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This was taken with Robert’s mobile on his birthday on Mauritius. And yes, the flower chains are kinda out of place and Robert’s shirt is horrific. Liv is very proud of her presents :)

The Bachelor AU but instead of the girls falling in love with the guy or vice versa, both girls fall in love with each other and The Bachelor elopes with the cute camera boy he’s been not so inconspicuously flirting with the entire time.

In case you missed it, this is my Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange drabble for the lovely Steph - aka @klarolinedrabbles - Happy Valentine’s Day! Well you asked for fluffy goodness and I hope I delivered (the toothache I have is telling me I did though, unless that’s all that Valentine’s chocolate).

Synopsis: Caroline Forbes considers herself one of the best fundraisers in New York City but reclusive billionaire Klaus Mikaelson has always been out of her reach. Not one to give up easily, she decides that the upcoming Valentine’s Charity Ball is her perfect chance to make him realise what’s really important in life but she might find out more than she ever expected.

Try a Little Tenderness

“You’re doing what now?” Katherine asked through the car speaker. Caroline didn’t need to see the brunette to know what her shocked expression looked like. They’d been best friends for about seventeen years now, so it kind of came with the territory.

“You see this is why I didn’t tell you where I was going until I’d at least passed through Queens,” she replied, staring at the road ahead thinking this was a very different destination to her summers spent on Coney Island growing up.

“Because you knew I’d tell you what a bad idea this was, roomie,” she drawled. “While I admire your dogged determination Care, I think the state of New York would consider this type of activity illegal.”

“And how did you come to that conclusion?”

“Stalking is illegal in all fifty states, including ours,” she drawled and Caroline could tell she was rolling her eyes now.

“I am not stalking him.”

“So, how exactly do you explain the fact you tracked his movements, jumped in your car and followed him on vacation? I think when business people escape to the Hamptons, albeit during the middle of winter, it’s for some sort of rest and relaxation Care, not to be hounded by fundraisers for their upcoming charity events.”

“Number one, I didn’t need to track anyone. It’s not difficult to find even the most private people given the exorbitant amount of media there is these days ,” she scoffed. “And number two, did you ever think I needed to escape the city for some rest and relaxation myself?”

“No. Although this latest stunt tells me that maybe you might need some kind of therapy.”

“Fine,” Caroline scowled ignoring her comments and placing her sunglasses over her eyes to shield the invading light. “It’s for a good cause, Kat.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t,” she agreed. “However, that’s your justification for everything. Just because you think that, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.”

“Exactly what’s wrong with today’s society,” Caroline muttered. “Look, I just think if I went to him and explained myself Klaus Mikaelson would understand that donating to the upcoming Valentine’s Gala would make a difference to so many kids with cancer.”

“I think your multitude of emails and phone calls to his office have already done that.”

“And obviously it failed because I’ve heard nothing back. Which is exactly why a face-to-face meeting is required.”

“So, why don’t you make an appointment like normal people do instead of stalking billionaires at their vacation residences?”

“Because his secretary is ignoring my calls,” she growled. “I haven’t even met Lexi Branson but she seems to have it in for me for some reason.”

“Might have something to do with all that phone stalking,” Katherine teased. “Did you ever consider maybe taking no for an answer?”

Caroline didn’t like the word no, in fact it just made her more determined to succeed and probably why she was so good at her job. Caroline considered herself one of the best and most persistent charity fundraisers in New York, if not the whole East Coast. She’d recently taken a new job at a Children’s Cancer foundation and was determined to make a difference. That included raising as much money as possible for their upcoming Valentine’s Ball.

She’d been considerably successful so far but Caroline always like to push herself harder and that meant trying to convince one of Manhattan’s most reclusive billionaires that this was a cause worth donating towards. It wasn’t her first attempt; she’d tried on two earlier occasions with different charities but failed. To be honest she was surprised someone of his status didn’t donate already, a fact that didn’t sit well with her at all. She didn’t like to judge but given how much he was worth Caroline couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t give back to those less fortunate.

The one thing you could say about Caroline was that she was thorough in her research and she’d read every available article and biography on Niklaus Mikaelson. The second child of four siblings, born in England to meagre beginnings but after completing high school he’d won a scholarship to Oxford to study law where he’d graduated first in his class. He moved to the US and obtained a subsequent Master’s degree in Business Administration at Harvard only to start his own computer business months later. That business would net him $12 million in the first year of operations. The profits only increased each subsequent year. Becoming a millionaire was easy and his billionaire status was confirmed only five years later.

Caroline understood money, it was her job after all but she knew the real motivations for donating to anything came from a deeper place. Unfortunately in his case Klaus didn’t seem to have any at all from what she had seen. He always came across so aloof in the few interviews she’d watched, almost like it was a chore having to converse with people. Caroline wasn’t surprised but it didn’t stop her from wanting to know what made him tick. Unfortunately google wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted. The one thing she did know from the internet was that he was gorgeous, with those crimson lips and dirty blonde curls. How could someone so good looking be so arrogant? It seemed a shame but Caroline figured you couldn’t have everything.

That’s why she’d decided after being stonewalled by his office again that she needed another approach. Some might have considered it stalking but she considered it business, surely if anyone could understand that concept it was him.

“Oh that’s Bonnie calling in, I’m going to connect her,” Katherine interrupted. Caroline rolled her eyes knowing this wasn’t a coincidence, no doubt Katherine had sent her a sneaky text while they’d been talking.

“Does anyone know where my calm and rational friend has gone? She’s about five nine with blonde hair and blue eyes, was last seen driving crazily out of Manhattan an hour ago?”

“I’m perfectly calm Bonnie,” Caroline huffed. “Some people would consider this plan a masterful stroke of genius.”

“Or crazy, depending on who you ask,” Katherine drawled. “So, I’m curious what are you planning to do when you get there, Care? Play next door neighbour and ask to borrow a cup of sugar?”

“I have no intention of lying.”

“Oh, I get it you’re going to say you just happened to be in the neighbourhood and thought you’d stop by?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, cause I’m sure he’d believe that,” she baulked.

“So, how are you going to penetrate the Mikaelson mansion? Tell me you have some kind of plan in place?”

“Of course I do, Bon. Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m going to just knock on the front door and introduce myself,” she gulped, thinking just how lame that sounded aloud. She’d planned to come up with something on the drive and decided to blame her lack of preparedness on Katherine and now Bonnie’s impromptu phone interrogation.

“Please tell me you have something more creative than that? You don’t just knock on doors in Southampton. They have high walls, big gates, security cameras and an angry German Shepard if you’re really lucky.”

“You seem to forget just how charming I can be, Katherine,” she argued. “They don’t call me one of the best fundraisers in the City for nothing.”

“I’m not saying you aren’t but it’s pretty obvious this guy is immune to your charms given his constant refusal to meet with you.”

“Oh yea of little faith, Kitty Kat,” she scoffed. “Not only will I put on my best charm I’m also wearing THE dress.”

“The red Stella McCartney?” Bonnie gasped.

“And the black Louboutins,” she grinned knowingly.

“But you only break those out when…”

“It’s an emergency.” Caroline didn’t like to use her sexuality, in fact she only did when it was absolutely the very last resort and she figured the circumstances called for a little designer intervention. Her attire was equal parts business like and sexy as hell.

“If Klaus Mikaelson doesn’t agree to see you in that ensemble then he’s either gay or really, really stupid.”

“I guess we’ll wait and see,” she murmured. “I really should get going, ladies. You know as fun as this weird phone frientervention has been.”

“Play some Eye of the Tiger, that’s what I always do before a case,” she explained. Katherine’s win-loss ratio in the courtroom was impressive so Caroline figured she might take her up on the advice and began to search for some Survivor in her music library.

“Good luck,” they both replied in unison before disconnecting. Before Caroline could play the Rocky anthem and get her head into the game, her phone beeped indicating a new text message. She eyed it curiously, noticing his name appear. She certainly had to hand it to all her besties, they certainly had her back.

“Knock him dead, gorgeous.” Caroline grinned at Enzo’s words. She should have been angry at Kat for telling him and Bonnie but Caroline needed all the encouragement she could garner. It was only then the phone beeped again. “P.S. If you find any hot, available millionaires give them my number.” She rolled her eyes; he always had an ulterior motive when it came to women. She turned up the volume losing herself in the music as she drove closer to her destination.

Forty-five minutes later, Caroline found herself turning down Meadow Lane in Southampton, immediately she was intimidated. She knew this was millionaires (or in many cases billionaires) row but had never seen it personally. The houses were as much spectacular as they were enormous and she was in awe of the architecture as much as the grand, impressive grounds each boasted. She almost missed his at number 96 and had to apply the brakes quickly before she ventured too far off course. Caroline thought they were all gorgeous but his was especially picturesque. A brilliant, white, multi-story residence with royal blue accents that blended in with the surrounding area but Caroline knew that was only the beginning of its appeal. She inhaled deeply, wondering just what she was doing here. She’d been so determined but seeing his house had stunned her slightly.

Caroline lifted her head, determined not to let some billionaire get in the way of what was important. She pulled her Prius into his driveway, and was met with a guard housed at the entrance.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Klaus Mikaelson.”

“And you are?” He asked searching his clipboard seriously.

“Caroline, Caroline Forbes,” she gulped knowing she wouldn’t be on his list.

“You’re not on the list Miss Forbes, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” he instructed, his emotionless expression not changing as he said it.

“But I just need to see him for a few minutes,” she objected, ready to go into the spiel she’d practiced on the way down. “It’s a business matter.”

“No buts, you need to leave the premises straight away,” he replied dismissively. Caroline was stuck for words; she’d half considered getting out of her car to model her outfit but knew this grouch would be unmoved.

She reversed begrudgingly, uttering a few colourful terms as she did it. She looked to the road ahead, dreading the drive back and annoyed at her failure with him yet again. She didn’t come all this way for nothing. Caroline noticed a gate to the property as she drove along the side street. Maybe she could make her own entrance? Klaus Mikaelson would surely give her points for originality. Either that or he’d have her arrested. Caroline decided on that option, hoping that Enzo, Bonnie and Katherine could pool together the proceeds for bail if not.

The gate had a keypad on the side, Caroline realised that she had no idea what the code would be. She wracked her brain thinking about all she knew of the billionaire without many results forthcoming. Caroline thought it was hopeless but decided to enter something anyway, what did she have to lose? She entered the digits she knew so well. One. Two. Zero. Seven. It was her birthday. What she wasn’t expecting was the click as the gate opened.

As much as she wanted to question his choice and the fact she guessed correctly, Caroline pushed the gate and stepped onto the manicured lawn in awe. Caroline wasn’t expecting such an easy entry but here she was looking up at the foreboding property. If she turned up at the front door what was she supposed to say? I just broke into your house but I promise I’m not a burglar? Caroline hadn’t figured out what she’d do at that point. She really needed to stop being so impulsive, it only seemed to get her in trouble.

Before she could walk any further, a white husky approached, eyeing her curiously. Even with Katherine’s earlier warnings she hadn’t worked out what she would do in this situation, if only she had some dog treats to bribe him with. “Hey, gorgeous,” Caroline cooed, attempting to make friends with the majestic looking dog. “I’m not going to hurt you.” What Caroline wasn’t expecting was for the dog to sidle up beside her and nuzzle its nose into her leg for a pat. Some guard dog this was, not that she was complaining. She gave him a long rub relishing in his adorable affection.

“Wolf always has been a sucker for a pretty face,” someone observed, startling her slightly. She looked up into his curious brown eyes, glad the first person she came across after breaking in wasn’t the blonde and blue eyed owner. “Now, you don’t look like our gardener,” he enquired. He was gorgeous for sure standing at just over six foot with brown hair and a cheeky smile.

“I could be,” she argued, knowing how stupid it sounded as soon as she said it.

“So, what are your care instructions for these daisies then?”

“Just leave them be, urgh they’ll die soon enough,” Caroline offered feebly, looking at the suffering plants. She never really considered herself much of a gardener given the number of plants she’d subsequently killed over the years.

“Brutal,” he said. “But I like your style. So, do you make it a habit of breaking and entering?”

“This is my first time actually,” she admitted, deciding she had no choice. “And surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. But you, uh, might want to change your gate code, god knows who could just walk on in.”

“You’re either here to see Rebekah, Niklaus or Elijah. I’m not sure why you’d waste time on any of my siblings. Just FYI they don’t put out very easily, far too uptight for their own good.”

“Which means you obviously do. Is that supposed to impress me or something?” Caroline drawled knowingly and he let out a chuckle.

“I think you should be a bit nicer given I could call the police and tell them some crazy blonde pretending to be a gardener broke into my brother’s house.”

“I’m not crazy, well most of the time,” she conceded. “I’m Caroline Forbes and by the sounds of it you must be Kol Mikaelson.”

“I see my reputation precedes me,” he grinned. “So, enough about me. What exactly are you doing here, darling?”

“It’s actually work related,” she explained.

“I’m listening.”

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How do you want to be remembered by history: as someone who tried to make the world better for everyone, or better only for yourself?

The one scene I am desperate for...

I need to know what he’s looking at.. Like I really, really, really, really want to know what he’s looking at!! If this isn’t in the deleted scenes on the DVD.. I think I will cry. Now I will forever be wondering what has him so intrigued..

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His Confession

A/N: This was a story requested by an anon. You are kidnapped and hurt by an UnSub before Hotch confesses his feelings for you. I hope this is what you had in mind. Thanks :)

The team never really accepted that the pair of unsubs that were committing the heinous crimes could actually be a pair of women. You had never even thought that it was a possibility. The fact just did not seem likely. But now, it was too late. You could not take back your neglect of the option and now you were going to pay for it.

The two women had abducted you when you were walking alone outside to get a breath of fresh air. The women were choosing their victims absolutely randomly and the team had not been able to find any  connection whatsoever between the victims. So you thought you were completely safe from them. Boy, were you wrong. You never thought that they would get to you and you never thought that they would be women.

They shoved you into a dark van and drove you to an abandoned warehouse, just as you and the rest of the team had predicted they would. Both of them wore dark, shadowy masks that concealed the specific features of their faces, preventing you from the possibility of IDing them. Even through their disguises, you could tell they were women. You can’t completely hide a thing like that.

They drugged you with something so that you were too weak to fight back. Despite your strong efforts, you continuously looped in and out of consciousness. Each time you awoke, one of the women was scurrying about the shabby room that they held you in. They were hooking something up.

When you finally arose from your heavily doped state, the room was flooded with light from the sun. It was late afternoon. You looked around the room and your head throbbed painfully. You squinted your eyes open and closed to adjust in your strained condition. Then, you realized that you were tied up to a chair. A woman in a ski mask stood in front of you and another stood a few yards behind. All of your memories from the evening before flowed into your mind. You were suddenly repulsed by your hapless situation.

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” The woman in front of you said sarcastically with a mocking smile stretched across her face that you could see even through her dark mask. “Do you know why you are here?”

You glared at her. She was a piece of trash. She murder human beings and she kidnapped you. She was worthless and you were not going to tell her a single thing. She leaned in closer to you, telling you to answer. You spit at her face.

She returned your glare and walked toward the back of the room. She came back up behind you and placed a gag into your mouth. “There. That’s better.” She whispered threateningly into your ear.

You restrained against the fabric but all that it did was leave an uncomfortable red mark upon the side of your mouth. You softened against your ties for the first time since you awoke and you let out a deep, sad sigh, exhaling deeply. The woman returned to her seat across from you.

“So, tell me, what does your team know?” She leaned in close to you and raised an eyebrow expectantly. You said absolutely nothing. You were not about to tell this piece of junk anything that she asked for. She shrugged at your absent response.“Alright, have it your way.”

She got up and completely left the room, leaving you alone with the second woman. She had been predominately quiet the entire time, standing respectfully in the corner as the other woman attempted to interrogate you. She smiled giddily as she approached you at the prospect of what she was about to do to you.

The woman wordlessly pulled up a menacing-looking machine beside you. Then, she hooked up a laptop right in front of you. As she set it up, she stood between it and you, obscuring your view of what she was about to do. When she stepped away, you could not believe your eyes. On the other side of the screen was your entire team, watching you anxiously.

“Oh, they can’t hear you. Only you can hear them.” She smiled evilly at you, viciously.

You glared at her angrily. You were furious. You had no control, no power. You were alone with this woman. You were stuck and it made you feel like you had lost. You hated that feeling. You could not stop the sudden urge of defeat that you felt. You looked away from the camera and the woman in an attempt to shield your tears from the eyes of the others.

She laughed at your vain attempt and yanked your face toward the camera. She stepped away and toward the machine, leaving you to stare sullenly at the camera, feeling embarrassed and defeated. Your team members all looked on with pained expressions on their faces. You could practically see them taking in everything around you in an attempt to find your location. The disappointment and determination they had was evident when they discovered nothing. You silently prayed that they would find you before the women that abducted you were done with you.

She strutted back to where you sat, feeling crestfallen and hopeless. A villainous smile was stretched upon her wretched face. She strapped pads with wires stringing from them to the machine to your body. You attempted to scream out at her but you were restrained by the gag that was extended across your face.

“What do you want?” Hotch yelled at the screen. The woman laughed and smiled again.

“All that we want, Agents, is for you to tell us exactly what you know.” She waited for a response as the team remained silent, refusing to sell their information to such a belligerent woman. When she received no reaction to the question she shrugged as if it was nothing and walked toward the bulky machine that you were now hooked up to. She flicked a switch and you felt an immediate swell of excruciating pain. The pain felt like it went on for hours although it was only a matter of seconds. You attempted to look toward your coworkers on the screen in front of you, but the only thing that filled your mind was thoughts of the intense pain you felt.

She turned the machine off. She wore a malicious grin. She ripped the fabric off of your mouth and crouched down to your level.

“So, what do you know?” She tilted her head as if she was just a curious child.

It took all of your energy, but you managed to scowl at her. “I’m never going to tell you anything, bitch.” you growled at her.

She slapped you and narrowed her eyes at you, then she yanked the gag back into your mouth. She whipped around and faced the screen.

“And what about you guys? Care to share anything?” She said it as if it was an innocent question and that repulsed you. She was disgusting.

They each looked as if they were pleading with themselves to sacrifice their knowledge for you. You shook your head to signal not give up anything. Your abductor slapped you again and again until you cowered away from her. She sighed, deciding that there was no way she was going to get information yet. She wandered back to the machine and flipped the switch with no hesitation.

You convulsed violently in  pain and groaned out loudly, your gag stifling your abused screams. Then she stopped the machine. She waited for somebody to open up to her. You panted heavily as the pain disintegrated from your body. You tried to look up but you could not muster up the energy, you were too weak.

You could hear your friends suppressing sobs. You knew they were all on the verge of giving in. You did not look up but you shook your head ever so slightly. You could practically hear their internal monologues, battling with whether or not they should release the information in order to stop your pain.

“Alright, if nobody has anything to tell me. I will just have to do it again."She turned around and you prepared yourself for the horrible pain when somebody shouted out to your abductor.

"Wait! Wait! Don’t do it! We will tell you what you want to know!” She turned around and looked at the screen with a victorious smirk. You were appalled. Somebody on your team had given in to her harassment. You were even more appalled by who the team mate was. Hotch.

He should have known better than anyone what you could handle. You could handle the pain. You could face it. You had been through to much in the past. You had persevered through too much. This was nothing to you. It was artificial. Yet you felt relieved that he had stopped the woman from forcing you to undergo more pain.Still, you were somewhat angry with him.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as a tear fell down his face. “We-we know that you have a partner. It is not you doing all of this work alone. We also know now that you are both women.” Then he stopped with a deep breath.

The woman raised an eyebrow, prompting him to continue but he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “That is all we have. Before this video, we were under the impression that you were men. You being women completely changes everything about our protocol.”

Your abductor narrowed her eyes at the screen, trying to decide if your boss was being truthful. She decided that the man was being honest and slowly began to nod her head, accepting the information. She smiled widely at the camera, receiving angry glares from the entire team.

“In return for your valuable information, I will give you the address of where we are holding your precious agent.” She rattled off the address of the dingy warehouse where she was currently holding you. Before she could even hang up the video chat, the team had rushed out the door.

Then, the woman left too. She had to get out of there before your team arrived. She left you, alone and desperate, in the dark room. You floated along the line between consciousness and unconsciousness. You were barely alive. A stripe of blood streaked down your face.

Just as you were about to tumble into a tunnel of darkness, the door clanged open. You heard shouts and cries for you. Hotch rushed up to you and untied you from the chair. He let you fall into his arms.

“We need a medic in here!” You heard Spencer shout somewhere seemingly far away

“Hang in there, y/n. Hang in there! We need you! Hey! Look at me! Keep your eyes on me!” Hotch said to you, urging you to stay awake.

Everything around you was slowly starting to dim and you felt your eyes grow heavy. The pain was beginning to go numb. Hotch clutched you close to his chest. He continued to whisper pained motivations to you, but they were floating farther and farther away. Finally, as you were lifted onto the stretcher by a Medic, everything went black as you floated into a dreamless world.

When you awoke, you were blinded by bright lights. An insistent beeping buzzed in the background. As your eyes fluttered open, your friends rushed toward you. You smiled sleepily at them. You were heavily drugged by the hospital to numb the pain.

“Hey, guys.” Your words came out slurred and they combined to make one incomprehensible word.

Garcia sat down next to you with tears pooling in her eyes. “Hey, y/n.” She said gently,“How ya doing, hon?”

You started to giggle and you pointed at her. “Heh heh heh! Look a unicorn!” She sighed and turned toward the rest of the team. You were too doped up to talk at the moment.

“Hon, we are gonna let you sleep.” she said as she rested her elbows on your bed.

Before she had even finished her sentence, you were already fast asleep.

When you awoke again, you were met with an aching pain spreading rapidly through your body. You looked around your room and only found one person. Hotch sat in a chair just beside your hospital bed. His head was resting by your hand. You were tempted to run your hand through it but when you tried to move, you groaned loudly in pain. Then you were flushed with the painful memories of your abduction and the pain that resulted from it. The thoughts made you curl up which caused you to let out another loud groan of pain.

Hotch woke up immediately at the noise you made. “Y/n, y/n, are you alright?” He was obviously worried about you.

You slowly nodded your head. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Where’s the rest of the team?” You asked

“We have all been taking shifts staying with you. Do you want some water?” You nodded your head slowly in an attempt to minimize the rapid pain. Now that you thought about it, you were really thirsty.

He handed you a cup of water. “I think you had some jello in here earlier, but Spencer and Morgan must have eaten it. Sorry.” You grinned. That was so like Spencer and Derek.

The two of you sat in awkward silence as you both thought about the events of your injury.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, looking up at him, “Why did you tell her what we had?”

He carefully thought of his answer. He took a deep breath and looked you straight in the eyes. “We can’t lose you, y/n.”

“I could have handled the pain. I have been through enough in my life. I would have been fine.” You said. You were angry with him. “Do you not have faith in me? Do you think I am weak?” Your voice was rising

“Not at all, y/n. I know you would have been fine. You are a strong woman.” He took a deep breath, steadying himself.“Y/n, you are an amazing woman.”

Then, you saw the dark, sad expression that flushed his face. A single tear slowly dripped down his cheek. He looked at the floor. You reached a hand out onto his shoulder, ignoring the raging pain that you felt.

He looked at your hand longingly and placed his own hand over your own. He gulped and took another deep breath, collecting himself. “Y/n.” He said. He looked you right in the eye. “It was not that I thought you were strong enough. It was not that at all. It was that I was not strong enough. I could not stand to see you in so much pain.”

“But-but why?” You asked. Why did he care so much.

He chuckled slightly to himself. His voice was hoarse from crying. “Y/n, I love you.”

You let the information sink in. You thought long and hard. You thought back to how you really felt about Hotch. The little things that you found completely adorable and endearing, and the big things that you found absolutely amazing. Then you realized the truth. It hit you like a sudden blast of wind on a fall day.

You were in love with Hotch, too.

You looked up at him and your expression did not change. You stared straight him. His hands fidgeted nervously. Then you broke out into a huge smile.

“I love you, too, Hotch.”

“Really?” He said astounded

Really.” you  chuckled at his shock.

That day, Hotch confessed his real feelings for you. It was a great relief to both of you to know that your feelings were out in the open. Eventually, you healed completely. The team had caught the unsubs trying to get out of town and they were put away in prison for a really long time. Everything was back to normal. Only this time, you had Hotch by your side. And you have never been happier.


Here’s my full panel video from Fan Expo :)  I ain’t subtle on who my faves are lmao… I apologize for the shakiness at the beginning, I get the hang of it eventually.  And sometimes my hand just got tired holding and zooming in and out (using my dslr + heavy long lens…) i should’ve brought a tripod.  Anyways, around 11:30, I block the mic (but I uncover it afterwards) and the question was “do you have any weird special talents?”

Aaron can blow weird spit bubbles.
Shannon can pull his hair in a certain spot and not feel anything.
Sharon can make weird noise with her hands.
Nicole plays competitive dodgeball.
Kaitlyn can make a deep voice.
Annie can wiggle her ears.
Natasha makes a mean chili.
Elise does yoga.

Also don’t ask why my camera decided to cut off early at some parts.  Don’t worry though, nothing important was missed.