or attempting to same thing right right

I keep making mistakes, even the same ones over and over. I repeatedly attempt (and fail) to keep God and my fellow humans at arm’s length. I say no when I should say yes. I say yes when I should say no. I stumble into Holy moments not realizing where I am until they are over. I love poorly, then accidentally say the right thing at the right moment without even realizing it, then forget what matters, then show tenderness when it’s needed, and then turn around and think of myself way too often.
I simply continue to be a person on whom God is at work.
—  Nadia Bolz-Weber, Accidental Saints

Severus Snape is such an awful person. I don’t understand how people can like him after everything that he’s done. Remember the time he gave an eleven-year-old child a pig’s tail because the child’s FATHER said something that made him mad? Wait. Never mind. That was Hagrid.

But he DID remove a kid’s bones from his arm and later tried to wipe two kids’ memories. How could anyone forgive THAT? Shoot, I forgot. That was Gilderoy Lockhart.

Remember the time Snape made Neville sleep in the hallway when an alleged mass murderer was on the loose INSIDE THE SCHOOL? What a fucking dick. But shit. Someone just told me that was McGonagall.

Remember when Snape treated Hermione like shit because he thought she broke Draco’s heart by showing interest in Harry? Wow, what an asshole. Yikes, I’m wrong once again. That was Molly Weasley when she thought Hermione broke Harry’s heart by showing interest in Viktor Krum.

But Snape scarred a girl’s face when she gave the Order of the Phoenix information about the Death Eaters! Can you tell me he isn’t a terrible person now? Ugh, why do I keep forgetting things? That was Hermione Granger scarring Marietta Edgecombe’s face for giving Dolores Umbridge information about Dumbledore’s Army.

Wait, I have it. The absolute worst things Snape ever did. HE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A FELLOW STUDENT FOR FUN. FOR A LAUGH. “BECAUSE HE EXISTED.” AND WHEN HIS CRUSH INTERVENED, HE TOLD HER HE WOULD CURSE HER IF SHE DIDN’T GO OUT WITH HIM. HE ALSO TOLD HER HE WOULD LEAVE HER FRIEND ALONE IF SHE WENT OUT WITH HIM. HE EVEN COMPARED HIS CRUSH TO A SNITCH FOR HIM TO CATCH, WHAT AN OBJECTIFYING MISOGYNIST. AND HE ATTEMPTED TO MURDER THAT SAME KID TOO. Wait…wait. Are you really telling me that I’m wrong here too? Okay, you’re right. You’re right. It was James Potter who sexually assaulted the kid and treated his crush like shit and Sirius Black who attempted to murder him. And guess who that kid was? Severus Snape.

“But Snape joined the Death Eaters! He was mean to his students!” Both of these things are true. However, they do not discount all the good Snape did, especially because the bad the other characters here did doesn’t seem to discount the good they did.

Honestly, one of the things that I hate most is having to see things like “ENGLISH PLEASE I DON’T UNDERSTAND :(” or “I don’t know what you’re saying but I agree” or “HAHAHAHAHAHA” or “COME TO____” whenever members of bts (or any kpop group for that matter) posts something in Korean.

I remember when Yoongi fell ill and couldn’t perform at the HYYH concert in Kobe. Shortly afterwards, he tweeted a long sequence of messages about how he couldn’t sleep because he felt so guilty, how he used his vacation time to try to experience what the fans felt on that day, and how sorry he was to armys.   Half of the responses were things like “eng pls idk what you’re saying” and it’s just??? Do you think he has a google translate app installed in his brain or something??? It doesn’t work like that?? How can you expect someone to be able to talk about their emotions, their guilt and most suffocating thoughts in a language that they don’t even know how to speak in? It’s so unbelievably rude of you to be so lazy as to not even take the time to idk search for translations before putting your fingers on the keyboard. Yoongi was talking about something that had burdened him for a long time and was opening up to us and you just ignored it completely. Like okay, how would you feel if, say, you were going on a tangent about your stress and how hard your week was and I just barged in and yelled “KOREAN PLEASE I DON’T KNOW ENGLISH” ????? Would you be able to convey your same exact thoughts, your same exact spectrum of feelings in Korean? No, right? You’re too lazy to even attempt to look for translations, so how can I expect you to know Korean. And me just barging in on you, asking for something as unreasonable as speaking in a language you don’t know how to speak puts you in a bad mood right? It makes you feel dumb and frustrated right? How about if I were to barge in and just say “HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUNNY JOKE” It makes you angry, right? How I just completely ignored you talking about how stressed you were?

So stop doing the same thing to idols.

It’s honestly not that hard to wait for translations to come out before you say anything. 

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great things about enjolras knowing both of his best friends are hopelessly in love with each other yet for some reason refuse to admit it to the other one and live happily ever after:

  • combeferre leaving the room and enjolras heaving an immediate sigh because he can feel the five minute long stream of high pitched whining noises about to come from courf before courf can even open his mouth
  • the daily routine of ferre saying “he’s never going to feel the same way” and enjolras’ deadpan reply of “right. of course. you’re only his favorite person on the planet. it’s not like he can’t sleep without hearing you say goodnight or anything. it’s not like he refuses to watch certain movies when you’re out of town because they’re ‘your thing’. it’s not like he calls you ‘mi cariño’ literally all the time. no yeah. you’re right. he practically hates you.” and cue ferre staring at him for ten minutes straight. every. single. day. 
  • enjolras resorting to drastic seasonal measures when christmas rolls around by physically attempting to shove ferre and courf together beneath the mistletoe
  • enjolras coming home to find courf and ferre cuddled up together on the couch or laughing way too hard over some stupid video game or cooking and half dancing together while making dinner in the kitchen and remembering why it is he hates them so much for being so blind so so so so terribly, devastatingly blind and he’s not seventeen magazine why can’t they just get it together on their own 
We Intertwined: Ch. 16

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 15 | AO3 | Chapter 17
Word Count: 1,916 

Three weeks had passed since Raine parted for Meldacio and Ignis rejoined the others. There was still more work to be done on the boat, but it was almost ready to set sail. Ignis was starting to worry. Raine kept her promise to call, but as the weeks went on, the calls turned to text messages, and they grew increasingly infrequent.

The guys were camping near the Vesperpool one night when Gladio approached him.

They sat by the side of the fire, a cup of Ebony in Ignis’ hands. He’d been sleeping less, took to drinking coffee in the evenings to stay awake in case Raine called or texted. He didn’t want to accidentally miss her in case she needed him.

“You love her, don’t you?”

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pssssttt you know certain people who insist that misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia don’t exist?? Well a good way to put things in context is:

If there was a mainly male cast in a movie and a few women, would you find it strange? No? What if it was the other way around? The chances are that people would see it as this feminist-driven social justice attempt, right? The same applies with every other minority. Mostly white cast? Considered normal. but mostly black cast? Boy oh boy here’s some social justice propaganda right here folks. Primarily (or even fully) straight/cis main cast? Pretty normal. But cast made up of LGBTQ+ individuals?? SOCIAL JUSTICE EVERYWHERE, SHOVED IN OUR FACES, SOMEBODY CALL THE FUCKING POLICE

the double standards are right here in front of our eyes even if certain people dont see them

After Hours - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: My first smut with the one and only. I hope y’all like it. I’m also taking requests here, so feel free to send me anything. Enjoy. Love, J xx

Prompt: You’re trying to study for an exam, but Stiles keeps distracting you.

Word Count: 1,284

Warning: The smuttiest of smut.

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anonymous asked:

How would the S bros handle the situation where their s.o. suddenly became blind or mute after some sort of accident?

♥Shu: Eh…? It’s not like her attitude would change or anything… So there’s no need to treat her differently.

♥Reiji: Well, I’d be very difficult for me if she became blind for some reason… Having to instruct her to strengthen the rest of her senses would be quite the challenge.

♥Ayato: If Chichinashi couldn’t see me anymore it would be reaally bad… But as long as her blood remains the same, it’s okay I guess.

♥Kanato: Sometimes she says such stupid things… So I won’t deny I have wished her to become mute at some point. Well, not that it would be a bad thing… Dolls are supposed to be quiet. Right, Teddy?

♥Laito: Well, she’s still here, right~? There’s no need to get a special treatment for Bitch-chan. She’ll get used to it, and it’ll be fun in the process~

♥Subaru: Well, having to help her with literally everything would be really annoying. But, I guess it would be amusing to watch her failing at her attempts…

anonymous asked:

Any ideas on Dick Grayson being awfully jealous like not the kind of jealous that solves with a squeeze on his shoulder but the kinda-oh-hell-no-I'm-getting-a-bit-possessive-and maaaaaaad like all pouting doing antics and stuff? I see a " Oh but you were going with CHAAAD since he is so perfect and pure right?" thing

- I think his jealous side would only come out in extreme cases. 

- Like when someone is hitting on his s/o right in front of him. 

- That shit don’t fly with him. 

- He’ll attempt to be polite about it the first time but if they persist Dick will get really possessive of his s/o and be ready to thrown down the gloves at a moments notice. 

- In that same vein, he would also beat any villain who dared to lay a finger on his s/o into a bloody pulp.

57 “Crossroad”

this chapter wasn’t stranger to “rebirth” metaphors that we’ve already seen before, but a rebirth to what ? a crossroad from where to where ?

we were introduced to the human particle on the moon and the lunarians attempting to “recreate” humans from them,

right after getting their right eye pulled out by aechmea and it being replaced by an “only” pearl eye, phos felt not only sick but also had flashes of that same human particule before falling on the floor…

the first experiment we were introduced to was the “professor”, a human woman who supposedly built or spent her last days with adamant,

the last page oddly parrallels a scene we’ve already come accross…

a kneeling adamant, a determined phos, and a human forgery

but there’s one more thing in that new page, not only phos is now facing adamant like the professor was.. but a single particular cloud with a particular five-branches shape is present

indicating phos may be undergoing the process of becoming human

So, I’ve seen a lot of talk about how Robert has regressed, how he’s ruined, how this is all just Chrobert 2.0 and to be quite frank… it’s pissing me off.

He has NOT regressed. We all knew he was capable of some erm… less than desirable things, shall we say. We just haven’t seen that side to him for a while because a) he hasn’t had cause to be this way, and b) when he has, Aaron has been there to keep him from going too far. In this case, he’s trying to keep this FROM Aaron, and thus the shittier side of him is coming out full force. 2017!Robert is 2015!Robert, they aren’t two different people, we’ve just seen a new side to him since the beginning of last year.

He is NOT ruined – see above. He’s capable of some shit, he can be a complete (enter word of choice here) when he wants to be, and to me at least, he hasn’t been written out of character, it’s just something he is 100% capable of that we haven’t seen for a while (though I do believe we’ve grown out of the murder plots, he’s realised that at least).

This is NOT Chrobert 2.0 – seriously? Really? -headdesk- Okay…

*When he was trying all ways to keep the Aaron affair from Chrissie, it was for his own benefit, to keep the lifestyle that he thought he wanted (and also a fear of being outed). He was never seen to be upset or stressed, only angry when it didn’t go his way.

*He was willing (if a little reluctant because it would destroy his marriage) to tell Aaron everything, the only thing that stopped him was Chas. He’s now been told by Chas to keep it quiet, yet seeing Rebecca around the village is causing him stress, her attitude is winding him up and now he has the pregnancy to deal with (my thoughts on that are in another post, not going into that here) and the threat of Rebecca and now Ross telling Aaron everything. He is OBVIOUSLY stressed and worked up about it, it was made even clearer in last nights episode, something we never saw in 2015.

*When he’s trying to keep this from Aaron, it’s for Aaron’s benefit more than his own. His comment about Liv being worried if Aaron got stressed out and did something stupid last night… he wasn’t talking about Liv, he was talking about HIMSELF. He’s terrified that if Aaron finds this out he’ll be so stressed he’ll hurt himself or worse, and the only reason Aaron hasn’t noticed how stressed he is is because Aaron himself is in a very bad place right now.

*This whole entire cover-up, from Chas’ initial actions at the prison visit stopping Robert from telling him, right up to now is protecting Aaron. Both Robert and Chas are scared this knowledge would send Aaron over the edge, so they’re trying to protect him. Is it right? Probably not. Understandable, though? 100%.

*His ‘manipulation’ of Aaron last night to get him to go to Mauritius? Erm… I didn’t see it like that. He saw an opportunity to get Aaron the hell away from the potential stress with the added benefit of seeing his Mum and Liv at the same time. A little bit of light persuasion, of course because of the reasons Aaron gave: work, and probation. Manipulation? Not really. Using Aaron’s mental health as an excuse? Yeah, but this entire cover-up is an attempt to keep Aaron’s mental health from crumbling even further, so… methods might not be great, but his intentions behind it are.

But if you want to go on thinking that this is EXACTLY the same as Chrobert, that Aaron is Chrissie 2.0, that Robert is ruined as a character, that he’s the devil in disguise… you know, completely forgetting all of his character development because of one mistake and a few undesirable things he’s doing right now… you go right on ahead, I won’t be with you because you are obviously watching a very different show to me.

Through the Storm

Chapter Seventeen

Lillie and Hau knew they liked each other, they had both admitted to it during their time stuck in the cells at Aqua. But due to the crazy situation, they hadn’t done anything beyond confirming their feelings to each other. She restated a ton of the cute things he’d said to her, how he’d tried to be as protective as possible while at Aqua. She ticked everything off on her fingers, working through a mental list of sweet words and actions he had given to her and each one made me grin like an idiot.

“So, you should talk to him then.” I said after she finished, her cheeks a light pink and a shy smile on her mouth. “We’re safe for now, and can’t do anything else until the other champions are here. It’s a good time.”

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anonymous asked:

tbh, malec looked more like close co-workers than a sexually active couple. it's not believable. even not-endgame-climon got a more intimate, body close together scene for their first kiss than malec ever had. first time for malec (and alec!) and we got them to talk about it with other people?! not shocking since we never seen them even hold hands. i will not be surprised that spoiler hug and kiss in episode 10 is actually a buddy hug and a peck on the lips. or cut out altogether.

You know, Anon, that’s what kinda bugs me here. I mean I KNEW that we would never get some kind of “morning after scene” in this ep. Not after the framing of the ep from last week. But call me naive but at least I expected hoped for a scene where they would actually talk about this huge step and Magnus’ feelings!

Like… I cannot help it but as much as I enjoyed watching their first scene when Alec came over to tell Magnus about them throwing a party, you could really see and hear that there is still so much that needs to be talked about between them. Magnus like “You’re sure about this?” and Alec replying “Why wouldn’t I be?” Can we please go back to them having at least these real and honest conversations? This was/is pretty much their thing, so please.

So we ended up with nothing. They even cut the scene of Alec and Izzy short because Maryse and Max arrived. And instead we got the Jace and Magnus scene but where Alec had no idea that Magnus wouldn’t do this for anyone. Same for Alec. He kind of protected and stood up for Magnus against Maryse, but again, Magnus didn’t see/hear any word of that. And this actually disappoints me on a certain level.

I don’t need heavy making out (yes, I am still bitter, sue me) and 200 kisses in an episode but please go back to talk things over. Because right now I even doubt that they will ever talk about the cat eyes or Alec’s “attempted suicide”. And that is really annoying me right now. Since conversations were/are their thing!

Apartment 105

Pairing: Y/N/Neighbor!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 4.000+

Summary: How tempting can it be to have a hot upstairs neighbor who manages to annoy the shit out of you with his drumming?

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Saving Aaliyah

Requested: could you do one involving Shawn and Aaliyah being the cutest siblings in the world?? You can make it about whatever you want but I just really love Shawn and Aaliyah



You’re having a rare date night with Shawn. It’s nothing too spectacular; honestly, you’re both just sitting in his living room watching Stranger Things on Netflix. You know you’re really late to the Stranger Things party, but you can’t help it because you and Shawn wanted to watch it together, but you had to finish Breaking Bad first. You don’t spend much time together, and the time you spend together is often traveling or just busy with other things so you don’t get a lot of down time to just watch TV. But since Shawn has been home the past week, you guys decided to dedicate tonight to watching as many episodes as you could get through. Aaliyah was sleeping over at her friend’s house and Shawn’s parents had gone out to dinner together, so it was just you two at his place.

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Arrow 519 "Dangerous Liaisons" Thoughts

This episode reminded me a lot of the time before Dig and Lyla were remarried. There’s definite and purposeful parallelism to Olicity, so let’s delve into the story. And for the record, I understand this episode is supposed to Team Arrow (Oliver) v. Helix (Felicity). However, I am always Team Olicity. Therefore, I’m going to play devil’s advocate because Oliver and Felicity are both right and wrong in different aspects of this argument.


Originally posted by queensarrow

Before I get an outcry of “Oliver’s a dick. Felicity did this, that, and the third.” Unpopular opinion: I want to see both sides.

Oliver and Felicity have the exact same objective – finding Prometheus and taking him down permanently. But their methods are extremely different. This time Felicity is the one, who is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to accomplish a goal.

In essence, I believe Oliver and Felicity are on the same page with something else. The two of them are attempting to save the others’ soul. Felicity’s way of doing so is essentially demonstrated by her willingness to go out into the field and carry Oliver’s burdens. Does it get things done? Absolutely, yes. However, is it morally the right choice for her personally? That’s where the situation gets gray. 

On the other hand, we have Oliver’s perspective not just by the fact that he disagrees, he wants to protect her.

Felicity is right in not needing anyone else’s protection, but wrong because she’s blind sighted by Helix’s shady intentions  under false pretenses of “a good cause.”

Originally posted by andjustforthismoment

Oliver’s intentions are pure in wanting to protect Felicity, but wrong by not backing her play.  He never wants her to become like him at all.

A Matter of Trust (Parallelism:  Olicity/Dyla)

Originally posted by queensarrow

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Hero (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Summary: Bellamy Blake was born a hero - that much you were sure of. From a young age you’ve known how brave he was. But when Jasper is being held captive by Murphy, Bellamy steps in. Sometimes you wish he wasn’t so courageous and ready to do the right thing.

Originally posted by killianjonez

“Open the doors. Take me instead.” His voice breaks your stubborn stare and you look up to meet him with wide eyes. As you feel Bellamys hand slip away from yours you feel the inevitability of loss in your chest. You know how much Murphy wanted to kill one of them - being Jasper or Bell - in that fucking drop ship he has locked up. You didn’t want Jasper to die but you sure as hell didn’t want Bellamy to die either.

“No!” You yell loudly and everyone stops and turns to you. Holding onto Bellamys shirt, you shake your head panicky but he just holds either side of your face with his large hands, “Don’t go.” You exhale shakily, feeling your eyes well up with tears, “Please, just– don’t go.”

To the rest of the camp watching on from afar, he doesn’t seem alarmed or as panicked as you are. Other than being a hero Bellamy Blake was good at hiding his emotions but you know as he pulls you closer and runs a hand through your hair that he’s terrified, “I love you. I always will.” Bellamy talks over your insistent pleas and presses his lips to yours hastily, quieting you down but you pull away after a few seconds.

“No, there’s got to be another way. There’s always another way.” You feel your throat tensing up and tears roll down your cheek as he has to pry your tight grip off him. Even though he’s prepared to risk his life, you aren’t ready to live yours without him. When Bellamy continues to walk you find yourself running after him but something stops you – better yet someone stops you. You thrash around in efforts to get to Bell but when you look behind you see Finn holding you back, “Let me go! He’s going to die!” Your screaming breaks through the air of silence and Bellamy squeezes his eyes shut as if your voice cannot reach him, “Finn, let me go, please!” You begin to cry out to him but Finn doesn’t listen. He just gives you a look of pity and sadness and pulls you away from the scene.

“Stop it. You’re going to get yourself hurt, there’s no use following him.” Finn whispers to you, placing a hand on your shoulder and for a second you’re calm but the next you feel like throwing up. The love of your life is stuck in the drop ship with Murphy the fucking lunatic. And no one else is trying to stop it from happening. Not only did you feel extremely nervous but you felt extremely angry too. Your blood was at its boiling point. As he disappears, only a sheet of fabric separates you and Bellamy.

“Murphy! If you so as much touch a hair on his head I’m going to kill you myself!” You scream, not caring who’s watching from behind as Finn and Wells stop you from running inside.

“I’d like to see you try.” You hear Murphy speak to you and you clench your jaw at his voice. Watching the entrance, you see a limping Jasper clamber out and Finn immediately rushed up to him to help him down. You take this as your opportunity.

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Self-consciousness is a learned thing.

It usually starts when you’re very young—a figure of authority or someone whom you love and respect telling you not to do this, or that things are done like that. Those notions are then solidified and tweaked and nurtured by the media you consume: television shows, advertisements, news, books, toys… everything has an effect on how you see the world. Objectively, Castiel knows this. Objectively, he’s aware he’s being ridiculous.

But with the door locked, standing barefoot and nude in front of the bathroom mirror, that objectivity is worth about as much as dust mite. That is to say: nothing.

Honestly, Cas doesn’t even know where these insecurities are coming from. They’re not leftover from Jimmy because there hasn’t been a Jimmy for years, and Dean and Sam have been nothing if not supportive in Castiel’s fumbled attempts at humanity, and. And everything’s been fine. It’s been…

Frowning, Cas looks down at his chest and brushes over the beauty mark above his nipple. Asymmetrical. Blue eyes flick up to meet blue in the mirror: his left is not the same as his right. Castiel touches his hair and rubs at his scruffy jaw and bites his lip. He traces a finger down his visible hipbone and cringes. Humans enjoy symmetry. Perfection. Things that are not too much or too little but just right. Cas has read magazine articles featuring beautifully shaped people—he’s seen attractive, perfect-looking bodies populate his Netflix and be sold to him on billboards. The women he pays less attention to, but the men…

Cas clenches his jaw.

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