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THE BEST PART is that this is all 100% official marketing like,,,,,someone really took the time to pose them like this and make all out dreams come true. I am Grateful™

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okay some one probably said this already but I know there's questions about what sangwoo does with the bodies and someone was talking about him being a florist/doing gardening so- do you think he might chop up the bodies and then put at least parts of them in his garden? Like, people used to use dead fish to fertilize crops so maybe he has the same mindset toward the bodies.

I just pictured Sangwoo in one of those cute gardening aprons planting flower seeds over chopped up body pieces in his yard.

if you really, really feel the need to call someone out in my inbox the least you could fucking do is provide receipts. Like, please. I’ve had too many friends delete their accounts because of shitty rumors fabricated about them out of spite. Hell, it’s even happened to me. Multiple times. And it’s absolutely fucking terrifying, it’s a heavy, heavy way to fuck with someone.

I understand and appreciate the fact that a majority of the time y'all are just trying to keep each other safe. That’s admirable, and that’s noble. That’s needed.

But some people aren’t above manipulating other people into being their weapons. If you’re going to come up in my inbox and tell me to abandon my friends, at the very least i’d appreciate it if you’d fulfill your basic judicial responsibility and provide some sort of evidence. I refuse to voluntarily condemn someone to social exile without knowing whether or not they actually perpetrated something hurtful.

I’m sick of being afraid to trust anyone.

Story for @corvette73

There were rules to being a vampire. Or at least there were for Alex.

Kara had to follow the same rules.

Except there was two differences.

One, was that she liked to bend the rules and tended to forget about them.

And two being that she was a werewolf.

Alex’s rule number one:

Don’t fall in love with a human.

Alex didn’t fall for people. Let alone believed in love at first sight. Like yeah she thought it was nice to think that you can fall for someone instantly but it’s never that simple with her.

She was investigating a recent death of a famous vampire politician when she saw her.

It stopped her in her tracks.

Bolted to floor, granted she could run off faster than possible but she was stuck.


Then the woman she was staring at started to walk towards her.

Alex mentally cursed herself and tried to move but couldn’t.

“The death is really shocking, isn’t it. How could someone kill someone so empowering and so good.” The woman said passionately.

Alex shook her head and shrugged.

Attempting to play it cool she cleared her throat and said, “I’m Secret Agent Alex Danvers, I’m investigating this death with my colleagues over t-there. But what are you doing on my crime scene?” Alex vaguely pointed towards the general area of her coworkers.

“You know they’ve left right? And I’m with the I guess you could say Science Police and I’ve been asked to look around for any use of chemicals. I’m Detective Sawyer.” She held her hand out for Alex to shake.

Rule number two:

Only fall for your own kind.

“Alex! Alex! Alex!” Kara said practically running into the apartment after Alex.

“What?” Alex finally asked internally groaning.

“The cute girl was at the coffee shop again today.” Kara said extremely pleased with herself.

“You practically went everyday just to know when she gets a coffee. I’m not surprised that you saw her.” Alex said unenthusiastically.

“It wasn’t a day she usually comes! We spoke.” Kara said quickly.

“What about? Did you finally confess to her that you looove her?” Alex teased.

“What! No! Why’d you think that anyway?”

“You talk in your sleep.” Kara and Alex sat on the sofa next to each other.

“We spoke about coffee, I don’t know. Boring things but it was great. She’s really smart, Alex! There is one issue though.” Kara mumbled the last part.

“Of course there is! What is it?” Alex asked.

“Shemayormaynotbeavampire.” Kara said really quickly.

“Oh my god. Do you not remember rule two?” Alex said.

“Of course, I do. You wouldn’t let me forget it. But she’s really nice and interesting. And I know you don’t believe in love at first sight, I do.”

Alex hugged Kara. “If you’re happy and safe, I’m happy.”

Rule number three:

Don’t transform a loved one.

“Alex…” She said slowly, waiting for a reply.

“Maggie.” Alex said looking up from her phone.

“Would you mind transforming me? Like I know you say not to transform a loved one and stuff. But like we’re getting married soon and I want to be able to live with you forever and I don’t want you to see me grow old and you can’t share that with me.” Maggie asked gazing longingly into Alex’s eyes.

Alex pulled Maggie into a hug and said slowly, “Maggie, you know I love you. You know I would do anything for you. I will transform you-” Maggie cut Alex off and starting squealing.

“I’m excited. So is it like a ritual thing or something or like what happens. Do I need to sell my soul to the devil because if so this might not go well? I sold my soul when I was seven in exchange for a stick of gum.”

Alex chuckled, “No! You don’t need to sell your soul. But the transformation will be pretty rough for a few days.”

The next day…

“So we can do this two ways.” Alex said guiding Maggie to a hospital style chair.

Maggie nodded.

“There’s the way where I bite you but you get the scar and a longer transformation. Or there’s the way where I inject you with the substance and it’s a way shorter transformation but it’s more physically gruelling.”

“Let’s go with number two.” Maggie said, her voice wavering slightly.

“If you’re unsure, we don’t have to do this.” Alex said kneeling to the same height as Maggie.

“No, I want to. It’s okay.” She placed a quick kiss on Alex’s lips.

Alex smiled and then started the transformation.

She strapped Maggie’s arms and legs to the chair and kissed her forehead.

She injected Maggie’s arm with the serum.

A few moments later, her whole body convulsed. Her arms and legs writhed in the handcuffs.

Sweat beads dropped down her face and she wriggled aggressively in the chair.

Trying to kick and bite, Maggie angled herself in a way so that she could harm Alex.

A sharp kick the shin sent Alex back. “Baby, it’s okay. You’ll be okay. It’s only like this for a few more hours.”

Maggie continued to try and squeeze out of her restraints.

Screams emitting from her every few seconds.

Alex sat down on a chair a few meters away.

When suddenly one of the restraints snapped.

A groan in pain escaped her.

Maggie’s now free hand clawed out, her new found strength ripping through the air and attempting to hurt anything or anyone near her.

Alex attempted to hold back Maggie, to stop her from hurting herself anymore but she was too strong from the fresh turn that she couldn’t do it.

Alex rung Kara to help.

She arrived with her girlfriend, Lena, around five minutes later. They had clearly ran here because Kara just changed back into her human state.

“I thought you abided by the rules, Alex.” Kara said jokingly.

Alex scoffed.

“How can I help then?” Lena said excitedly.

Alex laid out her plan and they acted it perfectly.

Lena and Alex held Maggie back while Kara added new and stronger restraints to her limbs.

And a few hours later, Maggie stoped writhing around in the chair.

She stopped fighting the strong metal holding her back.

And she stopped trying to hurt everyone around her.

“I think it’s done.” Alex said.

“It looks it. I remember my first transformation that I attended. It was my brothers. It took five hours but he was stranger and way stronger than this. His was a lot more theatrical and dramatic though.” Lena said reminiscing on her past.

“How old were you?” Alex asked.

“6.” Lena answered simply, Kara grabbed her hand and ran her thumb across Lena’s knuckles.

Maggie coughed and weakly said, “Can you three stop being sad and get me out of this…thing?”

And finally.

Rule number four:

Don’t regret your decisions.

Lena rested her head in Kara’s lap. She snuggled closer-if that was even possible.

“You know what.” Lena said quietly which Kara managed to pick up easily. “What?” Kara said, playing with Lena’s hair.

“I wish I wasn’t a vampire. So we could grow old together.” Lena said almost crying at the thought of it.

“Lena ‘Zor-El’ Danvers. In this family we live by Alex’s rules. And you have just broken number four. Don’t regret your decision. It wasn’t even your decision. So you can’t regret anything. And I will love you no matter what. I don’t care if I’m old and you still look twenty four. I will still love you.” Lena turned to face Kara.

“I love you, too.” Lena said.

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Can you help with this situation? Person A is 17 in a relationship with someone who's 22. Person B thinks the age difference is too much. A sometimes cleans her boyfriend's house and cooks for him b/c she wants to as his girlfriend. B thinks her friend is naive and is being used. A says he doesn't force her to do anything she doesn't want, he takes care of her, he challenges her intellectually and he gets her. B pulls away because she can't see someone she loves walk into fire and let them.

Sometimes you just gotta let people learn and find shit out on their own. You’re being a great friend by trying to tell them that they don’t need that relationship and stuff but when somebody thinks they’re in love they literally be blind to hella shit. Just care from a distance and if that shit ends up slapping her in the face at least she’ll learn a valuable lesson and you can be like “bitchhhh I told you so” lmao.

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Literally nobody cares about why you're inactive. You're an ask blog, your entire job is to draw and entertain people but you can't even do that. "Oh no someone got involved with my life, guess I'll just be a depressed ass forever" - is your entire attitude and it is funny. Your drama probably doesn't even compare to the rest of the world. Do you really think your problems are worse than someone's in a 3rd world country? That's pathetic if you do lmao.

my life but every time i get an anonymous ask trying to call me out for being upset with my personal life situation in any way, shape, or form it gets faster.

I wanted a better argument between Oliver and Felicity. Something like..

Oliver: “….Why did you hack Susan’s computer” [He looks at her feeling angry yet bad for Susan. He also finds it strange Felicity would destroy someone like this.]

Felicity: [Stands up before speaking. At least this way they are almost at the same level.] “You’re very lucky, I did, Oliver, If not, you would have been screwed. She had everything on you. About the time you were in Russia. About the Bratva tattoo. About here. She had been connecting the dots.. What do you think she would have done with the information?”

Oliver: You should have told me this. It wasn’t your call to make.“ [Still angry, but worried about what she would have done. He wasn’t so sure she would have kept it quiet.]

Felicity: oh, yeah. Do nothing about it. Because we need you to go to jail right now.” [sarcastic voice.]

Oliver: Felicity, she got fired and–

Felicity: I am not sorry for keeping you out of jail, Oliver. Thea and I, did it to save you….“ [She looks at him, not sorry she helped saved him.]

even if I did send this dude anonymous messages (which he has no proof of except his word that according to statcounter his anons came from the same general region that I blogged about living in, as though this weren’t a city with like a literal million people living in it, at least several of whom follow me on tumblr and are personal friends with me) it’s not like he hasn’t been blogging about me and obsessively screencapping my friends blogs and saying odious shit about our abuse histories for the past several days so like…….. pot, kettle, etc, since when do you get to reply-bait someone, blog about them obsessively, talk shit about their harassment and their rapes and how they should have gone to the police etc, mock them, get your friends to mock them, and then act like you’re the victim when you get like, three anonymous messages saying that you’re being weird. 

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Do you have any tips on hiding not eating from you family? Like for family dinners? My family and I eat dinner together every night and I don't know how to hide restricting

There are a few ways that I know of to hide restricting from your family.  

1.) Make a lot of conversation.  Raise a fork with some food on it up to your mouth, and then lower it and ask a question instead.  This will get them to think that you are eating because they see the fork moving.

2.) Move food around on your plate.  This will make it seem like you are at least trying to eat.

3.) If someone does the cleanup, why shouldn’t it be you?  Offer to take everyone’s plates to the kitchen, and then stack someone’s plate on top of yours.  This will make it so your family can’t see the food that is still left on your plate.  When you get to the kitchen scrape your plate clean.  Also, this will make  your parents think you are helpful, so they might turn a blind eye to something they normally would say something about.

4.) You can ask whoever prepares the meal to try and make it healthy.  Don’t be too pushy about this though, or someone might get suspicious.

5.). Make an excuse why you can’t eat.  Tell them that you ate earlier, or that you aren’t feeling really good.  Make sure you act out the lie.  When you get home, say something about the “food” you had, or how you aren’t feeling good.  This will make your lie more believable.

6.) If you absolutely cannot get out of eating with your parents/family, try to restrict on calories for the rest of the day.  You could try to get a workout in, remember that it doesn’t have to be anything big.  This will make your net amount of calories lower.

I really hope that you found these tips helpful.  I hope that you can find a way to work out your family dinner issues.  Stay safe 🙃

MFW I’m doing a good and partaking in a study on intracommunity exclusion in LGBTQ+ communities, and there’s a “what sexuality/ies do you prefer partners to have” and there’s a dozen or so options and none of them are “non-straight” so I have to choose other and write in the comments section about how they’re essentially pressuring me to choose to prefer lesbian or bi/pan/etc. folks in a study about, as they specifically put it, “non-monosexual exclusion”.

Like, can you at least triple check your options and make sure that people who don’t exclude over a partner’s sexuality have a freaking option? And no, the Q word is not a cover-all for non-straight, anyone who’s remotely involved in any LGBTQ+ community would know that, and I would never exclude victims of violence from my sexual preferences for the sole reason of them having experienced violence, I’m not a monster. Like, holy hell…get someone who’s spent more than 20 seconds reading a pamphlet about LGBT+ people to proofread your study

I was curious recently about whether or not William Shakespeare had a cat. There’s no way to really know because we don’t know all that much about him, but I was sure someone had at least, you know, looked at the odds. And I was not wrong! Apparently Shakespeare mentions cats 44 times in his known works, usually referring to them negatively, at least according to the internet. 

Basically he constantly talked about how terrible cats are, which has led me to conclude that Shakespeare DEFINITELY had a cat, probably like five of them.


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

I’m forming a squad, who else is down to wear trenchcoats and cargo shorts  with sandwich bags sewed all over the inside and then liberate the Walmart bettas by pouring them into our many pockets and escaping the store undetected as human aquariums

liberated bettas will be sewn their own cargo shorts and given appropriate training so the cycle can continue


Happy 28th Birthday, Alfred Enoch! ♥ 

I’m always amazed when people recognize me from that because in my mind, I didn’t do very much! As a kid, I read the books and absolutely loved them, so getting to work on the movies was really cool, and people really care, which is wonderful. It does still happen, and it never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes people are like, “Hey, you played Dean Thomas!” and I’m like, “Wow, you actually know!” It kind of shocks me because when I think about movies I love, and if I saw someone who essentially did what I did in Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t recognize them walking down the street. I’m always impressed by that, I’m like wow, fair play. The least I can do is be like, “Yes, that was me, hi.“ 

don’t ever leave someone in the dark. communicate. about everything. why complicate things for ourselves by not being clear with one other? why be straight up only when you feel like it? the least you can do is be honest with people. you owe them that much.

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: mila babicheva is the third rank in international ladies' singles and presumably made the grand prix final women's program along with sara crispino, who is the 4th ranked. who are the 1st and 2nd ranked respectively? how did these two of do? who won the women's grand prix finals? what was their theme for the season? are the two of them involved because i would appreciate that? will the second season exhibit at least a peak at them skating competitively? also someone leak mila's workout routine because she lifted yuri into the air like he was nothing.

I know some people are upset that Guzma isn’t the lighthearted goofball that was predicted, but let’s look at the facts

- he loves hot chocolate
- his bed has three pillows on it
- he has an actual throne with an overflowing treasure chest next to it
- his throne plays his theme music
- he arranges a hilariously complicated password system including a twist ending that likely involves cussing someone out if this wasn’t an E rated game
- he at the very least permits Wii U tournaments and could very well partake of them himself
- he has a catchphrase
- he climbs phantom trees for no reason
- he leaps after an Ultra Beast without his pokémon, indicating that he was probably going to fight it himself
- his outfit and Flava Flav necklace
- his room access involves going out the window and crawling across the roof
- he spray paints graffiti indoors

So yeah he definitely has a goofball side.

you don’t have to make history

In its original context, famed bumper sticker “well-behaved women seldom make history” wasn’t actually an exaltation of revolutionary women. It was historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s way of recognizing the voiceless majority: the women who keep the world running while the rest of us burn it down.

Right now I’m seeing many calls to action in the United States, and make no mistake: I’m grateful for them. It’s high time we instated collective action on this kind of scale. I think everyone can do at least a little. But in the spirit of Ms. Ulrich (who is one of my favorite historians), I think there’s a missing piece we ought to remember.

The wheels of progress have always been greased by invisible labor. Behind every great man there’s a a great woman, they say - more like an entire host of them. For every leader, every hero, every revolutionary who muscles world leaders to the table, there’s someone who makes dinner. There’s someone who lends an ear and a comforting shoulder when the odds seem too high. Someone who pays the bills, watches the children, makes the appointments you’re too burned out to make. For every person changing the world, there’s at least one more quietly running it. 

It’s only within that infrastructure that we’re able to meaningfully organize at all. Even the best and brightest break down without food and sleep. Yet it’s so easy to ignore it precisely because it’s so constant. I take for granted the bus service that delivers me to and fro every day - the bus service that enabled me to attend last night’s protest. I take for granted the warm cafe my friends holed up in to decompress afterward. We’re battling uphill these days, but we forget just how much steeper the hill could be.

So here’s to the well-behaved women, and men. Here’s to the ones who care for us as humans so we can care for the world as activists. We might not remember their names, but we can unearth their invisible work.

okay but for real sebastian stan though
when someone asked him if he could hug them really tight he said “of course, that’s what i’m made for!”, he gets bashful and hides his face when he gets complimented and can’t stop the grin that ends up on his face, he made a life long friend on a plane by talking about existentialism to distract from his fear of flying, he calls his mama every single week at least once to check in and see how she is, he tells his friends he loves them publicly which like, might not seem like a big deal but i know men with masculinity so fragile they won’t even use emoji’s bc they think it’s “gay”, let alone tell their other male friends they love them, he calls his fans his friends on the regular like…
he’s just such a good guy??? like genuinely so good and kind hearted and soft??? and the world is so much better with him in it????

winged sentence starters
  1. “Can you stop shedding feathers in the shower? Or at least clean them up afterwards?”
  2. “Sorry about my cat. she/he really, really likes feathery things.”
  3. “Hold on, your feathers are looking a bit disheveled. Want me to straighten them out for you?”
  4. “Can you actually… use those things?”
  5. “Oh my god. You have wings.”
  6. “How is this even possible?”
  7. “Hey, what’s up with your back? You look like a professional olympic swimmer on steroids.”
  8. “You flew for six hours? Come here, you’re getting a back rub.” 
  9. “Did someone try and pluck a feather again? Are they dead?”
  10. “What on earth happened to you? Have your wings been trimmed? Wh- are you ok?!”
  11. “…Where are your wings? What happened to you?”
  12. “So, like… do you just cut holes in your clothes and stuff?”
  13. “Underwear must be confusing.”
  14. “Look. I know you want to cuddle, but ten seconds after you fall asleep you roll away and I get a mouthful of feathers. Clean your primaries or stay still!”