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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x08 "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics" Sneak Peek #1 [HD] Clark Gregg
On next week's episode, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ghost Rider find themselves unlikely allies when the lives of all of Los Angeles hang in the balance. ★Subscribe HER...

Oh, Mace has no filter when he gets stressed.  Also, I guess they’re using him for comedic relief now.

Also, spoilers.

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.:..twø years of vessel..:.


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Excuse me while I gush about Helga Pataki for a moment.

Beyond her ability to write poetry and her advanced vocabulary, here are some other reasons why Helga is far more gifted than anyone gives her credit for:

- She wrote, directed, composed, and choreographed a musical (Downtown As Fruits)

- She could have won the Tri-City Spelling Bee if she hadn’t thrown it to spite her father (Spelling Bee)

- She dances on pointe in ballet, despite that technique being reserved for girls who are at least 11 years of age (The Big Scoop)

- She tested the highest on the aptitude test out of everyone else in the class, and possibly the school, seeing as it’s said that her results haven’t been seen since her older sister Olga took the test.  According to Mr. Simmons (who at the time believed it was Harold who scored the highest) she ‘can consider a multi-faceted career in international business affairs, political science, and Elizabethan poetry.’ (The Aptitude Test)

- In the individual qualification round for the All-City Academic Competition Helga ends up in the final round with Phoebe.  Though Phoebe is the smartest in the class, Helga only trails by three points: 46-49.  This before she asks Phoebe to take a dive so that she can win.  Meaning Helga was able to answer trivia on par with Phoebe, despite never studying. (Phoebe Takes the Fall)

- She memorized the entire part of Juliet from 'Romeo & Juliet’ in one evening (School Play)

- She has an astute knowledge of art and is able to articulately critique it (Helga on the Couch)

Let me remind you all that this girl is NINE YEARS OLD.  She’s in the FOURTH GRADE.

Okay I made a thing, so give me any character from:

-Gravity Falls

-Steven Universe



and gimme an expression from this grid thing I made.
There are a lot of characters to choose from so uh, have fun.

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“EVERYTHING BUT BORING” AU Meme: You’re Luke’s girlfriend, and, to say the least, your relationship is everything but boring.

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when dick was a child he would come up to bruce and say, “can i have $10?” and bruce would say, “well buddy strange thing about money is that you have to earn it” so little dickie would do little odd jobs and earn at least $20 bucks in one day

and when jason was a child he would come up to bruce and say, “can i have $10?” and bruce would say, “what will you give me?” and jay would say, “a kiss” and bruce was like “deal” and jay would kiss bruce’s cheek and earn $20 in one day

but when tim was adopted he would come up to bruce and say, “can i borrow your credit card?” and bruce was like “here you go champ”

and dick and jason glowered from across the room


[Fanart - Love Live School Idol Festival]

I tried nailing their art style just for fun and I guess it turned out to be okay? I can tell that it’s not perfect but least it isn’t that bad 😂

The idea here was taken from the recently released Promo URs from the Japanese server, with the 2nd years who came first.

The only character that I drew here is Kotori, including the background. The next two (Hanayo and Umi) are officially made and I do not own them.

I’ve also provided renders for you to play with (be grateful that there isn’t watermark lol), just make sure you give credits to the artist (aka me)

Overall this was fun 😂 I had great practice with doing backgrounds as well. I might finish the whole set so comment below of which of the other 2nd years you’d like me to draw next on my free time :3

Oh and yes, I’m still open for art commissions! Just visit this page and see the pinned post, there you’ll see more details and stuff 😊


I decided to delete the previous posts and put everyone in this one. So here it is: The Last  ♥ I know that they are not that perfect and I decided to combine Kishimoto’s sketches and SP design. I used this mostly for the body and eyes and the rest is photoshop (color, clothes, hair…)

PLEASE don’t repost this and if you want to use them for something please ask me first or at least give me some credits.

I really want to know what you guys think about this because I am planing to make the new generation, Boruto, Sarada and the others :) 


as much as I like the fact they’re using french words and a french song for their new concept, I hope they did some research about Edith Piaf’s Je Ne Regrette Rien, or that at least someone told them the meaning behind this song. it would make me really happy if they did, and not just take it as a “it has a meaning of youth” etc. and same goes for armies. ‘cause honestly this song isnt about youth at all, its deeper than that. Je Ne Regrette Rien lyrics are about someone who remembers their past and memories, both good and bad, and says they dont regret a thing. if you dont know Edith Piaf’s life - aside from the fact that she was very famous, she was a woman who went through a lot of trouble - like a lot really, she struggled most of her existence and lost the love of her life, Marcel Cerdan after a plane crash (as another reference about this you can listen to her song Mon Dieu which is a truly heartbreaking song she dedicated to him - which was also written and composed by Michel Vaucaire and Charles Dumont ;) - that I love a lot). she had relations and married other men after him but it remained as the biggest tragedy of her life and she never really recovered from it.
Je Ne Regrette Rien is one of the latest songs she performed (and offered to the French Foreign Legion), as she sang it for the first time in 1960 and died in 1963. its said that when she heard it for the first time she said with much emotions “its me, its my life”. after all the crap she faced it has even more meanings.
so its not just a song about youth, and same goes for the words “je ne regrette rien”. I really hope bangtan knows that, and armies too - I hope this post will enlighten you and if you took time to read it and it interested you, as a french army I really thank you 🙏