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Ramazan-ı Şerifimiz hayırlı mübarek olsun

Bu gece sahura kalkacağımız ilk gece. Birbirimize bol bol dualar edelim ve sevdiklerimizi sahura kaldırmayı unutmayalım inşaÂllah.
Rabbim celle celâlühü bizleri razı olduğu kullar zümresine dahil eylesin.

Teravih Namazı 1. Gece Fazileti

“İlk gece teravih namazını kılan kişi, annesinin kendisini doğurduğu gün gibi günahlarından çıkar.”

Gecemiz mübarek olsun..

faron vasiliev; ww2;

sweet dreams are made of this;

  • roots completely unknown- speaks fluent Italian, with an Italian accent. though the accent changes. people aren’t sure if he’s from Italy or not.
  • some vague rumours he’s a mercenary and was fighting for the Italians before their surrender to the Allies.
  • he is indeed a mercenary. he was indeed employed by the Axis side of the globe before the Italian surrender.
  • currently out of employment and so simply working to survive. profit is kind of hard to come by anyway. waiting for the end of the war honestly.

who am i to disagree;

  • smokes, a lot. who knows where his cigarettes come from or how he obtains them. clearly he does, and people hate it.
  • really enjoys violence, it would be disturbing if they weren’t fighting a war.
  • some people call him Fahroni. honestly, what a terrible name. he’d prefer Faron, except they’re in Italy and his Italian accent is a somewhat passable mimic, and pretending to be somewhat native can be useful.
  • pretty good at torture. doesn’t have all the tools he’d like for it considering how makeshift everything is, but he handles a lot of forced interrogations.
  • routine interrogations too.
  • equipment is- well. where does he get his stuff from. several NR-40s. a KA-BAR. even a WZ 55. he likes his knives, that’s clear to see. manages to find room for all of them.
  • does a bit of petty thievery in his spare time. he’s on some hard times, he can be forgiven for a bit of light-fingered looting. even if it’s not always from the dead.

travel the world and the seven seas;

  • connections, ayy.
She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166
This is not an exaggeration:
  • White Feminists: Listen, you don't get to pick and choose who you defend! As feminists we have to defend ALL women. That's right. Even the racist ones who call you racial slurs and hope you suffer for your entire lives. Even the ones that chant "feminism is cancer" and hope all feminists die. You have to defend them as a feminist.
  • Me, a person with a brain: Um, I think the fuck not.
  • White Feminist: Then you're not a real feminist!
  • *something terrible happens to women of color*
  • White Feminists: *long silence* you can't expect me to constantly care about everyone 24/7 365.