or at least i'm not very happy with them

Though I am very proud of Astro for winning the popularity award and so happy they got to walk up and accept that award with smiles of their faces and ready eyes, I’m unhappy about how it happened, I did vote for them in rookie award and popularity award but. A union of a certain fandoms only voted for Astro because they didn’t want certain groups to win on purpose. Makes me feel like they have taken all the hard work Astro has done for grain of salt. I would of loved to see Astro get that rookie award they wanted but I’m also happy that they got the popularity award because it shows people do see Astro and do recognize them! And hopefully this year they even rise up more!


Month of Rebellion (Day 1): Let’s Duel!

Happier days… A nice friendly battle royale between friends???

(When you bite off more than you can chew by trying to draw and color 3 characters last minute, but still want to contribute anyway :’D Arcv went out of their way to simplify the way duel disks look and this is still the first time I have ever drawn one …I’m going to sleep now)


Love is not weakness.

some doodles from the 100 because I’m in denial

Ahh, look what I decided to do! And boy was it ever fun!, I can’t wait to do Frisk and Asriel with this as well! (I couldn’t possibly leave them out guys)

Here’s Frisk for those interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145161579359/

and Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, but he’ll be here when I’m done!




So yeah, long post ahead (I swear I’ll try and figure out how to do the read more feature someday!……Aaaannd, it’s actually incredibly easy……wow…..great job me…..great job -_-

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Yo, I’ve just decided that by the time I’m 30, I want to speak the 6 official languages of the UN (I already speak ~3 of them), while having specializations in at least 3 of them, because I want to be a UN translator/interpreter.

I want to do it while I’m ‘young’, so I can focus on learning more and more languages. If every 2-3 years I can learn a new one, I’d be so happy. I don’t know how many I want to speak by the time I die, but at the very least, I want 15 of them.

“Dear Aoba..
Thank you for everything that you have done and for being you. Thank you for never giving up, for your kindness, and for always there for them. you’re really an inspiration to all of us. We are really thankful that you were born. So, Happy Birthday Aoba. I hope your day will be full of happiness always”

quick late night heads up

I’m trying to get a little better at answering asks, and in the process noticed some very old asks that I never answered. At this point I think it’s a little late for me to actually reply to such old messages (mostly because I’m embarrassed af for missing them), but I do want to say thank you for your sweet words, your love of Josephine/Dragon Age in general, and your encouragement. As many of you know, artists love to hear that people enjoy their work, and doing it on a professional level certainly doesn’t temper that warm fuzzy feeling we get.

So thank you on my part, and as a general encouragement, don’t be shy about telling your favorite fic writer/fan artist/whoever that you love what they do! It never hurts to push more positivity into the world, especially when you’re bitter and grumpy and sad. It’s just not worth voicing negativity when you can (and I do say can, because I absolutely relate to the fact that it is sometimes incredibly difficult to do anything other than feel down and negative), instead using that energy to express love and excitement. There’s enough poop in the world that I really feel that it’s important to actively foster a positive environment, and if that means going: “HEY, guess what: you made an art and I love it,” congratulations, you made someone smile today, and that’s a really incredible and important thing. It turns out making people happy can have the awesome side-effect of making you happy, and dangit, my name literally means happy and I want people to be that too.

All of the above may sound cloyingly and obnoxiously sweet, but I’ve seen enough negative crap in my life, both in the world around me and back in the days where I actively participated in fandoms. A group of people united by a mutual love of a franchise should definitely actively work on making that a happy and healthy community, and if that’s as simple as going “nice!” in response to someone’s hard work, then that’s an effort worth making.