or at least give me credit


“Ali could you smile for the camera please!?” “Sure!” 
Ali is the sweetest person. She signed almost everyone’s jerseys or shirts or whatever and did it all w a smile despite being wet and probably tired. This is MY picture and was probably stolen off my Twitter or Instagram. It’s a nice picture of Ali, I get it but whoever reposts it at least give me credit. I’ve already found it posted once on here with no credits. It’s not cool. I sat through rain and thunder and lightning to get this pic and autograph at least give me credits.

I’m sure that by now that you’ve all heard about my little massacre in the local library, and as entertaining as it was, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that it’s all down to my love, Mr. Gage Kelly Gilbert. I’d love to take credit, but all of that blood is on his hands. 

On another note, I currently have twelve innocent humans in my possession. Each hour that passes, two of them will be killed, giving you all six hours before I get bored, and we all know how that ends. However, bring Gage to me before those six hours are up, and I’ll let your precious humans go - the remaining ones, at least. Does everybody understand the rules?

You guys seriously...

So I’ve been told that a lot of my posts are screencapped and posted on sites like Facebook pages. That’s okay, BUT ONLY IF YOU GIVE CREDIT PLEASE? That’s not too much to ask, is it? Just put a link to my blog or at LEAST show my tumblr URL in the screenshot??

I recently saw some 2P America page post one of my longest answers (that I spent quite a while writing) and of course, they gave no credit at all. I don’t even have a Facebook; it’s my friends who tell me they see my posts on there. Anyways, it bugs me to know some people might be posting my stuff without permission or credits.

Please, don’t post things without giving a source. You don’t have an excuse not to when you know who originally posted it. If you see more of my stuff being posted without credits, can you let me know? Thanks.



credits: hoang le


I give you guys the raw scan of all their MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノSo many people asked me about the raw scan of their certificate marriage already. At first I want to wait until the Sakamaki’s get translate before I post it, but, oh well, enjoy the raw scan first :D I believe there’s the translated one for Mukami and Tsukanami, but I post the raw scan of them as well.

Don’t re-post the scan, just re-blog this post, or  give my blog link in case you want to share it. If anyone still wants to post the scan on another place, ask for my permission first. I welcome anyone who wants to translate them, as long as you didn’t forget to ask for permission as well. And don’t forget to credit me. At least I have the right to demand something like that. Especially after I learned that my Shuu’s Bloody Bouquet translation is taken without my permission. Thank you.

Enjoy the marriage certificate with your favorite chara ^^

Okay telling me “everybody steals tumblr posts” is not okay. It’s still not right and they could have easily at least given me credit. My post got 6,000 notes and my post they reposted without giving me credit got almost 100,000 likes. How is that fair? An account with one million followers could’ve helped me out but that’s basically the equivalent to shitting in my face.

Life is full of woe

So, apparently, Audible has totally effed up the release of the audiobook of A Red-Rose Chain. We were all TOLD via email a few days ago that it would be released today, but no one (they tell me) has actually received a copy, possibly because the website itself refuses to believe in the changed release date. The poor harried customer service person I talked to tried to add the book for me manually, as did his supervisor, and his supervisor’s boss. Nothing went through. So, there will be no new Toby for me  for “another 24 to 48 hours”.

Life is, indeed, full of woe. I think I shall console myself by recording some Toby Daye podfic tonight.

Thank you to the person who submitted the ig post. I’m in awe that someone is actually posting these. I’m not sure if I should be a bit mad or if I should just laugh. They could’ve at least given me some credit


Hakuōki 」

Please just give me Hijikata and Harada.

Or at leastSaitō and Shiranui.

Do not edit, remove credit or repost without source and my permission.

More Hakuouki gifs/pics    ||   「 More Sexy Hijikata

Straight fuckboy: I know you’re lesbian but thee’s got to be at least oooone part of a guy that you like ;)))

Me: His wallet and credit card info, attraction based on how willing he is to give these things to me then leave

deazey-slitr asked:

I have anxiety and I've always picked my skin. My theory is I pick my skin as a coping method to anxiety. I look at my skin in disbelief cause of the irreversible damage I've done...

It’s a reasonable theory that I think many of us share. My sense is that we begin the behavior quite innocently, but I think there’s a satisfying release almost everyone gets from it, and so when you combine that with repeated reinforcement (”hey brain, this obsessive grooming thing works to self-soothe!”) and genetic susceptibility, you get a recipe for a very troublesome disorder that is hard to kick. But I don’t believe it’s impossible. And trust me, skin is much more resilient than we give it credit for. Scars do fade. With management of the disorder and proper care of the marks we do have, you can really improve the health of your skin. The most important thing is finding at least some moments of peace and self-acceptance, wherever you are in the battle.

So here we have a special contribution <3 First picture is by me and second one by lovely queen-rosiehw, she’s awesome and well… I think, that’s quite clear when looking at her picture <3 So if you use the second one… please give credit to her!

Dear Anon, I hope you like at least one of them, we are both not that happy about our results… XD but it was a good task!


like and credit to @BUTERAMEMPHlS *:・゚automatic credit *:・゚

  • make it pop like pink champagne
  • can we get back to the way it was
  • i’ve been thinking about u
  • sweet like candy
  • cause u got the cake can i put my candle on it
  • it’s your birthday everyday with me
  • i’ll make you feel like the first time
  • one less problem without u
  • when i get you moaning
  • you got all my love
  • cause you give me chills every time we chill
  • shut up and kiss me, babe
  • at least I’m being honest
  • I got nothing here without you
  • total waste of time
  • all your love is worth the chase
  • but we love again