or bagginshield in bed

my dad, watching battle of the five armies: “hey look bérénice it’s your favourite scene” so I look and there’s the damn thorin is dying bilbo is crying scene so I’m like “why would it be my favourite”

and he says “isn’t it the scene where thorin tells bilbo he loves him”

and then

“look the way thorin looks at him!!”

I’m crying my dad pretty much ships bagginshield

  • Bilbo: *muttering* I miss my books, I miss my armchair. I really miss my bed. With sheets and softness and absolutely no rocks. Going on an adventure is not what I-
  • Thorin: *walks by without a shirt*
  • Bilbo: What a great time to be alive

So with all of these lovely posts popping up, showing the parallels between Kiliel and Bagginshield… I’ve got to wonder - 

What if the whole reason behind Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's creating Tauriel was to give legitimacy to Bagginshield?

What if the reason they were willing to take shit about creating a love triangle for the hungry masses to devour wasn’t just about box office numbers, and how many middle-aged women showed up to watch it? What if the whole reason they created an entirely original love interest for Kili was to somehow indirectly give legitimacy to Bagginshield in some way, because they were afraid of the backlash a more direct approach would cause.

What if the reason Kiliel was given a chance to be was because those parallels needed to exist to tell both of their love stories?

- Bilbo and Thorin meeting because they’re both on really boring dates and both tried to hide in the bathroom to text for help.

- Bilbo and Thorin both taking the same bus/subway to work every day and discreetly ogling each other. And then comes the day with the traffic issues and they get stuck together for an hour.

- They get the seats next to each other on the airplane and one of them falls asleep on the other’s shoulder and the cabin crew thinks they’re a couple and the awake one doesn’t tell them otherwise.

- They each get a skydiving jump as a Christmas present and despite knowing better they both get teased into going through with it. Adrenaline is a good aphrodisiac, yes?

- One of them have a dog which runs away in the park and straight into the arms of the other. (Dog, or nephew if you will.)

- Bilbo moves into a new apartment only to realise that the next door neighbour is incredibly gorgeous and oh noes, likes to stand on the balcony half naked.

- Thorin is a music teacher and Bilbo is finally going to learn to play the piano since the plan is to surprise Prim at her wedding to Drogo and play her favourite song. Thorin manages to get the wrong idea and thinks Bilbo is marrying Prim.

- It’s New Years Eve 1999. They’re both at the same party as they both know Bofur and when the clock strikes midnight they happened to be standing next to each other. Kiss or not to kiss?

its so sad bc during the acorn scene thorin finds out that bilbo still intends to go home even after everything they’ve been through together so later on he gives him the mithril shirt bc its value is greater than the shire so he hopes this will make him stay cos thorin is an idiot and is literally trying buy him with gifts at this point cos he doesn’t know what else to do plus he isn’t accustomed with hobbit tradition so doesn’t even know how to go about talking to bilbo like it just fucks me up the fact that all he needed to say was “you can’t leave me, i love you”. but he never said it. and i finally know why. part of him just couldn’t. bc he knew that he was probably going to die and he had already accepted it. even when he was dying he couldn’t bring himself to say it, cos the affect it would have had on bilbo was unthinkable 

This is for my very very lovely @rutobuka2 , to whom i wish all the best with all my heart; you are a precious friend and a precious, sweet sinnamon bun

  • bofur: everybody say sausage keep it going
  • bofur: eggs bacon grits SAUSAGE
  • bofur: go to rivendell and there aint no SAUSAGE
  • thorin: elves too dry to be ridin my SAUSAGE
  • ori: don't tell dori that i take the SAUSAGE
  • nori: i do my hair nice and i go get the SAUSAGE
  • dwalin: i got a bald head but i still get the SAUSAGE
  • balin: got a white beard and i still get the SAUSAGE
  • bifur: -signs- i'll sign you a tale about getting the SAUSAGE
  • oin: can't hear you over all this SAUSAGE
  • bombur: i cook so well that i always get SAUSAGE
  • gloin: my wife's at home missing all this SAUSAGE
  • fili: if you like my moustache braids than you'll love my SAUSAGE
  • kili: hey uncle didn't you want that hobbit's SAUSAGE

When Thorin and Bilbo retire to the Shire I think Thorin is going to drive Bilbo bonkers for at least the first few months.

Like, Thorin is retired now. Not working. For the first time in his life he not only has more free time than work time, he has *only* free time. Time which is his to do with as he pleases.

And he has no idea how to handle that.

So while Bilbo looked forward to lazy mornings in bed and days spent absolutely nothing he instead wakes to the sound of digging because Thorin decided that there should be more rooms in Bag End, just in case they have many visitors all at once, Bilbo, surely you see the reason in that.

“So this would be the room for Fíli’s children? Darling, Fíli does not have children.”


And maybe the tree needs pruning? Because why not.

“Thorin it’s a tree. It knows perfectly well how to grow without you getting involved. Put the ladder away before you fall and break something.”

And the neighbours could use some training in how to defend themselves because -

“In case the cows attacks?”

“Very funny.”

But eventually he gets the hang of it (or he runs out of things to do) and they can spend calm and relaxing days together in the shade of Bilbo’s tree, Bilbo reading out loud as Thorin braids Bilbo’s hair (a task which admittedly is never entirely done as Bilbo’s hair is as stubborn as he is and refuses to hold multiple braids for more than a few hours).

And they find peace together.

Thorin showing off his Hobbit Consort to everyone in Erebor (◡‿◡✿)

Bilbo flaunting his handsome Dwarf King when they visit the Shire (◕‿◕✿)

Thorin and Bilbo being some smug little shits about their spouses and rubbing it in everyone’s face (๏‿๏✿)

What’s that? Another picture of fem!Bilbs?? Oh my, how could this possibly happen!? [gasps in spanish]

Lmao no I just wanted to draw Ms. Baggins on her first-date outfit. Her outfits are too cute I can’t. This AU is gold and I hope for the life of me and many others that the fic gets an update soon *gross sobbing*

do you ever think about what Thorin said to the raven right after Bard came? I feel like it showed up in the iron hills and lands in front of Dain and all you hear is “this piece of shit elven king sent a man to come talk to me and they’re asking for gold. Oh yeah, you know that quest that no one wanted to come on because everyone said we would all die, well the dragon is dead so its cool to come to Erebor if you want. Bilbo will make you snacks. Oh you have to meet Bilbo, he’s going to be the new consort once I am done with this nonsense over these “gems of pure starlight” lol wait till he finds out they’re cubic zirconia”

OH MY GOD I just had the thought that little baby Frodo, being a hobbit, would be able to sneak around Erebor with no one noticing him. This brought up three things:

1. The kitchens would always have to make extra sweets: Enough for Frodo, Fili, and Kili, who would most definitely take advantage of their little cousin’s special abilities.

2. SPYING. As Frodo grows up NO ONE can hide anything from him EVER. If he’s not supposed to know it, he knows it. Always. As a quiet child, he usually doesn’t gossip, but a bribe of sweets from two certain older cousins has the mountain’s greatest secrets filtered right through Fili and Kili.

3. You know Fili and Kili would use Frodo’s sneakiness for evil. The dark hair, the big blue eyes, the silent footsteps? Fili and Kili only have to hand him a beheaded doll and let him loose at midnight. The Mountain rings with Dwarven screams that night, including Thorin’s. The only one who isn’t affected is Bilbo, who rolls his eyes and picks up his baby nephew, carrying him back to bed.