or at least my headcanon (sort of) anyways

Stickybeard is my favorite KND adult villian btw

because his relationship with abby and henrietta is really multifaceted and interesting.  

LIKE this is mostly just assuming, but I figure before Henrietta was cursed, her and abby were sort of stickybeards rivals in the candy hunting game….but they weren’t like just….they didnt hate each other, they understood business is business, and at that time they were essentially on the same side.

then we’ve got stickybeard taking henrietta under his wing when shes under the curse, which is canon and AWESOME considering things.  I seriously think he was basically a father figure for her.  And I mean I headcanon her as being a runaway from terrible parents, so he kind of adopted her in a very lose sense.

stickybeards really not such a bad guy, or hes at least not just a depth-less villian. he’s shown on friendly terms with abby MULTIPLE times, and they sort of seem comfortable teaming up.

anyway…..this has been my stickybeard appreciation post….