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Fic Prompt. Gold Digger Link.

19 year old Link is a gold digger, he’s been doing it since he was kicked out at 18 by his parents when they found out he was gay.

He goes from rich man to rich man getting their money and then disappearing.

He meets Rhett McLaughlin big time Ceo for a company that sells fancy wooden home decor.

He begins spending time with him and Rhett spoils him constantly, fancy clothes, extravagant gifts, tasteful dinners..The works. The thing is, He’s not asking for sexual favors like the others did, in fact he hasn’t even kissed Link in the past month they’ve been spending together.

Things are going great until Link realizes that Rhett has fallen for him, but whats worse is that Link has fallen for Rhett in return. 

Now he has to make his choice, confess to whats going on and hope that Rhett forgives him or ditch out like he’s done for the past year.

college mood: you want to use up leftovers but you don’t know how so u toss them all in and hope for the best

i had leftover fish, cheese, milk and macaroni so i was like “macaroni cheese with some fish?? sounds ok” but i didnt have flour so i was like “well what could go wrong” and ended up with a fishy cheese lump and macaroni 


170922-170924 Godbas Airport and China Fanmeeting

“Don’t you just hate when inanimate objects attack you?”