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Guys My Age (3)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4k

Warnings: Lap dance to rough Smut. NSFW gifs.

Anon asked “Can you please do a part 3 to ‘guys my age’ were Bucky asks reader for another lap dance”

A/N: The fic that started it all. I’m so glad people liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Also, dominant/jealous Bucky is just wow. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE. Go away kids! And please use protection y’all.

Part 1 Part 2

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In Motion (M) | 01

Character / Genre / words: Jeon Jungkook x reader (with POV switches) | Smut, Mature scenes, Masturbation Club!au | 7,721 words

➼ Summary: The rule is simple - you can look but you can’t touch. You’ve been attending the event for a few times but it was only when a certain boy arrives at one occasion did you feel the fire of lust burning inside

➼ Warning: exhibitionism, public display of masturbations, graphic smut scenes, mutual masturbations, mentions/use of sex toys, language

➼ Warning 2.0: this is only the beginning

➼ a/n: This is a revamped/edited version. I have decided to not scrap the whole thing when there is no scenes or plots being changed in the process. Feel free to reread this chapter before the next chapter is out. More story fillers will be added in the upcoming chapters.

➼ Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03

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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 15: O - Oops

The bell over the coffee shop door announced Derek’s arrival with a merry jingle a little after 11 in the evening. Derek shuffled the strap of his messenger bag higher on his shoulder and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his leather jacket.

The shop was almost empty at that hour. Only a few students writing their first papers of the new term and a couple of regular night owls were scattered through the shop. His usual seat in the far corner, where he could sit with his back against the wall and keep watch, was open.

Derek dropped his bag on the small table and shrugged his jacket off to drape over the back of his claimed seat. The young woman at the register was new, which could be potentially problematic. Derek didn’t recognize her, but she smiled cheerfully when he approached.

“What can I get you?” she chirped. Her heartbeat fluttered nervously as her scent sweetened with clear want. Definitely problematic.

Derek paused a moment. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He wasn’t sure his drink had a name.

“Oh, well, we have different speciality coffees and teas,” the barista said and gestured to the menu board behind her. “If you want something-”

“I got this!” Stiles slid out of the back room, arms flailing to keep his balance. “Yo,” he said, greeting Derek with a lazy salute, and Derek snorted. His roommate was ridiculous. “Super awesome Stilinski special as dark as your soul, coming right up.”

“Right,” Derek said, gravitating down the bar towards Stiles. “No cinnamon this time.”

“Sure thing.” Stiles flipped a large paper cup into the air and fumbled to catch it, which made Derek chuckle.

When Stiles called him earlier that year, it had been a bit of a shock. Derek had been living in a cabin upstate that he and Laura had bought years ago. He had finally achieved vengeance for his family when he ripped out Kate’s throat and burned her body deep in the woods, but Beacon Hills wasn’t home anymore, so he hadn’t gone back. Now he wished he had.

At first, Derek hadn’t been sure the small voice on the other end of the phone had actually been Stiles, and not something trying to lure him back to Beacon Hills because the Stiles on the other end of the line had been quiet, almost hesitant, and unsure. As if Stiles hadn’t believed he deserved Derek’s help. Definitely not at all the hyperactive, chatterbox he had left behind. They both carried heavy scars, but that was fine.

Before Derek knew it, he had a new roommate and was driving across the country to pick Stiles up the day he got his diploma. Stiles hadn’t been home since, and the Sheriff was worried.

The barista asked Derek what the drink was so she could ring it up as Stiles ducked out of sight to retrieve milk out of the fridge below the counter.

“I don’t know,” Derek said again. “Something chocolate?”

Derek always had the same drink whenever he came in, but he didn’t know what it was because Stiles had never told him. It probably didn’t have a name. The first time he picked Stiles up, Stiles had whipped something up and shoved it into his hands.

Stiles’ head popped back up over the espresso bar. The steamer hissed to life, and Stiles laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Sam. It’s on me,” he said and winked at Derek.

Derek hadn’t paid for a drink yet.

The drink Stiles handed off to Derek smelled overly sweet and chocolatey, and was piled so high with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel that the topping threatened to spill over. He wasn’t sure how Stiles knew about his sweet tooth, but he shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Here ya go, big guy,” Stiles said and grinned. “Extra sweet and fluffy. Just like you.”

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My Biggest Mistake (Barnes/Romanoff/Rogers x reader)

Request:  Cheating Angst of Bucky cheating on the reader with Natasha (Reader’s best friend) And when she finds out, Bucky and Natasha go running to apologize to her. But the reader doesn’t wanna hear it, so she ignores them. One day, Steve tries to convince her to forgive the both of them, because of how sad both, Bucky and Natasha were for the mistake. Which the reader comes in and forgives them ^^ (MAKE IT SUPA ANGSTY PLEASE) THANK YOU AGAIN BONNIE! ILYSM! 

Okay, I’m not a fan of full-on cheating stories, so I toned it down a little.  Also, I’m not very forgiving of it.  I hope you like where I took it tho!

You should have known.  

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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter five.

Chapter six.

The songs are hard to read into, but Eddie tries. At least there’s one thing Eddie knows for sure: Richie likes him. Why else would Richie put songs with lyrics like you’re the one running through my brain and oh man you’re making my crazy on the mix? Unless it’s some kind of sick joke, but Eddie tries not to think about that so much.

(its not a joke)

(he holds my hand)

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Why Taylor Swift's Label Is Predicting 2 Million Album Sales of 'Reputation' Next Week -- And How It Could Come Close
But this time around, industry sources tell Billboard, Big Machine is telling its accounts Reputation will see first-week sales action of 2 million units, more than Swift has done for any of previous albums.

Usually, when gearing up for a new Taylor Swift album release, Swift’s Big Machine Label Group lowers expectations by initially suggesting that the albums will debut with about 750,000 units in the opening week, even though Swift’s last three albums scanned over 1 million units in first-week sales. Speak Now sold 1.05 million in the week ending Oct. 31, 2010, Red scanned 1.21 million units in the week ending Oct. 28, 2012, and 1989, tallied 1.287 million units for the week ending  Nov. 2, 2014, according to Nielsen Music.

But this time around, industry sources tell Billboard, Big Machine is telling its accounts Reputation will see first-week sales action of 2 million units, more than Swift has done for any of previous albums. That’s despite the fact that the U.S. music industry is far more dependent on streaming than sales than it was in 2014, with album sales down 18 percent so far this year while audio-on-demand streams – the only streams that count toward the Billboard 200 – are up 59 percent year to date.

Big Machine’s uncharacteristically lofty projections have set off a debate among the data analysts and sales teams at competing record labels over whether the Nashville label can come close to achieving that figure – and how it would do so, even though the first singles off Reputation aren’t performing as well as the first cuts off 1989.

One label analyst says, “No way,” another says Big Machine’s 2 million figure “must be worldwide,” while a third says “that’s got to include streaming but even then I don’t think they can make it.”

While most streaming executives have been told they will not have the album the first week, retailers were initially told that the album will not go to streaming services for at least the first two weeks – and that Big Machine was still undecided on how long the ultimate length of that window would be. Since those initial discussions, that sales window has been truncated to one week, merchants say.

For an artist like Swift that can still do big physical sales, it still makes financial sense to withhold the album from streaming services. While Adele withheld 25 for seven months from streaming services in 2015, clocking a record-breaking, first-week sales of 3.4 million units and scanning 8.8 million units by the time she gave it to streaming services on June 23, 2016, there is no example to date of an artist earning close to the equivalent of 1 million in week-one album sales via paid streaming. Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. earlier this year has produced the most streaming equivalent albums (SEA), when it had audio on-demand streams of 340.8 million, or 217,000 SEA units, in its debut week ending April 20, 2017, and total consumption units of 600,000 units during that period.

Hip-hop and rap rule in streaming, so it’s doubtful that Swift could produce as many streams as Lamar. But even if Reputation did produce enough streams for 200,000 SEA units, that would generate about $2.1 million, Billboard estimates. Depending on how much of a discount Big Machine is offering to retailers, about 250,000-300,000 CDs or album downloads will bring in that same amount. So if withholding streaming can produce more than 300,000 copies in incremental sales, it’s worth it.

Can the U.S. music industry still support a million-album debut week for a superstar artist? Besides Swift and Adele, no other artist has done it since Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III, just made the million copies mark in the week ending June 15, 2008, although Lil Wayne came close with Tha Carter IV in 2011 and Justin Timberlake missed it with The 20/20 Experience in 2013.

Early indications are, Swift can still do it, too. Big Machine told the Washington Post that Reputation pre-orders hit 400,000 last Friday, and that total didn’t even include a United Parcel Service (UPS) promotion. Sources say that iTunes alone accounted for half of that, or 200,000.

Pre-orders may have been unusually strong thanks to a shrewd plan that encouraged fans to pre-order the album (and also buy merchandise) to boost their chances for tickets to her upcoming tour, and better seats. The pre-order promotion is designed to encourage fans to buy multiple copies of the album to a maximum of 13 copies, with each earning fans more points.

Last time out on 1989, iTunes had 200,000 in pre-orders, too, and ultimately hit 616,000 in the debut week. Meanwhile, Target is getting two exclusive versions of the album, each with differing artwork and its own, different magazine containing articles and photos of Swift, both selling for $19.99 as a pre-order on the retailer’s website; and the standard version, that all other retailers will get, selling for $15.

In return Target has, sources say, agreed to give over a greater proportion of display real estate than ever before. For example, the “hits” endcap will only have Swift’s music in it. Also, Swift’s music will be featured in dedicated, corrugated dumps placed in aisles around the store, not just in the music department, sources say. Target also has strong pre-orders on the album with some sources reporting that Swift has broken the chain’s pre-order record.

On the last Swift album, 1989, Target scanned 474,000 units in its first week, Walmart scanned 87,000 units, Amazon scanned 31,000 units, Starbucks did 17,000, and Best Buy scanned 11,000, and Walgreens, Trans World Entertainment and Kroger, combined, moved about 10,000 units.

Some predict Target will hit 600,000 units in the first week for Reputation, while iTunes will reach 500,000 units. Others say they hear Walmart will sell 250,000 units, though some are skeptical and expect Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy and other physical retailers may do about 300,000 units combined.

One big unknown is how many pre-orders the UPS promotion will drive, with customers having to fork over $14.99 for the album and another $9.50 for shipping, meaning an almost $25 price tag. Still, the lure of the promotion for concert tickets may get fans to regard the cost as part of the ticket price, and fans are now used to paying upwards of $100 to see superstars live. In addition to improving their chance for Swift concert tickets, the UPS pre-order promotion automatically registers the fan for a contest to fly to a city for a Swift concert. Without pre-ordering the album Swift fans can still participate in the contest but they have to send in an entry ballot.

Traditional appearances on mainstream television and other media by Swift during the debut week will also undoubtedly drive sales. She is expected to perform on an ABC show on Thursday night; followed by an iHeart special on Friday, Saturday Night Live on Saturday; with a Sirius XM performance for broadcast expected to be announced soon. Meanwhile the media blackout on interviews will probably also end, after the first major story appears, naturally in the Reputation magazines on sale at Target.

With the full breadth of the Swift promotional campaign for Reputation now unfolding, UPS pre-orders notwithstanding, tallying up the the rest of the industry projections amounts to about 1.4  million units, better than first week sales of 1989, but short of Big Machine’s big forecasts. Sources say Swift’s distributor, Universal Music Group, will ship between 1.2 million and 1.5 million units of the CD, while vinyl not expected to be ready until sometime in December. UMG declined comment for this story, and Big Machine didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Unforgettable Night

I love this picture so much I cannot describe it with proper words! Look how f*cking handsome he looks! Hope you enjoy this imagine and leave some feedback behind! I’d really appreciate it! Picture is not mine!!!

(Y/N)’s mind was buried deep into her studies as someone knocked on her front door and tore her out of her learning session. Checking up the time of her watch she wore on her wrist she noticed that it was 5 PM in the evening and she had spent fully five hours of studying without taking any break. Only now a slight hint of headache occurred and (Y/N) decided it was a good idea to lay her notices aside and try to relax. She stood up from her chair to respond the knocks on her door.

“I’m coming!” She called and when she opened the door, she was greeted by a very handsome, dimpled young man with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her entire life. Her heart started to flutter. A smile appeared instantly on her lips as she stood face to face with her best friend.

“ ‘ello love!” Harry said, carrying a little bouquet of flowers in his one hand while his other hand held a little white plastic bag. Giving her a kiss on her cheek, he entered the apartment, took his coat off and stepped directly into the kitchen.

“ Hi Harry…” (Y/N) closed the door and followed him straight to the kitchen where he was taking a small box out of the plastic back and unpacking it.

“Bought you your favorite doughnuts, love.” He informed her, handing her over one sweet treat with a pink frosting.

“That’s very lovely, thank you.” The young woman replied and after she took a smile bite from her doughnut and chewed it properly, enjoying the taste on her tongue, she also thanked him for the beautiful flowers that he got for her.

“You really didn’t have to buy me flowers, Harry. I would have been fine with only doughnuts.”

“Nah, I love to make you happy. Besides I thought they could bring some life into your apartment because everything else in here looks boring.” His dimples popped up as he grinned widely at her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, hitting him slightly on his arm.

“Idiot.” She chuckled. “So, what brings you here? I thought I wouldn’t get to see you till next Friday?” She once again bit into her doughnut.

“I had some business to do in the city and was very close nearby so I assumed it was a great idea to check up on you and bless you with my presence.”

“Very thoughtful. I’m honored.” She said, then walking to her fridge to take out two cans of coke.”But you have been careful when you came here, haven’t you?”

“Yes, no worries! There were no cameras or fans around luckily.” Keeping her private life was a high priority in (Y/N)’s life, so when Harry decided to visit her, he had to make sure that no one was chasing after him to not reveal the location of her apartment.

“What have you been up to? Studying again?” He asked.

“Mhm, I have some upcoming exams that I need to get ready for unfortunately. They rob me of my last nerve. It’s unbearable. Urgh.”

“I’m glad that I do not have to study.” Harry said, opening the lid of his coke and taking a gulp out of it.

“You’re lucky you have talent, Harry. If I had a voice as good as yours, I would have probably not put myself under so much pressure.”

“You think being a singer is easy?”

“It’s definitely easier than studying.”

“If you knew.” He sighed.

They both exited the kitchen and made themselves comfortable on the couch in the living room, positioning their drinks on the small table in the middle of the room.

“Do you have any plans on Saturday?” Harry inquired.

“I don’t think so. Why you’re asking?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me to a wedding and be my date for the night.”

(Y/N)’s heart accelerated by the offer that he made her and she felt a blush creeping its way on her both cheeks. Hopefully, Harry would not notice it because that would be very embarrassing. You know, being friends with him was an amazing opportunity and she appreciated that he chose her for being his best friend, however it was not possible to not be attracted to him.

They knew each other for almost one year now. After a small accident in Starbucks in which (Y/N) was too distracted to pay attention to what was going on in front of her and unintentionally bumped into Harry and poured her coffee over her shirt, Harry offered to buy her another one as a compensation because he was not paying attention either. Both of them started to get into a deep conversation where they told each other every single detail about themselves and after that day and exchanging phone numbers, they began to meet each other regularly in their free time.

(Y/N) was aware that their relation was based in a friendly manner but it did not held her back from developing feelings for him. She battled a lot against her emotions for a long but no matter how hard she tried she would lose the fight at the end of the day. Besides, she doubted he could ever like her the way she liked him. There was no way she would tell him about this. Losing him is the last thing she wanted to do.

“Whose wedding?” She asked him.

“Someone from the family.”

“I don’t know, Harry.” She replied, fiddling with her fingers. “I mean I’m not even a family member and I don’t want to disturb the wedding with my presence. Besides, I know no one there and no one knows me.”

“You’re talking nonsense, love! You’ve become a part of the family already if you want it or not. And also, I’m taking you there as a companion. And do not worry, Mum will be there and Gemma and even Lou and Nick. You won’t be alone! And if there’s someone who makes a dumb comment about you, I’ll know how to deal with that person.”

“I really don’t know. It’s been years since I have been to a wedding and I don’t even have a proper dress for the event.”

Harry smiled at her, telling her not to worry. “Leave it to me, love. I know a good store that sells good dresses and I’m sure you’ll like them too. Just say yes please. I really don’t want to go there on my own while everybody brings their dates, wives, husbands or whatever.”

After a few moments of thinking and compensating, (Y/N) finally agreed.

“Alright…I’m coming with you.”

“Good! I’ll tell Lou to pick you up and we’ll see each other at the store on Saturday, agreed?” He held his up, indicating her to give him a high five.


The rest of the evening, they both spent time by watching Netflix and eating lots of Popcorn.



(Y/N) and Lou were standing in front of the store that Harry had mentioned the last time she saw him but looking at the dresses that were displayed made (Y/N)’s inside churn. The dresses were probably more expensive than her rent so how in god’s name should she afford any of these dresses?

“Are you excited?” Lou asked her.

“Uhm… I’m not quite sure to be honest.”

Lou caressed her arm softly in a friendly manner. “Don’t worry. Harry has arranged everything?”

(Y/N) looked at her questioningly. “What do you mean he has arranged everything? He’s not going to pay for a dress isn’t he?”

Before Lou could respond, Harry was approaching towards them, being in a very happy mood. “Hey, loves.” He gave them a tight hug. Then he turned to (Y/N). “Are you ready to pick up a dress?”

“You’re not going to pay for it, are you?” She asked him, kind of hoping he would say no even though she had no idea how to afford one dress.

“Of course I am, love. Come on, let’s go in.” He wanted to grab her by her hand however (Y/N) refused to let him touch her.

“No way, Styles!” She ordered. “There is no way that you’re going to buy me a dress. I’m not allowing it!”

“Love, please! Don’t be like that! Let’s go in!”

“Are you fucking insane? Have you any idea how much they cost? I cannot let you waste so much money for me!”

“First: That’s my money and I can do whatever I want to do with it. Second: I want to spend money for you, so stop bugging and let’s get in.”

(Y/N) stood there, speechless and out of words but she let him lead her into the store. When they entered the store, all three of them were overwhelmed by so many different dresses and even suits.

“Holy shit.” (Y/N) mumbled.

One worker, who was a nice middle-aged lady, walked towards them and welcomed them to the store.

“Good afternoon! I’m Shannon. How can I help you?”

“We need a dress for my lovely friend here.” Harry explained and pointed at (Y/N) who still felt uneasy. The dresses were indescribably beautiful but hella expensive.

“I see.” Shannon smiled. “Do you know what kind of dress you’re looking for?” She addressed to the young woman.

(Y/N) just shrugged her shoulders. “I-I don’t know actually.”

Shannon asked her to follow her and gave her a little tour to each section to present her different kind of dresses. While she was looking around, Harry took out his purse and handed his credit card over to Lou.

“Listen, I have to go and get ready myself. Just buy her the first dress that she falls in love with and don’t care about the price. Just buy it. She shall have the best night of her life and one that she’ll never forget, okay? Use it for everything you need. I’ll wait for you at the wedding.”

Lou took the credit card out of his fingers.

“You really do love her, don’t you?” She smirked at him very knowingly. She had often witnessed how much Harry cared for (Y/N) and this was in a more than a friendly manner. He acted more like a boyfriend than a friend with the exception that they weren’t in a relationship. Lou was the first one who actually noticed his feelings for her however it was a shame they had not confessed their love for each other because Lou could see that (Y/N) loved him as well.

“Just take care of her.” Harry said, leaving her question unanswered. Lou assured him that she had everything under control. They said their goodbyes and Harry left the store.

Shortly after his disappearance, (Y/N) came back with Shannon, however her hands were empty.

“Where is Harry?” She inquired, looking for him.

“He went to get ready himself. We’ll meet him at the wedding. Where is you dress?”

A desperate sigh left (Y/N)’s mouth. “ I really don’t want to buy any of them, Lou. Look at them, they are probably more worth than my existence.”

Lou laughed at her remark. “Stop talking nonsense. Come on I’ll help you.”

The next half an hour, they were searching for the perfect dress. However, when (Y/N) thought she found one, the price tag was the only thing that led her to put the dress back. Even the cheapest one was still expensive and (Y/N) began to feel uncomfortable.

“Found you!” Lou suddenly called and came towards (Y/N) with a black mermaid dress. “You have to try this on.”

“Are you insane?” (Y/N) exclaimed. “Look at the price tag! Holy shit! I’m not going to wear that!”

“Yes you are. And now, go get changed before I kick your ass.”

Reluctantly, she headed to the changing room. As she observed the black dress, (Y/N) instantly fell in love with it. The dress fell smooth on her fingertips and had long, lacy sleeves. Also the chest area was covered with lace and had beautiful patterns. Its skirt was very long and she felt that this was her dress. After she squeezed herself into it, of course with Shannon’s help, she observed herself in the large mirror in front of her. The dress fitted perfectly to her body and outlined her curves. She felt pretty and wonderful in this dress, almost like a princess.

She slowly went out of the changing room to present it to Lou and the blonde woman was out of words. “Wow, you- you look stunning, (Y/N). We’re definitely going to buy this!” Shannon also offered black high heels to the dress and after everything was bought even (Y/N) was against it, they drove back to Lou’s to get ready.

“I can’t wait to see Harry’s reaction.” Lou rambled as she did (Y/N)’s make up curled her hair. “God he’ll jump out of his socks when he sees you!”

“Don’t you think I’m too overdressed? I mean I don’t know the bride or groom.”

“Who cares?! You’re Harry’s date for tonight and nothing else matters. Let’s have some fun tonight, okay?”

The young woman sighed and mumbled an “okay”. After Lou was also dressed and ready, they went into Lou’s car and once Lou started the engine, they drove off. Harry and (Y/N) had decided to arrive separately to the event so the risk of getting papped was not too high. She didn’t want the media to make any speculations about Harry and her when there was no sort of romance going on between them. Again, she just wanted to keep her life out of public.

They arrived shortly after Harry had led his family and Nick Grimshaw to their seats and now he was waiting for the two ladies. Of course, he was excited to see (Y/N). He knew she was going to look absolutely stunning. She always did. His heart did some flips as he spotted Lou’s car in front of the event hall. His eyes caught sight of (Y/N) who was stepping out of the vehicle and Harry felt like his knees were giving up and him, refusing to steady him. To tell she was beautiful was an understatement. She was beyond beautiful. She looked like a goddess in black.

“Wow…” He muttered under his breath. He watched her speaking to Lou, before she met Harry’s gaze and smiled at him. She was a bit shaky on her legs because she rarely walked on high heels however she managed it very well. She made her way to his side.

“Hi…” She said sheepishly. She felt his intense glare on her which made her quite uneasy.

“Hello, love.” Harry said, still overwhelmed by her beauty. He took her hand gently and pressed a tender kiss on the back of her hand. “You utterly breath-taking, love.” He spun her around.

“Thank you. You look handsome yourself.” She replied with slight rosy cheeks. They stood there for a little while, smiling at each other and taking in each other’s appearance.

“Shall we go in?” Harry asked, offering his arm for her to hold on.

“Of course, let’s go.”

They walked in where the wedding had already started. People including the married couple were dancing on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow. Harry had already spotted his mother and sister and led her towards the table they were sitting at. Lou joined shortly after.

“(Y/N)!” Anne exclaimed, taking her into her arms. “Nice to see you here! You look stunning, my dear!”

“Thank you! You look beautiful yourself, Anne!” She greeted everyone at the table whose came out to be Harry’s relatives and of course Nick and took a seat right next to Harry.

(Y/N) was observing the actions that were going on as someone at the table asked a certain question.

“Harry, how long are you two together?” The question made (Y/N)’s heart beat faster and even Harry was baffled for a second. But he kept his composure and answered to his relative.

“I’m sorry, there’s a misunderstanding. We’re not dating, we’re just friends.”

“Unfortunately.” (Y/N) added in her mind. There was no doubt how much she wished they both were together. She really wanted to call him hers or being referred as his girlfriend.

“I see.” His relative spoke. “I’m sorry if I caused any inconvenience.”

“It’s alright.”

After many songs, the DJ changed to a slow one, actually Sweet Creature was playing now and Harry stood up, gaining everyone’s attention. He bent down to (Y/N) and said smilingly “May I have this dance, madam?”

(Y/N) looked at everyone at the table, many at them nodding their heads and even Anne indicated her to do so. So she laid her hand on top of his and smiled back. “You may.”

Hand in hand they stepped towards the dance floor, looking like a perfect couple. Once they arrived, Harry gently pushed her forward to his chest, one hand grabbing hers firmly while her other hand was placed on his shoulder. Laying his free hand on her waist, he started to move their bodies to the song. They bodies were dancing in the same pace, slow and elegant, like they were made for each other. (Y/N) felt safe in his arms, only he could radiate a feeling of safety, security and even home. She knew that Harry was home for her, her home and the only place she wanted to stay was beside him. Forever and ever.

But more than friendship was not possible, she knew.

While dancing, Harry placed his head gently on top of hers and hummed along with the song. Even through the volume of the speakers, (Y/N) could still hear his heart beat. The most beautiful sound she had ever heard.

“Again, you look very stunning, (Y/N).” Harry complimented. “I still cannot believe it’s actually you.”

“I can’t either.”

They stared intently into each other’s eyes and even a blind man could tell they were in love with each other. No words were needed to explain their feelings, the looks they shared for each other said everything. Harry was about to bend down to her and (Y/N)’s accelerated immediately, as the song was ended and everybody around them began to clap with their hands. Harry sighed.

“Come with me.” He whispered.” I have to tell you something.” And he pulled her out of the dancing floor to a more private area with hasty steps. (Y/N) could see a hint of distress on his face and began to worry for him.

“Harry, are you okay?” She asked, her voice slightly shaking.

“No I’m not.” He growled, making her flinch. “How can I be when the one I love is close but too far away from me?”

“What are you talking about, Harry?”

He ran his hands through his hair, trying to swallow the lump in his throat.

“I can’t do that anymore. I’m sorry but I can’t do that. It kills me, (Y/N), you understand? It kills me!”

“What kills you, Harry?”

“Being friends with you! This is not right and I don’t want this anymore.”

“Oh…” She breathed out, tears were threatening to escape her eyes. Her heart felt like it was stabbed million times, bleeding uncontrollably. “I didn’t know you think that way. I’m sorry if I wasted your time all these months. You just had to say something and I would have been out of your life in no second… I-“

“What the hell are you talking about?” Harry exclaimed. “I don’t want you out of my life. I’ll never want you out of my life, love. Damn, I wouldn’t know how to live without you, okay? The reason why I don’t want to be friends is because I feel more for you than a friend, (Y/N). I can’t treat you like a friend anymore because all I can think about it is how much I want to kiss you and hold you in my arms. I want to wake up beside you and fall down asleep next you. I want to show you not only emotional love but also physical love and please don’t tell me that friends are tended to think like that.”

It was a lot to process for (Y/N) at the moment. Her mind was going crazy and her thoughts were spinning around. Had he just indicated that he loved her? It sounded so surreal to her. After all this time her wish was granted but all she could do think about was how unrealistic it sounded for her.

Two warm hands took her face between them and when she looked up she saw directly into Harry’s eyes. “I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I’m incredibly and undeniably in love with you. You make me happy in many ways possible and I cannot see myself beside anyone but you. If you give me a chance, I would want to try this out. Please say yes!”

His question was answered as she pressed her soft lips onto his and brought them to their first real kiss. The noises on the background faded out, the wedding was forgotten and all that mattered was this moment, the kiss between them. (Y/N) slung her arms around his neck and pushed him harder to her chest, as he deepened their kiss. His lips tasted like cherry Chap Stick and she couldn’t get enough of it. She could remain forever like this. When they pulled away for air, she nodded her head vigorously. Her chest almost exploded out of love and excitement.

“I want to try.” She said. “I love you Harry and I want to try.”

He gave her his most beautiful and dimpled smile, his were eyes shining out of happiness like two diamonds. He kissed her over and over again that night and he couldn’t get enough of it. Neither could (Y/N). She was finally with the man she always wanted to be with. Harry wanted her to have the best night of her life and indeed this was the best night of her entire life.

An unforgettable night.

The Girl With The Books [Remus Lupin]

Title: The Girl With The Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Remus Lupin x reader, James Potter, Sirius Black, mentions of Lily Evans
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,407
Requested: By my good friend Clary (yes, she has the same first name as Clarissa Fairchild and I envy her every day)
Short Description: MARAUDER ERA! You have caught Remus’s eye, and the Marauders tease him when they notice Remus staring longingly after you: a girl who reads a lot. Later, Sirius and James walk over to you and tell you about Remus.

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New Rules | 2

After the incident at the bar you decide to confront Yoongi.

Originally posted by jitonic

pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: smut, angst
word count: 4K
cw: smut, dirty talk etcetcetc

chapter song: First Fuck - 6LACK, Jhene Aiko


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Bucky X Reader

Summary: he was your everything but apparently you weren’t his. Left with nothing but some memories where will life take you?

Warnings: Super angst right from the first sentence, Sam being awesome

A/N: ok I know I shouldn’t be starting something new when I’m working on something but this can to me and I needed to write it out before it left me. I’m tagging some people that have helped me write and make a better story. I hope I have put all your advice to good work. @annadier @marvelous-imagining and @metalarmproblems And the always amazing @veronicalei

“You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I do? I don’t know what I did wrong, not to make you leave me.”

“I know she’s perfect, she’s everything you deserve but I thought, maybe for once, I could be enough for someone, for you. You said I was everything you could ever need. Did you ever want me though? If you only needed me, you could have needed me and just been my friend. Why drag me through this and give me so much, only to say none of it was real?” Your cries have fallen on deaf ears. His back is now turned from you shutting you out once more.

The words were echoing in your head they were the first moments of everything crumbling down around you. You couldn’t stay here anymore. He wanted you gone.

You hastily scribbled out a note it was written on the back of one of your pictures making it hard to write on and puncturing the photo at times. Your hand was shaky and tears blurred you vision. You were determined however to get this out and send it to him.

“I’m sorry. I should have seen the signs earlier, but then again I guess I did. I was just fooling myself into thinking I could hold on to you longer when that’s probably when I already lost you. I’m sorry I kept you from her, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope one day you’ll forgive me for keeping you from her for so long.“

You write Love before scribbling it out and simply put your name.

You slide it under the door and walk away. He wouldn’t get it for a few days as he was gone on a mission. That left you with enough time to make a clean get away, not that anyone was going to come after you.

You weren’t a part of the team, didn’t work with them, didn’t technically live with them either. You were just dating one of the members. Well dated one of them. In fact if he hasn’t said anything they may not notice your absence for awhile thinking you were busy or something.

You had come to collect everything that you had left here. The clothes, the nic-nacs you had collected over time, photos, really anything that could remind him of you. He moved on and didn’t need your junk in the way. Carting it all away you drop most of it down the garbage shoot putting an end to that. You walked into the main lounge and collected a couple more things. With a final look around you said goodbye and the door shut it all from your view.

“FRIDAY, I’m leaving now you can revoke my access privileges as per his request.”

“All right, Miss (Y/L). It has been nice knowing you. Have a pleasant day.”

“I’ll try FRIDAY.”

Stepping out of the building you head out not quite knowing where you were going but knowing it was far away from here.

The team had gotten back from a grueling mission, they were all banged up and suffering from an arrangement of injuries but none needed professional medical help. A couple bandaids would do the trick and a hot shower for everything else. They filed out of the quinjet; to their surprise you weren’t waiting there for them. Usually you would be fidgeting waiting to see that each one was back and relatively unharmed.

Sam was the first to speak up “Hey man where is (Y/N)?” He asks Bucky. “She knew we were coming back today, yes? You text her?”

Bucky stiffens forgetting that you wouldn’t be here any more. He shrugs attempting to take the subject off you and more so him.

“Man, I could really use a hug from her right now. You know check over my injuries, berate me for getting injured in the first place.” He jokes with the others. They all chuckle knowing that is exactly what you would do to all of them. Well except Bucky, you would be pampering and nitpicking his every move just to reassure yourself that he was safe.

“Maybe she fell asleep waiting for us. FRIDAY, we’re back, is (Y/N) in the building?” Tony asks, you had done that a couple times before because of the lateness of a mission.

“No Sir she is not. She has not been back since two days ago. She collected some of her stuff and hasn’t been back since.”

“Oh, alright I’ll just have to text her since other people seem to have forgotten.” He says shooting Bucky a glare. Bucky can’t meet his eyes knowing the true reason to why you weren’t there.

They shuffle to their separate rooms to shower and change. They all eventually drift back to the kitchen when their stomachs announce their need for food. All but Bucky had come down, Steve the concerned friend he always was went to get him. Knocking on the door he found Bucky standing in his room showered but staring at the bed. It was nicely made the grey comforter pulled up and the pillows tucked under and plumped. The room was perfectly squared away not a thing out if place it seemed odd but Steve shrugged it off and continued in to the room.

He places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder causing him to jump at the touch. “Hey just wanted to let you know that there is dinner in the kitchen everyone is waiting for you. Have you heard anything from (Y/N) yet?” Bucky shakes his head. “Hey what’s up with you you’ve been weird for this whole mission and even now?”

“Its nothing Steve, I just been dying to sleep in my own bed now.”

He rolls his shoulder pushing Steve’s hand off of him. He heads out leaving Steve behind, Steve takes a deep breath and drops his head. He was only trying to help. A picture on the ground catches his eyes, he stoops down to pick it up. It’s the picture from one of your days on the beach together. Bucky and You had romped along the beach all day playing in the water and building numerous sand castles only to have the other knock it down. Here though you both had laid down tired from the day, your head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around you both sleeping under an umbrella. It was one of your favorites, flipping it over he reads your words.

His heart breaks, suddenly everything makes sense. Bucky’s attitude, he wouldn’t focus to save his life missing quite a few easy shots during the mission; the room, he looks up none of your personal things could be seen, there was nothing scattered about like you usually have. So thats what happened, he whips around and chases Bucky down. He starts waving the photo as he sees him sitting at the kitchen counter, not fully taking in his surroundings.

“What the heck is this?” Shoving it in his face. Bucky grabs it and looks at the photo before turning it over. He reads the words but doesn’t quite comprehend it all, so he sits and stare trying to make it say something else. He thought he wanted to move on from you that you weren’t enough but now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t cared while you had screamed at him and begged him to explain.

“Answer me Bucky what happened between you and (Y/N)? Why isn’t she coming back?” You could here a pin drop it was so silent in the room all gaping at Bucky.

“That’s why she is not here?“ Tony half standing now from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Tell me!” Steve snaps. Taking Bucky by the collar and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I….I broke up with her.” He whispers, “Right before the mission.” His voice keeps getting smaller.

“Why? Why would you ever want to do that?” Steve pleads. “She was your everything. You couldn’t stop talking about her when she wasn’t with you and when she was you were attached at the hip. She’s your best friend, a kind of friend I can never be.”

“I thought…” He trails off not wanting to phrase the next part wrong . “I thought I wanted something else… someone else.”

“You arrogant son of a… Did you cheat on her?” Tony growls.

“No I couldn’t do that. Not to her.”

“But you could break up with her out of the blue after she gave you everything!”

“Hey whoa back up, now let’s calm down and talk it out” Sam is standing pulling Tony back by the shoulder trying to mediate before tensions could rise further. “Sit down Tony this isn’t going to help anything.”

Tony sits with a huff. Sam faces Bucky meeting his eyes. “Bucky I’m guessing you’re regreting breaking up with her now. Why?”

“I walked in the room and nothing felt right it wasn’t home, I looked for anything to hold on to buts all gone. She took everything of hers is gone even out here. The book she kept on the side table. The bankets, even the pillows every single one is gone. She disappeared and it like I’m missing a part of myself. I don’t know what to do.“

“And this person you were leaving her for, she doesn’t make you feel this way? Does she make you happy? Maybe you just need to get used to the idea that (Y/N) is gone.”

Protests were heard all around. Sam held up his hands shushing them as he went to explain himself. Bucky was looking even more confused staring now down at his hands like they held the answer.

“All I’m saying is I don’t want you trying to get her back just because you are used to her being there. She was a constant but you drifted away from her for a reason. I want you to decide whether she is everything you could ever want and need now and forever. That she is going to be the only one always. Or you can let her go and you both move on with your lives. You need to know she is not just going to let you back in after what you did to her. You are going to have to fight to get her back. It may take a long while longer than either of you may like but you have left a very broken girl in your wake. I want to you to be absolutely certain you love her with all you have.”

Now everyone is staring at Sam. They tend to forget he is a councillor for the VA so everything that he just said made so much sense and very true. Now the question was he willing to fight for you?

To be continued……

@metalarmproblems and @veronicalei
I Will Protect You.

Request from anon: Can I request a Bucky x reader? Reader is under the protection of the avengers because of an attempt on her life by hydra agents. So she’s kept at the compound with most of the team. While there, Bucky flirts and uses his old 40s charm on her cause it makes her blush. When she can’t sleep she meets him in the kitchen and he finally asks her out and they end up making out half the night.

Note: I really enjoyed writing this so thank you to whoever sent in the request! Oh and if anyone is wondering which sci-fi show is very briefly mentioned it is ‘Doctor Who’ :)

Bucky x Reader


Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You could see right down the barrel of the gun that was being pointed at your face and although the men currently surrounding you were clearly communicating with one another you couldn’t make out a single word as the thumping of your heart filled your ears.

You should have been pleading with them to spare your life, doing something that would prevent them from pulling that trigger, but you were frozen to the spot and incapable of anything.

“Hail Hydra.”

Those two words were powerful enough to cut through the deafening thump of your heart and they were the last thing you heard before a gunshot sounded out….

                                                * * * * * * * * * *

Your scream rang out around the room as you shot up in your bed, sweat dripping from your brow, and your chest heaving with your unsteady breaths.

This was the fourteenth night in a row where you had suffered with nightmares from the attack on you by Hydra agents and they weren’t getting any easier to handle. The Avengers had saved your life that day but one of the agents had escaped, which meant that he was still out there and he could try coming for you again at any moment.

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Chapter 3

Hey! Trying to update this one weekly. So far, so good! Hope you like, and if you haven’t had the chance to read the others you can find chapter 1 here, and 2 here. Mistakes are mine! Pbg

The first thing Katniss encounters after she arrives at the office late is that her light bulbs are out.

“Damn flourescent things. One goes out and the rest seem follow like lemmings,” she mutters to herself before a yawn takes over. She calls the head of maintenance, a crotchety old man named Abernathy, and puts in a request via his voicemail. He may not even be in, yet.

She sighs and raises the blinds of the lone window; a window that faces west, so there won’t be  much natural sunlight until after noon. She flips the switch to the single lamp that sits on her desk and, though it’s shadowy as hell, pulls her files from her briefcase and gets to work.

Feeling sluggish only twenty minutes later, (who knew a pile of corporate papers wouldn’t do the trick of a cup of coffee?), Katniss walks to the break room in search of a much needed pick me up. She didn’t have time before heading for work this morning to drive through Starbucks.

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This little blurb is for my darling @t-starkasm who sent me this picture of a very obvious Smitten Kitten!!

So I added another little bit to the ORIGINAL STORY to include this darling little scene!!!



The ringtone of Steves phone completely interrupted the mission briefing, and absolutely made Agent Coulsons jaw drop.

Who let the dogs out? Who who who who! Who let the dogs out?”

“Oh my god.” His face flamed red and he scrambled to mute it. “I am so sorry, Agent Coulson, Colonel Rhodes, its um—”

“Captain Rogers.” Rhodey was trying his damnest to keep the snmirk off his face. “Captain Rogers.” he cleared his throat. “Would I be correct in assuming that Seargent Barnes is the one calling you right now?”

“I–I–” the Lion shifter swallowed back a growl of annoyance. “My mate changed my ringtone, I apologize.”

“Sorry, but Seargent Barnes chose that as his ringtone?” Agent Coulson asked in that quietly, polite way of his. “Seargent Barnes, the Alpha Wolf shifter?”

“Not that mate. My other mate, Tony.” he breathed a deep sigh. Tony had changed his ringtone because hed been upset Steve couldnt stay with him all day today. Not that Steve had wanted to spend his whole day locked in the conference room talking about missions and personell. No he would much rather be snuggled up in bed with both his mates. He missed Tony and Bucky so much he nearly ached. He needed a break from all this. A break from being Captain America. A break from being Steve. He needed to just be Bucky and Tonys mate, and let them take care of him.

Steve shook his head and pushed those thoughts away. He had been feeing down for weeks now and didnt really know what to do about it.

“If you’ll excuse me.” he said politely. “I need to take this.”

“Ah. Of course.” Coulson said with a little smile. “By all means, take your mates call.”

“Thank you. Just a few minutes.” Steve stepped into the hallway and opened his phone. “Bucky, I swear to god. You know I am in a meeting, I will muzzle your–”

“911, Steve.” Buckys voice was stressed, nearly a whine. “911, our room. Its Tony.”

“Oh shit.” Steve only stepped into the conference room long enough to snatch his shield, and took off running, no apology or explanation or anything.

“ I havent been around the compound much since this all happened.” Coulson commented mildly. “Does this sort of thing–”

“Tony is the most high maintenance person in the world. Also the most high maintence shifter. Steve and Bucky have their hands full all the time.”

“Tony only weighs eighty pounds.” Coulson raised his eyebrows and Rhodey just started laughing.

“Phil. You literally have no idea how much of a handful Tony can be.”

“Isnt his shifter form a cat?”

Phil. You have no idea.” The colonel collapsed back into his chair, shoulders shaking.

“But both Rogers and Barnes are Alpha–”

“Phil.” Rhodey was full on cackling now, wiping his tears away. “You have no idea.”

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» Part one

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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I’m Not Promise, I Drunk (Pt. II)

Part One 

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x reader, BestFriend!Cheryl

Request: Yes (I can’t find it)

Summary: After confessing her feelings for Jughead at a party she never wanted to go to, [Y/N] realises that Jughead has been avoiding her and ends up going to his friends for help.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 4,567

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andreil: dust to dust, ashes to ashes

inspired by: this art of neil and renee

music: colors – halsey | brother – falling in reverse

“Andrew,” said Neil. “For fuck’s sake, Andrew, that’s enough.”

But Andrew had never listened to Neil a day in his life and that wasn’t about to change now, so he continued to pour another two spoonfuls of sugar in his coffee. Andrew wasn’t a coffee person (it was too bitter for him), but once in a blue moon he surprised Neil and drank it – each time, of course, with enough sugar to perhaps put someone else in a coma.

“Mind your own business,” Andrew said when he was satisfied with his sickly-sweet concoction and walked out of the kitchen without another word. Neil should have been used to this after so many years, but he would never understand how someone of Andrew’s size could consume so much sugar without becoming diabetic. So he picked up his own breakfast and followed Andrew’s footsteps to the coffee table and set down his plate of food and mug.

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Let the Seasons Past || Soulmate!Junhui || Oneshot

Originally posted by gyuwoo

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, childhood friends?, growing up and all its glory

WORDS: 1798

BLURB: We met in summer, loved in spring. Hurt in winter, so may autumn bring…

A/N: Wrote this in one seating and mildly inspired by my own experiences lol can you feel the /awkward/

You knew it was him from the moment you met.

It was the summer when you were both fifteen; shy and awkward, still growing out of your preteen years and into your teenage ones. He said hello and smiled, so bright and beautiful that your heart skipped and your stomach flipped. He wasn’t the first boy you had met but he was the first one to have such an effect on you and the only one who stuck around even when you turned him away.

“My name’s Junhui,” he introduced himself, voice deep and clear, sending something plunging, plunging into your stomach. It sat there, that unknown feeling, until it swirled into a mini whirlpool and turned you into a blushing mess. You didn’t seem to know what to do with your hands so you stuck them to your side.

“I’m Y/N,” you answered a little nervously but smiling so widely your cheeks ached. He was so beautiful with his dark hair and almond eyes and you were failing hard at being nonchalant. But it wasn’t just his looks. It was… The way he looked at you, really looked at you, asking questions and making you feel important and interesting in a way no other had cared to do before.

You two spoke less than ten sentences to each other that first time but it was a conversation that would last a lifetime. How easily it would all have slipped away if neither of you had taken the chance to say hello, and every day you were glad you did.

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His Girl - Part 2 ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

A/N: I’M SO CRAZY HAPPY BC YOU GUYS LIKED THE PART 1 AND WANTED THE SECOND ONE ♡ Btw, I’m taking this long to reply and post bc school :/ I’m just posting now because I had this one wrote and sent to my beta some days ago (she had beta this like 2 days ago, but I didn’t check my email! Sorry guys, I’m distracted xD). I’ll be ‘’free’’ at the Sunday! And may I’ll post a Earth 2 Barry oneshot in my free hour in friday, which I wrote some time ago, but didn’t post yet. I’ll be working on the request at the sunday! Don’t kill me, anon. I really liked your idea and I’m crazy for finally sit down and write, school is just taking all of me with the tests :/ Anyway, I hope you guys like it  ♡ 

Btw, I keep thinking if Seb would save the number as Mon chéri t.t

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

Originally posted by chriswoods

Part 1

10 PM, Sebastian’s cell phone beeped, announcing a new message. The Warbler grabbed the phone, smirking at the thought that you had picked up his number in the coffee cup.

Unknown number:

So, I guess that means you want to talk to me.

Sebastian saved your number and replyed almost immediately.


Not only talk, mon bébé ;)

He smirked at himself at the thought of your reaction.



By the way, it was exactly what he expected.


15 minutos, in front of Lima Bean.


It’s like 10, Sebastian! My parents won’t let me go.


Plus, your parents love me. If they know this is our so waited coming back, they’d let you and your mom would even stay wake to wait you for tell her everything.


This is not our ‘’so waited coming back’’, and shut up. Better my parents don’t wake up and find out I left without they consentient, or I’ll make sure you’re dead.


Only your mouth can shut up mine. Or other delicious par of you.


On my way, 15 minutes.


“What do you want to talk about?” You asked, not sure how to begin this conversation. He arched his eyebrow, obviously predicting that you were avoiding the elephant between the two of you, a ‘Really?’ Stamped on his face. You sighed, opening your arms. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Sebastian! I’m confused here!”

“You’re not confused, (Y/N). You and I know that very well. Just like we both know you would n’t have sent me a message if you hadn’t had feelings for me yet.” Sebastian said straight, making your gaze catch up in the sky. He held your wrist, making you look at him. “Just like I keep loving you.” The Warbler almost whispered, the first time he’d even touched the word love with anyone since you break up.

“I still have feelings for you? Of course I do! And I love you, Sebastian. But I can’t do that.” You stepped away from him, and his hand felt empty without your skin, your heart was still beating at his sudden approach.

“Why? Because your New Directions’s boyfriend? Plus, (Y / N) “ Sebastian rolled his eyes, not believing that you were holding yourself because of a stupid trout. But knowing that this was exactly the kind of thing you would do to not hurt someone.

“He’s a good person, Sebastian. I can’t just rule him out because you showed up and asked me to! I like him!” You pointed out the obvious, but you had another worry. And if this was to be a clean conversation, you would put all the cards on the table.

“What if things end up as they did before?”

“Don’t put this on me, (Y N). Its wasn’t my fault!” Sebastian defended himself.

“Oh, so this was my fault?” You said wryly.

“Well, it wasn’t me who told you that was leaving on the day of the flight.” He countered in return, making you step back.

“That wasn’t a good idea,” you said quietly, feeling tears fill your eyes.

“(Y/N)… I… I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re right.” You looked directly into his emerald eyes. “I fucked things up, it was my fault, I should have said it before. But I was so afraid, Seb.”

“Afraid? Afraid of what? ” Sebastian asked confused, approaching of you with slow steps.

“I was afraid you would leave me when you found out because I would be gone anyway and you wouldn’t want to waste your time with me, and…”

“Never, I said, never think you’re a waste of my time, (Y/ N). I wouldn’t do that and I’ll never.” Sebastian held your hands, feeling your skin on his again was an unbelievable sensation. You let go of his hands and put your arms around his neck. Sebastian hugged you back, putting his long arms around you, making you feel safe. God, how you missed that hug. “Je t'aime, mon bébé.”

“I love you too, Seb.” He pulled away a little, just enough to cup your cheeks and bring your lips close. But before you kissed, you walked away with your eyes closed and a deep breath. ’'But I can’t hurt Sam. He’s been really good to me. He’s a good person.“ You turned around and ran off, giving Sebastian no chance to answer you, all you heard was him shouting your name. If you were there, you didn’t know what you could do, so you walked away for good.

Later that dawn, you received a text message.


He may be a good person, but he’s not the person who you love.

Patched Up (Part 1)

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

  • pairing: peter parker x female reader
  • summary: reader helps peter get patched up, late at night when he sneaks into her house, after civil war. she finds out that he’s spider-man, through an unexpected object.
  • a/n: i hope y’all like this! this is my first fic ever! give me your feedback!!

You and Peter Parker have been best friends since the 8th grade. You lived a block away from each other in Queens, in different apartment complexes. It all started at Ned Leed’s 14th birthday party. Peter had no idea that he had a mutual person between him and Ned, but there you were, standing with the rest of the party guests, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Ned blew out the candles. Ever since then, the three of you formed a tight bond and started to hang out during the summer and all of freshman year. You rode bikes up and down Queens together, you watched all the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies together, you studied for 3 hours straight at Ned’s house when you had your first exams freshman year.

Peter always thought you were pretty since the beginning, but once you hit your sophomore year, you glowed up. You barely wore any makeup, unlike most of the girls your age, which made you stand out more with your natural beauty. The more time he spent with you, the more he noticed the small details about you. Like the way you closed your eyes when you laughed, or how cute you looked when you would scrunch your eyebrows when you didn’t understand a geometry problem. He found himself getting more nervous aroud you as time passed. He stuttered his words more, and the hot, red, sensation on his cheeks started to be a more common feeling every time you two made eye contact for longer than 5 seconds. He was a clammy, stumbling, hot mess.

Obviously, you felt the same way towards him. The summer after freshman year, he started to get more toned and muscly. You never brought it up to him, but, man, you loved it. You noticed how he started to blush more and look at his shoes when he was with you, how he would bounce his leg up and down when he sat next to you in physics class. But once sophomore year had started, he not only started to ditch your invitations to watch 90s movies and eat popcorn at your house, but he started to miss school events, and even skip classes, as well. He always made up some lame excuse. He either had doctors or dentist appointments, had to help Aunt May in the kitchen, or just had to do chores. You started to get suspicious, but you never called him out on it. You knew that he would tell you someday, when he was ready.    

The night that Tony Stark dropped Peter off at the front of his apartment building, after fighting alongside him just that same afternoon, it was 1 AM. Peter had returned with a black eye, several cuts and wounds, bruises, and a sprained ankle. He was a hot mess, and he couldn’t just walk into his house this late, especially with Aunt May. She would question him like crazy, and he didn’t need that right now.

‘I’ll go to Y/n’s place.’ He thought. It would be rude, but you were his best friend and he knew that you would understand no matter what happened to him. So, suitcase and all, he walked the next block to your apartment building, climbing up the fire escape to the third floor. He cracked open the window to your bedroom, crawling headfirst in. He made sure to leave his bag just outside the window, because he knew that you would question him. The only way he could see was from the dim light that came from the street lamps below. He squinted in the darkness, tip toeing to your bedside. He grunted softly as he kneeled on the carpet, a new wave of pain spreading through his knees. His hand hovered over your shoulder, ready to wake you up, until he saw you a bit more clearly, in the faint light. Your hair was sprawled out on the blue pillow, your knees hugged into your chest with your back facing him. Your breathing was soft, Peter just able to hear it. He didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful, and beautiful.

But he had to do it. He couldn’t risk Aunt May finding out. She was already so worried about him, and about the “Stark Internship”, which she thought was quite odd and a bit sketchy. So, without another thought, his fingertips softly tapped against your shoulder, but it didn’t wake you. He tried again, but it didn’t work. Finally, he worked up his courage and ever-so-gently shook your shoulder. You stirred awake, unconsciously turning over to face Peter, muttering something in your sleep.

You could feel a presence, someone staring at you, and it forced you to slowly open your eyes. “What-” You almost yelled, backing up against your bed, away from the figure. Your breathing increased as you tried to make out who it was that was kneeling by your bed.

“Hey, hey.” Peter whispered, reaching out to touch your hand, to ease you from your startled state. “It’s me, it’s Peter.”

“Peter? What the hell-”

“Listen, Aunt May sent me to pick up some stuff at 7-11 late at night, and when I was walking back, this guy tried to mug me and he beat me up pretty bad. I can’t go back home, because I know that Aunt May is up, binge watching her shows-because that’s what she does on friday nights-and she’ll never let me out of the house again if she finds out.”

Peter exhaled, hoping you would understand. Your face scrunched in confusion, rubbing the sleep off your eyes. “S-so, what do you want me to do?” Peter looked down at the ground, embarrassed, now realizing how dumb his lie sounded. But it sounded somewhat believable to you.

“C-can you, like, p-patch me up, or something?” He stuttered. Again, your face returned to a confused state, but you sighed, slowly getting up from your bed, tip toeing to the bedroom door, easing it open. With Peter close behind you, you both made it to the bathroom down the hallway, closing the door before you turned on the light and turned to face him.

You gasped, taking in the sight of him. His right eye had a blackish-purplish ring around it, a cut over his cheekbone and a bruise to match with it. His hair wasn’t styled, it was in its natural, curly state, a piece of hair falling over his eye.

“O-Oh, my God, Peter!” You breathed, bringing your hands over your mouth to keep yourself from yelling. On instinct, you reached your hand to touch his bruised cheek, but he flinched back, inhaling sharply. “This all happened from a mugger?” You questioned, eyebrows raised.

“Well…” Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, looking down at the tile. You didn’t let him finish, instead, rushing to get the rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs from the medicine cabinet, looking for the anti-bacterial cream and some gauze. You looked at him, before realizing that he needed ice on his eye. “Stay.” You commanded, before rushing out of the bathroom to get an ice pack from the freezer. When you came back, Peter had taken a seat on the bathtub ledge, a tired look on his face.

You started to unwrap the gauze and prepare some cotton balls with rubbing alcohol, while he gazed at you. This kid was totally crushing on you, since day one. You never failed to look beautiful, in his eyes. He saw that you were wearing an oversized sweater, from the thrift store that you told him about a while ago, that covered your butt. He couldn’t tell if you were wearing shorts, but he guessed that you weren’t. You had black fuzzy socks on, and your hair wasn’t messy but it wasn’t neat either. It was perfect. You were perfect.

“Okay, this might hurt.” You said softly, breaking him out of his mesmerizing trance. He looked at you as you crouched in front of him, dabbing the cotton ball on his cheek. You felt him inhale sharply, flinching and squeezing his eyes shut. The wound was still fresh and open. “Sorry, sorry.” You repeated, dabbing his cheek one more time. Then, you put some anti-bacterial cream on his cheek and gave him the ice pack to hold over his eye. “Do you have any other cuts on your back or arms, or something?” You asked. He looked at you, and hesitantly took his long sleeved shirt off, putting it on the ground.

You felt your heart flutter, taking in how toned his chest was, his abs, his biceps. Since when? You thought to yourself, scanning his body. You were frozen for just a second, stunned, and Peter noticed it. “What?” He asked innocently. You shook your head, reaching for more cotton balls and alcohol. “Oh, nothing, you have some scrapes on your back, though.” You started to dab at the gashes, as he turned side ways so you could reach better. The rubbing alcohol on these scrapes irritated Peter more.

“You can hold my hand if you want to.” You suggested-more like an excuse to touch him. He looked at you questioningly, his hand hovering over yours. “To relieve the pressure, you big baby.” You teased, smirking at him. He chuckled softly, mumbling an “Oh, right,” and red creeping up his bruised cheeks. You both couldn’t help the butterflies flutter in your stomachs as your skin made contact with each other. You bit your lip, nervously, as Peter squeezed your hand harder, whimpering, each time you pressed the cotton ball against his wounds. He started to subconciously lean into your chest, squeezing his eyes shut as the pain seared through his body.

“Arms.” You said, when you were done with his back. He held them out to you and you repeated the process again, until you got down to his wrists. Your eyes landed on a piece of, what looked like, high-tech metal or hard plastic wrapped around Peter’s wrist.

“What’s this?” You asked, running your fingers over it. Suddenly, Peter pulled away, fiddling with the thing on his wrist, attempting to take it off of him.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a bracelet thing.”

God, Peter Parker was a terrible liar. He was truly awful. So, he had you with the whole, ‘Aunt May will kill me, I can’t go home,’ deal, but now, he was just flat out lying to your face.

“If it’s just a bracelet, then show it to me, Parker.” You reached for his arm again, but he pulled away again, blushing a deep red.

“No, it’s fine, it’s stupid-”

“Come on, I won’t make fun of you!”

“Seriously, y/n, let it go!”

“No, Peter, I wanna see!”

Finally, after your back and forth reaching-and-pulling, you managed to roughly grab his wrist, messing around with the bracelet and pushed a button without realizing it.

Suddenly, a red laser shone from the bracelet, onto the bathroom door. Silence came over the both of you, as your eyes followed to where the light landed. What illuminated the door was a hologram of the Spider-Man logo right in front of your eyes. Your jaw dropped, as you looked from the projection, to Peter Parker. You were completely speechless. It wasn’t a device that any person could get their hands on, this was a high tech gadget that someone like Tony Stark would’ve made, or someone in that power.

“It’s not what you think it is.” He blurted out, pressing the button on the bracelet to turn it off, and hiding his hand behind his back. “It’s just a-”

“Really? Because I think that you’re Spider-Man.” You sassed him, not caring for how flustered he was. Your eyes searched his brown ones, looking for the truth. You couldn’t believe he actually kept this a secret from you, you were at a loss for words. This was your Peter Parker.  

“Okay, it’s exactly what you think it is.”

Promise (Thomas Shelby x Reader)

Title:  Promise

Pairing;  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Request:  Yes.  “Hellooo,I’m kinda new at this whole requesting stories so ima try my best lolz,your Ada Shelby’s bestfriend and you hear Tommy having a nightmare and you comfort him”

Word Count:  2,341

Author:  Emily

Author’s Note:  This imagine was way too long, but I got caught up in it.  Of course, hope you all enjoy!  There are two more requests I need to do!

Date Written:  Friday, December 30, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, December 30, 2016

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