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Im literally so done with this fandom you guys have absolutely no self control. Its not Disney’s fault its your fault. Its not like you guys were never going to see it. You just had a wait, thats what your reward is. Patience is key dont you think. Words can not describe how disappointed i am and im sure the starcrew is to. If you see anyone that is reposting the intro please tell them to delete it immediately. For the good of the fandom. We are now gonna pay the consequences. Weather that be they push season 3 to the fall maybe even winter. Or maybe they had plans for starco that you guys screwed up. Guess well have to wait and see. If anyone from the starcrew is reading this. Please know that i am truly sorry. i am so sorry that these 14 year olds have no self control🤦🏽‍♀️


If I ever meet them by walking in to these episodes. These are my feedback 😶….just releasing the pain in my Starco heart 😢😢😢

Facing Evil 101 by ninjaspartank55 Class is in session! Jack’s the perfect hero to teach the next generation of animated heroes!

Okay. Time to use (again) my oxidated english (maybe I’m going to use it wrong, but, I’m gonna try.) The thing is… Don’t reblog the leaked intro, please, I can assure that nobody wants to repeat something like what happened with the “Deep Trouble” issues. It’s just… Not cool, okay?, Daron didn’t wanted to show us the new intro for -some- reason, you need to think that too, put yourselves in her shoes, What’d tou think about this? For the sake of season 3… Don’t reblog the new intro.

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