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The Battle Joined

Ok, just gonna dive in with some quick initial thoughts about the ep!

The Intro!

I had been wondering for a while whether or not Bear would incorporate bagpipes into the score/intro or mirror the decimation of the Highland culture within the fabric of the score itself. And omg he actually did take out the bagpipes from it! Save the last stand bagpipes at the very beginning of the title card, I doubt we’ll hear them again this season. Which I’m totally fine with, coz I loved the new intro’s variation! It was beautifully haunting in its familiarity yet so distinctly different at the same time.

(Also noticed they put Geneva into the intro, which I def didn’t like to say the least, more for the fact that the more I see, the more than likely it looks they’ve gone ahead and mirrored the Wedding, which I just do NOT appreciate. Why taint the most beautiful ep the entire series? BUT that’s another rant for another day).

The Battle.

I liked how they structured it. It was frantic and messy an brutal. And I just kept thinking, how oh how did Charles Stewart survive so long? Shit’s exploding, mud’s flying everywhere and dude was immaculate! Like dude’s just sipping on a glass of wine, wig’s not even crooked.

What finished me though was them playing my all-time fave OL piece of music during Jamie and BJRs fight. Like how you gonna do that to me Bear? Play the Dance of The Druids while those 2 are locked in their death dance!? Great moment that gave me a pang for sure. Loved that we got to see that fight, in all is disturbing facets.

Interesting that it seemed like they gave Jamie a horizontal scar rather than a vertical one the way BJR sliced him. Smaller perhaps as well, less grizzly maybe?

Claire walking the moor toward him was 🙌🏼


RUPERT! Man, Grant was just outstanding in this ep. More on him in a bit…


Omg so much to say here! Claire navigating her way through the alien world of life domestic was heartbreaking to watch and hysterical at times - seriously she lit an actual fucking cook fire!

Got to look pretty when you meet the boss.” Damn Claire… Seeing her sort of submit in that moment to being the pretty little wife was painful to see. But to see the resolve and determination on her face after that douche-boss said “Few women succeed as physicians.” BITCH, she gonna kick all your asses! I did find the dialogue in that scene quite heavy handed. I think a wee bit more subtly would have been a better approach.

Back to Grant.

I love love love that they gave him a few moments to shine and to charge of the situation the way he did. Seeing Rupert be the rock for everyone in there was really amazing. His goodbye with Jamie was such a punch to the gut! Jamie’s “It’ll be good to see the 2 of you together,” was just heartbreaking. I wanted the camera to stay on Jamie and his reaction, as Rupert went out and we’d just hear the shot - that’s what I got and man, it was so much better and gut wrenching than I expected! Grant and Sam did a great job the entire ep.

“I mean to see a quick pace, so try to keep up.” Joking till the end, I'mma miss him so much. His death on the show was way more powerful than in the books.


Claire’s pregnant waddle was probs the cutest thing in this ep (save wee Bree!). Everything about Claire and Frank was defined in the blink of eye the entire way through. Going from “our child,” to flinching at his touch, in practically 2 secs flat was the story of them. Any smile shared was swiftly shattered immediately by the realities of what couldn’t be bridged between them. Their fight!! Omg the way she says “Never talk about the past! That was the bargain. And I’ve kept that bargain to the letter!” finished me. And the ashtray 🙌🏼. Just amazing performances from both Cait and Tobias.

Surprised just how soon Frank began researching Jamie.

Claire going into labour and having no say was so ugh to watch, like the fucking men in this time took away her choices and right to speak. Cannot believe they knocked her out, but looooved that her last words to the douche-doc were “You bastard.” 😂😂😂 Claire to the bone! But what finished me proper was the “Where’s my baby?” callback to Faith. I’m really glad they didn’t drag out that moment for her, but to see that flash of fear, see her feel her stomach like she did with Faith. Ugh, perfectly heartbreakingly.

And just when all seemed like it was coming together for them, like they’d maybe reached a place of amicability, *boom!* “How’d she get the red hair?” omfg I just looove that ending!!

Overall a great ep, one which I can’t wait to watch again tonight. And catch more of what I probs have missed.

importantbasementmiracle  asked:

Just read the post discussing Voyager Ch.59 wherein Jamie talks with Claire about Geneva, Laoghaire and LJG. They all lust for him in one way or another. (BlackJack could have also been included.) Is this an effort to say that extraordinary physical beauty has it's own penalties? Would Jamie trade his beauty for a quieter life?

I do think that’s part of it - each of those people certainly wanted Jamie (in part, at least) due to his physical beauty. Or could only relate to him through physical lust - without knowing or caring about Jamie as a person. But I don’t think that Jamie sees it as a burden. Plus, it’s only Claire who has ever wanted - ever craved - Jamie as a *whole* person. As in, not just his physical beauty, but his heart and mind and all the facets of his personality. And it’s only Claire that Jamie wants to reveal his full self to.

To be fair, John Grey does take the time to get to know - and admire - Jamie for many more reasons beyond his physical beauty. And I wouldn’t say that Jamie feels like he’d trade any of his characteristics for a different life. He *does* use his physical beauty to his advantage sometimes - certainly he uses his height to great effect - and, to be fair, Claire uses her beauty as well to trick witless men into doing something. In this way Jamie and Claire prove yet again how well-suited they share for each other.