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My big ol’ project for my CVA (Computer Visual Art) class!

We had to create creatures, and I made a mix of a african wild dog, a lion, and a little striped hyena! Its mostly an african wild dog tho lmao

I spent so long on it….. but at least im pretty happy with it!

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Last day of my drawing challenge! Cassandra vs dragon!

Wow have I enjoyed drawing all of these! I really missed drawing so much every day, but I do feel like I need a little break now x) I will however try to draw one drawing at least once every week from now on and I think i might challenge myself again but next time it will be with 3D modeling     

Thank you guys for all your likes and comments you are wonderful! And thank you Bioware for making these fantastic games!! And pls don’t rust anything for a 4th one! If you are going to make a new one take your time and do it well! Thank you!

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So. I was thinking recently about you Lady Villain Trio. (Sorry they're awesome.) And I thought about Gel. You said she's not really a hero. So what are Will and Tekno about? Do they blindly follow her or does she manipulate them hard core? They don't seem like the people to be genuenly blind, smarts wise at least, about that sort of thing. So what's they're ring in all of this? (BTW good luck in school and hope it gets easier. Best of luck. Bye chickadee)

Gel is more of a figurehead than a leader. She doesn’t actually give orders either. She’s too busy trying to keep herself in the spotlight and kill Vendetta to do anything that’s actually productive. Silk leads when they do actually need to, and Tekno is just a tired college student trying her best.

Hey guys! This is the second one of the chinese themed versions I made. Of course I’m still pretty behind with commissions due to my seller problems ugh. But at least I managed to get my money back from Paypal! Yay! Reported the material seller so yeah. Whatever.

Anyway I’m trying to make Progress with my orders as fast as I can. Please be patient with me! I’m on it!

Here have the Chinese Soukoku case I made for a lovely customer.

Case - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you like to have your own then pls dont hesitate to hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!

You can reach me over dms, my etsy store or my homepage ;)

I’ve received some messages in the past asking me how do i pick my colors… and i did this in an attemp to explain myself 💦💦 i might have failed.

Well the thing is, i don’t consider myself very good at painting nor i think i use really WOAH AWESOME colors so i get a little lost when asked how do i pick my palettes when really is not rocket science.

My best advice as a person who have no idea what are they doing is to E X P E R IM E N T.

Don’t limit yourself from what you see on the real world. Feel like coloring a girl with blue skin? using pink as a shadow? go for it! try stuff! even if it ends up looking hella weird! at least you tried you know. And tbh is fun.

I guess thats what my “creative process” is all about. How many different ways i can put pink on a drawing Hahaha

i hope yall have a good week🌸 i feel super stupid for doing this hahah!

That Summer Chapter 104 Summary


i’m a bit busy today so maybe i’ll try to do a summary for Unlucky Mansion if anyone finds this kind of summary not cringe-worthy T__T

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lmao so

we went to the grocery store, right, picking up last minute things for tomorrow (as was everyone else)

and i went up to customer service to get a bottle of brandy they’d pulled from the aisles for me

there was this guy standing next to me who started making conversation, ‘i must have passed you like three times, you just look *so* happy to be here! well hey, at least i got you to smile!’

just… really all up in my face, while i do the smile, laugh, try to close myself off routine, and he puts his hands on me– dude had a tight grip

ferry, who’s about 50 ft away, IMMEDIATELY makes her way over

dude maintains, apparently doesn’t notice how angry she is, continues to put his hands on me; she was definitely about to throw down

and, since she was with me, the clerk asked for both our ID’s–she left her purse at home, so we had to leave it

out in the parking lot the guy was pulling out and all jokingly, 'don’t you run into me! don’t you run into me!’

ferry just shouts back 'haha h a DON’T TEMPT ME, I’LL RAM YOU 8)))’

… anyway i still need to go back out for liquor and i feel gross

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Star already busted two events by telling the truth (Sensei's birthday and Songday) and Moon told her the truth might be dangerous to tell and the people don't want to hear it. Do you think this may be foreshadowing? I think of Star's future inner conflict of trying to tell everybody about Mewni's true bloody past and to destroy the (old) kingdom, or to stay silent and keep the peace. What route would she take?

That’d be quite a sight to see, especially since she was so sure about the path she wanted to take so far, but might reconsider, or at least be conflicted, should she realize that telling the truth and uniting Mewni might hurt who she cares about. I think she’s ultimately find a compromise, “being honest” (with oneself, with others…) has always been an important theme in the show.

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Hello there! Can you do the line “What ring? I don’t have a ring!” with Adam Cole (BAYBAY)

The Ring 

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling

Adam smiled at the ring he’d kept in his pocket, for a few months now. He wasn’t usually one to get nervous about things. 

He was usually, so confident, and a just a bit cocky to say the least.

But, this was different. He didn’t know what he’d do if he was rejected.

When you walked in, he slid it back in his pocket, and pretended to be watching whatever was on the TV. But, he wasn’t paying attention to it. The only thing he could focus on, was you, as you sat next to him, and laid your head on his shoulder.

“How was your day?” He asked, trying to keep his voice steady. You smiled.

“Same old stuff.” You started, before kissing his cheek, then turning your attention to the TV. “That’s a nice ring, hm?” You asked.

His mouth fell ajar. “What ring? I don’t have a ring!” He exclaimed nervously.

You sat up and cocked your head, becoming a bit confused, you just pointed at the TV. He looked over to see wrestling was on, and you were referring to a wrestling ring.

He let out a sigh, becoming annoyed at himself for giving it away. You smirked.

“Why Adam? Is there something you wanna ask me?”

He smiled softly. “Yes, but I’m not gonna do it here Babe. You’re just gonna have to wait for the right time.” He winked.

You chuckled, and playfully hit him in the arm.

“Well, just so you know..when you ask, I’m gonna say yes..” You said, causing his smile to grow.

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Hi hello ^-^ i just wanted to say(more like remind) everyone that you are always welcomed here 💙 no matter what is your age, where you are from, what is your sexuality is, what gender you are etc. Doesn’t change the fact that you are loved and cared about here 💙 this is a full posivity blog, a non-negativity(negativity free) zone that you can send asks or dms to talk about anything you want to so please feel free to do 😊 i know i had been so inactive these weeks(cause of depression and exams) but i will try being more active and i will try answering messages and mentions faster i promise 💙 and last but not least please don’t let anyone make you sad and feel less than you actually are 💙 i love you all, good night 💙

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Hi. I’m such a huge fan of your writing. What do you think would happen if C137 Rick walked in on the reader trying on new lingerie?

“I-I like that one.”

You jumped and spun around at the sound of Rick’s voice, mentally cursing yourself for missing the noise of the portal. You hadn’t been expecting him for at least another hour, and so had decided to try on some new items you’d purchased for him as a surprise. 

Biting your lip, you stood there, the lacy garments partially concealing your body, yet still revealing enough to be tantalizing. 

The look on Rick’s face let you know he was pleased, and he started to cross the room, to close the distance between you. Once there, he ran a hand along the exposed skin of your belly, his fingertips dancing lower to trace the waistband of the garter belt, trailing towards your hip. Finally, he gripped your ass hard, pulling you against him and his quickly forming erection. He smirked at you, his eyes full of greed as he dipped his mouth down to run his teeth along your jaw and up to your ear.

“N-now let’s see if we can’t - can’t put this to good use.”

>Be the Illustrious Barista

“I mean, I don’t REAAAALLY have the time for this right now, I’ve got a show going live in like, five. So, I mean, I guess? But just make it quick, okay, today’s a holiday special.”

>Why do you guys always give me shit when I’m just trying to write- Okay, you know what, whatever, I GUESS we’re on a time crunch here so let’s just get this over with.

>Your name is ODASHA CEIRUJ, and you’re a bit of a local celebrity. You’ve got a talk show that’s gained quite a lot of popularity over the sweeps. It’s nothing TOO big and grandiose, at least not yet. You’re upping your quality every sweep, hoping to get noticed by some big venue. It hasn’t really worked, but you are attracting some bigger names in media, so you MUST be doing something right!

>Clearly, one thing that you’re doing right is your attitude on camera. Sure, you can be a bit brash and bitter off air, but as soon as that camera’s on you, you’re all sunshine and smiles, baby. You bring special guests on occasionally, and just absolutely butter them up, and, while you’re at it, have them promote your cafe. Oh yeah, you guess you forgot to mention, you own a cafe. The same cafe you host your show in. It’s all pretty convenient. Except for that other cafe down the block. You swear, the owner’s trying to run you out of business. Boy do you have some strongly colored words for that man.

>Your trollian tag is illustriousBarista, and you don’t have any sort of typing quirk publically, but in pri><ate con><ersations you like to mimic the shape of your horns.

Age: 14 Sweeps

Height: 5′11″

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Ahhh congrats!!! Can I request either 47 or 65 pls?? :D

ahhh thank you! both of these were so cute but i actually had an idea for 65 so imma do that one

65: Did you do something different with your hair?

Something was different and Ryan was going to drive himself crazy trying to figure it out. He had glanced over at Shane at least 20 times in the past half hour and he still couldn’t figure out what was going on. 

Ryan tried to focus on his work, looking at his computer screen hoping for some inspiration to strike. He sighed when nothing came, slouching back into his chair.

“Ryan, what’s wrong?” Shane asked, turning to look at his friend.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Ryan mumbled.

“You’ve spent at least 20 minutes sighing and looking at me. I understand my beauty is overwhelming sometimes, but this is excessive.”

Ryan blushed, still trying to figure out what’s different.

“Something’s off and I can’t place it! Did you get a new shirt? Did you do something different to your hair? Please tell me before I actually go insane!”

Shane laughed, looking at Ryan with amusement.

“I got a haircut and I’m wearing my glasses today,” Shane explained.

Now that he pointed it out, Ryan felt dumb for not noticing it. 


Shane laughed again, shaking his head. “Is that what’s been bothering you all day? You could have just asked!” 

“Yeah well, now that this has been sorted out, I’m going back to work.” Ryan hid the blush on his face by turning to face his computer screen.

“It would help if you opened a document.”

“Shut up Shane.” 

kinda dialogue heavy i know but i’m happy with it. send me a prompt from here!

The World is Unravelling

Only 617 words today :( Work was really busy and then we expats had a Thanksgiving potluck tonight so I couldn’t write all night like I usually do. Still, I got to one of the unexpected scenes that cropped up out of nowhere that I knew I had to include. Here’s a snippet:

“What do you mean, you’re the only one?” Chloe asked. “Why is that?”

“Because I’m the Lightbringer,” Lucifer said, a strange emotion that wasn’t quite pride in his voice. “Or at least, I was. Actually…” He shot her a speculative look. Chloe looked back, bewildered.

“I want to try something,” he said. “Stay right there, Detective.” He went over to the table.

“Okay,” Chloe agreed, unsure of what was happening but willing to go along. Lucifer picked up the sword. Chloe watched apprehensively. He closed his eyes, and flames, actual fire, began to lick along the edges of the blade. Chloe’s mouth dropped open. “Lucifer, what-”

When she spoke, Lucifer opened his eyes, staring straight at her. All at once, the sword burst into brilliant, glorious life, such that Chloe could feel the heat even from her place across the room. The light mirrored the brightness of his eyes as he gazed at her with adoration and Chloe felt a lump rise in her throat.

There he stood, the third-most powerful entity in all Creation, holding a blazing sword, cast in the light from the setting sun, and he looked at her with the universe in his eyes as though he would like nothing more than to lay it at her feet.

“Lightbringer,” she murmured.

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Tell me your thoughts on winter. I know you have a lot of them

Right now, everything looks like a barren wasteland of white. Everything is cold. And slippery. I have to go home and shovel my driveway because it’s slippery and I won’t be able to get into my garage if I don’t. I drifted as I turned through and intersection today and I shit you not, I started laughing because I can’t drift even if I tried so thank you intersection for the lol’s this morning. I don’t like wearing pants (I am a dresses and skirts sort of gal) so when winter comes, I can choose to lose my legs from cold or wear pants. I often try to lose my legs. Still attached so we’re still good.

I do have a veeery lovely pair of Steve Madden leather boots that I rock very well and I reserve them for winter so at least I look stylish af with my grey cowl also. I love curling up with tea or hot chocolate and reading when it’s cold like this. Winter is a very productive reading time for me. The snow looks pretty when it’s first fallen.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve got. Thanks MarciCakes 😘😘😘

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Do you keep your birbs in one room or let them roam around? Very cute birbs btw!

Obviously when I’m not home, the birbs are in their cages so they don’t get into trouble!  And I also have two elderly cats, so if the cats are out, the birds have to stay in the bird room (i. e., my bedroom, where their cages are) so there are no incidents.  Other than that, I do try to let the birds out to roam as they please for at least a few hours a day!  (The cats have their own room with food, litter, water, toys, cat beds, an armchair, etc., because I am a giant sucker and spoil my pets just a tiny bit.)  Usually, though, the birds all prefer to stay in the same room with me so that the flock is all together, and I get suspicious if somebody goes into another room without me and stays there–Spencer is really good at quietly destroying things until I catch him, so I tend to like to have him in my line of sight at all times.  :D  (Beatrix is a Faithful Bird Wife and refuses to leave my side.)

Okay, I started rambling, but in general, they’re allowed in pretty much every area of the apartment (as long as there’s nothing dangerous around!).  This does have the downside of meaning that there is Random Bird Debris all over my house (there is SO MUCH BIRDSEED IN MY BED, YOU GUYS), but I’ve learned to live with it.  :D


As most of you probably noticed, I’m in the middle of a short-ish hiatus to survive my finals and the likely end of a terrible era filled with classes every night and group work. I’ll be soon free from this semester and I’ll have a much lighter school life for next year (I have heaps of work too, so it’s not like I’ll be here all the time but at least I’ll be here).

Wish me luck, thank you for the support aaaand I’ll try to do inbox calls and reply to the asks I have in the meanwhile. :D


Let people grow.

When I was younger I was very right-wing. I mean…very right-wing. I won’t go into detail, because I’m very deeply ashamed of it, but whatever you’re imagining, it’s probably at least that bad. I’ve taken out a lot of pain on others; I’ve acted in ignorance and waved hate like a flag; I’ve said and did things that hurt a lot of people.

There are artefacts of my past selves online – some of which I’ve locked down and keep around to remind me of my past sins, some of which I’ve scrubbed out, some of which are out of my grasp. If I were ever to become famous, people could find shit on me that would turn your stomach.

But that’s not me anymore. I’ve learned so much in the last ten years. I’ve become more open to seeing things through others’ eyes, and reforged my anger to turn on those who harm others rather than on those who simply want to exist. I’ve learned patience and compassion. I’ve learned how to recognise my privileges and listen to others’ perspectives. I’ve learned to stand up for others, how to hear, how to help, how to correct myself. And I learned some startling shit about myself along the way – with all due irony, some of the things I used to lash out at others for are intrinsic parts of myself.

You wouldn’t know what I am now from what I was then. You wouldn’t know what I was then from what I am now.

It distresses me deeply to think of someone dredging up my dark, awful past and treating me as though that furiously hateful person is still me. It distresses me to see others dredging up the past for anyone who has made efforts to become a better person, out of some sick obsession with proving they’re “problematic.”

Purity culture tells you that once someone says or does something, they can never go back on it. That’s a goddamn lie. While it’s true that some remain unrepentant and never change their ways and continue to harm others, it’s important to allow everyone the chance to learn from their mistakes. Saying something ignorant isn’t murder. Please stop treating it that way. Let people grow.