or attempting to same thing right right

I just thought of an EVIL dungeon.

Backstory: i work for a company that does vacation packages (I’m not a travel agent because im hourly with incentive not purely commission). One of the partner hotels gave THIS as a way to encourage us to book through them. It’s basically a six sided maze with pits where the ball gets stuck but the more i stared at the it the more i wanted to make it in a game.

So you’ll need one of these, that way you know your map is properly aligned. Photocopy it and trace it (to scale) onto grid paper. Let your adventurers go around on it.

The goal is to clear all the sides and get to be center. The pits i mentioned earlier are designed to get the ball stuck but i say make those lead to other sides like short cuts, and in doing so your players will see there is a portal to go through in the center they must find the right one. (They can’t go into the wrong hole see the portal and travel to it like by flying).

When they first begin they think it’s just a maze but when they get to the edge it looks like a cliff with canals cut into them vertically. As they attempt to scale down it it, the gravity shifts and they’re walking right side up. If they get to the hole and attempt to scale down it, same thing. If they throw something down the side it will land on the floor and reveal the gravity shift and the 3 dimensional nature of the maze.

Each side has some small villains, a mini boss (your discretion) and there’s a major boss blocking the portal in the center. “Find the path” and “guidance” doesn’t work, and you cant raise above the wall. Once they defeat a mini boss give them a hint which way to go so they can clear all six sides. Obviously give them some dead ends where they can rest and recover. This will REALLY aggravate your players but give them decent rewards along the way to keep them motivated, don’t skimp out on the magic items (if you don’t want to get too many magic items make them consumable magic items like spell scrolls and potions).

The maze is on a demiplane. Once they clear it and get to the center, perhaps they can use it as their own prison for future encounters.

Variant: if your players are god tier (in the 20 range) then maybe you can add a divine twist to it: those who know the Kobold legend know they constantly seek their god Kurtulmak who was trapped in an underground maze by the gnome god Garl Glittergold. But they’ve been digging for eons now and no sign of their god. Maybe that’s because Garl was a crafty gnome and didn’t hide Kurtulmak on the material plane but a demi Plane. Maybe your characters are in the same maze being chased by Kurtulmak and they must escape without freeing him.

I keep making mistakes, even the same ones over and over. I repeatedly attempt (and fail) to keep God and my fellow humans at arm’s length. I say no when I should say yes. I say yes when I should say no. I stumble into Holy moments not realizing where I am until they are over. I love poorly, then accidentally say the right thing at the right moment without even realizing it, then forget what matters, then show tenderness when it’s needed, and then turn around and think of myself way too often.
I simply continue to be a person on whom God is at work.
—  Nadia Bolz-Weber, Accidental Saints
Pulse Part 17

Part 16

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,515
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Injuries, HMMMMM
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

A/N: I listened to Everybody Knows by Sigrid while writing this and man was it intense.

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

“How…” Samantha started, scoffing and shaking her head when she couldn’t find the words to express her disbelief. Bucky’s stomach pooled with guilt when he saw the look in her eyes. God, she must hate him.

“Explain this to me,” she finally said, her voice firm as she looked at the empty plate on the table in front of her.

Bucky cleared his throat, his eyes unmoving from his clasped hands in his lap. “She came to the gym for self defense lessons months ago. She has a stalker, needed to learn how to defend herself. It became a lot more dangerous than she anticipated, though, and after the police wouldn’t help her, she came to me. He hurt her. That’s why she was in here when you came home; I was looking after her.”

“That’s all?”

He closed his eyes, sighing, and that was enough of an answer for her because she went on. “You met her months ago, Bucky, and you didn’t even think to tell me. Were you just going to marry me without letting me know you met your soulmate? That’s a pretty large secret.”

“I know it is, I know.” He finally let his eyes meet hers and he immediately regretted it, because he just wanted to hug her. He missed her, he really did. She was his best friend and had been his rock for so long. “I honestly didn’t think having a soulmate would matter. I knew I loved you and that was enough for me-”

“But it wasn’t enough,” Samantha interrupted him coldly.

“It’s not that it wasn’t enough, Sam. Something just happened, okay? It… It’s more than just the heartbeats. I tried to not let myself fall into her, but there’s this pull- this pull that you can’t fight even if you use all of your strength, because the longer you fight it, the sicker it makes you feel. It feels like you are physically ill, walking around without a functional body because part of it is missing.” 

When he sees the tears building up in her eyes, he runs his hands over his face in frustration. “I know you don’t want to hear that either, but that’s the truth. When you were gone, we spent some time getting to know each other further than we had when I had trained her, and I-I love her, Sam. I was made to love her and I can feel that.”

His eyes became blurry as he tried to explain the overwhelming emotions that drove him toward you without driving Samantha away from him at the same time. He didn’t want to hurt her more than he already had.

“You told me you loved me, Bucky.” Her voice was soft, almost too quiet to hear in the silent dining room.

“I did- I do! I just…” He reached across the table, grabbing onto her hand. His heart began to pound as he watched the tears start to fall from her eyes. This was the last thing he wanted to happen. When he proposed to her, he honestly thought he would marry her, but you came into his life like a fucking tornado and he doesn’t know which direction is which. He just knows that the right way is to you, and the first obstacle in his path is to break things off with Samantha. 

He takes a deep breath, attempting to calm the rapid beating in his chest as not to worry you if you felt it. “You know I will always love you, Sammy. Maybe not in the same way that I love my soulmate, but I will always care for you.”

She nods, wiping at the tears falling down her cheeks, her fingers gripping onto his own that rest on the table. “You’re still my best friend, right?”

“Of course! Oh, Sam.” He stood and quickly brought her into a hug. As guilty as it made him feel, he could now point out the differences between the two of you just in an embrace. As he held her, he could feel how it didn’t feel as warm. Her body heat didn’t completely consume him, wrapping him up in a silhouette that surrounded him in warmth while simultaneously entering his veins. He couldn’t feel the comfort that came along with that. He couldn’t feel the light traces your fingers would make at the bottom of his spine or the way your head fit perfectly in the spot near his shoulder. He couldn’t feel your heart beat against his own, the rhythmic pumping so in sync that he couldn’t tell them apart. He couldn’t feel the same love. It wasn’t the same. It wasn’t there and he wished he has known it all along.

When he pulled back from her grip in the hug, she kept her tight hold. He went to reassure her that although things would be different now and moving on was to be done, they didn’t need to cut each other off completely. They could still be friends. Well, that was until she planted her lips on his before he could get a word out.

The kiss felt… odd to Bucky. It wasn’t unpleasant, as it never was when he kissed Samantha. But, again, it was always going to be compared to that igniting kiss the two of you had shared in the kitchen that tense morning. The kiss that had completely and utterly taken him in a trance and left him unable to get out without your help. He was helpless under the touch of your lips.

As for Sam… “Woah. What are you doing?” Only seconds after she made her move, Bucky pushed her back. Had they not just gone over this? Did Bucky need to be more firm?

“I’m sorry,” she backed away slowly. “I needed it for a goodbye, I guess.”

He didn’t say anything as she slowly slipped the engagement ring off and held it out to him between her pointer finger and thumb. “This belongs to you.”

Bucky didn’t know why his heart was still pounding. He wondered if he were on the verge of a panic attack due to the guilt of this whole situation. Before he had the time to even sit down and attempt to calm himself, his phone was ringing in his coat pocket across the room. He stayed still, though, looking at the diamond now laying in his palm.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” Samantha mumbled, still hurt and attempting to recover with her arms now wrapped around herself.

“It can go to voicemail. This is more important.” He motioned between the two of them to indicate the situation and make her feel better about where they stood.

“Bucky. I forgive you, I do. I know that it must have been a tough position you were in and I understand why you choose her and everything. I’m not mad at you, okay? I just want you to know that.”

Bucky smiled as much as he could for the depressing situation, knowing that eventually things would go back to normal between them as friends and it wouldn’t be as awkward. “Thanks, Sam. And thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t be here without you.”

“And don’t you forget it,” she joked, cracking a smile before a comfortable silence indicated it was time for the conversation to end. It was a good place for closure. “I’ll get your coat.” 

A small smile was sent his way and then she was across the room and back, handing him the lightweight material. Once on his shoulders, he hugged her one last time to validate that there was still a relationship there, despite it not being of the romantic kind. Then he was out the door, letting out the biggest sigh he had in a while, his heart still pounding from the situation.

As always, the relief didn’t last for long. In the next few moments, a few things happened. 

First, he answered his phone without looking at the caller, which he should have known to do. When Quill’s voice sounded from the other line, Bucky almost hung up immediately. The urgency in his tone, however, made him hesitant. In that next moment, he was glad he did.

Second, Quill hurriedly asked if Bucky was home, which weirded Bucky out beyond belief. He wanted to respond asking if he were planning on creeping on you while he wasn’t there, but his delayed response was too long for the impatient man rushing on the other line. Quill decided to cut to the chase, stating that a call had been made to the fire department reporting that smoke had been coming from his apartment.

Third, his mind immediately started replaying memories. He could remember the situation as if it had been yesterday. Answering the phone to his mother in hysterics, sobbing as she told him that he needed to come to their home- his childhood home- because something had happened. Something terrible. He refused to believe he would be finding out about a fire you were in from this phone call.

“Quill, are you sure you don’t have the address wrong?” His tone was stressed, harsh and pointed, as he started moving quickly to his car. He was the one who left you alone. 

“The system has your name listed under the address. I thought I’d call to make sure you and (Y/N) are out of the place. We’re on our way over.”

Bucky could hear the sirens blaring in the background of the phone call, but he ignored them as he put his foot all the way down on the gas pedal, the panic inside of him rising as his heart rate did. Understanding of why that feeling was there in the last hour made him sick to his stomach.

Bucky didn’t even care about red lights, he swerved out of every vehicle coming his way, going well over the speed limit and just hoping to God that he gets there in time.

He couldn’t lose someone else. Not again.

He definitely couldn’t lose you.

Bucky thought it was bad when the car accident had occurred, but he didn’t know fear until this very moment. Before, he had been too late and seen the car, preventing him from doing anything but wait. Now, he had absolutely no idea what was happening at the apartment other than the fact that it was on fire. He could only pray that you had gotten out. That Rumlow wasn’t there. That you were safe.

The rapid beat in his chest warned him otherwise, but he put the horrid thought to the side in hopes that its quickened pace was from his own anxiety and not your own.

Pulling up to the apartment, he raced out of his car, leaving the door open and the ignition on behind him. He paid no mind to the many other tenants waiting outside in shock. There was nothing on his mind other than you you you. He was running without a second thought. He could hear the sirens approaching in the distance, but he didn’t even wait for their assistance nor instruction. He pulled the door open to the main level before racing up the stairs as quickly as he could until he was able to make it to his entrance.

His chest was rising and falling quickly, his brain on alert and adrenaline pumping through his veins. With a swift kick, he sent the door crashing to the floor. Smoke immediately wafted through the doorway into his body, causing him to tuck his face into his arm and cough for a second before squinting through the dark haze.

Once it cleared enough for him to step through the doorway, he got a good eyeful of the area. The sight in front of him sent him off balance.

You were laying on the floor in the living room to his slight left, a mere twenty feet in front of him. There were flames traveling up the curtains by the window, the bottom of the couch, the bookcase…

And you were laying in the middle of it all utterly pale.

Blood was pooled around the bottom half of your body and Bucky felt his heart drop onto the floor. He didn’t even have to tell his feet to move before he was instinctively stumbling over to you in a rush. He knelt on his knees to the right of you, hands hovering but not knowing where to touch, what to do to help.


You choked on your breath and Bucky almost gasped hearing you speak. His palms landed on each side of your face, shaking as he leaned over you. “Babe, babe, I’m here. It’s okay.”

“Bucky- Rumlow-” you coughed.

“Is he here? What happened? Where are you bleeding?” His hands skimmed over your arms before moving to your torso, feeling the wet blood soaking through the bottom side of your black shirt. When he lifted it and saw the reopened wound, he flinched. “Okay. It’s okay.”

It clearly wasn’t okay.

When he found the gunshot wound on the back of your calf he nearly threw up. “You’re going to be fine, you hear me? The fire department is coming and an ambulance along with them. I won’t let you die here.”

You also told her you’d be here when he came for her, he reminded himself.

“Banner,” you tried to tell him, the smoking causing your dry throat to itch. “He’s-”

“Are they both still here? Did Banner get him?” He rose to his feet to peer down the smoke filled hallway.

“No, Buck-”

“-Bucky! Is she alright?” Peter appeared at his side, equipped in his uniform. Another coworker followed behind him, assessing the fire as the truck set up the hose from outside the window.

“Get her out of here, I have to go after-”

“You’re coming too!” Peter insisted, already reaching to tug on Bucky’s arm despite his refusal.

“Take her now! I’m not coming and if you don’t get her out of here soon, she won’t make it.”

When Peter didn’t respond, only looking to Bucky in a conflicted manner, his job and morality getting in the way of the man’s wishes and plan, Bucky shook his head with teary eyes and a tight jaw.

“Peter. This can’t end like Haley. Please… Not again.”

Bucky watched as the firefighter lifted your limp form from the blood-stained spot on the hard wood. He couldn’t tell if you were conscious or not still, but by the light groan that slipped from your mouth, he could tell you were definitely out of it. But you were getting to safety and that was all that mattered.

That, and that the man who had done this to you was taken care of once and for all.

So Bucky took a deep breath, clenching his fists and preparing himself for whatever the outcome would be of taking Rumlow on one-on-one. 

With one last breath, he closed his eyes, picturing this all over with and everyone happy. And then he stepped forward to the hallway and disappeared into the flames.


Room 309

Pairing: pianist!Yoongi x Reader

Genre: fluff, college!AU, badboy!AU

Summary: Rumor has it, there’s one classroom reserved for making love during school hours. And somehow, you get yourself caught in the rumor along with the self-proclaimed bad boy, Min Yoongi.

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

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busted ~ soulmate series

okay wow i finally got a chapter out and huge thanks to @imgonnaregretthisblog for putting up with my shit as i tried to figure this out 

also feedback would make my day, i love hearing your opinions on the story <3

Three firm knocks on the door interrupted you from the work you were doing on your laptop, you were too focused to notice that your daughter had already gotten up from her bed and was standing in front of the door, struggling to open the child lock that was too tall for her.

“There’s someone at the door!” she yelled, trying to get your attention. Since you got back from the pool, she’s been off the walls and it was hard to get any work done and keep an eye on her at the same time. The last thing you needed was for her to break something, adding another bill to pay.

“Mommy!” she screeched. She ran through the room and onto the bed, right on top of you, causing your laptop to fall off your lap and onto the floor. You took a deep breath in attempt to collect yourself before you snapped on the little girl, yelling a quick ‘be right there!” to whoever was on the other side of the door before picking up your laptop and setting it on the dresser.

“I’m sorry,” Ava started, her bottom lip quivering. “It was an accident.”

Even though it was an accident, you were still upset at her for being rowdy and misbehaving all afternoon after multiple times of telling her to settle down.

“You’re in time out little miss.” you announced, pointing to her bed full of toys. “Go sit on your bed and don’t move until I say you can, okay?”

She crossed her arms over her chest before hesitantly getting up and stomping to her own bed as you made your way to the door. You opened it to reveal a concerned looking Shawn with two pizza boxes on the other side, you sent him a small smile before moving to the side so he could come in.

All it took was one look around the room and at you for him to pull you into a much needed hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck and let your head rest on his shoulder as his wrapped around your waist, pulling you as close to him as possible.

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great things about enjolras knowing both of his best friends are hopelessly in love with each other yet for some reason refuse to admit it to the other one and live happily ever after:

  • combeferre leaving the room and enjolras heaving an immediate sigh because he can feel the five minute long stream of high pitched whining noises about to come from courf before courf can even open his mouth
  • the daily routine of ferre saying “he’s never going to feel the same way” and enjolras’ deadpan reply of “right. of course. you’re only his favorite person on the planet. it’s not like he can’t sleep without hearing you say goodnight or anything. it’s not like he refuses to watch certain movies when you’re out of town because they’re ‘your thing’. it’s not like he calls you ‘mi cariño’ literally all the time. no yeah. you’re right. he practically hates you.” and cue ferre staring at him for ten minutes straight. every. single. day. 
  • enjolras resorting to drastic seasonal measures when christmas rolls around by physically attempting to shove ferre and courf together beneath the mistletoe
  • enjolras coming home to find courf and ferre cuddled up together on the couch or laughing way too hard over some stupid video game or cooking and half dancing together while making dinner in the kitchen and remembering why it is he hates them so much for being so blind so so so so terribly, devastatingly blind and he’s not seventeen magazine why can’t they just get it together on their own 

I think I can break criticisms of Democrats into these broad categories:

1. Complete misconceptions about how the government works. They range from misunderstanding an occasional procedural vote to “why don’t they make America socialist through reconciliation?” This includes the subcategory of complete misconceptions about what the DNC is.

2. Donors. All donors are assumed, without exception, to be working toward illiberal ends. Attempts to fundraise through small donations are met with scorn and mockery.

3. Bad understanding of history. Obama could have done single payer if he wasn’t so weak. Bill Clinton invented every modern problem. FDR won because his liberalism was so pure and uncompromising, and modern Democrats can recreate his election wins by proposing the exact same things. Democrats have never won an election since Bill Clinton because everyone hates them.

4. Bad understanding of foreign politics. Did you know the agendas of Europe’s far-right parties are the same as the Democratic platform? Why, Bernie would be considered center-right in England! Marine Le Pen who? Is that some kind of aquatic writing utensil?

5. Messaging. Democratic messaging is always the absolute worst and it’s why everyone hates them. Oftentimes they’ll say something not aimed at 20-something Brooklynites, which are the only messages anyone will respond to. Chuck Schumer tweeted something that wasn’t a cri de coeur from the depth of millennial angst, and that’s why he always loses except for never having lost an election.

6. Actual, substantive criticisms of structural deficiencies in the Democratic party. They put too much in TV ads and not enough in ground game and digital. They took unions for granted. They neglected the state parties. This category is by far the rarest.

Benji x shy!reader headcanons

Requested by anonymous: My dude, can I request some head canons for sweet lil Benji Applebaum and a reader who is just as shy as him having crushes on each other and finally confessing it? I just love him sm awe

A/N: I’m always a slut for Benji hc’s, fam-a-lam

-okay so you met through Beca right?

-and like you saw him and right away you were into him, he was just so cute

-so obvs you avoid talking to him at first because you don’t do the whole ‘talking to cute people thing’’

-little do you know, Benji feels the exact same way about you!!!

-except my boy is able to at least approach you and attempt to talk

-he thinks he makes a fool of himself when he asks if he can make you disappear

-but you know the boy is a magician bc Jesse told you

-btw Beca and Jesse totally see how much you two like each other

-anywho you think his awkwardness makes him even cuter if possible

-you two never hang out separately, only when there’s a group thing

-you two both secretly want to change that but neither of you get the nerve to do it

-until one day when Jesse and Beca hatch a plan

-they invite the two of you a dinner and cancel out last minute

-Beca tells you that there will still be a few of your friends going, and Jesse does the same thing to Benji

-the both of you show up and you’re the only ones

-and you actually really want to leave because he makes you really nervous (in a good way) because you have a crush on him but you stay because it would be rude to leave

-meanwhile Benji is thanking any and every deity there is bc finally he gets to spend time with you one-on-one

-the dinner goes a lot better than you thought it would!!!!

-Benji walks you back to your car and you two are having a pleasant conversation but then

-s m o r c h

-Benji kisses you

-you panic for a second


-and Benji also panics when you don’t respond


-spoiler: you did ;)))

-after the two of you stand there awkwardly for a bit, Benji apologizes and tells you that he has a crush on you and that he understands if you don’t want to be friends with him anymore

-you shut up him by doing that thing you always see in shows and read in books

-you kiss him

-he kisses back obviously

-he pulls away to ask you on an 'official date’ and you say yes

-Jesse and Beca are very proud of themselves when you two tell them

Honestly, one of the things that I hate most is having to see things like “ENGLISH PLEASE I DON’T UNDERSTAND :(” or “I don’t know what you’re saying but I agree” or “HAHAHAHAHAHA” or “COME TO____” whenever members of bts (or any kpop group for that matter) posts something in Korean.

I remember when Yoongi fell ill and couldn’t perform at the HYYH concert in Kobe. Shortly afterwards, he tweeted a long sequence of messages about how he couldn’t sleep because he felt so guilty, how he used his vacation time to try to experience what the fans felt on that day, and how sorry he was to armys.   Half of the responses were things like “eng pls idk what you’re saying” and it’s just??? Do you think he has a google translate app installed in his brain or something??? It doesn’t work like that?? How can you expect someone to be able to talk about their emotions, their guilt and most suffocating thoughts in a language that they don’t even know how to speak in? It’s so unbelievably rude of you to be so lazy as to not even take the time to idk search for translations before putting your fingers on the keyboard. Yoongi was talking about something that had burdened him for a long time and was opening up to us and you just ignored it completely. Like okay, how would you feel if, say, you were going on a tangent about your stress and how hard your week was and I just barged in and yelled “KOREAN PLEASE I DON’T KNOW ENGLISH” ????? Would you be able to convey your same exact thoughts, your same exact spectrum of feelings in Korean? No, right? You’re too lazy to even attempt to look for translations, so how can I expect you to know Korean. And me just barging in on you, asking for something as unreasonable as speaking in a language you don’t know how to speak puts you in a bad mood right? It makes you feel dumb and frustrated right? How about if I were to barge in and just say “HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUNNY JOKE” It makes you angry, right? How I just completely ignored you talking about how stressed you were?

So stop doing the same thing to idols.

It’s honestly not that hard to wait for translations to come out before you say anything. 

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maplesummers  asked:

Fuyuhiko, I understand you’re concern for your men but please reconsider. It could put not only you, but Peko in danger too. Please, it could really end badly for everyone and nobody wants that.

I’ve finally found you.

…What do you want Hinata?

I want to stop you from doing something you’ll regret.

Shut up, I took my decision and I won’t come back on my word I-

I know what you’re trying to do.

What are you talking about now?

It’s the same as when you tried to slice your stomach open, right? What, you think that by giving your life away in an attempt to save the rest of your family you’ll atone for what you did? Or do you just want to run away? Because you realize that this is how it will end if you keep this up, right? You’ll die!

Shut the fuck up you bastard! You don’t understand a thing! They will never break their stupid rules and let me search for them by myself! I have to do this even if they kill me! I’m their heir of- No, I’m the leader of the Kuzuryuu family now! If I have to do something like that just for a small chance of helping my men, I’ll do it! I’m a yakuza, I have been trained to fight since I knew how to walk, I can take them down!

Pekoyama will die too then.

She won’t! I won’t let her participate in this! I won’t!

And she won’t listen to you. Just like she did in the simulation, if she thinks she will be able to protect you, she will sacrifice herself…Do you really want that to happen again?

O-Of course not! What the fuck are you implying! I would never want her to do such a thing! I-I want her to live!

Then you have to live too, you dumbass! Do not make her live without you if you yourself are so afraid of living without her!

Then what am I supposed to do!?

I just…don’t know anymore…Why the heck are we even still here….? I’m tired of all this shit…It feels like we can’t ever be happy again…


I…I just want to see them…My mom and dad…And Natsumi too. But…It’s not possible anymore! Why do I have to be the one left behind? Why only me? Fuck!

*hugs him*….I can’t do much but…I promise that I’ll help you find a way to have informations about the rest of your clan.

We Intertwined: Ch. 16

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 15 | AO3 | Chapter 17
Word Count: 1,916 

Three weeks had passed since Raine parted for Meldacio and Ignis rejoined the others. There was still more work to be done on the boat, but it was almost ready to set sail. Ignis was starting to worry. Raine kept her promise to call, but as the weeks went on, the calls turned to text messages, and they grew increasingly infrequent.

The guys were camping near the Vesperpool one night when Gladio approached him.

They sat by the side of the fire, a cup of Ebony in Ignis’ hands. He’d been sleeping less, took to drinking coffee in the evenings to stay awake in case Raine called or texted. He didn’t want to accidentally miss her in case she needed him.

“You love her, don’t you?”

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57 “Crossroad”

this chapter wasn’t stranger to “rebirth” metaphors that we’ve already seen before, but a rebirth to what ? a crossroad from where to where ?

we were introduced to the human particle on the moon and the lunarians attempting to “recreate” humans from them,

right after getting their right eye pulled out by aechmea and it being replaced by an “only” pearl eye, phos felt not only sick but also had flashes of that same human particule before falling on the floor…

the first experiment we were introduced to was the “professor”, a human woman who supposedly built or spent her last days with adamant,

the last page oddly parrallels a scene we’ve already come accross…

a kneeling adamant, a determined phos, and a human forgery

but there’s one more thing in that new page, not only phos is now facing adamant like the professor was.. but a single particular cloud with a particular five-branches shape is present

indicating phos may be undergoing the process of becoming human

pssssttt you know certain people who insist that misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia don’t exist?? Well a good way to put things in context is:

If there was a mainly male cast in a movie and a few women, would you find it strange? No? What if it was the other way around? The chances are that people would see it as this feminist-driven social justice attempt, right? The same applies with every other minority. Mostly white cast? Considered normal. but mostly black cast? Boy oh boy here’s some social justice propaganda right here folks. Primarily (or even fully) straight/cis main cast? Pretty normal. But cast made up of LGBTQ+ individuals?? SOCIAL JUSTICE EVERYWHERE, SHOVED IN OUR FACES, SOMEBODY CALL THE FUCKING POLICE

the double standards are right here in front of our eyes even if certain people dont see them

the most dangerous love. kmh on hold...

part one

The Most Dangerous Love; AU!Fanfiction

Taehyung x Female Reader Summary; A girl is doing her thing on her boat fishing, suddenly she falls off and manages to swim to an island. she wakes up in a mysterious home with a mysterious wealthy man and his many servants. His son Taehyung however is even more mysterious but happened to be the only different person there. Find out what goes on:-)

Dedicated to my sister Maryam and my children including Maitha and all my other kids.
Genre; all.

Warning; violence, sexually abusive acts,non-abusive sexual acts, abuse, mentions of lots of things so read at your own risk.

Words; 1367

The sound of the breeze whistled and the soft cold wind blew my hair back. Sounds of the waves filled my ear, besides that sounded the dead silence of the ocean at night and the humming sound of my boat.

I grabbed my fishing rod and threw the hook into the sea. I laid down on my blow up air mattress that was outside and gazed at the stars that twinkled weirdly.

The tug of the fishing hook caught my attention and I quickly got a hold of it reeling out the fish that It had caught.

I was so focused on the hook, that I haven’t realized that there was an island coming into view.

My mouth was parted in awe at the dark mysterious but beautiful looking island.

My body leaned on the railings of my boat dangerously, suddenly the boat had hit something and bounced aggressively and had me knocked off before I knew it.

The salty water engulfed my body, and the boat continued to move before I could get to it.

I cursed loudly out of frustration my voice basically silent because of the large space that surrounded me.

My arms and legs began to work together to get me to the island, I was not used to this much swimming. My arms ached and my legs struggled, the island was still a great distance away from where I had fallen.

~ By the time I reached the rocky shore, my body was too tired. Black dots invaded my vision and then I finally went to sleep.

Click Clack Click Clack.

My eyes were beginning to open when I heard the sound of high heels clicking against a wooden floor.

Completely forgetting where I actually was, I sat up abruptly and frantically looked around me.

There I sat on a large king-sized patterned bed in a bedroom that was way too rich and luxurious for me.

‘Where the hell!’ I shouted internally.

My clothes have been changed from my old denim jeans and black shirt to a navy blue cotton nightgown with black shiny flats. My eyes widened in fear as I thought of the possibilities of who must have changed my clothes for me .

I ran out the room only to almost bump into a past-middle-age woman who carried a tray of tea and biscuits’. She let out a small yelp when I had exited the room harshly.

“Oh dear! You scared the daylights out of me! I was almost going to drop the tea.” She spoke in a motherly tone.

“Who are you! Where am I!” I attacked with quick questions.

“Now now dear, relax I’m Miso you are in General Jiyoung’s home. We had found you this morning passed out on shore. We decided to bring you here to safety, now General Jiyoung had asked me to give you some tea and escort you downstairs to where you will personally meet him when you are done.” She ushered me back into the room that I woke up in and set the tray on a coffee table.

“Where are my clothes, who changed my clothes?” I asked the second question worried who had possibly could have done anything when I was in such a vulnerable state.

“Do not worry sweetheart, I was the one who changed your clothes and fixed your hair for you. No way I would let any male touch an unconscious woman.” She reassured me.

There was something about Miso that made me instantly comfortable, something motherly about her.

Thoughts raced through my mind, I was worried that this house was not exactly the safest or trustworthy.

“Here you go, it is Peppermint tea if you don’t like it just tell me. I can go get you something that you like.” She said while handing me a cup of tea.

“No, it’s alright it’s coincidently my favorite. Thank you Miso.” I bowed slightly thanking her.

“You are very welcome dear… So,” She paused clasping her hands loudly together “The general wants to have afternoon tea with you to welcome you as a guest here so we need to dress you up. I also realized I have not gotten your name yet.”

“It’s Y/N”

“Well Y/N, lovely name follow me.” She walked to the other side of the room where I assume the closet doors were, and she opened them like it was the doors to Narnia.

My jaw dropped at the clothes that basically sparkled under the lighting or it was just me.

“Pick any dress that suits the occasion and any shoe that you like and then make your way downstairs well hopefully you will see where you need to go.”

The woman left immediately after explaining to me. A white dress caught my eye, I took it out and observed it.

It had thick straps and a heart-shaped neckline and a flowy bottom that reached below my knees.

I picked out black ankle boots since I was not in the mood for high heels.

While getting dressed, a chill went down my back. I still am sketched out about this place, I looked out the window to see the room I was in was 4 stories high and the gigantic house was surrounded by iron bars.

I took a deep breath in and tried to shove the thoughts away and convinced myself these people saved my life.

I was evidently afraid, I didn’t know anyone or where I was so I guess it is normal to feel this way, I might just be overthinking.

As I descended the stairs I could feel my anxiety creeping up on me. I really was not the fan of meeting people. The shiny walls acted as a mirror for me, I saw my reflection which I expected to be dirty and all since I did pass out on a shore. Instead, I was met with a clean face with minimal makeup applied and my hair tied in a braid.

Miso was talking to someone who I am guessing is the general.

He was a tall well-built man, wearing a blue suit but his back was facing me so I could not see his face.

I tried to gain Miso’s attention, what stopped me was the traces of fear were evident on her face but that changed instantly after she had spotted me on the stairs.

“Oh! Our guest is here! Oh, you looked stunning.” She gushed and escorted me to where the man stood.

“You must be general Jiyoung, thank you for allowing me to stay here and provide me with all of this. I am, thank you for allowing me to stay here and provide me with all of this. I am Y/N Y/L/N.” I said with all the confidence and power I had, no way I would make a fool out of myself in front of this high ranking man.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Y/N, no worries about thanking me I often welcome guests who have been in the same place you have.” He said while a corner of his lips tugged upwards on an attempt to smile.

I got a clear view of how he looked like. A strong looking middle-aged man with a clean shave. Tar black hair that leaned slightly to the right and dark brown eyes that had an odd glint to it.

I hadn’t realized one thing though, the way his eyes trailed observing me and my features from top to bottom.

“Right!” Jiyoung slightly exclaimed with his deep gravelly voice “Pastries and beverages await us.”

The man stepped to the side gesturing his hands slightly to lead me where we’ll be seated.

“Right this way.” His voice if even possible went slightly deeper.

I walked in that direction and his hand had placed itself at the small of my back. Was it something a gentleman would do? I think. Was I comfortable? I don’t think so.

To be Continued. This will have multiple parts so be patient    

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Apartment 105

Pairing: Y/N/Neighbor!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 4.000+

Summary: How tempting can it be to have a hot upstairs neighbor who manages to annoy the shit out of you with his drumming?

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Saving Aaliyah

Requested: could you do one involving Shawn and Aaliyah being the cutest siblings in the world?? You can make it about whatever you want but I just really love Shawn and Aaliyah



You’re having a rare date night with Shawn. It’s nothing too spectacular; honestly, you’re both just sitting in his living room watching Stranger Things on Netflix. You know you’re really late to the Stranger Things party, but you can’t help it because you and Shawn wanted to watch it together, but you had to finish Breaking Bad first. You don’t spend much time together, and the time you spend together is often traveling or just busy with other things so you don’t get a lot of down time to just watch TV. But since Shawn has been home the past week, you guys decided to dedicate tonight to watching as many episodes as you could get through. Aaliyah was sleeping over at her friend’s house and Shawn’s parents had gone out to dinner together, so it was just you two at his place.

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anonymous asked:

Any ideas on Dick Grayson being awfully jealous like not the kind of jealous that solves with a squeeze on his shoulder but the kinda-oh-hell-no-I'm-getting-a-bit-possessive-and maaaaaaad like all pouting doing antics and stuff? I see a " Oh but you were going with CHAAAD since he is so perfect and pure right?" thing

- I think his jealous side would only come out in extreme cases. 

- Like when someone is hitting on his s/o right in front of him. 

- That shit don’t fly with him. 

- He’ll attempt to be polite about it the first time but if they persist Dick will get really possessive of his s/o and be ready to thrown down the gloves at a moments notice. 

- In that same vein, he would also beat any villain who dared to lay a finger on his s/o into a bloody pulp.

anonymous asked:

How would the S bros handle the situation where their s.o. suddenly became blind or mute after some sort of accident?

♥Shu: Eh…? It’s not like her attitude would change or anything… So there’s no need to treat her differently.

♥Reiji: Well, I’d be very difficult for me if she became blind for some reason… Having to instruct her to strengthen the rest of her senses would be quite the challenge.

♥Ayato: If Chichinashi couldn’t see me anymore it would be reaally bad… But as long as her blood remains the same, it’s okay I guess.

♥Kanato: Sometimes she says such stupid things… So I won’t deny I have wished her to become mute at some point. Well, not that it would be a bad thing… Dolls are supposed to be quiet. Right, Teddy?

♥Laito: Well, she’s still here, right~? There’s no need to get a special treatment for Bitch-chan. She’ll get used to it, and it’ll be fun in the process~

♥Subaru: Well, having to help her with literally everything would be really annoying. But, I guess it would be amusing to watch her failing at her attempts…