or at least the ghost guy does

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man I don't think you can really say bro is brainwashed but gamzee's just evil when you can argue that gamzee's also possessed by cal. they even have really similar relationships to how he's formed, ie part of their souls exist inside lil cal already. which is probably a good explanation for how lil cal is able to brainwash them when he doesn't brainwash, like, dave, who is around him his whole childhood. idk, I just think gamzee's more complicated than "evil ass hole"

As it happens, Gamzee has a line I never gave much weight to before noticing Bro’s SAW interest that I’m more inclined to take seriously now, that suggests Gamzee and Bro’s relationship to Cal WAS intrinsically different:

But even if Bro is kind of a noble captor figure holding Cal back, I still wouldn’t think it excuses any of what he put Dave through. He’s still an awful dude.

As for Gamzee, here’s the main problem with reading him as “just” brainwashed.

Gamzee doesn’t require Lil Cal’s presence to go evil. In fact, Gamzee doesn’t seem to require ANYTHING to turn evil. 
But even if like, Doc Scratch ALWAYS teleports Lil Cal into Gamzee’s presence to trigger his personality shift, I don’t think it would matter.
The weight of the sheer SCALE of Gamzee’s devotion cements his place as an ultimately willing accomplice/acolyte to Caliborn’s Dark Carnival. 

And it kind of makes Gamzee fucking terrifying and a fantastic villain.

I’ll explain my reasoning here.

We know for a fact that Gamzee snaps and kills all his friends in at least one Doomed timeline. This is the source for half the code used in the creation of Doc Scratch. There’s no implication that Lil Cal is involved here at all. 

But again, let’s assume Lil Cal was here again. It doesn’t matter.

Because there is canonically, explicitly, no timeline in the history of Gamzee where Gamzee ever, ever, EVER chooses to rebel. Gamzee Makara simply does not ever choose his friends over Lord English.  In any timeline. Ever.
How do I know?

Lets talk about Ghosts for a minute. The fandom has historically kind of taken these guys for granted, and loose fandom consensus is that they aren’t coherent/who has what ghosts is arbitrary. This is incorrect!

Pretty much everybody in the Bubbles that should have alt!ghosts does, including Meenah and Aranea, the two characters who’s alt!ghosts are typically presumed “Missing”. 

This is important. The Ghosts kind of give us very low-key character development, and contextualize the characters for us. For example, Eridan is an absolute irredeemable bastard in the Alpha timeline. But in a God Tier iteration of themselves, Eridan and Feferi seemingly come to friendlier terms. In another, there’s suggestions Eridan makes up with Feferi and Sollux. In yet another, he seems to be Trans or exploring femininity at least.

The point is, there’s a certain fluidity to Eridan’s potential. Still terrible in the comic, but it’s important to remember that Eridan didn’t CHOOSE to be trapped in the meteor with Jack, or to be born to Alternia’s power system, or to be trapped in the Alpha Timeline. 

It’s important to remember these things because in Homestuck, someone with power–Lord English–deliberately and willfully chose those things FOR him. Eridan’s lives are lived in response to that imposed power structure.
These factors don’t redeem him completely necessarily

But anyway, the fact that the rest of the cast have coherent quantum expressions means there are only three real exceptions–three characters who either don’t have any ghosts at all, or should have more ghosts than they do. 

The first is Caliborn, who’s timeline has exactly one deviation from the Alpha–apparently caused by John’s retcon. This riddle’s solved easily enough:
Predomination doesn’t leave a ghost to appear in the bubbles at all.
When Calliope says she ate his soul, she means that literally. 
Caliborn’s cheating in the Alpha Timeline is indeed the only reason Calliope exists in the bubbles at all.

(This, by the way, explains a lot about the relationship between Caliborn’s soul and Gamzee/Arquis’ in the Lord English. He predominated over them, too.)

The second is Vriska, who only has a single ghost in (Vriska). This is really weird, because we literally know for a fact she dies in more than one doomed timeline! As with the two Calliopes, I think this is down to John’s retcon doing some weird entanglement nonsense to Vriska’s quantum existence.
The point is: Where others have a palette of possibility, Vriska has two extremely polarized halves. Schrodinger’s Vriska. 

Important to mention that just like Eridan, the structure of the Alpha Timeline that limits potential Vriskas is IMPOSED ONTO HER. Vriska didn’t want anything about the way she was raised or where she was born. She didn’t ask John and Terezi to retcon her into this bizarre state. Both Vriskas, like the rest of the cast, are rolling with the punches LE has seen fit to give. 

Except for Gamzee.

Hussie literally tells us Gamzee never dies. His single non-Alpha Timeline death in [S] Game Over is retconned by John, and Hussie suggests it straight up doesn’t count. But that presents a problem.

There are thousands upon thousands of Doomed troll timelines. How is it that Gamzee specifically never ever EVER dies? Well, there’s only one real way that a Non-Time player can survive a Doomed timeline, that we know of:

Dream self merger. By going to sleep as the last player present in Sburb, the Doomed Rose from Davesprite’s timeline triggers a game mechanic that ends her timeline completely and merges her consciousness with that of Alpha Rose through their dreamselves. 

If Gamzee survives his doomed timelines, this is the only possible way how.
And collapsing all of his potential instances into a single Alpha identity certainly sounds like the reduction of possibility commonly attributed to the Rage aspect.
But what that means is that to move on to the Alpha, every Doomed Gamzee must inevitably either snap and kill all the other trolls, or somehow outlast them. 

And it means that if any Gamzee had EVER, in the entire spectrum of plausibility the Alpha timeline affords, EVER been inclined to rebel against LE–then we would know. Because somewhere out there, that at least Hussie could see, there would be a Ghost to show for it.

But there isn’t. Similar in this respect only to Caliborn, Gamzee simply has no alternate deviations because he doesn’t want them. He chooses the path that leads to Lord English freely and willingly, over and over and over again. 

And like Caliborn…

Gamzee does this because he wants to. 

Gamzee doesn’t BELIEVE he’s going to become his own God–he knows it for a fact. He sees it in Lil Cal’s mangled soul. And he embraces that truth wholeheartedly, throwing himself into the acolyte role from then onwards and presumably following instructions Doc Scratch gives him throughout Act 6. 

Which we can talk about some other time. The point is: Gamzee chooses all this. Whether or not Lil Cal causes him to is beside the point, because there is not and never will be any timeline where Gamzee chooses to resist. 

Gamzee is the ultimate in shitty cosmic nazi religious zealots, and devoted to the very power structure that causes every other character to suffer so. There are no mitigating factors for him as there are for everyone else but Caliborn.
At the end of the day, he’s evil.
Bad clown. Worst enemy. 

I’m in love with the concept of Danny DESPERATELY attempting to make Phantom seem different than Fenton- seem more ghostly.

Like, as Phantom he tries to not reference pulp culture. One day, Valerie asks him how old he is and he just shrugs. (”It’s keeping the mystique, guys!”) He’s way more talkative, and lets his emotions out more. He claims to not know what the internet is, and fumbles the pronunciation of slang. He plays to his parents’ theories about ghosts being emotionless, telling Val that sometimes he does feel emotions, strong and real and overwhelming, and sometimes the only thought in his mind is protecting people, no matter what it costs himself or those that get in his way.

As Fenton, on the contrary, he takes up smoking (the boy doesn’t breathe. Also he feels like it grounds him- makes him remember that at least some part of him is still alive), often makes not-so-ironic jokes about wanting to die, and is still always late for class. He only really lets his emotions out to Jazz, Sam or Tucker, and a lot of people assume he’s either a part of a gang or a sociopath.

Wes finds it POSITIVELY FRUSTRATING when Danny smirks at him and says quietly, “How old do you think Phantom is, Wes? I’m guessing 15,”

Every Ghost Adventures episode ever
  • Zak pretends not to be terrified
  • Zak gets annoyed at one of the guys (usually Aaron)
  • Aaron makes an innuendo/ bad joke
  • Someone trips/ falls over
  • The guys hear an entire aria in an EVP that just sounds like rustling
  • “At this exact moment…”
  • “Was this spirit (Zak describes a totally random action)???”
  • Nick feels sick/ gets chills
  • The guys see a human figure in a formless blob/ an orb that looks like a moth
  • Aaron gets left on his own
  • Zak yells “SHHH”
  • Zak continues to yell “SHHH” for a full minute after everyone else has shut up
  • Nick tries to sass the ghosts
  • Zak does something ridiculous “to get evidence”
  • Nick starts full on screaming
  • At least one super close up shot of Aaron making this face:

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what are you're thoughts on the trans danny headcanon/theory??

Y’know, this is the third time I’ve been asked about this headcanon, yet I’ve never actually shared my thoughts. All I’ve said is that I like it. If you guys are so curious about what I think, though, I guess I can go into more detail.

So, here are my thoughts on the trans Danny theory. I’ll put them under a cut for length and so people who aren’t interested in this headcanon can easily scroll past. Meaning I specifically don’t want my sister reading this that would be embarrassing.

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I've been wanting something like this for a while... but... What if, instead of Phantom ending up in the Human World and befriending Danny, Danny ends up in the Ghost Zone and befriends Phantom? *coughs* Not a very good idea, I know, but I just want to see it and I don't know if I can write it myself, since there's been some family issues lately :(

Dear Mom and Dad

The good news is I turned on the portal! The bad news is I’m trapped on the other side…

I’m not dead!  I think. I’m in the Ghost Zone you two were always talking about, and it’s brightcreepy strange hellish cold desolate indescribable, you’ll just have to see for yourself when you /get me out of here./ Nothing makes sense in here! There are these floating doors and rocks, and this green glowing stuff that’s everywhere, and the ghosts

I take back everything I said about not believing in ghosts. You were right about everything. They exist and they’re rude, thoughtless, scary complete assholes who only think about themselves. I’ve just been cut off from home and I don’t know if I’ll ever see you guys again and all he can think about is

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

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More of that time travel fic you wrote for basama plsssssssssssssssssss... please???

continuation of this

naruto is ready to tell sasuke that the ghost of one of his deceased relatives is haunting them, looking for its mother, when sakura elbows him in the stomach to shut him up. the little girl stands at sasuke’s feet and reaches up, asking him to pick her up. he assesses her briefly before bending forward and complying.

“what just happened?” naruto whispers to her.

“i have no idea,” sakura replies. she smiles at the little girl – this strange child that, honestly, could very well be a ghost like naruto insists – and the girl smiles back.

“i love you, mama,” she declares, reaching out for sakura. she squirms wildly until she’s mostly leaping out of sasuke’s embrace, forcing sakura to catch her.

“she thinks you’re her mother,” naruto says. he walks around sakura to stand in the hall with sasuke. he doesn’t even looked ashamed as he slowly backs away, tugging sasuke along with him. “sakura-chan, i know you’d want us to survive without being cursed or made into ghosts as well, so–”

“naruto, you ass!”

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Not really a prompt but please imagine lil like 16 year old Crutchie Morris who watches Sprace's Ghost hunting channel on YouTube and gets really excited when they come out to their viewers because they're like his idols and it helps him finally feel safe to come out to all his friends and maybe even family!!!

I support this so much!!!

  • He meets them at a convention and tells them how much they’ve done for him by helping him feel confident about himself
  • Race is trying really hard not to cry about it because it’s incredibly sweet and he had to grab Spot’s hand to keep it together because he has lots of photos to take with lots of people and he doesn’t want red eyes in them all
  • Spot’s mainly pretty confused because he doesn’t really know to what extent he identities with the LGBTQ+ community yet. It’d been just over a year since he’d realised he liked guys, or at least liked Race, and he hadn’t been awfully public about it. He’d never thought anyone would be looking up to him for something like that but he doesn’t totally hate it if it does good things.
The Cassandra Effect

Why are fandoms on tumblr determined to find something to complain about regardless of whether the negative energy that results is even worth it? Have you ever considered the amount of time spent analysing characters compared with the amount of time we actually get to spend with them? How about the fact that a really well-written character is not, traditionally speaking, supposed to be a “perfect smol” who can do no wrong? 

I don’t know about you, but in my day, the challenges our favourite characters faced was part of the fun because it mimicked… you know. Real life. Oh! The title character has an issue with people of East Asian descent? Welp. That’s eighty shades of uncomfortable! But… it’s also more likely than someone who’s automatically inclusive and has zero prejudice whatsoever because that person does not exist. My least favourite show in the world growing up was Ghost Whisperer because Jennifer Love Hewitt played a perfectly lovely lady in a perfectly lovely storyline with overly sentimental I mean perfectly lovely resolutions and nothing interesting ever happened and it sucked.

I hate to break it to you guys, but real life is a lot more like this imperfect fairy tale than you think. Without conflict, without people who express different opinions or whose attitudes stand in stark contrast with those around them, we would have no progress. Diversity is essential to life on earth –and I don’t mean diversity when it comes to ethnicity, physical appearance, or socioeconomic background. I mean the Other Stuff. The nitty-gritty stuff people don’t actually like to talk about on tumblr. 

Stuff like mental fortitude. Emotional complexity. 

Spiritual gusto.

Cassandra, let’s all admit, has flaws. She is not a perfect character with perfect behaviour and she is not supposed to be. The Tangled Team has always demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity when it comes to making our beloved characters feel real, have they not? Showing us a side of somebody that isn’t exactly pretty isn’t “questionable” or “problematic”. Those are labels used to dismiss complex behaviour. The 21st Century Internet Slang version of “Bad” and “Evil”. Cassandra’s attitude isn’t an “issue” the creators should have to scramble to adjust or fix – it’s humanity

(Also: for the record? I’m pretty sure Disney just came out with a princess movie not too long ago about how repressing your emotions can have disastrous consequences sooooooo… )

Here’s the thing. There is nobody on earth who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, been a total jackass to somebody else, even for a moment. You could come up with an endless array of reasons for a person’s behaviour and that still wouldn’t change the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still a person – with all the messy, sticky, unpleasantness that sometimes comes along with that. People (and, by extension, well-written, well-rounded characters) are individuals with free will, choice, and their own life experiences to draw from that, hey, might not actually be so different from yours if you think about it. “Calling someone out” does not change the fact that people learn and grow as they live their lives (or, in this case, as the story progresses!). Not simply as a result of being told they’re wrong or they need to change.

Rapunzel had to adapt to her circumstances in order to survive. Cassandra’s way of life has always worked very well for her. Comparing the two is not only impossible but unfair! They’re two different characters, and any discussion about development ought to take that into consideration.

Perhaps the reason people take such an issue with her is because they refuse to see themselves in her. I mean… Eugene did steal the crown. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping up and down to have him at my bffs wedding if I were her either. 

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I really wish that this episode hadn’t been this jam packed, but It wasn’t the worst?The dialogue was really clunky yeah but meh?— other than that though, I’m a tiny bit pissy over ketch coming back. Like, I expect something like the charm from him, but I question why he wasn’t salt and burned. Not even a hunters pyre just, making sure he didn’t come back even as a ghost. Now we have to worry about him chasing down jack.Don’t even get me started on them trying to make Lucifer a ‘good guy’ though

YEP. Well, they thought he was just plain old human. It does bother me that they wouldn’t have at least burned him on principle (like one does with, say, necromancers just to be sure…), but also to the Winchesters, a Hunter’s Funeral is a sign of respect and care, and they had neither for Ketch, so I guess I can understand why they just dumped his body.

Still, though, I don’t think they’ll make that mistake again.

I don’t really know if they’re trying to make Lucifer a “good guy,” but yeah, they’re definitely trying to make him “The Lesser Evil.”

How far they try to take this redemption arc they seem to be setting up for him remains to be seen, but I’ve been speculating since s11 that they could be pushing for at least a Metatron or Crowley level redemption by self-sacrifice. So while I’m eye-rolling over it, I am really not shocked or anything.

Because Jasmine’s kind heart wouldn’t let Dan stay all alone.
Tiny bed is tiny. Yeah. Dan is a BIG guy, but at least he’s comfy. And don’t worry, he’s not entirely over Jazz. The heavy guy won’t even dare to hurt her.
However, Jazz is being to risky bringing Dan to her room. Her family, ghost-hunter-parents and even Danny are on the same house too… and they still can’t see what Jazz does on him.

Ghost!Yoongi (BTS Suga Scenario)

A/N: So there’s a bit of a backstory here so buckle up, cupcakes. Red sent me this one (really awesome) tumblr post by user @ellienthealien and the conversation resulted in me messaging them and asking for permission to turn their post into a full length scenario, which they graciously said they were cool wit it. Thus this project was born. It was loads of fun to write because I giggled like a maniac every time I reread the original post (which can be found here). So credit goes to ellienthealien (I hope you like it and that it does your post justice!!!)  for coming up with the brilliant original post and thank you so much for letting me turn it into a scenario! I hope y’all enjoy it!!!! ~ Admin Silver

Genre: Comedy, Fluff

Word Count: 5,460 (that’s counting the bullet points)

Summary: "Fuck Ghost!Yoongi” 

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Courtroom Women & Mayfly Men, Part 6 - The things Tessa saw

(If you’re just tuning in, this is part 6 of a 10-part meta series. Links to the other chapters can be found here.)

Stag night. Many, many words have been written on stag night. Mainly about how it’s the queerest thing on the fucking planet. I’m not going to go over that territory again, because if you found this meta series at all, chances are, you are very aware about the queerness of stag night. I’m going to be specifically focusing on Tessa, and what new data we get when we apply the courtroom mirroring to Tessa.

And guess what, guys? I’ve been holding out on you. Get ready to get plot-twisted.

So for this entire meta series, we’ve referred to that photographer guy and everything he does and everything he implies under the broad umbrella of “the Mayfly Man.” But it’s actually quite a bit more nuanced than that, and Tessa is our catalyst into this discussion. When we go back to stag night and listen to Tessa, we’re reminded of one thing right away: she’s not talking about the Mayfly Man. She’s never heard of the Mayfly Man. To her, the Mayfly Man doesn’t exist. She’s talking about a ghost. In fact, all of the courtroom women are talking about a ghost. Sherlock found these women on a website called “I dated a ghost.com,” remember? Who are the people who are actually impacted by the IRL literal Mayfly Man? Bainbridge and Sholto. Who never complain about a ghost. For them, the Mayfly Man is very real – he fucking stabbed them, after all. So basically, the women get a ghost – someone who appears real, but doesn’t actually exist; and the men get a mayfly – someone who just appears for one night, fucks shit up, and is very, very real. And also likes to “stab” things. Oh. Well that’s a bit of a turn up, isn’t it? But wait, there’s even more. So let’s just spell this out, and then we’ll start having some fun. Here we go!

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If you still need writing prompts, I would love to see the "Deadbeats accidentally possessing Arthur" one or the "Lewis accidentally possessed Arthur ... But Arthur collapses into a sobbing, freaked-out mess because when the cave demon possessed him he still had some control, but when Lewis (accidentally) possessed him, he had absolutely no control and he was 110% sure Lewis was going to kill him.." one

((Saving that last one for now, so let’s have some Deadbeat Possession Part One!))

Arthur’s eyes were not pink.

If there was one vital thing Vivi had learned from all of her supernatural expeditions, it was the signs of possession. Most of them were subtle; things people could easily overlook, or mistake for symptoms of another illness. In those who were sensitive to the supernatural, the signs were much more obvious, if not slightly different. One such difference that Vivi had noticed was a change in eye color.

Again, Arthur’s eyes were not pink.

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the signs' thoughts while watching supernatural's pilot episode
  • aries: i want that car
  • taurus: actually the car is mine fuck off
  • gemini: at least the dad is still alive
  • cancer: IM SO SORRY BBS NO
  • leo: awww come on jess was hot
  • libra: i love the mom so much wait what WAIT
  • scorpio: that ghost bitch is hot as fuck
  • saggitaurius: your dad's literally only been gone for a few days why does that mean that hes dead
  • capricorn: if i were their dad this never would have happened
  • aquarius: *episode ends* and it was all a dreammmmm...

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For the Buffywolf thing, how about S1 Ep7 Angel?

From the second he sweeps into their lives, shouting for Scott and Stiles to run while he faces down the inhuman creature barreling toward them (a werewolf, Stiles learns later, an alpha werewolf), Stiles knows he’s in trouble.

And then he keeps on showing up, warning Stiles off when he starts sticking his nose too close to trouble (“it’s like you have a death wish, kid. Just leave it alone” …As though that’s even an option now that Stiles knows there are freaking werewolves out there), and reluctantly dropping all kinds of incredible supernatural knowledge once Stiles makes it clear he’s not going to just let this go.

It’s not like Stiles doesn’t know who tall, dark, and leather-clad is, either, and if anything that only fuels his interest. Derek Hale, who had disappeared from town with his sister six years back, after most of his family had died in a house fire. An accident, his dad’s final reports had declared, but Stiles finds himself re-evaluating that idea pretty fast now.

“So what,” he says one night, while they stroll together along the edge of the preserve. Well, Stiles likes to think of it as a stroll. Derek seems to think he’s just escorting Stiles back to his Jeep before he becomes alpha fodder, but they can agree to disagree for now. “Were your family some kind of werewolf hunters or something?”

Derek grits his teeth, eyes skating away.

And Stiles gets that, he doesn’t like people surprise-bringing up his mom, either. But this is kind of huge, and he can’t just let it go without trying.

“I just mean… you know a lot about this. I was wondering if it was some kind of Supernatural thing going on, you know? Like, werewolves burnt your house down or something like that?”

Derek’s breath hisses out. He looks away.

“Something like that.”

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guys please don’t start hating on alpha because he might be married he is a wonderful,fun and absolutely precious man, (and gorgeous with and without the mask) he was my first ghoul love and forever one of my favorites i hope he does have a wife or a girlfriend he deserves to be happy. they all deserve it alpha has had that ring on his finger since July at least there’s no need to bash him for it then or now 

they all will eventually end up married and or have children! i mean come on we want them certainly someone close to them will and it’s a GREAT thing not ever bad. 


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You know... I can't help but laugh at this... An episode in the Antagonist AU after Lewis joined. A witch casts a spell that makes Lewis and Arthur switch bodies. Imagine Lewis going through the sensations of living again, but with Arthur's body, and Arthur understanding what it's like to feel dead. It's totally goofy though, because Lewis tries to make his hair style appear on Arthur's head with hair gel, while Arthur can't control his newfound ghostly powers. Vivi is just constantly laughing.

This could be extremely entertaining.

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Bethany and Alice Young

So about 524519 years ago I promised I’d share my theory about Bethany Young. Sorry guys, I’ve been busy… but here it is.

If you’ve been following my posts for at least a year you might remember that I never believed Ali had a twin (I still don’t, don’t worry), but I did say once that I thought Hanna might have one. And the reason for that was because of that ghost girl that appeared to Ashley Marin in the Halloween episode of season 3.
I no longer believe that Hanna has a twin.
But, we all know that the “ghost girl” does.

So who is this little girl?
According to Alison’s Halloween story (season 2, episode 13) there were two sisters. We know one of the girls’ names is Alice, but the other one’s name is unknown. The girl with the unknown name stabbed her twin sister and was sent to Radley (as far as I know).

I know that it seems like the girl who showed up at the Marin house (3x13) as a ghost, but let’s not forget that Ravenswood might have been a supernatural show, but Pretty Little Liars is NOT. My conclusion? The whole thing was just a prank. It was Halloween after all.

As far as I know, it was never mentioned that the little girl who was stabbed by her sister actually died.

So now I’m coming back to season 5.
What do we know about Bethany Young?
1. -A went to her funeral in last week’s episode
2. We don’t know who her parents are
3. She knew Mrs. D
4. According to her drawings she was blonde
5. She was a Radley patient

So here’s my pretty little theory:
Once upon a time there was an unstable woman called Jessica (yup, Mrs. D), who got pregnant. She gave birth to twins Alice and Bethany, but she gave the girls away. Bethany inherited her mother’s instability and stabbed her sister one day, which resulted in her being sent to Radley. Alice survived and later forgave her sister.
Mrs D had two more children: Jason and Alison. But because she loved her other daughters and wanted to make sure Bethany was ok, she got a position in Radley.
Alice stalked Alison for years, furious that her mother paid more attention to Alison than the twins. Both of the twins hated Mrs. D for taking care of Alison and not them.
So one night Bethany escaped from Radley, found Alison and hit her. Mrs. D saw the whole thing and buried Alison, thinking she was dead.
Alice might not have been in Radley, but since insanity runs in the family she killed Bethany, because she wanted to have her mother all to herself.
Everything was perfect for Alice until Mrs. D found out Alison was alive. That was when Alice killed her mother and started stalking and torturing all 5 liars. After all, -A is for Alice.
When it was confirmed that Bethany was dead, her sister obviously had to attend the funeral. But she won’t stop until Alison loses everything and everyone she cares about.

Of course this is just a theory and I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s the only thing I thought of since Bethany Young was a totally random person that appeared out of nowhere.

One last thing - in last night’s episode we saw some of Bethany’s drawings and the liars were focused on the one that seemed to confirm that Bethany had something to do with Marion’s death. But have you seen the other drawings? One of them was a blonde girl standing in front of a MIRROR (supports my theory), and then there were a bunch of monsters and Mrs. D. I think these drawings are more important than the falling woman.