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The Sound of Rain - Part 8

Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol

Genre: drama/angst/fluff

Plot: an art student meets a mysterious guitar player at the same place everytime it rains, slowly they start to get to know and help each other in ways they never thought they could.

Note: sorry it took so long to update! Hope this chapter was worth the wait! to read the first chapters click (here)

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Is someone messing with Anon? Because Mom Tojo will handle it for you.
I have been tainted by memes. I am so sorry Mod Kaede. This sprite has been modified, courtesy of the Apple iOS 10 update.
To the ask? To the ask.

Rantaro Amami
* Whether you know about the gossip or not he’s gonna put a stop to it.
* Rantaro is usually a calm cool dude, who generally gets along with anyone.
* Seeing him angry…is actually pretty scary.
* So whoever started this nasty little trend about you, obviously didn’t know who they were messing with.
* Let’s just say…the gossip about you ceased before it got too out of control.
* A happy significant other makes Rantaro a happy lover~

Korekiyo Shinguuji
* Death. Death. Death. Death.
* That person would be reprimanded immediately, practically melting from the hard stares Korekiyo would be giving them.
* He’d demand to know the source of that nasty little rumor they were spreading, and God lay rest to their soul if they were it.
* If you knew about it, he would take to comforting you, reminding you that gossip like that causes more damage to the source rather than the subject.
* Those who were pure of heart would know the truth that lies behind your beauty, and would pay no mind to the false tales.

Kaito Momota
* Oh
* Heck
* No
* As soon as the message even comes across him, he is on the rumor spreader like white on bread.
* “What’s wrong with you?! Didja lose your sense when ya bumped your head or something?! How ‘bout I knock it back into ya?!”
* Let’s just say Kaito walked away without a scratch and a three day suspension.
* But at least no one’s spreading nasty rumors~

Kokichi Ouma
* Ugh, this crap again?
* That’s soooooooo elementary.
* It’s completely beneath him to counter back with false rumors so he devises a special surprise for anyone involved in this little rumor.
* He lets you in on his plan, hoping you’ll back him up or at least enjoy the humiliation of your enemies~
* Kokichi isn’t one to sit around and let people waste his time with silly little tall tales, especially when that’s his field of petty expertise.
* No one is gonna make a mockery of him at his own game, and when the source finds themselves covered in glue, oil, soap, salt, ink, and paper, they’ll know the true meaning of “g.o.s.s.i.p.”

Shuuichi Saihara
* Shuuichi hates gossip.
* It’s inaccurate, hateful, and childish. He prefers to distance himself from that kind of drama at all costs…that is until you became a subject matter of one of the school’s ‘hot topics’.
* Never in his short life span has he ever imagined he’d get caught up in the garble being spread.
* And he was not making any exceptions today either.
* He would put in an anonymous report to the headmaster, while doing his best to help you dodge all the rumor spreading.
* He didn’t care about what was being said because he knew the truth, all that mattered was the culprit being apprehended and this form of bullying to be stopped.

* He doesn’t understand.
* Well he knows at least it’s wrong to say things like that about anyone, but why do it?
* He’d prefer if you two just left it alone, and not get entangled in it, but if this harassment ensues and begins to affect you, he is going to confront the source.
* There is no need to be a bully and spread false tales about such a wonderful person!
* He would rant about how amazing you were to this bully until they either felt bad for their mistake, or felt it wouldn’t be worth the effort to attack you again.
* And to ensure this incident did not go unpunished…an anonymous recording would be sent to the head master about the deviant’s actions post haste!

Gonta Gokuhara
* Why would another student say mean things about s/o?
* Don’t they know it could hurt their feelings?
* Maybe they just don’t know s/o very well, and like Gonta’s appearance, it caused them to make mean presumptions.
* He tries to approach the situation as any proper gentleman would and tries to talk it out with the rumor spreader.
* Tries is the key word here.
* The poor fellow who caused the trouble scampered off as soon as they heard that your big bad boyfriend wanted to ‘exchange’ words with them.
* Guess that’s another rumor that needs to be squashed…at least for now your reputation is safe, right?
* Even though your boyfriend is now considered the ‘bad boi with an s/o no one dares to mess with’.

Ryoma Hoshi
* You’ve gotta be kidding right?
* He couldn’t believe people actually did this kind of thing in–
* Oh wait, that’s right you were high school students, and some high schoolers haven’t actually reached his level of maturity yet.
* He’s annoyed to say he least, but takes up to comforting you mainly.
* If this gossip persists, and he catches the rascal who started it all…
* …His “adult” facade is going bye-bye and the culprit will be too shook to even bad-mouth any other person in your school ever again.

okay so i’ve been marathoning the harry potter movies and i just finished the half-blood prince and can i just say that harry goes through so fucking much??

Like first of all: the Dursley’s the fucking Dursley’s who treat him like shit and call him worthless and a monster and never show him any affection. And dudley who makes sure he never has any friends and bullies him throughout his entire childhood. Not to mention that harry sleeps in a fucking cupboard for ten years of his life.

Then when he’s eleven, eleven, he faces off with Voldemort completely alone and kills Professor Quirrel.

Then when he’s TWELVE he fights a giant fucking snake with a giant ass sword and accepts that he’s probably going to die because it’s bites him but he lives and Voldemort is defeated again

Then when he’s thirteen he runs away from home and is hunted by a convicted felon then he travels back in time and saves said criminal NOT TO MENTION THE PART WHERE HE FIGHTS OFF A HUNDRED DEMENTORS AT ONCE AT THIRTEEN YEARS OLD

At fourteen he’s entered into a tournament that people die in and everyone even his best friend hate him for it. He faces ostracism and dragons and then VOLDEMORT HIMSELF AND HE WATCHES A FRIEND DIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES AND THEN NO ONE BELIEVES HIM OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW

fifteen: this year is a fucking mess. He has to deal with nightmares, umbridge, people not believing him, umbridge, his own hormones and angst, umbridge, dumbledore abandoning him, severus fucking snape, he fights off Voldemort again, he’s POSESSED BY VOLDEMORT BRIEFLY, he loses his godfather and the closest connection he has to his parents

at sixteen he is caught between the romantic drama of his two best friends, he almost kills draco, has to force feed Dumbledore -his mentor- a potion while Dumbledore pleads for him to stop, gets dragged into a lake by zombie things, and he has to standby and watch dumbledore die while feeling completely helpless


my point is that even though he goes through all this shit he is still a bucket of fucking sunshine. He isn’t bitter, cynical or mean. He believes the best in everyone and always tries to help people. He works to save the world even when the world turns it’s back on him.

I kept waiting for him to break down, at least once. I was like okay and now he’s going to have a panic attack because there is no way one person could go through all of that and be okay but he never did.

Harry Potter is the bravest and most incredible character to ever exist and if you don’t think so then you better have some good arguments and a fucking powerpoint presentation ready because that’s the only way i will ever accept that opinion.

Things Are Going To Be Okay

I’m noticing a lot of posts on my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds, mostly from a lot of the younger #Strangers (10 - 20 y/o or so) who don’t remember what happened the last time Islamophobia swept the world fourteen years ago, saying how they’re afraid. Afraid because the world is so chaotic and unstable right now. Afraid because people are talking about World War III. Afraid because of the amount of (usually biased) politics is being shoved down our throats by the media. I wanted to just take an hour out of my evening to write you all a personal message and I really hope it finds its way to you somehow if you’re sitting at your computer worrying about what’s going to happen in the world.

When I was in my earliest years of secondary school, 9/11 happened. The world stood and watched in horror and silence - our generation had never witnessed violence and terror on this scale before. We all sat at my granddad’s dining table during his birthday dinner that evening with the television on, watching the same repetitive twelve seconds of footage being played over and over again on the screen. I didn’t sleep that night because my aunt and cousin were flying to Spain on holiday the next day, and we were all convinced another attack or hijacking could happen at any moment. The entire world held its breath and was on standby as we waited for a second terror plot of the same magnitude to hit the media… and we prayed it wouldn’t be our own city.

It never came. At least, not until the London bombings of 07/07/07 - almost six years later.

I have a flashbulb memory of being on vacation with my family in Weymouth at a holiday park in 2003, at the evening entertainment cabaret. My dad, who was a little tipsy with holiday spirit at the time, pulled me aside and told me that he had been looking into a lot of the media without mum knowing about it, and that he was terrified they would call people up to go to war through conscription, much like they did in World War II. Everyone was screaming there would be World War III, we would be bombed in our homes and the terrorists would rule the nation. Masses of the general public had been so overwhelmed with propaganda about suicide bombers, plane hijackers, and Islam that they were chomping at the bit by the time the vote came to British Parliament as to whether or not we would go to war with Iraq. “We need to get Saddam Hussein while he’s still over there, before he comes over here for us,” my dad told me as we watched the coverage of the Parliament discussion and voting one evening. “The thing is, he’s got all these nuclear weapons, and those Muslims want to kill us all because we’re infidels, we don’t believe in their God.” Just a father explaining to his wide-eyed, frightened daughter who was just old enough to start understanding politics why we were planning to send armies over to the Middle East to slaughter and bomb the terrorists. Like these innocent bystanders, these normal people just like you and me, weren’t even human. The terrorists.

Weeks passed, months passed. Some kids in my class, Mike and Violeta, went on a “hunger strike” to protest the war; I rolled my eyes at them like the brainwashed, good citizen I was and told anyone at school who would listen, “We have to go to war, it’s the only way to make sure they don’t nuke us.” Just as I’d been told by my father, and every bit of media being thrown at me by the telly and newspapers. There were genuine rumours about conscription and rationing, and Islamophobia was everywhere. I can’t even imagine what Muslim Brits had to go through during that time. I just remember that impending sense of one day… one day, we could be sitting at our dining table, and suddenly we could be getting bombed. I thought about that when Pietro was explaining the twins’ background in Avengers: Age of Ultron, how they had been bombed during a family dinner; I thought about how I lived terrified of something that was, in hindsight, extremely unlikely to happen to me, whilst it was something some teens lived in legitimate fear of. Because we were actually led to believe that we would be bombed out of nowhere by the terrorists.

Are/were these fears irrational? While I might look back at the fact that most of that “war” consisted of us rampaging through Iraq blowing shit up, no, I wouldn’t say it was irrational. Any day, at any moment, another terrorist plot could have been unveiled. It can happen, at any time, but that is a fact that has always been there, even if you’ve never seen it. Terrorism isn’t an organization; it’s not a country, or a person, or a regime. Terrorism is an ideaology. It is a belief, a set of morals, a way of life passed down from people to people. Terrorism has no religion, it has no colour or creed. The only thing various incidences of terrorism have in common is people. History is ripe with instances of terror (Google homework: IRA, Black September, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Guy Fawkes, Brigatte Rosse, Front de libération du Québec, Al Quaeda). So while this is a very real and frightening threat, it’s definitely not a new one!

The other thing history is ripe with is examples of propaganda. If you don’t know much about propaganda, one of the most famous uses of it is how Hitler and Joseph Goebbels managed to turn the German populace against the Jews in the lead up to World War II via antisemetic images and stereotypes. There’s great examples of it in Harry Potter too, with how the Ministry of Magic was printing anti-Mudblood pamphlets? THAT’S propaganda! And let’s also not forget that Captain America was first started in the 40s to promote anti-Nazi beliefs and to encourage young people to want to sign up and fight like Steve Rogers in the lead up to America joining World War II; also, Iron Man was created in the 60s as Capitalist vs Communist propaganda (if you don’t believe me, go back and read The Invincible Iron Man and look at the villains he fights!). And the point of a lot of propaganda, especially in the early stages, is that it’s very, very, very subtle, and very related to pop culture. To translate that to the year 2015, propaganda would take the form of Internet memes, biased blogs and news outlets, and Facebook sharing. 

And the main reason I wanted to switch the focus to propaganda was to explain what you’re about to see all over the news: because a lot of it will be propaganda. You will see the word “islamophobia” used over and over again, either in a way that enforces it or dismisses it. You’ll see people claiming that Islam is a religion that breeds violence, and that refugees could be terrorists in disguise. They’ll throw “facts” in your face that have no basis in truth. This is called fear-mongering; it’s a media and government tactic used to drive citizens into a panicked frenzy so that they will give up more of their rights and beliefs in order to feel “safe” again. 

Remember: everybody wants you to be afraid! The way to simultaneously fight both terrorism and fear-mongering governments is simply to not let them frighten you into giving up your personal morals, beliefs, or rights

The Internet exists and it is a wonderful tool to gather a wide variety of information. All information is likely to be biased slightly or far left (Liberal/radical), or slightly or far right (Republican/conservative), so always make sure you check your sources before believing everything you see or read! Chances are if you heard it on Fox News, it’s going to be biased to the hard right and there may be some facts that have no business calling themselves facts. Here is a list of some of the recommended unbiased news sites on the Internet:
- The Independent (UK)
- Huffington Post
- The Real News
- FactCheck.org 

I suppose if I had to summarize this post with a TL;DR paragraph, it would be this: you are about to see some things posted in places the Internet knows you will see them that are psychologically designed to play on your biggest fears and insecurities and terrify the ever-living shit out of you. This is because people want you to be afraid. When people are afraid - for themselves, their families, or their country - they’re easier to manipulate. The best way for you to remain safe and educated on what is going on is to a) question everything you see/hear/read and b) read as much as you can from unbiased sources that are less likely to post propaganda

Nothing we are experiencing is anything more than humanity has experienced before, and the good thing is that, this time, there are more educated people and less ignorant ones floating around. And remember - things are never, ever as bad as the media makes them out to be. ;) 

Good luck and stay educated!

~ Kiery

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Harry Potter fic recs? PS Love your stories, btw!!!

Thank you :D!

Sooo… recs, huh. Only about 1000 ^_^. It would take me forever to jot them all down, but I went through my favourites list and decided to just pick those out that I still vividly remember and that have a pretty high word count (because who doesn’t love long fics??):

  • Some more general fics:

Hogwarts Battle School  by Kwan Li [stick with it, it gets really good]

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality  by Less Wrong [my head hurts from thinking and my stomach from laughing]

Keep Your Enemies Closer  by Riddletobien

Prince of the Dark Kingdom  by Mizuni-sama [who hasn’t read that and what are you still doing here]

Train to Nowhere by MayMarlow

  • Harry/Tom (Voldemort):

In a World Gone Astray  by Vallory Russups

When Lies Turn into Truth  by Vallory Russups

Enduring Obsession  by whitedwarf

The Art of Hidden Personas  by whitedwarf

Mirrored  by brainstorm1001 [canon Harry and canon Voldemort and she still makes it work]

En Passant  by Ruinous Crow

Schooled  by WyrdSmith

Tainted  by R.L.Peverell [you have to include at least one time travel fic in such a list no?]

Jewel Amongst Stones  by Eschient [can we like kidnap the author and torture them for another chapter?]

In Death, Standby  by Sophisma [A Harry raised by Voldemort fic. Adorable]

Knowledge Is Power  by Nutty as a fruitcake

The Spellmaker by SonnyGietzel

Tangled by AnOrcaLullaby

The Game  by Rendered Reversed [author is also like, the master of lovely little oneshots]

Taken by Surprise  by BabblingSquirrel

My newest obsession: Target  by Little.Miss.Xanda

  • Others:

Becoming  by SensiblyTainted  [omg]

Had I Known  by kayly silverstorm [all the feeeeels]

With a Forked Tongue I Lie in Wait (Taming Snakes)  by DelusionalGrandeur

And so many more haha xD. I probably forgot some really good ones… Ah well. Hope you find something you like and haven’t already read!
Warning: Lots of unfinished stories up there.

2000~ words of “Grilled Cheesus” angst because that episode wrecks me and I always get stuck thinking about Kurt going home to that empty house. So I can’t tell if I feel like crying because I finally finished this, or


Kurt pulls his Navigator into the driveway at the side of his house and parks. He looks up at the house and all the windows are dark, with no movement behind them. It feels wrong being here, being away from his dad, and when the doctor said he didn’t know when he’d wake up, what Kurt chose to hear was, “Any minute now,” so what is he doing here? He keeps turning his phone between his fingers in his pocket, waiting for it to vibrate, and when it doesn’t, he runs his thumb over the embossed studs of his phone case like a worry stone. If he presses hard enough, he can feel the blood rush back into the tip of his thumb when he lets go, warm and pulsing and there.

Kurt grabs his messenger bag from the passenger seat and gets out of the car. The old oak tree in the front yard’s leaves rustle, but other than that, the street is quiet. Kurt lets himself into the house and shuts the door behind him. Silence greets him, and it’s so still and quiet that the absence is ringing in his ears.

His phone vibrates. He already knows, from the single buzz, that this is not going to be what he needs it to be, but he swipes the message open anyway and it brightens the foyer where he still has not flipped the light switch.

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Standing Still on Promises (1/2)

The Doctor might have left Rose on Bad Wolf Bay, but he’s still there, too.  Now the question is only whether he can convince the woman he loves that his single heart beats for her as much as when he had two.

Birthday fic for tinyconfusion!

Genre: romance
Rating: teen this part, going WAY up in the next.
Un-beta’d, all mistakes are mine.

“I love you.”

All it took were the three hardest words, the ones that came to his lips with astonishing ease when he realized that he had only one thing left to lose.


All his anger, his pain, his loneliness and self loathing began to melt away the second her lips touched his, and there wasn’t a single power in any universe that could stop him from wrapping his arms around her, holding her as close as possible and savoring the sensation of having her there, with him, just as it should be.

Until the familiar groan of the TARDIS dematerializing shattered the moment, and Rose tore herself away from him, chasing after a dream that was fading in front of her.  Then he felt self-loathing in an incredibly more literal sense, the feeling warring with his own furtive joy that he was still here, still with Rose, with a whole new lifetime of possibilities unfurling before him.

When the TARDIS had gone completely, he stepped closer to her, taking her hand firmly in his own.  She continued to stare at the vacant square imprint in the sand, but her thumb stroked his lightly, absently, the way it had so many times before.  After a moment, she looked up at him, and she could see her eyes searching his, looking for something, some assurance that he was still him…or maybe some remnant of someone she thought was gone.  He wasn’t sure what she found, only that she was suddenly sobbing, and he was wrapping his arms around her again as she leaned into his chest.  He kissed her hair lightly and lay his cheek on top of her head, his eyes sliding closed as he rocked her gently.

“Oh for god’s sake!”  Jackie’s voice sliced through the air, and Rose stiffened and pulled away immediately, turning her back on her mother to dry her eyes.  “I was gone five minutes!  What’ve you done to her?”

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