or blink 182 songs too

God I know I need to get myself to move on from these two somehow but it’s not easy.  Not easy at all, and they certainly don’t make it any easier!  Perfect example…smiles like this make it that much harder for me to move my mind elsewhere!  

I know everyone is loving P at this point but I’m still not crazy about the guy.  But hey, I’m not the one in a relationship with him so my opinion doesn’t matter anyways.  We all love shipping ships and ship this ship and ship that ship…just ship ship ship.  Haha literally we can get obsessive over shipping!  And yes, I’m aware I need to get over mine but it’s gna take me awhile.  They are special…really special and THAT I know I’ll never stop thinking.  What’s that Blink-182 song?  "In Too Deep?“ Yep I think that’s the one I’m thinking of.  Guess that’s a pretty good description of what I’ve been! Haha 

Anyone else think timing can be a real B**** sometimes?? 

Anyways, even if they aren’t gna end up together ever…one thing I’ll never do is call them bro/sis!  Ain’t gna happen!  Haha because THAT we all know for sure is false! I don’t know what in the world they are, but they will always be something special! 



Please please please don’t ever get over this ship!!! Someone needs to captain the boat till it sinks for good. I nominate you. I am head over heels for Fogess (trying to make that a thing), but I will never get over this relationship. This was something so special and rare. I don’t think anything hinky went down, because both of them are too decent of a person to do that, but yes timing is a bitch. I can’t bring myself to call them bro/sis though. If only because don’t like my brother “like that”……..🤢🤢

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Rest in peace, Greg Barnes.

Greg Barnes was a junior at Columbine High School who committed suicide by hanging himself, two weeks after the first anniversary of the massacre on the fourth of May in 2000.  He was a basketball star who averaged 26.2 points a game and attracted the attention from Harvard and Notre Dame. On the day of the shooting, he witnessed the death of Dave Sanders and lost his good friend Matthew Kechter. There were no signs of his depression and the reason why he killed himself is still a mystery. Greg’s friends said when they talked him, he was perfectly fine and even talking about girls, hours before he killed himself. Greg’s suicide may have been due to the grief from Columbine and the recent breakup with his long time girlfriend. Investigators never said if there was a note or not. His father found him hanging in his garage with a song by Blink 182, “Adam’s Song,” being played on repeat, with lyrics such as “I’m too depressed to go on, you’ll be sorry when I’m gone,” and “I never thought I’d die alone.“ The song may have been the only clue as to why he killed himself.


‘The Flight Of Apollo’ is really about the idea that you can pick up somebody when they’re down. If you love people and human beings, you can see yourself in their shoes, and that’s what friends are for. And the idea that life shouldn’t hurt so badly, you know… I remember when we were writing the words for it, that all the shapes and colors of the earth are specifically for life not to hurt. So, when you have a bad day, or you have some bad things going down, you fail to realize the beauty of all the color and all the shapes of the universe around you.

- Tom DeLonge x


twelve year old sas was so into dragons tho like twelve year old sas invented a dragon species called weavels and drew everyone in her class their own weavel particular to them and she could tell you anything you wanted to hear about the inheritance cycle or the last dragon chronicles and her myspace profile picture was badly photoshopped to look like a little dragon she drew was sitting on her shoulder and it was super embarrassing ok