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Ever since we got the good news about his hips & elbows we’ve been starting him off with some frisbee training, turns out he’s an ace! We’re also looking into agility, but the agility trainer at our dog school quit two weeks ago… dk now looking at different sporting clubs around where we live. 

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I hate when I ask customers something and they respond with "whatever is easiest for you". I know they're just trying to be helpful, but it doesn't actually help me at all. just tell me what you want and I'll do it for you

I joke back that “the easiest for me is to go home. Now what one did you want again” 9 out of ten will pick one and the tenth will always make me pick so I always go for the least favorite selling item I can to move the product.



pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 2500

warnings: swearing, porn mention (???)

summary: you’re feeling particularly angry this morning and connor’s willing to do anything to try and make you feel better.

a/n: is this completely self indulgent? yes. did i write this because i was having jaw pain and wished someone was there to kiss it and make me feel better? yes. so of course i picked my baby connor to make me feel better when i was adamently furious - hope he’ll help with some of you guys, too, or at least make you feel a bit fuzzy!!! i didnt proofread this bc i wanted to get it up so ignore any mistakes or hmu with them if they bother you enjoy! <3

You slammed the door of your locker shut and, when you turned your head, practically jumped when you saw Connor beside you, dripping with rain water and looking particularly unhappy to be at school.

“Fuck, Connor,” you mumbled, your eyes trailing from his feet to his face. “Why didn’t you say something?”

Connor’s eyes furrowed together in the middle of his forehead and he frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. “I thought you noticed me walk up and were just ignoring me.”

You shook your head. “I obviously didn’t see you.”

As you hoisted your backpack higher up on your shoulders, you watched Connor take a small step towards you and flickered your gaze to match his. His body was morphing into his protective, ready-to-fuck-someone-up stance – he always stood like that when he thought someone at school had pissed you off.  “Everything alright?”

Sighing, you nodded. “Great,” you answered firmly, turning on your heel and moving down the hallway.

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This pose. This pose fought me for a couple days now, just simply visualizing how it would work. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t figure out how to put it on paper.

I figured Tommy and Deborah were just about to a cabin before he got grabbed in my previous picture, but a pocket knife won’t keep Jason stunned for long. And it takes too long for two people to try to climb through a window so Tommy just grabs her and tries to take the brunt of the damage from crashing through the window. I wasn’t sure really how much to do with the glass, and so many tiny shards would be impossible to draw, so I went for a more minimal use, just to get the feel. XD They’re both going to need some first aid after this, but at least they got away!

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not to sound rude but omg how do you have the patience to answer all those like 'im x tall what should my weight be?' questions

I tend to try and answer them at least once a day especially if I don’t have work but I have left them for a few days. They don’t take to long to look up for me cause I’ve been doing them for so long now, idk how it started but I just don’t want people going to another person and getting a weight that’s very underweight especially because a lot of people on here are quite young.

When I first started this blog I would get people being like “ I asked someone what my ideal weight for 5'7 was and they said 95lbs, how fast do you think I could get there if I’m 140lbs?” And it made me very worried for them. I’d prefer to spend like an extra minute on each ask and check what’s a lowish but healthy weight for them rather than them getting too determined on one very underweight.

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What is jbj tho help me and my ignorant soul

no it’s completely fine love you are not ignorant at all 😤 i’m still a bit dull about JBJ i just know the general things and some of them may be wrong pls excuse me and feel free to correct me~

JBJ started as KenCallTaeGyun (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong and Sanggyun) if i’m being completely honest i’m still not sure why that foursome was created so if you would like to enlighten me please do (i was just really happy about kenta lmao) anyway this post happened and everyone started saying how they wanted that group to happen and how they wanted them to debut so they started contacting every trainee’s company so they can at least have some sort of photoshoot or interview. Sadly, there were some companies that declined (i’m still crying) so they couldn’t do anything about it but people are still trying to get them together.

JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful (also not sure about how that name happened but it’s cute) there are 7 members (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong, Sanggyun, Taehyun, Hyunbin and Donghan) they all get along together really well and their chemistry is amazing so that’s mainly the reason why they want them to debut together~ (but sadly we didn’t get to see any of this friendships in pd101 i’m salty

You can always search for JBJ on twitter and scroll through if you want to get to know them more, hopefully this helped and if i’m missing something or said something wrong please feel free to correct me ^^

Okay you guys, it’s summer and I’ve got too much time on my hands and I need some more ocs to draw. So, I thought about asking if any of y'all had some you wanted me to attempt. It’ll help expand what I think I can do and you get free, hopefully decent art out of it lol. So you can message me or add pictures onto here. Hell, you can even send me links to photos of your ocs. But you gotta tell me which one to draw. Don’t make me choose. I am terrible at that and will likely cry. No, just kidding. But seriously, I’d love to give your precious babies a shot. I’ll try to have them done - well, whenever I can tbh.

Teach me - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 8,7k

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help me improve my writing. Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!

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Thank you so much!

Wow, I just hit 30 followers! Thank you so much for following or even reading and liking my stuff! I do have a few imagines coming out this week and trying to release at least one or two imagines a day but I just wanted to say Thank you!

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Dads I need an advice! I have this friend, we used to practice horse riding together but I stopped. She has a horse in the manège and she needs somebody to ride him. She said she wants me to. I would like to because I miss horse riding so much, but I don't want to because I'm scared of it (yeah fuck logic) and because the place holds a shitload of bad memories. I don't know what to do! Should I help her and face my fears and bad memories? Or not?

i would try to face it and help her. you can always stop if it’s too bad, but maybe try at least. if it’s horrible, you can stop. 💙💙

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I see people comparing Nesta to Rowan in hof and there's a lot of differences there. Rowan and Aelin were both hostile toward each other. Feyre provided for Nesta, and made sure she was fed for years, and what did she do? Insult the one thing Feyre took pride in and enjoyed doing? Both Rowan and Aelin said rude things to each other and started fights. Maybe I just relate to feyre more because I know how she feels, but I still can't forgive what she did.

It’s completely alright if you can’t forgive Nesta. There isn’t one “right” way to read her character. I think what we have to try to do, as a fandom, and especially when it comes to Nesta’s character, is to stop being so defensive. Or, at the very least, people need to be understanding that there are always going to be multiple ways to read her character. Some people really connect with her because I think she reminds a lot of us of ourselves. She certainly reminds me of the many times I’ve lashed out against comfort and against my family. But even though I understand where Nesta is coming from, and what motivates her actions, I hesitate to defend them completely. The fact is, she is very mean to those who care for her. As someone who is also, at times, mean, I get it. But…that makes neither of our actions “okay.” I wish people could say “i dislike how Nesta treats Feyre but still love and relate to her characters and find her interesting.” Like those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, but the fandom does get weird about discussing negative qualities of characters they adore (see: Rhysand). 

You are allowed to not forgive Nesta. You’re allowed to decide that there are aspects of a character that make them irredeemable for you. I agree that Rowan and Aelin are both horrid to one another. I doubt anyone would argue that Aelin is ever a perfect saint, and the same can be said for him. The difference between Rowan and Aelin and Feyre and Nesta is that when Rowan met Aelin, she meant nothing to him. She was someone his queen had asked him to train. And I think that Rowan reacted so negatively to her because she was the first thing is hundreds of years that caused an emotional reaction in him. But still, they owed one another nothing and were barely even friends at first. As soon as she starts to matter to him, his behavior changes. Nesta, on the other hand, is Feyre’s sister. Family. It’s natural for us, as readers, to expect that one treat their family well. Especially when Feyre was providing for her sisters and caring for them. They would have starved without her. So equating Rowan and Nesta is…not a very thorough or well reasoned reading of the text. It ignores a lot of context. 

Frankly, the debate over Nesta bothers me. People who love her see **one** thing about how someone can’t forgive her for sibling abuse and they FREAK OUT over how the fandom treats her. But…I find that many people actually really adore Nesta? She’s a uber popular character, especially as part of a ship with Cassian. 

I think that maybe some of the Rowan v Nesta stuff has to do with how harshly the fandom seems to treat female characters compared to male? I think in this instance Rowan v Nesta is a false comparison. But, I do think that the fandom just utterly falls for some of SJM’s male characters while…disliking female ones? I mean, Rhys and Aelin are v similar, but we all know that some ppl HATE Aelin. Azriel is always called a poor baby bat, and Mor is raked over the coals for not loving him (pre acowar anyways). Lorcan is just…accepted despite his many faults, while a character like Nesta is really polarizing. There is more beef in this fandom concerning the female characters than there is the males (with the exception of Rhys v Tamlin). 

Though, like I said, I do think there is a significant difference between the Rowan/Aelin relationship in HoF and the Feyre/Nesta FAMILIAL relationship that makes the comparison between Nesta and Rowan a bit muddled. They aren’t situations that seem equatable or similar enough to me to really be compared to useful effect. So really, these conversations are a bit more complex than “why do we hate the women and love the men,” though that in itself is not a false statement. 

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hey nikki, i was wondering if you ever have low energy days? or like days where youre just not at your 100% and your workouts reflect that? if so, what do you do to counteract that or at least to feel better?

ill usually take a preworkout to get a little boost.. if im gonna b honest some days when im not feeling my best i just skip out on the gym and try even harder the next day! :)

Leaving the past in the past is fine and well. Until you do so without confronting the problem you left in the past, and then 5 years down the road the problem is left, still unconfronted. You can’t move past something that hasn’t been dealt with. You leave it in the past, at least you try to, but you can’t truly move on.

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it’s been ‘only’ two weeks from the last update, but it truly feels like ages, and as much as im trying to be patient because i know full well that drawing takes a lot of effort and time, im still having a hard time getting through the wait;;;;;; i just really miss our boys!!

but!! well, i don’t want to get anyone’s hope up, because i don’t know old xian and i can only try to predict what they’re going to do, so don’t quote me on this, but i feel like we might get a new chapter tomorrow?? the last mosspaca update was three days ago, and in the caption of the post old xian said that they were finally done with all the work they had to do. based on past patterns, it usually takes at least two or three days after a new mosspaca chapter to have a 19 days one: three days have passed, and old xian seems to be done with mosspaca for now, so maybe - just MAYBE - tomorrow we will finally get an update!!

we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for old xian to be merciful!! 🙏

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Heya Pax, Take as long as you need to feel better I will be happily and patiently waiting for updates because you're an amazing writing but health always comes first so take care of yourself.

Hey @this-blog-is-an-escape

Thank you so much :)  I know you guys are more than willing to wait for me to get my everloving shit together (none more so than me), but I really do miss writing.  I knew it was time to take a break though and believe me, many tears were shed when I realized I couldn’t keep writing like I was without risking my mental health horribly.  It was time to hang up the laptop, so to speak.

I will be posting updates at least once a day to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking.  I’ll post things about what I’ve done that day.  I’m trying to find distraction in small things that my wandering and anxious mind can settle on.  My tat artist and I are going to become well-acquainted once more as pain is a great distraction for me.

Thanks again!


@thesecretdetectivecollection mate I got two of the same ask and since the fic itself has nothing from Carra’s POV I thought this was the least I could do. Hope you like it!

Set in the ‘your hair is so soft…for a scouser’ universe

Jamie has just put the kettle on when his roommate –his Manc roommate– walks in. His eyes, a rather nice shade of brown, like milk chocolate, widen to an almost comical extent when he notices the kettle. It is odd that the hotel room would have an electric stove and it must be even more jarring to return to the room only to find your roommate at the said stove with a full tea set.

Neville stands halfway into the room, his eyes darting from the kettle to the teapot to the cups Jamie put out and Jamie can see, he can see clear as day that Neville is dying to ask. Jamie just carries on with what he is doing though, cool as a cucumber, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. By God it’s fun to torture the Mancs.

Especially this particular asshole of a Manc with his pretty eyes and his strange intensity.

Eventually Neville trades his spot by the far side of the desk to the edge of his bed, but his attention never wavers from Jamie. Even with his back turned to Neville Jamie can still feel the man’s gaze on him and the hairs on the back of his neck stand on edge, against his will. He isn’t even that much into lads, with football and so many birds around to occupy his thoughts and it isn’t even something he thinks about most of the days but then Neville pays so much attention to everything going around and falls asleep with his mouth open and measures out cereal into his own bowl in the mornings with so much precision you’d think he was conducting a nuclear experiment and–. Well. His father would probably chuck another boot at him now, and rightfully so, if he saw Jamie lusting after a Manc like this.

“You give me funny looks for bringing my own Weetabix but it’s fine when you bring an entire tea set is it?”

Jamie grins to himself. He knew it. He knew Neville would crack.

“Mate,” he says, keeping his back turned to the Manc, “tea is our national beverage. Cereal is cereal. Bowls are definitely bowls. Same anywhere.”

He also didn’t so much bring the tea set as charmed the nice lady who works in the kitchen with Michael’s help and then borrowed some of Robbie’s tea leaves but Neville doesn’t need to know that.

“No it isn’t. I’ll point out that there is no Weetabix in this hotel but there is definitely tea.”

Neville sounds petulant. He is a stubborn man and Jamie has a sense that he wouldn’t have lasted very long had they lived in an age where duelling over one’s honor, or petty disagreements for that matter, was still considered socially acceptable.

He snorts at the image of Neville with pistol in hand, in stockings and sporting a large hat with a feather sticking out on top.

How dare you call Weetabix just a cereal sir? Prepare to die on the count of three.

“I have just – never seen anyone so passionate about cereal before.” Jamie turns around only when he can trust himself to not to grin like an idiot and probably get punched in the face as a result. Neville looks a strange mix of offended and really hungry. It would be impolite, Jamie supposes, to brew tea in the room and not to offer his roommate any, even if his roommate happens to be an asshole and a Manc. His parents raised Jamie better than that.

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can you do a scenario (or hcs, whichever you find it's best)where tyki is frustrated bc even though he flirts with his crush, they just think he's messing around with them? later tyki finds out it's bc they have low self steem, and that's why they thought tyki was wasn't serious?


Originally posted by wolfinthemaze

Tyki Mikk considered himself to be a pretty damn patient man. If not the most, at least more so than many others he knew. Yet this was trying both his patience and his ego. What on earth was he doing wrong?

He thought his flirting and obvious interest in you was, well, obvious. He was very subtle at first, but when you mistook his gestures as just friendly, he tried to amp his game up a bit. Still, it didn’t work. If it was as simple as you not liking him, he’d get the hint and stop, but that wasn’t the case with you. You just weren’t taking him seriously, and that hurt more than he’d like to admit.

Tyki liked you, that much was true. If he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t have been trying this hard to woo you. It was more than a little disheartening when he heard you react as if he were joking. The fact that you even laughed made it worse. But dammit, he wasn’t giving up that easily. 

Since beating around the bush wasn’t working, he was going to try a more upfront means of showing you he was true. He bought you a bouquet of flowers you had mentioned liking before and made his way to your usual meet-up place. He was just going to have to tell you directly. There couldn’t be any way that you misunderstand that way. Right?

Well. Not quite. He saw you before you saw him. He paused in his tracks to admire the view for a moment. You always had this weird effect on him. He never tired of seeing you, and you always managed to take his breath away, even when you weren’t trying. He exhaled softly and approached you. You glanced up from your seat on the bench as he neared. You smiled until you saw the flowers. You furrowed your eyebrows and frowned slightly.

“Hello, Tyki. Who are those for?” You asked, jumping right into it. 

“Good afternoon, [Y/N]. Why, these? They are for you, of course. I had no other plans to meet anybody else today.” He presented the bouquet to you. You took it after hesitating, still looking unsure.

“Oh, uh, thank you. But why did you get me flowers?” You inquired. Tyki gestured to the spot next to you on the bench and you scooted over a little to give him enough room to sit. When he did, you noticed that his arm was against yours from the size of the bench.

“It seemed that you may have been mistaking my past comments. I was just hoping this would make it a little more clear.”

“Make what a little more clear?”

“That I like you. More than as a friend or acquaintance.”

Tyki watched you as you absorbed this in. You stared at the flowers, rotating the wrapped bouquet in your hands. You shook your head, looking unconvinced. He frowned when you chuckled softly.

“Were you trying to cheer me up or something? I wasn’t unhappy, but I like the flowers.” You said.

“I- what?” He asked, confusion painted across his face. “It was genuine.” You gentle lay a hand on his arm.

“No, really, it’s okay! I get what you’re trying to do. But you might want to use another tactic next time, yeah? Some people might not think your joking when you say stuff like that.”

“I wasn’t,” he says, perplexed. “Why would you think I was?”

“Well, because nobody would like somebody like me. It’s kind of silly to think about. I’m not the type of person people would ‘like’. I’m just so…bleh, you know?”

Realization dawned upon Tyki and it made him feel cold on the inside. You didn’t think highly of yourself. You didn’t think somebody could ever like you. Somebody as amazing as you feeling so terrible about yourself left a bitter, acidic taste in his mouth. He gently grabbed your hand, and when you didn’t yank it away, he spoke.

“I don’t know why you think like that, but I honestly, wholeheartedly like you. I love the time we spend together. I enjoy listening to you while you talk about your day or interests. Your laugh is one of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard. But not when your laughing at yourself.” He sighed softly. “I hate when you put yourself down. Only now do I realize how bad it is. But I have never had any reason to joke about something so serious before, have I?”

“I suppose not…” You responded hesitantly.

“Then why would I start now? I’m not going to force anything, but all I want is for you to see and understand how genuine my words are. I would also like to see you be nicer to yourself, if possible.”

When he looked over, he saw you wearing a conflicted expression. Your cheeks were pink, but you looked like you were fighting with yourself. He gently rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb. 

“You can take all the time you need to adjust your thoughts and emotions. I’ll still be here for you.”

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Do you think you'll be able to do livestreams this summer, or will you be too busy your art commissions to do livestreams?

I’ve been streaming commissions and I plan to stream more of them alongside my own personal artwork.

However, while working on commissions, I have a project I’m working on as well, so I may be a little scarce in the time that I work on both. I can’t promise for sure, but I try to stream at least once a week!

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol