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This was sort of, half-inspired by a Dutch commercial. I mean, your muse has gotta come from somewhere, right?

(Also, nerd!Derek, because nerd!Derek)

(Also, if you know where the title is from *shoots finger guns*)

Title: Eight Feet of Water

Stiles feels like he’s going to burst out of his own skin with nerves and excitement.

BHHS had decided - for some unknown reason, but Stiles isn’t going to bother correcting them - that sending a bunch of sixteen year olds to the local swimming pool for an afternoon was a good idea. He takes a moment to thank every deity out there before he steps out into the pool area.

It’s not like he’s very confident about his body or something - he’s not ugly by any means, but he’s no Chris Evans - but he knows some people who are and dear Lord, is he looking forward to seeing those in swimwear.

It’s probably kind of perverse of him, but whatever, he’s a teenager. He’s allowed to find others hot for no reason, it comes with the territory. He would say he’s mostly looking forward to seeing Lydia in a bikini, which is true to some extent, but what he’s really excited for is Derek Hale.

Mainly because Derek Hale is cute as fuck, wears glasses, and oversized sweaters and blushes at the smallest things and Stiles may or may not have a crush on him, but he’s also hot.

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HEY ^-^ Many people asked how I look like so iam gonna post a full body version of myself now ^-^ if you want to know what watermark there is, its just the app I use to make pics. And yeah iam a Femboy or I try to be one at least \^-^/ and yeah I look emo but I guess its not that horrible of a picture so I hope you like it :3

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also his cute little voicemails!

Oh, definitely!

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omg yes i wanna start my crazy ex girlfriend too!

I kinda want to but at the same time…

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yup and your ship list too!

okay, wow, this is eerie…

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I’m so glad I didn’t do my usual looking up of spoilers with Buffy (until accidentally finding out Tara died, at least, but I never looked up HOW and just spent almost a whole season nervous whenever she was on screen) so I could be as surprised as I was meant to be over Dawn Summers.

I watched the show as it was airing, I didn’t have internet access at the time, so everything was completely unspoiled for me. I almost included Tara’s death on the list, but the way I went about it was thinking what moments still shock me even though I know they’re coming. Tara’s death is something that I can’t help but think about whenever I think of Tara. In a way, it has lost the shock factor for me, and all it’s left is pain. Does that make sense?

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My top 5s are never simple, so at least I try making it a bit easier to handle.

well, thank you!


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