or bechloe plot twist

To Be Honest..

Pitch Perfect 2 was so short for me even if the movie is longer than the first one well with only minutes actually. In the first one, I was actually satisfied on the first and it doesn’t feel so short compared to the second one because in the second one there’s lack of problems and stories, they focused on one thing only and that’s the Bellas coming back up and saving their group. They should at least make problems for Chloe because of her not graduating and stuff, them catching up, and we need to know why Beca doesn’t seem like to trust Chloe that much as well as avoiding her in some parts of the movie. I hope they add more story in Pitch Perfect 3 because for me Pitch Perfect 2 has lack of stories, problems and plot twists. If BeChloe becomes canon in Pitch Perfect 3 they’re gonna blow blind, deaf and people’s minds and what a huge plot twist it will be for them but for us BeChloe shippers it ain’t a plot twist because we already know it’s gonna happen eventually. And for people who thinks that BeChloe is exclusively a platonic relationship who keeps denying that they have romantic feelings for each other since they’re a same sex couple, if they happen I’m sorry to say that I told you so!