intimidate letters and a stack of photos”.

You knew you should of hid that box better. “Look, my past history with Kol is over”.

The doorbell rang, cussing under your breath at the interruption you went to find out who it was. But instantly regretted it when you saw Kol standing there looking quite smug.

“You called my name, darling?”. He set foot in the apartment and when Y/B/N saw his jaw tensed.

“What the hell is he doing here?”. Y/B/N pointed and yelled.

Stepping in the middle, these were two grown men but one was a vampire who had the ability to cause some real damage.

“Nothing, okay. Kol was just about to leave”. You shot Kol a glare, but his eyes showed no sign of agreeing.

Y/B/N scoffed, like he knew that wasn’t going to happen. “From what I read that’s what his good at. He leaves for years and in turn you’re left with a broken heart”.

Kol snarled and lightly pushed you out of the way. “I’m here now, so maybe I should take back what’s mine”.

“Over my dead body!”. Y/B/N took a swing at Kol, but of course got nowhere.

Kol super sped Y/B/N into the nearest wall and grabbed his throat. “That can be arranged and it would be my pleasure to see that happen”. He threatened.

Running over, you tried to unclasp Kol’s strong grip. “Kol, enough! Let him go”.

“As you wish, darling”. He loosened his hold and Y/B/N reached for his throat and coughed several times.

“What the hell are you?”.

“Didn’t the letters tell you, I’m a vampire who can do this”. Kol looked him straight in the eye. "I want you to forget about your relationship with Y/N”. Eyes grew wide, you punched, yelled, anything to get Kol to stop. “Forget that I’m a vampire, pack your things and leave New Orleans”. Y/B/N simply nodded and started to gather his belongings.

He, in a zombie like manner left the apartment and you turned to Kol with tears and rage. Standing in front of him, you lifted a hand and slapped his left cheek. “That right there was the biggest mistake you ever made, Kol Mikaelson”.

Attempting to walk, Kol reached for your wrist which you moved out of his grasp. “I told you I’d fight for the girl I love and that’s exactly what I did, darling”.

“No! You took the coward way out. You compelled a man because you hated the fact that I found comfort in another person. You felt threatened and decided to ruin the small bit of happiness I had. If you really wanted to fight for me, you wouldn’t of compelled him! You should of let me come back to you, the same way I did time and time again. Because that’s how it goes with you and me, it’s how it’s been ever since I meet you, no matter how much I hate it”.

Kol stood still, allowing your words to sink in.

“You’re saying that you will come back to me? That we can get back what Niklaus stole from us?”.

Exhaling a shaky breath, you felt drained. “Could, as in past tense. For all I care you can go to hell, Kol”. Turning to leave, you stopped and looked over your shoulder. “Or better yet you can go back to the coffin Klaus put you in”.

Opening the door, Kol knew it was for him and even though you could see he didn’t want to, he left anyway knowing that if he stayed it wouldn’t be pleasant. You slammed the door and scanned the apartment, a feeling of utter loneliness was all that was left.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Safe Place


Prompts: 9- “Who gave you that black eye?”
83- “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Summary: Bellamy finds out that Reader is beaten up by her father. He gets mad and convices reader to move in with him. As they go to get her stuff they have an encounter with her parents. Afterwards at Bellamy’s place he says her that he loves her.

Word count: 2171

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Right now I really wished I was able to get one of those makeup things that our ancestors had used on daily basis to make themselves look perfect.

It wasn’t that I would be so keen on looking beautiful or without any imperfection. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my home with the big bruise all over my left eye. 

In fact I didn’t want to leave this place at all, but I had promised Bellamy to have a dinner with him at his place.

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