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What would make us all very happy (me especially) is if you expended the lil ficlet you made where draco steals Harry's sweater, because its adorable and perfect and everything I need in my life and I'm dying for more

Ok~ (edit: I wrote this thinking anon meant the hoodie stealing fic but they also might have meant the holiday jumper stealing fic. Hopefully, I picked the right one or at least made them happy?)

“Potter. Potter. Potter!”

Harry looked up from his plate across the table at Draco with a frown, “What? I’m right here, you don’t have to shout, you twat.”

“Then answer the first time,” Draco sniffed.

Harry rolled his eyes, “What do you want?”

“Do you want my potatoes?” He pushed his plate halfway across the table.

Harry frowned at them, “What’s wrong with them?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them. You ate some of them, you daft wanker.”

Harry made a face at him, “What’s wrong with yours then?”

“Merlin save me,” Draco muttered, briefly pressing his fingers to his forehead. “I just don’t want them.”

“Don’t you like the roasted potatoes?” Harry asked.

“No.” Draco said flatly, “Now do you want them or not.”

Ron leaned over and pointed at Draco with his fork, “Liar. I’ve seen you eating them.”

“On occasion,” Draco said stiffly.

“They’re one of your favorites,” Ron went on mercilessly.

Draco glared at him, “Well today they’re not.”

“They’re Harry’s favorites too,” Ron said.

“So?” Draco said.

“They’re the first dish to run out,” Ron said with mounting frustration, “You could just be honest and say you got them for him.”

Draco gave him a cold look and then turned away like Ron had ceased to exist. He picked up his plate and dumped the potatoes onto Harry’s plate and then stood up. “It’s not my fault you’re too scrawny,” he said and marched off.

“Hey! I am not!” Harry yelled after, standing as well. He went to follow and hesitated, glancing at his plate and quickly shoveling down the potatoes before running after him.

Ron slowly dropped his forehead onto the table with a thump, “They’re going to be the death of me… If I don’t strangle them with my bare hands first.”

Hermione patted his back sympathetically, “Well, you tried.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 (you are here) ~  Part 3 ~ Part 4

If Romeo and Juliet had taken it slow nothing at all would have changed. Juliet is aware that they are being too hasty (“Although I enjoy in thee, / I have no joy of this contract tonight. / It is too rash, to unadvised, too sudden. / Too like the lightning which doth cease to be / Ere one can say “it lightens!”) And yet she pops the question only a few lines later, and thank god she did.

If she had actually left Romeo “unsatisfied” in the balcony scene—if she had decided that they should wait before considering marriage, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that Tybalt would have looked for Romeo the next day. Romeo would have been banished anyway, because the tragedy isn’t caused by Romeo and Juliet’s precipitate love: it is caused by the violence, the hatred, and the prejudice of the feud.

A slower development of their relationship wouldn’t have saved Romeo from banishment. And a slower development of their relationship wouldn’t have changed the fact that Capulet sold Juliet to Paris. She would have had to marry him anyway. The only difference would have been that if she weren’t married to Romeo, but still in love with him, I doubt that Friar Laurence would have agreed to help her escape. Why bother breaking the rules, hurting Juliet’s parents by faking her death, just because Juliet didn’t feel like doing her duty? She would have had only two options left: either unwanted marriage or death. Looking at her words right after meeting Romeo, she seems determined to choose a husband on her own, or otherwise she will have none of it. (“If he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.”)

And if they just hadn’t fallen in love at all, I believe it would have been the same: Romeo would have been banished and, without Juliet’s help, I doubt he would have survived long. He’s just not good at coping with pain and oppression—he needs affection. He needs people to take care of him. I think he would have ended up killing himself anyway, because he is terrified by the concept of isolation. (Or perhaps if he had never even attended Capulet’s party, he wouldn’t have had to fight Tybalt the day after. Perhaps he could have survived for a while—but how long? Look at Benvolio. He ended up unwillingly fighting Tybalt in the first scene. How long would it have taken for Romeo to take part in a fight? I think the point of the play is that they just can’t elude the feud, no matter how hard they try: it drags everyone down sooner or later.)

And if they hadn’t fallen in love at all, Juliet would have never become the powerful, intelligent, lively girl we know. She would have been this docile daughter who allows her parents to command her life: “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move, / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.” Now compare those lines with the way she speaks in the balcony scene. (“Bondage is hoarse, and may not speak aloud, / Else would I tear the cave where Echo lies / And make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine / With repetition of ‘my Romeo!’”, “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, / My love as deep; the more I give to thee / The more I have, for both are infinite.”) She feels limitless. She feels free. But looking at Paris’ attitude in the friar’s cell, I think she would have been very miserable had she ended up marrying him. He just couldn’t care less about her feelings and opinions.

Yes, Romeo and Juliet behaved hastily, and I’m glad they did, because at least they could be happy and free for just a few days before the despotism of their society devoured them.

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why would they rent his new place if they're not even very happy with it? it seems like they're not extremely exited for it, and it also seems like they won't be living there for a long time? I'm so confused?

time. money. plus they seem to be much happier with it than they were with their previous flat at least. they’ve literally been dying for more storage for months and with the potentially dangerous gas leaks and the flat literally crumbling on top of them, i think they saw the opportunity to move into a better place temporarily and went for it just because they could afford it and the timing worked around their busy schedules. living in this new duplex will give them much more time and a less stressful environment to think about what they might want to do about a house in the future. i think the time they spend in this duplex will be significantly less than the 5 years they spent in their flat that’s for sure

Headcanon time:
When Lance comes out his parents are proud and decide to let him get a pride tattoo despite being under 18. He ends up getting the above picture over his heart. All of which floors Kieth when during an extra intense training session Lance ends up shirtless, leading to an explanation, and a very pleased(although he won’t admit it) Kieth.

Last night in New Leaf I visited Chief’s house after work, and it was dirty and kinda creepy and he told me about how he doesn’t usually have guests so that’s why there’s nothing for us to do or eat.

Then today Tangy invited me over and tried to sell me her furniture. I didn’t buy any of it because all of it is fruit. She wouldn’t talk to me about anything else.

I also got another letter from Rhonda, which included the quote, “I’m writing these words with all my heart, in the hopes that they will touch yours! Let’s get together to chat!”

Then later she gave me a shirt she said she found while cleaning up. She said if I didn’t like it that was okay and I could just toss it. I put it on immediately.

I highly doubt this is what Julie’s going for given all the shit she’s written the season but………… obviously, if you’re a POC you understand that even if you’ve got white friends who are generally good people, at the end of the day, they’re never, ever going to understand racism. Like ACTUALLY get it. They can become educated and whatever and that’s great, but there’s always going to be that disconnect because they’ll only ever understand it in theory. Not because it affects them, not because they feel it, not because they experience it. They’ll only understand racism from reading and from talking to others about their experiences, etc. And that’s part of white privilege.

Maybe the whole point of seeing all of this bullshit so far (and that’s a big maybe) is that we’re meant to see all of the white characters on this show who have been indicated as morally good have the same fatal flaw every white person does– that they’ll never understand racism in the same way POC who experience it does. It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced other struggles that would lead others to think you’re “woke”– if you’re white, that disconnect will always be there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge feminist like Noora, it doesn’t matter if you’re a victim of an eating disorder like Vilde, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay like Isak.

It doesn’t make them shitty people, but it does mean they have to take a step back and LISTEN. Because the voices that should be leading these conversations should always, always be POC. Although I don’t know if this is intentional (but for the sake of this rant let’s say it is, because the alternative is really disturbing), if it is, I think that we’re meant to be frustrated because the shit Sana is hearing right now from her own friends is what POC have to deal with on the daily. We have to hear white people tell us what is and isn’t racism, hear them say that they “wish” they could partake in x and y aspects of our culture as if it was that simple, hear them sometimes make snide and insensitive comments that make us feel embarrassed about our cultures and feel like they’re an inconvenience.

I hope this is all being done to emphasize that even the people you wouldn’t assume to hold prejudices, however small, do. And that’s the reality for POC everyday.

And if that’s not the intention then– at the very least– I hope the fandom can take away that we should be letting the voices of POC be heard here. Because as it is, it’s difficult for that to happen without someone wanting to speak over them.

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Can I ask for a poly! hamilsquad x reader headcanons about the reader being sick and them being taken care of and also vice versa? Thank you and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Also Happy Belated New Year!

boss’ memo : hAPPY REALLY BELATED NEW YEAR !!! and do not worry ! you are not a bother <3

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

  • alex refuses to be taken care of until he feels it’s affecting how he works ! if he knows (and he’s surprisingly good and strict with himself at knowing) that if what he’s going to end up writing won’t be Top Quality–or, at the very least, the best he can make it–then he won’t write. he’s never sick for long, ‘cause he knows what to do !! he takes his medicine, sleeps, eats, drinks water–honestly, it’s odd how put together he becomes once he gets sick !! 
    • (a lot of it is because he spent a lot of time leaning to care for sick people. or, perhaps–a sick person,,)
    • if he’s with you, alex will be v hesitant on letting you take care of him because he doesn’t want you to get sick !!! he may even isolate himself because he doesn’t want anyone else to catch his sickness,,,
    • he’s always a little sick–but if it’s Bad, then he takes action :O and don’t worry, he has a fine definition of what “bad” entails for himself–he’s got it all down pat !
  • hercules seldom gets sick, Ever, and when he does, he usually relies on home-made remedies,,, he likes to be cared for !! he can be a bit clingy when he’s sick, and you can expect him to wrap his arms around your waist while you try to care for him,, he just wants cuddles, really !! he’s v quiet when he gets sick, and seems a little out of it,, he’s not grumpy, per say, but he’s vv drowsy ! and as such, may be a bit more irritable,, when he does talk, it’s usually just a word or two that summarizes his point !
    • you can tell he’s sick because he feels cold to the touch !!
    • he, um, might faint ?? make sure he stays in bed ! he’s not going to want to, since he’s an active person,, he goes for jogs (it’s likely that’s how he got sick in the first place) make sure he stays in bed to recover ! he’s never out for long, ‘cause he’s got a strong immune system !!
  • lafayette can be pretty cranky about being taken care of !! he switches between wanting you to care for him and wanting you to let him work on stuff,,, though, he usually settles on trying to care for himself ! he doesn’t really want to take medicine, and usually wants to just sleep! he’s the type to ask you to cuddle with him, similar to herc,,, he usually gets grumpy because he has a certain way he wants to be perceived by everyone else and when he’s no longer seen that way, he gets embarrassed. (basically : he does not think he is cute when he is sick. this makes him unhappy.) he gets sick when the weather changes,,,
    • (he still looks cute. it’s fine)
    • he kind of wants smooches, and whether you listen to his whining about this or not.,, it’s up to you.,,, will the kisses be worth getting sick ?? deal or no deal
      • (don’t ask him if they’re worth you getting sick because he will take that as a challenge to make them worth getting sick)
  • john is sick maybe once a year. he screams if you come at him with grape flavored medicine,, he’s sick for a really long time whenever he is, and he’s miserable. he’s v sappy when he’s sick, and he’s probably already wrapping his arms around your waist and mumbling your name and also mumbling that he adores you.. he adores you so much,,,,,
  • in order of how often they get sick (least to greatest), we have :
    • hercules
    • john
    • lafayette
    • alex
  • when it comes to taking care of you, alex panics !!! he can’t really take care of you, to be honest, because he immediately flies into a Panic Attack the moment someone close to him falls ill,, if he as much as sees you going through a coughing fit, he’s gotta leave ! he will do his best to support from afar, but will keep the interactions to a minimum !! it’s not your fault, don’t worry !
  • herc is v comforting !! he’s a sweetheart for taking care of you, really… he makes soup, brings you tea, sits at your bedside, will hold your hair back if you need him to–really, he’s tryin’ to make you feel as comfortable as you can ! if you want him to, he will cuddle with you !! he’s willing to do anything in order to help you feel better !! he loves you vv much !
  • lafayette will make sure you take your medicine (hilarious, as he hates taking it himself). he might kiss you after you take it, as an incentive,, he’ll go out and buy you cough drops or tissues as you need ‘em,, though, he won’t be too touchy, as he doesn’t want to get too sick !! cuddling ? no. kisses? heck yeah! it’s odd, and he’ll end up sick because of you, probably !
  • john’s doing his best to keep you comfy, and will probably end up just napping next to you, and waking up if you need anything,, he will do store runs for you, if you want him too, and is always big on hugging if you need emotional support,,, he’s v strict and will not hesitate to drag you to bed if he sees you up, though !!

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Please a request for MIdoriya, Bakugou and Kaminari (seperately). Their significant other is a natural underweight and is starting to feel awkward about wearing clothes that expose skin because people keep regarding them as if they doesn't eat or take care of themself, so they decide to comfort them (I'm naturally skinny and people never talk about it, at least if the person's not a jerk, so this would make me considerably happy)

Of course you can lovely! I very much hope I could do your request justice and that you’re going to like what I wrote. (and I hope you know that you’re absolutely wonderful the way you are <3)


When his partner tells him about their worries and why they hesitate to wear some of their clothes, he takes their hands in his. His gaze is honest and serious.

“I love you.” He says, his voice quiet and sure. His heart clenches a little at the thought that other people make his partner uncomfortable and he shuffles a little closer, to offer warmth and support. “And I’m here for you, no matter what you decide to do or wear.”

Midoriya lifts his other hand to brush his fingers along their cheek and leans his forehead against theirs. “Other people don’t know you; they don’t know how wonderful and attentive you are, to yourself and others.” He holds their gaze. “You do you and I will always have your back.”

He gives them a small, warm smile and squeezes their hand gently.  His partner exhales quietly and he shifts to give them a soft kiss. “I’m proud and happy to have you at my side.”


He’s quiet and listens to his partner’s concerns and feelings and when they trail off, looking down at their hands, he moves closer to them. Bakugou feels a bit angry that someone makes his partner feel that way. What is it with people needing to judge every fucking thing they see? It’s pissing him off.

“Those people can fucking shove it.” He says, clearly and directly and covers their hand with his, causing them to look up at him. “They know shit fuck all about you.”

“Listen, you’re fucking smart and you damn well know how to take care of yourself. If you want to wear something, then do it. Whatever you chose, it’s your damn decision and everyone else can fuck off. They don’t matter, you do and whatever shit you decide to do, I got your back.”

At his partner’s exhale he draws them into a tight hug. “Fuck, I love you the way you are, other people don’t count for shit.”


He sits beside his partner, their knees touching and he listens quietly and carefully to what they tell him, about how they feel when it comes to certain things. Once they finish, he reaches out and takes their hands in his entwining their fingers.

For a long moment, Kaminari is quiet, searching for the right words and he tries to sort the sentences in his head, before he speaks up.

“It’s wrong of other people to judge you, they don’t know you and they have no right to decide what is right or wrong for you.” His voice is quiet and sincere and he holds his love’s gaze. “You are entirely wonderful. You know what you’re doing, this is your body and you know how to take care of yourself.”

He gives their hands a gentle squeeze and then moves a little closer to draw them into a warm hug. “You can wear whatever you want, I’m happy to see you happy and comfortable, that’s the thing that counts for me. I love you and I’m here, you can count on me anytime and no matter what you decide to do.”

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I'm both sad and happy that we have someone like you in the fandom. I'm sad because we'll probably never get the DickBabs we all know and love from anything DC makes anymore, at least not in a very long time and that we'll never get Oracle ever again. But I'm so happy that you keep them alive through your art and portray them better than right now and you draw them as Nightwing and Oracle. I miss them so much but you give me hope. Thank you for everything you do I appreciate you so much.

Originally posted by yahooentertainment

ughh this message kicks me right in the heart because i’m so happy you can come to me to enjoy something like that and i feel the same way about them, don’t worry and i’m glad i can bring you those feels, i miss them myself and drawing them always makes me happy

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I wish they had two parts for the Southern Raiders like they had for The Boiling Rock, that way we could see more conversation & stuff between Zuko and Katara, I'm sure they were gone a few days, they must've talked about so much, while they were eating by a campfire or something, ugh I hate the fact Bryke doesn't like these two together it makes me so mad, I already know they don't like Zuko but I'm sure they don't like Katara either with the way they write her, they just want her as Aang's gf

I think a 2-part episode for TSR like TBR would have been really cool. I would have been happy just with more talking between them. Out of all the field trips, theirs had the least amount of conversation and Katara was just yelling at him for the first half. The original script had “too much chemistry” between them, so I guess it was a LOT different than the final script, because I think Zuko and Katara had very little chemistry in the final episode. It gave the impression that Zuko just went along so he could kill a man so Katara would stop hating him and I can see why people don’t ship Zutara based off of their canon interactions. It’s why so many casual fans use TSR as evidence that Zutara is toxic and would never work, blah blah blah. That is what Bryke wanted, I’m sure. 

I agree it doesn’t seem like they like Zuko or Katara much given how little respect they show the characters. I don’t know why you would want to send the impression that any of the main characters are “toxic”. Especially after they receive so much development, like Zuko has. After 3 seasons worth of character development, the fact that they think Zuko would be such a horrible and toxic love interest and that he would be in a “dark” relationship shows they don’t really care about his character arc that much.

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This isnt a sabo headcanon (sorry) ,but i was wondering since the latest chapter of one piece if rob lucci and the rest of cp9 were orphans sold at a young age to the world government by the mountain witch or someone. (except spandam.)

one of my followers and a couple other people have posited that idea, and i think it’s very likely!

idk about the others, but lucci, blueno and jabra at least were apparently trained to be cipher pol members from their youth and they were never shown as having any family.  plus cipher pol is such a secretive organization, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’d especially want to have orphans for it so their identities are hard to trace.  

so yeah, carmel/the mountain witch herself died long before anyone from cp9 was around, but i can totally see a similar case to what she was doing having a role in lucci and co’s recruitment.

♚ ;

Loooooves, guess who’s back? Or at least is ABOUT to be back. This whole month was extremely stressful for me, but I coped with everything and I am very grateful to everyone, who messaged me and waited for me, notwithstanding my complete absence. I love you very much, guys. And I am very happy to still be able to see the most of you here. Please know that I’m already WORKING ON MY DRAFTS. And I’ve almost finished them. Although some of the threads will have to be dropped, which for I’m really sorry about. It’s just I’m very much mentally exhausted, so I probably need a fresh new start. Anyway, I hope you are also glad to see me. I’ll try to be here more often now! 

TLDR: I may have to ditch my deads, so IM if you’re interested in working something out.
Requirements: You have to pay at least half the shipping - whatever it may be. 2) US only.

NOTES: I am currently in texas and my deads are in Oklahoma, so it will be a month or two before I can actually get to them.


I will keep you updated on the agreement we make and if changes are to be made. - I will only have one or two days in OK to get this shit done so….(maybe only a few hours)


I would prefer one person to send EVERYTHING to at once, but if they cannot or will not be able to take it all, I will allow for a second. Maybe they can’t take wet specimens but you can? I will update this once I found someone.

As to the why….The read more -

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"Hey, have you seen the..? Oh." For cockles!!!

“Hey, J, have you seen the -” Misha stops in his tracks and blinks at the sight in front of him, “Oh.” 

Jensen’s asleep on the couch with West, Maison and JJ asleep on top of him.

Ridiculously enough, his first thought is “how are they all fitting on there without falling off, Jensen isn’t even that broad???” 

His second thought is stunned silence with his heart skipping a solid three beats.

Sometimes, like right now, Misha is struck dumb with the realization of how fucking much he loves this idiot and how lucky he is. This is apparently one of those moments because his heart feels like it’s going to explode out of his chest and he doesn’t even need a mirror to know that he’s smiling like a moron.

Danneel slides up next to him with a knowing smile on her face, “They’re pretty cute, huh?” 

Misha grins, ducking his head for a moment, “Yeah.” 

“They passed out about thirty minutes ago,” she informs him, bumping their hips together. “You okay? You look a little shellshocked.” 

“Yeah,” he huffs a laugh and turns to smile at her, this beautiful, smart, witty, incredible woman that he gets to share his life with too, “I’m okay. I’m -” Misha rubs a hand over his mouth, trying to cover the ridiculous, eye-crinkling grin he’s wearing, “I’m pretty fucking great, actually.” 

Danneel smiles softly and leans over, pressing a kiss to his cheek, “That’s true.”

She pulls back after a moment, nudging her head towards the kitchen, “Vicki and me made cookies. You want to come help us ice them for when the kids wake up?” 

“Sure,” Misha smiles and looks over at the sofa again, “Just… let me take a picture of this.”

Danneel laughs as brightly as she can without waking anyone up, “You can add them to the 300 we took earlier.” 

Misha just grins and creeps over quietly, taking as many pictures as he can - he’s sappy, okay? Sue him. This is easily one of the cutest things he’s ever seen.

He presses a kiss to each of their foreheads when he’s satisfied and Jensen blinks his eyes open sleepily, “Mish…?”

Misha smiles softly and brushes a hand through his hair, “Hey… go back to sleep.” Jensen makes a sleepy noise and lets his eyes close again, a total sucker for Misha’s hands in his hair. It doesn’t take that long for him to fall back to sleep.

Vicki wraps her arms around Misha from behind as he pulls out his phone and composes a tweet. She chuckles against his shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss there, “He’s going to kill you, you know that, right?” 

He just shrugs a little bit, still smiling dumbly at his phone, “Worth it.” 

The tweet is a picture of the four of them passed out with the light from the window behind them. Misha just adds, “Happy Sunday #feelinglucky” 

At the very least, Jensen will appreciate the hashtag. 

Things to consider about hater and wander's wedding

> What venue would be big enough for their wedding (the Skullship wouldn’t fit all the Watchdogs AND all of Wander’s friends). Maybe Janet would be willing to host the wedding; she could make the venue as beautiful and stunning as the wedding that Wander truly deserves

> WHO PROPOSES????? Is it Wander, who springs it upon an unsuspecting hater?? Or is it Hater, who refuses to be Outdone and decides to do the Perfect Proposal, only to mess up horribly, and still, no ones ever seen Wander happier?? These are important questions

> Just how hard Peepers cries when Hater asks him to be his best man (“oh don’t get sappy on me, Peepers! I only picked you because I have no other option! Can you imagine Emperor NOT-Awesome being MY best man??? Or some insignificant Watchdog????? STOP CRYING PEEPERS ITS NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!”) (Sylvia is Wander’s Best Zbornak but was there ever any doubt)


> Who cries more at the wedding; Wander or Hater? YOU decide!!!

> Almost everyone in the goddamn universe is at this freaking wedding. Redeemed or not, Dominator is invited. Whether she comes to cause havoc or doesn’t is up to you

> Hater being UNBELIEVABLY nervous leading up to the wedding. There are like five Watchdogs wiping sweat off his forehead. Meanwhile, Wander is nervous TENFOLD and Sylvia nearly has to tie him down he’s bouncing too much

> Even after the wedding, Wander is still shaking and won’t let go of Hater’s hand for anything


> Imagine how many fucking wedding presents


> They probably hire professional singers and everything, but Hater and Wander insist on performing at least one (or thirty) song


> Holy shit imagine all the awkward toasts

> I’m sorry I’m just rambling at this point just imagine then getting married and getting lost in each other’s eyes and getting so happy and Hater keeps getting embarrassed and I’m dead

That moment you see your bitchface ex in front of your face since that bitch broke up with you telling you to kill yourself, and refused to do it in person might I add, and it takes your whole being not to go up and cuss them out at, at the very least cause thats what she deserves.

I for once was the better person and boy did she look like shit and I couldn’t be happier.

Month of Rebellion (Day 1): Let’s Duel!

Happier days… A nice friendly battle royale between friends???

(When you bite off more than you can chew by trying to draw and color 3 characters last minute, but still want to contribute anyway :’D Arcv went out of their way to simplify the way duel disks look and this is still the first time I have ever drawn one …I’m going to sleep now)

So because the writing doesn't add up, this is what I'm going with: