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What would make us all very happy (me especially) is if you expended the lil ficlet you made where draco steals Harry's sweater, because its adorable and perfect and everything I need in my life and I'm dying for more

Ok~ (edit: I wrote this thinking anon meant the hoodie stealing fic but they also might have meant the holiday jumper stealing fic. Hopefully, I picked the right one or at least made them happy?)

Stealing Sweaters (Part 2)

“Potter. Potter. Potter!”

Harry looked up from his plate across the table at Draco with a frown, “What? I’m right here, you don’t have to shout, you twat.”

“Then answer the first time,” Draco sniffed.

Harry rolled his eyes, “What do you want?”

“Do you want my potatoes?” He pushed his plate halfway across the table.

Harry frowned at them, “What’s wrong with them?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them. You ate some of them, you daft wanker.”

Harry made a face at him, “What’s wrong with yours then?”

“Merlin save me,” Draco muttered, briefly pressing his fingers to his forehead. “I just don’t want them.”

“Don’t you like the roasted potatoes?” Harry asked.

“No.” Draco said flatly, “Now do you want them or not.”

Ron leant over and pointed at Draco with his fork, “Liar. I’ve seen you eating them.”

“On occasion,” Draco said stiffly.

“They’re one of your favourites,” Ron went on mercilessly.

Draco glared at him, “Well today they’re not.”

“They’re Harry’s favourites too,” Ron said.

“So?” Draco said.

“They’re the first dish to run out,” Ron said with mounting frustration, “You could just be honest and say you got them for him.”

Draco gave him a cold look and then turned away like Ron had ceased to exist. He picked up his plate and dumped the potatoes onto Harry’s plate and then stood up. “It’s not my fault you’re too scrawny,” he said and marched off.

“Hey! I am not!” Harry yelled after, standing as well. He went to follow and hesitated, glancing at his plate and quickly shovelling down the potatoes before running after him.

Ron slowly dropped his forehead onto the table with a thump, “They’re going to be the death of me… If I don’t strangle them with my bare hands first.”

Hermione patted his back sympathetically, “Well, you tried.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 (you are here) ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7  ~ Part 8

If Romeo and Juliet had taken it slow nothing at all would have changed. Juliet is aware that they are being too hasty (“Although I enjoy in thee, / I have no joy of this contract tonight. / It is too rash, to unadvised, too sudden. / Too like the lightning which doth cease to be / Ere one can say “it lightens!”) And yet she pops the question only a few lines later, and thank god she did.

If she had actually left Romeo “unsatisfied” in the balcony scene—if she had decided that they should wait before considering marriage, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that Tybalt would have looked for Romeo the next day. Romeo would have been banished anyway, because the tragedy isn’t caused by Romeo and Juliet’s precipitate love: it is caused by the violence, the hatred, and the prejudice of the feud.

A slower development of their relationship wouldn’t have saved Romeo from banishment. And a slower development of their relationship wouldn’t have changed the fact that Capulet sold Juliet to Paris. She would have had to marry him anyway. The only difference would have been that if she weren’t married to Romeo, but still in love with him, I doubt that Friar Laurence would have agreed to help her escape. Why bother breaking the rules, hurting Juliet’s parents by faking her death, just because Juliet didn’t feel like doing her duty? She would have had only two options left: either unwanted marriage or death. Looking at her words right after meeting Romeo, she seems determined to choose a husband on her own, or otherwise she will have none of it. (“If he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.”)

And if they just hadn’t fallen in love at all, I believe it would have been the same: Romeo would have been banished and, without Juliet’s help, I doubt he would have survived long. He’s just not good at coping with pain and oppression—he needs affection. He needs people to take care of him. I think he would have ended up killing himself anyway, because he is terrified by the concept of isolation. (Or perhaps if he had never even attended Capulet’s party, he wouldn’t have had to fight Tybalt the day after. Perhaps he could have survived for a while—but how long? Look at Benvolio. He ended up unwillingly fighting Tybalt in the first scene. How long would it have taken for Romeo to take part in a fight? I think the point of the play is that they just can’t elude the feud, no matter how hard they try: it drags everyone down sooner or later.)

And if they hadn’t fallen in love at all, Juliet would have never become the powerful, intelligent, lively girl we know. She would have been this docile daughter who allows her parents to command her life: “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move, / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.” Now compare those lines with the way she speaks in the balcony scene. (“Bondage is hoarse, and may not speak aloud, / Else would I tear the cave where Echo lies / And make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine / With repetition of ‘my Romeo!’”, “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, / My love as deep; the more I give to thee / The more I have, for both are infinite.”) She feels limitless. She feels free. But looking at Paris’ attitude in the friar’s cell, I think she would have been very miserable had she ended up marrying him. He just couldn’t care less about her feelings and opinions.

Yes, Romeo and Juliet behaved hastily, and I’m glad they did, because at least they could be happy and free for just a few days before the despotism of their society devoured them.

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about the nicholas sparks thing, i agree his books are bad and terrible and heteronormative and all that but what makes them not romance? Are they not just... terrible romance? (I'm not defending that they are romance, I'm just wondering what makes them non-romance other than the fact that theyre terrible)

They are books which contain romantic elements, but are not considered a part of the Romance Genre because Romance as a genre must end Happy. As in “and they lived happily ever after” or at the very least “who knew what the future held but for now they were happy”.

It’s like how when you read a sci-fi book, you expect if not a jet pack, then the in world equivalent of a jet pack. Or how fantasy should have a good vs evil fight with fantastical elements. You go into genres expecting certain outcomes. Romance is no different.

There’s been a recent increase in edgelords coming into our genre trying to make it “real” by inserting misery and or “love isn’t real, snowflakes” gotchas at the end, then getting pissed off when a bunch of us Romance readers leave reviews stating it was falsely advertised (and usually mediocre) as a romance when what is usually is is speculative fiction with romantic elements, and we want our money back please.

Nicholas Sparks is one of them. He’s realized that Romance is a genre that makes bank and wants to get in on it. But can’t quite bring himself to not be a miserable fuck and “lower” his standards to writing happy endings. or y’know, anything not patronizing, steeped in misery porn or just plain fucking awful.

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I'm majoring in psychology and I wanna know how life would be if MC was a psychologist (the entire gang +V+Unknown) ! Giving very helpful advice and words of encouragement to everybody every day. Also, one day MC sits everyone down one-on-one and has a therapy session. I JUST WANT ALL MY BABIES TO BE HAPPY



  • Every morning he wakes up dreading the day because he has to go to class but, hey! at least you’re there with him!
  • You go to SKY University together 
  • When he feels stressed out because he has a test that day you’re always there to give him some words of encouragement
  • He loves hearing your helpful advice and your praises (I feel like he has a praise kink, just saying) 
  • Also, when he was feeling depressed because of Rika you were there to tell him to cheer up and HE ALWAYS FELT SO MUCH BETTER

Zen/Hyun Ryu

  • He keeps getting stressed out because he needs to memorize a VERY long script and he’s just going insane
  • But you so happen to notice how stressed he’s been getting lately and RING RING MOTHERFUCKER HERE YOU ARE TO GIVE HIM ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT
  • He adores it so much and he loves your advice on how to improve his roles 
  • And sometimes when he is feeling down about himself you always cheer him up saying how beautiful he is and how amazing he is as well
  • He’s just so grateful to have you and your blessed words 


  • Poor dear needs the encouragement and advice :(
  • When Jumin keeps pouring new work on her when she’s already got a shitload of it she asks for your encouraging words
  • Even just a simple ‘Cheer up, Jaehee’ makes he less stressed than she previously was
  • She’s so grateful to have you be there for her when she really needs it


  • He would do the same thing to you right back
  • It’s a little thing you both do to each other everyday
  • But you also do it when he’s stressed about work, his father, or something dumb in the RFA messenger
  • When you tell him to have a great day at work and to work hard he’s in a good mood the entire work day because of your kind words
  • And because of this, he’s also nicer to Jaehee


  • He feels like he doesn’t deserve this…you
  • He gets so happy when you always give him comforting words of encouragement or your little advice on his work
  • On his darkest days he knows he can rely on you to help make him feel better
  • Usually when you tell him these things he envelopes you into a gigantic bear hug and you two stay like that for what feels like hours
  • He is madly in love with you

V/Jihyun Kim

  • Little blue-haired boy feels down a lot lately over Rika and he covers it up with a smile
  • So since you’re not a frickin’ idiot you always try to help him out
  • He loves it so much because everyone would ask ‘what’re you doing’ instead of ‘how are you?’
  • He feels like he needs to return the kind words so he always gives you some as well before you head off to class


  • He doesn’t understand it at first
  • Why are you saying nice things to me while I’m acting like this?
  • But he never wants you to stop because he finds it so comforting and greatly appreciates you trying to cheer him up
  • He loves your encouraging words instead of his brother’s stupid ‘surprise hugs’
  • Seven always gets punched in the end

The Whole Gang Is Here!

  • You invited all of the RFA members to a special meeting not explaining what it was going to be about
  • Once they were all there they found you sitting in a chair with a presentation on the TV
  • What the hell were you doing MC?
  • When you explained to them you were all going to do a psychology meeting with them all they were still so confused
  • You were only doing this because of extra credit
  • Later in the meeting you were all getting deeply into it and they all learned a couple things on how to deal with stress and anxiety better
  • Now, every month you all gather round to have one of this meetings to help themselves



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You know, I used to be part of the OUAT fandom and one thing I appreciate about the people working on SG is that after the people working on OUAT found out how big SwanQueen was they started to literally pull them apart on the show and writing them differently. I thought the same was gonna happen in SG, especially after SDCC but I'm glad to see that at least for now that isn't happening. I appreciate their friendship and if that's all we're gonna get I'm at least happy that they are super close

I always hear what a disappointment OUAT turned out to be for people. While I was never in the fandom, I got away from the show early-ish, after the also clear bait and switch known as Sleeping Warrior. But let’s move on…

I agree. I think it is very evident that they understand the importance of Lena and Kara’s relationship.When I say that, it isn’t just to us as Supercorp shippers or the general audience, but to the show and the characters themselves. 

@kara-danvers-lena-luthor made an amazing post that discusses the importance of Lena and Kara’s relationship and what it represents to Kara as a character concerning her humanity, her duality and a major part of her development. 

When you consider elements like that, it is hard to imagine that, it is hard to imagine that they would want to change it so drastically because of some loud and immature fan interactions, yeah?

In truth, something that I have been saying for months is that Kara truly does need Lena. Originally, Lena was able to contribute to filling a void that was left by the absence of both Cat Grant and Lucy Lane. Gone were two women that supported both Kara Danvers and Supergirl – however, the primary difference with Lena is that she supports them both separately. Lena views Kara Danvers as a best friend and a hero in her own right – someone that she can rely on and someone that, in turn, sees her as just Lena. She sees Supergirl as a friend, inspiration, hero, and mentor. 

Yet the importance of the separate friendships is that Lena doesn’t put Kara Danvers on a pedestal. She does not expect Kara to be able to take on more than she feels she can handle. She doesn’t pressure Kara to be both human and superhuman. She doesn’t pressure Kara to be better. Instead, she believes in, encourages and elevates her, knowing deep down that ‘just’ Kara can handle whatever comes her way.

It is Lena, after all, that is able to really push Kara to rethink her earlier notion of Kara Danvers being a mistake. Where Kara was faced with frustration, anger, and worry from her sister and one of her closest friends, she was faced with positivity and motivation from Lena. 

Twice now, Lena has indirectly made Kara realize that just being Supergirl isn’t enough.

So with that, they have really set the stage to have Lena be one of the most important people in Kara’s life. She has essentially become irreplaceable. It will be really interesting to see how the relationship develops now that they have both their established relationship and the newest addition to their dynamic.

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This is random so you don't really need to answer but I really like how you answered that ask about how Kirishima is depicted around girls. While I'd love if Kirishima is gay (I'd cry a lot bc not only I'd finally be seeing myself represented, it'd be in the form of my favorite character in BNHA and possibly in any series ever, it'd make me so, so happy) I can't say I'm opposed to him not showing any sexual preference and not having a romance at all, I love him already anyway lol

To be fair, Boku no Hero Academia has very little romance. Kirishima could be whatever orientation as far as we know, just like a lot the characters could be. It’d be nice if at least one of the Class 1-A students is confirmed to be part of the LGBT community. Horikoshi is a progressive writer, and BNHA has two characters confirmed to be LGBT already. Unfortunately, they’re two minor characters, and one of them is dead. It’d be nice if a more important character such as Kirishima would be confirmed to be gay or bisexual. I especially like the idea of Kirishima being LGBT because it makes sense considering the way his character is written and because he’d be a very positive representation for the LGBT since he’s likable, well-developed, and defies the negative gay or bi stereotypes. 

If Horikoshi wanted to, he could make Kirishima romantically attracted to Bakugou without explicitly declaring it. He just has to use a lot of subtext. If Kirishima is romantically attracted to Bakugou, the subtext is already there. Horikoshi just needs to build upon the subtext some more, maybe sprinkle in some longing stares, inner monologues about how much Bakugou means to Kirishima, and then top it all off with some very intimate moments between Bakugou and Kirishima. 

If it makes you feel better, a lot of fans say Todoroki and Momo are almost canon even though neither character is confirmed to have romantic feelings for the other. By that logic, shouldn’t Bakugou and Kirishima be almost canon too? Their relationship has gotten way more development, and they mean a lot to each other. .


Sadamomo in her older sister’s wedding photoshoot!  She is one of four sisters so the photos are with the four of them plus their mother.  

Unfortunately, she will miss the wedding itself due to Haikyuu performances, so she’s very happy she gets to at least participate in the pre-wedding photoshoot.  

In the last photo, she’s picking a cicada skin off the tree for her nephew.


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umm jon and dany having babies? did you watch the episode? a happy ending? do you watch game of thrones? Either one of them dies or at the very least when they find out jon is a targaryen. dany won't let her bloodline die. She can't have kids (they made that VERY clear ) he can! She won't marry him for this reason alone. I'm going to be very bitter about it as a jonerys fan but they won't be endgame. Enjoy this season becasue I think it will be downhill for us in season 8

*sigh* You must be new here.

It amazes me how many people over-state the meaning of bittersweet. I’m sorry but Dany or Jon dying is not bittersweet, it’s fucking devastating, I don’t care how it’s cut. Why build up these two characters only for one or both to die at the end? What a cop out that would be. And GRRM appears to agree:

“I haven’t written the ending yet, so I don’t know, but no. [Some horrible apocalypse] is certainly not my intent. I’ve said before that the tone of the ending that I’m going for is bittersweet.

I mean, it’s no secret that Tolkien has been a huge influence on me, and I love the way he ended Lord of the Rings. It ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory. Frodo is never whole again, and he goes away to the Undying Lands, and the other people live their lives. And the scouring of the Shire—brilliant piece of work, which I didn’t understand when I was 13 years old: “Why is this here? The story’s over?” But every time I read it I understand the brilliance of that segment more and more.

All I can say is that’s the kind of tone I will be aiming for. Whether I achieve it or not, that will be up to people like you and my readers to judge.”

For him to consider LotR a bittersweet ending says a lot because many think it was just happy because Aragorn becomes king and marries Arwen. This fandom gets so caught up in the ‘bitter’ part and not the ‘sweet’. Also fyi, Dany and Jon are both Aragorn type figures in this story and their journeys even match up. It wouldn’t make sense for their endings to suddenly deviate from each other. I’m not saying I’m right but I think some of you are way too doom and gloom.

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why would they rent his new place if they're not even very happy with it? it seems like they're not extremely exited for it, and it also seems like they won't be living there for a long time? I'm so confused?

time. money. plus they seem to be much happier with it than they were with their previous flat at least. they’ve literally been dying for more storage for months and with the potentially dangerous gas leaks and the flat literally crumbling on top of them, i think they saw the opportunity to move into a better place temporarily and went for it just because they could afford it and the timing worked around their busy schedules. living in this new duplex will give them much more time and a less stressful environment to think about what they might want to do about a house in the future. i think the time they spend in this duplex will be significantly less than the 5 years they spent in their flat that’s for sure

Headcanon time:
When Lance comes out his parents are proud and decide to let him get a pride tattoo despite being under 18. He ends up getting the above picture over his heart. All of which floors Kieth when during an extra intense training session Lance ends up shirtless, leading to an explanation, and a very pleased(although he won’t admit it) Kieth.

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Can I ask for a poly! hamilsquad x reader headcanons about the reader being sick and them being taken care of and also vice versa? Thank you and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Also Happy Belated New Year!

boss’ memo : hAPPY REALLY BELATED NEW YEAR !!! and do not worry ! you are not a bother <3

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

  • alex refuses to be taken care of until he feels it’s affecting how he works ! if he knows (and he’s surprisingly good and strict with himself at knowing) that if what he’s going to end up writing won’t be Top Quality–or, at the very least, the best he can make it–then he won’t write. he’s never sick for long, ‘cause he knows what to do !! he takes his medicine, sleeps, eats, drinks water–honestly, it’s odd how put together he becomes once he gets sick !! 
    • (a lot of it is because he spent a lot of time leaning to care for sick people. or, perhaps–a sick person,,)
    • if he’s with you, alex will be v hesitant on letting you take care of him because he doesn’t want you to get sick !!! he may even isolate himself because he doesn’t want anyone else to catch his sickness,,,
    • he’s always a little sick–but if it’s Bad, then he takes action :O and don’t worry, he has a fine definition of what “bad” entails for himself–he’s got it all down pat !
  • hercules seldom gets sick, Ever, and when he does, he usually relies on home-made remedies,,, he likes to be cared for !! he can be a bit clingy when he’s sick, and you can expect him to wrap his arms around your waist while you try to care for him,, he just wants cuddles, really !! he’s v quiet when he gets sick, and seems a little out of it,, he’s not grumpy, per say, but he’s vv drowsy ! and as such, may be a bit more irritable,, when he does talk, it’s usually just a word or two that summarizes his point !
    • you can tell he’s sick because he feels cold to the touch !!
    • he, um, might faint ?? make sure he stays in bed ! he’s not going to want to, since he’s an active person,, he goes for jogs (it’s likely that’s how he got sick in the first place) make sure he stays in bed to recover ! he’s never out for long, ‘cause he’s got a strong immune system !!
  • lafayette can be pretty cranky about being taken care of !! he switches between wanting you to care for him and wanting you to let him work on stuff,,, though, he usually settles on trying to care for himself ! he doesn’t really want to take medicine, and usually wants to just sleep! he’s the type to ask you to cuddle with him, similar to herc,,, he usually gets grumpy because he has a certain way he wants to be perceived by everyone else and when he’s no longer seen that way, he gets embarrassed. (basically : he does not think he is cute when he is sick. this makes him unhappy.) he gets sick when the weather changes,,,
    • (he still looks cute. it’s fine)
    • he kind of wants smooches, and whether you listen to his whining about this or not.,, it’s up to you.,,, will the kisses be worth getting sick ?? deal or no deal
      • (don’t ask him if they’re worth you getting sick because he will take that as a challenge to make them worth getting sick)
  • john is sick maybe once a year. he screams if you come at him with grape flavored medicine,, he’s sick for a really long time whenever he is, and he’s miserable. he’s v sappy when he’s sick, and he’s probably already wrapping his arms around your waist and mumbling your name and also mumbling that he adores you.. he adores you so much,,,,,
  • in order of how often they get sick (least to greatest), we have :
    • hercules
    • john
    • lafayette
    • alex
  • when it comes to taking care of you, alex panics !!! he can’t really take care of you, to be honest, because he immediately flies into a Panic Attack the moment someone close to him falls ill,, if he as much as sees you going through a coughing fit, he’s gotta leave ! he will do his best to support from afar, but will keep the interactions to a minimum !! it’s not your fault, don’t worry !
  • herc is v comforting !! he’s a sweetheart for taking care of you, really… he makes soup, brings you tea, sits at your bedside, will hold your hair back if you need him to–really, he’s tryin’ to make you feel as comfortable as you can ! if you want him to, he will cuddle with you !! he’s willing to do anything in order to help you feel better !! he loves you vv much !
  • lafayette will make sure you take your medicine (hilarious, as he hates taking it himself). he might kiss you after you take it, as an incentive,, he’ll go out and buy you cough drops or tissues as you need ‘em,, though, he won’t be too touchy, as he doesn’t want to get too sick !! cuddling ? no. kisses? heck yeah! it’s odd, and he’ll end up sick because of you, probably !
  • john’s doing his best to keep you comfy, and will probably end up just napping next to you, and waking up if you need anything,, he will do store runs for you, if you want him too, and is always big on hugging if you need emotional support,,, he’s v strict and will not hesitate to drag you to bed if he sees you up, though !!
Twitter header for Anon aka Khaleesi ;)

Maybe I overdid it. But I wasn’t sure if my ideas will suit your taste. So I made a little selection.

I tried to include the colour blue. :) But it is very complicated to dye dark hair blonde (at least for me) and I wasn’t happy with the result. Therefore it is a brunette Daenerys. Sorry.

I used this twitter header template:

It is possible that the header looks odd without the template, but I hope it fits in the end. PS My template is in german. ;)

Please tell me if you like one of them. Thanks!

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I'm both sad and happy that we have someone like you in the fandom. I'm sad because we'll probably never get the DickBabs we all know and love from anything DC makes anymore, at least not in a very long time and that we'll never get Oracle ever again. But I'm so happy that you keep them alive through your art and portray them better than right now and you draw them as Nightwing and Oracle. I miss them so much but you give me hope. Thank you for everything you do I appreciate you so much.

Originally posted by yahooentertainment

guh i’m happy you can come to me to enjoy something like that and i feel the same way about them, don’t worry and i’m glad i can bring you those feels, i miss them myself and drawing them always makes me happy

Fugue in C major

This fugue is based on a theme I wrote while I was on vacation in Leipzig ealier this year. I also wrote a bunch of other themes over there and I wanted to make them a little collection of pieces but it didn’t really work out so I decided to just post this now, more than one month after I finished it. And also I hadn’t posted a new piece in a while, but you can expect more very soon :) 

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Please a request for MIdoriya, Bakugou and Kaminari (seperately). Their significant other is a natural underweight and is starting to feel awkward about wearing clothes that expose skin because people keep regarding them as if they doesn't eat or take care of themself, so they decide to comfort them (I'm naturally skinny and people never talk about it, at least if the person's not a jerk, so this would make me considerably happy)

Of course you can lovely! I very much hope I could do your request justice and that you’re going to like what I wrote. (and I hope you know that you’re absolutely wonderful the way you are <3)


When his partner tells him about their worries and why they hesitate to wear some of their clothes, he takes their hands in his. His gaze is honest and serious.

“I love you.” He says, his voice quiet and sure. His heart clenches a little at the thought that other people make his partner uncomfortable and he shuffles a little closer, to offer warmth and support. “And I’m here for you, no matter what you decide to do or wear.”

Midoriya lifts his other hand to brush his fingers along their cheek and leans his forehead against theirs. “Other people don’t know you; they don’t know how wonderful and attentive you are, to yourself and others.” He holds their gaze. “You do you and I will always have your back.”

He gives them a small, warm smile and squeezes their hand gently.  His partner exhales quietly and he shifts to give them a soft kiss. “I’m proud and happy to have you at my side.”


He’s quiet and listens to his partner’s concerns and feelings and when they trail off, looking down at their hands, he moves closer to them. Bakugou feels a bit angry that someone makes his partner feel that way. What is it with people needing to judge every fucking thing they see? It’s pissing him off.

“Those people can fucking shove it.” He says, clearly and directly and covers their hand with his, causing them to look up at him. “They know shit fuck all about you.”

“Listen, you’re fucking smart and you damn well know how to take care of yourself. If you want to wear something, then do it. Whatever you chose, it’s your damn decision and everyone else can fuck off. They don’t matter, you do and whatever shit you decide to do, I got your back.”

At his partner’s exhale he draws them into a tight hug. “Fuck, I love you the way you are, other people don’t count for shit.”


He sits beside his partner, their knees touching and he listens quietly and carefully to what they tell him, about how they feel when it comes to certain things. Once they finish, he reaches out and takes their hands in his entwining their fingers.

For a long moment, Kaminari is quiet, searching for the right words and he tries to sort the sentences in his head, before he speaks up.

“It’s wrong of other people to judge you, they don’t know you and they have no right to decide what is right or wrong for you.” His voice is quiet and sincere and he holds his love’s gaze. “You are entirely wonderful. You know what you’re doing, this is your body and you know how to take care of yourself.”

He gives their hands a gentle squeeze and then moves a little closer to draw them into a warm hug. “You can wear whatever you want, I’m happy to see you happy and comfortable, that’s the thing that counts for me. I love you and I’m here, you can count on me anytime and no matter what you decide to do.”

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I self-ship myself as well and I think that is something acceptable to do. But idk it hurts me so much to realise that they are not real, y'know? Like everything you imagine of them, is not real??That everything is just in your head. And if you ever ( actually never ) happen to meet this person, what if they don't like you? You can never know since they are fictional... I'm sorry if I complain about it but i just wondered if you sometimes feel the same and if yes, how do you cope with it?

there, there, anon.  i know real life is hard sometimes, but yeah, i do have those thoughts sometimes!!  i think everybody in the community has those thoughts from time to time, but you know what?  i just refuse to believe them.  your faves LOVE you, and even if they didn’t, then that means that they just didn’t deserve your greatness and big ol’ heart full of love.

don’t let yourself get discouraged and go into a rut.  your f/o’s at the very least would want you to love yourself and know you’re deserving of all the love in the world.  just because it isn’t real doesn’t mean that it’s not real, you know?  if it makes you happy and contributes to your life, then that’s all you really need.

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"his shirt is at least a size too big and nearly hanging off his shoulder", so was Izuku sleeping in Shouto's clothes? Please say yes. I'm very happy you returned to the Soulmate AU, I needed this dose of gentleness and warmth after the things Tenth did to me (however wonderful those were, in their own way...). Looking forward to the final day prompt! Flowers are a weakness of mine, especially when I see them on/given to boys~ <3

You know I was not thinking that first thing you said but you know what??? you know??? what??? Yes. They have swapped clothes. Todoroki has an All-Might hoodie that Izuku “lent” to him but it’s his now.