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For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

love is deep. it is lust, that is shallow.
—  random thoughts//nikitagupta

My gross old man Gaster and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a while tho;;… I hope a drawing of this guy being adorable will suffice!


Your Mess Is Mine 

by amory (176k)

Published : 2017-05-26

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.


Note : Past Drug Use

ok so first of all…I am truly sorry if I ruined your style ;-; I already tried my best to draw it as accurate as the original ;-; RIP

I made the boxes myself so that’s why there are 10 box instead of 9. The funny thing is the first five row is people from instagram while another five is from tumbr XD just wow XDD I used my persona, Mystery for the challenge and I redesigned her because a) I don’t like the first design b) she has been hit by a lot of stuff like stress, school, homework, tuitions, exam, project and more :D 

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It’s time for another Barbie Movie Marathon! With a mermaid-y introduction for the first stream of the summer. 

I’ll be streaming tomorrow (Sunday, May 28th), and I always say it will start at 3pm but it always ends up getting delayed until closer to 5pm. Nevertheless, I will stream! It’s always a lot of fun and I always end up laughing so hard I feel it the next day, so I hope you guys can join us!

anonymous asked:

speaking of romanticizing a mediocre marriage, did you see the burning pile of trash that is the book alex and eliza by melissa de la cruz? its a ya fiction book trying to cash in on the fame of the musical and it looks so bad lol i wanna hate-read it. tagline is "their romance shaped a nation"

I’ve heard of it. I’ve seen it in book stores. I don’t care to look at it. I think you’re probably right that it’s trying to capitalize off the musical’s already romanticized portrayal of their marriage, and while I have to respect that economic initiative seeing as how I’ve similarly been using the musical’s popularity to try and drag people into studying the Revolutionary War, I’m frankly disgusted that it doesn’t seem to even be remotely accurate- which means it exists only for a profit and for fame rather than actually educating the ya fiction audience…

so I’ll encourage you. don’t even hate read it. don’t give it any of the attention it doesn’t deserve unless you can do so for free or by buying it used.

Callout post

for @its-better-than-an-opera

- is an actual angel

- keeps talking to me in english and i already called her out but i feel like this deserves to be mentioned, always

- always looks great?? WITCHCRAFT

- so lovely that i have saved her as lovely laura in my phone

- so nice???

- understands the german memes 

- didn’t watch skam for fifty years and finally did!! we’re both gay for noora!!

- bread. enough said.

- just an awesome human and i am very happy that she is my friend