or c) both of those things

Trump Survival Tip No. 10: Thermite

Ever wanted to stop an armored vehicle stupid-easily, with something that’s legal, very safe to store and use, easy to acquire, and burns like Satan’s asshole? Molotov cocktails might look very impressive, but there’s an incendiary that does all those things and that we’ve all been overlooking: thermite.

Thermite, for the uninitiated–which, let’s be real, it’s the Internet, you’ve all heard of thermite–is a non-explosive incendiary powder made from aluminum filings and iron oxide. It is completely safe to store, since it’s basically just metal dust. Like an 80% lower (more on that right here), it’s pretty much untraceable, as both rust and aluminum filings can be manufactured at home or bought at a hardware store with zero paperwork. And when ignited, it burns at around 2500 Fahrenheit (1400 C), also known as half the temperature of the goddamn sun.

Rust can be manufactured at home pretty easily. Take steel wool, put it in a jar filled with water. Weigh the wool down with a magnet so it doesn’t float. Add 5tbs of bleach and 5tbs of vinegar. Let it sit for a day or two, then filter the resultant brown paste with a coffee filter. Alternatively, you can go to a paint store, where they sell it pretty cheap for pigment mixing, or eBay, where you can straight-up buy it.

Aluminum is also pretty easy to get. Take a grinder to something made of aluminum (cans, bike parts, whatever) and collect the sparks, and bam, aluminum filings. Machine shops will probably give you plenty in exchange for sweeping. Or, like rust, paint shops and eBay are viable options as well.

Mix your two powders at a ratio of 8 parts rust to 3 parts aluminum, by weight. Aluminum is pretty light so it’ll look about fifty-fifty. Mix evenly. Optionally, you can mix four parts thermite with one part modeling clay to get moldable thermite. You can’t light thermite with a normal match; get a magnesium sparkler or bit of magnesium ribbon and light that, and you’re good to go. Now you can melt through the engine block of an armored car like the Alien’s blood through the Nostromo.

Remember: when we fight, we win, so know how to fight!

His perspective

Her taking control of you for you when you can no longer handle things

Being able to expose yourself and she accepts you for who you are

Laying back and feeling her arms wrap around you from behind

Her fingers roaming your body and tracing circles on your weak spots

Watching her whilst shes in her working habitat staying on top of everything

When she climbs ontop of you

When she cups your face and leans in for a kiss

You getting tired so you fall asleep on her shoulder

That feeling of love when you are hurt emotionally and she tried her best to make you feel good

Those cute names she calls you when you see each other

When you try your best to surprise her and she loves it

That feeling of happiness when she coos sweet nothings to you

Her stroking your hair and petting you

Being able to be her rock to lean on when things get tough

When youre wrapped up tight like a burrito with each other both afraid of letting go

When she loves you

Idk any other /rr/ or /gfd/ things to write sorry :c

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Hi! c: I hope I'm not bothering you omg... I was wondering - one of my favorite things about your style is the way you draw folds in clothing, both in the lineart and (especially) with colors alone. Do you have any tips about that? My folds always look flat or out of place no matter how much reference I use :c (also sending some scouting ticket luck your way! I mean I'm one of those sinners who only soloyolo bUT STILL)

you’re not bothering me at all anon! I’m not sure if I can explain very well but I’ll give it my best shot ;v;

(also thank u for sending luck aa :’) don’t soloyolo kids ><) 


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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry and (Y/N) are secretly in a relationship, but then Cisco caught them.

Word count: 949

A/N: I was thinking of some possible plots and this came into my mind. I found it funny and I decided to share my fantasies with you. Hope you guys like it and thank you for the support that I am getting these days.

P.S.: New requested imagines coming soon, just wait for it.

- G. x  

Warnings: (Y/H/L) is Your Hair Length, (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour and (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

You and Barry were best friends and everyone in the city knew it. Well, who wouldn’t?

They’ve always thought that you looked great and lovely together and they even started to ship the both of you. In fact, your friends, Caitlin and Cisco, and Barry’s adoptive sister, Iris, were the first to ship the two of you.

You’ve always told them that you and Barry were just best friends and you didn’t have time for those kinds of relationships, but little did they know that Barry is more than your best friend.

“Babe, have you ever thought of divulging to our friends that we’re in a relationship?” Barry curiously asked as he was caressing your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair.

You were both cuddling under his warm blankets after a passionate and a sensual making love session. You were alone in the West household and the thing just got out of hand, as usual.

“I did.” You honestly said, even nodding your head for a few times.

“And?” He added as he pulled the blanket to cover his uncovered chest.

“I don’t know,” You shrugged your shoulders while you looked at him, focusing your (Y/E/C) eyes in his orbs. “but, seriously, I’m not ready.”

“What’s stopping you from saying it to them?” He caressed your cheek as he waited for your answer.

“I have no idea. I mean, they always tease us and it wouldn’t be a problem to me if they teased us even more, but I really don’t know why I’m not ready to reveal it to our friends.” You hardly bit your lip as you honestly told him what you’ve thought.

“Alright.” He shortly answered as he nodded his head, meaning that he understood everything.

“I’m not shy of having you as my boyfriend, Bar.” You wrapped your arms around his waist. “Okay?”

“I know, love. I am not fussing too much over it, I was just curious.” He smiled at you as he pressed a kiss on top of your head. He wrapped his arms around you too and he was now facing you.

“Thank you for understanding it.” He shook his head as he leant in closer to leave a kiss on your lips.

You replied to his kiss, but it was immediately interrupted as you heard someone knocking on Barry’s room door.

“Yes?” It was Iris and it was obvious in Barry’s response that he was shocked and alarmed.

“Cisco is downstairs, he was trying to contact you but your phone is off.” Iris informed and you quickly unwrapped your arms around his waist. You turned the light on in just a swift movement and you gestured him that he needed to go downstairs quickly.

“I’m coming, just a second.” He quickly got up from the bed and he put his clothes on as he found them in different angles of the room.

“Is (Y/N) with you?” Iris then asked.

“Yup.” He said as he struggled with his pants. “She’s sleeping peacefully.”

“What?” You silently shouted to him and he threw your clothes that he has found. “My shirt?”

“Here.” He got a random shirt in his closet and he threw it across the room, hitting your face. “Sorry.”

“Idiot.” You rolled your eyes as you put his shirt on. He left you a quick kiss on your lips and he tucked the blankets in your body.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” You replied as you shut your eyes closed. He turned the lights off once again and he opened the door, kind of exposing your covered body to Iris.

“What took you so long?” Iris rolled her eyes as Barry closed the door, leaving you in the dark, pretending to be asleep.

“I was charging my phone, stop whining!” Barry responded in defence.

As they went downstairs, you were in Barry’s room, patiently waiting for him to come back.

But when an hour has already passed from the moment Iris called Barry, you got up from the bed and you fixed yourself before deciding to go downstairs.

“Oh,” Iris exclaimed as she saw you going downstairs. “sleeping beauty is finally awake!”

“Oh, hi Iris!” You pretended to be still asleep and you stretched your bones, remaining on the last step of the stair. “Cisco!”

“Hey!” Cisco greeted cheerfully. “Slept well?”

“Yup, I did.” You answered, lying through your teeth.

“Wait,” Cisco raised his eyebrows with a little smirk on his face as he spoke, eyes focusing on a lower level than where his eyes should be. “isn’t that Barry’s shirt?”

“Huh?” You pretended not to understand what he was saying, but you saw Barry face-palming himself with his eyes opened wide.

“Alright!” Iris excitedly exclaimed, she was fangirling over you and Barry. “Tell us the truth!”

“Fuck!” Barry cursed under his breathe.

“Since when?” Cisco curiously asked, smiling widely for the information he’s just known.

“Months ago.” You honestly said as you walked towards the couch, sitting where Barry was.

“OMG!” Iris shouted for her happiness. “No one knew it?”

“No one.” Barry said as he fidgeted with your fingers.

“Except me.” You both looked at the direction where the voice came from and you saw Joe standing in front of the doorstep.

“How?!” You and Barry both said in unison, curiosity filling your brains.

“I’m a detective, guys.” He smirked as he entered the house.

“Oops.” You both said as you harshly bit your lower lips. Cisco and Iris laughed and cheered because, finally, they knew that you and Barry are now together. 

You were caught even though you weren’t ready, but, at least, your friends were ecstatic and delighted for you and Barry and that’s all that matters.

Hey, guys, did you ever hear about the happy tale of Romeo and Mario? 


 The whole sad tale began with something innocent enough: a lesson on triangles. 

 “So you all know Romeo and Juliet, right?” Ms. C said. “They fell in love and died, boohoohoo. Okay, let’s say that this is Juliet up here, on the tower.” 

 She scribbled a quick stick figure on a cliff thing. In no way was that a tower, I thought, but I wasn’t gonna tell her that. Ms. C was prone, as a surprising number of teachers are, to telling us that she was a terrible artist. 

 “This is Juliet. Here, on the ground, ten feet away, is Romeo. Right here, eight feet away, is Mario. Juliet can’t jump because that’s a stupid idea and she will die, but let’s say for now that she can. How far does she have to jump to get to Romeo? Be careful - if your answer is too short, Mario will get Juliet, and then Romeo will cry.” 

 The whole diagram made a right triangle, and pretty soon, everybody was snickering and Pythagorean-Theorem-ing the whole mess. Simple, easy, happy, run-of-the-mill assignment.

But then somebody questioned, “Wait, hold up, what if Romeo runs away with Mario?” 

 “Well then,” Ms. C said, “Juliet can just go jump for real, right?” 

 A pause. 

 And then the entire class erupted in laughter. 

 “ROMEO AND MARIO IS MY NEW OTP!!!” I howled, only not OTP because I didn’t know what those were yet. 

 “ROMEO AND MARIO FOREVER!!” someone else yelled. 

 Ms. C walked to the board and added a couple new details to the diagram: Romeo and Mario running off, hand in hand, with Juliet in tears. 

 “They’re going to live a very happy life together,” she said happily. 

 And that was the tale of how Romeo and Mario ran off into the sunset, leaving both Juliet and an eighth grade geometry class in tears.

Bucket list

Damon x reader

Damon was startled to see a girl lying in the middle of the road. He has some company he thought.

“Hi,” he said

“Hi,” you replied in a proud voice

“I hope you wont mind if i join you.” He said while lying beside you. You smiled he clearly didn’t care if you’d mind or not.

“No, I won’t”

“So are you new in here?”

“Yes, I am on my holidays. What are you doing here?”

“The same thing you’re doing.“

“And what am I doing?” You asked him challengingly.

“To get something to eat.” You laughed at his reply.

“Okay, then you’ll get me something to eat.”


“You didn’t tell me your name?”



You were both lying in the middle of the road staring in each other’s eyes instead of stars. Those blue eyes were so dark that you could get lost into them. And he knew your Y/E/C eyes were so bright that he could find himself in them. He was now listening to your heartbeat. It was calm. He realized that you’re not what he thought you are.

“So, what were you doing here?”

“Umm, nothing just looking at the stars in the middle of the road, ticking some goals off my bucket list. And you?”


He heard a car coming, he realized that it was fast and if you’re human you’ll not be able to run when you’ll hear it.

You were looking at each other, it was something you never felt before. He was dark, mysterious, and…

The next moment you were in his arms at the side of the road with the speed of light. You realized that he saved your life.

Now, your heartbeat was fast but your face was still calm, you were not afraid of him. Of whatever he was. For you, he was a hero.

You closed your eyes and your lips met. It was a feeling you couldn’t describe. It was a feeling you’ve never known. And you knew, you will never know it again.

When your lips parted and you opened your eyes. He was looking at you. “You will not remember anything from tonight. We never met. Nothing special happened tonight”

He knew you were beautiful inside and out. You deserved the world and not a monster like him. You were innocent and he was everything opposite of what you were.

And the moment you blinked, he was gone. You were there at the side of the road alone.

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Star-crossed lovers

ANON REQUESTED: Hello! Could you write a one shot with jon snow please? Where the reader is the daughter of the winterfell maid and when she dies Nedd gets y/n to care, she grows along with the Starks and gets very close to them, y/n and jon end up falling in love but jon leaves for castle black and she stays “Depressive”, like, she don’t smile anymore. After the war between jon and ramsey they meet again and you can make a super fluffy final, please? i just found you blog and i love it ❤️

Jon Snow x fem!Reader

Words: 1712
Notes: Y/N = your name; f/c = favorite color.

Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn had always been kind to your family, especially in the rough times they supported your parents in every possible way. Your house was not important like house Stark, but it was respected and your castle led over rich domains. Sadly, you seemed to be born under a bad sign as the first years of your life were scarred by tragedies: first, your land started to dry out and the crops had been poor; shortly afterwards you father fell ill and even maester Luwin couldn’t do anything to save him. As a widow who was no longer of marriageable age, with nothing but unfertile lands for dowry, your mother accepted lady Catelyn’s offer to stay in Winterfell and she became one of her maids; anyway, a few months later, she died too, leaving you alone. That was when Eddard and Catelyn Stark decided to take care of you, welcoming you in their castle as their own child.

You were tutored by septa Mordane with Sansa, but you also liked to play with Robb and Jon with wooden swords and mud in the courtyard. Those days of your childhood, spent with the Stark children who were roughly the same age as you, were quite happy indeed. The three of you got along fine, but when Theon arrived in Winterfell, Robb unattached himself a little from Jon and you, bonding with the Greyjoy as they were brothers. Theon, moreover, seemed to despise Jon: they were always quarreling, dragging you and Robb in, and that regularly resulted in fistfights and punishments for everyone.

So, in a way or another, you grew up with the Starks and became a pretty, young northerner lady. To return the kindness of their parents, you took care of Bran, Rickon and Arya, especially Arya, and because of it you often ended up with her and Jon in the backyard shooting arrows at a wooden target, just like that day.

Arya stood in front of the both of you, stretching the bowstring and taking aim; you seated on the low wall just ten feet further, humming and kicking the air, while Jon leant against the bricks right next to you.

– Are those new shoes? – he asked suddenly.

You looked at him at first and then you lowered your eyes to the f/c slippers and nodded.

– Such attention to detail – you kidded stealing one of his rare smiles.

– Just thought they were pretty.

– I agree, – you stated clicking the shoes’ tips, – that Greyjoy can be a prick, but when it comes to this kind of things he really knows his stuff.

– Theon? – Jon asked with wide eyes.

– A-Aye… – you stuttered timidly noticing his gaze souring.

At that moment, Arya yelled from across the yard, – It would be nice if my teachers looked at me hitting the bull’s eye! –, and she unstuck the arrow from the target.

– Well done! – Jon shouted back, then he left without saying more or even giving you the time of day.

You gave a quick and worried look to the little girl, waved her a short bye, and followed him inside.

– Why are you angry? What did I say? – you exclaimed walking briskly at his back. At those words, he stopped and turned to face you.

– Are you serious, Y/n? Are you really taking presents from Theon?

– Is that the problem? Theon buying me a pair of shoes?

You didn’t expect a reaction like that, but the look he had on his face was quite troubled. You sighed, searching for the right words to explain him the situation.

– He bought me a new pair of shoes because he ruined my old ones making me falling in the muck, two days ago.

Jon’s frown soothed a little, but not enough. You groaned and took one of your feet.

– Y/n…? – he said confused watching as you put off the slippers. You then pounded them on his chest.

– Here. Take them, Jon.

The two of you remained quiet and so close you could feel your breaths on the skin. Your lips were just few inches apart. That day, with your new shoes pressed on his chest, bare feet on the cold stone floor, you gave your first kiss to the Stark bastard Jon.

Because of Lady Catelyn opinion about him and because you felt so in debt to her, you and Jon agreed to keep your love affair a secret for just you and him two. Even if you found it hard not to sink your fingers in his hair when he was seating beside you at the dinner table, or not to rest your head on his shoulder when you were watching Arya and Bran practicing, you held on for the sake of your love. Jon was struggling too for the same identical reasons, not to mention the great effort he had to make to stay calm every time Robb, or worse Theon, got too close to you. Besides, you were the only good thing happened to him in a whole life and the only thought that helped him getting through Lady Catelyn bitterness day after day. He didn’t talk to you about it, he didn’t want to be a burden or made you sad, but he could not consider Winterfell his home anymore, and the night he heard by mistake Lord Stark and his wife discussing about a possible suitor for you from the riverlands, he made his decision, alone.

The night of the celebration in honor of the royal family’s arrival, when you joined him outside in the cold night air, you felt something was wrong. Then Jon stretched out a hand and took you by the wrist, keeping you close to him. Resting his forehead on yours he told he was leaving for the Wall and you knew deep down inside there was nothing you could do to make him stay: if you forced him to do that, he would eventually hate you too. So, the next day you let him go away with his uncle; when his figure disappeared over the distance, he took all your love, joy and laughs away with him. No one never heard your laugh once since that farewell.

There is not much to tell about the following years: you spent your days out of apathy, sharing fake smile cold as the north winds. During the Ironborns’ possession of Winterfell, you helped Bran and Rickon to escape, but were not able to run away with them; free or caged, you had nothing to lose anyway.

Speaking about Ramsey Bolton, the things were different. Under his captivity, you really were frightened. You saw what he did with Theon and what your poor childhood friend had become because of his twisted mind. Twice you implored the bastard to have mercy, and twice his men beat you senseless; by the time you restored consciousness, you found yourself in the courtyard, with rain and blood all over your dress, hands and face. Servants had orders to ignore you, on pain of death. After that, Ramsay ordered you to serve as a kitchen maid, and so you did. Once Sansa came back and became his wife, he humiliated you in front of her more than one occasion, dressing you with rags, keeping you locked up in the kennels for the night, or cutting your hair short with a knife in the middle of the hall threatening to skin you.

It was an endless nightmare.

Everything that happened after Theon and Sansa ran away was fast and terrifying. In a blink of an eye, Rickon was brought to Ramsey and a second later Winterfell was at war carrying the red flayed man banners. And when, in the silence of the castle walls, the sound of the distant battlefield was overcome by the main gate blown to pieces, your heart started to beat in your chest again: Jon was standing there, strong and alive, and he was defeating Ramsey who now laid exhausted on the ground. Every punch hit the Bolton’s face you took a step towards Jon, until his eyes finally met yours.

Jon closed the door behind his back as you stood still ahead and never once did he averted his gaze from yours. Neither of you had said a word yet, but your fingers were tenderly caressing the palm of his hand, sensing the earthy and bloody smell from all his body. Just like he did years before, he took you by the wrist and held you against his chest, embracing your bruised body in his sored arms.

– I never should have left – he said in a hoarse whisper.

The tightness in your throat cut off your breath and you started to sob softly.

– I never should’ve let you go! – you cried out holding Jon as hard as you could.

You both remained there in each other’s arms, without paying attention to the flow of time. Tears were falling quietly down the cheeks and hands were firmly gripping fabric and leather. Only when your heartbeats were back to their calm normal rate, Jon pushes a little away from you; even so, he did not let go of you.

– I’m afraid I’ve soiled your hair – he smiled looking at the hair that was falling on your forehead, now a little muddy. You giggled, sniffling and drying the trickles on his face with your thumbs.

– Don’t worry, Jon, it wasn’t my best hairdo anyway – you kidded gesturing to your short locks. Then he rested his head against yours and closed his eyes.

– You still look ravishing, Y/n – he said softly, – You can’t imagine how amazing it is to see your face again, after being all these years away.

You raised your chin and laid a gentle kiss on his lips being careful not to touch any bruise or cut the battle left on his skin.

– I was rather surprised to see your hair up… – but you were not able to go on because, in the heat of passion, Jon wrapped you up in his strong arms and deepened the kiss you both longed for so long. You’d never divide again, and now you knew that, after all, you were not star-crossed lovers, because that kiss was just the first of many to come.

simplelibra  asked:

What placements could make some care so much about justice? For me, nothing makes me angrier than injustice. I get fired up. Today, I heard that a store got robbed at gunpoint and I got really really angry? Esp. when they didn't catch the robber yet. I know I shouldn't care b/c idk those people but now I'm just really mad about it and wish I could do something about things like this in the future lol or make people make help make change (Aqua dom.)

  • Libra placements (especially Libra Moon and Mars)
  • 7th House dominance
  • Aquarius placements
  • 11th House dominance
  • Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Moon in the 11th House
  • Aquarius, Libra, and maybe Aries Midheaven

I feel that both Libra, Aquarius, and maybe Cancer and Aries would be the three signs that would hate injustice the most. Libra would hate it because it’s unfair and unequal, while Aquarius is very much focused on the community. Cancer may not like injustice because they can empathize with the feelings of other people’s pain unless they’re more focused on their own. Aries can be angry because they can struggle to understand how evil the world can be… It can shock and eventually anger them.


Save Me: Part 4: Josh Dun Imagine


“At least don’t look like you’re constipated.” Jenna joked as she set a bowl down to fill with chips for the party. “Very funny. But, you know why I’m like this.” Jenna looked at me with sympathy filling her eyes. “Uncle Josh! Don’t be sad!” I looked down at Tyler and Jenna’s 4 year old, Tyler’s face and Jenna’s eyes looking straight up at me. Not too long after she left, Tyler and Jenna had Elise and she was basically the only thing keeping me sane. I picked up Elise and sat her on my lap and kissed her head. “This is the first time she’s come back since she’s left. Four years and all she’s done is send things for Elise.” A sigh left my body, but the fatigue I felt turned to anxiety when Elise squealed, “Aunt Y/N!” 

The girl that Elise ran to was the exact girl that left all those years ago, except with shorter hair. She kneeled down to hug Elisa tightly and picked her up, walking straight to Jenna and hugging both of the girls with her eyes closed. “Y/N. God, you shouldn’t keep away for so long.” Jenna was holding back the tears. Y/N let go of both girls and that’s when her Y/C/E eyes met mine. “Hi, Joshua.” Her voice. That sweet voice that would call me before shows, after shows, before bed, and when I woke up. That was the only voice I kept in my head. I stood up and walked towards her slowly, our eyes not leaving each others gaze once. On the side, Jenna grabs Elise and heads outside. AS she does, I wrap my arms around Y/N and I could feel my heart about to leave my chest. I release her after a minute or two and she speaks up, “We should talk.” 

It wasn’t the best day for a kid’s birthday party considering how gloomy it was, but I enjoyed it. Y/N walked beside me walking with her eyes locked on the sidewalk and my eyes looking up. “Where did you go?…” She sighs, “I moved to Seattle. Finished school and i’m working as a nurse.” That’s what she always wanted to do. And silence. The only sound coming from us was our feet slightly dragging on the concrete. “Y/N-” She stops me in the middle, “we should head back for the presents and cake.” She just smiles at me and starts walking back to the house, leaving me with so many questions.

We sat at the same table and watched Elise open her presents, but we didn’t say a word to each other. She smiled as she watched Elise with her hands resting in her lap. God, how much I just wanted to hold her hand. I was too busy paying attention to Y/N that I didn’t notice they were already handing out the cake. Did I miss singing Happy Birthday? I didn’t even realize that Y/N was hugging Tyler and Jenna goodbye. After her goodbyes with them she approached me, “Walk out with me?” I didn’t hesitate, not even a second, to say yes. I walked her to her car, a pretty nice one if I might add.

“Josh, I…” She can’t find the words, so I take this as the opportunity to ask her what i’ve been dying to ask her for 4 years, “Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you tell me where you were going? How could you just disappear like that? Do you know how much you hurt me? I couldn’t sleep, I could barely eat. Everything I did reminded me of you so for months I couldn’t do a single thing. I hated you for leaving me, but even more at the fact you loved me and you didn’t tell me.” Her mouth dropped open and the moon lit up the tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I didn’t mean to make her cry. I just held so much back in all these years that I just needed to know. 

“I couldn’t tell you. You were happy with Debby and I needed to get rid of the feelings I had for you and I couldn’t do that and maintain the relationship we had and see you with her on top of all that. I didn’t meant to be gone for so long. I had only planned for a couple months, but it just happened.” She was talking through the sobs and each word she said, the worst I felt. “I’m not with Debby anymore. I haven’t been since you left.” I grabbed her hand and looked at her, but she pulled her hand away. 

“Josh, i’m sorry to hear that. I genuinely am. But think about it. If I stayed, don’t you think you would still be with her? If I didn’t leave, Jenna and Tyler wouldn’t have told you the truth about my feelings and you would be happy and I would have been completely miserable.” Her tears just kept running down her face. “I know it’s been a long time, but I want you, Y/N.” I confessed. 

“I can’t, Josh.” She can’t make eye contact with me, “Why?” Im afraid of her answer and I had every right to be, “I’m engaged.” 

Imagine: You catch Ramsay's eye. He watches you, then he gives you revenge.

It was your voice that caught his attention. He was walking to feed the hounds when he heard you. You were by a small shop, talking to an old woman about how to make candles last longer.

He looked over, to try to see who had created such a beautiful sound. And it was you. Your physical features were gorgeous. Your hair was (H/L), and (H/C). It was a wonder how you looked so flawless. Ramsay stopped walking, fiddling with the keys in his hand. You looked wonderful delicious.

He was a young boy, a cruel boy. So the first thing on his mind was getting off. Satisfying his urges and lust.

Your eyes were dark, and when you noticed the lord was staring you looked over at him. Your heart also leapt. Those pretty big eyes locked with his and both your stomach’s jumped. It was like time froze. His throat tightened.

You smiled politely, before looking back to the woman you were talking to. It pissed Ramsay off greatly. He wanted your attention. He wanted you to think about him. To wonder. To lust. He wanted your mouth to water when you saw him.

He remembered your face and fed the dogs.


“I want five men following her at all times.” Ramsay said to his advisor. Since he killed his father, he was the warden of the North. So he was in control of everyone there.

“Gutter, Thoro, Tames, Red, and Scout.” He announced. “You five will make sure no harm comes to her. Do not let her know you are there, though. If she comes in contact with any of you, I will kill you.” He smiled darkly. “Understood?” They nodded. “Good.”

Ramsay had to admit, he was being stalkerish about this. But he had to make sure his little cardinal was safe. Especially out here in the North.

He found out soon you were a lady, you had visited from the fingers and decided to stay. You had formed a bond with one of the bed warmers, but thankfully you weren’t one of them. Ramsay would have to kill every man who touched you.

A few days went by and he convinced the bed warmers to get to know you, and tell him about you. Things you liked, loved, and hated. Your favorite flowers and books.

After a month he found out where you lived. It wasn’t from lack of information and struggle, it was because he had lots of things to do. But your place was in the tavern, sleeping in one of the rooms with your friend Ross.

He sent you the first gift right after that. It was a bundle of (F/F), your favorite flower. He didn’t let you know it was from him, though. The game was too fun to give that away so fast.

He ordered Ross to tell him how you reacted. And, it disappointed him. You didn’t seem happy, you looked annoyed. If Ross was being truthful, you even said “what dirty old man sent me this?”. Ross tried to convince you it was a romantic gesture. But you didn’t care. You were stuck on the idea it was some creep who wanted into you.

For the next few days he focused on his work. He didn’t care for getting Sansa back. He had another lady in mind. But he was still going to storm castle black. He was going to spoon Commander Snows eyes out. It infuriated him that the stark bitch and Reek escaped.

But he didn’t care too much. His army would win anyways. Soon enough he started thinking about you again.

He had heard you liked talking forest walks, from his five men who had followed you. You would go down the stream, into the woods, and you’d sit on a tree stump and just look at the sky and read. It was beautiful, when he pictured it in his mind. So he decided to go see for himself.

It was really early, the times you went to take your walks. He was fine with it, the waking up early bit. He dismissed his guards and walked far behind you, able to see your hair faintly from far in front of him. He wished he was a little bit faster. Soon enough you turned into the woods, going to sit on your big tree root and admire nature.

When he walked into the woods he saw you were crying. You had your arms wrapped around your legs, your forehead on your knees. His heart caught on fire. Who did this. Who caused you this pain? He would flay their neck and make them live like that.

You didn’t hear him walk up to you, sitting down next to you. “My dear…” He finally spoke up and you gasped, jumping away. “Woah now, calm down please.” He smiled at you. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Lord Bolton?” You trembled, wiping your tears away.

He smiled, nodding. “And you are?”

“(Y/N). (Y/L/N).” You sighed. “Sorry. Excuse me.. but… What are you doing out here?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing, sweetling.” He said. You were beautiful. Seeing you up close was like seeing an angel. It made him believe in gods.

“Just walking.” You said, and he said the same.

“But why are you crying?” He asked. He wanted you to tell him so badly. So he could find whomever or whatever caused you this pain.

“It’s stupid.” You said, and he was surprised at your comfortability with him. It was probably because you were so hurt. And it made him angry.

“I doubt that.” He said.

“My betrothed…” You had whimpered and tried not to cry. “He slept with one of my friends…”

That made him angry in three ways. Your lover hurt you, your friend hurt you, and you had loved someone in such a deep way.

He stood up, and you looked at the tall handsome lord. “Ramsay?”

“Come with me.” He held out his hand and you pulled herself to your feet. He hugged you tightly, and you started sobbing. It was strange to get comfort from him. But you needed it. “Shh, my dear..” He soothed you, rubbing your head. He gently rocked you back and forth. He separated from you and smiled. “Show me them.”

Your eyes widened. “You don’t have to…”

Oh but he would. And he did.

He took your hand and you went back into the town. “Show me them.” He said again. You led him into the tavern, and he was hit with many foul smells. He wrinkled his nose in disgust. But you lived here, so he didn’t want to upset you. He put on a straight face and ignored the smells. You were too beautiful to be seen upset.

When people recognized him they gasped, standing up. The music stopped, and all the women froze.

“My Lord.” Ross, the main attraction it seemed, smiling and curtseying, spoke in her seductive voice. “What can I get you?”

“You think I’m here to pay for sex?” He laughed. You seemed uncomfortable so he saved his speech. “Nothing. I don’t need you.” He waved her away. She smiled and walked off. He turned to you, and he felt that same strange feeling of euphoria. His beautiful girl.

“Show me where they are, lovely.” He said to you, and you pointed to the back. Your room.

He grinned wickedly. “Would you like to see them bleed? Would you like to see them beg for their lives?”

“Don’t hurt them…” You said quietly. “Just scare them… Please…”

It made him angry and upset. He wanted to hurt them. He wanted to make them bleed. And scream.

Suddenly, an idea surfaced. He wouldn’t hurt them at all. But his hounds would.

“As you wish.” He smiled at you, and went into the room. A man and a woman lay asleep on the bed. The man was ugly, long hair. Very chiseled jaw. He had a slight beard. The woman was of course what every whore looked like. Long hair, thin eyebrows and lots of color on her eyelids.

“I will take them to my dungeon.” He smiled, and so he did.
“Why did you do that for me?” You asked him. You were sitting in the woods again, the same pretty spot you always sat.

“Because it angered me to see you sad, love.” He said to you. “And, well, I can do anything I please.”

You smiled, and looked up at the sky. “But I can’t live in the tavern anymore.” You were right. They would never let you.

“You always have a place in winterfell.” He smiled at you.

“I don’t want to be a bother, my lord.” You said politely. He understood how you felt.

“Not a bother at all.” He told you. “I’d love to have you around.” He could imagine his hand around your throat as he fucked you. Your breath ragged as he made you feel such great pleasure. His tongue pleasing you. Your hand slapping his face. Your nails making him bleed. Your teeth making him bruise.

You looked happy. And it made him happy.

He gave you a room beside his. Close to him, so he could make sure you had everything you needed. And so that he could get there quickly at night.

Once, he was in his room killing time before dinner. He heard you crying,and he rushed in your room. “(Y/N)!” He kneeled next to you. You looked terribly sad. Crying again, like when he first met you. “Poor beautiful cardinal, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I keep thinking about it Ramsay I can’t fucking stop thinking about his bloody face and her hair and how they had sex in the bed I slept in since I was 12!” You leapt at him weeping. You sobbed into his arms and he held you, sitting on the floor.

“My sweet rose.” He sighed, petting your (H/C) hair. “You didn’t want me to hurt them then. Do you want me to now?”

You looked up at him through your red watery eyes. “Make them wish they were never born.” You said through your teeth. He grinned wickedly. He was rubbing off on you perfectly.

You looked at the two people tied on the X. Melisa, and your former lover, Leo. There was anger in your eyes. Normally, even in this situation, a girl would be scared. She would feel sympathy. But you, oh, you. You loved it. You wanted to see them hurt.

It thundered loudly outside, and you jumped a bit. His heart leapt. You were so beautiful. He wanted to protect you from everything. He would do anything to see you happy.

“What do you want me to do with them, my rose?” He asked you, and you looked up to him with those big (E/C) eyes.

“What causes the most pain?”

Digimon Adventure tri. 30 Day Challenge ★ #11 Which characters do you want to see interacting more?

This may be both easy and difficult to answer because I think they got most relevant interactions covered so far. 

1) Daigo and Taichi

Their small interactions have been fun to watch, but the first two movies have me wishing Daigo breaks a couple of “secret agent” rules just so we can see him take Taichi’s questions serious. I mean without sly change-of-subject strategies. Taichi just enter the agency under Daigo’s supervision already.

2) Sora and Jou

THEY USED TO BE A THING, c’mon! This is the only interaction still missing. :D Now Jou is with the team, now the group is overcoming their loss and forming new memories, and especially now Sora is finally over her issue with Piyomon I think a recreation of those moments of humor Sora and Jou used to have together would be very much welcome. The end of Part 4 has me both hoping and mourning the possibility of a proper interaction between them because anything can happen after that cliffhanger to be honest!

Their combo used to be something, like, if you put Taiora aside the next most obvious pairing that included Sora used to be Jyoura, remember?

3) Meiko and Hikari

One is the chosen child of light, while the another is a dark-themed chosen child. It goes from Meiko’s black digivice to Meicoomon as the source of the virus.

Hikari purifies, energizes, and evolves her digimon-friends, while Meiko seems to corrupt, bring caos, and destroy them instead.

Both Hikari and Meiko have cat digimon for partners. Meicoomon’s digiegg is eerily similar to Tailmon’s, albeit grey-coloured. Both Meicoomon and Tailmon happen to be Adults…

I’ve been curious about this strange polarity before the poster of the 5th movie and when I stop to think about it… Hikari and Meiko haven’t really interacted much so far, have they? 

I think this is all interactions I can think of as of now.

Honourable mentions: Jou and Yamato, Hikari and Koushirou.

anonymous asked:

LETS RANT ABOUT THEIR ARMS ONE SEC! HOW IS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONES ARMS TO BE THAT BIG AND MUSCLEY. Also can we just take into account that Grayson can break a bowl into tiny pieces with his bare hands and by the looks of it, Ethan could probably pin you up against a wall, kissing you passionately as he holds both of your arms up with just one hand, the other basically holding your butt as you wrap your legs around him BUT THE THINGS THEY COULD DO TO YOU WITH THOSE ARMS - El

EL YOU’RE MY FAVE BECAUSE YES YES YES!! G is so damn strong because how can you break a bowl like that?? and he’s just carrying ethan like he weighs nothing which he probably does because all that m u s c l e ?? and e would have no problem just having you against any wall ansjdasfdujfn i am deaaaad

King George iii x Reader

Words: 1808 (okay maybe I got a little carried away)

Warning: it’s kind of implying domestic abuse, but not a lot. 

Request: “The king George fic was great, I really enjoyed it! Just in case you didn’t know, to fancy someone is quite colloquial. I just thought it stuck out a bit. Anyway, would you pls be able to write another King G fic about going to a ball together? Thx!" 

Prompt: nah 

A/N: I’m not sure if you wanted a sequel to the last one?? But I didn’t think it would go along well so I didn’t??? Anyways, I hope my writing is better for Hamiltimes 

y/f/c = your favorite color


 You smiled at your parents sweetly as they told you the news, you were heading to a Ball. The Kings Annual Ball, which he held each year. And you were having the honour, well, your family was having he honour, of attending it. 

Your family was close with one of the more powerful families in Britan, only because your father had helped them out when in trouble. So, returning the favour, which their family has seemed to do many times, they invited you. 

 You wanted to squeal in delight, but kept yourself under control, as your mother said, "Please, be on your best behaviour, we know what happened last time you went to a Ball.” You grimaced, everyone knew what happened last time you went to a Ball.

In your mind, it was simple: a man was being quite rude and sexist, so you showed him his place. To everyone else, the story was: You had anger issues, and this man was simply trying to get along with you, as he fancied you. Then, you got so angry that you slapped him in the face in front of everyone. Sure, you had slapped him, but everything else wasn’t true. Him, being a man, he was able to have the bigger word and completely lied to everyone there. You walked out of the Ballroom by yourself, caught a carriage, and went home. When your father and mother returned home, you tried explaining, but your father only called you a disgrace to the family. It was not a fun night. 

 Thinking back to it, you would have done it again in a heartbeat, the man deserved what was coming to him. He made vulgar comments, and he also told you women were too useless to do anything for themselves, then proceeded to ask for a dance! 

 "Y/n, dear, please put on your best dress, the Ball is tonight,“ your mother said, snapping you from your thoughts. You nodded, and walked back to your room. Going through your dresses, you thought, what if I never even see the King? What if I meet him, and he’s rude and arrogant? What if he is like the last guy at the last Ball? You’ve always been like this, and your mother always told you to stop worrying about such things. What happens, happens. So, you brushed those thoughts out of your mind, batting your eyes between two of your favorite dresses. It was hard do decide between them. 

 You ended up choosing a (y/f/c) dress, after a couple of minutes of contemplating if you should ask for your moms opinion. But who were you kidding? She would only say, ‘I think they’re both lovely’ and never actually choose. You sometimes wondered how she dressed herself, let alone making decisions for you. 

 Walking out of your room, you smiled at your mother, "The Final Product, I guess.” Your mother gushed, “Oh, you look beautiful, dear.”

 "Can we go now?“ You father asked, quite impatiently,  you looked at your mother, who nodded, and you nodded as well. Your father smiled kindly and lead you to the carriage that awaited outside. 

 You arrived inside of the Ballroom, where people were talking and dancing and having a great time, the King wasn’t there yet. 

 "Roger, it’s so nice to see you!” Your father said greeting someone, you curtsied towards the man, as he and your father continued talking. You had completely lost your mother, she departed you once you entered. You didn’t know anybody else in there, and if you did, they were certainly ignoring you. 

You walked over to a table filled of champagne, and food. Right at home. You picked up a glass and sipped. No man came up to you, asking to dance, or just to talk in general. It was kind of sad, you could sense other women giving you pity. 

 Just like last time, you were about to leave early, but then you heard something. You heard someone announce, “The King is here!” You almost dropped your glass, but, you set it on the table. Women curtsied, including you, and men bowed, as he entered the room, you looked up at him when he was in front of the room, and you were completely astonished. 

 He was a handsome man, he was better than the portraits. At least, the ones you’d seen. There were some around town, but not many. King George simply walked through the crowd towards the back of the room, everyone moved out of way to create a path. You sighed as he walked the way, but felt a pinch of relief as he didn’t walk your way. 

You wanted to feel the honour to meet him, but you were so embarrassing (told by your dad) that it would be better if you didn’t talk to most people, ecspecially important people. Your dad had stuck that in your mind for so many years, it was overwhelming. 

 You worked your way through the crowd, as they did not make a path for you. You had to shove through them, earning many strange looks, you just repeated, 'I’m sorry’ and 'Excuse me’ until you were outside. Once you were outside, you let out a sigh of relief, you weren’t confined in that room filled with loads of people. 

People who seemed to be judging you as you walked by, at least, that’s what it felt like to you. You were finally able to breathe, no one was around, it was just you and the moon. Nobody to distract, judge, annoy you. You felt free. 

 "Excuse me, miss?“ Someone asked, a male, asked.

 You turned around, and seeing who it was, you jumped up and curtsied instantly, "It’s an honour, sir.” King George smirked, obviously amused by how flabbergasted you were, among seeing him up close and in-person. 

 "May I ask, what are you doing out here, by yourself?“ He asked, sitting on the steps next to you. 

You sat down as well. "I, just, uh–” you stuttered, but he seemed so cool about everything, “I just needed some air, sir." 

 "King George is fine, uh…” He trailed off, leaving you to substitute your name. 

“Oh! Y/n y/l/n, sir– I mean, King George,” you covered your mouth, trying to avoid any further embarrassment. He smiled once again, feeling amused. 

 King George chatted up a storm, talking about the colonies and how he’s losing them, how he’s so angry at the General and a man named 'Alexander Hamilton’? You didn’t know, you were just there to listen. Not ask questions. 

“Would you care for a dance, y/n? I’ve been putting my burdens on you all night, I’m sure you want to make this night worth something,” King George said, standing up, and putting his hand out for you to take. 

 You took it, “I don’t think that would be nessasary, s– King George,” you corrected yourself quickly, “I don’t want to–" 

 "It would be a pleasure, Lady y/n,” he interrupted, “Shall we?" 

 You nodded briskly, "We shall.” King George lead you in, and many–actually, all people stared as you walked in. Except for a group in the corner containing your mother and father, as they were oblivious. 

 This time, a path was made for you, just for being with the King. The King. You would love and hate to see your dads face is he looked, hoping that maybe doing this would prove him wrong, in some way. But there was also a sliver of a chance he would say it was too big of a risk, and you could’ve disgraced the family name. 

 "Are you sure you want to do this, King George? With me, I mean,“ you looked up at him. He continued to direct you into position for the dance, "Please, of course I do. It is a new experience." 

 "You only met me an hour ago, si– King George.”

 "That’s alright.“ The music played, and you both swayed together. You weren’t sure of what he was doing, because you were looking down at your feet. 

 "Are your feet more interesting than me, Dear?” King George asked. 

 You looked up at him, “I’m sorry, I’m not really used to this." 

 The song ended a minute after of pure silence between you two, and you took a step away from him, "That probably wasn’t too pleasant for you, I’m sorry." 

"Oh it was–” he was cut off by a man appearing beside you. Your father. your mother appeared a second after, a little out of breath. "King George, it’s an honour to meet you, sir,“ your father greeted, your mother stood in awe and curtsied. "May I ask, was my daughter troubling you at all?" 

 King George was slightly confused, "No, she wasn’t. It was fine, the dance was fine." 

 Your fathers eyes widened, "Dance? What dance?" 

 You wanted to smirk triumphantly at your father and tell him how wrong he was, how welcomed you were by The King himself without embarrassing yourself completely or your family, but you looked down at your shoes instead. 

"Yes of course, we danced throughout the last song.”

 Your father was silent for a second, “Well, sir, I think it’s best we get going. Come on, y/n." 

 King George stood tall, "I shall walk y/n to your carriage,” he placed his arm out for you to take, which you hesitantly did. Your parents walked ahead of you, whispering. 

You turned to King George, “You really don’t have to do this, George." 

 "Oh, so it’s 'George’ now?” A smirk was growing on his face. The amusement in his eyes flew right over you, you covered your mouth with your free hand, “I’m sorry, Kin–" 

 "Alas, it’s fine. I’d rather you call me George anyway.” You removed your hand and looked anywhere else from where he was standing. Then, you reached outside, where your mother was already in the carriage, your father getting into. 

 King George slid his hand down to yours, and brought it up to his lips, kissing it, “I hope to see you soon, Lady y/n. I will definetly write.” Your face started to flush, you were out of things to say, “I will look forward to it, George.”

 He had a small smile on his face, but gently let go of your hand, allowing you to get in the carriage, next to your father. As soon as the door shut, your father went off, “Y/n, do you know how dangerous that was? You could have done, or said something wrong? You could have displeased him! That was risky, y/n." 

"Yes, father, I know,” you said, looking out the carriage window as the horses started up. You thought back to what happened, that entire night, “And I enjoyed every second of it.”

so you’ve had a bad semester: how to recover and get ready for a fresh start

everyone has bad semesters. everyone. there will come a point in time where you will have a tough professor, or a lot going on at home, or a lot going on with your health, or a lot going on at work. i’m here to tell you that it’s okay. it is so okay to have that bad semester! your gpa will recover. you will recover! right now, you might feel awful and like a failure, but i’m living proof that goofing up is not the end of the world.

in high school, i had a pretty high gpa, was in my school’s ib diploma programme, and did consistently well in school. some semesters were straight As, some were As and Bs, but i never got anything below a B despite struggling with some pretty bad anxiety.

for college i moved two hours away from home to a school full of strangers. this was horrible for my social anxiety and slowly my grades began to slip by. my first semester i made the classic, freshman mistake of thinking, “i can just read the textbook and teach myself” for one of my classes. so i stopped going. i failed that class and got a D in the lab that went along with it.

every semester following that one was a big struggle for me. i got at least a C every semester and i’ve since failed four or five more classes (i try to not think about it too much). over the past year things got incredibly bad–so bad that i had to change my major (accounting) to something ‘less hard and learning-based’ (english lit, which i excel at with minimal effort). this semester i went to counseling services, got diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and have started taking steps to getting both of those things under control.

this semester i got all As and Bs again. i made the dean’s list for the first time.

so, let me get to the meat of this post. here are a few tips and tricks i’ve learned over the years to recuperate after a tough semester.

  1. accept responsibility, but don’t beat yourself up about it. it’s easy to get trapped in hysterically saying ‘i fucked up i fucked up i fucked up’. this cycle is not healthy nor is it effective. to recover and move on from this semester, so you can look towards a brighter future, you have to get your head out of the past. take a few deep breaths. acknowledge that you didn’t do well, but also acknowledge that you have the capacity to do better next semester. one bad grade (or one semester of bad grades) does not make you a bad student.
  2. examine what happened. it’s hard to look back on your failures and relive the horrors of a bad semester- trust me, i know. but it’s important to look at the class(es) you did poorly in and figure out why you had a hard time. did you struggle with going to class? was it an online class and you frequently forgot to turn in assignments? did the professor’s teaching methods not work will with what kind of learner you are? did you study enough? was the class simply hard? try to figure out the factor(s) that contributed to your unsatisfactory grade.
  3. come up with a game plan. after identifying what went wrong last semester, it’s time to figure out how to resolve each issue you’ve discovered. here are some examples:
    - if you are struggling with mental illness, i highly, highly suggest you seek help from your university’s counseling services (which should be free) or your high school counselor. letting mental illness fester because you think it will go away or that you’ll be able to get it under control can really hurt you later on. if you can’t seek professional help, do what research online you can to find coping mechanisms and rituals you can go through to help you.
    - if you had a hard time understanding the professor, arranging a meeting with them or e-mailing back and forth with them can be very helpful if not a little embarrassing at first. your professor will commend you for reaching out to them for advice after doing poorly. if you have to repeat their class, you can even start building a repertoire with them before the new semester begins.
    - if you had a hard time staying focused in class, consider recording your professor if you are in a lecture-heavy class. it’s impossible to write down everything they say- if you try, you’re likely to miss something important. instead, write down what key concepts they stress in class- sometimes professors will even say outright ‘this will be on your next exam’- and go over details later. be sure to get your professor’s permission to record them!!! just a little voice recorder will do.
    - if you had a heavy course load this semester and felt overwhelmed, make an appointment with your academic adviser. discuss what was successful and unsuccessful this semester. let them help you plan out future semesters- advisers frequently have a lot of info on different courses and professors and know which courses are more challenging. build a schedule that has a balance of challenging and not-so-challenging courses. it is okay to drop to 12 credit hours (or even below)! don’t let the graduate-in-four-years formula hurt you. it’s best to take your time and do well than to try to rush and do poorly.
  4. step back. take time to yourself. don’t obsess over school. read that book series you’ve been wanting to read, or go out with friends, or play that video game you’ve been itching to try. get lost in enjoying yourself for a little while. just because you didn’t do well in school this semester doesn’t mean you should punish yourself.
  5. think positively. i admit, this piece of advice is a little hokey, but that doesn’t make it any less important. if you think that you aren’t going to do well this semester, you are likely setting yourself up to do poorly. believing that you can do well this next semester will help you to stay positive and stay on track. when things get tough, you’ll be able to say that you are tougher, and push through.
  6. find a support system. other friends in your major can often give you advice on what professors to take, or how to do well in certain classes. these friends can also be great support systems when you don’t do well. the sense of ‘everyone’s been there’ can be comforting without condoning slacking off.
  7. go into the next semester prepared. this goes along with having a game plan. e-mail your professors ahead of time to ask for the first unit’s powerpoints, or for syllabi, or textbook lists. ask them what they believe will help you get an A or otherwise do as best as possible in their courses. take mental health days off during the break between semesters so you go into the semester will a clear head and a lot of determination.
  8. keep trying. just because you haven’t done well once doesn’t mean you can’t do well the second time around. if the courses you’re taking this semester seem difficult, don’t let that intimidate you into thinking you would fail anyway. keep studying and keep revising until you get the concepts- or until you have felt like you have done all that you can do. giving up is easy. don’t do what’s easy (unless, of course, not doing what’s easy would negatively impact your health. health comes first).

there you have it! my tips for recovering after a less-than-stellar semester. if you need any advice or have more questions about this or college life, please don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask!

- KL

Five More Minutes

Request by: Anonymous

Pairing: Steve x Reader

can I get a captain america one where its all adorable early morning cuddly fluff?? thanks!!!

Word Count: 560

A/N: My first request! I hope you enjoy, darling!

   A small stream of light shone in through the window, illuminating the small, dark room. It wasn’t necessarily morning, that you could tell for sure, due to the darkness outside, but it wasn’t necessarily the dead of night either. One quick glance over at the small, digital clock resting on the bedside table told you it was 3:45 am. As you became more aware of your immediate surroundings, shaking off the sleep induced confusion, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap tightly around your waist. A smile spread across your face as you felt the movement around you. You snuggled back into his chest and turned to face him, looking up at his face. He looked so peaceful when he slept, so innocent, and it made the smile that had found its way to your face grow even wider than before. Soft blonde hair was tousled about, a result of the sleep, and his eyes were shut, but not as tightly as they usually were. His mouth was open just a bit, and you could hear him inhale and exhale softly. You remembered the first time the two of you had slept in the same bed, and how he still looked the same all this time later. You leaned back into his chest, thoroughly enjoying hearing the steady thumping of his heartbeat in your ear. You could feel him stirring underneath you, and chose to look up at him.

   “(Y/N)?” he asked, stumbling over your name a bit in his tired haze. You giggled a little bit, as the sound of his post-sleep confusion was absolutely adorable.
   “Right here, Steve,” you smiled, and he sighed, muscles relaxing, and his arms tightening around your waist. Your arms snaked around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him. Your noses were touching as he slowly opened his eyes. You could get lost in those endless blue eyes. He’d always say the same about you, saying that your (Y/E/C) eyes were the most lovely thing he’d seen in all his years. He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead, and your smile grew wider as you stretched up to place a small kiss to his lips. After all this time, each kiss with Steve still felt like the first, exciting and new. You could feel him smiling into the kiss as well, and your hand ran through his hair as you did so. You both waited until you were sure you would collapse without a sudden intake of air before, reluctantly, breaking apart.
   “What time is it?” Steve groaned, knowing that whatever time it was, it was well before 5:30, when you both had to wake up, you for work, and him to train.    “Last time I checked, it was 3:45,” you sighed, turning over your shoulder to check the little clock, which now read “4:00″. Steve turned to look as well, and after a quick glance at the clock, he turned back to you.
   “An hour’s enough time,” he smiled, and you quickly returned it, pressing a kiss to his lips before laying your head back over his heart. You could have easily fallen back asleep to the steady thump of his heart, and as you felt Steve press a kiss into the top of your hair, you knew that an hour wasn’t long enough.