or at least attempted murder anyway

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You know, I've had this perception on Jaime, that does things because he feels like they are somehow demanded of him. Until I feel a little weird because I didn't hate over what happenned with Bran... It seemed for that he didn't want to - he even saves the boy from falling at first - but Cersei's screams make him to. I hated Joffrey and Cersei from the beginning, but Jaime was always kind of a gray area for me.

I agree that Jaime does things because he feels they are somehow demanded of him (though there are certainly other factors at play.)

And while I definitely agree that Jaime didn’t want to push Bran out of the window in that he didn’t take joy from doing so, I think it was way more on him than Cersei in this case. And you know what, he does, too.

If truth be told, Jaime had come to rue heaving Brandon Stark out that window. Cersei had given him no end of grief afterward, when the boy refused to die. “He was seven, Jaime,” she’d berated him. “Even if he understood what he saw, we should have been able to frighten him into silence.”

“I didn’t think you’d want -”

“You never think. If the boy should wake and tell his father what he saw -”

“If if if.” He had pulled her into his lap. “if he wakes we’ll say he was dreaming, we’ll call him a liar, and should worse come to worst I’ll kill Ned Stark.”

“And then what do you imagine Robert will do?”

“Let Robert do as he pleases. I’ll go to war with him if I must. The War for Cersei’s Cunt, the singers will call it.”

“Jaime, let go of me!” she raged, struggling to rise.
Instead he had kissed her. For a moment she resisted, but then her mouth opened under his. He remembered the taste of wine and cloves on her tongue. She gave a shudder. His hand went to her bodice and yanked, tearing the silk so her breasts spilled free, and for a time the Stark boy had been forgotten. 
Jaime, ASoS

I’m not ashamed of loving you, only of the things I’ve done to hide it. That boy at Winterfell…”

“Did I tell you to throw him out the window? If you’d gone hunting as I begged you, nothing would have happened. But no, you had to have me, you could not wait until we returned to the city.”

“I’d waited long enough….” Jaime, ASoS

I’ve noticed that sometimes people in the fandom attribute all of Jaime’s misdeeds to Cersei. And while it’s important to recognize her influence on him (he even begins his defense to her with “I didn’t think you’d want…”) Cersei is not the one who immediately jumps to we should kill Bran Stark.

Jaime acts impulsively and attempts to kill him, but Cersei would have liked to scare him into keeping quiet. She also rationally points out how he might not have understood what he’d seen- she was right, too, since Bran thought they were “wrestling”.

I think a lot of Jaime’s more morally questionable acts come not only from a place of him feeling like he must do this in order to survive/protect his family/whatever, but also because Jaime had at the start of the series pretty much given up.

He’d spent 14 years being labelled the KIngslayer and mocked and had believed his honor was lost forever. When people have no hope of improvement or recognition, the drive to do things is hindered significantly. Why should Jaime worry about killing a seven year old child when no one believes he has honor anyway? When he’s already been labelled the least honorable person? Why should he fight to do the honorable thing when no one cares- least of all, at this point, him?

What is there left to lose on an honor front?

Brienne changes that. Her idealism and steadfast adherence to fulfilling her oaths actually impacts Jaime’s world view. Now he believes he has another chance at honor, now he thinks that there is a reason to try really.

Ironically, at the time of the attempted murder of Bran, Jaime was the impulsive person who had less internal stability. Now, I’d argue that Cersei (especially since Joffrey’s death) has been losing her grip on how to do things rationally and has become more erratic. Jaime, on the other hand, has become steadier and more prone to thinking through the consequences of choices. So I’d actually guess that if this same event were to happen now (ignoring Jaime and Cersei’s currently strained relationship and focusing on their current mindsets,) Cersei’d probably jump to push Bran while Jaime would be the one to chastise her for it afterwards. Though that’s obviously a big speculation on my part. 

Jaime’s a huge grey area though (like pretty much all ASoIaF characters to be fair.) And I definitely think that even back then Jaime’d prefer to save rather than try to kill Bran (though he might have grabbed him more out of reflex, we don’t know what’s going on in his head then since he wasn’t a POV yet.) Still, this one is on Jaime, and it’s a significantly awful act that shouldn’t be ignored. And the effects are still being seen, many of Bran’s choices for instance and his chances of survival are impacted by the loss of his legs.

It’s all very complex though. 

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Hi, I was just wondering if you could write a drabble where Caroline goes to New Orleans for some reason, and meets Camille and Hayley who take it up upon them selves to gang up on her and essentially try to intimidate her into leaving and not coming back. Bonus points for a jealous Camille and/or Caroline defending Katherine to Hayley. Plus Klaus showing up. Thanks!!

This was written by one of our brand spanking new Guest Writers, @undeadqueenselenakatlove :)

His Love

Caroline surveyed her surroundings.

It was every bit as beautiful as Klaus had promised. She stood in the middle of the French Quarter filled with awe.

The streets were busy, people hustling and bustling all around; witches with their stalls enticing tourists, vampires and werewolves strolling around as if they were human. Looking ahead, she could see the famed St Louis’s Cathedral with its gorgeous old architecture and tourists flooding into it in droves. She could smell sweet herbs wafting from the closest witch and musky bourbon from the bar nearby. This was a hub of all things supernatural.

Caroline knew that the appearance of a stranger must be making them all uneasy – she could sense a tremor of discomfort in the hunched shoulders of the vampires passing her and the werewolves’ eyes narrowing.

She walked further and felt the scowls of witches along with what she surmised to be a few people surreptitiously following her.

She let off a small laugh, knowing that they would be acting completely differently if they knew who she was. She was Caroline Forbes. And she was here for Klaus.

Finally she was ready to act on the feelings she had for him. She wanted to love him; to be loved by him.

“Who are you?”

She turned to see a vampire standing behind her with an easy smile and crossed arms.

“I’m gonna ask again. Who are you?”

Caroline smiled. “Caroline Forbes. I’m here to see Klaus.”

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