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UK universities urged to tackle rising tide of antisemitism on campus
Academics and student representatives voice concern at widespread incidents that are fuelling anxiety among Jewish students
By Sally Weale

“In the 1920s and 1930s discrimination against Jews started in German, Austrian and Polish universities, long before the second world war,” Lady Deech said. “Attacks on Jewish students in universities today should be seen as the canary in the coalmine. It starts there and it spreads.”

Split - Croatia 

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the Dalmatia region. The city was first built around retired emperor Diocletian’s Palace, in an area that now makes up half of the Old Town area. The city was one of the most important economic hubs along the Adriatic shoreline. 

After being occupied by the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, Hungarians, Austrians, French and Germans, Split became a part of the Republic of Croatia. Since then, the city has somewhat re-branded itself as a vibrant tourist destination. The city boasts historical churches, Roman ruins, art galleries, museums and a beautiful harbour. The city centre is protected by a UNESCO world heritage listing. 

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Tag nine people you want to get to know better

How old are you?: 
Turned 18 a few months ago. 

What’s your current job?: 

Being a college student, but I work as programmer in the holidays.

What are you good at?: 

.being depressed  

no idea actually, being a good friend(?)

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: 

Owning all Kuro merchandise in existance and owning my dream house

What is your aesthetic?: 

If I understood aesthetic right, then I’d say Sleepy Ash. Seriously, do I have to say more?

Do you collect anything?: 

Manga, Servamp Merchandise (mainly Kuro), CDs 

What’s a topic you always talk about: 

Löwi. Aka my nickname for Kuro (lion == Löwe in Austrian, and Löwi is kinda like lion-chan). I even talk with my teachers about him, and Servamp of course in general.

What is a pet peeve of yours:  

Girls who love to show their “interesting” parts. Like for example if you see the panties through the leggings or something. Oh, and if someone forgets things I told them 2-10 times.

Good advice to give:

Live every second of your life, it could be over anytime.

What are three songs you’d recommend?:

  • All Servamp Character songs.
    • I love the way they tell about an experience or feeling of the characters, I love such things
  • Oldcodex - Deal With
    • This song is my favorite song rip. I didn’t even hear the preview when I knew, yo, girl this will be your life song. It means a bunch to me because it reminds me of how I met my two besties, the SV anime, the last summer holidays…
  • All Songs by Nathan Sharp
    • He. is. my. favorite. singer. For over four years already. His songs inspire me to draw, 70% of my drawings are based on one of his songs. (be it cover or from Sandcastle Kingdoms). I’m currently listening to “Live long enough to become a hero” which inspired me along with “Undefeated” to draw my current Mikuni picture. Also can’t wait until my signed CD arrives <33333

Since most peeps I’m friends with don’t do tags I’m tagging my Jeje fangrill @acryx0l and everyone who wants to do it