or basically i just laugh at my own jokes

i’d like to see more content of allura being a relatable teen. she’s a Kool Kid! i’m gonna make some Relatable Teen allura hcs and if anyone else has any they would like to add then that would be encouraged

- every time she gets caught getting into teenage mischief or doing something she shouldn’t be doing she just goes “i’m a princess i can do what i want” n no one can say anything about it. they’re not sure if it’s even legal to. well, coran says something, but that’s different he’s basically her dad.

- she made some especially funny jokes a few times and they made everyone laugh and sometimes she thinks back to them and laughs at her own jokes for thirty minutes at a time

- [well crafted joke with lots of thought put in] “i suppose it’s a bit amusing :)” [literally just the word ‘snungus’] “[loud cackling she’s unable to hold back]”

- ^^^ also applies for “hinter bush” and every day sentences with the phrase 'i’m gay’ incorporated

- “coraaan, i looove you…” “i love you too, allura :{) is there something you want?” “other than to tell my trusted advisor and second father figure that i love him? why, coran, i’m appalled! i would never, never stoop down to such levels! if i tell you that i love you it’s because i genuinely do, not because of some–some ulterior motive!” “well, is there?” “actually… now that you mention it… there is this tiny thing…” it is usually Not So Tiny.

Wedding in Hawaii || Part 3

hi. part 3 is here which is also the last i think. although i may or may not will write the bit when they go home and stuff bc of the airport pictures of harry with the glasses on and stuff. i might just carry on a whole story line with them, give a girl name and then when i have ideas i just write it with them two bc i like how in love they are and i’m sad lolololol. whatcha think?? also i hope you’ll enjoy this like you did with the other 2, it was fun to be fed so good this week by the king lmao. and as well lemme know what you wanna read, if you have any ideas please send them to me so i can think about them and make it happen sometime. lotta love, xoxo -b

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Keep your shit together, girl.

He is only wearing a whiteish-creamish coloured suit with a baby blue shirt.

You’ll be fine, honestly.

But then his tanned skin and bright smile, his amazing emerald eyes and his mind spinning scent!

Holy cow.

I was one lucky gal as I saw Harry coming out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. He washed his hair so his curls were all over the place but it was so sexy and adorable at the same time I honestly didn’t know how he managed it all.

“I swear I don’t know how I got so lucky,” he said as he walked over to me, sneaking his arms around me and kissing my neck right up to beneath my ear then across my jawline. “You look bloody stunning,” he complimented me which made my heart flutter and cheeks flush red.

I didn’t even realise I closed my eyes and my lips parted as he pressed open mouthed kisses on my skin and his hand was squeezing my bum here and there. Being so close to him just allowed me to inhale his typical Harry smell which yes indeed it included the minty flavour or scent or whatever of his chewing gum that never seemed to leave his mouth.

“I love your ass,” he whispered in my ear as he pressed a whole lot of new kisses onto my skin. “I also love you. Like crazy.”

“I feel like we’re on our honeymoon,” I chuckled then a sigh left my lips as he nibbled on my earlobe and dragged his tongue down the side of my neck. “You’ve gotta stop this, now.”

“Do I really?” he murmured into my skin as he held me closer to his body.

“Behave, mister,” I said weakly, not being able to control myself as he took over me just by kissing my neck and gripping my ass.

How was he doing this?

“Alright-alright,” he gave in as he pulled away. His usual side smirk was still on his face then he laughed which caused his eyes to crinkle and his dimples to deepen in his cheeks. “I’d love to come back here with you for, like, a month.”

“Are you crazy?” I looked at him with wide eyes as I took my phone out of my bag. “I don’t have the expenses to afford a whole month in Hawaii.”

“I’ll pay it,” he shrugged like it was no big deal. Which I understood. He was a multibillionaire. Of course he could afford it.

He could’ve bought the entire island if he wanted to with all the money he had.

“Alright, whatever,” I laughed it off as I walked past him. “You can’t just say stuff like this. I hate it when you pay for all my stuff. You didn’t let me pay for my own plane tickets because you wanted us to fly first class.”

“So what’s wrong with that? I can afford it. I want to buy things, nice things, for you; I want to spend my money on you. I love you, of course I spoil you.”

“You spoil me too much, though. You don’t have to win me over with your money you have already won me over with your personality and I just want you to know that you are enough for me. You are an amazing man, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than you and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

You honestly make me go crazy, like, absolutely nuts. I cannot keep my hands off of you and I think you already know this but I can’t stop looking at you either. You are honestly the greatest, kindest, most humble guy I have ever met in my life and I’m so freaking grateful to have you. I’m so damn blessed.”

His eyes kept looking into mine as I rambled on about how much I loved him or something along those lines. I didn’t even know what I was saying because the words just left my mouth and I was hoping and praying that nothing silly was spoken by me.

“Right, this is final,” he said slowly as he nodded and swallowed. “I am for sure, like, 100% taking you to Hawaii for a whole month and I am paying it all. We are flying first class and you will not bring any money, not even your bank card. Like I am literally going to pay for everything for you.”

“Like hell you will! Calm your tits, pal. Just cause I tell you how much I love you and how amazing you are, which you should know anyway, doesn’t mean that you can just become my sugar daddy. I am not giving you sugar for money although it comes in handy sometimes…” I joked around which caused him to laugh with his head back and hand on his stomach.

It was the prettiest view and the most angelic sound I have heard that day. I loved making Harry laugh and smile and happy.

He deserved the best and I was determined to give him the best. Even if I couldn’t be considered as the best.


The dinner was on the beach, the sun was still up so it gave us enough light to see each other and be able to have food outside. It was lovely as we heard the tides of the sea crashing on the sandy shore and the slightly salty yet extremely fresh smell filled my lungs.

Harry was sitting on my right side while Lily was on his left side, talking his ear off which I found rather funny. Especially when he could barely control himself so his hand gripped my thigh a bit firmer as his it was resting there.

He leaned over to me when the little girl got up from the table and left with her mum to go somewhere, his nose slightly nuzzling against mine as a quiet sigh escaped his lips.

“If we ever have a daughter I do not know how I’ll cope,” he said chuckling and I joined him. He pressed his lips against mine in a soft kiss and pulled away just to do it again several times after the first one. “I love you.”

“I love you,” I smiled as my eyes fluttered open just to look right into his shining green ones.

Before I fully moved away from him I kissed his cheek which caused him to blush a little and I found that adorable. I didn’t know why he blushed whenever I kissed him but I loved it like I loved him.

“What would you like to name our daughter?” I asked him suddenly as we were both leaning back in our chairs, the people at the table were all in deep conversation about something.

“Hmmm,” he hummed, putting his elbow on the arm of the chair he was sitting on as he leaned his chin against the side of his index finger. “I don’t know, I think-, we are most probably going to change it right as she’ll be born. Y’know how random we are,” he laughed.

“Right I think we would and will probably end up doing that,” I agreed. At that point I didn’t realise we were talking like it is going to happen but to be honest we had a good relationships and I didn’t see anything that could possibly damage our bond in the near future.

Anything’s possible for us. We have the chance to create a family together in the future and that makes me excited.

“But, urm, something special I think,” I said finally, after he thought about it a bit. “I’d definitely want something for her that would suit her and a name that would be special and unique.”

“As special and unique as Bear Payne or…” I grinned at him which caused him to widen his eyes and it was the funniest thing ever. Then I clocked on. I just shaded his best mate’s son’s name and I didn’t even mean to do that. “I mean that’s not actually what I wanted to say.”

“Oh my god,” he continued to laugh as he covered his mouth with his hand. Then he put the other one over his hand that was already on his lips and his whole body was shaking as he made fun of me making fun of Liam’s son’s name.

But I didn’t really.

I thought it was cute and of course a bit unusual but definitely unique. I think it was mainly his girlfriend who decided on the name so I can’t really give all the credit to Liam for giving his son the name he got in the end.

“Stop it, Harry,” I punched his arm with my fist but I didn’t actually hurt him. This got him though because he stopped and put on a fake hurt face which made me laugh. He was honestly so goofy and playful, sometimes it just made me wanna have kids with him as I wanted to see him with them. “So, what about our daughter’s name then, huh?”

“Okay, let’s talk like adults then,” he said as he cleared his throat and a big sigh left his lips. “I would probably like to call her, um, Maya or something.”

“Maya or something?” I asked back as my eyebrow arched up higher than I could have drawn it as I was getting ready.

“I like Maya, it’s, well, I think it’s different. What do you think? Do you like it?”

“I mean it’s a pretty name but I’m not too keen on it,” I told him my honest opinion. “I’d rather call her something more-, I don’t know. Something more umpfh if you get me?”

Umpfh,” he repeated. His eyes slowly looked into mine and I already saw his smirk growing bigger and bigger. Then before I knew it his head was leaned back and he was laughing his ass off. “Right, describe this umpfh for me, please, pretty girl.”

“You’re just making fun of me, you deserve no explanation,” I told him with a serious face expression but deep down I was dying from the laughter I had to hold back.

God why were we such a goofy and childish couple? We didn’t take anything seriously, we laughed most of the time that we spent together and basically we were both just a mess as soon as we saw each other or started talking.

We could be texting and when I type out that “I’m crying I can’t cope I’m pissing myself” I’m actually like that. Some people just text that stuff, I actually feel it and do it. I mean yeah, Harry is funny…

But I’m hilarious.

I think I laugh at my own jokes more than Harry does. But then again he laughs at his own jokes too. And sometimes we laugh at each other’s – well, okay, we laugh all the fucking time I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore.

We’re funny and end of.


Youtube Series found »  {HERE}

Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and your subscribers have been asking for you to start a vlog channel together with your boyfriend! 

*wanna one members speaking = “bold” / (y/n) speaking = “italicized” 

Yoon Jisung » [ grocery shopping ] 

  • “Afternoon everyone! So today, (y/n) and I are just getting some groceries for this week. My parents are in town and are planning to come over for dinner tomorrow and—What are you doing… babe we said no chocolate.”
  • Inspects fruits and vegetables together and bickers over which one is fresher.  Film your reaction when he makes food/brand puns. Laughs at his own jokes. 
  • Talks about trying to cook more at home instead of ordering take out all the time. Basically, trying to eat healthier and cutting back on the sweets. 
  • “Just got back home and finished putting the groceries away. We’re chilling now and looking up recipes because we both can’t cook to save our lives—especially (y/n)” 
  • “I’m going to literally stock the entire fridge with everything that has carrots inside. Don’t try me.” “Just kidding. I’m sorry. You’re the best and really pretty and I love you.” 

Ha Sungwoon » [ babysitting friend’s two-year-old child ] 

  • “So today I have a very special guest at the apartment… it’s Stella! We know how much you all loved her when she came to visit so of course, I said yes to looking after her. Stella’s parents are at an emergency business meeting and asked if we could watch over her for a couple of hours today. (Y/N) went on a food run and she adores this little one so she’s trying to rush and come back.” 
  • Is extremely active with Stella and is basically in love with her. Watches cartoons with the child and showers her with cuddles. Lets her play around with the camera and inserts clips of the uneven angles and cute baby smiles.
  • “Ah, (Y/N) is here! You went to Chipotle? You’re the best.” Gives you kisses and takes the food from your hands and places them on the counter. 
  • Films you playing with Stella and decides to have the child choose between you two and obviously he wins.
  • “Honestly, you somehow forced her to choose you. If I didn’t step out to get food, we all know who’d be the favorite.” “No need to be salty.” 

Hwang Minhyun » [ cleaning / arranging new apartment ] 

  • “Hey, everyone! (Y/N) and I are slowly but finally settling down in our new apartment. It’s been a really tedious process but we’re almost done. We’re going to do some cleaning around because you all probably know by now that I’m the clean freak out of the two of us.” 
  • Places the camera on the marble counter top and films himself mopping the floor and wiping down the windows.
  • Talks about how the adjusting process has been and gives tips on what you should do to make the “moving out process” easier. 
  • “(Y/N) just brought home more PR packages and keeps screaming from the other room about some huge collection… COME HELP ME WITH THE STOVE. WE’RE NOT COOKING TILL IT’S CLEAN!!!!” BABY I CAN’T!! LET ME OPEN ALL OF THESE FIRST.” 
  • Films the huge mess you made and watches you talk into the camera about the new products and how you’re going to film a huge first impression video at the end of the month
  • Ends up cleaning after you and becomes a little agitated, but you shower him with kisses and he instantly forgives you.

Ong Seongwu » [“car prank”]

  • “What’s up everyone. As you all have probably seen two vlogs ago, (Y/N) decided that it would be a great idea to cover every inch of my house with my old fuccboi photos when my friends from high school came to visit me. She decided to sleep over last night which gave me the perfect idea. Since she’s so in love with the photos, I decided to tape up her entire car with them this morning and she’s running late to work right now so you bet she’s not going to have time to take them off one by one.” 
  • Casually films you quickly putting on your make up. Asks you if you forgot set your alarm (he turned it off purposely to make you wake up 15 minutes later than usual lmao) Tries to play it off cool and offers to make you a quick breakfast on the go. 
  • Watches you grab the sandwich and waits for you to yell out his name. 
  • “I lost them. Sorry! Drive safe and have a good day at work! Love you!” (ends up giving you his car keys anyways later on) 

Kim Jaehwan » [  karaoke night at your parents’ house ]

  • “So tonight is going to be a really fun one. (Y/N)’s parents invited us over for dinner tonight and that’s not even the best part though. We’re going to have a karaoke party with her relatives and I already know it’s going to be wild”
  • Films your mother cooking and basically, everyone from your immediate family loves Jaehwan and his jokes. You’re like wtf but is actually really happy that he’s getting along with everyone. 
  • “Jaehwan’s currently going through the list of songs on the karaoke machine and my dad is super hyped now. They’re about to do a duet so let’s see—” “YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! C’MON OKAY OKAY!!!!” 
  • You film him dancing hilariously with your dad and uncles. Cracks up from second-hand embarrassment on the side with your cousins. 
  • Chooses to sing Beautiful (Goblin OST yES) while holding your hand at the end. Everyone is screaming over you two and you’re hella flustered but low key loving it. 

Kang Daniel » [ GoT Night / Sleepover ] 

  • “Good evening everyone! So I’m heading and sleeping over at (Y/N)’s place for tonight. She’s been traveling a lot and having a great time meeting you all through T*RTE’s sponsored tour. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks now and yes as you can tell from my tweets. I’m deprived of (Y/N) and I miss her a lot.” 
  • Vlogs on his way there and talks about what he’s been up to and talks about his trip to the vet that morning with Peter. Mentions about helping you edit a couple of clips for your next beauty related video.
  • “Alright! Brought her favorite snacks and we’re supposed to catch up on Game of Thrones tonight definitely can’t wait.” 
  • Rings the door bell and grins happily when you open the door. Takes you into his arms tightly and showers you with kisses.
  • Cuddles on the couch and props the camera up on a stack of books. Listens to some of your stories about your trip and inserts clips of both of your reactions to an ep of GoT. 
  • “Okay, everyone. I think the vlog is going to end here. As you can tell, (Y/N)’s passed out,” pans the camera over at you briefly “And she’s still struggling a bit because of the jet lag so we’ll see you in the next one! Goodnight!” 

Park Jihoon » [ picnic anniversary date ] 

  •  Today is the mark of your one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to go on a picnic date. 
  • Jihoon films you making the sandwiches and sides before going into detail with which park you guys were going to. 
  • “It’s honestly a really clean place and our usual little spot that we go to is kind of hidden but it has a really nice view of the city and it’s super quiet. We haven’t been there in months and our first date was actually a picnic one too so we just wanted to relive some memories.” 
  • Helps you finish packing the utensils and the juices before heading out. 
  • Ends up speeding up the some of the clips and replacing the audio between you two with music. 
  • Briefly, talks about how you guys first met and how shy he was when he asked you for your number. “He was super red and nervous! I thought that he so cute so I ended up giving it to him and look where we are today!”  
  • “Alright, that’s basically it for now. We’re going to end the vlog here and enjoy the rest of our day. Promise that the vlog next week will be longer. Bye everyone!” 

Park Woojin » [ Mukbang ] 

  • Does a bunch of retakes on the huge amount of food you both ordered. Didn’t feel like cooking at all today, so ordered a lot of korean food through Postmates. 
  • “We know you all have been requesting us to do a mukbang today so here it is! (Y/N) will basically run through the entire list of food that we ordered today.” 
  • Watches you list out the foods while holding your hand. Would lift the dish slightly to show it to the camera. Smacks his lips and tries to hold in his urge to eat as you keep talking about different ingredients. 
  • When you give the go, he basically digs in and scoops food onto your plate.Silent majority of the time as he chows down his food. 
  • Woojin.. we’re supposed to talk while eating” he blinks and smiles as he continues to chew quickly before speaking “Sorry. It’s still weird for me to talk and eat at the same time.”
  • You both talk about upcoming plans, new restaurants that you want to try, funny episodes between you two. 
  • Basically, you film him finishing every bit of rice and soup and gives him an applause. “I think I ate a bit too much…and I’m getting sleepy” 

Bae Jinyoung » [ Gaming at home ] 

  • “Hi, guys! Today, (Y/N) and I are just staying indoors today so the vlog’s not going to be too exciting. We’re not doing much and for the first time in history… (Y/N) has decided or more like I begged… her to play some games with me. A subscriber gifted us a couple of games for the Wii U so thank you!” 
  • Pulls you into the living room and “interviews” you with the camera on why you don’t like playing games. Promises that you’ll have fun!!!
  • “So she chose Mario Party—don’t worry we’ll read the instructions and stuff hon.”
  • Vlogs you screaming and punching the air and he is cracking up quietly in the back when you do the mini games. 
  • “WHAT THE HECK, I WAS SPINNING. THIS IS RIGGED. CAN WE REDO THIS GAME??” “Don’t hurt yourself please and don’t break the tv”
  • Tries to sit you down on his lap and calm you down but ends up getting elbowed in the face. “SORRY. HOLD ON BABE. I’LL RUB YOUR FACE IN A MINUTE!” 

Lee Daehwi » [ shopping for mutual friend’s big birthday bash ] 

  • Films you scanning around the mall from behind. Catches you whining about wanting to eat everything in the food court on camera.
  • “We’re getting some new clothes for our friend’s birthday bash that’s happening next week. The color scheme is pastel so we’re just shopping around. Not like she doesn’t have enough clothes in her closet to choose from already..” 
  • Follows you around with the camera and watches you pick out a lot of things THAT WEREN’T pastel.
  • “Uh no, you are not getting that. IT’S TOO SHORT. HECK NO!!”
  • Puts back more than half of the stuff you threw into the shopping bag because they were either too short or you had something extremely similar in your closet.
  • “What about this dress? It’s so cute and—” “SCANDALOUS AND SHORT NOPE.”
  • Finally, gives up and lets you buy it but will lets you know that he’s staying glued to you just in case any unknown single guy friends of your mutuals hit on you. 

Lai Guanlin » [ visiting animal shelter to adopt a dog ] 

  • Films a bunch of the dogs at the shelter. Inserts cute clips of you playing with the dogs. “If only we could adopt all of them..”
  • Describes the kind of dogs there and suggests going to your local animal shelter to adopt instead of shopping for one.
  • “Oh my god.. it’s a Shiba..” Films the black and white Shiba and instantly falls in love. Very calm and quiet. The dog slowly warms up to him but is still visibly shaken. Instantly knew at that very moment, that this was the dog for him. 
  • “So everyone.. I think we’ve made our decision. The workers were telling me how she was saved from the meat trade in Asia and she’s still kind of shaken up but I think she’s the one. She’s around four years old now and her name is Sylvie. We’ll probably change her name later on though.”
  • You begin to document the moments between the two. “Guess I’m going to be fighting for Guanlin’s attention later on.. Just kidding. Watch Sylvie end up loving me more.” 
  • “Babe, can you go fill out the paperwork? She’s sleeping on me and I don’t want to wake her up”   

rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Okay, let's say MC gets her head shaved for something like cancer charity. How does the RFA react?


  • it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and not wanting to give Yoosung a heart attack, you decide to tell him beforehand about it
  • he’s such a supportive boyfriend 
  • That’s amazing MC, he gushes, you’re amazing I’m so proud of you!
  • what a sweetheart ily
  • Of course he’s not letting you go alone cuz you might bring some boys to the yard 
  • casually wears one of those giant #1 foam hands that you see at every sporting event
  • he stays outside the hairdressers, waving the foam hand around without a care in the world, telling anyone and everyone who passes by that you’re donating your hair for cancer charity wow isn’t that great??
  • doesn’t think it’s excessive????? at all????
  • but he’s such a cutie patoot you don’t say anything about it and just sort giggle at his reflection in your mirror
  • when you walk out, bald head and satisfied smile, Yoosung honestly doesn’t recognize you lololol
  • no like he literally doesn’t recognize you
  • “Oh did you just shave your head too?” he says, “you know, the love of my life is doing it too and-”
  • he stops when you giggle at him, and then his face becomes so red it puts tomatoes to shame
  • Apologies start streaming from his mouth at the same rate that lies streamed out of Rika’s im super sorry to all you rika fans out there
  • Yoosung is mesmerized by the unanimous texture of your head
  • #unconsciously starts petting it when you guys cuddle
  • also he just adores you


  • i got this guys
  • your local hairdresser is doing a charity drive thing, and you’re like sign me the fuck up
  • ya tell Zenny boy of your plans
  • and he’s down to jump on board too???
  • Zen are you? ok???
  • yes I am perfectly fine, are you doubting my looks, do you think I won’t be as handsome bald? Do you- 
  • but you see, the problem is, Zen doesn't really get what ‘bald’ entitles
  • you guys do the thing, and now wow you’re hairless
  • it’s enough of a shock to see Zen without all his flyaway white hair, and also you lowkey just couldn’t believe he actually went through with it
  • after a quick session of hugs and I’m so proud of yous, Zen turns to leave and-
  • ???
  • ?????
  • hell freezes over
  • Zen shaved everything 
  • but not
  • so it’s all polished and shiny
  • except for a random ass patch of long hair at the nape of his neck
  • Zen what the FUCK was the point of you doing this???
  • He sees you standing there, and asks if you’re okay
  • No zen I’m really not okay I want to laugh but I also want to cry I’ve looked death in the eyes and it was horrible
  • since you won’t answer him, he saunters over to you, whips out a frilly handkerchief, and polishes your head
  • There there, he coos like a mother to her young child, there’s no need for regrets
  • Zen it’s not my own decision that I’m regretting
  • It takes a hecka long while for you to look at him normally again
  • because even if you can’t see it from the front
  • you know that The Hair exists on the other side, waiting for its chance to be seen again
  • and sometimes it keeps you up at night, if ever Zen is sleeping with his back towards you
  • leaving you to ponder his life choices

ᒍᗩEᕼEE: (mmmmh short and sweet Jaehee is nice)

  • honestly she’s down to shave her head too? 
  • working with Jumin, she had short hair anyways, and going bald isn’t that big of a difference
  • giving a part of yourself to others in need, and watching your significant doing it with you is a beautiful feeling, and somehow managed to deepen the strength of your bond
  • a few customers were shocked at the sudden disappearance of hair, but their respect for the both of you increased when you told them why you did it
  • after a busy day at work, you turn to Jaehee, filled with love and devotion for the one person who meant the world to you
  • “Jaehee…thank you so much for everything. For being here, for shaving your head with me, thank you for supporting me.”
  • Jaehee turns to you with a quiet smile, a light pink creeping into her cheeks. “It’s nothing, MC, as long as it’s with you, I would be happy do to anything.”


  • “MC, why would you donate hair for cancer charity if I can just donate money for cancer research? Shaving your head gives you no collateral, from a business perspective -”
  • “Jumin, not everything you do in life has to grant you some kind of boon in exchange.”
  • Gets the idea of donating hair, but doesn’t really understand why you would do it
  • He’s not about to stop you of course not Jumin Han would never prevent you from doing anything at all it’s not like he’s going to take your freedom away or anything he- 
  • while Jumin is busy at work, you go get your head shaved
  • but he’s already back at the penthouse by the time you’re done, which you didn’t expect
  • it was only then did you realize that you had forgotten your keys inside, so you opt to ring the doorbell instead
  • you hear Jumin’s slightly irritated voice from inside, asking who would come visiting at such an hour
  • so he does the thing where he opens the door, looks you over once, the quickly shuts it again right in your face
  • “Um…” you say, rapping the door with a knuckle
  • there’s a soft click as the door reopens slightly, just wide enough for Jumin to peek through the crack
  • “Hi?” you say.
  • Jumin’s eye blinks rapidly a couple of times, and the door opens all at once
  • you catch him fanning himself with a hand before he turns away and walks towards the living room
  • as it turns out, for some reason, Jumin found  the sight of you bald a bit…intimidating?
  • you just looked…quietly powerful
  • which in itself was also attractive
  • so he was torn between intimidation and attraction, leading to a flustered Jumin and confusion towards his own kinks
  • he becomes highly invested in funding cancer research and an advocate for cancer charity
  • whenever he needs motivation or inspiration, he stands before you, stares at your head for a minute, then goes “Alright,” nodding to seriously to himself 
  • good times


  • y’all thrive  off spontaneity and surprises
  • it’s amazing and slightly freaky just quickly how you’ll both adapt to new circumstance, no matter how wild they might be
  • for example:
  • you don’t tell saeyoung about donating your hair
  • why not?
  • because you can
  • so as soon as you walk in through the front door, bald head shining brighter than my future, absolutely nothing happens
  • cuz it’s not like Saeyoung is always standing by the doorway anxiously awaiting your return
  • you go look for the dork, of course he’s sneaking around the kitchen, hunting for those good goods I got that good good I got that got that good good
  • “Hey Saeyoung!”
  • “MC-!” he begins, turning towards you
  • this is where your mutual, extreme ‘go with the flow’ nature kicks in
  • Saeyoung stares at you for a few second, rubs his eyes to make sure he’s not hallucinating, and when he realizes that you actually  look like Saitama
  • his own hair kinda just does a small whoosh  and falls in a single unanimous layer of red locks
  • he is bald now 2
  • anyways you’re both laughing at the situation, at each other, Saeyoung jokes about being able to use your head as a mirror now
  • #when will my reflection show who I am inside
  • you explain why you’re now bald, and Saeyoung gives you a sly smile
  • “I think it’s time to show you my most prized possession…”
  • basically you discover that he’s hidden hundreds of wigs in he walls of your house
  • that night, he prods your awake in the wee hours of the morning, eyes filled with urgency
  • “MC,” he whispers, “now that we’re both bald…where do our foreheads end?”
No Stress (Daveed x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do another daveed x reader oneshot? Could they be dating and the reader meets the cast for the first time and they have been dating for a while and daveed gets jealous because someone was flirting with you?

Summary: Daveed and Reader have been dating for a few months and Daveed finally takes them to see the show, only to run into a flirty Ramos afterwards backstage.

Warnings: None?

half of this was typed out on my phone, so sorry if some of it is formatted weird!

“What if they don’t like me?” You asked in fear of what your boyfriend’s closest friends will think of you.

You and Daveed had been dating for nearly three months now and after endless weeks of you begging for a ticket, he finally got you in to see him star in the hit show Hamilton. You, of course, loved every bit of it. You laughed, you cried, you downright sobbed. Daveed never failed to make you smile as you watched him on stage, particularly when he dared to blow you a kiss during his first song as Thomas Jefferson. The show ended and after the standing ovation, you followed Daveed’s instructions to await in a certain area where a security guard would retrieve you. The guard walked you to a door that led backstage where Daveed was waiting for you, still clad in costume because he was so eager and excited to see you. 

Daveed wrapped an arm around your shoulders in reassurance as he led you down a hallway that would lead you to where the rest of the cast was currently located. He said, “Don’t worry, they’ll love you. I’m just worried you won’t like them, they’re insane.“ 

You laughed and said, “Yeah right, I bet they’re great!“ 

“Eh, they’re alright,” Daveed said as you two approached a staircase that led you to the dressing rooms. He led you to one room in particular, filled with faces that you only knew as Alexander Hamilton, Phillip Hamilton, King George, James Madison and Aaron Burr, all of which were already out of costume and back into their street clothes.

"Hey Diggs! Who’s the lovely lady?” The freckled man who made you cry twice tonight asked. 

“Yo!” Daveed greeted his cast mates before making introductions, “Everyone, this is Y/N. Y/N, meet Lin, Anthony, Jonathan, Oak and Leslie. Where’s everyone else?” 

Leslie replied, “Chris went to talk to a stage manager because his musket nearly broke tonight and the girls are in their dressing room.” 

“So! You’re the infamous Y/N we’ve heard all about,” Lin said, a large grin upon his face. 

“Really? What all have you heard?” You asked, glancing back and forth between Daveed and the cast. 

“And that would be my cue to go,” Daveed said with a laugh. He turned to you and said, “I’m gonna go get out of costume, don’t embarrass me too much alright?” 

“Oh, I would never,” You joked, earning a small laugh from him. He leaned down to give you a quick peck on the lips before leaving to go to his own dressing room. You took a seat on the couch between Anthony and Lin and asked, “Okay but seriously, what have you guys heard about me?” 

“Basically just a bunch of ‘Y/N said the cutest thing,’ ‘Y/N did the cutest thing,’ ‘Y/N is the cutest thing!’ at least twice a day,” Oak told you, earning a slight giggle from you. 

Jonathan chimed in, “And I have never seen Daveed as nervous as he was today.” 

“Yeah, usually knowing who’s in the crowd doesn’t really effect him, but he was like a whole different person today,” Leslie added in agreement. 

“Really?” you asked, a bit flattered that you had that kind of effect on Daveed. 

“Really,” Lin confirmed. 

“I don’t blame him though,” Anthony said, “I mean if I knew a beautiful girl like you was in the audience I’d be nervous too.” 

You turned to look at Anthony in shock, who just sat there with a cheesy grin on his face. Before you had the chance to respond to his comment, Washington and the Schuyler Sisters walked into the room. The one who played Peggy came in excitedly, “Hello, hello, hello!” 

Lin handled the introductions, “Y/N, this is Jasmine, Renee, Phillipa and Chris. Guys, this is Y/N.” 

“Nice to finally meet you!” Phillipa said with a warm and welcoming smile. 

“You really are just as beautiful as Daveed made you out to be,” Renee said, causing heat to rise to your cheeks. 

"Isn’t she?” Anthony said, looking directly at you. His words had caught you off guard again and you couldn’t help but blush a little more at them. If you weren’t with Daveed, you probably would have swooned. 

“I told you my girl was gorgeous,” Daveed said as he reentered the room. He walked over to where you sat on the couch and held a hand out to you. Confused, you took his hand and he pulled you out of your seat, sat down, then pulled you back down so that you now rested on his lap. He tightly wrapped his arms around you as you chuckled at his actions. 

“Are you two joining us at the cast dinner tonight?” Chris asked you and Daveed. 

“You’re having a cast dinner?” you asked your boyfriend. 

“Yeah, I was just gonna skip it and spend the night with you, unless you want to go. It’s totally up to you,” Daveed said in reply. 

“Let’s go! I wanna hear all the embarrassing stories these guys have about you,” You said with a smirk. 

With a roll of his eyes, Daveed sarcastically said, “Great.” 

Anthony smiled at you and also said, “Great.” 

The restaurant had to push two tables together, but eventually you and the cast of Hamilton sat around enjoying a great meal and exchanging funny stories, Daveed to your right and Anthony to your left. Oak and Lin, who sat across from you and Daveed, were currently telling you about the choreography for What’d I Miss

“Wait, wait, wait,” You said, holding back a laugh, “So that cute little shuffle thing wasn’t part of the actual choreography?” 

“Nope, your boyfriend is just an awful dancer,” Oak said, causing you, Lin and Anthony to erupt in laughter as Daveed shook his head. 

“It is not my fault my body could not physically move the way Andy wanted it to,” Daveed said as a mean to defend himself. 

“Excuses, excuses,” Lin remarked through his laughter. 

Anthony leaned over to you and whispered, “I don’t know Y/N, I think it’s time you got a more flexible man, if you catch my drift." 

You looked over at Anthony and just gaped at him, his words surprising you yet again. Evidently Anthony wasn’t as quiet as he thought he was, because when your waitress came over to ask anyone if they were ordering deserts, Daveed cleared his throat and just said, ”Check please.”

“You alright?” You asked Daveed, placing a hand on his arm. 

He simply nodded and said, “I’m fine.”

The table told the waitress how they were splitting the check and she went off to retrieve everyone’s check. She returned a moment later, and Daveed quickly pulled out his card to pay for the two of you and handed it back to the waitress, seemingly extremely eager to leave the restaurant. You asked again, “You sure you’re alright?”

“Mhmm,” Daveed said in reply, putting his jacket back on. 

“Okay..” You muttered, still unsure of his mood. The waitress came back with everyone’s card and thanked everyone for coming. As soon as Daveed retrieved his card, he began making his goodbyes to everyone at the table, meaning you had to as well. 

You exchanged hugs to half the table once Anthony had started to say farewell, “Bye Y/N, it was a pleasure meeting you.”

“It was nice meeting you too,” you told him with a kind smile. 

He went in to give you a hug as well, saying, “Hopefully this isn’t the last I’ll see of you?”

“Nah, I’m coming backstage way more after tonight,” you said, pulling away from his hug with a laugh.

Daveed came up to you and grabbed your hand. He told you, “Come on, we’ve gotta go.”

He started to lead you out the doors as you said, “But I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Lin and Oak!”

“It’s getting late,” He said, continuing to exit the restaurant and not slowing down until you were both outside. You stopped in your tracks, causing Daveed to turn around to you and ask, “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked in reply.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Daveed,” you sternly said, seeing right through him.

He sighed and looked down at the ground before he said, “Alright, I.. I just saw the way Ant was acting with you and I couldn’t stand it.”

“You mean you were jealous?” you asked, finding it all hard to believe.

“Not jealous,” he said, earning a skeptical look from you that caused him to say, “Alright maybe a little jealous.”

You chuckled a bit as you wrapped your arms around his neck and said, “You’re ridiculous, you know that? What was that one line from the show?”

“What are you talking about?” Daveed asked you, completely confused about the sudden shift in the conversation and what you referring to you.

You thought about it, humming the song before you sung aloud with smile, “No stress, my love for you is never in doubt.” 

“Oh ha ha,” Daveed said at you, before leaning down to lock your lips with his.

“Don’t worry about Anthony, alright? I’m all yours,” you reassured Daveed after you pulled apart.



Part Two

I'm sick ( Reader X Jughead )

Reader X Jughead

Request: yes

Warning: topic about a disease

A/N: TO ANYONE SUFFERING WITH ANYTHING! You will be strong okay, YOU WILL FIGHT AND ILL BE HERE IF YOU NEED ANYTHING! I’m sorry if anyone suffering with The disease that’s in the story and I didn’t describe it as it is. Because no one will know how to describe such a terrible thing unless it’s the person going through it. Once again to anyone going through any problems , illness or disease. I’m here for you at any time ♥️♥️
Once again I’m sorry for any mistakes.♥️

Sunday was yet another normal day, everything was going great.. Well that’s till I started noticing a small circular rash around the area of my left rib. I didn’t think much about it, just thought it was an allergic reaction or something, I added a rash cream and went on with my day to see My best friend Jughead at Pop’s.

When I had arrived at pop’s and sat down with Jughead everything was pretty much normal.
When I say normal, I mean it’s quite.
Jughead and I sit at our spot and order our milkshakes and drink them away

“( Y/N/N), what do you say we go enjoy the river and swim?”

I of course agree because it’s summer and basically we’re the only ones left from our group that didn’t take a road trip with our families.
Right after our milkshakes Jughead and I agreed to meet at the river in about an hour, that way we get the stuff we need and I make some sandwiches for lunch. When I arrived home, I removed my clothing and was just about to grab my two-piece swimsuit but remembered the red spot that was visible. Changing my mind I wore my one piece bathing suit and dressed in a shirt and shorts , and quickly headed down to make the sandwiches.

Once I was done with everything I grabbed my bag with food, extra outfits, towels and sunscreen and i ran out the door like I was sonic the hedgehog. When I arrived to the river I noticed Jughead just arriving too, thank God.
“Juggie, why on earth don’t you have a bag with your extra outfit and why do you still have your beanie crown still on, you’re going to get it wet!”

“(Y/N/N) please I know you well enough knowing you’ll bring me a towel and extra outfits that I leave in your room, besides this crown reminds me that I’m king.” Jughead smiles at me knowing that I didn’t exactly just that.

“ you know Juggie what if I didn’t bring anything, what would you do?”

“(Y/N) I know you, you’re just so caring. Any guy would be lucky to have you… and when I say any I mean ANY, including me.”

After those words i could feel my cheeks turning pink because God knows how much I have a crush on Jughead. Anyway I ignore his comment and walk to the side of the river and lay down the towel and basket, remove my outfit and get inside warm water of the river.

“JUGHEAD JONES HURRY UP AND GET IN THE WATER!” I shout from the top of my lungs because jughead looked like he was dreaming for a second.
After my call jughead walks into the water and slowly swims towards where I am, during that Process He slowly starts to lower himself into the water until only his nose and eyes are the only things showing. I start to swim away because I don’t even know what he’s about to do, but before I can completely get away Jughead pulls my hand toward him and I’m now stuck with both of his arms around me.

“Juggie, don’t you dare push me down!” I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips because if he plans on taking me down, he’s going down with me.

What I didn’t think or expect was that Jughead would end up gripping my waist and pulls me closer towards him till our chests are basically touching.

“ I actually like this position, for once you’re actually relying on me.”

“Juggie, I’m only holding on to you because if I die you’re dying with me… I’m not gonna let you be the Cheryl Blossom here while I’m Jason .” I joke with him

“ Look at you using sardonic humor on me.”

“ What can I say, I’ve learned from the best… Yup I knew I was a great teacher for myself.” I laugh at my own joke but notice Jughead is just looking at me. Before I can speak and ask what’s wrong, Jughead’s lips crash onto mine and I automatically kiss him back because once again I HAVE A FUCKING CRUSH ON HIM!

We kiss for a couple of seconds more until we both pull away with the sound of a ‘Pop’. Due to Jughead and I being one of the most awkward people on earth, we shy away and swim back to shore and act as if nothing just happened. By the time it’s time to leave we both have changed and picked up our things, Jughead offers to walk me home because in his words “ no one has found the killer yet so it’s safer if I walk you home.”

Once we reached my house, still I feel all fuzzy but don’t mention anything. Jughead on the other hand thought differently.

“(Y/N), I was wondering… umm I’ve been meaning to ask you out but wasn’t sure if you liked me, but after that kiss which you kissed me back. I was umm wondering if I could, i don’t know take you out on a date? I mean if you don’t want too it’s okay, but I would like it if you would.” Jughead jumbles his words as he asks me out.

“Jughead I would love to go out with you, how about Tuesday?”

He quickly nods without any hesitation. I smile and kiss his cheek and wish him a safe walk back home. I close my door and hear a small “Yes” from the other side. With a smile on my face I walk to my bathroom, shower and get ready for bed.

It’s currently Monday but I’m not feeling well, actually I’m feeling terrible. I noticed the small spot by my rib area has doubled in size and my muscles are aching me. I tell myself it was probably from the swimming yesterday and that this red spot is just an allergic reaction to something. I go on with my day and talk to Jughead on the phone for hours and don’t mention anything to him regarding my pain… it’s 7 p.m. and it’s time for me to eat with my family.

“ Mom, my joints are hurting me and I have this weird red spot by my rib area.” I inform my mom after dinner. She tells me to show her the spot and when she saw it she said it was probably an allergy or a mosquito bite. After my mother’s clarification I walk to bed and once again think that another day passed and all I can hope for is that tomorrow the pain leaves and I’ll be able to enjoy my date with Jughead.

It’s officially Tuesday the day which I’ll have my date with Jughead. My joints still hurt me and my spot is still the same size, which I think is good considering it didn’t get bigger. It’s only 3 in the afternoon but I know I have a lot of getting ready.
When I’m done with everything for my date I notice that it’s 6 and that Jughead will be arriving to walk us to the one and only Pop’s. Just as I thought of that the doorbell rings indicating he’s here. I skip to get my purse but I end up feeling a great ache on my knee joint, I hiss a bit but walk it off and walk down to greet Jughead.

When i reach down the stairs and open the door, I notice Jughead standing there with his usual S shirt but layered with a blazer and his little crown.
“You look beautiful (Y/N).”

I blush and close the door behind me.
“ you don’t look so bad yourself Jones the third.”

After the date, Jughead asked me to be his Girlfriend and obviously I had to have fun with this moment

“ I don’t know Juggie, I’ve always wanted a crown and I’ve always like your crown.”

“Well you can’t have mine, this is my beanie crown , only the king wears this one. The queen must wear something else. ”

“Well then Jughead, this just won’t workout I should have let you drown in the river.”

Jughead quickly removes his beanie and puts it on my head. I laugh and nod my head agreeing to be his girlfriend. To say that was my best night in my life is an understandable.

Two days have past since I’ve agreed to be Jughead’s girlfriend.. two days have passed since I was admitted into the hospital. After Jughead dropped me off home, my body and head were in so much pain that I had completely fainted. My parents walked in finding me passed out on the floor which is when I was sent to the hospital. The red spot has spread around my body and my joints are practically as hard as a rock. After countless of tests and checkups The doctor has diagnosed me with Lyme Disease,the doctor told me that living life would be a bit difficult from now on. He said I would have the good days when everything is fine and the bad days when I would be in this room with medication.

After the fourth day of me being in the hospital and countless of lies to Jughead I guess he had to take matters into his own hands and look for me.

“(Y/N) why didn’t you tell me?”

I stay quite and play with my hands.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) I said why didn’t you tell me? Why did you lie to me? How long has this been going on?” He raises his voice and walks closer to me.

“ Because Jughead, what do you want me to tell you? ‘ oh hey Jughead I’m sick and I’m in pain,anyway; how’s your day?’ I didn’t want to worry you okay! It started the day we went to the river, I didn’t think it was anything but the day after I started to feel pain. After our date I just fainted and I’ve been here ever since..” I try to keep my eyes away from him.

“(Y/N) you were exactly supposed to tell me you’re here! I’m your best friend and boyfriend! I should be helping you, just like the way you helped me during my bad times when I had no one, back to the times I would hate myself because I never fit in and back to the times I felt unloved by my own family! Now it’s my turn to be there for you.” He walks over to my resting bed and grabs my hands.

“ Jughead you don’t understand! this isn’t like any of your situations, this will go on for God knows how long! There will be times when I’ll be perfectly fine and the next when I’ll be in the room attached to all these needles unable to move a bone in my body! I’m sick, and I’m not going to get any better any time soon.”

“(Y/N/N) and that’s why I’m going to be there the whole way! The whole way till you recover, the whole way till you smile and the whole way till I know that you won’t need me anymore

Fever (Vatya) - Honey

A/N: Violet’s sick. Taking care of her turns into a two-man job.

This is a vatya fic (what else do I ever write???) but there’s some nice Trixya and Violet + Trixie moments in here. Can you guys lmk if you like this, I haven’t written anything for a while and I really wanna know if this is what people like. If you have any ideas for me or just comments please tell me so I can write better!

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anonymous asked:

What do you think is most cute about Robert and most sexy (I just love your responses you basically take the words right out or my mouth )lol

Oh, fun!  Let’s see, most cute … probably his laugh (especially when he’s laughing at his own jokes).  Or the little hair pet thing he does when he’s talking / (maybe) nervous.  Or his smile?  Like the boyish one he makes sometimes.  

Most sexy?  Ugh.  Where do I begin?  All of the above plus every other thing about him lol.  I would say the sexiest thing is his smirk (different than smile!).  As you know, this brings me to my knees:

But there’s also the way his hair cascades over his shoulders and back:

Let’s not forget his chest and tummy fuzz, though:

And then there’s:

Wow.  I really didn’t do a good job narrowing it down, anon.  So sorry! :-)  Thanks for the question! xxoo

how i imagine sirius’s disinheritance to go down (in bullet point form because im too lazy to actually write. like. with grammar and stuff)

  • so like, sirius has two types of anger
  • there’s the type of anger that makes him abandon his wand and throw a punch with a badly made fist just because he fucking feels like it
  • the kind that makes him lash out and snarl insults breathe through ragged lungs
  • but that kind of anger, for all of its apparent unpredictability, is actually utterly predictable 
  • it always ends up the same way: 
  • a nasty fight followed by a sullen trip to the hospital wing 
  • james can deal with this kind of anger, he gets it
  • but then there’s the other type

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Hey Angel Chapter 1

Traffic in LA is always horrible, but today it was a bit extra. You finally get to work, just a few minutes late and run backstage. You work for a stylist for the Late Late Show with James Corden. Basically, your job was getting coffees or helping out with things or sort of just being there. You were working your way up to being able to have enough work experience to start having your own clients. 

“So, sorry I’m late.” You sigh to your boss Macy. 

“It’s fine. You’re not that late.” She laughs. 

Luckily, you had a very understanding boss, who was laid back and was willing to help you understand the business. 

“Hey, can you go and get us some drinks.” Macy asks. “We really need to finish these fittings.” 

You nod, heading down to catering. You get four coffees, putting then in a drink carrier. You make sure all the lids are on top before picking it up and turning around to leave, when you run into someone, pouring the hot coffee on you. 

“Fuck!” you scream dropping the cups and trying to pull your shirt away from your skin before it burns you. 

“Oh my–shit–I’m so sorry.” you hear someone with a British accent. “Here let me..” He says grabbing some napkins trying to help you get the coffee off. 

“Thanks.” You say looking up, seeing it was Harry Styles from One Direction. 

That’s right. You forgot they were on the show this week. 

“Are you okay? Did it burn you?” He asks quickly, a mild blush coming across his face. 

“No, I don’t think so.” You say. “But my shirt is ruined.” You sigh looking down at the stained top. 

“I’m so sorry. I’ll give you some money to purchase a new one.” He says. 

“No. That’s okay. It’s just a shirt.” You say. 

“I still feel really bad.” He says running his hands through his hair. “I’m uh, Harry by the way.” He says. 

“I’m Y/N.” You say looking up at him. 

“Are you’re okay?” He asks nervously. 

“I’m fine. I’ll just get another shirt from wardrobe.” You say. 

“Harry! We’re about to start filming the skit soon.” Niall says walking into the room. 

“O-Okay.” Harry says. He looks back over to you. “I’m so sorry again. If you change your mind about my offer for the shirt, let me know.” He blushes before quickly leaving the room. 

You sigh looking down the mess. You pick up the trash, throwing it away, before getting more coffee and going back to the wardrobe room. 

“What happened to you?” Macy asks. 

“I ran into Harry Styles and spilt the coffee on my shirt.” You mumble. 

“Oh, honey, that’s horrible, but also, do you know how many girls out there would love to run into him and have their coffee spilt on them.” She laughs. 

“Oh my god, you did not just say that.” you laugh walking over to racks, picking out another shirt. You take off the coffee stained one before putting on a new one. 

“So, what time is your date tonight?” Macy asks going through her bag. 

“8.” You sigh. 

“You don’t sound too happy about this.” She says. 

“I’m not sure about this whole blind date thing.” you sigh. “And he doesn’t know about Ella and if he does find out, he’s probably going to be like every other guy when they find out I have a kid.” 

“And what’s that?” she asks. 

“They assume that I’m going to sleep with them right then and there before bolting because they don’t want a kid.” you sigh. 

“Well, what if you don’t tell him about Ella right away.” She says. “I mean, maybe just wait a few dates before telling him or anyone.” 

“I can’t just not tell someone that I have a kid.” you sigh. “It’s like I’m lying or not being 100% truthful.” 

“Honey, hardly anyone is 100% truthful on the first date.” She says. 

“Good point.” You say. “I’ll just see how tonight goes.” You nod. 

Later that night, after going home, getting changed and ready for the date, you finally get to the restaurant. The hostess takes you back to your table and you sit down. You pick up the menu, looking at different options, when the waiter walks over. 

“Good evening, what can I get for you tonight?” He smiles. 

“Um. I’ll just take a water with lemon right now.” you smile. 

“Okay. Is there anyone else joining you tonight?” He asks. 

“Yes. He should be here soon.” You say nodding. 

The waiter nods before leaving. He comes back with your water and you look down at your phone. It was eight o’clock exactly, so you were hoping your date would be here soon. 30 minutes pass, and still no date. You sigh trying to call and text, your date, but he doesn’t answer. 


Harry was meeting with Jeff and Glenne for dinner after filming for the show. He walks in and sits down with them. After a bit of conversation, he looks around and sees you sitting by yourself and an annoyed look on your face. He smiles a bit, thinking that you look cute, and then he remembers why you seem familiar. You were the same girl from earlier today. 


The waiter walks back over to you. “Ready to order, babe?” He asks. 

“Babe?” You say looking up at him. 

“Yeah. I can’t believe that some guy stood you up. I mean you’re hot. My shift ends in an hour..” He smirks. 

“Excuse me?” You say looking at him disgusted. 

“What? I’m asking you out” He shrugs. 

“Then only thing you should be asking me about is how I want my burger.” you say annoyed.

Before the waiter can say anything, someone walks over

“Oh, Hey, baby, there you are.” You hear a familiar voice say. 

You look over, seeing Harry sitting down in the seat across from you. You give a confused look. 

“Sorry. I’m late. Traffic. Have you order?” He asks. 

“Uh. Yeah.” You nod. 

“Great. I’ll take the same and if you could bring some cocktails that would be great too.” Harry smirks handing him the menu. 

“Hm. Right.” The waiter says walking away. 

“Uh… sorry about just barging over here, but you looked a little..” Harry says nervously. “And then I thought, after what happened today, I could at least buy you dinner.” 

“Oh. No. It’s fine.. I was just expecting someone, but they ended up not being able to make it.” You lie, not wanting to seem like a loser who got stood up. “But uh.. thanks for coming over when you did. The waiter is trying a bit too hard to get tips and a date.” You laugh a bit. 

“Glad I could be of help.” He says. 

“And you don’t have to buy me dinner.” You say. 

“No. I don’t, but I want to.” He says. “I still feel bad about the whole coffee incident.” 

“You’re one of those guys that won’t stop until you just agree on something aren’t you?” You laugh. 

“Possibly.” He smirks. 

“Then fine. You can buy me dinner.” You laugh. “Besides, it might not that believable that you’re my date to the waiter if you don’t.” 

“True.” He says. 

A few minutes later, your food comes and you both have a bit of small talk. 

“So, how long have you been working for James?” Harry asks. 

“Technically, I don’t work for him. I work for his Stylist Macy. She’s my boss. Basically I’m just trying to get experience before I can have my own clients.” You say. 

“Hm. Well, now I’m even more nervous having dinner with a stylist.” He laughs. “You’re not judging my outfit are you?” 

“Totally.” you giggle taking. 

“Good or bad choice?” He asks. 

“An okay choice.” You joke. 

He laughs a bit, smiling over at you. Harry reaches over for his glass, when his hand accidentally hits your glass, knocking it down, spilling water all over the table and your dress. 

“Fucking..” Harry groans blushing. 

“At least it’s cold this time.” You laugh a bit, taking a napkin and trying to dry your dress. 

Harry sighs. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe I did that.. again.” He sighs. 

“It’s fine. it’s just water. It will dry and luckily it’s a black dress, so you can’t even tell.” You laugh. 

“I swear I don’t do this on a daily basis.” He says. 

“So, it’s just something about me then?” You joke. 

He blushes. “I feel so embarrassed.” 

You reach over, grabbing his hand. “Hey. It’s okay. Usually it’s me knocking shit down and tripping over stuff. I’m not mad or anything.” You smile. 

Harry smiles a bit before looking down at your hands touching. You blush, realizing that your hand was still there, so you quickly take it back. Now, you were the one embarrassed. 

You both finish your dinner without anymore embarrassing mishaps. Harry pays for the meal and you both get ready to leave. 

“Um. I had a nice time.” Harry says nervously. 

“I did too. Oh and my dress is all dry, if you’re still worried about that.” You giggle. 

“I’m glad to hear that and speaking of, could you not.. maybe mention to James about the whole water incident tonight.. not that you might.. you know tell him.. but I just.. he’s already giving me shit about the coffee thing earlier. And if he knew about this, he would never let me live it down.” He laughs a bit. 

“Oh, now where’s the fun in that.” you joke. “But yeah. I won’t mention anything to James about it.” 

“Thanks.” He laughs. “Um.. This might seem a bit too forward perhaps but would you mind.. could I have your number?” He asks nervously. 

“Um.. sure.” You smile. 

He smiles a bit, taking out his phone. He unlocks it, getting to a new contact and hands it to you. You smile typing in your name and number before saving it.

“There you go.” You smile and then you realize the time. “Oh, shit. I hate to be rude, but I really need to get home.” 

“Hey, you’re not being rude at all.” He says. “I actually need to be getting home as well.” He says. “I would walk you to your car, but there are paps out there and I don’t want to put you in that situation.” 

“Oh. It’s okay. I guess I’ll talk to you later?” You ask. 

“Definitely. And I promise not to spill anything on you anymore.” He laughs. 

“Looking forward to it.” You smile before walking out to your car and heading home. 

**I feel like this isn’t that great.. but hopefully!

thoughts on being fluent in spanish but only having real immersion in ur house w your two parents and the tv:

a) my god the fucking shit i thought was widely accepted phrasing etc that turned out to just be basically inside jokes or references between my parents come on guys!! dont play me like this!!!! 

b) i learned spanish first but bc im not immersed in it ill trip over my tongue a little if im nervous and ill make little errors like putting the wrong vowel in the middle of a word for no reason like… sometimes i think about teaching my own kids spanish and i laugh bc their spanish is GONNA BE A LITTLE FUCKED UP HAHAHAHA BUT THATS OK. THATS OK


note: ahahaha this isnt edited and has been sitting in my files for like eight months cause i wasnt proud of it

pairing: michael and y/n


I noticed that Michael never really talked to anyone because it seemed like everyone was just too scared to start a conversation with him. Who could blame them when he has a permanent scowl and wears dark clothing as if he has never experienced true happiness? Michael is always glaring when someone bumps into him. He also thinks that wearing ear buds in the middle of a lecture is smart, and then the test comes and I think I see this look of fear on his face. Then, I remember the only emotion Michael Clifford is capable of it bitterness.

And then there’s Luke.

He’s this extremely awkward kid who dresses like a normal college student (someone who is broke and tired). Luke was annoyingly blunt, which isn’t a bad thing, and had a great taste in music, yet he was just weird. He’s the type of person you just don’t really find interesting because he likes to randomly talk about toast and if pigeons have feelings.

You see, I don’t know this for sure. I’m the kid in the class who keeps quiet and pays attention and because I’m “quiet” (I truly am just a focused student) people like to gossip around me. And that’s what I learnt about Luke, a person who talks about toast and the feelings of a pigeon.

But with Michael, I picked up his personality traits because sometimes when Mr. Barry goes on and on about a topic not even related to the lesson, I start to observe Michael. At first it was because I thought he was attractive when he first walked into class with that bad boy vibe and cute little scowl that was probably just a hoax. After a while, I developed a crush and I constantly urged myself to go talk to him because he really was attractive and I really was desperate and lonely for companionship.

But that all went down the toilet like all my hopes and dreams when Jesse, some kid in the class I didn’t even realize was in this lecture, bashfully went up to him and asked him if he would like to go get some frozen yogurt sometime. Michael’s angry frown got bigger, he stated a simple “No.” and rolled his eyes into another dimension. Luke chortled from the desk beside Michael and Michael just rolled his eyes, again and plugged his ears back up with those dumb, black ear buds.

After that, I decided to admire from afar and let Beatrice from a row behind me gush about how Michael is just so gorgeous. Girls and guys were attracted to him, yet Michael didn’t even seem to realize it. All these people fawning over him and he makes no advances. I didn’t know if he was asexual or just really hated people, but I would just love to date him.

I imagine the cute things we’d do like sleep until noon and then wake up to go to our afternoon classes after a sweet and simple kiss goodbye. Or make ramen at two in the morning when we both realize procrastination was a terrible idea and we do definitely need to get a good grade on the test. You know, just the basic college romance stuff.

In the midst of my daydreaming, I heard Beatrice whisper loudly to the her friend beside her, “I think I’m gonna try to talk to Michael after class.”

My ears perked up at my heart started to beat faster at her words. As the professor dismissed the class and everyone began to pile out, I pulled out my phone to text my roommate from across the hallway in her lecture to come get Chinese Food with me. She sent back a simple ‘ok’ and I left the classroom. Sliding my back down the cool wall, I sat down by the door across the hall and placed my bag beside me.

And just as I expected, I see Michael leave the classroom last and Beatrice waiting close by. Her eyes lit up with excitement seeing the cowling, pale boy who was probably listening to Luke go on about something weird. When she began to approach the two, Luke broke out into a friendly smile, yet Mike’s expression remained the same as it always did.

“Hi, Michael. Can we talk?” Bea asked, biting at her lip and nervously looking down at her shoes. Before Michael could say no as he usually does, Luke nodded enthusiastically and pushed his best friend towards her. He walked away and Michael’s grimace grew with bitterness.

Beatrice finally raised her gaze to bat her eyelashes at him. Nervously tucking her hair behind her ear, she finally said, “Would you like to-”


I tried to stifle my laugh with the sleeve of my college sweater, enjoying the show as I waited for my roommate to come out.

Her jaw dropped, but closed as quickly as it opened. Michael hiked up his bag onto his shoulder and started to walk closer to me before she began to jog after him and grab at his bicep eagerly.

“You didn’t let me finish,” she said. Her pout was spot on, I must say. The way her eyes looked glassy with fake sadness and neediness would have had me convinced, but Michael didn’t even seem fazed.

He rolled his eyes once again. “Doesn’t matter. The answer’s still no, so leave me alone.”

Michael attempted to walk away again, nearing the door I was standing beside. But once again, I could hear Beatrice yell, “Fine!” Seeing Michael mumble a frustrated “oh my God” underneath his breath had me trying to stop my laughter once again. “I didn’t even like you that much anyways. You’re too emo for me!”

A bitter chuckle escaped Michael as he and I both turned to see Beatrice stomp away down the other end of the hallway. Once her retreating figure rounded the nearest corner, I couldn’t help but finally release all of the giggling I pent up inside me. Throwing my head back so it rested on the wall behind me, my laughter died down slightly before a booming voice said, “What’s so funny?”

My head snapped to see a growling Michael above me. He looked even more pissed than he did when I saw him walk into class today. His eyebrows were furrowed in annoyance and his lips were still turned down at the corners as always. This was the first time he has ever spoken to me and my heart got caught in my throat when I realized the deep Australian accent was directed towards me.

Rising from my placement on the floor, I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder so it rested on my back. My roommate would be out any minute and I could get away from Michael and how nervous he made me.

“Nothing really,” I mumbled.

“Then why the hell were you laughing? It’s not polite to eavesdrop into other people’s conversations,” he spat while his green eyes bore into my soul menacingly.

I shrugged. “How would you know what polte means when you rejected a perfectly nice girl before she could even ask you on a date?” His angry eyebrows almost rose in shock, but then Michael kept his composure. “And it’s not eavesdropping if she was basically yelling down the hall for you.”

All of a sudden, students started to pour out from the door we stood by, my roommate included. When I saw their head of black hair, I looked back at Michael who was left speechless. Waving awkwardly, I pushed past him, inhaling his boyish smell at the same time. And he smelt so good I could have just passed out from happiness right then and there. But I had to keeping going with the calm, cool, and collected bravado I unintentionally created.

“See you around, emo.” I laughed at my own joke as I referred to Beatrice’s previous words. “Don’t go around being rude to people while I’m not around.”

With that, I left a dumbstruck, green eyed cutie to find my roommate in the throng of college students.


It’s been four days since Michael and I’s last encounter, our only encounter, and I was back in Mr. Barry’s class as he went on and on about how we all slacked too much in his class. So, I found myself inspecting how long my nails are starting to get as I listened to Beatrice ramble on and on once again.

“Yeah, I realized he was just too clingy because before I could even ask to hang out, he was begging me to go see this new movie. I thought he was supposed to be that mysterious guy, but he’s really just an annoying—”

Okay, I tried really hard not to give a shit. But just hearing those words come out of her as a primary source, I couldn’t help the laughter that escaped my mouth. It wasn’t that loud, but Beatrice stopped ranting to talk to me.

“Oh my God, Y/N’s going insane, just sitting there and laughing to herself,” Beatrice whispered to one of her friends. Rolling my eyes, I tried to pay more attention to the lecture.

That’s something else about being quiet. When they start to talk about you, you’re already too invisible, so they talk as loud as they want.

As Mr. Barry started to talk about how everyone needs to stop obsessing over that Pokemon Go game, I caught myself being bored again. Beatrice finished talking to her friends about Michael and joined the class discussion on the virtual game that was the latest fad in society.

Just like always, I found my gaze trailing towards Michael. To my surprise, he was already looking at me with curious eyes and I wanted to die.

I was sitting at my desk for most the lecture mimicking Bea whenever she said something done and no one would stop me because no one ever paid attention. My cheeks lit up with embarrassment. Before I could start to really sink into my chair and hope that I sunk all the way down to the fiery pits of hell, the professor spoke up.

“Mr. Clifford, please direct your attention to the front of the room and not the girl you’ve been staring at for half of my lesson,” Mr. Barry said before turning his back towards the whiteboard to write something else down.

Then, the bell rang and as all the students packed their things back into their bags, I could hear Bea say, “I told you all he was obsessed with me.”

Scoffing obnoxiously, and blushing when her group turned towards me, I quickly bolted from the classroom.

Before I could make it down the hall, a soft hand gripped onto my forearm. I turned around, surprised to see the one and only Michael Clifford who had a small smile instead of a scowl toying at his lips.

He had on a baggy band shirt with a skull on it and ripped black jeans. His hair was a tousled mess of black and he looked good. Good enough for me to stand there speechless when he forced out a soft, “Hey there, Y/N.”

My body had a mind of its own when I unexpectedly raised my hand to give a short, awkward wave.

“So, I was wondering,” he started, staring down at his black converse clad feet before looking back up at me with nervous, green eyes. “You like food right?” he asked. I tried to stifle the laugh that was going to bubble over inside me.

“Yeah, food’s pretty good.”

He nodded, looking down at his shoes again and furrowing his eyebrows, the piercing gleaming underneath the hallway lights.

“Would you like to eat with me, sometime? Eat food?” Michael questioned, eyes widening and him mumbling an “oh my God” under his breath. “I’m sorry. This is so awkward. I’m just gonna go, bye,” he hurriedly stated, pushing passed me slightly to get away.

I grabbed his forearm like he did with mine before. “No it’s okay, I’d love to eat food with you.“

"Uh, great. Cool. I’ll give you the details later.”

Sexperiment-Calum Hood AU (Series) Part 1

Rating: PG-13

Smut: only a little this time

Plot: You are sexually inexperienced and ask Calum to help you out and be your “sexperiment”.

The wind breezes through my fingers as my feet rest comfortably on the dashboard.  I breathe in the light summer air, the sun beaming down brightly on me.  My hair blows in my face quite a bit as I battle to keep it out of my mouth.

“Cute hair,” Calum says as I brush some strands behind my ear.

“Shut up,” I scold him as his cheeks puff out in laughter, his eyes lighting up behind his sunglasses.  “Thanks for taking me out today Cal, I’d lose my mind if I had to sit inside for another beautiful day,” I say to him.

“Anything for a friend,” he responds.  Calum and I have been friends for years, we hung out with the same crowd and he’s always been like a big brother to me.  I texted a lot of people to hang out today and he was the only one that wasn’t busy, so we went out for lunch.  It wasn’t a date, I paid for my own meal but it was nice having some alone time with him.  not to mention an idea that’s been formulating in my mind all summer.  My friend brought it up to me, the idea of a “sexperiment”.  I didn’t exactly get around with guys and I was pretty inexperienced in the sex department where my friends were experts.  She suggested using a friend to kind of help me out and teach me the ropes hands on.  I detested the idea at first, I wanted all my sexual experiences to be natural and full of love and passion, but the more time I spent around my friends talking about their boyfriends, I’ve had a change of heart.

I’ve always been attracted to Calum, I don’t think I’ve met someone that hasn’t.  I was also really comfortable around him because of his easygoing attitude and our plethora of awkward and memorable experiences together, so I wouldn’t feel as embarrassed going through with this plan.  There is also a lot of talk in the girl world that he’s pretty good in this area and I need a really, really good teacher.

His car turns into my street and my once calm nerves are now driving me insane.  My convinced mind is now boggling as I debate with myself if I should ask him or not.  I had a plan in my head, but it seems cliche and unrealistic now that we’re actually sitting here together.  Invite him in, I tell myself, just like you planned.  Soon the car is parked in the driveway and we sit in silence and I know this is my cue to leave.

“I had fun today,” Calum speaks up and I nervously look over at him.  His smile calms me more than anything and I find myself returning the gesture.

“We always have fun together,” I remind him and he laughs.  a sudden burst of confidence rolls through me and I finally decide to just do it.  “Do you want to come in for a bit?”  I hear myself ask.  I try to stay composed, my stomach feels empty despite the meal I just ate and my palms are sweating puddles.

“Yeah, sure,” he nods and I smile in return.  He turns off the car and I reach for my bag, opening the door and gracefully trying to get out.  I’m standing upright and I feel lightheaded about what’s about to take place.  He’s probably just going to laugh at me.  This is a ridiculous idea and I can’t believe my friends have talked me into this.

I hear the car door slam and see Calum already walking to my door as I hurry behind him.  I nearly run to reach the steps, and he’s already stepped into the empty house.  We’re home alone, he’s inside, the plan is working so far.  Now it’s up to me and my courage, my pride diminishing at the thought of my favor.  “Hey you have Sons of Anarchy on DVD right?” He asks cheekily and I laugh at his hinting.  All of the guys in our group of friends is obsessed with that show, thanks to me introducing it to them.

“You’re such a sneak,” I playfully hit him as he defends himself.

“Hey, I just remembered,” he lies to me and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, it’s um,” I stop.  This is it, the next step.  “They’re in my room.”

“Perfect,” he says turning his back and walking to the stairs, leaving my jaw dropped on the coat room floor.  Perfect, he said, it’s perfect.  The plan is working perfectly, this has to happen now or I know I’ll regret it.

I follow him up the stairs, my feet feeling light as feathers.  I take a deep breath before turning into my room, Calum already lying on the bed in front of my TV.  He looks so good lying there, waiting for me, I wonder what it would be like..

“Stop staring and get in here, I need Sons,” Calum yells and i laugh as I walk through the door and go to my bookshelf.

“What season?” I say, shaking the sexual thoughts of him out of my mind for now.  I can’t get my hopes up, he can still say no, he probably will say no.  I’m so plain, I’m not sexy in the slightest which is why I’m in this position in the first place.

“Third,” he tells me and I pull the box set out.  I go to my DVD player and put in the first disc, grabbing the remote and climbing onto my mattress.  We both lie down as I select the first episode.  The side of our bodies are pressed together and I notice his hands folded neatly on his stomach, so I do the same.  His knee is up and pressed against my wall as the first episode starts.  i can’t focus on anything that’s haeppning, the o=pounding in  my chest becoming overwhelming.  He’s in my bed right now with me and I have to ask.

Half-way through the episode an we’ve had minimal converdation, slightly discussing the characters but I’m not paying attention anymore.  I reach for the remote and pause the episode, propping myself on my elbow, facing him, and placing my head on my hand.  “I need to ask you something,” I say, feeling nauseous about what’s about to take place.

“Okay,” he says, copying my body movements.

“It’s a little awkward and I won’t be offended if you walk out,” I ease him into this.

“Sarah, just ask me,” he assures me and I nod.

I take a deep breath and begin to attack the situation, trying to save us both some awkwardness.  “Ok, so I don’t know if you know this but I’m kind of a virgin,” I blurt out.  his eyes widen and I look at my patterned comforter trying to avoid his gaze.  “I know, but it gets worse,” I begin again and he chuckles.

“Come on, you can tell me anything,” he says, placing a reassuring hand on my own.  My breath catches at the contact, the sparks running through me giving me the confidence I need.

“I haven’t really done anything, like anything, at all,” I confess, my cheeks blushing red.  I look at his chocolate eyes that are still gazing into mine.  He doesn’t look shocked or scared so that’s a good sign.  “So I’m just scared that if I do ever get a boyfriend, I won’t like know what to do and basically I’m paranoid about my future sex life,” I joke and he laughs much to my surprise.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s cute,” he says as I cover my red face.

“Boys don’t want cute, they want sexy and porn star,” I mumble and he takes my hands away from my face.

“Trust me, boys like cute too,” he says, winking slightly and I smile at him.

“So this is where the favor comes in,” I warn him and he looks at me, waiting for him to ask him.  “Could you be my, like, sexperiment?” I mutter the last part, trying to escape the situation but I know he hears me because he sits up, rubbing his head.  His hand travels through his hair and I stand up, walking away from him.  “I’m sorry, I know it’s weird, I shouldn’t have asked,” I say, trying to get out of this.

“No, no, I’m just confused on what that actually means,” he laughs and I smile at my awkwardness.  I sit next to him on the bed again, both of us sitting up straight now our legs dangling off the twin mattress.

“I want you to like, teach me,” I say with more confidence, looking into his eyes.

“How to have sex?”  He fills in.

“No, well not exactly,” I try to explain.  “There’s a lot to know about everything and I literally only know what the girls talk about at sleepovers and I’m just embarrassed and scared and they came up with this stupid idea to ask a friend and I chose you because I’m not embarrassed around you ever.  Except for right now,” I ramble and I look over to see his lips raised in a smile.

“Well,” Calum speaks up finally in a perky voice.  I laugh and look away from him.  “I don’t know about other boys, but I find you incredibly sexy,” he says in a softer voice and my cheeks blush again as I meet his eyes.

“Thanks Cal,” I say.  “And you can say no I won’t be offended, I know it’s really-“

I’m cut off by his lips grasping mine.  I’m left breathless at the warm surprise, but my stomach turns at the contact.  I move my lips with his softly, a rhythm conducting between us as he begins to add more pressure, deepening the kiss with each second passing by.  He pulls away fast, faster than I wanted him to.  “Does that answer your question?”  He asks.

“Mhm,” I nod, eagerly kissing him again.  His hand goes to my neck this time, holding my lips against his as my mind races in what to do next.  I’ve made out with plenty of guys before, but I still always have an internal freak out about what to do with my hands.  I place one on his knee, gently squeezing his muscles as his tongue swipes across my lips.  I part my lips slightly, our tongues barely tapping as his other hand reaches my hip.  His hand glides along the curve of my waist sending shivers up and down my spine.  I take a change and move my hand up his thigh about an inch then back down to it’s original position.  I do this again until I create a rhythm.  Both of his arms soon wrap around my waist completely, my hand holding his arm so I don’t fall over.

The moment hits me when I finally realize I’m kissing my friend who I’ve had a crush on for what seems like forever, and all the feelings are finally bubbling over the surface.  I move my hand from his arm and put both of them on his neck, our bodies creating heat between us as my face becomes flushed.

I pull away first this time so hee his smiling face staring back at me.  “Thank you,” I say to him.  He nods and leaves another small kiss on my lips.  “So, what’s our first lesson?”  I ask clapping my hands together.

He laughs and I soon become embarrassed, the smile falling from my lips.  “Let’s just keep doing this for now,” he says, taking my hand and guiding it to his warm cheek.  I feel the softness of his skin in my palm as I rub my thumb under his eye.  “I don’t want to rush you or anything, and besides this is fun,” he shrugs.

I smile at him before pulling his lips to mine again.  My hand goes to his hair as he squeezes me tighter, his tongue slipping effortlessly into my own mouth.  They collide softly as I try to pull myself closer to him.  It becomes a little uncomfortable but I don’t mind as we remained lost in each other.  His arms loosen, his hands finding my waist as I feel him start to push me backwards onto my mattress.  My heart skips a beat even though he just stated we won’t do anything, I guess serious, tonight.  “Is this okay?” He asks.  His eyes are boring down into mine, each eyelash fluttering softly as my back lies completely on my bed.

“Yes,” I whisper.  He smiles kissing me once more while my hands get lost in his hair. I bring one down along the back of his neck, feeling the small hairs rise in excitement.  I comb down the back of his shirt, his muscles tensing as his arm slips under my back, pulling my front to his.  My heart is beating so much, I feel it beat against his chest as I find it hard to focus on the kissing with so much other touching happening.  The leather of his belt runs under my fingertips as I near his back side.  His hot skin enchants my fingers as I slip my hand under the hem of his shirt.

HIs body arches, more pressure between our hips.  I spread my legs, making it more comfortable for him to lie down between them.  His free hand runs up and down my bare thigh and I become self-conscious since it’s been at least a couple f days since I’ve shaved.  I want to stop and apologize, but the imminent squeezing of my thighs in his strong hands stops me, making me squirm beneath him.  My hand moves higher on his back in punishment, the smoothness surprising me in the most beautiful way.

His hand copies mind, bunching my shirt on my back, his fingertips tracing the small of my back.  I’m so drawn to him in this moment, not a trace of awkwardness between us.  Our lips are still in sync as the touching and grabbing continues and I couldn’t feel more connected to another human being.  

I move the hand in his hair down to his chest, becoming more and more daring when a door slamming halts our movements.  “Fuck,” I breathe out, my lips close to his cheek as he turns to the door.

“Guess this session is over,” he mutters, winking before giving me a small kiss.  I giggle against him as he leans up on his knees, holding out his hands for me.

“Pass me the remote,” I tell him.  He does as I prop up a pillow against the wall and lean against it.  “Lie down,” I command as I start the show.  He does what he’s told, leaning comfortably against the pillows near the headboard.  I resist the urge inside of me to straddle him and continue what we were doing, but instead I drape my legs over his and make sure my shirt and pants are back in their original position.

Footsteps echo up the stairs as I feel Calum look over at me.  I look back at him and his swollen lips, his endearing eyes, his bare biceps looking even bigger than normal.  I just kissed him, he was just on top of me and I can’t deny the craving in me for when we can do it again.  “You look beautiful,” he says slowly.

That was the last thing I expected out of his mouth and I’m left breathless as my mother steps through the door.


Hey y'all so this is only part one and they will get smuttier as we go along don’t worry.  I haven’t decided on how many parts yet, depends on the feedback so please message me with comments and such.  Thank you for reading xoxo

Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 14

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

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All day Saturday I spend avoiding my phone while I get everything ready for Auggie, the guest bedroom along with deep cleaning my home. I let my parents and Auggie know that I’ll be busy, but I will be there at the airport to get him when he arrives. After I do that, I turn off my phone and tuck it away. All that’s been running through my head is who could it possibly be that texted me. Who knows where I am, and did they tell anyone else? Yeah I sometimes get lonely here, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to welcome everyone here in the life I created for myself. I want to, but when I choose to.

I wake up Sunday morning, well at noon, and the first thing I do it turn on my phone, to my surprise it wasn’t dead. What doesn’t surprise me is the amount of text messages and missed call notifications that rush in. Most of them coming from Lucas. I’m not ready to talk to him.

I hurry to get ready, since I did wake up late, and I rush out the front door. I don’t even give my car much time to heat up before I’m on the road. This week is going to be about spending as much time as I can with my brother. I promised myself and him that I wouldn’t be working this week besides going in tomorrow for a work meeting, or unless I’m needed. He was pretty thrilled to hear that. Whenever my parents and Aug come to visit, I’m hardly around because of work not this time though.

As I drive, I plan a few things to do with Auggie. What do teenage boys like to do anyways? As I try to think of a couple things, my phone starts to ring. I usually ignore it when I drive, but what if his plane landed early, and he’s wondering where I am. So this one time, I answer it, put it on speaker and place it in the middle in the cup holder.


Riley! You’ve been MIA. A voice whose is not Auggie greets me.

Maya, I’ve been MIA for years. I laugh at my own joke.

Not funny.

Sorry. I snicker.

I thought we were working on our friendship. If I did anything to make you-

Whoa. I cut her off. I had my phone off. You didn’t do anything. I was just busy.

So, this had nothing to do with Lucas?

Maybe a little.

You know he wants to be with you. I can basically hear the smirk grow on her lips. And you want to be with him.

I really don’t want to be talking about this right now. Look Maya, this is between me and him. I actually have to go. I’m just getting to the airport right now.

Wait, you’re coming home?! I hear excitement in her voice.

I am home Maya. Auggie came to spend the week of me.

Oh. I hear sadness take the place of excitement.

I’ll talk to you soon okay. Maybe even later today. Text me if you want.

I hear a sniffle. Bye Riles. I didn’t mean to hurt her.

Bye M- I stop myself. Bye Peaches.

Y-Y-You just called me Peaches. I can tell by her voice she has a smile on her face.

I did. I’ll talk to you soon. And with that I hang up my phone.

I was lucky enough to find a parking spot, good thing too because I’m a lot later than I thought. I hurry to park my car and run to entrance, but I don’t make it inside. He is standing outside, and he looks a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry!” I say jogging over to him. I engulf him into a hug, but he pulls away. Oh great, he’s mad.

“You’re late,” Auggie says with an attitude.

I roll my eyes, “I know and I’m sorry. How can I make it up?”

A mischievous grin grows on his lips, “You can let me drive.” I give him a look. “I got my license.” I don’t say anything. I just tilt my head, and stare at him. “Pleaseee,” he begs.

“Fine, fine, fine. You can drive.” I toss him my eyes. “But if you so much as scratch my car, you’re in for it.”

He waves his hands in front of him, “Ooo I’m so scared.”

I turn on my heels to the car and he follows suit. I can see the excitement in his eyes to drive. I remember being the exact same way when I first started driving.

We get to the car, and he puts his luggage in the trunk.

“Are you sure you got this?” I say as I open the passenger door.

“You worry too much.”

“Yeah well I have every reason to be when my baby brother is driving my car,” I tease as he rolls his eyes.

We both get in the car. I hang on as tip as I can as he starts to drive away. He tries to talk, but I’m worrying too much to keep the conversation going. This must be how my parents felt when I started driving. Gosh, I owe them an apology for him.

The entire drive to my house, I turn into our mother. I’m being a backseat driver. I hated it so much when she did it to me, and here I am doing it to Auggie. He is getting annoyed, but I can’t help it. I hate not being in control. I guess I really am my mother’s daughter.

When he finally pulls into the driveway, the color returns back to my knuckles because I loosen my grip on the handle.

“See that wasn’t go bad,” he says.

“Whatever. Come on let’s get inside.”

As soon as we step out of the car, it starts raining heavy. Auggie hurries to get his stuff from the trunk and runs inside. I, on the other hand, am not in much a rush. I love this weather. It’s one of the main factors why I picked Seattle.

“I don’t know why you love this weather so much.” Aug says I walk inside closing the door behind me.

“It’s beautiful.” I smile. I move down the hall to grab a towel from the closet for the both of us. “Here catch,” I say tossing a towel at him. “How was your flight?”

“Exhausting. There was this couple behind me that wouldn’t stop fighting the entire time. No wonder you only fly home once a year.”

I laugh, “So, what do you want to do? Are you hungry? I can cook something order some takeout. We can eat while we watch a movie. What do you say?”

He yawns, “That sounds great, but I’m really tired. Mom woke me up way too early, and I couldn’t sleep on the flight because of the shouting.”

“Oh C’mon it’s only three.”

“Yeah, but it’s late for me.”

I chuckle, “In that case, it’s only six.”

“I have a week here with you. Don’t smother me,” he laughs.

“Fine, go to bed. Tomorrow though we are doing something after I get off of work.” He shoots me a look. “I’m only going in tomorrow because I have a meeting and a few things I need to finish. I will try not to be too long.”

“Just tomorrow?”

“I promise. Now go take a shower before my little brother gets a cold,” I say as I reach to ruffle his hair. “I still can’t believe you out grew me.”

“We were all surprised,” he laughs.

Auggie leaves to take a shower, and I clean up the water spots caused by the rain. After I get it all cleaned up, I make my way to my room so I can take a shower.

An hour goes by, and I decide to go check on him. When I open the bedroom door to the guest bedroom, I see him face down sleep on the bed. I guess he was really tired. I quietly close the door behind me. I guess I can use this time to finish my work, so I can leave earlier and surprise him by coming home earlier.

The next morning, I have to drag myself out of bed. I really hate mornings, but I can’t be late to my own meeting. When I go check on Auggie, he is still fast asleep. He might have gotten up too early and went back to sleep. I did that before I got use to the time change. I leave him a note saying I left to work, and I head out the front door.

I’m the first one to get to the office, but I’m not alone for long because soon everyone starts to show up. We all move to the large table that is in the center of the room. Almost everyone is here. Erika brings doughnuts for everyone the way she does every meeting. Evan brings me a coffee, and although it’s a sweet gesture, it feels awkward. I’m pretty sure they all know about his crush. Cory brings his smiling selfish, he always so happy and it’s a boost to everyone’s mood. Daniel and Rose are still not here.

Ten minutes go by and we are still waiting for the two. That is until my phone starts to ring.

Hello? Rose, where are you?

I’m so sorry. My tire popped on the way to work.

Are you okay?

Yeah I’m fine. I wasn’t going too fast, so I didn’t lose control. Someone is helping me change the tire right now.

Well that’s good!

I’ll be in today just late.

Are you sure? You don’t need to come in.

Yes, I’m sure.

Okay. Well then I’ll see you when you get here.

I pace my phone on the table, “That was Rose. She had a little car trouble, so she’s going to be late. Have any of you heard from Daniel?” I look at the three of them.

They all look at each other and back at me before shaking their heads.

“Do you guys want to start without him?” I ask the three.

Erika nods her head, “Yeah, he’s always late.”

“Well alright then.”

“I have a question before we start,” Cory says raising his hand. I nod at him to proceed. “Why do we keep having work meetings? We never discuss anything work related. I’m not complaining. I’m just curious.”

I laugh. He couldn’t be more right. I really am the worst boss. “What can I say I like spending extra time with all of you. I don’t mean to venture off topic, it just happens.” They all laugh.

“Any time with Riley, is time well spent,” Evan says very coyly. He really is a nice guy, and I wish I felt something but I don’t. I can’t stop thinking about why he looks so familiar. I never notice that until Friday, and I’ve been working with him for three years now.  

Before I know, we start to talk about what each one of us did over the weekend. Once again talking about something that isn’t about work. My life is pretty much boring compared to theirs.

“I know I’m supposed to be checking with what you guys are working on, but I trust all of you. So, you guys can keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Unless I hear a complaint, I don’t want to change anything. Don’t fix what ain’t broken right?”

“Ain’t that the truth.” I turn to face the new voice.

“How nice of you to grace of with your appearance.” Erika says a little snarky.

“I’m really sorry I’m late Riley.”

“It’s fine, you can tell me later why you were late okay?” He nods. I know it has something to do with his mom who’s currently in the hospital.

Daniel clears his throat, “You have someone looking for you.”

“For me?” I point to myself.

“Yeah. He said he’s a friend. I told him to wait over by your office and I’d go get you.” I stand a little to look over the wall divider and my heart stops.

There is no way he is here I’m dreaming this can’t be true. It can’t.

“Are you okay?” Cory ask with a seriousness to his tone.

“I’m-I’m fine. Uh, you guys finish this meeting up okay. I have to take care of something.”

I take a deep breath before I stand up and walk in the direction of the familiar face. With each step I draw closer, and with each step I feel panic rush throughout my body. I can just run the other way. He hasn’t seen me. Before I can make a move to leave, he turns.

“Riley!” he says a little too loud.


“I told you no more hiding.” So he was the one that texted me. He looks around the big room and then peeks into my office “So this is where you’ve been hiding?” I stare at him. “It’s really nice.”

“How did you find me?” I say ushering him into my office closing the door behind me.

“Well, Lucas he went over to Maya and Zay’s house on Friday, completely drunk. He talked about you and someone else.” He stops and I look at him to keep going. “He talked about Hope Olivia Matthews.” My eyes go wide.

“I’m really sorry Riley that you had to go through that.” He places a hand on my arm.

“It happened. I moved forward.” I whisper. “Answer the question, how did you find me?”

He takes a deep breath, “When he mentioned her name, I knew exactly where I heard the name from. It was from your website.” He looks at me to say something, but when I don’t he continues.

“You changed your name and a few things that people that knew you before you left would know it was you, but for the most part you kept everything else to it’s true self. You mentioned Seattle in a few post, but that didn’t help when one I didn’t know it was you and two there were other people posting who were mentioning over cities too. He said her name and it’s exactly what I needed.” I still don’t say anything.

“You know after I found out about your website, I hired a PI to go to all the different cities mentioned.” I can’t help the little laugh that escapes from my lips. “Why are you laughing?”

“Does the name Rose Gallagher mean anything to you?” I watch as his eyes go wide. “You sent her here to Seattle about two years ago.”

“How do you know about her? She told me she didn’t find anything.”

Again I let a laugh escape, “She found me.” I didn’t think his eyes could open any wider, but they do. The sound of the bells on the front door of the building grabs my attention. I look out my office window to see Rose just getting in. “Look through the window there, and look to the left. You’ll see a red head there.”

“What is she doing here?”

“I hired her,” I smile at him. “To be perfectly honest here, I was the one who found her. She was sitting on a bench down the street from the café I go to, so she was really close to finding me. She might have. Anyways, she was crying and I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to comfort her, so I did.”

“She didn’t look at me, but she was going on and on about how she was looking for someone for weeks with no luck. If she didn’t find this person, she was going to have to give the money back that she was paid, but that wasn’t an option for her. I just rubbed her back as she cried into her hands.”

“You are still the same Riley,” Farkle says as he gazes at me.

“Maybe in some ways.” I clear my throat, “When she finally looked at me, her frown went away and a smile came into place. I thought maybe she was smiling because I was smiling first, but that wasn’t it. She told me I was the person she was looking for. I was a little scared.”

He opens he mouth to say something, but I hold my finger up. “I begged her not to report back to whoever it is that hired her. I didn’t know who would do that, and how did they even know to look in Seattle.”

“That’s why she wired back the money,” he whispers.

“I moved her into a little studio to help her get on her feet; she was living in her car. Well, she talked about all the cases she’s done and all the places she went. I thought it was amazing, so I hired her here. She’s actually a really good friend. I never knew who hired her, I never pried I didn’t want to know.”

I sigh, “The thing is, I don’t think any of you were supposed to know where I was. I normally don’t walk when I go to the café, but the day I met Rose I decided to because it was a really beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy it. I stopped her from telling you where I was, and I’m happy I did. I was still in a bad place then, and I would have been mad at all of you for finding me.”

“Everything plays out the way it’s supposed to I presume,” he says.

“That it does.”

He lets out a deep breath, “How are you really doing now? Are you still in a bad place?”

I shake my head, “I’m okay,” I say softly.

“No you aren’t. I can tell.”

“You’ve always been able to tell,” I give a small smile. “What are you doing here Farkle? You came all this way for a reason. I hope it isn’t to bring me back because that isn’t going to happen.”

“I’m not here to take you back. I’m here because well I miss you, and Lucas.”

“What does Lucas have to do with any of this?”

“He wanted me to talk to. He thinks I’m the only one that can convince to go back to New York, but I told him if anyone can it’s him.”

“Does he know where you are?” Farkle shakes his head. “Good. I’m not going back even if I wanted to I can’t leave.”

“Why not?” he asks confused.

“Are you busy right now?” Again he shakes his head. “We are going to go for a little drive.”

I grab my purse and walk out of my office and he follows right behind. I tell my employees that I’m leaving for the day, but if they need me don’t hesitate to call. I see with the corner of my eye Farkle wave at someone. I don’t look at who it is, I just assume it’s Rose. I tell Farkle to follow me because if things go south I’m going to need my own getaway car.

I’m having second thoughts the closer we get. This is the only way I can get him to understand everything. The way I feel deep down and why I can’t leave. My heart starts racing because I’m nervous. No one has been here to see her besides me, Jessica, Michael and Nathan. Once the tombstones come into view, I look in the rearview mirror and I see the expression on his face change.

I pull into the gates with him right behind me. She is no longer a secret. We park off to the side. I get out of my car, but Farkle doesn’t he just sits there staring at nothing. I walk over to his car and knock on his window and he rolls it down.

“Are you coming?”

“Riley, you don’t have to do this.”

“Just come please. You want to know why I can’t leave, then come.” I walk away in the direction where she lays.

I look back and Farkle is still sitting in his car. He’ll come out, I know he will.

“Hope, you are going to meet one of my very best friends, once he decides to get out of the car.” I say as I stand looking down at her grave marker.

Once again I sit down and brush the leaves that have fallen. “You’ll meet your uncle Auggie too,” I say running my fingers across the lettering the way I always do.

I hear the sound of leaves crunching behind, I look back and see Farkle walking towards me. I move to stand up, “So you finally decided to join me.”

“Yeah sorry,” he whispers.

“Why didn’t you want to come?”

“Because I didn’t want to invade on a place that you call your haven.” I tilt my head in confusion. “You wrote about it.”

“I guess I never realized how personal I got. It’s easy when I hide behind a name that isn’t mine.”

I watch him as his eyes move to read the words that are engraved. I know he feels bad about being, but I was the one that chose to show him this place.

“Farkle this is Hope, Hope this is Farkle.” I look at him and I can tell he is a little uncomfortable. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uneasy. I just wanted you, in some way, to meet my daughter. This is the only way.”

“It’s okay.” I take my seat back on the floor and he follows suit. “Hi Hope,” he says quietly.

“I talk to her all the time. I come here all the time.”

“This is the reason you can’t leave, isn’t it?”

I nod my head, “What kind of mother would I be if I just left her? Not a very good one.”

“Aren’t you lonely though? I know you’ve met people here, but it can’t be the same.”

“It isn’t.” I look down at my hands.

“Why don’t you tell Lucas where you are? He’d come to be with you. I know you want to be with him, but you aren’t allowing yourself to be happy.”

“Because I don’t deserve it,” I mumble under my breath.



“What did you say Riley?”


He scoffs, “Seriously, Riley what did you say?”

“I said I don’t deserve it okay!” I snap.

I can feel his eyes on me as I stare down, “Why would you think that?”

“Because it’s true! I don’t deserve to be happy and I sure in the hell don’t deserve Lucas.” Farkle puts two fingers under my chin to lift my head to look at him. “I’m fine.”

“No you aren’t. Talk to me Riley.”

“Fine you want me to talk. I hate myself. I hate myself from keeping her from him. How can he forgive me when I can’t forgive myself for what I did? I try to say I did the right thing, but I didn’t!” tears start to form in my eyes. “I can’t be with Lucas even though every bone in my body wants to more than anything. I want to tell him where I am, but I can’t. I’m fighting with myself every day to not give into it.”

“He loves you. He wants to be with you more than anything else in this world. Yes, there is going to be some things to talk through but if anyone can do it, it’s you and Lucas. You two were meant for each other.”

Tears slip out from my eyes, “I love him too with everything in me. If he were here I’d do everything I can to keep him with me.”

“So let me tell him where you are,” Farkle insist.

“No Farkle!” I shout. My vision is a little blurred, “You will not tell this secret. I know you mean well, but if you say anything I will never forgive you.”


“No I will never forgive you.”

He stares at me, and I hope he can see how serious I am about that. An alert on my phone pulls me out of the gaze.


Where are you?


I’ll be home soon.

I brush my tears away, “I have to go. I have Auggie herein Seattle. How long are you in town for? Maybe we the three of us can do something.”

“Just today,” he smiles. “No one was able to reach you, so I thought I’d take a trip. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to run away.”

We both go to stand up. I tell hope goodbye and so does Farkle and I can’t help the smile that form on my lips.

“So how is the wedding planning going?” I ask as we walk back to our cars trying to avoid bringing up the topic of Lucas.

“It’s on halt. Smackle doesn’t want to get married until she’s done getting her masters which I agree too since I’m working on mine as well. I hope you’ll be there.”

“Of course I will. You’re one of my best friends.”

He smiles, “Even after all those years?”

“Even then.”

He gives me a hug, and we just hold each other for a minute.

“I won’t tell your other secret either.” he whispers near my ear.

I pull away, “What secret?”

“That it really is Evan that is working for you.” I look at him confused. “Evan from ski lodge. The one Lucas got jealous of because you spent all night talking to him.”

“That’s Evan?”

His eyes go wide, “You didn’t know?” I shake my head. “How did you not know?”

I shrug my shoulder, “I just thought he looked familiar.”

“I would think you would remember him since you remember everything about that trip.”

“Correction, I remember Lucas’ moment everything else about that weekend fizzled away.” I smile at the thought of it.

“Well, both your secrets are safe me with,” Farkle smiles at me.

“Thank you.”

We give each other one last hug before I watch him get in his car and drive away. I sit in my car thinking a little longer. How did I really not notice it was Evan? Why didn’t he ever say anything?

My phone glows with a notification.


Hello, did you forget about me?

Answer to those questions are just going to have to wait. I promised my brother a fun week.


I’ll be there in twenty minutes.


basically: “Mizuki and Koujaku cracking really fucking dumb jokes to each other and then laughing so hard at their own jokes that they start crying and then both rushing to the bathroom cause they gotta pee (cause they laughed too hard) and Aoba just sitting there like ‘good lord almighty please grant me patience’”

As a Filipino-American who grew up in a predominantly white Texas suburb, I’ve often struggled with my racial identity. Sometimes I feel connected to my culture but sometimes I don’t. I’m well-accustomed to Pacquiao watch parties and the never-ending servings of lechon and lumpia that come with them, but I can barely speak a word of Tagalog and I haven’t visited the Philippines in nearly six years. I feel like an outsider even within my own culture – if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that I don’t look Filipino, I’d be able to pay my college tuition.

And I’m just now starting to understand how much racism I’ve internalized over the years. My friends, the majority of whom are white, used to joke around and say that I’m a “fail Asian” and that I’m basically white. I used to agree with them and laugh along, but now I’m not so sure I feel the same way. Why was I so happy about not fitting into the Asian stereotype at all? Why was I strangely proud of the fact that my parents didn’t have strong accents and were relatively lenient with me about my grades? I don’t know what I was trying to prove, or who I was trying to prove myself to. And this is something I STILL struggle with. I feel like I’m eager to distance myself from my Asian heritage so I can differentiate myself, but I shouldn’t HAVE to do that. I shouldn’t have to deny my heritage in order to be seen as something more than a stereotype.

There’s a lot of things I’m still learning about and still trying to understand. I’ll still catch myself wishing my nose wasn’t so flat, or I’ll hear a comment and find it offensive, but I won’t be able to put my finger on why. Finding my place in Filipino culture, Asian culture, and American culture is a process that I’m just getting started on, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s submitted and shared their stories. Reading about all of your experiences has really helped me think about what my own story is. :)