or at least until next season starts

so imagine next season when theyre trying to figure out who should pilot the black lion

like it starts off w keith trying to but he cANT it’s not working and

they can’t figure out what to do anymore so they’re all like “well shit no black paladin huh”

but then there’s an emergency attack and they’re like “WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO”

and it cuts to allura looking at the black lion and she kNOWS WHAT TO DO


they’re all like “?????? wHAT DO WE DO”

allura’s like “you’ll stay in ur original positions,,,”

“,,and i’ll form the head.”


I want a television series of harry potter the whole thing as in season 1 the marauders at least three seasons showing all aspects of their lives then i want to see at least one year of literally all the Weasley siblings until we get to harry’s first year and then each chapter gets an episode with every detail ever in this show including a shit load of random head-cannons that would make this show perfect and finally i want next gen. starting with teddy and ending wherever that ends because i really want all of this like now please


Netflix is still viewing Young Justice stats to see if they should order a third season, but apparently they are starting to lean towards not doing it. So right now, no matter what you are doing, GO WATCH YOUNG JUSTICE! If you do not watch at least five or six episodes a day we will not get it back. They are saying that they need at least 300,000 views a month to renew it and they will be making their decision in the next few weeks. SO GO WATCH YOUNG JUSTICE RIGHT THIS SECOND AND DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU EITHER PASS OUT OR DIE, THIS IS NOT A REQUEST, PLEASE HELP OUT AND WATCH IT NOW!!!!!! We need to get it trending again, or we will never ever see another new episode of Young Justice ever again!

Half a year you say?!

More like… Two season’s worth of watching.

Think about it.

I’ve counted, and there’s 27 weeks until the next presumed season (January 6) from today (June 26).

So if we just start watching rtte season 1 and 2 one episode every Saturday, starting July 2, we will swiftly roll towards season 4 without knowing xD we will have one week left before realease, where we can binge the 3rd season and freak out about the clips released for season 4 xD

At least I’m going to do that to keep me sanity at bay xD

Fate Stay Night (UBW) - 12 [End]

254th Completed Anime - Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - 9/10

Well, at least the end for now, until season 2 starts in April. 

I finished this last night but halfway through the episode I didn’t want to write anymore, so I finished that today. lol. Now to make gifs from all the episodes I watched. o_o 

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