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I’ve been in an oc mood lately.

So I spent some time going back to draw Judas feat his entire weird family ((Before his two younger brothers came in)).

Plus I wanted to draw the characters as adults again.

I think the reason Strange Magic flopped was because. 1. It didn’t have enough marketing (most movies have posters and billboards and different trailers. Before this movie came out I literally saw none of those two things which is why I didn’t know about it till now) 1. The movie basically had no toys or merchandise ! (You may be wondering why this is important but for a kids movie this is a HUGE deal, making toys make kids more attracted to it and want to see it or buy it more. Now with books parents won’t be able to buy little cute books for there kids to read and there won’t even be extra content. Also the fact there wasn’t even any merchandise, that I have seen, like backpacks or notebooks) Even so I might be wrong but I really really love this movie and I hope one day (more likely) it becomes a comic/ book or TV show.

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Yesterday was the first time I took my camera on a walk after my return from Switzerland. 

Panti is halfway through her pregnancy and on the last photo you can see the little belly showing. She still takes great joy in swimming and keeps up well with the walks (especially since most of us have treats for her). Sometimes she even takes a few leaps over the meadow or plays with the other dogs, but all in all she is very calm and relaxed.