or at least as often as possible with ask limit

-- Fire Emblem: Echoes / Persona 5 crossover art project --

I like both of these games a lot so I want to combine them in this art project. If you’re interested then feel free to keep reading-!

- What exactly will be drawn? -

Fire Emblem Echoes’ characters as Phantom Thieves!

- How can I join? -

Easy: Read and follow the info and rules below, then send me either an ask or a pm and tell me which character you want to draw. A character can only be drawn once, first come, first serve.

- Information and Rules -

- The appearance of the Phantom Thieves is formed by the rebellion they hold within their hearts, keep that in mind when you’re designing the clothing.

- Don’t forget to give them a fitting melee weapon, a form of Mask (must cover at least ¼ of the face), an individual Persona and a code name! You are encouraged to go wild with the designs!

- Post your art piece until June 25th and tag it as #FE:EchoesXPersona5-art-project

- Have fun and be creative!!
If you have any questions don’t be afraid of asking!

List of Participants and the character they’ll draw as Phantom Thief:

1. @dancing-aqua - Saber

2. @steviesartyart - Lukas

3. @appendorange - Python

4. @nintendoodler - Alm

5. @pikespendragon67 - Zeke

6. @kagomekirigiri - Luthier

7. @lyricalia - Faye

8. @yukimori-himeko - Silque

9. @vinaisawesome - Celica

10. @sakuradreamerz - Mae

This list will be updated as often as possible. For now there isn’t a limit of participants since I don’t know how many people are interested in joining.