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One of the many things I love about Aleks is he’ll give his friends shit, but the moment one of them is hurt he turns into group mom

okay.. people said they wanted to see so, here’s the result of about seven hours of playing with SAI ><

obviously it’s nowhere near finished but if anyone has constructive feedback, i am all ears


Daisho Con loot!

  • First up we have an ink drawing signed by Zach Callison! There’s a funny story behind this one. This print is an original inking from a friend of mine (they sell full color copies on Etsy) and I’ve always wanted to get it signed by the cast/crew of SU. There was just one problem. I didn’t know Zach Callison was going to be there when I went to the con! So after things quieted down Friday night, I drove the two hours home and then the two hours back to the convention, just so I could get this thing signed. I listened to the Sherlock Holmes collection during the drive. It was totally worth it!
  • The Opal print was a prize from a Steven Universe trivia contest. My team did not win the grand prize (mostly because we ran out of time and my team didn’t have a chance at a tie breaker) but it was a lot of fun. The whole room sang along whenever they played a song clip related to a question. Almost every team got a consolation prize, and my team agreed that I should have ours because I was the only one who knew the answer to one of our questions (What product was the song Like a Comet used to sell?)
  • The Pokemon badges and Diamond Authority symbol both came from a vendor named “Shiny Things” (good luck Googling them). I was sorely tempted to get the “Gary Motherfucking Oak” badge collection, based on one episode of the anime, but I went for legitimate nostalgia instead of the fandom in-joke.
  • It’s a glass with Pearl etched into the side of it. ‘Nuff said. Wish I could remember the vendor name, but I forgot to pick up a business card. (Also yes, I’m only wearing my Mutie hat here because my reflection is visible in the microwave, and I did wear Mutie around at the con.)
  • You may recognize the Pidge pillow from the background of some of my videos, but the Allura Pillow is a new one from the same vendor. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it’s sparkly. I love it.

„She’s not like other girls her age

neither like her mom when she was 21.

She’s way more.

She has that kind of smile,

Boys always get crazy about

And she wears it like she didn’t even know her own beauty.

Her eyes,

Looking like galaxies collide.

As blue as the sky on a cloudless day

When you walk along southbank.

She wears her soft skin without make up,

Looking like someone painted her on canvas sheets, but she wont ever act like it.

When you see her at the art gallerie,

Where she mostly spends her sundays at,

You wont be able to enjoy the paintings on the wall

Because the real masterpiece will stand in front of them,

Wearing blue jeans and a messy bun,

Not even noticing your look on her.

If you ever have the chance to talk to her,

You will notice her calm voice

And the dimples on her cheek.

How she talks about herself and about the people around her,

Not noticing that she’s pure beauty,

Inside and out.

If you just spend a little more time with her,

You’ll fall in love

Because who wouldn’t?

Even if she tells you you will regret it,

You’re going to fall for her

And you’re going to fall deep,

Deep in love.

And while you’re going to love her

And treat her like the queen she is.

She’s going to bloom more beautiful

Because of you,

Because she needs someone who helps her growing.

And when she leaves you,

You wont be able to look at other woman,

Because everytime you look into another ones eyes,

You wont see stars and moon colide.“

- Excerpt from a story I‘ll never write // c.n

It would have improved the narrative if Shark and Rio switched places during the whole ‘Astral is dead’ arc, and here’s why:

This is Shark’s big problem. He’s the one with the existential crisis between being human and Barian. Why not have him dissociate so bad that he becomes comatose or catatonic or have there be a real big struggle with this instead of him giving up so easily. Go more into his headspace.

Rio has already been in one bullshit coma, she doesn’t deserve another one. She should take this time to develop her character and actually get to do something. 

I would have loved it if Rio and IV tag dueled against jelly fish guy. It would have put a nice conclusion to their meeting that connected IV to Shark in the first place.

Rio and IV confronting each other again. 

Rio and IV saving Shark

Rio doing more in general as Shark goes more into a struggle against Barian and stuff

The narrative just…Makes more sense but of course it didn’t happen.