or at least this is proof they like each other

exo fics and all that masterlist

Fully updated list! It was very long and had links to deleted fics, now it’s significantly shorter but it will keep growing with every new post so it’s not all bad! OT12 but I do not write for Kris, Luhan and Tao anymore :(

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Fandom: MARVEL

Summary: Based on “Imagine you and Loki being taken as hostages by a common enemy and being locked up together.” by @loki-imagine


The dim light covered the inside of a small, empty cell. Almost empty, actually, if one counted you and Loki sitting at the opposite corners of it, throwing grim looks at each other.

You narrowed your eyes and he mimicked you immediately.

“This is your fault,” you repeated for the at least fourth time in the past few hours.

“Saying it over and over again won’t make it more true nor change anything,” Loki answered quickly.

“Yeah, just like coordinating our plan, apparently. Oh, wait. Who needs a plan when you have the Great and Almighty Trickster by your side?”

Loki rolled his eyes.

“Everything would have turned out just fine, if you hadn’t panicked…”

“Oh, so now it’s my fault, huh?! Because it’s me, who thought that setting everything on fire was such a brilliant idea?!”

“It was a diversion!”

“I’ve got burns!”

“It’s gonna heal!”

“It would heal faster if you helped it to heal! Or is a catastrophe the only thing you can use your voodoo for?!”

“We are in a bloody magic-proofed cell! I can’t use my powers here if you haven’t noticed!”

“At least I’m not the only blind one in here! How could you not see that they had a mage of their own?!”

“Oh, forgive me, I was probably trying to calm you down after you screamed extremely loud, I still can’t hear on one side!”

“Because of your freaking fireworks!”

“I’d warned you!”

“Yeah, like three seconds before releasing them!”

You didn’t notice the moment when both of you stood up, meeting in the middle of the cell, yelling at each other. You were breathing heavily, and it took all of your self-control not to jump at Loki’s throat. You almost felt it under your fingers, tightening in a deadly grip, squeezing the breath out of this bloody creature before you. Loki seemed to have the same problem. He was as pale as if all the blood was drained from his face and you could almost see the ice in his gaze, piercing you down ruthlessly.

You were close. Very close. You could feel his breath on your face.

Someone cleared their throat, breaking the silence.

One of the people that were keeping you hostage raised an eyebrow.

“I’m just saying, but we will have to interfere in your weird foreplay if your try to kill each other. We need both of you alive.”

You showed him the middle finger. Loki lowered your hand with a stone-cold face.

“My companion wanted to warn you that if you keep telling us what to do, it will only make us more determined on doing the exact opposite.”

“Yeah. So better get the fu-…”

“…leave us.” Loki finished your sentence, covering your nasty mouth with his hand.

The guard muttered something under his breath, turning back to the exit. You heard his footsteps for a few moments before you were back alone.

“You know… You should probably get used to me after all this time,” you said, repelling his hand.

“There is a thing called ‘manners’ and I am pretty sure you have heard about it at least one time in your lifetime…”

“I’m no princess.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with royalty.”

“Keep saying that, Snow White, with your royal voice and I might believe you after the hundredth time if you try hard enough.”

Loki took a very deep breath, closing his eyes.

“This is gonna be a long day…”

“It wouldn’t have happened if you…”

“We will not start this discussion again.”

Seth Rollins - Took you long enough

Prompt: Could I make a Seth Rollins request? Something cuts and fluffy where the reader has been with him for a long time. Even before him getting into wwe. And they’re still not engaged/married yet and the reader is wondering when he’ll propose. I just have this image of Seth sneaking peeks at her Pinterest to get ideas for a ring and stuff. Idk if that makes sense at all but I hope it does 🙊
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You and Seth had been together for a long time. You went to the same high school back in Davenport. He was popular, known by everyone and you, well you weren’t the bottom of the food chain. You had your group of friendships and you didn’t really stray from them. You knew Seth from the moment you started high school. He didn’t know you. Your first official meeting was when he joined your local gym. You were both 16. You quickly found out that both of you had a love for wrestling and wanted to get into the business. From then on you spent every day together, working out and training together. At first, you just hung out at the gym but your friendship soon evolved to hanging out at school and people quickly noticed. When the two of you started dating you were the talk of your school. 

No one thought your relationship would last but then you made it to a year and then graduation. And now here you are over 10 years later, still together and now in the wwe together. Your relationship has been through a lot. Both of you decided to follow your dreams to become wrestlers that caused some problems in your relationship. Distance being the main one and injuries for both you and Seth. Over the years you went to different promotions and Seth was offered a wwe contract before you. You travelled the world while Seth worked through NXT and onto the main roster. 

You were so proud of him. Eventually, you had made a big enough name for yourself on the indies that you got offered a contract. You were in NXT for a year and now here you are, finally with Seth on raw. 

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anonymous asked:

Is there proof that charioce is interested in nina romantically? Cause he could be interested in her since nina is an interesting girl but not to an extent it's a romantic pursuit.

That’s an interesting question anon, thank you for asking that omg, is this my time to make the analysis?? Yass bring it on~

(I shall provide this post with the right amount of pictures~)

Since you’re asking about Charioce, I’ll stick with him only (approved the fact Nina is already deeply infatuated confirmed lol)

First of all, there’s a thing we have to clarify, which is the fact that Charioce rarely - if not never - shows his emotions openly. More like the snb staff doesn’t want to show them and I seriously both love and hate them for this (mostly love tho), so to look for proofs about his feelings for Nina may be a hard quest.


There’s really no doubt he’s got his interest over her.

People were recently talking about an interview in which there was pointed Charioce didn’t have love feelings for Nina until episode 6, and that’s reasonable. I believe in love at first sight, but that too has to evolve and can’t take only an arm wrestling match to improve ahah!

Let’s see together how his feelings evolved.

This is him just interested in her back in epiosde 3.

The moment something he’ll never forget happened

This is him still just interested, but a bit more.  I mean, he’s interested here, we easily get it, but that smile is the intrigued one imho. He’s been fashinated by her charm. Or it’s just he has a strength kink lol idk

That said, episode 6 is the point things evolve for the best and aaaaah we get to the charinina most loved scene (after the whole ep 13 and the dance, that’s it): the pepper scene! Let’s see:

This is him, more interested

This is where they danced. Something is changing, it seems

This is him at the end of the dance

As I said, to see him openly showing feelings is rare. Only when he’s alone, something is showing up:

This is his face. Now, you can see the difference,right? 

I meeeeeannn–

Until we go to the clou:

Here he’s worried about her

This is him being relieved she’s fine and awake sakhksdbgskdr

This is when he doesn’t understand her, but still accept her 

tHIS is his face while hugging her

This is him worrying about her asjdvkjfksdhasjnkdxrjbg

To say it out loud, my impression of him is he’s a shy dork. He has 0 relationship experience and doesn’t know how to behave towards people he cares about, let alone flirting or something of the kind. 

Here he shows to have 0 points in social skills becuse they don’t talk nor do anything. Still, he managed to offer Nina some chibi bananas. That’s improvement imho. 

He just has no clue about how to talk properly with someone. The point, Chari, you’re missing the point.

We could see that, darling.

This is the please look at me moment

This is the please look at me can’t you see something here? moment 

He simply just can’t. Probably enough, he was internally screaming or his mind was going like bzzz bzzz bzzz we’ve lost connection try again later.
Basically, this post describes it in a nutshell.

Now, about the whole conversation “are you enjoying the prison life” and “then why are you fleeing” I want to spend few words to all who criticized that saying he was mean and such.
His way of making small talks is wrong, I’ll give you that. He just doesn’t know what to talk about because the stare move didn’t work as predicted lol

This is the dork who laughs at his own jokes before telling them.
Yeah I know it can be unrelated, but it prooves his introvert being once more. Ando also it was noticable lol

Also keep in mind we’ve never had the chance to properly see Charioce’s face when there’re a cute or kinda important charinina moments 

The cute one

The important one

This is Chari who’s forgotten he’s in the middle of an important issue and his plan of small talks is also pretty much failing

So, back to the topic, we’re finally at the latest episode (!!!! I’ll try to stop fangirling and talk in the most serious possible way, I promise) and there’s only one thought that firstly come to my mind: he’s mindblowing like me.

I mean, he’s the human king, he’s in the middle of a war against the angels/gods who’re literally destroying and setting on fire the town, he’s using his final weapon that’s still under tests and it’s not safe to say he won’t get damage by that and… in all this, KABOOM - to quote him - a lady crush into his face like
!!!! What’s going on???

See how shocked he was when she transformed. I’m sure he had his doubts, maybe he thought she could summon the dragon or something. But to think she was the real one? I think he didn’t consider that as reasonable.

So yeah, he’s in mindblowing.

You can’t blame him tho, in a few moments he lost an eye, got a beauty asking to hug her, found out that same beauty is a dragon, touched the dragon, wow I was right the dragon is the beauty, grabbed the beauty, and last but not the least zombie girl stole the beauty, what a shame. I wanted to talk to the beauty more. *looks at the sky longing for you know what*

And just to add another thing here, I don’t think Nina forgot about her speech when she first met the King (before she realized he was Charioce).
I mean, Nina is an easy going type of girl, moreover she isn’t involved in the whole human vs demons fight from the start. She’s just an outsider.
Of course she thinks hurting others is bad, that’s why she told him, because she’s honest. 

That said, I don’t think she forgot, she’s just a dorky teenager in love so her priorities are simpler than what we could think.

And this is related to the hug scene in episode 13 too, of course. Because crush or not crush, Nina needed to turn into a dragon to save her friends (and I’d have liked if she was able to do it by herself, but you perfectly know I can’t complain at all about how she had to transform ;^)c ;^)c )

So, again, it’s just a matter of priorities, not forgetting, forgiving or something like that.

To end this quickly, as I’ve taken enough of your time already, if you don’t like to say he is in love at least “he cares for her” is 100% legit

On my account, I’d say they are in love, but in case you wouldn’t like it put like that, there’s undoubtedly proof they’re both interested into each other! 😍

a six shooter playlist

Lexa prefers contract killer. Brutally precise and efficient. Blood for money—no other attachments.

Clarke prefers hitwoman. More force, more room for improvisation.

Neither of them prefer crossing paths with each other. In fact, they openly loathe it: crossing paths usually results in threats, violence, gunfire, the occasional chase and at least one instance of bondage.

But when Clarke and Lexa are hired by different clients to kill the same target, their paths won’t only cross, but converge. Explosively.

1. hit and run - LOLO (x)

you always liked the taste of blood
and I get off when I point the gun
it’s so good to have someone to be so bad with

2. six shooter - coyote kisses (x)

She gets me deep in the chest
Straight through my bullet-proof vest
She kisses like a grenade
Like a blade, a bayonet

3. drumming song - florence + the machine (x)

Louder than sirens
Louder than bells
Sweeter than heaven
And hotter than hell

4. casual affair - panic! at the disco (x)

Break involuntary ties
A secret so the spies
Could never find us out

5. female robbery - the neighbourhood (x)

Had me on both my knees
Praying to whatever is in heaven please send me a felon
And don’t let the police know

Anything, anything
Don’t tell them anything
Anything, please

6. we must be killers - mikky ekko (x)

And we all know how to fake it baby
And all we know is gone
We must be killers
Children of the wild ones
Where we got left to run?

7. bedroom hymns - florence + the machine (x)

I’m not here looking for absolution
Because I found myself an old solution

8. glory and gore - lorde (x)

The sun’s starting to light up when we’re walking home
Tired little laughs, gold-lie promises: we’ll always win at this
I don’t ever think about death
It’s alright if you do, it’s fine

9. bad intentions - digital daggers (x)

Just pull the trigger, I’ll take the pain
I’ll be the villain, just play the game

I am not what I’ve done what I’ve become (The smoking gun)
Can’t fight these bad intentions

10. love out of lust - lykke li (x)

We will live longer than I will
We will be better than I was
We can cross rivers with our will
We can do better than I can

11. in for the kill (skream remix) - la roux (x)

I’m going in for the kill
I’m doing it for a thrill
Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
And not let go of my hand

Let’s go to war to make peace
Let’s be cold to create heat
I hope in darkness we can see
And you’re not blinded by the light from me 

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moodboard credit goes to the lovely @didiefs-world​!!

To EreRi haters ...

Hello tumblr!
You know what, I tried, I really did, but enough is enough, and I just can’t keep my eyes closed for any longer, not even mentioning that it’s already long enough. 

I’d like to have a little speech to every single person who would read this until the end, and you can bet that it’s going to be really long post, because what’s happening and what are you guys saying is unbeliveable and pitiful.

I am an EreRi shiper, Levi roleplayer, fanfic writer - so maybe it sounds rude but I’d say about myself that I quiet understand Levi’s character, since I am roleplaying him for aprox. 3 years. Say whatever you want, I am just gonna say what I think. I think that the philosophy of Levi-sees-Eren-as-a-weapon is wrong, and not just wrong but in my eyes it’s just really stupid.

Are any of you haters reading manga? Not doujinshis in which Levi can be portrayed as an abusive, sadistic character, because that’s just up to the doujinka, but I mean the rall manga, the official thing written by Hajime Isayama? If you do, then may you be so kind and explain to me why you find Levi abusive?

Because he beaten Eren (which I’d say was an order from Erwin, but hey, that’s just my opinion) - and because of that he saves his body from being completly dissect by military police? If it’s abusive to save someone’s life then he is one of hell abuser!

And if we won’t think about the court scene, where are others scene when he was abusive towards Eren? I am sorry but I just can’t seem to remember any other. But I remember scenes where Levi saves Eren lifes or helps him. Let me give you some examples chronologically.

! Spoilers included !

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 13 - Levi saves Eren, Armin and Mikasa from a titan 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 14 - Levi beats Eren and saves him from military police, on top of that he asks Eren if he “hates him?” -> non official: I can’t help myself but this is shown act of care, more likely Levi feels guilty because of something he didn’t want to do, that’s why I think that beating Eren was Erwin’s order. 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 19 - Levi speaks to Eren calmly to motivate him and give him some courage to make his decision which he won’t regret. 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode 22 - Levi saves Eren (and before that Mikasa) from Annie’s mouth, even though he loves cleanliness he holds his body covere in Female type’s saliva 

Shingeki no kyojin anime episode episode 25 - Levi saves Eren from his mindless raging titan body. 

There are from the anime, in manga is a plenty of them, but I’d like to give you 3 greatest proofs that Levi cares for Eren,

Shingeki no kyojin manga chapter 66 page 42 (on mymanga.me) - Levi apologizes to Eren, when Eren is supposed to make another big decision this time about shifting into titan and saves his friends and Captain Levi from Reiss’s crystal chapel. 

Shingeki no kyojin manga chapter 70 page 16 (on mymanga.me) - Eren starts to bleed from his nose, he’s exhausted from using his titan powers. Levi kneels to him and hands him a handkerchief to wipe his nose.

Shingeki no kyojin chapter 75 page 17 - Levi is told (by Erwin) to look after the horses, on which he replies almost angrily if Erwin really mean it to look after horses and  not Eren -> non official: Well if he’s not worried for Eren right now, then I really don’t know.

-> These are only a few proofs which really happened in the manga, and manga is not over yet, so some other may also happen. Now I would like to hear at least 8 scenes where Levi was abusive to Eren, because I can think about only one - which in my opinion wasn’t by his will. So please give me examples when he was sadistic etc by his will, official examples pretty please, since I gave them to you.

-> Also I am not saying that they have to have romantic relationship and have sex with each other, but please stop calling Levi abusive and sadistic and if you do, then have at least 3 examples, because one scene is really not much of a proof. Levi cares for Eren, and if you don’t think so then give me proofs.

Another thing  about which a lot of people are complaining about is that Eren is scared of Levi because he kicked his ass during the court.
*sigh* Does “admiration” means anything to you? Look it up in dictionary pretty please. When you admire someone, like a really lot (and that Eren admires Levi is official btw) of course you’re a little scared of theirs opinion because you want to make an impression on them. Think about it and try to tell me that you won’t be nervous and a bit afraid when you will be about talking to person you admire the most.

Again are you readin the manga? If you do, then be so kind and tell me in which scene (in manga or up to 14 episode) Eren looks like he is afraid of Levi. Because well I probably missed it.

I don’t want you to complain about me giving the official info only from manga, so let’s make a move to official arts, shall we? They’re as well by the official authors of Shingeki no kyojin (not mentioning that one official author -woman- follows twitter of an EreRi artist), so these are only official stuff.
Now take a good look at some of them and tell me in which Eren looks like he is afraid of Levi. Because hey I probably missed this as well. 

And as you’re looking on these official arts then please be so kind and find me one where Levi looks sadistic or abusive towards Eren as well, I’ll wait as long as is needed.

Another thing you probably don’t know I guess. Do you know that EreRi and Riren is not the same thing? It’s still about the two of them, but the ships is different.

EreRi = top!Eren , bottom!Levi  - x - Riren = top!Levi , bottom!Eren - Learn the differences please!

when you’re refering to EreRi being abusive, you probably means Riren. A lot of Riren doujinkas likes to make Levi sadistic and abusive and Eren absolutely innocent. I am not saying that all of them, personally I really like some of Riren doujinkas (even tho I ship only EreRi)

Also doujinshis (UNOFFICIAL pairing manga) and fanarts (UNOFFICIAL pictures by fans) are not official. When you see Levi whipping Eren or tying him up or whatever the author is up to, it’s not official.
No one said that Levi is abusive and sadistic. It’s just up to the imagination of the author, doujinshis and fanarts can be pretty OOC (=out of character) which means that characters behaviour is different from the official one. When doujinka decides that it’s fine for Levi to be 180 cm tall then it’s fine, when doujinka decides that it’s fine for Levi to be blushing and crying then it’s fine. I hope you get me.

What I am trying to say it’s just that you can’t judge official character based on doujinkas picturing of the character. Well you can do it but it’s stupid and it won’t say much, you can just dislikes some EreRi/Riren works but not comparing them to the real characters.
Again I will give you some examples from EreRi and Riren fandom as well. . 

Finally the thing I’d like to say is, tolerate each other guys. Try to understand each other feelings, we’re humans everyone has right to their own opinion of course, but whenever you are about the hate something, then please stop of a moment, think of what you would like to write and ask yourself “is it worth it?”
We all have stuff we don’t like. It doesn’t matter if it’s about religions, food, colors or ships, but imagine how world would look if everyone would complaining and insulting every single thing they don’t like. People wouldn’t be doing anything else then.

It’s not that difficult to just wave hand and go somewhere else, when you see something you don’t like. Why are you even looking in EreRi/Riren hashtag if you aware that you don’t like it, just look at the stuff you like and make yourself happy, stop upsetting yourself on your own purpose, and stop upsetting people who likes stuff you don’t. Be so kind and don’t tag your hate posts as #riren or #ereri, these hahtags are for fans, and fans don’t want to see others hating their ship. Create something like #ererihate and stop ruining our tags.

It would be really fine if we could just understand each other, understand each other ships and say “hey, it’s not my cup of tea, but ship whatever you want man :) ” <- Honestly it’s just a few words, a few words through which you can make people happy and show some sympathy. 

OTP time

I’m still pumped about Johnlock. Just in case you’re wondering. Still excited! Still enthused! Still in love! The tall, arrogant bloke in the swishy coat and the curls, over-analyzing and deducing and giggling at crime scenes, together with the short, angry one hurrying after him. The two of them against the rest of the world: never gets old. It’s fate, whether or not fate exists– they’re it. Absolutely 110% superior to any other ship in BBC Sherlock, and most ships in general, as far as The Dynamic™ is concerned. I’m not shy about that. It’s the best. I still believe that, and I still love them both madly.

If you asked me if and/or how Series 3 and 4 figure into this… they don’t, really. It’s not because I think the second half of the show ruined The Dynamic™ somehow. I think it’s that S3-4 wasn’t really about the two of them alone but certain things that happened to them. You know, life. The thing that always happens to everyone, but is ultimately not that important. Not what you remember. At least, not what I remember.

I don’t think there’s anything canon John or Sherlock can really do to turn me off it. I suppose if they stopped caring (but it’s impossible), or if their relationship became something that was genuinely dragging them down (but that’s impossible too), I would rethink things. Maybe. But it’s not the sort of thing I have doubts about, or require proof for. The show never needed to ‘prove’ to me John or Sherlock loved each other, past S1 at least, and certainly S2. I like to think I’m responsive to reality and change my mind as the facts change, but I don’t stop shipping my OTP no matter what. I’m not really doing it to be stubborn, though I am also stubborn, haha. John and Sherlock are going to be okay. They just… fit.


  • John admires and adores Sherlock but still sees his flaws and is super clear on his asshole bits, loves him anyway
  • John really is Sherlock’s conductor of light, his inspiration and his guide
  • John absolutely trusts him (maybe even too much), with his life and beyond
  • Sherlock straight up can’t live without John (but it’s mutual) even though they can survive alone
  • #SherlockLives means #JohnWatsonLives
  • They save each other, over and over again
  • They hurt each other, but always learn and grow from the experience, so the forgiveness is meaningful
  • They hold both themselves and each other to a higher standard
  • At the same time, they learn to accept each other absolutely, and this allows them to accept themselves
  • All their main interests align and balance: if Sherlock’s John’s Commander, Sherlock’s John’s Nurse
  • They don’t have to choose between what they care about and each other, because the guiding forces in their lives are intertwined
  • They’re both assholes with a childlike, inappropriate sense of humor
  • Sherlock makes the tea but John fetches his pens. It’s true love.

I just spent an hour watching Ziam proof videos on YouTube, and I already thought something happened between them, but now I’m like HOLY SHIT THEY TOTALLY FELL FOR EACH OTHER, TOO.

i know, I know, I’m absurdly behind the times. Like, I always thought they were cute together. I liked their chemistry. I figured they’d at the very least had some drunken hookups (you don't “accidentally” kiss people, yo), but I could never make up my mind as to how serious I believed they’d been. 

Now, I’ve watched these videos, and I’m so sold. The amount of moments I saw in those videos that reminded me of moments I saw in Larry videos that helped make me a Larrie is ridiculous.

I also feel really, really bad for Niall for being stuck in the middle of so much sexual tension for so long. Haha, what a good friend he is. What are the odds he’d get put in a band with four strangers who would end up forming couples? Three cheers for Captain Niall. Our Irish sunshine is a gem.

Liam said he would be the most likely to do a collab with Zayn, as their music tastes are the most similar, and whereas before I was like “Oh, that would be cool,” I am now like, “Oh God, please, yes, do it! Pronto!”

It’s 2 am. I should probably sleep. So ends my Come to Jesus Ziam moment.

So, ok yeah, this is the fifth music whatever for the whatever futurecults.com whatever project no one cares about so I don’t know why I keep talking about whatever. Bandcamp likes to make things quiet, but I assure you if you download it it’ll sound much closer to regulaaar volume. I kind of like it and I hope you like it, too. Very difficult to finish this one. Historically, 99% of you don’t download.

So about the previous whatever all Bandcamp proceeds on Friday going to foundations—a whole ONE person did it. So mostly I feel embarrassed. Not a very inspirational person, apparently. But it’s ok. I went ahead and gave a little to both the ACLU and the EFF, anyway. Not much at all, I’ll do more if I ever win the Powerball.

Is showing proof gauche? Didn’t want anyone to think I just say things to get attention or something. Although, please, yes, pay attention to me! I need it all! And go support the ACLU and EFF if you have the extra cash!

Here I would link to various other things like Spotify or some newsletter or patreon for crying out loud, but historically no one presses on links, at least mine. You can tell I’m defeated, completely :)

I hope you’re doing well. Take care of each other.


It has begun...


I’m working on two theories right now that I’m certain I’ve collected enough evidence for by now, but I still have to assemble the proof in a way so it’s crystal clear. 

Theory 1 - The Timeline

From what I’ve gathered most of the Mystic Messenger community believe that Saeyoung was 14-15 years old when he left for the Agency. There are numerous things that could point in this direction, but right now I’m gathering solid proof that:

  1. the Choi twins were separated at age barely/just 11. 
  2. Rika and V were together from she was 13 years old, 
  3. Saeran was taken in/kidnapped by Mint Eye at age 13, meaning mint eye existed for at least 8 years. 

I will post my timeline as soon as it’s done, but it might take a while so bear with me.

Theory 2 - Yooseven is canonically sound

Yes, I might just sound like an obsessed fangirl and I am to some extent, but I value “proof” beyond fangirling. One of the reasons why I am such a strong supporter for the Yooseven ship is because the story is slathered with hints, proof and almost direct confessions. If you look closer you will notice that the two boys treat each other very similar to how they would treat MC. I will extrapolate further on this in the theory when I’ve gone through all the routes again and gathered the proof.

Basically, I don’t just ship for the sake of shipping. There has to be sound proof and there is. So… When I’m done with this, I’ll have blown the fandom wide open.

// 707 out.

in which you study abroad in florence, italy and find a guide to the city in ashton, artist and overall art geek – a soulmate au inspired by prompts from this list.

disclaimer: i don’t speak a lick of italian (nor have i actually been to florence, italy), which means i relied a great deal on google, so if anything’s not entirely accurate, correct me if you wish, but kindly don’t jump down my throat when you do so. :-) momentary mentions of death and alcohol/drug use near the end, so this is a heads up that it’s there – skim through, scroll past, do what you must.

word count: 9124

Of all the artwork in Florence, for some reason, this portrait was what struck you the most. Not Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, not Lippi’s Madonna and Child, and not even Michaelangelo’s David (which just the sight of had made a few tourists faint, a symptom of Stendhal syndrome according to another fellow museum goer), but rather, this particular portrait right in front of you.

You supposed your fixation with the portrait had to do with the fact that looking at it was like looking into a mirror – the image looking more like your own reflection than a painting. The only difference between you and the subject of the portrait was that you both wore different clothing – you in 21st century attire and her in attire appropriate of the time period…of the Renaissance, at least 400 years ago. That one minor difference aside, as eerie as it was to acknowledge, there was no doubt about it – the portrait’s subject was definitely a split-image of you.

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So Taehyung finally gave up, he decided it was time to pay for his sin and stopped running away. He came into term with himself just like Jungkook…

Jungkook’s girl wasn’t in the hospital because he was happy, he accepted himself and he was walking again. I guess, his struggle end while the remaining members are still fighting.

Seokjin’s girl probably died which assumes that maybe something inside of Seokjin also died? or maybe Seokjin?

Yoongi couldn’t get over, he is still angry for the mistakes which eh did that he let Jungkook go away and maybe he was the reason behind his accident.This would explain the bond between them.

Namjoon also seems that person who was in peace, he had the enough courage to get off that bus and leave behind the proof of it ( the hair-tie + the im fine writing on the bus stop) Also Namjoon missed the timing again just like in the short films where he couldnt receive Taehyung’s call but at least now he saw the message (the I’m fine one)

The Jihope thing is really weird: it looks like Jimin did something to the girl, like he caused the problem. :O I don’t know so far how to interpret it o.o I belive that Jihope is actually the complementary of each other but I said this duirng Wings too one of them the dark while the other is the light, it feels like they have a connection through the girl who represent something - maybethe girl is Jimin’s other side, like he is fighting with himself? but if the gilr is jimin then it means hobi is fighting for his life because jimin gave up on it? o.o …is jimin even alive?!


*I did #154 because I like making my boys sass each other. ♡*

“Iwa-chan…? There’s only one bed in here…?”

Iwaizumi tosses his bag into the corner of the room and turns to give Oikawa a questioning look, brows raising in confusion like he doesn’t quite understand the relevance in his statement. His elongated, Yeah…?” is proof enough that Iwaizumi doesn’t understand the direness of their situation.

“Where are you going to sleep then?” Oikawa demands, looking around to no avail to see if there was at least some long couch in the room for the other man to sleep on.

“The bed dumbass, where else would I sleep?” He zips off his jacket and throws it there as if to make a point and Oikawa screeches.

“I’m sleeping in the bed you brute!! There’s no way in hell The Great Oikawa-san is sleeping on a filthy, hotel room floor!”

Iwaizumi makes that noise he always makes when he thinks Oikawa is being difficult, dragging a hand over his face and pointing out as if it’s obvious, “We are sleeping in the bed together, Idiotkawa. I wasn’t splurging a shit ton of extra yen just so your prissy ass could have a bed to yourself. You’re lucky I even offered to buy us a hotel in the first place. We could have slept in the car for all I care.”

Instead of retorting back, Oikawa simply makes a face, trying to not show the unease he’s starting to feel. Even though he knows there’s no point in mentioning it, he still has to say, “You do realize that bed is super tiny right? We are going to have to sleep pretty close to even be able to fit…”

Iwaizumi snorts, assumingly not caring, “You act like we haven’t shared a bed like this before.”

“Maybe when we were like twelve!”

Iwaizumi gives him a knowing look, “And being twenty makes any difference?”

It doesn’t, Oikawa knows that Iwaizumi knows the he knows it doesn’t, but there are other, more pressing reasons why this isn’t such a good idea, not that Iwaizumi would understand.

“I’m better off sleeping in the car,” is his last ditch effort reply, “you’re just going to kick me out of the bed anyways…”

He makes a move to reach for the car keys, but Iwaizumi is faster in grabbing his hand, dragging him to the bathroom and shoving him in with his suitcase.

“Get washed up and ready for bed you brat. You’re sleeping in this bed with me whether you like it or not.”

He slams the door behind him and Oikawa waits until he can hear his fading steps before putting his back to it and sliding down it with a sigh, hugging around his bag almost pitifully.

“I don’t think you realize how much I like that idea…” Is his quiet whisper into the silence of the tiny bathroom and there’s no surprise when he doesn’t receive an answer to it.  

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Angst #12 + Zen saying it to MC.

He fucked up.

And on top of it all he is fucked up. Completely wasted and beyond any reasoning or anything. Sitting right there on the ground, in front of the bed that he used to share with the person he loved… the person he still loves. But a person that no longer loves him.

He should’ve known better.

He’s Zen, the famous musical actor and he’s never had much luck when it came to love. He always ends up hurting the people he’s with.

Them throwing the framed picture of them off the wall was more than justified. They had every right to scream at him and call him a filthy cheater and an asshole. They were right. He deserved having the door slammed right in his face. He’s called it.

It’s been days since he saw their face flushed with anger and tears at the very same time. The flame of hatred in their eyes throwing sparks at him like daggers and the tears flowing down their cheeks to top it off.

“I’m such an idiot…” he giggles before taking yet another big swig straight from the bottle. He’s been given that expensive whiskey as a thank you for performing at a play. He’s always kept it, not wanting to waste it. But when you are able to waste everything else and treat it with that little care like he did with his relationship, you sure can waste something to get wasted.

That process of thought made him chuckle yet again, even though he could feel the liquid burning in his throat as it ran down his stomach, sinking deep and screaming to get back up again.

He’s finished the entire bottle and it’s a wonder he hasn’t thrown up yet, honestly. It’s the immense self control he somehow still manages to keep. The self control that keeps him to force himself to suffer. Suffer like he made them suffer.

As he heard knocking on the door, he emptied the bottle entirely, taking the last chug from it before throwing it against the wooden door, wincing himself at the shattering of the glass. The person on the other side of it however didn’t seem to mind too much as they opened the door anyway.

“Getthe fu–HIC–ck away, Saeyoung,” he slurred angrily. “I– tol’cha I don’t… needyour hel’… I jst wanna be ‘lone.”

“Oh my god…” a familiar voice just muttered in disbelief and only then Zen’s eyes, slowly trailed up the figure standing in front of him. It took him a bit to get the blurry vision into focus and not see everything double for a little second. A second enough to make out the familiar features of none other than them. “Are you okay?”

Hyun couldn’t help but laugh at their question. “What’s it look –HIC– like t’ ya? I’m doing grrrrreat!” he laughs while trying to stand up.

They immediately react, telling him to be careful with the shards on the ground as they take a big step across them and walk towards him to hold him. He would’ve easily slipped and fell right into the glass otherwise.

“What’s it t’ ya anyway? Why’re you here?”

“Saeyoung told me to look how you’re doing. He said it was bad, but…”

“Bad?” he asks and laughs again, nearly tripping over in the process once more. “’Tis nothin’.”

“You’re batshit wasted, Hyun.”

“Hahhh… y’know… I missed hearin’ you call me that.”

They remain silent, but the look in their eyes says everything. He disappoints them all over again like the fucking mess he is.

“I’m sorry, y’know?” he slurs between hiccups. “I never meant t’ hurt ya.”

Still quiet as before, they slowly and carefully set him to sit on the bed, one of their arms still around his torso and the other palm placed on his chest for support. “I’ll get you a glass of water. Try to lie down on your side.”

“No!” Zen immediately screams and grabs their wrist as they try to remove themselves from him. “Wait, I gotta tell ya this.”

“Hyun, you’re drunk. All you got to do is sleep.”

“I tried…” he continues and looks at them. His gaze is glazed and he can barely sit up straight without leaning from side to side slightly, like a swing. “I tried… forgetting ya, wanted ya to move on without me… HIC – I… fuck.” he pauses, closing his eyes for a solid ten seconds to recollect himself a little and regain at least some focus. “I thought ya’d be better off without me… but I’m not. Ya know what I mean? Not me being better off without me, me not being better off without you ‘n’ stuff.”

“You’re not making any sense, Hyun, please–”

“Y’ don’t understand. I need ya. I can’t forget ‘bout ya… Please forgive me.”

They stop for a second and pain reflects in their beautiful orbs. They hate seeing him like this. But wasn’t it only more proof of how toxic they were for each other? Of how much misery they caused each other?

“Go to sleep, Zen. Please. We’ll talk once you sobered up, alright?”

It’s likely a promise they won’t keep as they hope he’ll just forget they ever visited him. They’d ask Saeyoung to pretend it was him who helped him sober up and clean up that night. It would be for the better.


* Philip × Reader
* Hamiltime
* Requested by anonymous and @gottagetmyrighthandmanback
* Request: I just read the sequel to Support and I totally support the writing of a part 3

*part 3 of Support

[part 1] [part 2]

A/N: Yay! Part 3! There probably will be a part 4! A need to thank my roommate for this awesome idea too. I hope you all enjoy this part!

Word Count: 2,463


Keeping a political image in 1800 is difficult, even for the former Secretary Treasury. So when news of his affair spread, The Hamiltons decided to lay low for a while. They moved uptown. Philip assured you that you didn’t need to move with them but you insisted. “I’m here for you remember?” You had asked at the time. You were started to wish you had listened to him.

It wasn’t that you no longer cared for him, it was just that you seemed to be growing apart. That’s why this hurt so much. You didn’t want to leave him but something was different.

You were pondering this change in their foyer, which was now where their downsized library could be found. You had a book open on your lap but you weren’t reading it, you were thinking too much about Philip. You were pulled from your thoughts as Eliza laid a hand on your shoulder. You jumped in your seat. “Oh sorry.” She said. “I brought you some tea.” She offered you the still steaming cup.

“Oh. Thank you. Why exactly?” You found yourself asking. You took the cup, you weren’t about to turn away the warm beverage.

“I’ve walked past this room three times in the past hour and I don’t think you’ve moved at all. Just staring blankly ahead. What’s on your mind?” She asked and sat next to you.

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where have I even said taylor was straigh... you thinking that is so out of nowhere lol what I’m saying is that taylor has NEVER shown us a CONCRETE proof that she likes girls. In my mind, it is 100% clear that she at least likes guys, if she likes girls, cool for her, but from what I’ve seen, there’s nothing there. like your proof is her hanging out with her friends who are girls.. I literally saw a post you’ve reblogged (or your post idk) and there’s pictures of her posing with karlie at the +

vsfs? how is that proof? two bbfs hanging out together and hugging each other bc that’s a 100% normal thing to do with your friends? like obvi, kaylor are not hanging out together publicly anymore, but that’s a thing that happens sometimes… like karlie is literally with kendall jenner and you think that kaylor not being as close has nothing to do with that? like her being less with her “girlfriends” (dianna/karlie) could just be people who are not as friends as much as before? FOR ME, all their interactions are things that COULD be romantic, but are also normal stuff that people do with their friends. the most “real” thing you guys have on kaylor is their kiss, that is blurry as hell. and like her not having pronouns in her song is just a nice thing to do. we all know she loves the LGBTQ+ community…… ship her with who you want, but coming for her past relationships is just ??? let people be happy… insulting people bc we don’t think taylor’s gay is so dumb??


The things that you’ve mentioned that you have seen as proof are not at all what anyone in this fandom consider proof. Have you read the masterposts? All of them? If you have I honestly have nothing else to say because if you’re not seeing it at this point it’s going to be pointless to try and defend myself. If Taylor is with Joe and she is happy then good for her! If people speculating on her sexuality and relationships upset Taylor then she wouldn’t continue to follow them and invite them to secret sessions. People who do speculate on this kind of stuff mean absolutely no harm and the majority of us are always willing to have a respectful conversation with someone who is unsure about it as long as they come to us respectfully. 

Anyways… if you haven’t seen the actual proof and you actually care enough to read up on it so you’re more informed then here’s the links to some good masterposts. 

Key Pieces of Evidence (X)

All Evidence from 2006-2016 (X)

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I just wanted to ask: about how long does it take to write a fanfic? Cause I've been writing and it takes me a good week or so. Cause you got to figure out how your going to write about, then plan, then write, then edited it, then read to make sure you got almost all errors correct, then publish it. You? Also any advice for writing? I'm still a rookie and am seeking advice from a professional.

Haha, as flattering as that is, I am /far/ from being a professional. But the only advice I can give is, go at your own pace, never rush and always proof read.

 I myself take quite a while to get a chapter done, especially now that I have a lot of other things going on, plus I like my chapters to be at least 3000 to 4000 words each so they have a good amount of content to them. 

My process is usually write down rough notes first, write the chapter up, edit it as I go along, proof read, edit again and then publish. Almost every time I go over it for the first time, I find mistakes or something I can add or take away to make the flow better, so it’s a good thing to check.

Take regular breaks! This is something I need to do more tbh because my wrist and fingers are always stiff after I write a good few hundred words (although it’s probably not helped by the fact that I’m on the laptop far too much), but yeah just make sure to do a few hand exercises to prevent any damage.

And that’s about it really! Most of all, just enjoy the writing process and be proud of what you create! :D

Headcanon + drabble

Relating to the kids not recognizing each other and somewhat inspired by the analysis of Howl’s Moving Castle that I saw about Sophie’s magic…
We’ve mentioned before that the Miraculous probably have the power to hide your identity, even from someone who is actively trying to figure it out, like Alya or Chat (because otherwise these kids are the most oblivious teens in existence) and I think that’s how it works as well…

AS LONG AS you don’t want them to find out.

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do you like the fact that Mikayuu/Yuumika is between canon and not canon or does it bother you?

Eerrr I guess both. Like, I love the romantic subtext but I hate it that people deny it because, until it’s not 100% confirmed canon, they don’t accept it(actually, sometimes, even when the couple is canon there’s people who don’t accept it(no. 6, ToZ, Lok, NGE)). I hate it how, even when the proof is right there, people refuse to see it.

I think mikayuu is real. A “they have feelings for each other” sort of real. And if you don’t like the couple whatever but at least accept we’re not delusional.
God, if it was a straight ship, I wouldn’t even need to say this.

The romantic subtext is obvious at this point. The amount of tropes, the lines, the touches, the blushing, etc. However, people will find an incredible amount of excuses to “protect the characters from being gay”. I’ve seen people hating on Mika because they don’t want to see their precious protagonist become gay. How stupid is that?

God, the worst are those who deny Mika’s feelings, stating it’s “obvious” that he’ll end up with Krul or another girl, and each day I’m more and more convinced Mika’s romantic feelings for Yuu are official, although subtle(okay, it’s not even subtle sometimes).

Why can’t the romantic interest be a boy? Why can’t they accept theirs is actually a healthy and sweet relationship? They heal each other, they protect each other, they belong together.

God, Yuu even said he wants to adopt children and raise them with Mika in the game. He wants Mika to be by his side in the future.

I’m glad we discovered in that Funimation Dubbletalk that they think Mika and Yuu belong together because whenever someone says it’s all in our minds we can show them we’re not the only ones who see it that way.

I like how mikayuu is one of the few queer ships in non-queer mangas that you can say actually has a chance to become canon but I don’t like how those with hetero-lenses completely ignore the innuendos and call us “delusional fujoshis”. I don’t like the idea that, in the end, the author can say they’re just “friends” and turn down a gay couple with such potential.

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I'm so confused about the whole anti symmetra and junk rat shi stuffp, I don't ship characters att all, but even I know not to bash people about their ships. But what do people have against it?

There are three main arguments against Symmrat, which hold next to no weight and are mainly buzzwords made to make people feel guilty for shipping it, as well as some small other reasons that range from decent to out right stupid.

The first reason, one of the most annoying and easiest to debunk is that the ship is homophobic. This is usually used by people who ship Junkrat and Symmetra in other ships that are gay (Ro/ad/rat shippers being some of the worst for this) and it is infuriating. It implies that just because Symm and Rat are placed in a heterosexual relationship both of them are straight and does not even consider the possibility of them being bi/pan/ace/demi ect. For example, i personally headcanon Junkrat as Bi/Pan/Will fuck anyone who consents, and i also know a lot of Symmrat shippers who headcanon Symmetra as Demiromantic/sexual. I would understand people calling the ship homophobic if one character of the two was clearly presented or even outright stated as being gay with no interest in members of the opposite sex, but this is not the case for Junkrat and Symmetra (or any overwatch character for that matter) so their sexuality is up to people to interpret and for people to ship what they want to. I think one of the main reasons this argument is so common is due to the popularity of Ro/ad/rat and its place as arguably the most popular ship involving Junkrat, leading people to present their ship and headcannon to other people as cannon especially since there is very little gay representation in media of characters like this.

The second argument, and the one i hate the most, is people calling Symmrat ableist. This really pisses me off as a ‘mentally ill’ person who is on the autism spectrum like Symmetra is heavily implied to be. This argument is usually broken down into a few different points: Symmetra being unable to have any sort of relationship with Junkrat due to her autism, Symmetra being ‘triggered’ by Junkrat’s mess and chaos making her uncomfortable due to her ‘need’ for order, people believing Junkrat would not respect Symmetra’s needs at all, and a common misrepresentation of the ship and shippers by saying that people ship Symmrat as Junkrat ‘fixing’ Symmetra and teaching her to ‘let her hair down’. Most of these ideas themselves are quite harmful stereotypes of autism. The belief that Symmetra, as a grown autistic woman, would not be able to have a relationship because of her autism or not be able to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t have autism or who isn’t mentally ill is absurd. This is made even more ridiculous by the fact that some people headcanon Junkrat as ALSO having autism (or a form of ADHD). The idea that Junkrat may not respect Symm’s needs is also quite ridiculous, although it does have better ground to stand on as an argument. While someone like Junkrat may have the possibility of not immediately respecting Symmetra’s ‘issues’(for lack of a better word) due to his lack of social skills, it does not mean he can not change and grow to respect them and alter the way he acts around her. The ship even has some interesting head cannons and interpretations of this such as Symmetra refusing to be intimate with Junkrat unless he is to her standards of cleanliness, and him respecting that. Some people even headcanon them as not sharing a bed on a regular basis due to Symmerta’s ‘need for personal space. I have seen several comments (most of them unfortunately in the symmrat tag/search) saying that the ship is about ‘fixing’ symmetra, but i have never actually seen any content portraying the ship like this or evidence to back this claim up despite spending hours in the tag, and being in the ship close to its start. Most of the shouting about Symmrat being ableist seem to be out of fear of what the ship could have been, and not what it actually is. Maybe in the wrong hands the ship could be presented as a steaming pile of ableist garbage, but i have never seen any actual evidence that this is common in the ship or has happened before. Besides, most fics that come anywhere close to this are actually not about ‘fixing’ symm or making her more carefree, but about making Junkrat calm down and respect order. Fear of how a ship could be presented is a valid reason to worry about a it, but not a valid reason for calling innocent people ablist due to your worries about what a ship could be.

The third major argument against the ship is that Symmetra hates or dislikes Junkrat. When this argument is used against Meihem (another ship that receives more hate than it ever deserves) it at least has some backing from in game voice lines, but against Symmrat it doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Symmetra and Junkrat have no cannon interactions at all, and while it is not hard to assume that if the two briefly met in a non canon setting-like the game- that they may dislike each other due to their opposing views, there is no proof at all that this would be an 100% correct interpretation or that their views on each other would not change and adjust over time even in a non romantic context. This viewpoint is often the root for the majority of the rest of the hate Symmrat gets, and it confuses me as two of the fandoms biggest ships (Wid/ow/tra/cer and Rea/per/76) have had the character actively trying to KILL one another very clearly in canon material!  

A lot of people think Symmrat is a very poorly thought out ship where people looked at the both of them and went “Order vs. Chaos, opposites attract. The perfect ship!” Without considering that actually, opposites don’t always attract and can be very bad for one another. The thing about the ship that makes it interesting however is how both parties are so reliant on their traits that it is borderline toxic. Junkrat needs some form of order in his life and Symmetra needs some form of chaos or they will never be able to grow and develop as people. The two fulfil this role for each other in the context of the ship. Another view is that Junkrat is an unrepentant career criminal and Symmetra would want nothing to do with him. While this could be a valid point if presented properly, it baffles me that people say this then offer Hanzo/Symmetra as an alternative ship, keep in mind that Hanzo is part of a criminal clan and killed his own brother when asked and you’ll see the irony. From a moral standpoint he’s is no better than Junkrat.

There are more points i could talk about, like how some of this comes from people’s irrational dislike of Junkrat himself that results hate for anyone who likes him at all, or about how interesting the Symmetra and Junkrat’s dynamic can get the closer you look at it, or even how a large portion of all Symmetra content is produced by this small ship, but that’s for another day. Just remember, it’s completely valid to dislike a ship, even hate it, but there is NEVER any excuse for being cruel and making rude posts or for sending hate to people just for shipping something you don’t like. At the end of the day these relationships are fictional, but the people you’re being disgusting and vile to over them are real.