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as much as neil loves his boys, sharing a bed with them is a nightmare


  • steals the covers 
  • hides knives in the pillows without telling them
  • is an incredibly light sleeper and never stays still, which wakes neil up because he’s also a light sleeper
  • insists on letting the cats share with them (even though they scratch at the bedroom door at ungodly hours)


  • sleep talks 
  • sprawls his stupidly long limbs and takes up half the bed
  • refuses to apologize because neil and andrew ‘don’t need much space anyway’ 
  • is 10 000 fucking degrees but insists on sleeping with the air conditioner on so neil is both freezing and overheating at the same time

they are The Worst but he loves them so much and it’s infinitely better than being all alone in the world and sleeping on wooden benches with hardly any shelter. so he he lets out a frustrated sigh before trying once again to get comfortable enough to fall asleep 

One of the (many many) reasons I’m pissed that we never got the flashback scene from episode five is because I’d kill to know what accent they would’ve given bb!Dirk Gently.

Because we know from the books that Dirk’s originally from Romania, and everything from the books and comics suggests that he picked up the British accent when attending Cambridge University (was it slow and gradual and unconscious? or was it something he worked at because he wanted to leave any trace of Svlad behind?) so it’s entirely possible that we missed out on a scene where the tiny psychic bean is trying to explain his powers to an encouraging Colonel Riggins and a disapproving General Kinsey with quite a broad Romanian accent.

I mean, it’s also possible that he moved to the UK as a child but that’s less dramatic and interesting tbh.

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📖 omgjsjsj hi bb, okay I’ll tell a story bc it recently happened and I want to share this :)))

okay so I usually play kpop in my office at work and one day it was just a bad day so I was playing really depressing music like 2am ballads and what not. So my supervisor is right next door and all of a sudden I hear playing with fire by black pink and just right blasting through the office. So I go into his office and I’m like ???? And he said “I usually listen to your music and like it but today’s been too sad so i wanted to cheer you up” and I just :“))))))) I legit cried

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR

thank you to everyone who followed me in 2015!! there is now an astounding 3,400 of you!! that absolutely blows my mind.

I love you all and here’s to a safe and amazing 2016! ☆=(ゝω・)/

Liz and Julia have been so kind and honest post BB so far and I am LIVING! They’re not sugar coating anything and have apologized for being catty at times (Even admitting to fingergate of all things!)  And I’m so happy they are doing so well because they have been my faves from day 1 and its so nice to see how they are handling the scrutiny.

They are not perfect and they know that. BB this year has given me a different outlook on judging others and looking for the good in people. I am trying not to hold things against house guests for what they have said in the house cuz we really don’t know how we would deal with the emotions of it and living somewhere where everything you do and say is watched. If you can come out of that house, own up to your mistakes and acknowledge it is a game I can respect you. And I stick by standing by the twins.