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Ryder Character Questions

Just some fun character development/get-to-know-them questions! Warning, there are some basic spoilers.

  1. The basics! Whats their full name, gender, and sexuality? Describe their general appearance and/or include a picture. Is there anything you canon beyond what the game allows?
  2. Can’t always wear Initiative whites and blues, Whats their dress style like? Do they prefer casual wear, or being in armor? Is it the same as it was in the Milky Way? How, if applicable, has it changed since arriving in Helius?
  3. Do they have piercings, tattoos, or notable scars? Do they dye their hair, or is it a gene mod?
  4. What’s their personality like? How do they feel about being Pathfinder? How do they change, if at all, over the course of the story?
  5. What’s their preferred profile, or class? Were they naturally inclined towards combat or technical skills? Were they a developed biotic, or did they first experience it with SAM?
  6. Canon says they served in the Alliance before joining the Initiative, do you keep this canon, or have you made some changes? Explain their backstory either way.  
  7. Everyone’s got one… List their (or your) favorite powers, weapons, and armor sets. Any special reason for these choices?
  8. Its all in the family. Explain their relationship with Alec, Ellen, and their sibling. If you changed anyone’s names or added a different sibling in your canon, explain why.
  9. What’s their favorite memory they have of their sibling? Of their parents?
  10. How have they dealt with the aftermath of Habitat 7? How deeply does this effect them?
  11. As they unlock the memories, how does this change, if at all, their view of their parents?
  12. Explain the way they feel about their squadmates, both initially and over the course of the story.
  13. Explain the way they feel about the rest of the Tempest crew?
  14. How about Nexus leadership and the people on the Nexus in general?
  15. What were their reactions to the Angara and the Exiles? How did learning there was a whole new species in Helius affect them? How did news of the rebellion affect them?
  16. What about their interactions with the Kett?
  17. Did Ryder fall in love? If so, with whom? What drew them to that person? Would their sibling approve?
  18. What does Ryder do in their spare time? What are their hobbies and interests? Do they share these with their friends, or are they more private?
  19. How do they feel being in command of the Tempest? Whats their favorite part of the ship? Least favorite?
  20. How about driving the Nomad? Are they a good or terrible driver?
  21. How do they feel about their connection with SAM? What’s their views on AI in general? Knowing Milky Way history and the attack on Eden Prime and the Citadel a recent memory, did the Geth influence this view? Does their view on SAM change?
  22. Favorite world they landed on? How do they feel getting to be the first human to step in many of these places?
  23. How do they feel about the Remnant? Are they worried? Curious? Simply accepting of what they can do with it?
  24. Do they ever wish they could just return to the Milky Way? Do they miss anything in particular about their old home? Did they bring anything special with them? 
  25. How do they feel about what they’ve accomplished in Helius? Are they proud? Worried? Do they feel positive about the chances for a cluster-wide unity? If they could change anything that had happened since everyone arrived in the cluster, what would it be and why?

Feel free to reblog, but do your fellows a solid and shoot them a number to answer first. 

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Ok so where "do I find the ENXP crowd"? Preferred habitat? Likes? Mating rituals? What to do if I spot one? Do they bite?

Haha, okay, I’m glad you asked because I’ve been procrastinating on making a post like this for awhile and now I gotta. So here goes. Also guys, I’m dividing this male/female so I’m sorry if it doesn’t apply to you, but I don’t have time for any more descriptions (this is gonna be long)

As written by a female ENTP who knows many ENXPs…

How to find ENTPs


  • Male ENTPs look like the rest of the typical dudes around at first glance. But on closer inspection, they probably have a haircut that is supposed to be trendy but isn’t well-maintained and they also probably have crazy socks, or a crazy scarf, or are making some sort of stupid joke as you observe them
  • They joke all the time. Like there is not a time when you’re talking to them and they’re not thinking or talking about jokes. Could be memes, funny animals, slogans or advertisements…really just anything humorous. And they spew it.
  • They’re the annoying ones in the room. ENTPs are called “class clowns” but honestly I don’t find that to be a super accurate description of us since we’re pretty darn ambiverted. So it’ll be the guy in your class or office that’s really annoying yet funny and has outrageous philosophical or political views. Or has a crazy backstory/family life. Something crazy, I promise
  • Can be pretty shy or socially awkward, many ENTPs have Asperger’s
  • They are very silly and tacky. They wear comical shirts, have smirky expressions all the time, and are actual super softies. Like we’re talking hopeless romantic softie if they’re not super unhealthy. The stereotype is that ENTPs are “bouncy” with relationships and go from partner to partner, but that is largely untrue for both sexes. We may have a lot of partners, but we typically go into the relationship at least trying to make it work long term. It’s only that we break up with people a lot based on the fact that we feel like there’s a lot of stagnancy/we get bored/think that our partner is incompatible with us since we’re “hiding” our true selves, etc.
  • Really bad at using social media 
    • Most guys only have a few pictures on their pages, if they have a social media page at all (this is personal experience, not true for all of them, just seems to be a trend)
  • Wide variety of skills/ineterests/hobbies
    • ENTP friend loves skiing, lifting, exercising…and then is unhealthily obsessed with pug puppies and memes
  • Are usually friends with the STP crowd or the NF crowd, either or
    • Does usually have another NTP friend that’s pretty close to them

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Lights Out, Let’s Talk

Bucky Barnes/ Reader

Originally posted by lowkibarnes

Words: 1,671

Summary: The electricity would go down right in the middle of your time sensitive research paper. At least your neighbor is great company.

Prompt: “Bucky X reader where reader has a low key crush on Bucky but reader and Bucky haven’t known each other for a long time.They don’t speak one on one as much as she would like so she thinks it’s too soon to make a move but she’s way too shy to make a move yet she’s constantly dreaming about cuddling into his side or holding his hand”

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Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: shout out to dreammoods for being there for me! this is my second rewrite of this fic bc my previous idea was ://. this is like :/ with the addition of fluff. idk im always critical of my stuff lmao srry yall. This is my first Bucky Barnes fic?? WOW Y’ALL I LUV BUCKY W/ ALL MY HEART YET I NEVER …PUBLISHED A FIC ABOUT HIM?

It seemed like a typical romance movie or book where you find yourself having a crush on your neighbor. You dream about a life that could be but are far too shy to even suggest a hint of romance. You call yourself a hopeless romantic and, boy, are you!

Sometimes you take a peep through the peephole when you hear a noise from outside your door to see your neighbor, Bucky, walk into his apartment. You know it’s stupid, your friends tell you all the time, but you can’t bring yourself to go beyond what you’ve already said to him. Your friends are practically waiting for your wedding registry to go live on Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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The Basic Anglophone Les Mis Adaptation Formula

Or BALMAF for short

If you’ve seen more than one non-musical Les Mis movie in English (whether it’s American OR British), you might have noticed that sometimes they’re eerily similar to each other. I’m talking about the 1935, 1952, 1978 and 1998 movies, as seen above.

I honestly think these are all at least somewhat based on each other. They all follow the same rough structure, they share suspiciously specific details… it’s not really hard to make the connections. So I figured I’d try to put that structure into words.

Disclaimer: I’m not necessarily saying these are all bad things. (Although most of them are.) They’re just shared features and I get that plot needs to be streamlined when you adapt a giant novel into a movie. But it’s amusing to make fun of them. Also I only included the ones that show up in at least three of the movies.


1: This is the story of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert, everybody else is mostly just there to drive the plot forward.

2: Prison porn, lots of prison porn Okay okay not literal porn but you know what I mean. (exception: ‘98)

3: Fantine? Who’s that? Oh right Cosette’s mom. I guess we should give her a couple of scenes then… (exception: in ‘98 Fantine gets an actual story arc.)

4: We should really linger on this Montreuil-sur-Mer part of the plot, that’s the good stuff (but we can’t call the town “Montreuil-sur-Mer”, that would be ridiculous.)

5: The Thénardiers can only appear once, when Valjean goes to pick up Cosette, or not at all. Who needs all those plot points later on, this story is about the EPIC CHASE between Valjean and Javert!

6: You can have either Gavroche or adult Éponine but never both and they’re not related to the Thénardiers because we’re done with the Thénardiers already, didn’t I just tell you? Child Éponine may be allowed with the Thénardiers but she’s never named and has no lines.

7: Wow, Hugo really went off the plot rails after they arrive in Paris, didn’t he? There’s barely anything about Javert hunting Valjean in here! Let’s fix that and remove all this irrelevant stuff about all these side characters. We’ll just keep the love story because you gotta have a love story

8: I guess the revolution thing is kind of cool as a set piece for Valjean and Javert’s DRAMATIC REUNION. But we don’t really need to explain the politics and ideology and the fighting and all the minor character stuff, all that has nothing to do with Valjean and Javert!

9: Oh wait I guess we should still kill off whichever not!Thénardier kid we decided to include, though, for Dramatic Effect and to show how Tragic and Horrible revolutions are. (Exception: in ‘52 Gavroche doesn’t die)

10: Obviously Javert should go to the barricades to find Valjean, that’s much more important to him than “spying on the revolutionaries” lol (exception: '78)

11: Sewer chase scene! Yes, finally we’re back to the REAL story of Les Mis! Javert chasing Valjean in the sewers!

12: Well, Javert is dead so I guess we’re done now. VALJEAN WON! WHOO! HAPPY ENDING!

(more details under the cut)

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I think one of the things I appreciate most about Brooklyn 99 is that it has an incredibly diverse cast (the NYPD is actually about 50% minorities, so it’s really nice to see a show that reflects that) AND even more importantly, there are at least two of every minority represented, so nobody has to be a token anything or be representative of their entire ‘group’.

Terry and Captain Holt are both black cops in positions of power, but they have very different leadership strategies and very different interests, hobbies, etc, none of which really hinge on them being ‘black’. Terry loves his children, Holt is not really big on kids. 

Latinas? The actress who plays Diaz was actually shocked she got the role after she heard Melissa Fumero got Santiago–“I thought, ‘That’s it. The network is not going to allow there to be two Latinas in one show,‘” Beatriz said. “I was so used to, ‘There’s only room for one.'” But there doesn’t have to be only one! Santiago and Diaz are literally polar opposite personalities. Diaz is brash and tough, Santiago is a huge authority-pleaser and plays by the book, etc. I believe they also canonically have different countries of origin which ~surprise surprise~, not all Latinx people come from the same place, so one token won’t cover everything!

Gay characters? Even the main gay couple in the cast (Holt and his husband) are both very different from each other, and his husband isn’t just there as like gay window dressing, he’s fleshed out as having his own interests and contributions to the relationship outside of just being ‘gay.’ He’s more of an academic/intellectual and isn’t interested in the whole cop scene, but loves his husband and still supports his career. Furthermore–both of them have been gay and happy married for years. 

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta? Both Italian. (interestingly enough, both actors are Jewish irl as well) 

While not exactly a minority, even the classic workplace sitcom ‘old fat white guy that everybody makes fun of’ isn’t a one-off token either! Scully and Hitchcock, while very similar, STILL have key differences between them pointed out throughout the show.

I could keep going, but the point is that Brooklyn 99 does a fantastic job of avoiding lazy cultural stereotypes and really trying to build characters. And this is a deliberate move by the showrunners: “You don’t reduce people to one thing in the modern age. That’s our No 1 rule of writing.” 

Nobody has to be a token. Nobody has to be a stereotype. Racial and ethnic and other backgrounds aren’t punchlines, they’re just part of who people are. 

Not the one ( Jumin X Reader ) part 2

Summary: You have been married to Jumin for 1,5 years but it was an arranged marriage but Jumin doesn’t have feelings for you.

A/N: Rika is alive in this fanfic and in therapy so she’s okay now. She’s also still in a relationship with V.

I hear Jumin in the other room. This is the first time I’ve heard him talk so… exited?
I mean Jumin and Rika have been friends for a long time so I guess it makes sense.
Nothing to worry about right? I decided to do what I always do when my mind is on the edge of exploding. Playing the piano. I sat down and started to play River flows in you by Yiruma. I let my mind wonder off bit by bit with every note I hit. I love the sound of the piano. It always calmed me down. Not that I was a professional or something I just played piano because I liked it. I was so concentrated that I didn’t notice Jumin coming in. After 15 minutes I was feeling better and stopped playing, then I noticed Jumin. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you coming in” I said. Jumin was still looking at his phone when he said, “ I’m hungry we should eat I’ll inform the chef so prepare for dinner” and with that he left me alone once again.

We ate in silence. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and somethings felt off. It’s not unusual that we eat in silence, most of the time I try to start a conversation but Jumin usually doesn’t reply or replies simple things like “yes”, “no” , “ it was ok”. I was starting at my food and Jumin was starting at his phone. Which was odd since he’s always like “no phones when we’re having dinner”. But since it’s not like we were going to talk anyway I didn’t mention it. After dinner Jumin finished some business stuff and I got ready for bed.

The next day I woke up around noon. I couldn’t sleep last night because Jumin kept tossing and turning. When I woke up the house was empty again. Jumin left a note saying that he had to take care of something and that he would be back late, but that I shouldn’t worry. So I turned the music up, ate some breakfast, well lunch since it was already noon, and played with Elizabeth. After I got bored of that I decided to go out. A girl needs to shop from time to time you know. After awhile my feet started to hurt so I decided to get some coffee. There was this really cute coffee shop and it didn’t look too crowded so I went in and ordered. There was a table free next to the window with two chairs. I sat down and looked outside. There was a big green park across the street with loads of flowers in all sorts of colors and beautiful trees. There were kids playing sports, people on dates, people feeding the ducks.

I sighed, I wished I could go on cute dates with Jumin but he was always busy, at least that what he always said. Come to think of it the only “fun” thing we ever did was going on our honeymoon. Jumin was very different back then. He talked much more and was actually interested in me and in my hobbies, family, friends. I don’t know what happened but a few months after our honeymoon he changed into the person he is now. Suddenly I notice that my coffee was in front of me. I must have been daydreaming again, silly me. I’m stirring into my coffee cup and listen to what song is playing. It’s midnight city by M83. I really liked that sort of music. I started humming along and looking out the window once again.

Taking a sip of my coffee, enjoying the view, forgetting all the worries I’ve had. Until I notice someone standing next to me out the corner of my eye. “ Hello there Y/N long time no see”, a deep voice says. I turn my head to see who it is and to my surprise it was the last person I expected to see.
Hohohohohohooooo who will it be who will it beeeeeeeee
Lolololol personally I hate cliffhangers so I’m SoRrY for doing this to you ( sike)
I’m surprised that so many people liked the first part like uhh? I kinda suck so idk why but THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AJDKKSKSOS
like I’ve gained so many followers and people keep reblogging and liking my posts I’m so thankful!
Also I hope you like this part and who do you think or hope the mysterious person will be?
- Tess

Back on the topic of this post;

  • Her name is Patience Ziya Nurse-Oluransi
  • She discovers makeup at eight years old when she witnesses her dada doing his makeup and pays extra close attention
    • She also asks a lot of questions about said makeup
    • “Why are you putting brown flour on your face, dada?”
    • “Dada that stuff made your dots go away!”
    • “I’m telling daddy you’re hiding!”
    • Ransom thought it was hilarious and Nursey had to explain that even though, yes, he knows he’s pretty he feels prettier with the makeup on
  • As she gets older she becomes used to seeing Nursey doing his makeup an eventually she starts doing it too
  • By age thirteen she can do a perfect contour and her eyebrows are constantly flawless
  • Nursey is a very proud dada
    • Ransom is just constantly surprised by how pretty his spouse and daughter are
    • With and without makeup

This might get a bit long so here have a cut

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Went on a POT date today for lunch.

It was in this trendy/posh area called City Center in Houston. It is far for me, but I don’t mind. I am bored of my area anyways. I had to park a little ways from the restaurant because all of the free spaces were taken close by and there was only 10 minute parking or there was a parking meter. I parallel parked for the first time since my Driver’s License test when I was 16, and I am 26 now! LOL I still got it! I did well! HAHA! But I honestly didn’t mind walking because I got a lot of glances from some attractive older men. I LOVE the attention. 

We went to Brio’s Tuscan Grille because he was craving something off of the dinner menu. I had a Peach Bellini,we shared the Shrimp and Eggplant appetizer and I had Steak Salad. The POT is on a diet so he replaced mashed potatoes with a lot of roasted veggies, and I feel so bloated because I think Aunt Flo is coming, so I went with the salad. So,we both ate kinda healthy.  Normally I would have NOT gone with salad and picked something I don’t normally eat at home, but I also wasn’t feeling that hungry.  I didn’t take pics because I didn’t want him to think I was weird and he didn’t get up once to go to the restroom so I couldn’t take any then….

Then after that we walked to SWEET Macarons and I got some for myself and some to share with my boyfriend. 

IKD what I’ll call him???

He had a lot of interests….One of his hobbies is to play around with stocks. He was showing me how to do it on his phone while we were waiting for our food! I was intrigued. I am thinking if things work out that I will ask him to show me and maybe I could do stocks,too! Hmm,so,maybe,”Stocks Daddy.”

His allowance figure wasn’t as high as I like, at $1,200, but at least it is in the thousands. He said $1,200 to START OFF WITH. Which makes me think that he is open to giving more if I stay with him while I achieve my goals.My EX SD of 4 years Audi started me off at $1,200, and by then end I was getting 3k/month. Hopefully it is the same type of deal??? 

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Hey!! in honor of 4/13, would you mind giving us a rundown of yourself if you were in Homestuck?

Your name is JESS ZIEGLER, and boy are you a tired mess.

It’s been four months since you moved into your new CONDO, but you still haven’t even UNPACKED ANYTHING. Your room is littered with BOXES and DIRTY CLOTHES because your depressed ass just throws them on the floor. At least your COMPUTER is set up, which is where you spend most of your time when you are not at work or sleeping. You can tell that you live in Utah by the amount of FRY SAUCE CUPS that litter your desk top.

As far as interests go, you are very easy to please. You enjoy a myriad of hobbies such as NAPPING, VIDEO GAMES, SLEEPING, TABLETOP GAMING, SNOOZING, and EATING. Sleeping is something you do quite often, judging by the constant unmade state of your bed. As far as video games go, you seem to enjoy WARFRAME and OVERWATCH more than the rest, and with your tabletops, you greatly favour the awful WHITE WOLF company.

When you are not sleeping or playing games, you are at WORK. You work many days a week, and it makes you VERY TIRED. What do you do when you are very tired? SLEEP, of course!!

Your Fetch Modus is BACKPACK, and you’d better pray to whatever deities that are out there that you can find whatever you put into it.

In terms of a STRIFE SPECIBUS, you don’t actually have one. You don’t believe in fighting, and prefer to keep the peace. If a fight erupts, you are the one who tries to STOP IT. As a LAWFUL GOOD individual, you believe that there is always a better solution to solving issues than fighting. 

If you were to play a certain game with your friends, your specific role in the game would definitely be the HEIR OF HEART, and your designated planet would be the LAND OF REFLECTION AND RIFT.

Your chumhandle is lawfullyLethargic, and when you type, you type in all lowercase, because you can’t be assed to use the shift key unless it’s something you deem Important or Worth Emphasizing. 

What the shadow functions actually do, according to what I’ve been able to gather from various sources

First off, it’s relevant to note that the ordering, number wise, has more to do with how close they are to your “ego” and just having them mirror the first 4 functions than their actual strenfght - If we’re talking only about the ones in the stack, this corresponds with strenght, but if you feature in the shadow functions that’s not necessarily the case, not just because their ordering is actually closer to “6th, 8th, 5th, 7th” but because they’re interspersed with the main ones - that’s right, often you get the idea that they’re all so insignificantly developed that they hardly make a difference, like string theory style extra dimensions,

If you’ve ever taken a cognitive functions test that measures them all individually instead of just the preferences, you might in fact already have come across this phenomenon: If their strenght were in order of numbering, you would expect that for an INTP, the 8th function (Fi) would be the lowest, but I actually had a relatively high score - other people will have almost equally high values on ‘mutually excluive’ functions like Fe and Fi. More on that later, but this alone should indicate that they’re actually somewhat important and serve some unique roles in your psyche.

5th Function -

This one is comparable to your tertiary in strenght/ tends to be in the “average use” bracket, depending on how much you’ve developed your teriary of course, but you probably hardly use it and find doing so very exhausting or counterproductive. Nonetheless, the fifth function is the one shadow function that you can consciously flip on to its full extent without needing to learn how to do so, when the situation calls for it, but it’s likely that you don’t want you:
In fact it’s called “opposing” or “negative hero” function because you might really resist having to use this one, or feeling you need to filter it out. Take, for example, and INTP for whom the 5th function is Te - INTPs are not known for organizational skills (to say the least) and like many perceivers actually feel uncomfortable with too much sheduling, but there’s more to it, because in a way it represents an alternative approach: Te is concerned with finding what seems to work on an almost completely empirical basis, Ti, at least in a high-end user, is about finding out why things work or putting them in a self-consistent framework where most factors are accounted for - ultimately even here we need room for a reasonable doubt,
The Te shadow might be the reason for this phenomenon where the diaries of some reclusive, reasonable INTP-ish researchers are found, and it’s discovered that they were well ahead of their time (Gauss is a famous example) and had the next decades’ worth of advances sitting right there, but didn’t pblish them because they weren’t fully sure off/ satisfied with their
Since “pragmatic feasibility” (or whatever your fifth function is) is already a sort of devil’s advocate in your head, it can also come out in arguments/debates, when you’re “opposing” others - Say, your criticise an INTPs model/theory/conclusion, and they will pull some facts, studies, or feasibility considerations to support their conclusions. (I’ve actually observd this in myself) Or, I read one INTJ reflecting on the Ne shadow; The person observed how when their ideas are criticised, they would defend them via “finding alternatives” - For how the person they’re arguing with could be wrong, or how to patch up/ bugfix their Ni-derived idea with minor changes.

I’m not fully sure how this would work for someone leading with a feeling function, but I have noticed a pattern that I previously just chalked up to my general poor people skills and delicacy, where an ISFP in my family (5th function: Fe) would become upset about something that went wrong/ she felt she mucked up, and I would try to move to comfort her in what might have been a clumsy-tastic way, and she would react really negatively and get out the snarky voice. Now it has dawned on me that dealing with me in addition to the initial situation probably just added extra stress and that I should probably let her finish reacting internally instead of repeating my points (”Come on, it wasn’t your fault”) -.-°

(Although it can’tthat my skill at comforting people rarely goes beyond “it’s the thought that matters” and my perceptiveness rarely exceeds picking up the obvious, ie, that a person who’s crying or saying they’re upset is probably upset. She probably has more Fe than I have even if she mostly uses it to tell a person when they should back off and let her internally process in peace)

But in all examples you can see that this is a relatively “narrow”, small scale application of the function: Your starting point is your base function’s conclusion, you don’t - and likely can’t - scale the whole field of possibilities.

At best, this can slightly ‘round out’ or complement your primary and thus become a part of yourprocess (for example: devise theory -> go test it! Or, in a job rather than private setting, recognize the need to have someone else do the testing) but you’ve got to be careful not to use it in a wholly self-serving way (ie, confirmation bias. Only cite studies that agree with your theory, only find possibilities that , only pick up that ridiculous Big sis is being ridiculous and not that she’s trying to help (though lemme state that litte sis is not guilty of this, she was more like, “I get that you mean well but take a hint” if more politely worded))

Interestingly, just like your inferior supposedly influences your choice in mates a bit can lead you to go after someone you see as having something you lack/ an idealized version of yourself, the fifth function influences your idea of “dark sexy”, the bad boy/girl rather than the dream one or a sentiment “I don’t think I could or want to be like this person but there’s some parts of them I can’t help but admire or be slightly jealous of” (at least according to Beebe theory).

6th Function -

This is perhaps the most interesting one, and therefore one I wish I had  found more information on - You find more information about the other three as they can really cause problems, aligning with the base idea of the shadow functions as “stuff you suck at that you don’t realize you suck at” (as opposed to say, your inferior, where your suckage is more unpleasant but also more noticeable to you personally.) but the sixth function is more about stuff you’re good at that you don’t know -

Depending on which source you believe (and the individual’s) this can be anywhere between nearly as strong as the secondary function, and comparable to the primary one. This is actually one of your strongest functions, a “latent hidden strenght” every type has, and actually uses every day without noticing. It’s called the “demonstrative function”, maybe because others actually notice it more easily than you do and might even value this good quality in you.

So I’m particularly interested in learning how to get more use out of this. My 6th function would be Ni and I think we can all agree that Ni is basically black magic.

About how exactly you use this, the sources vary. Some sources say that the into/processing this gathers feeds into the conclusions of your base and auxillary, but you don’t know how to flip it on independently of those. Like the fifth function (Like in the INTP example, “I need to know WHY/HOW I know so I don’t trust, or dare to make, an estimate”. Conversely, an INTj might not see the point in dissecting something in detail when they’re comfortable making the mental jump to the end result and don’t see it getting them closer to their goals) Some said that it’s things that seem “obvious” to you, that you see without being aware that actual thinking/processing has taken place, or that you use them in “inverted” negative ways as a tool for criticism (sort of like the fifth one) and part of your panic mode.

When I first read this I was clueless as to how this is present in my life but I’ve since read up on both this thing and Ni and observed my thinking and… I do frequently find myself going “I should have known this would happen because of A and B” in a self-critical way/ and avoid A and B in the future, sometimes I even distinctly recall a moment where I thought “Won’t that thing happen if I do this?” but dismissed it (maybe I should follow/trust that more often?)

Ni is also supposedly tied to symbolism, analysis of deeper meanings, predicting what will happen next in a story, finding patterns etc. This is something that at very least interests me as a fun hobby activity.  

To give another example, my mom is an ENFP, so her sixth function is Fe. If you asked her why she does things, she would reply in a way indicative of Fi-style internal processing, “I believe in XY value”, “You can’t do [wrong thing] and expect your children to grow up with [positive trait]” or “I think WZ is important”, but she’s a lot more loudly expressive than other Fi users in our family, and cultivates a warm and lively atmosphere around her.

Or for, INFJs, it’s Fi. They’ll reason in very other-oriented ways of wanting to help and do right by everyone, but when reading their many tumblr posts you do get the sense that many of them actually have deep ethical/personal convictions.

7th Function -

Called the “Point of least resitance”, “Vulnerable Function”, or “Polar Function” , this is your weakest function overall, even more pitiful than your inferior, so unused as to seem completely absent, and as such quite relevant to what makes up a person because this is the thing that everyone else in the room has or is consciously or unconsciously sensitive to, while you aren’t, and might not know the thing you lack is even a thing.

This is why it’s often called the “blind spot” beccause it’s really like not having a sense - or lacking a screen on which to broadcast certain things.

Even more so than the inferior, it’s an “all-or-nothing” thing, either completely off or berserk - on the other hand, this being off most of the time contributes to the freedom you have with your auxillary, as this function rarely ever flips it off, and having people who do not respond to one certain communication channel can, in a way,  be helpful to society as you will also be nearly immune to some of its pitfalls and have an unique perspective with which to evaluate things.

In fact the guy explaining this said that he sometimes finds it easier to type people by what is utterly absent fem when they’re hard to pin down.

You are likely to distrust things or activities related to this function and ome ppl expend a lot of energy resisting it, so understanding it and the philosophy behind it/ what it does for others can help a bit, though mostly you’ll have to use your other functions to compensate for this/ express some of the things you’d normally use this one for in a different way.

Again this is something that’s easier to see in others than yourself - My brother is an INFP and it’s easy to see how he’s “Se polar” it’s something I noticed about him long before I had a word for it, though of course from my perspective it looks different than most ppl’s.  He’s even less into material things than me and generally the most civilized,patient, reasonable guy you could find,  and I can count on a hand the times I’ve seen him display overt agression (if anythng he gets passive-agressive when truly stressed), just very little animal parts inside him.

For me, this would also be Se, which, in the simplest way, is about data intake and immediate in-the-moment reaction to things, so obsly, I’m clumsy, I miss stuff that’s directly in front of me, I’m not that big on pretty objects (MTBI has really helped me understand why some people do and look at them in a different, more neutral/open fashion), I usually do things for a reason…

But there’s more to it, the “secondary powers” include being really aware of posture - a high-end Se user is going to be someone with good and reliable instincts and reflexes and “intuition” in the colloquial, gut-feeling-y sense rather than the myers-briggs sense (not quite “mere” impulsiveness and way more reliable), they’d be more aware of what their body language is projecting, the tangible impact they’re making,  or have more deliberateness about it, force and the ability to make themselves seen,  and these are all things I don’t really have.

I might accidentally come off as irreverent, but on the other hand, someone going all alpha/gesturing isn’t going to intimiate me that much nor is status that big a temptation, so society’s going to have this reservoir of quiet people who step out of the shadows to say  “Wait a sec big guy, this does not make any sense/ is unethical!”

So when all those ppl told me to “show more assertive attitude/ body language to scare off bullies” they might as well been talking chinese to me. From what I’ve read another way this can manifest is that INXPs don’t have this poking them in the butt telling them to produce tangible results so we might spend much time building our ideas without ever doing anything with them which… is certainly a problem I’ve encountered, actually doing stuff.

So… don’t assume INXPs are pushovers.

I guess the same could be said for, say, IXTJs (7th function: Fe) who might come of as serious, humor-less an unpersonable… but might or might not actually be that way once you get to know them, they’re just not aware of how/why to broadcast it beyond perhaps a purely intellectual understanding of the concepts.

Or, EXTPs (7th function: Fi) and how some of them might come off as hilariously inappropiate/ insensitive sometimes. They might genuinely not realize/ not have intended to cross any lines and it’s possible that they have some personal principles/codes in their own way.

It is possible to learn to tap into it (say, an INXP who learns to project a bit of a presence for public speaking or to become slightly less clumsy at sports) but it’s never going to be more than a slight mitigation.

I, personally, have come to find that I can walk down a street in such a manner that ppl are slightly less likely to run into me, make myself slightly more aware of the weight and outline of my limbs, notice slightly more things in the corners of my vision field while doing so, and speak in a manner that is… not exactly assertive but more chill than clueless, and… that’s it. As long as I have complete unbroken concentration, that is.

(I have little to no interest in becoming more athletic or imposing anytime soon, but it was an interesting experience)

The last two functions also shape and influence your concept and perception of evil, both what you associate with evil and what sort of evil particularly shocks you. For example, an INFP could particlarly dislike shallowness and uncivilized barbarism. (What did Tolkien (one notable INFP) make the enemies? Hordes of bestial Orcs and people who were crazy for status.)

8th Function -

The so-called “Role Function” also potentially relevant for mistypings and the like.

This is a function you actualy have a pretty decent understanding of, comparable to your tertiary depending on how much you’ve practiced it (and as you can practice this one way more easily than the other shadow functions this can vary) but as it’s the most disconnected from your sense of “self”, you see it in a very “instrumental” perspective - At worst, as something society or the external world expects from you, and at best as something that’s sometimes useful as a tool - hence why socionic calls it the “role function” as it’s used to play a societally expected role-  

So sometimes this is something you see when you first meet the person,

In the case of 8th function Fi, (as for INTPs),  this might be a person who’s formal and polite in word choice but blunt in the actual content of what they’re saying, or, as in my case, sometimes over-the-top stiff polite with new people,  but not very polite at all, or even not seeing that much actual value in it.  (I’m somewhat polite with new people/ never know when to first-name-basis someone, but in private (or online) I pretty much say “fuck” a lot.)

Now you Fi affectionados might wonder, “But isn’t connectin to your core self the whole point of Fi? What does it even do?”

Well, I write. I do discuss ethical conepts sometimes, I’m fairly articulate at describing nuances

Kind of frustrating that I can describe in detail the complicated motivations/ mixed feelings of some fictional character or discuss varying position to an issue, but can only express my own as “XD”, “=D”, “>.<”, “.////.”, “:(” or “Rawwwr!!” thanks to my brilliant Fe - which is why I have really preferred written communication from an early age. But on the other hand, I didn’t see this as a painful limitation of my self, but just “can’t make other ppl understand my point/rationale”

Which is anotherthing about the Role Function - there’s a tedency for you to veer off into your lead function’s territory/ steer the conversation/argument there, like seeing an ethical discussion in terms of “what makes sense” and such concerns or putting feelings into analytical frameworks.

Because while the role function is halfway decent, it “describes” the same sphere as your lead function, which is very comfortable to use so you default to it.

This can also lead to scrambled signals, such as presenting something as a factual conclusion that’s really fueled by subconscious emotion, or, conversely, an INFP might present something as an ethical conlusion that really comes from a place of calculation - So this is a pitfall to watch out for.

But as it is ‘disconnected’/ unvalued/ not used for actual decision making, in some respect it might well be as ‘nigh-absent’ as the 7th function - For example, I’ve always been rubbish at describing myself for online profiles. Other people just immediately spit out a description, I often find myself having to use conscious thought when asked for my preferences -

Whereas when you ask me specific questions, I can react to them and come up with verbose replies by the power of Ne.  

Another classic example is an EXTJ using Fe - They might seem warm in the job interview or know the strategic value of cultivating a sense of cameradery in their followers, but are actually “get down to work!” sort of bosses in day-to-day life. You’ll see some of them use artificial charm or finesse here and there but underneath, be actually pretty awkward when forced in situations relating to their genuine emotions, and there’s no ‘pipeline’ between the true feelings and whatever produces their artificial projections.

I also know one INFP who was moderately good with maths & had mild interest technology, so he had some decent Ti there, but he didn’t use it as a basis for personal decisions… at all, and, after giving a semester of computer science a go, decided that a job where he’d have to do math all day would not be fulfilling to him/ decided to become a history teacher instead and use his “reasonable diplomatic big brother” skills to mentor kids and tell the curriculum in an interesting way. (ie, something that would utilize more Fi)

As a general statement, I find it interesting how each type uses each function (including the ones on the stack) in a very unique way even if they’re weak, so when you feel frustrated with your inability consider that if you don’t get discouraged, you might add something unique to the world. Your teritary and inferior might but they can be - or at least become - actually pretty good in things related to your main interests/ pursuits - Say, an INTP will never be any good at logistics or picking up what person X wore on day Y the way a highgrade Si user would, but Si is apparently what saves and catalogues all that random nerd knowledge. Another example I read is that an ESXPs Ni is quite workeable on a “short range” context, like having some gut feeling about a business desicion or how your conversation partner is going to react to the next thing you’re about to do, though it often spits out only doomsday scenarion when used “long range”/ “large scale”. Or lowgrade Fe manifesting as troll humor and a general, abstract caring about “the greater good” while still being able to make hard logical decisions… there’s times where society might need someone with a perspective like that as much as it very much needs the directly interpersonal caring and nurturing of an EXFJ.

Tips for dating Artisans

Tips for Dating an ESFP Personality

  • it is important to remember that this type of person loves action. They are always looking for something new and exciting to undertake. Try to be open to these new endeavors and make sure that you don’t turn down too many opportunities with your partner. Your companion may become concerned that you aren’t a good match for each other if you never seem willing to accompany them on a new adventure. 
  • Your initial attraction to an ESFP partner would likely have something to do with the fact that they are completely engrossing. They have the ability to pull attention from all corners of the room with a story or a funny joke. This confidence and warmth is definitely an attractant but in some cases a partner may feel that this “routine” becomes old. 
  • Your partner isn’t jumping into the limelight because they feel that they always need to keep their options open (although in some, this may actually be a possibility). In most cases, these people naturally ooze congeniality and are happiest when they are making others happy. Don’t hold this against your companion.
  • An “entertainer” loves to see others happy and the person they most enjoy to please is a partner. You might be uncomfortable having someone spend so much attention and, in some cases, money on you, but this is the ESFP’s way of showing you how much they care.
  • They aren’t the greatest at sharing their emotions through words, therefore they allow their actions to speak for them. This, paired with their impulsive nature, can lead to lavish gift-giving and grand displays of affection. Unless your partner is taking things way too far, try to let them express their feelings in a way that is easiest for them.

Tips for Dating an ISFP Personality

  • Your ISFP is a perfectionist and although impulsive, is also very committed to ensuring that the relationship is a happy and healthy one. Your mate will work very hard to ensure your happiness, so much that they will willingly overlook their own. 
  • Make it a point to learn when your partner’s needs may be unfulfilled and don’t hesitate to (gently) inquire if there is anything you can do to make your significant other happy. Don’t be too pushy, though, because the introvert portion of your partner’s personality may view this as being intrusive and disrespecting of their personal boundaries.
  • Your mate has trouble expressing their emotions to you, but they do try to make up for the lack of verbal confirmation by using actions to speak for them. You should be capable of recognizing that this is their emotional language and you should make an attempt to pay close attention to what they are trying to say. 
  • This individual is extremely sensitive and although they will often not let you see it, your approval of them matters a lot. 
  • You should also be able to convey your own feelings of love and affection through spoken or written word or through actions. The latter is extremely important because your companion thrives on knowing that they are loved and appreciated.
  • ISFP doesn’t care for confrontation or competition. Try to pursue projects that require cooperation from both of you or that allow you to work separately in the same space while enjoying each other’s company.

Tips for Dating an ESTP Personality

  • Disinterest will not only make you appear boring to a “doer” but it can also be interpreted as laziness. 
  • Above all, your companion values the ability to act and accomplish things, so prove to them that you are a capable and practical partner who still knows how to have a good time.
  • Your “doer” companion does not like to feel bound by schedules, plans, and long-term issues. For this sort of person all priorities lie in the present. If you are a planner by nature then you may feel incomplete or even anxious by tossing aside this need to prepare for the long-term. 
  • Try to keep this impulse a bit more personal. You should be able to carry out your own plans for the future without sticking it into your mate’s face. If you are comfortable with the idea of living in the present then by all means do so! 
  • Just remember that two similar-minded individuals (at least in this respect) may drift into totally different interests and your impulses may lead you down different paths. Try to come up with exciting hobbies or activities that you and your companion can do together so that you don’t drift completely apart.

Tips for Dating an ISTP Personality

  • If you find yourself becoming wary of your partner’s unpredictable nature, just remember that ISTPs are casual, not unreliable. Don’t worry about your partner bolting at the first sign of trouble. 
  • These individuals are excellent problem solvers and are willing to help out those they care about. ISTPs are typically able to overlook mistakes made by companions and the unjudging air in the relationship can be extremely uplifting. 
  • This character’s ability to completely shift tactics with a surge of spontaneity can also be refreshing. Just remember to keep yourself open to new experiences and try to enjoy the fun and excitement that ISTP has to offer you.
  • ISTP relationships require a lot of patience. Your companion has personal space issues that include more than physical space – emotional boundaries are also a big part of the picture. Don’t demand that your partner explain where he or she thinks the relationship is headed.
  • If you have a strong need to plan for the future and you aren’t satisfied with being left in the dark about the future of the relationship, an ISTP mate is probably not suitable for you. On the other hand, if you understand your significant other’s need to take things nice and slow then this could be an enjoyable partnership.

eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your head canons about Rolf?

- He has italian origins or at least European origins

- He has a lot of siblings, I have the heacanon that he has like 3 sisters, idk

- One day, he will do something else as a job and he will take care of the farm just as a hobby

- He gets on well with Ed, Kevin and Edd more than the other kids. Jonny too, considering they have similar interests

(Seriously, I love Rolf’s character, he always make me laugh and he seems a sweet hard working kid)

INFP problems #12

INFPs do not “lose interest”

I’ll repeat that again.


When we abandon a project, idea, belief, we didn’t lose “interest”. We don’t even pursue anything we are “interested” in.

INFPs pursue PASSIONS, and we will never settle for anything less but what we are passionate about. If the passion dissipates, the project/idea is tossed aside for a greater and more valuable passion, a passion we feel is even more worthy of our energy and time.

To be classified as a human being that hops from one simple little hobby to another is atrocious, at least to me personally. I will never do anything half hearted or do something just because it is “fun” or “looks interesting”. I’ll pursue with every state of my being something that is equal in value to my own self or identity, and if I find that it is not satisfying my passions, high expectations, or expression of self, I will abandon it.

It seems once again most MBTI blogs seem to only have an external observation of what Fi really is. They see us as happy little bees moving from flower to flower, humming softly. In reality we are dying to ourselves for a concept or idea that captivates our heart, body, and mind. The humming is the pulse of our hearts rushing from flower to flower giving ourselves completely to the project/ idea as a bee to honey-as the bees life blood.

How superficial to stand outside and assume these little “projects” of ours are mere interests, or “crafts”, we bleed ourselves all over them until they become a part of who we are. When we experience growth (which we frequently do), these projects become discarded much like parts of our old selves. We shed our skin, we move to another flower.

INFPs can never be “casual” with anything in their lives, either they would die for it or with it or it means nothing.

positivity + self-care challenge :)

hello, wonderful people.

i’ve come with a challenge for each and every one of you.

i challenge you- yes, YOU, the person reading this- to complete a 30-day positivity and self-care challenge! :)

a couple of weeks ago, i was inspired to write up something on here about self-care/self-confidence/etc. the original plan was to simply make a post encouraging everyone to take steps to make themselves happy and healthy, but i recently decided that it might be more fun (and more likely to actually be done) if i made it a challenge. because, yknow, who doesn’t love a good challenge?

the rules are simple…
1. message me saying that you’re starting the challenge. i’m gonna to make a list of everyone that’s doing it, and i want youuuu to be on it! ideally, this list will also allow me to keep track of your start and finish dates, so i can send you a lil message when you complete it. :)

2. reblog this post to nominate all of your followers. this’ll also let them know that you’re completing the challenge so they can help cheer you on!

3. begin the challenge. go through the list of tasks below, completing one each day unless a day is skipped, in which case, you can double up to catch back up. you can go in any order you’d like!

4. enjoy the positivity!!!! by the end of the challenge, you’ll have helped spread happiness to others as well as encouraged your own happiness and self-confidence. :)

and finally…

     ☆post a list on tumblr of at least ten things you love about yourself that aren’t appearance based. these could be about your personality, skills, interests, etc. the more, the better, because- hey- you’re pretty awesome!
     ☆identify the people in your life who make you happy, and thank them for all they do for you in person, with a text message, in a hand-written letter, or through any other form of communication that you’d like. these people might be your parents or guardians, friends, teachers, neighbors, grandparents, other relatives, etc.
     ☆do three things that make you happy. this could include doing a hobby, playing a sport, eating your favorite food, reading a book you love, etc.
     ☆listen to your favorite upbeat songs and sing along.
     ☆try to eat three good meals and drink plenty of water today. a healthy body is a happy body!
     ☆send your favorite tumblr blogs a message telling them why they’re your favorite. try to send a good-length message to at least five. they’ll definitely appreciate this, even if they’re well-known.
    ☆give at least four compliments today. one must be to yourself, and one must be to someone you don’t usually talk to. these could be given verbally or over the internet.
     ☆make a list of things you’re grateful for. take extra care to appreciate those things today.
     ☆share an inspiring story of your own on tumblr. talk about the event itself and how it changed your life for the better.
     ☆try to sleep for about eight hours.
     ☆make a long list of things that make you happy. post at least a portion of this list on tumblr.
     ☆post a list on tumblr of at least five things you love about your appearance. if you’d like, you could also include an awesome selfie.
     ☆spend time outside. if the weather is nice, try to stay out for at least an hour. while you’re outside, you could try to write a poem, draw, write a journal entry, do some other creative activity, or simply enjoy the scenery. fresh air is always good for you!
     ☆give someone who needs a pick-me-up a high-five or hug.
     ☆reach out to five people on tumblr that follow you but you’ve never talked to. thank them for following you, give them a compliment (could be about their blog or something else entirely), and try to start a conversation with them.
     ☆go out of your way to do nice little things for people today. this could include holding the door for someone, offering to pick up someone’s trash for them, asking someone how their day has been, sending someone a kind text message, doing someone a favor, etc. helping others always feels good! :)
     ☆take a long, relaxing shower or bath.
     ☆give a shoutout to someone on tumblr. talk about why you like them/their blog and encourage your followers to follow them.
     ☆give someone a random gift.
     ☆try to smile at everyone you see, even strangers. it might seem silly, but who knows, it might really improve someone’s day!
     ☆make a list of your greatest accomplishments and why you’re proud of yourself for achieving them. then, make a list of future goals and why you want to achieve them. you can post one of these lists, both, or neither; whatever you prefer.
     ☆smile and say something nice to yourself in the mirror. suggestions of what to say: “i love you”, “i believe in you”, “you’re a great/awesome/strong/brave/smart/funny/kind/thoughtful/amazing person”, “you’re beautiful, inside and out”, or “i’m proud of you.”
     ☆make a list of all your talents. these could be academic, athletic, artistic, relationship-related, serious, funny, random, crazy, anything at all! give yourself a pat on the back for being such a talented person. :)
     ☆try meditating, taking a nap, laying in a hammock, or relaxing in some other way for at least thirty minutes.
     ☆create the greatest dance party playlist ever and post it on tumblr. test it out by dancing for at least five minutes.
     ☆make a list of the best things that have happened recently, no matter how small; if it made you happy, put it on the list. keep this list, and continue to add onto it each day.
     ☆forgive someone else for something verbally or over the internet. then, forgive yourself for something.
     ☆think of a list of your own positivity and/or self-care tasks and make it a goal to try and complete them, even after this challenge is done! if they’re not too personal, post them on tumblr and encourage your friends to complete them as well.
     ☆pick at least three of your favorite tasks from this list and make it a goal to keep doing them regularly after you finish the challenge.

have fun spreading the love and happiness!!! :)

xoxo nova.

I get asked a lot how to small talk. I don’t know why people ask me, but I thought I might be able to help some of y’all, especially with school coming up in all. If you’re going to a new school or starting a new job, small talk can definitely help. So here are some tips I’ve accumulated that will help you learn to small talk like a boss.

  1. Body Language. Making eye contact, angling your body (or at least your feet) towards, them, nodding, gesturing while you speak, etc, will help show that you are interested in what they have to say to you (even if you really, really aren’t). Physical contact isn’t necessary. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest more than a handshake if you don’t know the person well. If you can keep them talking about something they love, you won’t have to talk as much.
  2. Ask about their L.I.F.E.
    1. L means likes. This is things like tv shows, books, food, favorite color, whatever.
    2. I stands for interests. Interests are hobbies such as cooking, knitting, painting, fixing up cars, etc.
    3. F is for family. This depends on their age. Ask about their significant other or pets if you know they have them (if you don’t, it’s best not to ask). If they’re older, ask about their children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews and so on. If I know anything about adults, it’s that they normally love to talk about their family.
    4. E stands for education. Ask them about school: whether they’re currently in it or not. What’s their favorite subject? What did they major in? When did they graduate? Have they gone back to college since then?
  3. Bring it back to them. People love to talk about themselves. Seriously, next time you have an in-depth conversation with someone, count how many times you talk about yourself in one part of the conversation. It’s probably a lot. Ask questions about them or what they’re talking about.
  4. Pay attention. While they’re speaking, actually paying attention will help immensely. Instead of thinking about what you’re going to say, think about what they’re currently saying. If they say something that demands a response, you’re going to be much better prepared to give them an actual answer besides “yes” or “no” if you’ve been listening to what they’ve been talking about.
  5. Be polite. Smile when it’s appropriate. Say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me”. Don’t cuss (this is especially important at work). You want to portray yourself as a friendly person if you’re trying to give a good impression.

I hope this helped with all y’all’s questions! Feel free to add anything if you have any tips and stuff.

teamalphari replied to your post: man i wish i wasnt so embarrassed of myself and…

the hardest thing is just starting,,, my first few videos were kinda crappy but like….once u start u just learn to find your own niche. even if you sit down, film, and edit a video and it comes out crappy…uploading it is better than nothing! i know i always love seeing the progression of awkward vloggers and youtubers get the hang of things!!

i honestly would never film myself, i probably wouldnt be a vlogger, at least not in that way

more something like domics, but more into my interests. just little kind-of animations where i just talk about …….stuff. tell stories, share opinions. just ramble. i could use an outlet like that and not needing perfectly fluid animation would be a decent start for me to ACTUALLY animate. plus it would give me a new hobby and audience where i could maybe spark my creative interests again

i know i could just start with a simple intro, and i have a few videos on my channel already, and 99 subscribers?!?? (i just checked, maybe i should use 100 subs as an excuse to start this up)


Summary: Dan is the only person who has the power to make Phil feel warm. A Phan 2009 one-shot that contains fluff, mild angst, and comfort.

Phil had always regarded himself as rather cold.

Not personality wise, but rather a feeling. Ever since his childhood he could recall always preferring layers, such as thick socks and warm jumpers. At night he would only fall asleep if he was curled up in his blankets and wearing cozy pj’s. Phil would always make hot drinks for himself in an attempt to warm up, so it was no big deal since the problem could always be fixed temporarily. He was just naturally prone to being cold, and there was nothing really that could be done about that. It wasn’t a big deal, it was rather trivial in fact.

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Late Night Chat (TOP Scenario) - Part 1

This was a very unplanned and out of the blue scenario, to say the least haha. With no draft written before hand, it was quite an interesting one to write, that’s all I’m gonna say. It’s a very short one, but I’m pretty happy with it ^^ I hope you’ll all like it as well! Enjoy~

Summary: A late night chat might finally allow for some progress to happen in your relationship with him. The two of you have obviously never been just friends, so maybe tonight can finally help with making that clear.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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anonymous asked:

Why do you run?

SPITE. Spite and rage.

Truth is, I’m approaching middle age, I needed a new hobby anyway, and the doctor said I should be more active for the good of my heart (among other things). I started out doing circuit training in the little gym in my building, and walking/running between circuits, and I found that while I hated all physical activity, I hated running slightly less than anything else.

And if I must do something I hate, running at least offers some variety. You can run to lots of different places like hamburger stands and rivers and interesting buildings, and you can join 5Ks and run wearing costumes and get little shiny medals and ugly shirts. While it might not be any cheaper than any other sport it’s got less specialized equipment to break down/fall apart, so there’s that.

And you never have to talk to another person if you don’t want to. There is no part of running that says “making conversation would be a good idea right now”, which I appreciate.