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Lisa (Blackpink) Wallpapers

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Hello! Can I please request bp reaction to love at first sight with the reader at a fan meet?

{ LISA }

Lisa would look at you and right away, look away from you, her cheeks bright pink. She would whisper to whichever member was next to her:

“They’re so cute, oh my god!”

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{ ROSÉ }

When you flirt with her during the fanmeet, you didn’t expect nothing out of it but Rosé turned into a blush-y cutie. She didn’t expect to meet someone so goodlooking in a fanmeet but she’s completely taken with you.

“I can’t believe it.” She’d whisper to herself.

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Usually smooth talker Jisoo would turn into the cutest human being. You would make her laugh more than anything, she would be very pleseantly surprise. Jisoo would flirt right back too!

“And where can I see you again?”

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Jennie would see you from across the room at the fanmeet and would check you out in a very subtle way. She would turn to the member next to her, near their ear and would say:

“Look at them! are they checking me out?”

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Ideas for supporting BP RaNia’s next comeback

First things first, we need to set a goal. I suggest buying 145 copies in the first month. I believe Jieun said that a comeback was expected for around July? If so, June 30th should be the targeted deadline.

Since the EP (or full length album) will be cheaper than the legends, I think we could reach at least a 100 in a month, seeing as how 48 copies were sold in a month for something doubled the estimated price - the Legends album was $55 ($80 with shipping) while the EP will be about $20 ($25 with shipping).

Bulk Ordering

The hardest part about this is that DR Music only gives a week of promotions before the release of album. It simply isn’t enough time to collect money and put in orders. If DR Music could give an estimated date, and keep their word on it, at least a month in advance, we’d have some where to go off on.

Pre-ordering at the same place

AND at the same time. The difficulty with this, is the numerous time zones that A1ST fall into. However, with a heads up, different fanbases could organize a buy day (RaNia Brazil for Brazil, A1ST Sherlock for France, 7RaNiaGirls for North America and so on).

If we all agreed on, for example, YesAsia, for a week, each site could host a day (Monday: Brazil, Tuesday: East Cost USA, Wednesday: West Coast USA, and so on and so forth).

Buying the title track on iTunes

This is for those who can not afford the physical copy. If you can afford the entire album, then go for it, but what matters the most is the promotional single. Save $1.29 (Besides their debut song, all of their songs are $0.99 but it never hurts to over estimate) and purchase the song.

Streaming on Spotify

Streaming on Korean portals means paying money for a monthly subscription, and I doubt people would want to pay to stream when you have a free platform. Instead, use Spotify to listen to RaNia.

Share, Share, Share

The fanbase is too small to make a dent, and at best, about 34% of the fanbase will make a purchase. So requesting for youtubers to react, making posts on forums, tweeting, and alerting news outlet (Allkpop, Soompi, Buzzfeed, Asian Junkie, ect.) are some ways to reach out to a wider audience that already enjoys KPOP.If more A1ST were willing and able to purchase RaNia’s music, and we actually had some kind of plan, then perhaps RaNia could actually gain some incline in their career.

Blackpink's Reaction To You Being On Weekly Idol With Them

~for anon!~

{ Rosé }

“Trust me, it was the funniest thing!”

Rosé would have her arm around your waist for most of the time. She would probably tease you in front of the presenters and would have no shame in doing so. She would tell everyone embarrassing stories you two have had together, but also letting them know about the cute stories because she knows that she will be scolded by you after the show!

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{ Jisoo }

“You can do it! I believe in you!”

Jisoo would make you get involved in as many challenges as possible and would cheer you on so much. Maybe because she is awkward and doesn’t want to do them herself, but you do it for her because you are dedicated (and a lil competitive). After the show she would comment on how tired you looked and would look after you a lot when you get home.

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{ Jennie } 

“All of the hard work paid off”

Jennie would probably do a surprise rap for you. It would be the most romantic thing ever as the presenters are shocked and dazed. After her serenade, you would blush as you thank her countless times with a kiss. She would go bright red and after the show she would tell you that it took months to prepare it and build up the courage to perform it.

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{ Lisa }

“I told you I know you inside out!”

Lisa would absolutely ace the quizzes. Whether it be on Blackpink or a personalised quiz about you, she would get 100% on all of them. This would reveal a new side to her that you never knew existed. After the show you would question how she knew so much about you, and she would tell you that it comes with being a perfect girlfriend!

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A screenshot of a still from a little vid aboard the Starship (would love to find the full clip).  Being the pathetic person that I am, I took it because I spied Robert back there engaged in conversation with what appears to be a very pretty brunette.  Almost looks like Maureen.  For anyone who is wondering how stories begin, this is it.  At least for me.  Ridiculous, I know, but I’m SO DAMN THIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!