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Under the cut you’ll find roughly 101 gifs of my one of my favorites, Odette Annable from her role as Dr. Zoe Brockett in Pure Genius season 1 episode 1. Annable nee Yustman is an actress known for her roles as Trudy Cooper in the The Astronauts Wives Club, Joanna Clark in You Again, and mainly recognized in her role as Jessica Adams in House. Ethnically, she is of White(French & Italian) and Cuban descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. There should be no repeats, any were completely accidental. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Made for myself and @wndamaximoffs Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 2/?

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Request from everyone who requested smut, you’re welcome.

I was about to draw them naked but I just couldn’t resist myself from drawing them “half” clothed.. But I was also tired at that moment so drawing them with clothes is easier than naked :) at least for me.

{If you don’t like this or my account, DO NOT comment any negative things about this. DO NOT steal my art unless you give credit or my permission. Thank you :>}


FREE TO USE Earthbound / MOTHER 2 icons! MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 3 are gonna follow!

Ness looks a bit different in terms of style because it was the very first F2U icon I did c:

I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this instead of just favouriting it! Thank you if you do so!

The only rule for using them is to credit me! You can also use them on twitter etc.as long as you give credit to Anosofa ^^

ps i love the MOTHER series thats why i made them even if no one is gonna like them or even know who these characters are (at least from my followers) but i do know them and i had a blast drawing these icons <3

lostnox  asked:

i noticed you don't have a faq and was wondering if you had a list of places your comics are also on? saw a wattpad account with your work being posted and people are asking if the user has permission. there's also another user who wrote on the message board "ILY...our stories xD" so wondering if that's you? there's a huge amount of reads + followers and they aren't pretending to be you, but they also don't respond to questions like permission and update schedules.

Hi! What you just told me would be a serious issue if this person wouldn’t even credit me! I don’t recall ever giving my permission to publish ‘Broken’ on Wattpad, but if they credited me and my Tumblr… it’s less worrying than it seems! Well, they could at least answer the comments and tell they’re my fans, as their account name says!
By the way, thank you for telling me! Unfortunately I don’t have that much time to stay on internet, and I use the little time off I have from work to publish 'Broken’ on Tumblr!
Anyways, if you need a list:
'Broken’ is only published on my Tumblr: http://anomalyah.tumblr.com
Other works about Star can be found on Pinterest:
Or Deviantart:
If you see 'Broken’ somewhere else, it’s from fans on Facebook, or translations on Tumblr, or dubs on YouTube, and they ALWAYS credit me!
Anyway, when the day comes that someone takes the merit and doesn’t give credits to me, let me know!

p.s. if you search a list go to “LINK” section on my tumblr blog ^_*  


.:..twø years of vessel..:.


these are all my pictures/my edits, so if you repost give credit!

side one || side two

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Angus keeps on showing up to my work at Fantasy Michaels and every day he plays with the plastic animal figurines and then doesn't every buy any. Gotta give the kid some credit though, no matter how long he plays with them, he always puts each and every single one of them back in their spots. 11/10 would adopt that kid. Except I think Taako already called dibs, (You didn't hear this from me, but one day he came in and bought Angus's favorite animal and gave it to him) :3c


Kept forgetting to upload this for literally years because I had forgotten it was in my Google Drive.

Sometime in 2014 some dude was kind enough to color this Delilah pic I’d done and I still love it to this day. On that rare chance you have a Tumblr or still into LPS or even stumble upon this hit me up so I can give the credit you deserve. 

This isn’t my Gaster design but I can’t remember who’s it is for the life of me. If anyone knows could you please tell me so I can give them proper credit?


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Sequel to Claimed -> Time of the Month


Genre: Angst/Fluff/Mildly Suggestive

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

***Warnings: Mild violence, jealousy, sexual-ish***

Anonymous asked:
Oh so I have an idea for werewolf jimin! That felt silly to write anyways lol Maybe something with like a jealous y/n instead of jealous jimin like somewhat angsty but ends up a mega fluff or an explanation of what they were fighting about?

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Traitor theories critique

So recently I read another post about Kirishima being a traitor. Particular this post  “Kirishima is a spy” theory as well as Kaminari theory part1 and part2  it was around for quite some time of course, but I think combine both theories in one post wont hurt. 

To authors of the theories, you make an awesome job and very convincing theories which still can be true despite my small critique.

First neither Kirishima neither Kaminari never seemed idiots to me. They simply has a bad grades for some reason, and it doesn’t mean they also should have bad social skills or unable to make a correct judgement on people or different situations.

Second big thing is Bakugou’s ability to see through lies.

Everyone bought on Shindou’s act except Bakugou. 

So it means:
a) Kirishima or Kaminari are acting so much better than Shindou that not even Bakugou can see through lies, or at least suspect something.
b) I give Bakugou too much credit.
c) None of them are actually spy.

There are other paras but they are in fact derivatives of these three, so I won’t mention them. 

I do believe that traitor is one of the teachers, and he will try to frame one of the students, to divert suspicion from himself. We shall see how it goes. 

Me: I love Yuri on Ice, but I think once it’s done, I’m gonna give my heart a break and not watch it again for at least a month.

Me: Besides I’m going to be responsible for once and do all my schoolwork instead of procrastinating. 

End credits of Yuri on Ice Episode 10:

Me: *drops everything to watch the entire series again immediately*