or at least her feet

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

I’ve been wondering for a while, if, with the several implications of medical torture, Shiro might have a problem with beds from his missing year. Considering the prison cells we’ve seen on the imperial ships don’t seem to have any furnishings, just the floor- so during most of that year, the only time Shiro was actually lying up on something would be if he was strapped to a table.

While that’s a super dark note to start on, it led me to wonder if at a hypothetical point where Shiro actually starts doing better and catching up on sleep, the team just starts catching him sleeping in weird places. Upright in chairs. Across the back of the couch. Sometimes, in Black’s hangar leaning against one of her feet. He manages to terrify at least one person by dozing off standing up in a corner.

He probably likes corners and being able to put his back to a wall since subconsciously less things can sneak up on him, and eventually the team manages to come up with something more comfortable for him that doesn’t set him off so Shiro can actually get some goshdang sleep and not be, most likely, really sore afterwards.

His prescription, combined with other circumstances, has encouraged some biographers–who did not require prompting from him–to remark that Hamilton in choosing a wife had an eye to fortune and family.  Many a true word, they observe, is spoken in jest.  Able and ambitious, but born out of wedlock, and a young stranger in a strange land, his future would be furthered, in resources and respectability, if he became the son-in-law of General Philip Schuyler, whose social position and wealth were conspicuously established.  To enter that interlocking kinship would remove a curse, and the political influence thus opened was a prize.  Betsey’s own qualities, while happily acceptable, were secondary, runs this commentary.  Intellectually she was his inferior, and her formal education, as shown in her faulty spelling, had been small.  She has been compared, to her disadvantage with her unusually sprightly older sister Angelica, Mrs. Church, whose letters to Hamilton have been thought to betray a more than sisterly affection, which, by similar supposition, he returned.  Betsey was even dull, and found in fidelity, religion, and good works a satisfaction that would not have been contented one of acuter mentality and feeling.

What we know gives the lie to these insinuations of motive.  Hamilton’s letters to Betsey, from his courtship at Morristown to the last hours of his life, show a tenderness, confidence, and deepening regard.  She shared his plan, perplexities, and his triumphs.  His conjugal lapse–perhaps more fully self-documented than that of any famous figure–was to his discredit, not his wife’s.  Her faithfulness and whole deportment in the sequel had a glory to equal any achievement of his life.  Hamilton, prescient and calculating on the public account, was not always deliberate in his private affairs, where his strong emotions took command. Prudence, let alone design, is not the notorious accompaniment of falling in love, and Alexander Hamilton, by all the signs, fell in love and remained in love with his Betsey.  Certainly his prospects improved by marriage into her family and connection, but at no point in his career, before he had this powerful help, was he at a loss for opportunity, or ability to profit by it.  When he met Betsey, he was already a favorite among those of his own age and admired and trusted by his elders, who included many of the country’s principal men and women.  Well educated, of creditable military performance, acknowledged by all who knew him to be full of promise, he stood in the closest confidential relationship to the supreme man in America.  In any sensible estimate, he had as much to offer as to ask in a marriage–supposing, what is most unlikely, that his Cupid was so canny.

—  Alexander Hamilton Youth to Maturity by Broadus Mitchell.

Well!  Holy Crap! Hahahaha! I went to bed, four measly hours of sleep later and I wake up to this.   Skimmed a bit and what I gotta say is ‘deja vu’.  Only thing missing is the coffee table.  Cait is in LA with the same group of friends she’s been with umpteen times before.  I could have sworn that was Sam in Trouble’s video but now that I see the front on shot I can see the Sam guy and it’s not him. Tony is Tony, bless him.  He has his near hand clenched in a fist because accidentally brushing your long time gf’s thigh is a no-no apparently, as is tossing your arm around her for the picture.  Sam in Amsterdam…yeah.  Nice of MM to show us the proof.  Either she’s taking the picture and he doesn’t know it, or that’s her in the shot and she’s standing at least two feet behind him.  By this point on NY Eve should two lovers whose time together is so scarce and precious  not be feeling a little tipsy and lovey-dovey?   My favourite thing of all though is the downright metaphysical connection shippers have with the PR gods.  We ask, they answer, pictures and all.

Shippers say ‘Sam and Cait are together on NY Eve!’,  and the gods say ‘Oh no they’re not, and here’s a picture of Cait with her friends to prove it’

Shippers say ‘ Squee! I see Sam in that video!’,  and the gods say ‘No! Sam is in Amsterdam and here’s a picture from behind to prove it.’

Shippers say ‘I’m not sure that’s Sam in Amsterdam’, and the gods say ‘It is! It is!  We have a fan pic with accurate text to prove it’

What I see is Cait with her friends.  Good for her.  I see Sam traveling with MM but showing her zero affection.  They probably are friends of some description by this point in the game, maybe with a group.  Who knows what the story there is?  Not me, nor do I care.  If Sam is still on his home continent then maybe that means he’s not in on the LA scene this time around.  That would suit me fine.  I fully expect to see Tony at the GG’s.  No big deal.  I ship on.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Her

1. When you realize you’ve never spoken about it, so you decide to ask “Have you seen The Princess Bride?” she looks at you as if she’s almost offended, before tilting her head ever-so slightly. The lilting cadence of her adopted accent as “Oh farm boy” rolls off her tongue is enough to turn you into a puddle at her feet. You’ll hope that your jacket at least lands on top of you as one last act of chivalry.

2. The sheer joy on her face as she shows you the new lip balm she’s purchased, despite it being a shade of pink she’d normally never be caught dead with. You’ll both read the name off at the same time, and the curve of her smile will be enough to send you careening down into a free fall. You’ll hope that your feet never again touch the ground.

3. The thrill of waking up to a a text from her informing you that your favorite band has just released a new song. Her excitement rivals yours and the only thing you can think of as you listen to the song is how it will sound live, with her standing in front of you, your hands on her hips, her head leaning back against your chest. You’ll hope this soundtrack to your swaying goes on forever, and that just maybe she’ll turn around for a moment to wrap her arms around you.

4. Sitting across from one another at highest restaurant in the entire city, she’ll slowly sip her drink as her leg softly brushes against yours. She stares at you intently as you spout off whatever bullshit philosophy you’ve cobbled together during your lifetime. The way she engages you and makes you rethink everything, you’ll realize the sun is no longer the center of universe you’re inhabiting. You’ll hope that she lets you stay in orbit forever, marveling at the natural wonder that stardust creates.

5. Standing out in the freezing cold for a cigarette break, “Night Moves” drifts out of the loud speaker. As you shield her from the frigid gust of winder barreling toward the both of you, she softly starts to sing along with Seger. Suddenly it’s the middle of Summer, and you’re absolutely lost in the back seat of some forgotten car, feverish and sweaty, unable to stay away from one another. You’ll hope that she’s there every time you step out into the cold, ready to warm you up and sing you back home.

Framed memories


It had been a long day at work, Hakuren had been away from home ever since the early mornings, it was a good thing she was living on her own now, not having to worry her family or having to sneak into the house, hoping to wake anyone up, however, Hakuren did feel lonely without everyone around, 

Not only that but the first few months the house had been empty without a living soul in there, maybe it was time for some change?? Maybe even look for a pet of some sorts?? Something to take care of at the least. Flopping her shoes of her feet once sitting down on the cough, it was the only time the dark blue female could think properly, staring at her ceiling as if the picture of something was there and had to know every detail 

Should I take a pet??” The words left her lips before she could even think of them. but they were the thought that haunted her even in her dreams, Hakuren was lonely, and had been thinking of taking once since she left home, but with her new business getting popular among the families and magazines, taking pictures of kids, families, picture days at schools, and even scenery from time to time, Hakuren was barely home, unless needing the moment to print out the pictures and send them to her clients. Like now, having the time to rest, eat, even taking a shower, before having to stare at the computer screen in her office and make sure every picture is perfect.

However, with the current project Hakuren had some time to spare, being ahead with things and having days to just enjoy your free time made her happy. Maybe she should take a stroll of some sorts, some fresh air would do her good, if there was one thing she liked, it was being outside, anything would be perfect, jogging, sprinting, walking in the park nearby, going to the beach or even just explore the forest or mountains, someone simply had to ask her to come out and play, and Hakuren would be outside in a second. 

And with that thought in mind, despite her tired body, Hakuren decided it was good to walk out the soreness in her muscles, wearing more comfortable and sporty shoes, a bottle of water in her huge pocket in her new jacket, which she really loved, and out she was, first walking normally, greeting whoever came past the blue haired woman.

It was time to take a different route then usual, nothing more exciting then a little adventure in your own town, only to notice a big dog laying on the ground, the poor thing… Was it hurt?? Or was it just laying there?? Where was the owner?? Taking a step closer to the poor thing, she saw he was probably too big to be a dog, was it a wolf?? It must be, she had taken pictures of wolves before and this one looked awefully a lot like those wolves, unless it was a mixed breed with a wolf and dog?? Who would know? 

Hey there buddy~?  Are you okay??” Hakuren went through her knees whilst approaching, it had such beautiful golden furr, one Hakuren had never seen on a canine!! what kind of breed was it?? She had to know! “ What’s up buddy~?  Are you okay? Where is your owner??” From what she could see, it had no dog collar on it’s neck, weird.

But one thing she knew, and that is that she was extremely curious now, seeing this wolf like canine laying in front of her 

she doesn’t take long to regain herself, the rise and fall of her chest slowing to that of her norm as she pulls herself to her feet. at least this time her clothing happened to be within reach. 

there’s a spared glance, a slight one at that, over her shoulder at them      it’s easier not to make eye contact after. raven doesn’t skip a beat despite the relaxed, and rightfully so, tone of her voice.

❛  this isn’t a thing by the way.  ❜  a beat skips as she turns, bits of sweat-tinged locks caught on the defined muscle at her bicep.  ❛  don’t get used to it.  ❜    


funny story

when I was in kindergarten, we had stick bugs as our class pet and our teacher let us take them out and hold them during play time. if you’ve never seen a stick bug, they are very skinny and camouflage easily. so one day, i was walking around the classroom with this stick bug and i was going to show my big buddy the cool bug. but i tripped at least 2 feet away from her and the bug flew out of my hand and landed in her long, brown, thick, and knotty hair. her back was to me, so she didn’t see his happen but i panicked because i couldn’t find the goddamn bug. instead of digging through her hair, i just walked away and pretended it didn’t happen


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“For starters, don’t kiss her in front of me. No! Even better, when I am around you must stand at least two feet away from her. Do not touch my sister, and if you have too, I have to be able to see your hands. Ok?” Stiles rambled, making you and your boyfriend Derek roll your eyes. 

“You will not call her ‘babe’, ‘sugar’, or any pet names…”

“Derek I’ve got an idea.” You whisper to your boyfriend. 


“Kiss me.”

And with in seconds, Derek’s lips were on yours. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck as he moved you so you stradeling him. 


“Stiles were going to have sex.” You told him,as Derek began kissing your neck. “Leave.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Stiles ran to the door and left the loft.

You climbed off Derek’s lap, both of you laughing at your brother. “I told you it would make him leave.”

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Genre: Family/Humour

Characters: Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, cameo by Silena Beauregard

Rating: K

Word count: 1332

Summary: Annabeth is adaptable to multiple (if not most) situations, but even some things can pull the ground from under her feet. At least a bit. Getting her first period is among them. Some pre-dark-side Luke and Annabeth sibling bond.

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Drabble - Defend [ Velrian ]

As she stood between the injured warrior and the five men closing in on her, Mahat reflected briefly on the cosmic irony that left her, scrawny and armored in leather, defending a plate-mail clad certified badass like Velrian. It was neither of their first choices to be certain. But the rest of the Collective were engaged elsewhere, the battle against a renegade mercenary corps ranging over the landscape in clustered knots of bodies locked in conflict. Mahat had seen Vel go down, and slipped free of her own attackers to interpose her body in front of the warrior’s, hoping to at least buy her the time to get up on her feet again.

The elf glanced over her shoulder. That hope was off the table; Vel was bleeding badly and seemed on the verge of passing out. Mahat spat out a curse as she sized up the situation she’d thrown herself into. One woman with knives against five strong, armed and armored men, on an open plain with no shadows to hide in or place to run. Oh yeah, this was gonna go great.

No time for further sarcasm as the fastest of the attackers closed distance. Mahat side-stepped his swordstrike, catching her daggers behind his guard and scissoring a deep gash into his wrist that made the weapon fall from his nerveless hand. She spun, driving her elbow back into his face with a satisfying crunch of bone, and he toppled to the ground. Then the second man was on her, and the third close after him. Mahat had no chance to go on the offense now; it was all she could do to dodge their blades and keep their attention focused on her so they wouldn’t go after–

A thunderous, bestial growl sounded from behind her. Velrian.

Mahat couldn’t afford to look back and away from the fight, but she didn’t need to. She bared her teeth in a savage grin, the light of bloodlust dawning in her eye even as the fourth and fifth men pressed in. Five men wouldn’t be enough. Twenty men wouldn’t be enough.

A subtle shift of her weight, and Mahat was rolling to the side as several hundred pounds of furry, snarling, sinewy muscles and long, glistening fangs went barrelling past her, landing in the midst of the mercenaries in a flurry of screams, claws tearing through armor like paper, blood and entrails flying.

Velrian had joined the fray.

A Working Half Goddess


“Ahh..” the blue mermaid gave a long winded, exhausted breath. Having just gotten off of her job, the woman couldn’t wait until she was able to get into the water. Her feet hurt and needed rest. Well at least she got something out of it. Blue eyes glanced down at the plastic bags in her hands, filled with leftovers from the cafe that she worked at. ‘Being human is pretty hard’ she thinks as the street lights catch her attention. “I should hurry” she mumbles as she begins to jog, but it she soon bumped into someone. The force caused the girl to reel backwards, regaining her balance after a few steps, but her bags flew out of her hands landing at her feet. “Aww… sorry” she groans rubbing the back of her head.


More than a while actually. You can’t believe how boring it’s been! Francisco even left for a brief while, going to like New York..

Oh, oh!! I hope it got resolved! [ smiles brightly and rolls onto the balls of her feet ] At least you came back though! I’m happy there are still people I know here.. Lately it’s only been that girl from Belarus and my brother…

[ smiles and nods ] Ah, there is that organization up in New York, I am aware of that. It sounds like a slow period here in Cluster as of late! And it was so lively when I first arrived….

[ claps his hands together softly ] But being wistful will only bring regret! We should make do with what we have, and I have a feeling we will receive more people as we wait for the summer months to arrive.

Exo Reaction to you taking selfies with another male idol

mymisstina said:

Hello! can you do an EXO reaction about seeing their gf taking a selfie with another male idol?Thanks!

Xiumin: Yeah, mhmm no, that boy needs to go. It’s time to take him out.  

You: Luhan honey, are you jealous?

Luhan: No! I’m not mad at all! I am totally fine with you taking selfies with him!

Kris: Oh no…not him again… what to do… what to do…

Suho: Stop. You need to be at least two feet away from her.

Lay: I’m still your fav right?

Baekhyun: *to Tao* Im just gonna rest my head for a bit and drown myself in tears.

Chen: It’s okay because she’s still my girlfriend.

Chanyeol: Oh no no no…

Chanyeol: Hey guys! I think this picture would be better with me in between you guys :D

D.O: No arm around my girlfriend

Tao: Ha Ha Ha. Step away before I go all martial arts on you.

Kai: does this while waiting for you to finish

Sehun: *gif*

Iop Jiǔtóu with Crownrend as her Shushu

Had this idea last week when Jiŭtóu got her new friend, Crownrend, which seems to have a fiendish origin and can talk to people, which reminded me of the demonic weapons from Wakfu: the Shushu. So I drew Jiŭtóu as one of their protectors, the headstrong Iop, which also fits her, at least before she came back from the dead.

I know this one isn’t as cleaned up as the previous one and I screwed up on making her feet and horns the same size, but at least I tried some shading with this one.

Varric full on engaging kids with his wild stories of the adventures the inquisition has been on
Sera showed by scrappy little girls how to fire arrows at the boys they don’t like
Cassandra flexing for a group of little girls who have been told that girls can’t fight
Cole nervously talking to kids about his adventures, like the time he lost a sock and had to listen for it
Vivienne placing a sheet on the chair she has to sit in, and demanding all children keep at least three feet away from her new white clothes
Sylvan awkwardly trying to downplay the violence and trying to explain mass genocide to a bunch of kids