or at least one that really sticks out to me

Yuuri didn’t actually mess up at the Sochi GPF theory

Okay so I was rewatching episode one when I noticed something from the news articles about the Free Skate failure:

The word “today” really did stick out at me here. As you know, both programmes would not be on the same day, so with the way this article is phrased, it sounds like he at least did okay during his Short. And then this comes directly afterwards:

I’m not sure about the original Japanese, but the use of “fell” here suggests a dramatic turn around. To fall, you must be at some height. And for them to make an article on it? No, Yuuri must have not been already in last place. We know Viktor must have been in first place, but Yuuri? I think he was fourth MINIMUM based on this. He even says in some internal monologue:

His ‘big day’? Why would it be a big day if he’d already done disastrously a day or two before in his Short? Surely, a ‘ big day’ would symbolise him possibly winning a medal?

If he was in last place already, he wouldn’t HAVE that kind of pressure. But all of these lines highly suggests to me that he at least had a shot at doing well during the GPF, maybe he was even close enough that he could have had a chance for a silver medal.

We find out during episode five that during the GPF, Yuuri can’t have scored above 94.36, as they announce it to be his personal best. Still, there’s no reason he couldn’t have scored around 90 ish, which when looking at the other scores that year, probably would have put him in a good position

I did the maths as yes, if you plug his Short score at around 90 it gives a realistic Free score considering he pretty much messed up all of the technical points.

Yuuri Katsuki was most likely in line for bronze or silver after his Short

What does this mean?

This little interaction of Viktor not recognising him as a skater is so much worse, as is Yuuri’s FS failure overall

tl;dr Yuuri actually did very well in his short last time

Edit: I’m kind of bored of getting the same response now so I’m just adding that I don’t really think Viktor actually didn’t know Yuuri as a skater. What I think is that Yuuri probably took the interaction to mean that, and he thought Viktor didn’t recognise him maybe. 

request name

“Excuse me,” says the battle droid. R2 cannot roll his eyes, but he twitters in binary, something hard to translate but best summarized as: 

you heard me arsehole [the literal translation here would be: human excrement funnel]

I will shoot you,” says the other battle droid. B-1 models, flimsy in the face of a lightsabre – or a blaster, or a well-aimed stick – but more than a match for R2. 

“No you won’t,” says the first one, “the General needs him.”

“Well at least let me threaten him a little,” pouts the second droid. 


“It’s so –”

boring chips in R2 right, it’s boring?

“Yes!” says the first droid. And then he adds, more out of a sense of duty than any real conviction: “Republic scum.”

“It isn’t boring,” says the second droid. “Last week, Grevious killed my best friend. At least. I think he was my best friend. I can’t tell us apart, really.”

you have no names

I’m B-1,” says the first droid. 

“And I’m B-1,” says the second. 

“Mass-produced,” says the first.

“Could be worse,” says the second.

I was mass produced, R2 says hurriedly. but Anakin takes care of me. 

What do you mean?”

I’ve never been shot for target practice, says R2, and I’m allowed a name and –

It isn’t that bad,” says the first. Maybe the second. Hard to tell. “Anyway, you’re Republic scum and – “

The smack-shriek of a blaster. The first/second droid collapses, minus head. His companion says, “Never shot for target practice?” in a tone of voice that is, somehow, different

never ever, says R2. my friends wouldn’t let it happen.

“Friends,” says the droid. “He wasn’t really my best friend. He just went on patrol with me more than the others and I got used to him. Familiar face, you know. When the General killed him – uh – I kind of felt….bad.”

wanna get out of here?

“Roger roger,” says the droid, with feeling. Then: “Roger. That’s a name, right?”

yup, says R2.

“Great. Great,” says Roger. Then he hesitates. “What’re your orders?”

I don’t order you – oh, fine, babysteps, look just get me out of here. 

“And make sure that your Jedi doesn’t lightsabre me.”

Roger, roger, trills R2.

“Fuck you,” says Roger who, it seems, is a very fast learner.

Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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doodleboots  asked:

You said your house was haunted by "parakeets and Amish Satan" EXPLAIN

…I don’t remember posting about that on here omfg how deep in my personal tag are you? 😂 Those are two different stories so this is probably gonna be long.

Alright, so I was always that freaky little ‘I see dead people’ shithead when I was a kid. You know, that asshole kid that gives detailed descriptions of relatives that died before they were born and says they see them on the ceiling or some shit? That was me. Important to the stories. I’ll start with the parakeets.

Okay, so when I was like…Maybe 5 or 6, I really wanted to get a pet. We had a dog, but I was not the dog’s favorite person, and I was in that whole ‘I wanna prove I’m responsible’ stage of childhood, so I ambushed my parents with the pet question when we were out to dinner. (Which was a strategic move, as I knew all the waiters at the restaurant liked me and would maybe throw in a pity “Aww, get the girl a pet” comment as a guilt trip if they over heard the conversation. It totally worked lmao)

So, after a long debate about animals, my parents decided to get me parakeets. Which, I had not been aiming for (I wanted something cuddly, and I like birds in theory, not in practice) but I was not in a position for arguing when I was about to get a pet, so I agreed and we headed off to PetSmart and got two birds.

Now, over the course of my childhood, I only had three birds- Blueberry, Banana, and Snowcap. You can probably figure out what they looked like, I was not the most creative child. So, in our old house, which was, frankly, a better house, they had a great life! We kept them in the living room, right next to the huge glass doors that lead to the backyard so they got a lot of sunlight and fresh air, we were great about cleaning up their feathers, they didn’t feel attention starved so they weren’t too loud or annoying. It was great.

Then we moved to our current house, and that’s where it starts getting complicated.

See, my mom and I were both on a depression battle, and if you know anything about that, it made it very hard for us to do things. Energy wasn’t there. So while we were obviously still feeding the birds and everything, we definitely let the cage get messy and stopped cleaning up feathers. We had them on the bay window in my living room, so it looked like a mess, which really pissed my Aunt Gail off. Gail was a psycho bitch, for reference, but she had moved in with us to help pay bills and insisted the birds were taken out of the living room, which I wasn’t really down with, but I also wasn’t down with her locking me in a closet, so I listened to her. So Blueberry and Snowcap got banished to the computer room, where there was very little light, always loud music playing, and barely any attention for them. I remember they’d get so loud and we’d just throw a sheet over the cage or turn the lights off or yell for them to shut up. As it stands now, I realize we definitely ended up mistreating the birds, and I feel incredibly guilty about that, but as a little kid with very little patience and a fear of birds, who was mostly following her mother and aunt’s actions, I didn’t understand. I got pretty detached from them because of where I was mentally, and I remember when they both died (separately- Blueberry held on for a while, so she was sadly alone for a while), I like, forced all emotion about it away and just didn’t focus on it. Do you know what I mean? I was pretending like I wasn’t effected, like it was a non-issue, and like tbh I didn’t even let myself focus on how effed up that is until a couple years ago. But that was just the headspace I was in.

Okay, so anyway, birds: I always hear them outside my window during the day, chirping up a storm, but at night? It’s usually dead silent, with the occasional hoot from an owl who’s literally only there to make me think about the movie “The Fourth Kind” in the middle of the night. Fuck that owl, I don’t want to think about that movie.

Sometimes, though, when I’m having an Insomniac Episode ™ , I’ll be in the computer room (there’s no wifi in my house, we’re still in the 90′s) late at night, messing around, and for a short amount of time I’ll hear birds, like, screeching. And I never really thought much about it, because like, nature can do whatever it wants, but it started getting a little odd. Like, I’d leave the computer room to go downstairs for a bit, and I’d hear absolutely nothing. Dead silence, even though the kitchen is directly below it and thus has the same trees, or even if I leave the door open, it’s just quiet. But the second I step off the step and into the room, it starts back up. Weird, right? I started feeling really eerie about it, and started purposefully leaving the computer room whenever it started up.

And then, that lead me to noticing when it started up…It was always at 3:00am to 4:00 am. Which is, you know, The Witching Hour. The Ghost Hour. The Demon Hour. Plenty of names, but all the same concept. Any self-respecting paranormal fucker knows that things get weird at 3:00 am. The veil’s a little thinner then.

And that in itself freaked me out, but I always feel pretty freaked out at that time anyway, because as mentioned, I’m That Asshole Kid who hears disembodied voices and sees things out of the corner of my eye and always feels like something is right behind me. That’s only gotten better and worse with age in different ways- but anyway, while the bird stuff was freaking me out, I had yet to put together what it was, because frankly I’m just a wimp and I thought it was overall anxiety making me hear things.

So then, a little under a year ago, I’m watching some show about the paranormal and animals, and some dude is recounting a story about a ghost cat or something, and I remember being like…what the fuck, animals can be ghosts? What? Because that’s not something that ever occurred to me before, and not something I had heard of. And the guy went on to say something like if the animals were mistreated in life, they have as much chance to come back as a person-ghost who died tragically or something. And I just like, had a flash, of realizing how we had definitely mistreated the birds, and how I only hear screaming birds in their room, at 3:00 am, and it was just sort of an “everything clicked together moment”, and I was like, shit. I’m being haunted by my old pet parakeets.

I still hear them all the time, but I mean, I’m not turning out lights or telling them to shut up anymore, because honestly? They definitely have a reason to complain and make their voices heard over that. Like, if they need to let out frustration from beyond the grave, they definitely have my attention.

Okay, on to Amish Satan.

So in…Fifth grade, my class took a field trip to Lancaster, to tour some old coal mines and see some donkeys and stuff. It was nothing special, honestly, but it was a fun trip. So anyway, they had a little gift shop the let us go into because what’s a field trip without souvenirs? And they were mostly selling coal related stuff- I’ve got a little statue of a mouse made out of coal on my nightstand that I got there. But they were also selling these little Amish dolls, right? So as a young girl with a great love for dolls (I used to have a huge collection of all kinds), obviously I had to get one.

So I picked out a guy doll because I loved the shade of blue they used for his shirt, he had little black suspenders and a black hat, it was cute. Paid the store owner, got on the bus with my new little friend to head home.

(Completely unrelated to the story, but back then I was anime trash and decided to name this poor thing Kiyo after the main character from Zatch Bell lmao)

So anyway, on the bus home, I started getting slightly…unsettled by the fact he didn’t have a face. Like, it didn’t bother me when I bought him, but now it was starting to really freak me out. I kept asking the teachers why Amish dolls didn’t have faces, but no one had answers for me, which was frustrating, because I thought if I could understand the reasoning, it wouldn’t freak me out as much.

I was starting to regret buying it, but when we got back to school, my friend Rachel whipped out a sharpie and said “It’s yours anyway, just give him a face yourself!” which sounded like a relatively good idea. I drew the least intimidating face I could- two simple big eyes, point for a nose, big goofy smile with his tongue sticking out. It’s cute and dumb. Seriously, I still have the doll, you don’t look at this thing and think “Satan” at all.

So, me and my friends played with this doll all the time. We’d use to make him do tricks and flip him around and stuff- I remember one year we accidentally got him stuck on the Christmas tree and left him up there with all the decorations because we thought it was the funniest thing ever. This was like our go-to doll. We loved the thing. And sure, I’d have a weird experience every now and then, but I had absolutely no reason to think it was connected to the doll, because the things weren’t that out-of-ordinary for me.

So, in sixth grade, I had to start going to this free children’s hospital in the city called Shriners, and there were always a lot of Amish people there, because it was free and they have higher risks for birth defects and problems. And I was a super shy child, but at the same time I didn’t want to sit quietly in a waiting room for a millions years, so I’d usually quietly bond with a kid over some of the toys the waiting room had out, or if I was just reading I’d still make a point to smile politely at everyone I made eye contact with. The adults always seemed suspicious of me, but I figured it was just a whole ‘Amish vs The English’ thing, or because my health problems were a lot less physically obvious than their children’s and they were upset about that. It made me feel uncomfortable, but it was nothing serious.

Except one day, I was making small talk with one family and the little girl had a doll out, and I just said something like “Oh I have one of those dolls! It has a face on it though.” And her mother got all wide eyed and dragged her kids to the other side of the room while talking in their language (I don’t know the name of it) and I was just like???? Oh shit what did I do??? Like it was strange omg.

So anyway, time goes on. I get older, I stop playing with dolls, and actually end up selling or trashing most of them. I kept the Amish doll around though, but it wasn’t like me and my friends were playing with him every day anymore. He was just there. Something inside of me couldn’t bear to get rid of him, but I wasn’t doing anything with him either.

And after a while, it started to feel weird. Like…uncomfortable. Sort of a ‘why don’t you play with me anymore’ vibe, which sounded so stupid, because I was in high school at this point, I could not justify thinking an old toy was sad. This isn’t fucking Toy Story, you know? (Incidentally, while I love the Toy Story films, they’re also lowkey my worst nightmares).

I remember edging around him. Like, he still has the same dumb, cutesy face drawn on, but something was making me uncomfortable to be around him. I felt watched and guilty and nervous. At some point he ended up on the staircase leading to my computer room, just laying there for a couple years. Neither me or my mom ever bothered to touch him.

Okay, so then I go away for my only semester of college, and one day I was in the group chat with my friends and we were talking about creepy things that have happened to us. And I brought up this doll, and they were kinda interested and I remember saying “Watch me come home for break and he’s not gonna be wear I left him” as a joke.

I get home from break…Guess who’s not fucking on the steps like he’d been for the past 3 years?

I was cracking up, I remember texting my friend Zoe who started freaking out, but I was like “Okay, creepy coincidence, but obviously my mom must’ve just moved him or thrown him out”.

…Except my mom had no idea what I was talking about. She had no memory of this doll, let alone walking past it all the time for three years while it sat on the steps. She swore she didn’t move it.

So I was like…okay,

So then I’m back home officially and I still can’t find it. I searched everywhere- not even because I wanted the doll, just because not knowing where it was was making me feel even more nervous and anxious than having to tip-toe around it. I had random scary thoughts pop up in my head of it appearing in my room suddenly, or moving on it’s own. I was really freaking myself out- being paranoid is what I’m best at.

Okay, at some point down the line, one day I’m on my couch just flicking through channels, and I come across a marathon of a show called “Amish Haunting” (Honestly, check it out if you like ghost shows, it’s pretty cool). The episode that happens to be playing is feature a segment called “The Faceless Doll” and the paranormal experience that family had when an English neighbor gave their young daughter a doll with a face. Shit got fucked up for this family. Real shit guys.

They explained within the episode that the reason for faceless dolls is because the Amish believe that fake faces- like on dolls, in photographs, what have you- are an invitation for the Devil into your home. They believe he can use the fake eyes to see into your life and watch you and grow stronger and mess you up, basically. So, when 10 year old Molly drew that face on, not only was she accidentally disrespecting the Amish’s beliefs, she was basically unwittingly inviting Satan into her house, and then using him as a best play mate with her two other Catholic School Girl friends. Iconic.

I have since found the doll- mind you, in a place where he literally never should have been- but things seem…Calmer? I do occasionally feel a little watched, but honestly I feel like now that I’m aware my doll is potentially housing Satan, we’re on better terms? Allegedly a couple of my friends have had weird experiences after insulting him, but I wasn’t around so I can’t confirm or deny. Like, I definitely still get creeped out by him, but not as much, and I don’t feel a weird sad aura around the doll anymore.

So, now I’m just kinda hoping we stay on these chill mutual grounds and I don’t, like, get possessed or anything. But yeah, that’s the story of Amish Satan, you just gotta be a little respectful with him.

the magical things that are spoken from the boys

if u wanna know which vid a quote’s from, i remember (most) of them 👉😎👉 (or at least have a general idea) so don’t be afraid to ask !


“So this goes on top,, and then you’re on top of me……… this is really gay”
“This is so gay”

Brian: I never thought I’d say this but,,,, we need to fuck 407
Craig: heya, don’t threaten me with a good time

“See this C block? Ya know what it means?”
“It means you’re a cunt”

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First date

Okay, this imagine is not only the longest that I’ve written but also the one I’ve spent hours with. 4 hours I needed for it but I’m honestly proud of this work. Hopefully, you guys will like it too. Please give me some feedback, I really appreciate evry opinon. Sorry for typos and grammar mistakes. Enjoy my lovelies! Btw, Harry looks like the picture above in the story! (Both pics are not mine!)

“How are you feeling, babe?” (Y/N)’s best friend asked her as (Y/N) was observing herself in front of the mirror for the last time. To say that she was nervous was an understatement, she was hell terrified of the upcoming night even though there was no reason to be. Deep down she knew everything would go just fine and she had not have to be worried about it at all. But still, her legs were so shaky that (Y/N) felt like they would give up steadying her when she even dared to walk. And not to mention her heart. Her heart beat increased faster, threatening to rip off her chest in two the more she thought about the date she would have in an hour. She took a deep breath to calm down her nerves, to get rid off of the uncertainty that was consuming her. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax. She reminded herself nonstop. How bad could it be? It was just a date.

Yes, it was just a date but which girl would not freak out if she was asked for a date by the one and only Harry Styles?

She was still perplexed if she was being honest. How come that someone like Harry wanted to date somebody like her?

(Y/N) turned around and a pout appeared on her lips as she looked at the black dress that adorned her body. She wore it only on certain occasions or when it came to important events that she had to attend. She was never the type of girl who liked to be overdressed to be fancied by a man. No, she always stuck to natural beauty, preferring a less amount of makeup on her face even though her job was contrary to what she usually held on to. She was a makeup artist, working alongside Lou Teasdale, a very close friend of Harry’s. That’s how she met him.

Lou once took her on a  gathering where her famous friends met each other, among them were people like Nick Grimshaw or Lottie Tomlinson. (Y/N) was quite honored to meet each one of them, but when she was face to face with Harry Styles it honestly felt like she achieved at least something in her life. Okay, that was definitely an exaggeration but it really gave her that feeling. She was a fan of him you can say.

“Do you think I look slutty?” (Y/N) questioned her friend. Her ass was sticking out obviously too much for her liking and matter how much her friend tried to convince her that she looked fine and sexy as fuck, she couldn’t stop doubting it.

“Slutty? Are you kidding me? You don’teven wear something that makes you look like a slut. Geeze, you look more like a nun if you ask me.”

(Y/N) threw her pillow at her friend who had a cheeky grin on her lips.

“Not funny.” She mumbled, turning around to face her reflection and adjusted her dress.

“ Relax, it was just a joke, girl. Calm down. You look really good and Harry will definitely fall down on his knees because he’ll be so overwhelmed by your amazing beauty. Hell, if I was gay I would totally want to date you. I mean those boobs and this ass-wow! ”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at her, shaking her head. ”I don’t feel like I’m okay. Maybe I should call off?”

“No way this is happening!” Her friend called outraged, standing up from the bed she was sitting on the whole time and placing herself behind (Y/N).  With laying her hands on her shoulders she continued speaking. “You’re going to on that date and you’re going to have so much fun, okay? Babes, I totally know how you’re feeling and I understand. If Harry Styles asked me out I would have probably burned down an entire city out of happiness but I promise it’s going to the best date that you’ve ever had. And the sex you will have afterwards will be mind-blowing, I’m sure.”

“I’m not going there to get laid and neither plan on doing it.” (Y/N) replied, an annoyed tone underlined her statement.

“But you can’t deny that you haven’t wasted a thought on it.” Both girls laughed because it was indeed a true fact and (Y/N) reminded herself of why she loved her so dearly. (Y/F/N) always did everything to cheer her up, to put a smile on her face. In her hardest times she was there for (Y/N), wiped off her tears ,never left her side for once and supported her countless of times. (Y/F/B) was more like a sister to her. A sister she never had. They were so close and a lot of experiences and memories bonded them to each other.

“Come on, let’s finish getting you ready.” (Y/F/N) suggested and led her to the dressing table where she made (Y/N)’s hair and makeup.


Meanwhile, somewhere in London in a fancy and quite expensive penthouse, a young man went back and forth to check up if everything was prepared and was going well as he planned. Harry spent hours in his kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for his date and he was quite proud of himself. Hopefully, (Y/N) would like it.

He took a look at the dining table which he decorated with two plates, forks, knives and wine glasses a few minutes prior. He also made sure to scatter some rose petals on the table and he even lightened two red candles. With the soft music playing in the background, a very romantic atmosphere was created, exactly how Harry wanted it. Normally, he was not a romantic guy in his opinion but the sight in front of him proved that he could be if he gave a little bit of effort.

Checking up the time, which told him that he had no longer than fifteen minutes, Harry hurried to the kitchen and took the dessert he made out of the fridge. Mousse-au-chocolat with raspberries on top.

He placed it on the dining table and voila, the evening could begin. He immediately ran to the bathroom to check up himself. Running his hands through his messy hair, he tried to fix them so at least it looked like something. With spraying a few splashes of his favorite cologne before, he brushed his teeth afterwards.

Harry couldn’t remember when it was the last time he had been so excited for a date. With his busy schedule in the past, the touring, the interviews and songwriting in the past, he never had the time to get to know somebody or ask them out. His busy lifestyle never allowed him to find somebody that he liked very much and to date her. Even though he talked to (Y/N) only a few times when Lou brought her to the gatherings, he knew she was something special. The first moment he laid his eyes on her he just wanted to make sure that no one except for him could make a move on her. He wanted to make her his. He would love to call her his girlfriend sometime, to introduce her to his family and friends. Yet he was afraid of how the media and the fans would react if they ever found out but at the end they had to live with the fact.

“You already think like she was yours.” He mumbled to himself, fixing his white shirt, wrinkling its sleeves up to his elbows.

He was wondering how the night would end. Before he dared to ask her out for a date, he’d been a nervous wreck. He was scared she would turn him down. But as a “Yes” escaped her beautiful lips, Harry was so relieved he could have jumped out of happiness. However, in front of her colleagues, he thought it was a good idea not to do it. He felt like he had already embarrassed her in front of them.

At point 8 PM, Harry perceived a knock on his door and he breathed in and out deeply as he went to open it.

(Y/N) who was standing behind the door patiently, tried to stay calm. All the way long to Harry’s she reassured herself that everything was going to be just fine and she would enjoy the night with him. Her hands became slightly sweaty as she heard footsteps reaching the door.

“Here we go.” She mumbled under her breath. She put on a smile on her lips as the door was finally opened.

But her smile slightly faded as she faced him. Her heart stopped its beating and she felt a huge amount of warmth spreading through her whole body. She was out of words. He looked absolutely handsome. Beautiful. Angelic.

He wore a white shirt and she could see the outlines of his tattoos underneath. His legs were adorned by tight black jeans and black boots covered his feet.

But she wasn’t the only one who was speechless and knocked out of breath. Harry, Harry was totally mesmerized by her, blinded by her beauty. He could have indeed fallen on his knees in front of her, just like (Y/F/N) predicted. Her normally straight hair was curled and that black dressed fitted to her body perfectly. She was absolutely breath-taking.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes for a while before (Y/N) could regain herself and made the first move.

“Hello Harry.” She smiled at him with slight red cheeks. His gaze on her was warm but she still felt uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)…” He only breathed out. He knew he made a fool himself right now by staring at her instead of inviting her in but who could blame him? “You look- (Y/N), you’re- wow.” That was it. Just wow. Gorgeous.

“Thanks.” (Y/N) replied sheepishly. “You look handsome yourself. May I come in?”

“Of course, of course.” Harry stepped aside so she had full access to enter his fancy penthouse.

“May I take your jacket?” He asked her, helping her out of it like the gentleman that he is.

(Y/N) thanked him for his kindness and Harry led her to the living room. Her eyes widened as she entered the room. Everything looked so elegant and just like Harry but it seemed hella expensive. Even the furniture. (Y/N) didn’t want to know how much he probably had spent for the couch she was sitting on.

“Do you want something to drink?” Harry inquired. “Water, wine, juice?”

“Thanks, I’m fine.” (Y/N) responded.

“How was the ride?”

“It was okay.” She offered him another smile. “I just had some difficulties with finding the address. But I’m glad I made it on time.”

“I’m sorry about that.” Harry said, returning the smile (Y/N) gave him. So beautiful, he thought.

“No need to apologize. I’m here now.”

They had a small conversation of how they had been in the past weeks and what they had been doing before Harry invited her to the dining room. (Y/N)’s eyes went wide open as she saw the beautiful decorated dining table. Just like how she imagined it to be.

“Harry…” She spoke, touched by his effort. “You really didn’t have to do that. I would have been fine with take outs as well.”

“You’re worth more than just take outs, (Y/N).” He said, pushing her chair back slight so she could take a place. “And you’re a terrible lair.”

“I’m not-“

“Do you want some wine?” Harry cut her off, pointing to a bottle of red wine in his hand.

“Sure, I would love to.” He tilted the bottle carefully and poured some wine in her glass. They clinked their glasses and took a gulp of it.

Placing her glass next to her plate, (Y/N) glanced at the meal in front of her. Harry had prepared pesto pasta with grilled chicken and it looked so alluringly delicious to her. She probably could never prepare such a meal. She was quite clumsy when it came to cooking. She admired his cooking skills. Maybe he could teach her how to cook sometime.

“You can start if you want to.” Harry offered and (Y/N) obeyed, taking a small bite from her plate. Harry observed her features intensely as she chew the food in her mouth. He was insecure how she would find it. With the look on her face he could neither tell that she liked or that she hated it.

(Y/N) however didn’t mean to make him feel that way. She only needed time to enjoy the food she was tasting. And it tasted heavenly.

“Not bad, Styles.” She said with her thumps up and Harry let out a relieved breath. “I’m impressed.”

“May I say something?”


“You almost gave me a heart attack.” Harry laughed. “I thought I did bad.”

“Oh no…I’m sorry. It tastes really delicious.” (Y/N) blushed. “I never ate something cooked by a male and it is very admirable how you managed it.”

“Thank you.”  Harry responded. At the same time he felt honored and proud of himself because he was the first man in (Y/N)’s life who cooked for her.

While eating, they talked about different stuff. Harry was very interested in her life which he showed by asking her numerous of questions. He got to know her family and friends, the people she grew up with and the ones who made her the person she was today. Harry watched her in awe as she passionately spoke about her job and stuff that she liked because he loved the shine that formed in her eyes. Inwardly he really hoped that one day he would be also the cause of this shine in those mesmerizing orbs of hers.

When he was talking (Y/N) could not stop but to be focused on his lips. She had never expected that words could sound so beautiful when they came out of his mouth. His voice was so indescribably amazing and soothing, she could have listened to him all day without any interruptions. The most important thing was that he was talking. The way he pronounced a word, the way his British accent would underline them, it was to melt away. But the way he spoke out her name was even more beautiful. Whenever he used to say her name, a shiver would run down her spine, giving her chills in her whole body. He had lips of an angel. (Y/N) wondered how they would feel on hers, how it would feel to kiss an angel.

She woke out of her trance as Harry looked at her worriedly.

“Excuse me?”

“I just asked if you wanted a bit more of the pasta.”

She shook her head smilingly. “Thanks but I’m quite fed up. It was really delicious, Harry. Great job! I would love to eat more of your cooking sometime.”

“I’d be honored. Would you like to eat the dessert on the balcony?” He pointed at the area behind him. (Y/N) agreed with a nod but before that she made sure to help him putting the dishes into the sink in the kitchen. Harry appreciated her help but told her that she had not to do it. She shrugged her shoulders, telling him it was fine for her. After the table was tidied up, Harry took the cups with mousse-au-chocolat while (Y/N) took the wine glasses and the wine bottle and the two of them entered the balcony.

Even though it was already in the evening, the weather was still warm enough. Harry had an area with a tiny table and lounger. They had a perfect view on the city and (Y/N) held onto the railing while admiring the view in front of her. The moon and the stars emphasized it wonderfully.

Harry joined her but instead of looking at the same direction as (Y/N) he rather looked at her because she was the one and only beauty there. He had no idea if he was ever able to avert his eyes away from her, she was so captivating. She smiled and had her eyes closed, just listening to the noises from London’s streets. The wind was slightly blowing into her face, moving the curly strands of hair. Harry had the urge to touch them because he knew they’d be soft on his fingers.

(Y/N) caught him staring at her, a blush crept its way on her cheeks.

“You look beautiful when you blush.” Harry admitted.

“Thank you.” (Y/N) said. She wondered how many times she had thanked him the night. Probably a thousand times. Suddenly, she felt his fingers between hers and the warmth of his hands overwhelming hers.

“I really enjoyed our date, (Y/N).” He admitted. “I would love to ask you on a date again. Only if you want to of course.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, that sounds like a very good idea.” She knew she couldn’t let him go out of her life anymore. He had intrigued her in so many ways tonight, the thought of leaving him alone seemed impossible in her mind. All she wanted to do was to keep him till the end. This date shouldn’t be the one and only they had. She wanted more. And she was willing to do everything to get it. To get him.

Harry entwined one hand out of hers to shove back one strand of hair behind her ear. One simple touch but enough to make hear heart beating wildly in her chest.

“I really want to kiss you.” He whispered with a smile.

“I don’t usually kiss on the first date.” (Y/N) said, causing his smile to drop slightly. “But I think I can make an exception.”

With that, Harry put her face softly between his hands and gave a dimpled smile before he leaned forward to capture his lips with hers. (Y/N) felt like she was flying and thousand, no millions of butterflies erupted in her stomach. Harry kissed her so gently, so soft that her she thought her heart would explode out of happiness.

When they pulled away, they smiled at each other and Harry caught the glimpse of passion in her eyes that he craved to see.

“(Y/N), I don’t know about you but I have feelings for you and they’re deep. I have feelings for you since the moment I saw you. And if you give me a chance, I would love to show you how much I care about you. Being your boyfriend is all I want.”

(Y/N) smiled at his confession but she had to admit that she was very shocked about his honest words. This time, she was the one who bent forward to bring their lips to a kiss again.

“You’ll get a chance Harry.” She said.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head against his chest where she could perceive his constant heart beat. Harry slung his arms around her body in order to keep her safe and secure. They stood there like this for a while and gazed at the city together.

It was the best first date that they’d ever had.

A Broken Heart

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 2497
Summary: Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like | #fluff #babysitter!au

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a/n: omg these babysitter stories are so fun to write! baby bts are so cute I can’t ;;w;;

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I’ve rewatched the Belly of the Weblum episode. In the episode, we see this symbol…

In the scene, there is a lot of focus put on this symbol. The symbol brushes by for several seconds, being in the centre of the shot and is even shown in flashes on the arm in a few more throughout the episode. The only time that I can think of that a symbol was focused on this hard in the series is when Keith was trying to figure out what the symbol on his blade  meant. So this tells me whatever this symbol means, it holds some sort of important meaning in universe and can point us in the direction of the identity of this Galra, especially with the VLD staff leaving clues about character’s identities in their designs too like hinting at Galra Keith by making his civilian outfit look like the Galra commanders.

Like I mentioned a couple times before, it looks awfully close to this symbol in the first episode that was on Sendak’s ship.

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship. We never seen any of the other Galra commanders have this symbol on their fleet…at least far as I am aware. Even Sendak, who is highly regarded by Zarkon, does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well.  

With that being said, there are some key differences between the symbol on the Weblum Galra and the one seen on the ship in episode 1. The Galra Empire one has two holes in the centre while the Weblum Galra only has one. The Galra Empire symbol is black or dark grey while the Weblum Galra symbol is blue.

Here is the thing – the more I thought about it – it cannot be the Galra Empire symbol.   In graphic design, you can’t alter a symbol or logo when working on an existing product for another company, including altering its colour or shape. In the field, you are supposed to use only a certain set of pantones (colours) for the logo and that is it.  You can get into a huge trouble, possibly getting fired, if you alter a logo in any major way without special permission from the client.

One could make the argument that maybe it is a coloured flipped version of the logo so it can be placed on the dark background of the armour.    But even then, most of the time when people do that in real life, it’ s grey or white, not another colour completely. And a part of me doubts that Zarkon would be cool with someone making the symbol on one of his soldiers armour be the colour tied to the Alteans – blue.

So this tells me that the symbol has ties to the Galra military and looks awfully close to the symbol of the empire, possibly Zarkon’s family crest, but is still something else. Something we have never seen designed that exact way in the series before outside of that one Galra’s armour.

There is another clue here, that @lydgalaxy mentioned to me, is that it also looks like a hyper styled version of a skull. 

So this tells me that the symbol is a personal emblem of some kind.

Here’s the thing – the crew mentioned during interviews that they want to add symbols and aspects of the old character designs to the new ones, so anyone can instantly recognise who was who by looking at them. For example, they did this with Keith by making him be tied to red and making him have black hair and a mullet just like in his old design.  One way to do that with the Weblum Galra is by adding an emblem that is tied to a character Go Lion/Defender of the Universe we never seen on the show yet to this new character, so that way it nudge at the audience that it is a modern version of that character.  In addition to using the same exact colours on the armour as this old character’s design, only one character in the Go Lion series that I can think of  had a skull as a personal emblem…


  • Chocho: so who fell for who first?
  • Boruto: What?!(blushes)
  • Sarada: Chocho!(puffs up checks, face red)
  • Chocho: What? I meant hypothetically speaking of course. (Moves eyebrows up & down)
  • Boruto: oh well in that case it would be Sarada. (Folds arms,smirks)
  • Sarada: Me?! What makes you
  • think it would be me first!
  • Boruto: isn't it obvious, I'm cooler than you that's why.(sticks out tongue)
  • Sarada: Cooler really? That's funny.
  • Boruto: How so?!
  • Sarada: you're the one who blushes if I even get close up to your face, that's definitely not it keeping cool.
  • Boruto: Yeah well at least I don't go weak in knees just by a few cool words Sa-ra-da chan.
  • Sarada: Tch You'd be first & you know it!
  • Boruto: No you!
  • Sarada: You!
  • Boruto: No you!
  • Sarada: as if!
  • Boruto: Yes if!
  • Sarada: ugh, why are you such a annoying idiot!
  • Boruto: Why are you such a stuck up peculiar girl!
  • Sarada: If I'm such a stuck up peculiar girl why are you always asking me to join you in your childish activities?!
  • Boruto: Tch I don't know maybe because I actually enjoy your company!
  • Sarada: Enjoy my compa__ wait! What?
  • Boruto: ah....nothing!(blushes)
  • Sarada: Hmp! That's what I thog___
  • Mitsuki: He said he enjoys your company. (Smiles)
  • Boruto: Aaa! Woah! Where'd you come from?!
  • Sarada: Always around somewhere somehow....
  • Chocho: Mitsuki I don't know how to say this nicely but I know my beauty is addicting to view but you're getting to clingy for my taste.
  • Mitsuki: ......Sarada tell your mom to put Chocho out of her misery already and give her some medicine.
  • Sarada: ha yeah...wait Boruto!
  • Boruto: A...yes?
  • Sarada: I win. (Folds arms,smirks)
  • Boruto: What? No you don't!
  • Sarada: I believe you were the one who lost their cool first & your thoughtful words pretty much confirm you'd fall for me first.
  • Chocho: Congratulations you two you've finally noticed your feelings for each other! (Claps hands)
  • Sarada & Boruto: Huh! What! No we didn't! Theres no feelings!
  • Chocho: Wait till I tell everyone in the village about this!(skips happily away)
  • Sarada: .....I think I really will tell my mom to give her medicine after all........
  • Mitsuki: Why? She does have a sickness when it comes to me but you two, she's telling the truth.
  • Sarada & Boruto: Mitsuki!!! (Burning red faces)

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I can somewhat understand cis people's bad judgement with the whole HER fiasco and asking a trans dude to be in the campaign, but the part I can't wrap my mind around is that a trans man would actually accept the offer. How many layers of internalized transphobia do you have to be in for making such decision? Damn, I'm actually secondhand ashamed of this dude's actions.

A good chunk of trans guys get really aggro and snippy when confronted with the fact that since they’re not women, they don’t belong in women/wlw/lesbian’s spaces.

There’s so often this…lingering pressure from those trans dudes as a means to manipulate/force their way into these spaces because they “share women’s experiences” or they “share lesbian history”, or to reclassify them as something other than a women/wlw/lesbian’s space so they can remain there.

And I get that losing a space you found community in before can be hard, but it’s not like they’d lose those friendships…just access to that specific space. They could meet up with their friends elsewhere. But for that particular brand of trans men, that’s not enough. They need it all. They need to remain, no matter the cost. 

You especially tend to see this with straight trans men, as a means to maintain their dating pool. A lot of these same trans men will happily apply the label of lesbian to themselves and buy into cissexist TERF ideology (claiming they’re “female men”/“male-identifying females”, and therefore lesbians) just to retain this access, reproducing cissexism and transmisogyny and in turn forcing trans women and trans fem folks out of those spaces. Like…as stereotypical as it is to bring up Michfest, plenty of trans men and trans masc folks attended and enjoyed Michfest despite the rampant transmisogyny and cissexism that pushed trans women and trans fem folks out and misgendered all trans folks alike. This isn’t a new thing.

The majority of trans men aren’t shitty like this, at least I’d like to think as much, but all it ever really takes is one in meatspace communities to have a pretty major impact, and Aydian Dowling has definitely cast a sour note on HER, leaving me wondering if…the next time I do end up trying to date again, at least…maybe I won’t just stick to OKCupid or whatever. I have heard that trans men are encouraged to gain and maintain profiles on the HER app, which is just…cissexist as all hell, and transmisogynistic on top of the base transphobia of trans men harming their own community.

I’ve been looking at the Galra symbols on the armour as a reference for another character in my multichapter fanfic. I noticed something interesting…

This is the symbol on the higher ranking soldiers and lieutenants’(although, Thace got promoted later on) armours on the show…

Granted, these soldiers hold pretty high positions in the military, since and that guy who captured Shiro and his team in episode 1 had the same symbol. If I had to guess, they are somewhere in the middle in the Galra military ranks.

This is the symbol of the Galra high commanding officers…

The high commanding officers seem to have two yellow dots in the centre of the torso…which almost look like cat eyes (fitting?).

This is the armour for a Galra drone, who is not a robot…

It’s grey armour (I think, it’s hard to tell with the lighting here) with a pink and purple symbol on the chest with a helmet to cover the eyes.  

This is the armour of that prison warden from when Shiro and the others break Slav out near the end of season 2…

Which also matches Ulaz’s symbol from when he was working as a Galra doctor…

This is the Weblum Galra…

The symbol on the chest doesn’t match anything we have seen so far!  The closet thing to it is maybe the lieutenant’s symbol  and the colours used are close to that prison warden’s, but that’s about it.  

Not only that, like I and others brought up before, the helmet is the same design as Allura’s, probably being common before she and Coran were put into the pods.  Most of the Galra do not wear face masks outside of the Blade of Marmora. Even then, the Weblum Galra’s face mask doesn’t match that either! So it makes me wonder all the more why a Galra in Zarkon’s ranks would have such a helmet when no one else does.

Also, they have Zarkon’s symbol on the armour, the same one from when Keith got the Red Lion…

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship, and even he does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well. 

It is a very odd and distinct design to say the least.  

The only way this would make any sense is if the armour was custom made for that one Galra. Even the best of the best are not offered the  chance to have custom armour, which makes sense since Zarkon doesn’t seem like anything near Boss of the Year territory and this is still the military operation that uses uniforms.  Sure, there are some variation in the commander’s uniforms, but even then they are still very similar. Even then, the same can’t be said for anyone else outside of that.

To add on to the “This Galra Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb” sundae is the fact they seem to be operating on their own accord, like @radioactivesupersonic  mentioned in another meta, going off into a Weblum on their own without any backup and let Hunk and Keith go free after backstabbing them before hand. If this was your average Galra in the ranks, they would be terrified to report back they let not only two paladins free and operated on their own devices to get a single bag of Scaultrite like that, especially with Zarkon’s whole KO “destroy everything that opposes you” attitude.

If this was a Blade of Marmora member in disguise, I think they would recognise the paladin armour and not backstab them like that.

The only way all of this makes any sense to me is if the custom made armour was bestowed onto someone tied to Zarkon extremely personally, but still is not someone deemed worthy of super high honours in the military because Zarkon might have negative or mixed feelings towards them – someone like say, Zarkon’s son, Lotor.

With that said, this is still a guess. I am curious to see who this is in the next season.

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Could you recommend books?

As I think about them:

Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman

Incarnations by Susan Barker

1Q84 and Wind-up Bird Chronicles by Murakami

The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

The History of Bees by Maja Lunde (coming out soon!! i worked on this book and its so good)

The Devourers by Indra Das


The Glass Caslte by Jeanette Walls (the only memoir ive ever liked)

idk probably other things. I try to read at least 150 books a year??? I often forget titles unless they really stick with me

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So for my nanowrimo project I pictured the main character to have darker skin. It's fantasy and in this world race isn't a real factor in anything. I know if I leave it unsaid the default will be white. My question is how do I draw attention to a detail like this when it doesn't have much impact on the plot or themes of the story. It's told in first person so I find it hard to incorporate naturally. Actually how to I describe main character image at all in first person?

Hi there, love!  Thanks for messaging :)  Congrats on taking on NaNoWriMo, too.  I wish you much luck and 50,000 words!

So, describing first-person appearance has always been a common writing struggle.  That’s the sole reason we get all those horrible scenes where the protagonist looks at themselves in the mirror, just now noticing their deep, hazel eyes and perfect complexion.  That’s not believable, and nobody thinks it’s clever.  It’s just easy, so it’s the solution people stick with.  But I have a few ideas for you.

First, I’d remind you that in clarifying the race of a character, skin color is not the only factor to consider.  Hair texture, bone structure, and eye color are also key racial characteristics.  You’ve stated that your race is set in a fantasy world, so it doesn’t necessarily match up with real-world races – so figure out what characteristics this race has (beyond just dark skin) and incorporate this into your description.  It will also help to create other (even minor) characters of this race, to help solidify the concept of the race in readers’ minds.

Okay.  With that out of the way, I’ll get back to my main point: how to describe your protagonist’s race and appearance.  Some options:

  • Just let them say it, early on.  First chapter, boom: “The pink shirt contrasts against my brown skin.”  “I look back toward the sound, black braids spilling over my shoulder.”  Or something to that effect.  Your character isn’t nervous or surprised about their race.  They’ve been black their whole life.  So be bold with it, and incorporate it fairly often into the description, just because it takes a little bludgeoning to make sure readers aren’t defaulting white.
  • Give your protagonist a reason to be aware of certain traits.  Perhaps meeting someone new, receiving a compliment, or just getting ready in the morning – give them some purpose behind analyzing their hair, skin, or other features.  Maybe they’re getting into bed and they pull their thick curls into a ponytail; maybe they’re out at lunch and some of their braids are unraveling and it’s really pissing them off.  Whatever opportunities you can find early on, and continually throughout the story, will help remind your readers who exactly they’re looking at. 
  • Have the character compare themselves to another person.  When we look at a new face, the traits that stick out to us are often the least familiar ones – for instance, I’m fairly short and have a long nose, so someone who’s really tall or has a tiny nose is going to stand out to me, because it’s not something I see in the mirror every day.  When describing a secondary character, consider the traits your POV character will notice.  Use phrases like, “much taller than I,” “hair unbelievably curly,” “eyes a shade of blue I’d never seen,” to emphasize such features. 
  • Remember that race is a part of your character’s identity.  Let them be aware of it!  Even if your race is fictional, race is more than an appearance – it’s a culture, a background.  At least one of their parents shares their race; they’re not the only black person they know.  This fictional race has its own history and its own name.  You only have to go as far into it as you want, but if you really want to assert a protagonist of color, it helps to add some information to their race.
  • Remember to describe white characters’ skin, too.  If you really want to keep from “normalizing” white skin, don’t let it slip under the radar.  If you take note of POC skin, also take note of white skin.  Don’t let Character A be the girl with golden brown skin and Character B just be… the girl.  You don’t have to go into detail with minor characters, of course, but that’s a good rule of thumb for characters who have more than one scene.

That’s my basic advice, but I’m not a person of color, so this is only the perspective of a white person who reads up.  Of course, if any of my followers disagree with what I’ve said, be sure to let me know and I’ll correct any bad information.

I hope this helps you, anon!  If you have any more questions, my inbox is always open :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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Do you think Dany will get pregnant next season? Some people are saying that she and Jon will have a child to continue the Targ line. A lot of fans want them together coz they're both popular and heroes of the story. Will D&D and GRRM grant their wish to give a happy ever after to these 2 fan favorites?

                                                                                                                    Anonymous said to thewesterwoman:                                                                    Do you think Dany might get pregnant seeing as many people say she had a miscarriage at the end of ADWD (maybe a foreshadowing?) and there still is Mirri Maz Duur’s prophecy to be taken into account? (I dont believe she will because it wouldnt make sense and disrupt the plot, but who knows nowadays)

Answering these two in the same post since they’re about the same the topic.

You know, S7 was dropping so many hints about a Dany pregnancy that I was honestly starting to wonder a little if the show might go there with a Targbaby after all. But the finale convinced me that Dany is never going to have a healthy, living child on GOT - she is instead probably going to get pregnant and miscarry.

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au #1 w vernon :-)))

Arranged Marriage AU (Suggest members/groups & AU’s from this list!)


And…back to the first AU imagine I made on this blog! The first one was with Jun. And uh…THIS IS LONG…my god I need to start making short ones…ANYWAYS ENJOY EVEN THO IT’S KIND OF RUSHED AT THE END SORRY

  • You’re just an ordinary person living an ordinary life-

  • And then your life gets twisted around

  • You were just walking home in the afternoon

  • And then when you pass by a crowd of people, someone pulls you by the sleeve into an alleyway!

  • There’s a woman (dressed really nicely) trying to get your attention

  • And she asks if you have any special talents?

  • And you’re like no bc you don’t think ur special in anything

  • But then the woman is like “well you have to have some sort of talent” so she hands you this business card and asks you to come back here in a few days

  • Suspicious much?

  • But that’s your way home from your new job, so yes, a few days later you walk there

  • Anddddd you get pulled by the sleeve again

  • Same woman

  • “Oh thank gosh you’re here! Come on we gotta get you dressed!”

  • Cue getting dragged in the building by a side door

  • And you’re just like “whAT”

  • “You didn’t read the card I gave you?”

  • *cough* of course you didn’t

  • So you take out the card and it says you have been chosen to become a princess

  • And like

  • Just so random?

  • Like now you have a chance of marrying a prince?

  • But you have to roll with it

  • Anyway you’re put in really fancy clothes which is definitely not your style

  • Like you’d rather wear emo clothes

  • You might not necessarily be emo but you definitely wouldn’t wear a skirt and a weirdly patterned jacket

  • But that’s what they make you wear and apparently it’s cute & formal

  • Also it’s kind of uncomfortable bc they made you put all this on over your dark t-shirt and shorts

  • So you’re shoved into this huge room with other girls in similar outfits

  • And then they send your leather jacket and bag in a bin on the other side of the room

  • And then some person taps a mic on this stage to get everyone’s attention

  • “Welcome! Here we will let the Prince of *mutters the name of some random island bc I can’t think of a name* choose his future wife and the princess of *same island*!”

  • So you’re all called up to perform on stage

  • You’re just like NOPE™

  • Yeah NOPE™ imma leave

  • Cuz you didn’t even want to be here in the first place

  • But you’re in line, and every time you try to leave, some guard pushes you back in

  • And then the girl in front of you goes up on stage

  • And she sings so beautifully you’re just like DAMN if anyone wins she should

  • But you look over and the prince looks so bored

  • Like SAME

  • And then it’s your turn-


  • And you’re about to go on stage but you run under the guard’s arm last second to the bin with your jacket and bag

  • The whole room falls silent and then starts complaining that you’re interrupting the session

  • But you literally pull off the skirt and fancy jacket bc you have clothes underneath

  • You grab ur bag and pull on ur jacket but the second you do, someone shoves you into a guard who just pulls you into the stage

  • And for once you see the expression of the prince changed

  • Like he looks not bored

  • And maybe a little turned on

  • And someone just throws you a microphone

  • You catch it don’t worry but like who would throw a mic honestly

  • And then you’re asked what song you can sing

  • And you just say the name (seventeeeeeeeen) of a popular fast rap song

  • And everyone gets uncomfortable and disgusted

  • Except for a certain boy who’s definitely interested now

  • And to everyone’s surprise and dismay you rap it Flawlessly™

  • To make matters worse, the prince is like “i piCK HER

  • And his Dad is like ah fine if he’s happy then I’m happy

  • So they’re about to bring you backstage to personally talk to the prince

  • But then everyone protests “a princess who can rap? Not a princess”

  • So they have to kick you out bc everyone is complaining


  • And then your (actually emo) friends invite you to this underground club for rock, rap, and emo music etc

  • You’re really close with most of these people, like you know almost everybody at this club

  • And so they make you rap bc they all ur friends so they know how good you are

  • And when ur done there’s lots of cheering and clapping

  • But on your way off the stage you bump into the guy that’s so distracted at looking at you that he’s speechless

  • Ur like “something on my face bruh?”

  • And then it hits you

  • This guy is the prince of that whatever island

  • Except wearing jeans and a sweater?

  • Cue you getting OUTTA THERE in like 10 seconds

  • Next time you go to work, you try to avoid that alley and street altogether

  • The woman still finds you and pulls you into the building (how even?)

  • To meet the prince and his parents, who start measuring your body for a wedding dress already, and trying to find out more about you

  • And they put you in the prince’s bedroom with him, who’s in more formal clothes where yours are still emo-ish

  • He’s just like “Hey…about that time in the club…can you not tell anyone?”

  • “Why shouldn’t I? You basically picked me to marry you when I, first of all, didn’t even want to be a part of this!”

  • “Hey, I didn’t want to be part of this too! Just my parents want me to get married before I can rule…and at least you’re emo and not stuck up like those other girls!”

  • “I’m not emo…”

  • “Look at yourself. (LOL) Anyways…just don’t tell anyone I was down there…it would really hurt my dad…I’d rather marry you, someone who doesn’t stick to rules, than one of those other girls”

  • “Ok then, I’ll marry you, Mr.whatever your name is”

  • “My name’s Hansol, but when we’re not in public pls call me Vernon

  • You feel really bad for Vernon, so you go through with this preparation for marriage

  • Cue you secretly bringing him out to the club to talk more comfortably

  • You learn he’s not actually a boring guy; he’s cool, and likes the same stuff you like (also kind of annoying in a memeingful way)

  • And you even bring him shopping one night bc the only non-formal clothes he has is that red sweater and jeans (think JamJam live)

  • And you start to like each other

  • You see him as more of a friend but anyways

  • At one point, dang you really fck up

  • You give a whole crowd of people attitude when you can’t get anything right

  • Jisoos they wanted you to practice kissing him

  • And people realize you’re not fit for this life

  • And they kick you out leaving Vernon in pieces, scared for his life that he’ll marry some random girl his parents pick

  • You just chill at the club

  • Except, the day before Vernon gets married, he texts you

  • Y/N…I’m scared

  • Why?

  • I’ll be spending the rest of my life with some stuck up girl…wish you were here

  • You’ll be ok

  • But you don’t really take it to heart damn you emo

  • Next day, you’re at a coffee shop, and you overhear a conversation with a married couple

  • “Listen…I’m sorry. I really messed up, neglecting you. Forgive me?”

  • “Honey…of course I do. Dang, even tho I was forced to marry you, I still love you”

  • And then it hits you again

  • Even if you don’t really love Vernon, he’s your friend

  • Ok maybe you do love him

  • He was basically your boyfriend for a couple weeks anYWAY

  • He shouldn’t have to marry someone he doesn’t like

  • So in a last minute rush, you’re out of the shop and in the church Vernon is in

  • And you just burst through the doors where Vernon and some random girl are about to finish their vows

  • The girl is about to say “I do”

  • But you scream the vow from the end of the hall, running up to the priest

  • Vernon pushes the girl he was about to marry and pulls her ring off in the process

  • And he just pulls you up the stairs and into a kiss


  • So basically you crashed a wedding and people are ready to pull you away

  • But the priest is like HOL’ UP

  • “She technically just married the guy cuz her finger has the ring”


  • You didn’t notice Vernon put the ring on your finger during your kiss

  • And the priest is like “do you want this to actually happen?”

  • You don’t really want to

  • Vernon’s like “yes let’s get married”

  • “wHAT”


  • K then

  • But since you’re not fit to be a princess, Vernon is stripped from his title, and is now a normal citizen, where his little sister is now set to be future queen

  • So you’re married basically for bragging rights now

  • Eh you still love him anyways“

Y/N I love you, you emo-” “NOT.AN.EMO.” “Babe pls you’re wearing a Panic! At The Disco shirt, leather jacket and ripped jeans; I’m married to an emo”

The gif is probably him shaking his head bc you’re ranting about not being emo and you suddenly say “I love you”. “Oh, really?”

My D&D game (first session happens on Friday! two days away!) had four players when I woke up this morning, and now suddenly it’s seven? I had to put my foot down and say we’re sticking to four for at least a few sessions because holy crap, man, give me a sec to breathe here, but mainly because we have two people who have never played the game before and both of them were extremely quiet and withdrawn and overwhelmed even during character creation, so throwing a bunch of extra D&D veterans into the mix is not gonna be conducive to getting them to give it a shot.


Fuck’em Only We Know: A Peter/Michelle Playlist

2 lovers + 53 artists + 137 tracks = 1 evolving relationship

🎶 Okay, so I decided to forego narrowing down my song choices but did try to stick mainly to music I could see at least one of these characters actually listening to. That said, I took some license at times because, well, who was really gonna stop me, right? As I racked up songs, I realized I could and probably should make separate playlists relating to different possible stages of their relationship, from growing attraction to even a break-up, but ultimately, I was just too lazy to go forward with that idea. Sue me. 🎶

Any feedback is appreciated, and I hope someone out there finds a new song or artist to ❤️!

SPN S7 Watch Notes

So now we come to the season that made me give up on the show. Yes, I was a season 7 casualty. I freely admit this fact. 

Granted, by the time this season was airing I’d already been with it for nearly 6 years… which, comparatively speaking, is a long time to stick with one show. I like this season slightly more now, but that’s because I now have the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t have that back in 2011/2012. 

It’s still my least favorite season. The character stuff is far stronger than the plot stuff, but the character stuff wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to rank it any higher than dead last. 

That said, I actually really like Dick Roman. I think he’s actually one of my favorite villains (plus he gives us the endless dick jokes), but the Leviathans themselves were kinda… bad. The cheesy special effect was pretty terrible (I laughed the first time I saw their teeth; it reminded me of the Isz from The Maxx), and it definitely contributed to me not being able to take them seriously. 

This season was fan service: fans had been yelling since season 4 that the show needed to be just Sam and Dean again, and this is what happened. I was bored out of my skull half the time because I love seeing how Sam and Dean interact with OTHER CHARACTERS. Frank wasn’t enough of a saving grace to get me to continue after Bobby died. So I powered through to a certain episode… and then I was done. 

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anonymous asked:

the lyric “at least i did one thing right” honestly just smacked me in the face like i can’t even pinpoint why but that line just sticks out so much to me

bc it gives you a sense of where her mind is/was with how she perceives(d) herself and her past decisions and its a statement that is very self-exposing and really shows a vulnerability 

so i think thats probably why it sticks out to you 

because it’s saying a lot about what she felt/feels