or bibimbap

Last night I had an amazing first experience with Korean food at a tiny, unassuming neighborhood restaurant. I believe have found my new comfort food. My fresh and colorful bibimbap arrived in a stone bowl, sizzling and steaming. Glorious.

Most of our family ordered slices of meat that they cooked for themselves on a circular slab tabletop grill. We lingered in conversation, enveloped in a cozy warmth and flavor, until closing time. It was all a person could desire from a shared family occasion.

The only drawback was this morning when I noticed my coat clung to the smell of the restaurant. It’s unfortunate. I smell like beef.

*Taehyung’s son is born* 

Jungkook: Oh no, he’s doing it.

Jimin: Don’t do it, Tae.

Taehyung: I’m a man of my word. I gotta do it.

Taehyung: *writes son’s name Kimchi Is Good on the birth certificate*

Namjoon: *facepalms*

Jin:  *doesn’t know if he should laugh or beat Tae’s ass*

Hoseok:  *frozen in shock*

Yoongi: *1000% done*  Gimme that, you little shit. 

Yoongi:  *snatches birth certificate from Tae* *changes the name* 

Rest of BTS: *sighs in relief*

Rest of BTS: *checks to see the name*

Name: Bibimbap Is Better

Rest of BTS: *abandons Yoongi*