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I never thought I’d see the day (at least not any time so soon) where I’d be writing up this message. I have dedicated so much to this group over the last year and a half and honestly, that has a great affect on me ooc. I’ve have met so many beautiful people throughout this entire journey and some of the greatest writers I’ve ever come by. I’ve also made so many friendships, including an in real life best friend who I can’t thank enough for bein there for me. Montreal has been a part of me for so long and I want to start by saying thank you to all of you. For everything you’ve done for this group. However, there are some things that have happened that a lot of you don’t see. Some of you who have been here since the beginning or a really long time know the amount of drama this group as faced. From PSAs to people cursing at me over the inbox. From drama within the admin team to drama within the members. And even now with terrible, terrible anonymous messages being sent out. It’s been so stressful. So stressful to come on to the main and get attacked for things I honestly didn’t mean to happen. To have to dispute fights, only to end up being called a terrible person because I didn’t pick sides. To be shamed for my lack of knowledge on certain subjects… All of it has been so stressful. 

Now, that’s not to say this isn’t a wonderful group of people because honestly, you’re all so lovely in your own ways. I’ve never been a part of a group like this before. But I’m honestly at a point where I can’t wake up to the drama anymore. I hate doing this to you guys because I feel like I’m taking something away from great people. But for my own mental health, I’ve come to the decision to end this chapter. Meaning it’s time to put Montreal to rest. Too much has happened in the past year that I don’t want to worry every day. And I get some of you might be saying ‘you’re closing because of anons?’ Well, it’s not just the anons. It’s all the stuff in the behind the scenes that some of you never saw. Being an admin is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly stressful. I look at this group like it’s my child, honestly. But I think it’s time to say goodbye. 

This means I will be shutting down Montreal. I hate saying that and I legit started to tear up in writing it, but it’s what is best for me. I am so saddened by this and I honestly feel so terrible for doing this to you all. I genuinely hope you understand the choice I have made. None of you are to blame (though whoever is sending out malicious anons, I do hope you realize how powerful hateful words can be). You are free to continue roleplaying. The OOC blog will remain open, but I will be closing down the main. To all of those who are losing something tonight, I am terribly sorry. I understand if you wish to hate me, but there comes a point where I must say goodbye. I won’t be giving Montreal away. I thought about it, but I can’t find it in me to hand it off. So for now, I must say goodbye and say thank you for these wonderful memories we’ve all created. I can honestly say that you’ve all impacted my life greatly by giving me a wonderful platform and environment to write in. I’m amazed by the people in this group and I honestly want nothing but the best for you all.

Please remember that every single one of you is worth it. Every single one of you should be proud in yourself and in your writing. You’re all so beautiful and I hope none of you forget the talent you all have and how far you are capable of going with your writing.

I am so sorry for this. But I will forever love each and every one of you.

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I'm really glad you seem to be doing alright in your path of recovery and well being and I'm really glad that you are a person that exists on this earth

Thank you, Anon. I’m glad I’ve stuck around also. Just today I found a post from 2013 about going through my 2003 LJ and realising just how bad things were back then, and how far I’ve come.

Hell in the last year since I started therapy I’ve been a much more steady person. Reducing drama, handling stress, pulling myself out of panic attacks instead of just waiting for them to end.

The world may be on fire but I’m at least fighting down the dumpster fire of my own life.

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It's all in my head

Okay, so I have been attributing a ton of shit to my fibromyalgia but I am really worried that there is something very wrong with my brain.

I see spots in my vision, I have for at least 10-15 years. They haven’t gotten worse and I only see them in bright light and against like a white wall or snow. It’s like floating specs.

I have horrible headaches and for the last few months they have been pretty constant.

Sometimes when I really laugh very hard my head, neck, and arms will experience numbness.

I have been having tremors in my hands, may arms, and in short bursts in various muscles (ass, boob, thigh, knee)

I have developed weird taste sensitivities. For instance, anything with flavored butter oil tastes rancid to me.

I am very sensitive to certain smells and frequently (lately) smell things that aren’t there, like bacon or fish.

I’ve started getting brain buzzes. Like the kind you get when you come off an antidepressant. I haven’t taken anything more than a excederin or an alieve since they gave me steroids last summer.

I get dizzy, constantly. My blood pressure is perfect so…..

my sophomore speech on the need for sex-segregated bathrooms!!

i wrote and performed this for a required speech at my high school!! a lot of people told me they found it very convincing or at least made them think about the issue more! i hope you enjoy!!

A Feminist Perspective on the Trans Bathroom Debate

July 15, 2011: man rapes 19-year-old girl twice in college bathroom (Morse)

January 7, 2014: 10-year-old girl sexually assaulted in a Denny’s bathroom (Bennett)

February 26, 2014: man sentenced to indefinite prison sentence after abusing women in two Toronto women’s shelters after gaining access by claiming to be transgender (Pazzano)

December 17, 2014: LA police issue warning to women after 3 attempted rapes in bathrooms in the last two months (Baldonado)

April 13, 2015: man rapes woman inside the bathroom of a NYC sports bar (“Stranger Grabs Woman by Throat, Rapes Her in Bathroom of Manhattan Bar: NYPD.” )

May 9, 2015: LA woman raped in park bathroom (Navarro)

July 8, 2015: Phoenix man rapes woman in park bathroom (Mahoney)

August 28, 2015: woman attacked and rape attempted by man in mall bathroom (Brilliant)

September 13, 2015: woman raped in downtown Annapolis restroom (Belt)

October 16, 2015: 12-year-old girl raped in CVS bathroom (Robinson)

October 17, 2015: man rapes 50-year-old woman in bathroom (“Woman (50) Raped in Chloorkop Toilet.”)

October 18, 2015: man tries to rape a 63-year-old woman in NYC bathroom (Sit)

October 23, 2015: woman raped in Vermont courthouse bathroom (“Woman Raped in Vermont Courthouse Bathroom.”)

July 21, 2016: man tries to rape woman in church bathroom during quinceañera (“NYPD: Man Tries To Rape Woman Inside Staten Island Church Bathroom.”)

September 2, 2016: man drags woman into group home bathroom and rapes her (WHAM)

In the last five years, there have been at least 15 incidents of men attempting or succeeding in raping women and girls in bathrooms. Most likely, there were significantly more. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, out of every 1000 rapes, only 310 are reported to the police and only six will result in the rapist going to jail. (“The Criminal Justice System: Statistics.”) From that data, as well as the fact that these 15 cases are only the ones interesting enough for there to be a news article about and easily found on the internet, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of sexual assaults in bathrooms per year, the vast majority of which will be committed by men. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, a department of the US government that collects and analyzes crime statistics, males perpetrate a whopping 97% of all rapes (Langton). This omnipresent danger is one of the many reasons sex segregated bathrooms and intimate facilities like locker rooms exist.

Despite this clear threat, women’s right to safe places to pee and change are being taken away by well-meaning, but misguided attempts to stop discrimination.

This saga began by the complete and utter elimination of females as a protected group by the Obama administration on May 13, 2016. On that day, the US Departments of Justice and Education sent a letter to schools across the country regarding Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which is described by the DOJ as “a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.” Basically, this legislation is what requires schools to have women’s sports teams, math and science classes that females can attend, and punishment for sexual harassment. In this message, the departments released what they called “significant guidance” to this law, which served to redefine the word “sex” in the legislation to a student’s personal “gender identity” which is defined by the DOJ as “an individual’s internal sense of gender” even if this “identity” is different than their biological sex. Students don’t need to present any “proof” of this disparate identity as schools cannot ask for any identification documents of a gender change such as “medical diagnosis or treatment requirement” without now violating a student’s so called right to being treated as their “gender identity” (Lhamon).

That means a school cannot prevent a male student from playing on a female sports team as long as they claim to have a “female” gender identity even if he still 100% physically male with all the athletic advantages that has. Even something as small as the difference in height and bone structure could allow a male to physically dominate in  athletics like women’s basketball team. The same male student would also be allowed to use the girls’ locker room, which in some sports are used for showering. This puts women and girls in the uncomfortable situation of having to see male genitalia up close and personal, which could be considered sexual assault (“Sexual Assault.”). The inevitable consequences of this legislation change are already being felt. A school district in Minnesota that has just enacted the “inclusive” gender identity policies demanded by the DOJ and DOE is already being sued by the families for failing to protect their daughters from a transgender male student who was “twerking, grinding, and lifting up his skirt to reveal his underwear” in the girls’ locker room. The same boy asked a girl who was changing about her bra size and “to “trade body parts” with him”. He also is said to have followed two girls to a different locker room when they sought privacy from him and undressed in front of them (Richardson). This school is just one of many school districts and institutions that now have to deal with the repercussions.

Not only has this legislature caused specific instances of insecurity and danger, it also is completely against the law. The decision to change “sex” to gender identity was decided not as a democratically voted upon law, but rather released as what was called “significant guidance.” This information is supposed to clarify an existing law with examples on specific scenarios, but not change the meaning of legislature. The Obama administration said that the phrasing “sex” was ambiguous, but it’s simply not (Lhamon). Humans (and actually, all mammals) are a sexually dimorphic species, meaning that there are two distinct sexes. Sex is an observable trait defined by one’s chromosomes, genitalia and what kind of gamete one produces. Although intersex individuals, meaning those with some sort of disorder causing errors in some aspect of sex, exist, their conditions are rare, noticeably a medical disorder, and in most cases, still observably male or female. Only 0.018%, which is less than a 50th of a percent of the population is unable to be classified as male or female (Sax). Redefining sex to gender completely changes the meaning of Title IX by fully eliminating the sex protections fought for by women for decades by allowing anyone to identify into these protections. This significant guidance is significant enough that it needs to be democratically elected by both the House of Representatives and the Senate before it can be enacted.

But what if it does pass? It’s not impossible; President-elect Trump said that Caitlyn Jenner could use any bathroom “she” wanted in the Trump Tower (Smith). My first point stands; men are dangerous, no matter what they identify as, if they’re wearing a t-shirt, a three piece suit, or a dress. According to the FBI, men commit almost 75% of all crime, and 97% of sexual assaults, which is one of the greatest risks of allowing males into women’s intimate facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms (“Table 4.2: Arrests by Sex, 2014.”). women and girls have been and continue to be raped in bathrooms by men. According to a 2010 study by the Center for Disease Control, 1 of 5 women will be raped in her lifetime. That means that just in this room at least 2 of the girl will be raped in her lifetime. For our entire school that’s almost 200 girls. And an entire 45% of females face other sexual violence in their lifetime, so 5 of us will be sexually assaulted as well (Black). This danger is posed by all men, even if they identify as women. The Karolinska Institutet, a Swedish medical university that is considered “one of the largest and most prestigious medical schools in the world” and decides who wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (“Karolinska Institutet.”), conducted a 30 year study of transgender individuals (such that they took cross-sex hormones and underwent sex “reassignment” surgery) in Sweden from 1973 to 2003 and compared them to non-trans male and female controls. They concluded that transgender males were just as likely to commit crimes as non-transgender men, which is 18 times higher than that of females (Dhejne). That means that women are now legally required to allow potentially dangerous males into their bathrooms, which is against the very concept of having sex-segregated bathrooms: that is to say, to guarantee the safety of those at the highest risk of sexual violence (which is women) by separation from those who are likely to commit it (a.k.a men). However, many people also worry about the possible violence transgender people could face in a bathroom they don’t identify with. This could be prevented by the creation of single occupancy sex neutral bathrooms, which would negate the possibility of violence against both women and transgender people.

So now the question is: what can you do? How can we combat these dangerous changes? The first and most obvious thing you can do is also the hardest: speak out. Do not allow these laws to go unobstructed. Call your representatives, sign a petition, go to a protest, even just talk to your friends and spread the word. You can also support the Women’s Liberation Front in their court case against the DOJ and DOE for endangering women and girls. They are relying completely on donations and need support. Finally, use the single most important political statement you possess, vote! Not all of us can, but most soon will be able to. In 2018, the so-called “bathroom bill” law will appear on our voting ballots, and give us our right as American citizens to change our laws until they are just for all (News). We need to work together and stand strong to fight for women’s rights.

Works Cited (link)

Name: Levi Lorenson
Age: 17
Year: Three (or whatever the last year is)
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Gay and heart eyes emoji abt Ian
Room number: 413 (if eli gets a tlou ref i get a homestuck ref)
General appearance: Short for a boy, chubby, tan skin. Dark hair that comes to just above the ears. Brown eyes, rough hands w/awful nails, etc. Likes to at least wear foundation and such, but typically doesn’t care for more complex makeup. Usually wears a hoodie and sweatshirts bc screw looking fancy.

  • at the school on an academic scholarship
  • is Smart but gets nervous when people mention it
  • speaks 3.5 languages 
  • “hey guys do you want to hear me recite 700 digits of pi from memory” “not really” “cool so it’s 3.14159265…”
  • has awful short term memory despite the above
  • is allergic to 43 things and has multiple other health issues
  • shows up to class every day despite basically dying due to aforementioned health issues 
  • hates all of ian’s idiosyncrasies but secretly thinks they’re endearing 
  • is p close to jared but not rly attracted to him at all
  • yeah

sorry ive been going on about this a lot but i cant belive how little i had to drink tonight drinking has been such a huge issue for me over the last 2 years and i think i finally have a handle on it like.. my life is still in shit but at least this isnt an issue rn 

that’s not a proper confession, Baku

Playing with colors a lil bit~

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧Thanks for playing to Feral Jack !

i saw you playing to Feral, it’s a game made by people of my school ! Friends of my class helped on the production. I was too shitty for 3D stuff so i couldn’t help //cough cough// But i appreciate a lot you played to their game ! frenchy pride riiight there !

 Hope you had fun (and yea’ the game usually crash a lot… i couldn’t play as well)

If you want some details,it’s not only an indie game. Like i said, it’s made by students of my school for their last year .It’s kinda their  final graduation project .

  it’s only a 20 minutes demo/prototype.   (sorry 8A8 )  (i guess, i’m pessimistic) There may not be anythin’ after this game. They certainly found a job now and can’t work on it together . 

-At least, If you search for “indie games” like this, believe me, we have a ton like that (•̀ᴗ•́)൬༉ -


☆*:.。. 21 FEB 2017 | 2月21日 | TUESDAY | 화요일 .。.:*☆

first very late post of the year? :’) these are some glimpses of the notes I made last week in preparation for kmy chem quiz
╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ tbh I went in there not knowing half of what I was writing ahh but I barely got an A at least ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) better than a fail imo

also!!!i’ve recently gotten a studygram :) follow me over at @/studyingmochi for (more hopefully) updates!!

I need to share what I found in my attic last night

By reddit user A10A10A10

I’m an old man living alone in an old house.  My wife and I bought it 10 years ago, just before she passed.  I don’t know how old it is.  If I had to guess, I’d say at least 150 years.  It’s your typical old house in back country southern United States, surrounded by forest and far from the closest neighbor.

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you guys, auston matthews isn’t just the highest drafted latino player in nhl history. he’s the only player of colour to ever go first overall in the draft. there’s such little racial diversity in hockey, and his success is so important.