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Okay I made a thing, so give me any character from:

-Gravity Falls

-Steven Universe



and gimme an expression from this grid thing I made.
There are a lot of characters to choose from so uh, have fun.

Feel free to use it, just give me credit or at least just keep the “Chellio.tumblr.com” in the back.

Yeah okay I knew they had to be somewhere.

Amethyst would never miss an opportunity to see Peridot humilliated.

Ahh Future Vision, what little sense you make as a power.

I mean at least Peridot is learning from her mistakes and giving the monster the credit it deserves.

Still, she did a good job.


How… do you bubble gems? I’m guessing it’s something they can all do but still. Is it an innate power?

Oh… right I guess I’ve never noticed that they always tap the top to make it dissapear.

Oh hey, that’s a good point, where the fuck is the bubble gonna go?

Are they all programmed to go to the temple?


Also Lapis I see you’re enjoying some nice reading material there.

I have my fair share of beef with kanye west but i will at least give him credit for making a tweet that speaks directly from my mind and soul

I never post anything political on this blog, but I have a (mostly rhetorical) question.

I often see young men who are new to tumblr, and who have these edgy-ass blogs with descriptions like “this blog is not a safe space, are you triggered special snowflake??? ;) ;)” because they haven’t been here long enough to realize what 4chan told them about tumblr only applies to a specific subset of tumblr’s userbase.

These kids almost always support capitalism and are critical of communism and socialism.

These same kids are also the type to repost art, and they get super offended when they are called out to at least give credit because that’s how the artist makes money.

And they reply with shit like, “fuck off SJW”

But by denying copyright law, aren’t these edgy kids implicitly claiming that they have some kind of communistic ownership right to art belonging to other people? Isn’t this a fundamentally anti-capitalist attitude?

Give people the chance to make money off their work, my dudes.

ludociel… big scary woman…

if ludociel is the official translation, her name is neat

  • ludo– as an actual name– means shining, bright (light). i’m pretty sure it comes from an italian word… smth like “lucido” which then derived into the name ludo.
  • ciel simply just means the heavens/the sky (off the top of my head, it’s also italian, and also derived from latin, which is why i know it lol… latin classes…)

so her name is basically bright skies/bright heavens, you know, anything to that effect. which fits the whole, ya know, archangel thing.

but also:

  • ludo, as a word (italian verb, also derived from latin) basically means to play, to mimic, to deceive, to mock, etc… which is good enough reason to distrust her on her own… besides all the reasons nakaba gave us to in the chapter, of course

it’s hard to tell how intentional the names in nnt are, but nakaba has clearly done etymology research for certain characters, at the very least… so, i wouldn’t put this past him.


sometimes i think in delete my acount…because some people recolored my draws….they copy my ennard, they copy the videos “like the dead giveaway” it was really similar to mine and they don’t give credits, at least they re stealing my drawings like i said my ennard Human V. 

Please guys, if you see someone who is stealing the style and don’t give credits, please talk with them and say stop 

Traitor theories critique

So recently I read another post about Kirishima being a traitor. Particular this post  “Kirishima is a spy” theory as well as Kaminari theory part1 and part2  it was around for quite some time of course, but I think combine both theories in one post wont hurt. 

To authors of the theories, you make an awesome job and very convincing theories which still can be true despite my small critique.

First neither Kirishima neither Kaminari never seemed idiots to me. They simply has a bad grades for some reason, and it doesn’t mean they also should have bad social skills or unable to make a correct judgement on people or different situations.

Second big thing is Bakugou’s ability to see through lies.

Everyone bought on Shindou’s act except Bakugou. 

So it means:
a) Kirishima or Kaminari are acting so much better than Shindou that not even Bakugou can see through lies, or at least suspect something.
b) I give Bakugou too much credit.
c) None of them are actually spy.

There are other paras but they are in fact derivatives of these three, so I won’t mention them. 

I do believe that traitor is one of the teachers, and he will try to frame one of the students, to divert suspicion from himself. We shall see how it goes. 

Next Door Playboy

Jeon Jungkook - You

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive Themes

Word count: 1,197

A/N: Is this what you call….fluff?….Okay well I actually had fun writing this and it is quite funny in my opinion…Oh and WINNER - Don’t Flirt goes well with this…Enjoy

>Part 2< 

They say living on your own is an experience everyone should have at least once.

Dorms are fun, yes, new and awkward friendships, bed time stories, mindless midnight talks filled with giggles, shared between roommates are and always will be amazing memories.

But living in an apartment that has a kitchen and your own bathroom is always something to look forward to. Because dorms might be great but they don’t feel like home.

That is why they recommend you to do it at least once.

Well don’t listen to them.

If you don’t want to be wide awake at 2am on a Monday, because your next door neighbor is having a ‘fun’ night, that is.

For the fifth time that week…

I should give him some credit, at least it was the voice of the same girl for the past month, high pitched screams and begging. Which probably meant they were in a relationship, scratching the idea of an infamous fuckboy…

But for the love of whatever god he believed in, couldn’t they do it silently or maybe use his lovers’ house for a change?

I couldn’t blame him fully though, It wasn’t this bad when I first moved in to the five story building that supported four apartments in every level with a bedroom and a living space merged with the small kitchen.

I saw him on the elevator the first week, and when he was emptying his trash on the third one. He was quite the looker with wide shoulders and a nice jawline. He always left the apartment at 8am sharp, just as I waited for the bus to go to my morning classes. He was also a student, majoring in architecture and was known for having both the visuals and the brain.

So did he tell all this to me himself?

Not really.

I didn’t even know his name at first, considering the lovers he has been with all screamed something else.

Our first conversation was not really…on good terms either, one might say. It wasn’t really a proper conversation as well, as I was the only one yelling like a mad man.

It was just after the finals and I was disgustingly crying because of a failed economics test while trying to make myself something to eat when the voices started.

Someone was either killing a goat or was having sex with one because that voice in no way could belong to a woman. But of course he would be the one to come to one’s mind as he changed partners as frequently as he changed his clothes.

Every two weeks.

Here I was crying my eyes out and that good for nothing man was having the time of his life with a farm animal impersonator.

And it made me furious to my bones, filling my mind with only one thought.


So I did what any sane person would do by grabbing the nearest weapon, an egg, and storming out.

Now that I think about that event, I could just walk out with the knife that I already had in my hand but my brain decided an egg would be the better option. Because it wasn’t one of the ordinary ones you see. It was organic.

When I walked to his door with my choice of weapon, I banged the door with my free hand like crazy before starting to kick it.

After the third time he opened it.


With a towel wrapped around his waist.

As he stood before me, it was as if he was the embodiment of the word beautiful, with his wet bangs fallen before his dark eyes and brows that was furrowed, showing confusion that didn’t fit his god like features…I would say if my life was a crappy romantic comedy. Or maybe I would think for a second and look at him properly before doing what I did and this would lead to an amazing relationship.

“Do world a favor and control your sex drive for once, for us poor souls that are trying to eat!” I yelled before taking his left hand, his palm facing upwards, putting the egg I’ve been holding in it and smashing it with my other hand.

But my life wasn’t sappy romantic movie.

At that exact moment, as the raw egg dripped between his fingers, I realized the voices still continued, and if he wasn’t having a different kind of party inside his house, it didn’t belong to him but to the apartment before his.

And that I just smashed my meal into the hand that was holding his towel, which now rested on the wooden floor.

My life wasn’t a chick flick, oh no…

It was a sitcom.

But my not so little outburst did a better job than expected and he was mostly silent after that.

Well for a while at least.

Like I said, for the fifth time that week…

“Did you have a good night sleep last night?” he asked as he approached the empty bus stop with a half-smile.

“Wonderful. Thanks to you and your girlfriend.” I scoffed.

And now after a year, and many more awkward experiences; like the time when I caught him tasting the hand lotion he bought from the convenience store across the road, or when we barged out of our houses with nothing but pajamas, his being a pink boxer and mine something a middle aged man would wear, because the old lady upstairs accidently activated the fire alarm, we were what you could call, friends.

“Girlfriend?” he laughed as he offered me a piece of gum “You must be getting used to the noises or you are just getting old.”

“Why is that?” I asked, putting the sweet treat between my lips.

“Because we broke up.” He said, not sounding sad “It was someone different this time.”

I laughed as my bus approached before taking my bag from the ground before his hand gripped my wrist, an attempt to gain my attention once more.

“Tonight is pizza night.” He said “You are coming right? I have the movie you bring the beer.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I replied before stepping inside the cold vehicle and sitting next to the window he stood before, waving and giving out his signature bunny smile.

If only he showed this side to the girls he dated maybe they would last longer.

But I liked being the only one seeing his true self, for an unknown reason.

The side of my somewhat friend that I liked.

My next door playboy.

What was this even….. Here have some cheesy playboy Kookie….

Should I write a part 2 for this? Even tough I already have two more….*sigh*

Well if you guys could give me feedback I would be grateful!

Please know that English is not my first language so if you see a mistake you can message me privately.

The story is mine. Do not copy without my permission.

Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


Yeah, uhh, this is part one of my 100-follower-special… It’s the mystery squad and the cat is an important part of it… I could’ve added the other main guys from their respective games as well as Kyle Hyde from the Hotel Dusk games, but for now, I only added the ones whose games I personally played…

…Long story short, I’m pretty embarassed by how this turned out and this is all I’ll say about this. /thinks about deleting the SAI file/

Text || Julian & Open
  • Julian: My life is a complete and utter mess
  • Julian: But lately things have been good
  • Julian: I'm giving you at least partial credit for that