or because fushimi is there idk


Semi-inspired by the new Free! OVA???? I had the idea before but school butler cafe Midousuji seemed like a grade A idea ok. Maybe Kyoto Fushimi needs funds for their club idk how this works ok 

Who even got him to agree to this???? who even thought this was a good idea in the first place????? It is a mystery


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Do you remember that one time GoRa stated that Fushimi&Yata is just like an old married couple? I forgot where did I read that and idk if it was real or not but what do you think about that? It's so hilarious because Fushimi acted like an old wife who actually angry at "her husband" but everytime her husband (aka Yata) asked what's wrong with her, she just said "Nothing" eventhough she's not ok at all LOL (bonus: at the end she asked for a divorce hahaha)

I do remember that one, it’s this one. I find it definitely amusing and I think it does kinda fit them. The idea seems to be that they’re two people who have been together forever and are comfortable with each other and everything, but in truth beneath the surface one of them feels a tension that the other isn’t aware of. Yata is definitely the blindsided one in this relationship – in the most recent translated part of LSW there’s the whole scene where Yata and Fushimi are dealing with some Scepter 4 guys and you can see just how content Yata is, fighting with Fushimi and being a team, and meanwhile he just has absolutely no idea how unhappy Fushimi really is (it’s in Side Red a bit too, at the amusement park when Totsuka asks if Fushimi’s letting himself be saved by Homra and Yata thoughtlessly answers that “isn’t he” because it doesn’t even occur to him that maybe Fushimi’s feelings are different from his own). And of course Fushimi never says anything and gets increasingly frustrated that Yata’s not understanding things that Fushimi thinks should be obvious to everyone. So when Fushimi finally goes for the “divorce” Yata doesn’t even understand and wonders if they really weren’t doing as well as he thought.

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Well,we all know Nikki is a dick.what about ftom trans!saru?like,Nikki gave his daughter an insulting boys name to try and demean them,but ope!trans!saru! Picture it,misaki and saru transitioning together in middle school.

I imagine Saru’s boyishness would be another thing Niki picked on him for when he was a kid and he’d force him to wear dresses and stuff because he knew how much Saruhiko hated it, and when Saruhiko got older, if he came into his room and idk he left a drawer open and Niki saw boxers in it or something, he’d pick on him, probably calling him a lesbian or something. idk I can see Saruhiko repressing his identity for a long time because of Niki even tho he’s known he was a boy since he was pretty young it wouldn’t be until he met Misaki that he really allowed himself to be that person. 

I imagine they’d have that whole bathroom meeting thing like in LSW, except they’re in the girls’ bathroom this time, and Saruhiko asks Misaki why he’s in the girls’ room because Saru always thought Misaki was a boy and Misaki hisses something like yes I am a boy I’m just not allowed to use the boy’s room yet. Saru says “you’re trans?” and Misaki snaps yes what’s it to you, and Saruhiko just shrugs and changes the subject. 

But as they got closer, Saruhiko would do more research into the whole trans thing but after so long of suppressing it he’d kind of struggle to accept it. I think after a while, he’d end up asking Misaki how he knew he was trans, and they’d talk about it, and Saruhiko would finally admit for the first time out loud that he didn’t think he was a girl. He’d try on Misaki’s binder, and even though it didn’t really fit him right, the gender euphoria he got from seeing his chest flat for the first time would confirm it in his head that this is really what he wants.

They would start transitioning together once they’d moved out- Saruhiko would find a way to get T for them both and start self-medding, and they’d remind each other to take off their binders if they’d been wearing them too long, etc. Saruhiko is terrible at taking care of himself, and if it was up to him he’d probably forget to take his binder off and crack a ton of his ribs, but because he remembers for Misaki, he remembers for himself too, and if they were on shots they’d probably help each other administer them and stuff. 

I imagine Saruhiko’s biggest issue with transition would be seeing himself starting to look more like Niki as time went on and as the testosterone started working, and he feels kind of conflicted because on the one hand he’s reclaiming the male name he was given as sort of a fuck you to his parents, but on the other, seeing his face looking more and more like that of his abuser is kind of messing him up because he doesn’t know whether to feel relieved his dysphoria is lifting or feel crappy because he’s looking more like Niki. 

ok so the new K MISSING KINGS pv is out, apparently it’s an extended version of the one that was already released it’s like a bit over a minute longer so you should check it out if you haven’t seriously it’s animation porn go frickin watch it it’s beautiful

now user laur10s put together a post on what she could catch from all the flying text in the trailer, here’s her post (with lots of additions from misarumi she’s really lovely) and i’ve decided to add to it since the post made me really curious so i downloaded it from a link user consta-ntly shared it’s p hd so it’s really nice so that’s really fun now let’s put together all the text we got

**edit again, at the bottom of this post is a list of characters and amusingly enough they do have their own fonts and what’s inTERESTING is that the texts come in fonts (may or may not be actually relevant) so i’m going to try to match some of those up right nOW 

  • COME BACK (a bunch, but the ones that appear really big are the ones in kamamoto’s font)
  • Shehim. (really long string which i can’t read at all but it’s in anna’s font)
  • Once, the man found… (misaki)
  • untold multistoried building by using… feeling of oppression of what he had done, till now, still all by himself. (misaki)
  • The world can change, will be changed in an instant, just like how the universe was created… (it’s in cursive but it’s no one’s font???)
  • the flash of light, the flash of light… (same as previous, in random cursive)
  • Seven Kings and seven destinies (random graffiti font, it’s no one’s again)
  • I’m sick and tired of your so called “kizuna” [*kizuna means bond apparently thanks google] (HOLY SHIT THIS ONE’S IN MISAKI’S FONT????)
  • can’t live without it (it’s a long string of overlapping text, that’s all that can be made out, it’s in some bubbly font i don’t know)
  • abandoned, thrown away but I know now we’re a family. I thought I… (gothic font, don’t know whose, but it’s not anna’s nor eric’s nor kusanagi’s, all their fonts are gothic)
  •  …the first king retired and the second king… (another random gothic font)
  • Unease crossed my mind. Sometimes. (idk it’s in chitose’s font omg)
  • es. It feels like I’m going to los… (same as the previous one, chitose’s as in really)
  • We began to set out on our journey, believing that you were out there somewhere in this world… (kusanagi)
  • Initial king flew away to the sky… (kuroh)
  • stronger than ever before so that I can protect… (it’s in benzai’s font but what idk??)
  • Yes, I remember I stabbed my friend with this very… (munakata)
  • nd. No, I have not forgiven… (munakata)
  • I did kill my friend with these very hands… (munakata)
  • Sweet deadman and hollow living thing. (another random graffiti font)
  • Low (munakata)  and chaos (suoh)
  •  all, all, all, I will crunch grind and swallow it… (one other random graffiti font)
  • This world is too small for us. (suoh)
  • Firm ice must be blue righteousness (munakata), vigorous fire should be red principle (suoh)
  • The chain is… (suoh)
  • dear master… (benzai????)
  • be mended. A rift… (the cursive font)



everything on this bit (bolded are the ones in the movie pv too)

  • Low and Chaos
  • pride and loyalty, wish and blade
  • Firm ice must be blue righteousness, vigorous fire should be red principle
  • Initial king flew away to the sky
  • What is not inbaded, thou are gold.
  • Seven kings and seven destinies
  • Sweet deadman and hollow living thing.
  • Who is the man who accomplish the oder in the land
  • The chain is
  • This world is too small for us
  • that’s it i think ok!!!!

important here’s a list of the characters who were mentioned (this is fun they had their own fonts)

  • SUOH MIKOTO (hell yeah)
  • ISANA YASHIRO (woah shit)
  • ERIC SOULT (surt, solt??????)
  • idk i don’t see any other characters anymore that’s really odd but whatever we all know they’re there anyway and we see all these fonts in the come back posters so have fun with that

etc?????? we’ve gone through this like over 5 times there’s still a bunch we couldn’t read


it’s interesting isn’t it because there’s no way this would be irrelevant it’s so interesting to read through

ooooh k

sarumi things that actually make me angry

someone (awesome who apparently takes time out of their day to read my posts? wat?) has informed me that I sound kinda angry in my K posts sometimes and I guess I do. I promise you that if I do, all it means is that I was kinda mad when I wrote it, I got over it fast and I’m not mad at anyone in specific. I’m not an angry person, I swear lol. But like, I got to thinking that I should put together a list of things in K-fandom that actually make me upset when I see them, and most of them have to do with fushimi/yata/sarumi so here goes. These are tropes that I’ve seen around that I personally don’t agree with at all.

  • fushimi follows/rapes/traps/isolates/takes advantage of yata. like, no. he doesn’t. and that’s not cool. moving on.
  • any of the above being accepted then fetishized and used as proof of their love. Please can we not?
  • yata is so completely over fushimi like he never thinks about him ever but fushimi’s every waking thought is apparently about yata (which, isn’t true on either count)
  • their entire problem was just because they were sexually/romantically frustrated. there were no other factors.
  • they were never actually angry at each other. their upsetness was just a front.
  • fushimi was never actually upset about anything. it was all jealousy. all that other stuff? not real. he’s just a big ball of “wanna get in misaki’s pants”. 
  • they didn’t fight because they were mad at each other, they did it out of some weird attempt at love? (it’s a funny joke, not so funny when it’s actually accepted)
  • yata’s part in their conflict being erased or ignored
  • yata’s faults getting erased or ignored
  • the idea that their fight, spanning over 4 years, was any bit completely one person’s fault
  • like, yata is not a perfect character. he’s not meant to be a perfect character. that’s not a thing.
  • the idea that fushimi’s life actually revolves around yata or vice versa
  • people getting mad because omg their lives do not actually revolve around each other?
  • fushimi is some psychopath 24/7 and idk kills puppies in his spare time
  • yata is some innocent little bunny who can’t think for himself and can’t decide anything for himself and never has any idea what he’s gonna do and didn’t do anything bad ever and will always make good, morally wholesome life choices (??? where did that even come from? that describes literally neither of them)
  • fushimi’s or yata’s entire character development being ignored so they can be together
  • latent sexual tension is apparently the only thing that has ever kept them together, their friendship and continued support of each other was only ever because they wanted to fuck

I don’t see these too much anymore and usually not on tumblr. Mostly because I’ve been avoiding the hell out of anywhere I think I could find these. It’s been so so much better since I gave up on every fanfic site other than AO3 and stopped looking at anything published before 2015. The “innocent, naive yata and evil, conniving fushimi” thing I still see around, unfortunately. I honestly have no idea how that’d work but to each their own i guess… 

imagine misaki celebrating his birthday with homra. it’s all fun and games and misaki is really happy until someone knocks on the door of the bar. when he opens it there’s nobody standing outside, apart from a small package with his name written on it. yata recognizes the handwriting almost immediately and smiles a little to himself because despite them having parted ways, saru hasn’t forgotten about him

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Hello! I was hooked up at reading your metas and I got curious but I can't find if you replied this yet, if you did, ignore this (?) What's your opinion on the relationship between Saruhiko and Totsuka? I always felt Saru really liked him but it was hard for him to express it due to his personality barrier and his death deeply affected him too.

I think I might’ve touched on that relationship a bit in past stuff but I haven’t really gone into much detail over it.

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