or at least performers at the circus

Circus Baby & Friends EP01 - “Circus Baby’s Pizza World”

Young Circus Baby finally achieves her dream of owning a dinner theater pizzeria. One problem though, she doesn’t have anyone to perform with! She begins holding auditions for band-mates, but no one takes her seriously since she’s just a little girl. What ever will she do?!

Keep in mind that this is supposed to at least somewhat imitate the writing style and tone of early 90′s cartoons, so it’s gonna be a little cheesy and somewhat heavy handed. Enjoy!!

Twin children of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. Cupcake’s younger siblings. Total dorks.

Jamboree Sandwich
Female/Earth pony
Nicknames: J, Jay, Jam
“This is gonna require stealth, subtlety, and most importantly…class. PB, get me my squeaky clown nose.”

Ridiculously perky and eccentric, Jam is a born comedian. Or, at least that’s what she claims. She and her brother form a two-pony comedy show, made up of equal parts stand up routines, song, and circus-like performances. Jam is a mare of many talents, including juggling (she can juggle up to seven machete blades), acrobatics, improv comedy, singing random songs right the fuck out of nowhere, dancing, and smacking her brother with a giant trout at inopportune moments. J is the brains of the operation(and she knows it) and comes up with most of their joke material, but relies heavily on PB to help deliver it.

Peanut Butter Sandwich
Male/Earth pony
Nicknames: PB, Peebs
“Here you go, lil’ fella, a balloon animal shaped like a walrus with a chainsaw!…What do you mean you wanted a bunny?”

Equally as chipper and prone to bursting into song as his sister, PB helps J form one half of a whole idiot. While J is smarter, PB is sweeter, often making enormous, elaborate balloon animals for foals and insisting they do their show for free (much to J’s annoyance). PB’s talents include playing obscure musical instruments (he’s pretty good on his dad’s accordion), writing silly parody songs, acrobatics, magic tricks, stand up comedy, and throwing pies at his sister at inopportune moments.

PB and J are best friends, and rarely, if ever, seen apart. The two actually get stage fright when they’re apart, so the show literally can’t go on unless they’re in each other’s line of sight.

The twins were bullied as children, and as such Cupcake is fiercely protective of them(even though both of them, as adults, are bigger than she is). The duo consider it their life mission to make their big sister actually laugh at one of their jokes. Godspeed, PB and J.

the twins are still in development. I’d appreciate feedback :)
yep, i know they don’t have tails. i’m just lazy


George Harrison onstage (with Carl Perkins) at the 21st birthday of the Hard Rock Café, Piccadilly Circus, London, and with Olivia at the same event, 15 June 1992.

Photos: Dave Benett

George and Carl performed “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby,” “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Honey Don’t” together.

“I went there purely because Carl was in town and I got to hang out with him for the evening. I went and he just asked me to get up and go up there with him, so I did it. I’m not mad about jumping up anywhere when I’m unprepared. I’m not that keen on it, but at least I know Carl’s tunes.” - George Harrison, Rockline, 24 August 1992