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i had a request a little while back for charlie making nick flustered so. here you go

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idk, i mean, obviously they are reborn, find each other, fall in love, get married, and the cycle continues for eternity. thats the real ending. (at least in my mind it is.)

This is the only way for The Voltron Family to end, only to rise again from the ashes like a phoenix only to find each other again T^T 

Oh my god imagine their cycles though

[First] Obviously they meet as foreign exchange students from Japan in the school library at the age of 22. Became friends then turned lovers. Got married, adopted three kids. 

[Second] They meet when Keith is 5 and Shiro is 7. Became playmates, turned best friends. Shiro leaves Keith for fricking college. After two years, Keith joins Shiro in college. They become lovers. Gets married. Have 3 adopted kids.

[Third] Shiro meets Keith getting into a fight in the streets at the age of 18. He takes care of his wounds and finds out Keith is an orphan. He lets Keith stay in his apartment to recover. Falls in love. Lets Keith stays for good. Gets married. Have 3 adopted kids.

[Fourth] Keith jogs in the morning before his classes and he’d always see another guy who jogs at the park—everyday. He develops a crush. Finally starts a conversation, finds out his name is Shiro and he goes to the university near Keith’s. They jog together from then all. Falls in love. Gets married. Have 3 adopted kids.

[Fifth] Keith was applying at a law firm. He’s 26. He waits and he spots someone come out of the break room. Their eyes meet.

Shiro: *mouth opens in awe* *points at Keith* Do I know you?
Keith: *blinks in shock* No? But I feel like I do?
Shiro: *scratches his nape* Hmmm, same. I wonder why is that so.
Keith: *chuckles* Weird. I’m just a new applicant here.
Shiro: Is that so? I hope you get the job. 
Keith: *sighs* I hope so too. 
Shiro: *smiles and offers his hand* I’m Takashi Shirogane.
Keith: *smiles and shakes Shiro’s hand* I’m Keith Kogane.

They fall in love, get married and have 3 adopted kids.

Hating someone and not loving them back are the same in my mind
So I’m sorry if I’ve been distant lately but it’s hard to look you in the eyes when I swear I feel you planning my demise
You said you’d take my body,
Will you take my life too?
I know I don’t think I know you
If I do it’s a ghostly presence and I’m not sure I even want it
But habit and repetition are hard friends
And I’m scared that you’re just counting the minutes until our nights together eventually end
If you want to leave go right ahead
But you can not stay inside my body without at least acknowledging that you breed yourself in my mind instead.
You wanted a fertile girl,
While I can’t give you a baby I can give you head that will make you forget whatever you were worried about when you walked in,
I don’t want to worship your body in a kinky way because I can’t separate sex and love, I’m sorry,
You got me in the habit
I really can’t stand it,
So please, you either need to love me back or you have to leave.
I’m sure you won’t take it to heart,
I know that you have one I have seen the aftermath of your private heartbreaks, but for some reason whenever I come along you lose it.
Your words are harsh and cruel
They slice so fast and deep you didn’t even notice what you did
because the blood couldn’t be seen yet
Is it worth it?
I’m drugged and crawling on the floor feeling like you beat me black and blue and I’m reminded of those nights together where this was just part of the fun
I can’t do anything without thinking about sharing it with you
I know no one wants to hear it but
I love you so much
You make me so happy I could lay here forever, so
For now I’ve decided to stay just one more day
—  Tinkerbell Eats Fairy Dust For Dinner

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I think I might be dead and typing from the afterlife... WHAT IS JIKOOK????? I'M?

《Anon said:
its been 5hrs since that lifting-and-spanking-jungkooks-honey-like-he-was-a-pillow-or-whatever-aka-park-jimin scene but i still cant get over it ;—;; seeing the way jungkook spanks jimin is so… how to describe it (??) ㅠㅠ pls forgive me for blabbering too much bcs i want to sleep but i can’t its 12.20am here but my mind won’t shut up what should i do…》
It’s been playing on loop in my head the whole evening, shotgun sound and all, I had people repeat what they were saying to me at least 15 times. I’m sorry I can’t help you function properly.

Their staff: “ok guys this skit is not scripted you have total free will”
Jungkook’s brain: “alright boy this is your chance take it”
And jimin was so obviously enjoying it which is not surprising as he shamelessly said recently that he liked being “jungkook’s toy” (his words)


So guys my dash is full of HP and Star Wars posts (I don’t mind it of course because I love them both so much!) but I’d really like to follow some new blogs and make some mutuals!

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If controlling your mind is so easy why haven't I been able to do it yet :( my perception of reality is fear based and I want to it be transformed into positive once and for all :(

Controlling the mind is not easy! At least, not at first. :) 
It’s difficult, because we are always letting the mind wander off into fantasy or getting lost in that TV show or song, so our mind is running wild like the monkey at the bottom of this picture. Nonetheless, learning to control the mind is essential, because that is how we take control of our lives. Our lives are determined by our reactions, and the quality of our mind determines the quality of our reactions. 
So, we want to generate a clear, stable, and positive mind-stream, and that takes willpower and time to cultivate. (I highly recommend following this course on meditation that I myself worked with: Meditation Without Exertion)
As you’ll notice in the bottom of this picture, which represents the beginning stages of meditation practice, the monk (our consciousness) is chasing after the monkey and elephant (which symbolize the untamed mind). The intensity of the fire represents the amount of willpower it takes at each stage to control the mind. At the beginning, when we sit to meditate and concentrate on our breath for 15 minutes, we catch our mind drifting off countless times, worrying about work or school, thinking about our next meal, etc. We have to repeatedly use our will (represented as the hook and rope the monk carries) to draw our mind back under control.
This practice gradually develops a trained and disciplined mind, and as you can see further up the path, the monkey and elephant become white (pure and serene mind), and the intensity of the flames decreases, because less effort is needed as the mind is being tamed by the will of the consciousness. At those stages, it is much easier to enter meditation with serenity and concentration. Additionally, such a state of mind carries into the rest of our day, allowing us to make better decisions and react more positively to the situations life brings our way.
Thank you for your sincere question, because it’s true that although we want very much to be more positive people, free of negative emotions like fear, meditation can be difficult at first! I hope you will still attempt the practice outlined in the meditation course I mentioned, and eventually you will find yourself on that rainbow bridge of calm abiding!

‘My Cup of Tea’ (Sherlock x Reader)

requested by  nekokawaiimewmew <3

prompt; (’my cup of tea’ title)  the reader enjoying a very peculiar brand of tea and as sherlock starts developing feelings for her he starts liking the tea brand too /  Oh man, the title prompt “My Cup of Tea” with Sherlock sounded so cute! Would you mind writing it out? Thanks so much!

words; 957

warnings; none


Tomato mint tea was indeed a very strange and frowned upon flavor that many would not even dare to place in their home. However, this was never the case for you, since you always had at least three packs stored away in your cabinet for whenever you needed a hot drink. It was not common to have it, even rarer to enjoy it, and you were one of those peculiar exceptions that were both.

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Deranged Insanity and It’s Consequences (Santino/Lil Pound Cake) - Spoky

Vanilla Ch.4 (Trixya) - Honey Blue

The Lady of the River (Pearlet) - Ashley

Hearts, Not Parts Ch.2 (Adore Delaska) - Osiris

Episode 6 - The Least Popular Queens (MPGiS) - Mistress

Beautiful You Ch.7 (Katlaska) - Marble

Roses Are Red, Romance Is For Pussies Ch.3 (Witney) - Ruby

hey, everyone - i wasn’t going to preemptively post about this, but i figured i owed a warning, at least. i’m probably going to be retiring han. i’ve written my goodbye post and have it drafted and once i make up my mind fully, i’ll either post it, or delete it. i’m not sure yet. i feel guilty for wanting to leave and i’m going to miss this blog terribly because han means so much to me, but i need to take care of myself, i guess. i’m uncomfortable and i’m tired of the constant bullshit from a duplicate issue that stems from a year and one month ago that won’t stop lmao. so, this is the warning, i guess? i don’t know what i’m doing yet. i’m gonna think on it a bit more before making a final decision.

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this show is so good for continuity like ever since Den and Dees Mom is Dead and Charlie became dees 'soulmate of pain' by reading her journal, he's been nicer to her when the guys aren't around. I love how nuanced the characters are?? and like that deleted scene where Charlie says he's only ever been sexually attracted to one woman before, I assumed he meant the waitress but like. he's expressed before that he doesn't want to have sex with the waitress??? so is it dee????

hey pal like dnt do this to me rn djgdkfhdfh my headspace is a mess atm

got me Wreckd w th talk abt charlie outright not havn intrst n bangin th waitress (tho tbh im not pos wat yr reffn specific nd th only thng that came to mind fr me wz th fantasy wher he marries th waitress nd they buy babies nstead of makin em) but he multipl (MULTIPL) times is @ least dumbstruck enuff to fathom bangin dee (is it weird to hav chardee as ur main ride or die ship but also consistently backtrack on yrslf bcuz u kno u lov it blind but cn also c it as two rly pathetically desperate ppl graspn @ each othr fr comfort bcuz they dnt actully undrstand wat a relationship is evn supposd to b like so they thnk n e amt of kindness cn b seen as romance [mostly since within th gang th two r p big undrdogs n their own ways nd theyr p consistently put down so havn an actual safe feelin relationship is probs foreign nd electric fr them hell id slip nto romanticizing wat othr ppl wud see as normal too][also since its proven dee litrly dives headfrst nto shyt w dudes nd blows th meaning outta proportion, but i gess similarly so dz charlie n a way since hes struggld to get it thru his head abt th waitress])

real talk i cling desperate to charlie bein ace nd i kinda hc him not actully sleepn w dee that time, but them havn an awkward confrontation wher hes like ‘lmao wait…’ like def supr wantd to n th moment but sex repulsion is sm crazy shit bruh, But n th same strain as an ace myslf id litrly bang sweet dee n a heartbeat LMAO so i cn c both sides o That specific argument

n e ways u caught me n A Mood nd i rambld nd lost my train of thought or w.e so imma jst end this by cryin imaginin charlie thinkn of dee as th 1 chick he wouldnt mind bangin cuz like same charles same

(also that diary…sm1 help dee…)

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I'm interested in Neutral runs personally. Is there something like "King Papyrus with the help of Sans," or "Mettaton the mind controlling king," or maybe even "the dog ending?" Or are you just ignoring the neutral runs for the most part? I get a comic or anything covering them would be insane and tedious, but I'm still just interested in learning about any (and all) possible parallels to the original UTs neutral runs (regardless of the medium used).

Neutral ends are tricky. There are a lot of possibilities- even ore considering the way IF is set up. It is my hope to do at least some as bonus episodes, but as many of IF’s characters have yet to be properly introduced, I want to wait until there’s a bit more information revealed before putting them in production.

But it’s not like I completely ignore neutral outcomes. Remember…

This happened. It was RESET away, but it still happened, Frisk still remembers, and it still haunts them.

WIth IF’s main run, I go with decisions that facilitate the story and character arcs.

i’m done stringing myself out on my writing. no more promises, no more deadlines (unless given by a third party). typing words on a screen is easy; formulating ideas is easy; putting yourself out into the world without any weight behind the reach–––easy. 

from now on, i’m just going to write as it comes to me. i honestly believe setting these goals––traps, really––is what’s been holding me back. i’ve been reading so much. two books in four days last week. at least 100 pages per day. but writing is where my heart’s truly at. it’s time to get back on the word wagon and hitch my boots to the underside of the carriage til i’ve eaten my fill of tadpole’d mud. 

started a new journal today for the Road Virus travels. started working on a new short story. Drift will be the first thing on my mind upon waking up tomorrow morning. words tickle my fancy more than wet feathers. stream of unconsciousness is here to stay.

The Art of Observation

I trust that by now it has become quite apparent that the art of observation was more than just a useful tool to my good friend Sherlock Holmes. It was more than a simple undertaking that stimulated his brilliant mind sufficiently enough when other occupations failed to do so. No, I daresay that observing others gave Holmes a rather acute sense of satisfaction.

This much had become evident to me, at least, within our initial months at Baker Street. It was more than once that I entered our living quarters to find his rigid figure by the window, one hand parting the curtain while his keen gaze was directed outside at the goings-on in the street.

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If you would (I wanna be your someone)

Let me yell in pain instead of watch you die. (I’m dead either way.)
Let me let me bleed and cry out, while you shout for help. (At least one of us will heal.)
Let me hold you on my shoulder while you cry. (Because I can’t just walk by.)
Let me wipe away your tears until your dry. (I’ll stay, no matter where we are.)
Let me feel you pain and not just your tears. (Because some things can’t just go away.)
Let me help you confront all you fears. (Because sometimes you can’t believe everything you hear.)
Let me watch as you succeed. (Two steps behind, ready to catch you if you fall.)
Let me smile while I see you laugh. (Because it’s the reason I can’t stop.)
Let me know when you need help. (So you don’t have to do this by yourself.)
Let me stay close to you. (Even though I know we’re through.)
Let me watch over you. (Because I still care about you.)
Let me watch as you move on. (Because you won’t stay there for long.)
Let me know that your ok. (Because I know I have to go away.)
Let me fight while you start over. (Because if I don’t I’ll just be some mindless soldier.)
Let me know that you had some crazy adventure and didn’t end up on a bench somewhere. (Tell me everything I ever did meant something.)
Let me know that you were happy, because I love you. Even if this sounds sappy.

NTs make social awkwardness into such a ~*cute acceptable relatable ~* thing, and while it’s true that there’s a difference between NTs’ version of social awkwardness, there’s a whole different definition of it for ND people that is definitely NOT ADORABLe

When I say I don’t like to be around people, others say stuff like “yeah I hate people too” but they don’t understand I literally get anxious and disoriented around them and likely even overloaded from the noise and the general presence of multiple people

When I talk about having trouble ordering food, they go “yeah relatable I feel awkward too” but I’m already so uncomfortable with the entire system of hierarchy that has its place in a restaurant, (at least in my mind) and I feel guilty asking anyone for anything in the first place, and then I script my order and repeat it internally for seven times and it still comes out jumbled and muttered so I have to repeat myself AGAIN

Like, I get it. Everyone struggles with being social from time to time.
But dear NTs, when a person with an anxiety disorder or social phobia or autism or literally any neurotype that influences their ability to function in social situations tells you that they struggle with something, please don’t assume they struggle exactly the same way as you, because most likely, we don’t.

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Are you going to make a Jaehee version of the fan art you did for mystic Messenger? I saw you did Saeyoung, Saeran, V, Jumin, Yoosung but not Jaehee, I really like the style so I hope so c: ♡

Currently, I’m progressing to finish her story. At least I want to read everything to understand her better╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "I’ve already got a concept in mind, but still want to get the ending first. I must sound funny for not knowing the ending with so many spoilers on internet x’D Somehow I managed to avoide everything spoiler related on my dashboard. I really like the heroine too, I may draw her to complete the whole crew! 
Thank you for supporting my art ( ’∀’人)♥